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    Hello there-- I’ve been waiting for you!!! You know who you are and are true to yourself, you are a liver-of-life, a collector of moments, a person who appreciates great photography and its ability to press the pause button on life’s most incredible moments.

    You want a photographer who is able to handle all aspects of wedding photography with ease, capturing: candid, romantic emotion; flattering, beautiful portraits; breathtaking scenery & architecture; the joy and energy out on the dance floor and all those sweet wedding details that you have been working on for months in an artful, creative way.

    I have great news for you—I’ve got you covered!!!

    My work is creative & thoughtful. My goal is to share your unique love story. I get to know your interests & personalities in order to capture them forever in beautiful, personal, artful photographs that tell your story. I invest my time helping you become comfortable in front of my camera & find the most flattering lighting and angles for you and your surroundings.

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Washington DC Wedding Photographers: Leah & Nathan at The Carnegie

A classic, elegant Washington DC wedding that included three monuments/memorials (Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln), one adorable pup, and two sweethearts (one in dress-boots)…

My opening photograph shows the happy couple on the grounds of the Jefferson Memorial.  As I silhouetted them against the sky a plane flew through at just the right place for the perfect composition.  For me, it symbolizes their DC destination wedding with them and all of their guests flying into Washington.

Leah explained, “Nathan and I live in the Bay Area of California now, but Nathan is originally from Texas and I’m from Delaware.  We wanted to have our wedding on the east coast, near where I grew up, but also in an area that would be interesting and easily accessible to those traveling from out of state.  DC was also the first place the two of us visited together, so it seemed like it would be a good fit.  Once we saw pictures of the Carnegie Institution for Science, we were hooked.  The venue is beautiful and embodies Washington, DC.”

Leah shared, “We saw photos you had done for other couples at The Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, DC.  We loved that each shoot seemed to be personally tailored to the couple, captured so much emotion, and also emphasized the gorgeous architecture in DC.  We really hope to see all of those elements in our wedding photographs.”

There was a lot of personalization, emotion and architecture, but this is where my day began, photographing Leah and Nathan’s gorgeous wedding details…

Leah shared, “My grandmother on my father’s side passed away last summer and it was very difficult knowing that she would not be at the wedding.  However, before she passed away, she and I looked at pictures of wedding dresses online.  I found, tried on, and ultimately chose the dress she mentioned that she liked.  It meant so much that she was able to be part of the wedding in that way even if she wasn’t physically there.”

I wanted Leah’s wedding gown to dramatically pop against a dark background and when I saw these red curtains that when closed moved from red, to a deep burgundy, to black– I knew it was the perfect place to hang it, especially considering the color palette of her flowers.  I love how all of the intricate bead-work of her gown stands out in this light!

Leah elaborated, “Although it was a March wedding, it was still officially winter, so we liked the idea of having darker, bolder flowers and colors (deep reds, purples), with some more traditional spring colors as highlights (blush and succulent green).  Our florist (Maya at Bee Inspired) did an incredible job on the bouquets – we loved them!”

Leah shared, “It was very special to me that my cousin, Dina, let me borrow one of my grandmother’s rings for the wedding weekend, so I tied it around the bouquet to keep it close to me.”

Leah stated, “Getting ready with my mom, putting on my veil and wedding gown with her was incredibly meaningful.”

Nathan shared, “Leah is stronger than anyone I know. She possesses the foresight and compassion to see the best in all people and situations. I believe that we bring about the best in each other. She has shown me parts of the world and brought me to experience things I never would have without Leah in my life. I look forward to the bright future that we will build and the love we will instill in our family!”

As I was photographing the details and preparations on the bride’s side, my second photographer, was photographing the men’s preparations.  Here a groomsman assists Nathan with his bowtie.

Here a groomsmen watches a tie tutorial on YouTube, haha, great capture, Breanna!  Her photos were on-point all day long!

Nathan quickly slide on his jacket without assistance, there is something about the combination of the lines on the wall with the lines of his arms and fingers that I really like about this photograph!

Nathan shared, “We thought it would be cool to have pictures taken at iconic DC locations, so having pictures taken at both the Jefferson and Lincoln memorials was at the top of our list.  One of my forefathers served in Congress at the time of Thomas Jefferson, so we thought it would be a novel idea to hold our first look at the Jefferson Memorial.”

Leah shared, “It was such an easy decision to say yes to his proposal, because I knew that our life together would always be exciting and filled with love.  It was a really special moment when we first saw each other on the wedding day.  I thought he looked incredibly handsome and I was so excited to marry him.”

Nathan shared, “Seeing Leah in her wedding dress for the first time finally turned the concept of our wedding into a true reality.  I certainly felt very fortunate to be marrying such a beautiful bride!”  He face says it all…

Nathan presented Leah with a gift during the first look, it was a nineteenth century gold necklace that he thought would go nicely with a ring that she recently inherited from his grandmother.

I love the way he is tipping his hat in the background as she smiles at the gift and the wind gently lifts her veil.

I simply love working at the Jefferson Memorial!  The building is so stately, elegant and really fit the look and feel of Nathan and Leah’s wedding well! 

So much in one frame– I wanted to capture the vibrant blue of the sky and sunshine along with the trees, monument and silhouetted couple in this next photograph…

Leah shared, “A few of the things I enjoy most about sharing my life with Nathan is that he is incredibly thoughtful; he makes me laugh; and he is adventurous.”

