Marigold Somerset wedding photographers: Nicole & Tim

Sparks flew during this fun, vibrant, Marigold wedding… I love being able to see everyone’s reactions in this shot!

Nicole shared, “I’m so glad we chose Rhinehart photography for our special day because I never had to worry a thing!  Our huge bridal party, the terrible weather, changing locations, a glitter disaster, haha… and all of it happened and Lisa was totally flexible and rolled with the punches, not missing a beat!”

She continued, “I had the benefit of having worked with her before as a bridesmaid in Steph and Ryan’s wedding a few years ago, and knew she’d be fantastic to work with, feel like a member of the bridal party, make us feel relaxed and comfortable and that our photos would be creative and beautiful no matter what happened!  She is sweet, thoughtful, and detail oriented– she really cares about her clients and is passionate about her work!”

Speaking of details, check out the lovely detailing on her wedding gown– I also brought in the blue of the curtains and the walls, Nicole and Tim’s favorite color!

Nicole explained, “I wanted a look that was little rustic, but also elegant.  Tim and I both love blue, so I wanted to incorporate that, while also adding lots of color.

She smiled, “I love color, for me it expressed our excitement about getting married!”

Talking about excitement and color, let’s pop the champagne!

Nicole went on, “To bring in that rustic, romantic feel, we chose floral invitations and peach, pink, and sage colored flowers.  We played with the color palette getting pretty vibrant with the different shades!”

Nicole shared, “We also added lots of sparkle, like the dance-floor sparklers, the sparkle poppers, and the sparklers at the end of the night. ”

I brought some of that into her ring shot, but let’s face it, there was already a lot of sparkle going on with the rings before I did ;).

How fun was this!?!  I LOVE this shot!  All Nicole, by the way, she was like I bought some poppers, it’ll be cute, right?  Um yessss!

Nicole shared, “Glitter poppers…the pictures looked amazing, but I wound up with TONS of glitter in my hair! We got held up for 40 minutes while everyone worked to pick glitter from my hair, it really ate into our photo time, but I was impressed, Lisa worked it out with our schedule and the weather and went with the flow!”

I must say Nicole was amazing, as was her planner, and stylist, everyone else stayed calm and collected and worked together to support in whatever way they could.  Worth it?

Everyone was on clean up detail, the hotel janitor came to vacuum the floor… I really love the light and framing– the storytelling in this shot:

Nicole’s mom puts on the finishing touches– such a beautiful silhouette of her and I also like how Nicole’s veil is catching the light here…

Adding a little more sparkle…

Shark tank!  Watch out, guys!  😀

Nice capture by my second photographer for this wedding, my husband, Kris!

Nicole shared, “Tim’s easygoing nature and his ability to stay positive in any situation drew me to him. He always sees the best in people.  Having Tim in my life has made me a better friend and a stronger person.”

We moved from Spring Hill Suites in Somerset to The Marigold for the first look.

Nicole smiled, “When I first saw him,  I  was so relieved and so excited!  Your wedding day is a whirlwind of emotions, and I was so glad that I could start experiencing that with my best friend! I also thought of how great he looked in his gray and navy suit, he looked so dapper!!

Tim shared, “I knew that I liked Nicole from the very beginning.  We met at this Halloween Party and she made her own costume– she was a gumball machine!  Looking back I think the costume said so much about her personality.  She is fun, creative, ambitious, clever, festive– especially festive, you should see Nicole at Christmas… and I love all of those things about her.”

Nicole shared, “We were trying for an outdoor  ceremony, but we had terrible weather the day of our wedding.  Lisa knew we wanted outdoor photos, so she used a carport, what would keep us dry and not show in the photos of our first look.    It was perfect, we got the romantic outdoor photos we wanted while also protecting my hair from the rain!

Nicole shared, “I think Tim and I work well together but we have very complementary but opposite personalities.  Where I’m more skeptical sometimes, Tim’s more open.  Tim challenges me to be more trusting and optimistic.”

Nicole remarked, “My favorite part of our day was our first look.  It was so special to see Tim, and then see our puppy Bella right after! It was like our little family was reunited all at once. I’m so glad we incorporated Bella into our wedding.”

Nicole shared, “Tim and I both love the color blue, so we chose mismatched navy blue and slate bridesmaid dresses for the women in our bridal party.”

Puppy love…


Wow, love these groomsmen gifts, Tim!  They are smartwatches that look classic, unbelievable!

Nicole was a bridesmaid in Steph and Ryan’s wedding and knew she wanted a “vogue shot” for her wedding too, the staircase at The Marigold was the perfect space for it!

Nicole smiled, “I was really excited about the ceremony spaces at The Marigold.  The outdoor option was a brand new arbor, and the indoor room was a gorgeous, garden-like room.  In the end, we chose the indoor space because of the weather, but it did not disappoint.  The sun-filled room with all of its windows was perfect for the look we were going for!”

Tim watched as his bride processed down the aisle…

Here Nicole’s father gives her away as Tim and his parents watch…

I have many photos of the ceremony, but this has to be my favorite– kiss the bride…

Tim share, “There is something about our chemistry together makes me feel relaxed and at home when I’m with Nicole.  I’m really grateful to be able to call her my WIFE!””

The table arrangements and decor were amazing…

And how sweet was the cake?

Tim’s dance with his mom…

Dancing on the clouds, beneath this stunning chandelier…

Sparks will fly– such a cool effect by their DJ…

The speeches were excellent, lol…


Nicole explained, “I was most excited to experience dancing with our guests and everyone having fun! We had  a great dance floor set up, complete with sparklers, and the  Marigold let us have a bar right in our reception room! Everyone had a blast.”

Nicole especially loves my “end of the night” shots.  I played about with so many looks and lights with these, while they cooled off from the heat of the day and took it all in…

Before heading out, Kris grabbed a photo of Steph and Ryan, the wedding where we all met, he photographed that wedding with me, too!  It was so nice to see everyone!  Seriously, referring your friends to me is the biggest compliment, I appreciate it so much!!!

Nicole and Tim, thank you so much for trusting me to capture such special moments in your life!


If you’d like to see more of Nicole and Tim, check out their Central Park engagement session at Loeb Boathouse in New York City, HERE.


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