York PA Wedding Engagement Photographers: Kayla & Mike

A surprise soccer engagement for a groom that supported his bride through her battle with Cancer…


Kayla received devastating news in 2013, she had lymphoma in her abdomen.  While Kayla and Mike were “just friends” at the time, he was there for her through every hospitalization, and now that they are in an official relationship (and engaged!) he continues to be incredibly supportive.

Kayla wanted to do something special for Mike, and while she had her heart set on fall engagement photos at an orchard (more on that soon), she knew that US Soccer was totally Mike’s passion and that it was something unique that they enjoyed together.

She went all out– surprising him with personalized jerseys and shoes.  He was on cloud 9!  I love the detail and vibrant colors in this next photo that shows off their team spirit and fan gear:


Kayla shared that she and Mike fell in love with my creative, personalized approach to photography after her mom had suggested that they check out my work.  They especially liked the way I tell a couple’s unique love story in images and words.

They wanted me to capture the deep love that they have for each other and  show their spontaneous sides, with photographs that are full of fun, life and spirit.  😉


Mike played soccer throughout school and while he felt like we was pretty rusty, I caught some of his moves in camera and I must say, I have *never* been able to do anything like that with a soccer ball!

I had them face off and Kayla did manage to score on him once, haaaaa love this next photo as it shows his downtrodden expression and her victory dance!   Adorable!


Kayla shared that there are things in life that you have to take seriously (her situation with her health for example), but when life doesn’t demand seriousness, she’s a firm believer in having fun, laughing it off, loving and living.  🙂

Kayla and Mike overlook the little things, enjoying the time that they have together.  They are spontaneous, playful and just a whole lot of fun to be around.

This has to be one of my favorite photographs from the shoot– Mike picked Kayla up and spun her around, both of them laughing, it was just a really sweet moment.  I used a slow shutter speed to capture their positive energy:

Kayla was introduced to soccer when she and Mike started dating and she said that she was blown away by her first soccer game.

She was most impressed with the international soccer community and how they put their differences aside for the love of the game, she found it to be such a beautiful thing!

Something even more rewarding for Kayla at a game is seeing how happy Mike is– seeing him happy makes her happy.  🙂


While I love capturing spontaneous, candid images, there is something to be said about having a couple of high-quality, professional portraits as well.

I wanted to show their authentic smiles, soccer jerseys and engagement ring while capturing them in great light from a flattering angle.  I focused my lens of the happy couple and allowed the background to blur into creamy greeness…


OK, enough seriousness, back to that love story and all of that sweet emotion!

Kayla and Mike met in college.  He sat next to her and would sometimes flirt a little by drawing a dinosaur in her notebook in class.

He still draws them now, as a little love note, sometimes on their calendar at home, sometimes on on random pieces of paper.   😉


Kayla had her jersey personalized with the last name she will be changing to in the near future.  She said she can imagine them wearing the gear going to USA soccer matches in the future, when she is Mrs. Kapusta.

This photo focuses on her new last name and also shows their natural affection…


The sun began to set and I wanted to capture a silhouette against the vibrant sky– the purple and orange tones were quite amazing.

Mike (the guy with zero soccer ability, haha) was able to head the ball in the near dark, lol!  I like the color  and the high-contrast action captured in this next photograph.

I think the ball almost looks like a moon, in some sort of crazy eclipse, but the real moon is that tiny bit of light shining over Kayla’s head :).


The color of the setting sun intensified and I photographed a more intimate image of Kayla and Mike at close range.

I think that you get a real sense of the love and deep respect that they share for one another.


Kayla and Mike, I hope you enjoy this soccer blog post!  I hope that I was able to capture your loving, supportive, playful relationship and your now combined interest in US Soccer!

You have more soccer photos coming soon, then a blog post featuring your orchard portion of the engagement session soon.  🙂   I can’t wait to hear what you think!!!

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