A York PA Autumn Wedding Engagement: Kayla & Mike

A romantic, autumn orchard engagement for a loving, free-spirited couple…


Mike and Kayla love the fall– from the weather to the warm drinks and scary movies, it is one of the things they bonded over during the beginning of their relationship.

They chose Flinchbaugh’s Orchard for their engagement photography session because it was the perfect autumn location and a place that has warm family memories as well.

Kayla & Mike contacted me looking for wedding and engagement photographs that would be fun, colorful, and full of life and spirit…


Kayla received devastating news in 2013, she had cancer in her abdomen…

Even though they were “just friends” at the time, Mike was there for her through every hospitalization.  He supported her then and continues to do so now, as her fiance.


Mike had planned a Christmas proposal for Kayla, but those plans abruptly changed when she was hospitalized in the ICU.  Mike spent every night in the hospital by her side for the entire week.   As soon as she regained her strength in January, Mike told her he wanted to take her out.  She got all dressed up, despite the pic line in her arm.  She didn’t suspect a thing…

Mike drove Kayla to a fantastic restaurant where he asked her how long they had known each other, it had been seven years since he doodled little dinosaurs in her  microbiology notebook.  He said, “Seven years, that’s quite some time… I can’t wait to see what the rest of our lives has in store for us.”  He opened the box and her jaw dropped.  “Oh my gosh!!!  Are you sure?!?!?” she asked.  He said, “Yes, I am sure.”  The whole restaurant burst into applause.

Here is his little reenactment…  what a beautiful story!!!


Kayla shared that they are really open and honest with each other and that avoid a lot of pitfalls by making communication a priority.

They are not afraid to show anything, even their dorky sides to one another.  I used a little “forced perspective” to make them both look like “pumpkin heads,” haha!


While I love capturing creative images that are unique, I also really enjoy photographing more traditional portraits as well.  I like how close they are in this next image, you can also see how genuinely happy they are and it just feels natural.

I chose a location with beautiful lighting that brought out the color of their eyes creating a soft, smooth background:


Speaking of their spontaneity, let me show you how they walked down this path– they were just walking, smiling side by side for a moment, then Kayla pulled Mike, he played along and spun her around…


He spun her a few more times and then dipped her back.  I like the soft light, the tiny colorful orbs of  light and their body language and connection– wow!!!


Both of these photos feel ethereal and other-worldly.  I love the way that you can see Mike’s strength here as he holds her up and fully supports her.

It captures that part of their relationship so well!  Mike, a man of few words noted, “I’m all in.”


Back on the ground, surrounded by hay-bales I captured a portrait of them that is more natural and relaxed, I think you really get a feel for their lifestyle and love…


They climbed the hay bales and I climbed onto a wagon, haha.  This gave me another creative perspective of the orchard.

The hay bales, orchard and farm house were all visible, but I focused my lens on Kayla and Mike and how happy they are in each others’ arms…


At the end of the night I wanted to try something a little creative/unique.  I wanted to illuminate the corn field but leave them dark and shadowy, just silhouettes.

It was a nod to their love of scary movies and also fits the autumn theme so well….


Kayla and Mike, your love for each other is very apparent and it was such a pleasure to spend an evening with you and watch as you lived life and enjoyed the little things.

Your story is beautiful, inspiring, and it has been a privilege working with you two and capturing it!  If you haven’t seen enough of Kayla & Mike, checkout the soccer portion of their engagement session!

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