Carlisle Wedding Photographers: Melissa & Jason at King’s Gap

Soft, romantic, fairy-tale engagement– even the sunset was a warm, peach hue…

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Melissa contacted me with the mindset of the wedding photography being the one element of the wedding day that lasts and can be passed down as a family heirloom.  She wanted a photographer that could consistently produce unique, emotional photography and work well in any given situation.

Melissa did her research and viewed dozens of my blog entries and couldn’t find a photo that she didn’t like.  While their wedding is in Maryland, they traveled to Carlisle, Pennsylvania (near me) to capture their engagement photography at King’s Gap Mansion.

Melissa knew that she would want to wear something that would have a soft, romantic look and chose a tea-length ballgown with lace detailing.  I photographed her engagement ring against her dress to keep the asthetics of the set cohesive, and give it that soft, dreamy look…  what a lovely ring!

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Jason explained that he knew that Melissa was “the one” from the moment he met her.  They talked all night as if they were the only two people in the room!  She was gorgeous and witty with a great sense of humor and shared the same values, most importantly having a strong focus on family and faith.

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They also shared similar passions and interests– Melissa was a cheerleader and Jason was a football player in high school and now they both enjoy coaching.

They also enjoy traveling, riding Jason’s Harley and just spending time together.  They are soul mates :).

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Melissa and Jason both love the outdoors, so finding a venue like King’s Gap was really perfect for them as it has extensive grounds with gardens, fields and woodlands.

As the name suggests, it features the stunning Cameron-Masland Mansion, a 38-room stone estate designed to resemble and Italian villa.  (In case you are wondering, yes they do weddings).  It provided a idyllic, fairy-tale setting that Melissa was trying to find.

I liked the ivy climbing up the stone wall and the vibrant blue of the sky in this next image.

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The two of them just fit, and really enjoy each other’s company.  They are able to move past the little things quickly, and enjoy life together…

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Melissa shared that Jason is very protective of her and makes her feel safe with his calming strength.  I think that really comes across in this next photograph…

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Pennsylvania truly has breathtaking scenery and this next photo captures the beauty of this natural setting.

Jason shared that he enjoyed the engagement photography session as it made them slow down and enjoy the scenery and each other.

The sunlight created flare in the bottom left corner of the image, making it feel almost enchanted…

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Melissa shared that she is just as much of a romantic as Jason is, though she is not as quick to show it.  She wanted the photos to capture how she feels on the inside– how deep their love is and how much they trust each other.

She talked about feeling like Cinderella– I think this next photo really captures all of that love, trust and sentiment…

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Their first date was a candlelit dinner and Jason proposed in the middle of the ocean on a humid August night beneath the glowing moon.  She said the moment was quiet and one for just the two of them.

For me, this photo captures a similar feel of intimacy and togetherness, alone in nature…

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The vibrant blue sky from earlier in the evening became soft and hazy at sunset.  It was almost a peaches-and-creme color that honestly couldn’t have complimented the look and feel of this engagement session any better.

I silhouetted them against the sky and made sure to highlight her long, blonde hair, which was rim-lit against the treeline.

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Melissa & Jason, your love story is beautiful– it is one of the most romantic and idyllic that I have heard.  I wish you all of the very best with all of your wedding planning and look forward to working with you again this fall, this time for your wedding photos!!!

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