Glasbern Inn Creative Wedding Photographers: Janelle & Ramsey

Vibrant colors, adorable kids and an amazing band packing the dance floor– you won’t want to miss Janelle & Ramsey’s Glasbern Inn wedding…

Janelle shared, “Lisa is an incredible photographer and a wonderful partner to work with on our wedding day.  She helped us to create a photography schedule leading up to the big day and then helped us stick to it on our wedding day.  I stress out quite a bit under pressure so was happy to have her there supporting me and calming me down.  When I look at our wedding photos, I want to see a good mix, and am just really hoping to see the love that Ramsey & I share for each other and the love and support that we have from our family & friends.”

Janelle, it was my pleasure!  I opened with a cute photo of the happy couple at the end of the evening and here are a couple photographs of their wedding details…  I love the crisp lines and shine of Janelle’s diamonds and the color and texture of the green leaves where I placed it…

The sky on their wedding day was just stunning– so many dramatic clouds blowing around, that I decided to photograph Janelle’s dress in a location where it would be visible:

I loved all of the layers of Janelle’s wedding gown and the sparkle of her shoes, her sweet little toes peeking out…


Ramsey shared, “I quickly developed a strong connection with Janelle realizing she was what was missing from my life.   She complements me in every way I’ve looked for.  She’s supportive, understanding, thoughtful, and makes me a better person every day.  She is also incredibly beautiful.”

Janelle shared, “Family is a big part of my life and I have  an amazing relationship with my parents.  My dad has a huge heart and is a big softie and my mom is an amazing role model.  I can only aspire to be as strong as she is – she can truly do it all!”

These ladies are ready to head to the church!!!

Reflections are so much fun to play with and pack some extra visual punch to a shot.  This is one of my assistant, Chuck’s, shots of Ramsey helping his son, Pierson prepare for the day.

What a dapper young gentleman…

Ramsey’s daughter Camille was a joy as well!  Janelle explained, “She is our little performer.  She is super social and wants to be everyone’s friend.  She is totally comfortable in the limelight and loves to sing & dance.”

Camille loved her gown and spun proudly while I snapped this photo as Janelle’s wedding gown hang on the wall behind her….

Janelle shared, “Ramsey is a great dad.  He has never ending patience when helping with homework or when coaching their soccer or basketball teams, he is willing to cook multiple dinners every night to make sure everyone gets to eat exactly what they want, and he is willing to go out of his way to make things special just for them in all that we do.  At the end of the day, it’s very clear that he wants nothing but the best of everything for Pierson and Camille.”

We moved to the church where Ramsey’s father gave him a hug with tears in his eyes…

I love to capture architecture and give a sense of space while also capturing key moments of the day.  Here Janelle and her father begin to walk down the aisle.  I wanted to show the lass and wood that makes Janelle’s home church of Union Evangelical Lutheran Church so special.  I used a tilt shift lens technique to put the focus on Janelle and her father in my frame…

Janelle shared, “I said my dad was a softie, when I was a kid, we’d be watching TV as a family and the second anything got the least bit sappy, we could turn around and see my dad shedding a tear or two, haha.  He is an incredibly loving person.”

Such a sweet moment, it is such a pleasure for me to capture times like this for my couples and their families…

Janelle shared, “I felt like I pretty quickly knew that Ramsey was the one for me.  Ramsey is also the most caring and thoughtful person I know.  He is always there to back me up or support me whenever I need him, before I even know that I need help.  He is truly the best partner I could ever hope for in this journey of life.”

I love the way these two balance each other out and the balance, symmetry and clarity of this shot…

Awww Ramsey, so happy during the vows– I also like how he is flanked by his children and surrounded by friends, family and the smiling minister…

Kiss the bride– I have lots of kiss shots, but this one is one of my favorites, mostly b/c of Pierson’s expression, lol:

Haha, Janelle’s dad walked into the limo like a baller– love it!!!

Campaign all around…

Janelle shared, “We chose the Glasbern Inn because of the natural beauty of the inn — we loved the wildflowers and the ponds with the dock.  It felt like the perfect setting for a storybook romance.”

