Hagerstown Photographer: Haven & Al’s ice hockey winter engagement

Ice hockey, snow & a perfectly matched pair… Haven and Al are Hockey fans who spend Sunday nights on the ice. For their engagement session they wanted to capture the ice rink, snow and their interactions as a couple… They met in an interesting way– Al’s brother (who is friends with Haven) dragged Al out of bed to help Haven move into her first apartment. Knowing Haven to be a good cook, and expecting food to be involved, Al agreed to help with the move. Haven didn’t feed him (she spent the day moving boxes after all) so Al and his brother convinced her to feed them dinner in repayment at a later date. This open invitation lead to Al and Haven spending more time together…  Al and Haven clicked: they share similar tastes and vision– Al even swears Haven can read his mind, haha.  For them winter is a time to enjoy each other’s warmth and cozy-up & watch the Pittsburgh Penguins play, of course ;).

Haven has been Al’s biggest fan, she attends all of his Ice Hockey games and her own passion for hockey started with watching Al on Sunday nights and the Pittsburgh Penguins on television.  Now Haven is working on her skating skills and learning to play, too. Here they are at their Sunday night hangout, Hagerstown Ice and Sports Complex, lacing their skates and getting ready to go out on the ice for a little friendly competition…

Teeheee, Al may be tough ice hockey player, but he has a playful spirit, huge heart and quirky sense of humor… a little of that humor can be seen in the image above and some of the heart can be seen in the image below… There is something very sweet about it (maybe it’s how Al is looking at Haven, showing pride in his little lady or how he was keeping at a pace that was comfortable for her and watching how she was doing) part of the sweetness comes from knowing that what started out as Haven supporting Al, turned into Al supporting Haven 🙂

We expected sunset, what saw was an amazing and unusual dusky sky, with it’s soft clouds, deep shadows and sort of periwinkle tint!  Haven and Al, it was a pleasure getting to know the two of you a little more and I’m excited to photograph your wedding in September!

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