Huntingdon wedding photographers: Brigid & Chris at Boxer’s Pub

Leather jackets, cold brews and waffle fries to the face…  you won’t want to miss Part 2 of Brigid & Chris’ engagement session, but first you must know these important rules:

“ALWAYS order fries.  Waffle fries MUST be seasoned.  NEVER leave a fry behind.”  Got it?  Ok you are good to go…

Brigid initially reached out to me looking for creative photography that would capture authentic moments and fit their unique personalities and style.  I absolutely love having the freedom to get creative and authentic and love the unique images that result.  I knew from the moment I met them, that Brig & Chris were a perfect fit for me, and am so thrilled to be working with them!

Brigid explained, “I am known as the photographer for my family and friends, I just love photos.  So having amazing pictures of Chris and I was incredibly important to me.   I did so much research to find the perfect photographer!  I wanted someone that could capture personality, beauty, moments and do it all with creativity.   After meeting with you I knew that you would be able to do it all, and have fun doing it!”

Chris weighed in, “To be honest I didn’t care who the photographer was as long as Brig liked them– photos are super important to her.  I was surprised how much fun I had during our photo shoot.   I am actually looking forward to seeing all of our engagement photos just as much as Brig is now!”

Brigid and Chris wanted to choose a location that was totally “them” and chose Boxer’s in Huntingdon as it is their “go-to” hangout…

Brigid elaborated, “If we want to celebrate something we go to Boxers.   If we don’t feel like cooking we go to Boxers.   We might be halfway into cooking and get a call saying, “Hey you want to join us we are going to Boxers?’ and we throw our food back in the fridge and go!”

Here Chris holds the door for Brigid as she enters the pub– I like so many things about this photo– the patterns (you can find so many ‘hidden’ circles and squares in the photo) they seem to give it a feeling of fun/life/energy, the way Brigid’s face pops in the photo against the dark atmosphere of the tavern where you can see a few customers on their bar stools…

Brigid shared, “There is so much to love about Chris, but for one, he is true a gentleman– always opening and closing doors for me.   He supports me in anything I choose to do in life.   I can always count on him– Chris is always there for me to lean on during the good times and the bad.  That is incredibly reassuring and one of the things I really appreciate about him.”

Their wardrobe fit the setting perfectly!  Brigid explained, “Boxer’s is a cool place, comfortable with an edge.  We work clothing that we’d normally wear there.  I love anything fun, funky, edgy and colorful.”

As they hold hands you can see the leather and metal details in their attire & seating,  as well as a collage of specialty beer cases that ‘wallpapers’ the bar, not to mention her sparkling diamond engagement ring!

Brigid shared that she was a ‘moment junkie’ in our initial meeting and that she wanted photos that were authentic and captured their personalities.   When they were eating their waffle fries (seasoned of course, remember the rules!) I just watched them interact and do their thing.

They were cute and fed each other at first but eventually Brig went all in for a waffle fry smash, lol…

I used the dark pub and window light to my advantage, it draws all of the attention to her hand…

They both totally cracked up…

Brigid said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.    Be silly, be goofy, just have fun and be you!   Luckily Chris agrees and doesn’t embarrass easily, haha!”

I love how the light kisses the fries, beer foam, the Boxer portrait on the table and his face:

Chris shared, “Brig is so much fun to be around!  She has an incredible passion for nearly everything she does. I love to just hear her talk about things that make her happy, which in turn makes me happy.  I love how much she supports me with the good and the bad.”

He continued, “She listens to my stories from work and is there for me when I get bad news.  When I get home from work at night and I am with her, for a brief moment, everything is right in the world.  Brig has an independent personality. It can be frustrating at times, but at the same time I admire and respect it.”

In this photo I wanted to really show off her ring and the leather details, I wanted to keep the pub atmosphere included with the beer in the background and play visually with the reflection from the table top…

Brigid shared, “Chris surprised me with the necklace I’m wearing.  He knows that I love that fun-funky-edgy-colorful style and this company in the UK called Nocturne.  I had ben searching for something for months and it was just perfect!  I love the color and fun patterns.”

Here is a more traditional portrait that I snapped on the stoop outside of Boxer’s.  Something a little more traditional, I try to give my couples a good, eclectic mix of coverage.

Brig got a little sentimental, “Chris is very caring and loving.  We love all things brewed and he will turn the tea kettle on for me when I’m ready for a cup of tea, it’s those little things that I appreciate most.  He is an incredibly thoughtful person.”

The two of them are so affectionate and sweet together, I really had such a blast working with them!

Their first experience at Boxers together was years ago, and Brigid shared the story…

Brigid reminisced, “Our first Boxers experience together was for a wing night.   Wing nights (especially then) were a blast–  I would go with a table full of people.  The wings are *only* offered on Tuesdays starting at 7:30 so Boxers gets crazy.”

She continued, “Chris had heard how good the wings were and how much fun we had doing wing nights and asked if it’d be OK for him to come along.   I am always up for having another friend come along,  so I said of course.”

She went on, descriptively, “Cold pitchers of IPAs lined the tables and the aroma of cajun and buffalo wings filled the air.  Chris joined the crew for wings for the first time that night (little did I know, he liked me) and soon enough he would be joining my crew forever!”

Brigid & Chris, thanks so much for introducing me to your neighborhood hang-out and the place that is “uniquely you.”  I am so happy to have captured such a significant place in your life and relationship.  I think just being in that atmosphere really helped to bring out your interests, style and personalities (hello waffle fry to the face, haha).

I hope that these photos are just the sort of artistic, creative shots that you wanted to capture this time in your lives.  I can’t wait to photograph your wedding at the brand new wedding venue, Rolling Rails, in Central PA!!!  It’s going to be amazing!!!  Until then, I’m super excited to hear your thoughts on these photos :).

Oh, and if you haven’t had a chance to see Part 1 of Brigid & Chris’ engagement session, you won’t want to miss it!  It is completely different– very soft and romantic and at McCann School of Art, right outside of State College, PA.

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