Cheers!  I love storybook romance concept and really feel that here.  I love the depth of this shot.  I used the vibrant green climbing ivy  and rustic ladder to frame the couple as they took a minute to relax and enjoy some drinks and appetizers…

Janelle shared, “Ramsey & I balance each other so well.  I can be very serious and he is always cracking jokes to make me laugh.  When I get stressed out about things, he is always there to help ease my worries.  We truly are a team in all that we do.  I appreciate him and love him so much!”

I love to give my couples an eclectic mix of photos, from more candid moments like enjoying drinks and snacks, to romantic ones like time on the dock to more traditional posed shots like this one.  What a cute couple…

Haha Chuck snagged this one of me!  In case you are wondering, why did Lisa climb into this gigantic flower bush…

This is why… color explosion!!!

Haaa as I began getting ready for the reception I noticed guests as cocktail hour outside of the window, and liked this perspective…

Janelle explained, “I didn’t really have a theme in mind when we started planning our wedding.  However, if I had to describe it, I guess I would call it “rustic elegance”. .  I also really loved working with Ross for the flowers – We knew we wanted to use different varieties of purple, but Keitha had such wonderful ideas and she was able to further incorporate our rustic theme by using seasonal wildflowers as well.”

Floral explosion!!!  Janelle laughed, “The flower explosion was not planned, but entertaining to watch for sure!”

The uplighting, draping and live band really added so much to the reception!!!

Janelle shared, “My favorite part of the wedding was getting all our family in one place!  It felt so good to have all our friends and family surrounding us to celebrate our wedding day.  We were so glad that everyone was able to travel to be with us and we felt so loved.  I really enjoyed seeing everyone on the dance floor as well – our families really know how to break it down – I saw some great moves out there.”

It’s fun to play with visual elements present in the room– this first dance shot almost reminds me of the phases of the moon!

Icing on the nose, haha!

The Band was incredible!  Janelle shared, “I have to give credit to Ramsey for the idea to have a band at our wedding.  I initially was not a fan of the idea, but went along with it because I love Ramsey and wanted to make him happy.  But, once we found Lion + Tiger, all my concerns about having a band disappeared.  They are truly an amazing band and we had sooooo much fun dancing with everyone at our wedding!”

I climbed back behind the shining drum set to capture this shot, I loved how the colors bounced on the brass and thought it showed off the lighting of the room as well.

Janelle smiled, “Now that Ramsey and his kids have come into my life, I can see my mom having so much fun with the kids and doing the same kinds of fun activities that she did with Blake and I when we were kids.   She is an amazing woman!”

Janelle shared, “We also were able to snuck in a few  heart-shaped things into our decor.”

She continued, ” I, personally, was obsessed with getting fun heart-shaped sunglasses as a favor for our guests.”

Good call:

The dance floor was filled with so many antics and Chuck and I were there to catch them all.  This shot of mine is one of my favorites, I got down low and played up the uplighting and drapery while capturing all their L energy ;).

We played with many fun techniques to capture the spirit on the dance floor, here I played with a slow shutter spin…

A little family time on the dance floor…

Janelle’s dad made the backdrop!  Gamers…

Bonfire fun!

Again that sky!!!

Ramsey shared, “I’ve never felt so comfortable and yet and excited to be with someone at the same time.   I love falling asleep with her in my arms every night, and am very lucky to have her be the rock  in my life amongst all the chaos that life can bring.”

Ramsey continued, “Our wedding day was everything I could have imagined.  She looked amazing,  I certainly held back tears watching her walk toward me and realizing how lucky I am to have her as my partner. ”

Glasbern Inn for Preparation and Reception Venue

Union Evangelical Lutheran Church for Ceremony

Ross Plants & Flowers for Ceremony & Reception Flowers

Lion + Tiger Band for Cocktail Hour and Reception Music

Omnivents LLC for reception uplighting & tenting/draping, website

Snap Party Booth for Photo Booth

Hairitage Salon – Wedding Hair for Bridesmaids, Flower Girl, Bride, MoB

J&J Luxury Transportation for Limo Bus

Cozze Cakes for wedding cake

Bliss Bridal for Wedding Dress

All That Glitters Invitations for Invitations, Programs & Escort Cards


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