Moonstone Manor Wedding Photographers: Bobbie-Ann & Mark

An intimate wedding at Moonstone Manor, a loving gathering of family and friends that united a deeply romantic couple who found their true match…

Bobbie-Anne shared, “We chose you to be our wedding photographer because your work was unique.   I wanted you to capture candid moments and the beautiful scenery at Moonstone Manor as well as romantic photographs of the two of us alone.  We wanted a good mix of traditional portraits and creative shots and knew you could deliver that for us.”

I opened with a shot showing the beautiful scenery at Moonstone and here is a classic portrait of Mark.  I really like the timeless quality of it and the way it shows the elegance of Moonstone Manor and how the light catches his eyes just right…

I like to play with different lenses and camera settings and really like the soft intimate feel of this candid photo showing Mark reading the card that Bobbie-Ann gave him.

Mark’s family was incredibly, sweet, kind and present.  Here Mark’s Nephew compliments the flowers and the Manor itself while simultaneously looking like a kid from a Normal Rockwell painting :).

To achieve this look I used a slower shutter speed, shallow depth of field and captured his reflection in an antique mirror along with the bouquet he was marveling at…

As soon as Mark’s mother arrived she gave him a tight embrace.  I made sure to capture it and many similar intimate moments with their friends and family…

Here Bobbie-Anne’s friend buttons her beautiful wedding gown.  I liked the way the light captured the beading and her pearl ring complimenting the round satin covered buttons.

Mark shared, “Bobbie-Ann is a beautiful women of intelligence and  integrity. She is kind to others and has a very caring spirit. She is fun loving and gentle.  She is sensible and uses wisdom and treats me with respect and care.”

A stunning bride… I liked how this photo showed the setting of Moonstone, along with Bobbie-Ann’s beautiful, deep eyes and gorgeous golden locks!

Bobbie’s father saw her in her gown and gave her hand a tight squeeze.  It was almost time for the ceremony to start and she wore Mark’s wedding band around her thumb in preparation.

Bobbie-Ann shared, “We chose Moonstone Manor in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania because of the ceremony space along the water.”  Nature is important to them and water has played a very significant role in their relationship.  More on that soon…

I wanted to capture the peaceful feeling of the entire setting in one image.  I wanted to show the running water, the enveloping trees and the intimate ceremony.  Nature played a huge role and I think this photo demonstrates that.

Bobbie-Ann has such a loving, joyful presence and her smile lights up any place.  I have several images of Bobbie-Ann’s father escorting her down the aisle, but this moment when she saw Mark, and just the joy on her face tops them all.

She shared, “When I first saw him on the wedding day, my only thought was to meet him at the altar. I  didn’t see anyone else. I didn’t hear the music. I only knew of him waiting there for me.”

Mark was absolutely speechless, she seemed to literally take his breath away!!!  He shared, “She looked so incredibly beautiful.”

Bobbie-Ann shared, “Our favorite part of the wedding day was during the ceremony– the sharing of vows and the time we had together during the song, poem, and prayer.”

I loved their floral arch, it looked so romantic and organic and fit their relationship perfectly.  Mark was beaming throughout the ceremony!  I wanted to capture the water behind them as well…

It was such a joy for me to photograph this wedding.  It was simple and deep.  I covered it by myself (without a second photographer) and every single person at the wedding was very intimately and emotionally connected to the couple.

Here one of Bobbie-Anne’s bridesmaids reads a poem.  She began to get a little teary and Bobbie-Ann passed her her handkerchief, such a sweet moment.

As Bobbie-Anne’s parents watched their daughter exchange her wedding vows, they held hands lovingly.   I like how the sun illuminated them and how tender they are together.

Bobbie-Ann shared, “I am looking forward to a good life of happiness, being together with my best friend.  We work well together because we are best friends who listen and care for each other. We make sure that we are considerate of each other. We both always try to make the other happy, finding ways to take care of each other, help each other, surprise each other. We challenge each other in that way.”

Kiss the bride– again the stream…

Bobbie-Ann shared, “I fell in love with Mark because of his personality and character. He is genuinely kind and considerate. He has such a loving and giving heart. He cares about others and is very giving and unselfish. He always makes sure I am cared for and that we partner in everything. He is the best friend I’ve ever had and I can trust him with anything.”

Moonstone Manor is just stunning, here they walk along the arched ruins on the property– it reminds me of Ireland.  Mark helps her to hold her gown as she walks, which I think shows that kind, considerate, partnering nature.

I give my couples a good variety of photos– some environmental- showing off the location, others more candid- capturing the emotional landscape, and others more traditional portraiture.  I have several different traditional captures of them together, but I thought Bobbie-Ann’s dress looked so pretty in this one:

Bobbie-Ann shared about the significance of water in their relationship, “We met at the ocean, he first told me he loved me at the harbor, he proposed at a waterfall, and we got married at the river. Then we left for a honeymoon at the lake.”

The statement was framed in gold and placed on a table at the reception to bring the full theme together.  Guests signed river rocks with words of encouragement for the newlyweds.

Bobbie-Ann shared, “The cake was done by Rosie’s Creative Cakes. She did a wonderful job and the cake was delicious.  Gina at Moonstone Manor was wonderful to work with. She was caring and kind. She took care of details and had great ideas. She made us feel like family.”

All of the wedding details were elegant, soft, and romantic– their cake was so beautiful.


Everyone at the reception was so joyful and loving…

The day was incredibly humid.  The rain held out until we were safely under the cover of the tent.

The children played with the rain.  There was something so simple, organic and beautiful about it, and it perfectly tied in the water theme!

The children loved the couple– here is a candid moment between Mark and his sweet niece.

As Mark and his mother embrace his niece squeezes in, too!

The children played in the river, skipping stones as shadows danced on their aunt’s gown.

Bobbie-Ann & mark took it all in, they were finally married.  I wanted to bring in the environment of their venue into this photo– the elegant detailing of the stone manor, framing them with the Edison bulb lights that tied from the tree to the balcony…

They stepped into the Manor for one last moment together before they began packing up.  I wanted to capture that warmth and intimacy and used both warm sunlight and the elegantly carved, classic wooden furniture into the frame…

Mark shared, “We are looking forward to making our life together. A true partnership.  A good life, where we help each other and where life is better because we are together.”

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