Creative DC Engagement Photographer: Courtney & Evan

Elegant, romantic engagement photography in an open field…

creative DC engagement photographer-1

Courtney contacted me because she was looking for a photographer who would capture candid moments with a fresh, loose style.  She was also looking for someone who would be able to capture the best in people and their surroundings and their personalities rather than having a cookie-cutter approach.

Courtney and Evan are typically very casual people, you are most likely to see them in shorts wearing ball caps, but their approach to their engagement photography was completely different.  They wanted to show how important their engagement was to them and set the tone for the wedding.

They went for classic, dramatic, soft, romantic and the results were stunning…

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While Courtney is outgoing, Evan is more reserved.  Evan is smart, charming and very VERY funny (courtney’s words)  and she loves him for it.  They can go anywhere and do anything and have a good time.

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creative DC engagement photographer-7

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The fun part was behind the scenes, joke telling, movie quoting, attempted dancing, it all happened.  Courtney was able to just bring up a random idea or question and Evan would hop right on with his witty humor.

“Who wanted to say that marmalade is different from jelly? Was that a marketing move, or do you think it is a regional thing?” – and dive right into a long conversation about the origins of smashed fruit spreads, hahaha.

creative DC engagement photographer-12

creative DC engagement photographer-9

Speaking of movie quotes, Evan totally nailed this one “As you wish” –Princess Bride

creative DC engagement photographer-10

Even and Courtney it was such a pleasure to work with you both!  I loved to see all of the thought and effort you put into your shoot and hope that this was the classic, elegant, romantic look that you were going for 🙂

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