Leah continued, “I think we work well together because we get each other.  We push each other to be better people.  I’m so excited for our life together.”

Wow– what a stunning view of the Washington Monument against that bright blue sky with soft gray-purple clouds!

I also wanted to capture the Tidal Basin itself along with the beautiful train of Leah’s wedding gown.

Nathan shared, “We challenge each other by holding one another accountable to both our individual and collective goals, while at the same time acknowledging that patience and a shoulder to lean on are always needed to be successful.”

And here it is– the memorial trifecta– our final stop, the Lincoln Memorial

While most of the wedding day is spent capturing candid moments, we do take time to photograph more traditional portraits as well.  Here I wanted to bring in some of the architecture of the Jefferson Memorial as well…

Leah stated, “We were surrounded by so many people that mean so much to us.  My bridesmaids are all absolutely incredible women and I am so fortunate to call them friends.”

Those flowers!  Fantastic job, Bee Inspired Events!  Stunning, ladies…

Such a dapper group of gentlemen!

The groomsmen look so fresh here…

Leah shared, “It’s hard to put into words just how much both sets of parents have done for us over the course of our lives and with respect to the wedding.  We are so grateful to them.”

We captured so many family portraits on the wedding day– here is just one, Nathan and his parents.

Leah explained, “We actually have two dogs and a cat, but were only able to get one of our dogs, Gilligan, to DC for the wedding.  While we were sad we weren’t able to have our entire family in DC for the wedding, it was great that Gilligan was able to be a part of the day.”

Puppy love!

Leah said, “It meant so much to me that my grandmother was there with me on my wedding day and I felt so fortunate to be surrounded by so many people I love.”

I love this image of them holding hands…

The chairs were all set and the ceremony was ready to begin!  I am absolutely in love with the architecture at the Carnegie and try to bring it into all of the photos as much as I can!

Here Leah and her father process down the stairs into the rotunda where everyone has gathered for the wedding ceremony…

Her father kissed Leah’s cheek and placed her hands in Nathan’s.

Leah shared, “My Uncle Peter served as our officiant.  We are so thankful to him for serving in that role.  He was so thoughtful and our ceremony was better than we could have imagined.

Leah continued, “I had so many favorite parts of our wedding day – holding Nathan’s hands during the ceremony was defiantly one of them.”

Leah explained, “We loved the idea of getting married in the rotunda and physically being surrounded by our loved ones while we said our vows.”

I love the expression on Nathan’s face here as she places the ring on his finger…

Following the ceremony they exited the large front door with celebratory cheers!

People were cheering inside as well– again, what an incredible venue!

Guests moved from the rotunda in the Carnegie Institution for Science to the boardroom where candles surrounded the fireplace.

Leah shared, “Bee Inspired Events did an incredible job with the flowers and wedding coordination.  We were blown away by just how beautiful the flowers turned out!”

I totally agree with Leah!  It was a pleasure to work with all of you!

Another ilovely cake by Custom Cake Design:

“We wanted a wedding that was classic and elegant, but that also was really personal to us. We displayed wedding pictures of our family members, named the tables after cities that are important to us, and created signature cocktails named after our pets.

Here is one of their table names– I love that they used maps of each location…

Leah continued, “Our band was also incredible.  They played such fun songs and we had such a good time dancing!”  The DC Transit Band really got the party started!  I wanted to capture the colorful lights and instruments– love the brass!”

Announced for the first time in public as Mr & Mrs!

Wow that first dance!  Here I wanted to capture the dramatic colors and contrast as well as the movement of her dress and the reflection, bringing in a little architecture as well…

The first speech was given by the parents of the bride…

Nathan shared, “My brother has always been someone who I trust to deliver the truth, without regard to how I may react to it. He’s always embodied the family values instilled in us by our parents, and I felt that he would be the best person to hold me accountable to Leah and my vows.”

I really wanted to capture something a little more abstract here, using the decor in the room and lighting from the band…

Nathan shared, “I’ll never forget the kind and encouraging words spoken by our closest family members and friends during dinner. I’ve never felt so truly at home as I did among all those who wholeheartedly support us and our marriage.”

The Hora has to be one of my favorite wedding traditions– the guests form a ring surrounding the bride and groom and hoist them up on chairs!

There is so much going on in this one image, so many guests, so much emotion, this is definitely one that looks better in full screen!

Haaaa!  I absolutely love this shot and how joyful it is– Nathan’s dress-boots for the win!

A fairytale ending on a perfect day…

Nathan and Leah, thanks for choosing Rhinehart Photography to capture your wedding day!  It was a pleasure to be by your side and watch as the day unfolded!  I hope the photos are just as architecturally inspired and emotion-filled as you had hoped that that they truly capture the two of you as a couple in a very personal way.   I am so excited to hear what you and your friends and family think!  Please feel free to comment below or share on social media :).

Creative Carlisle Engagement Photographers: Kim & Alex

You won’t want to miss this colorful, day out on the town with creative soulmates, Alex & Kim…

Kim and Alex shared, “We chose you as a photographer because we could see the passion you have for photography in your work. You have a unique way of taking photos, you make the photos feel alive and capture the perfect moments.  Your work is more art than just snapping photos of a happy couple. Your photos are unique and you really take the time to know the couple and what would work best for them. You are a true artist and that was what made us want to choose you above anyone else.”

Thanks so much!  I knew that Kim and Alex love color and creativity and a downtown atmosphere.   Kim had also mentioned having this ‘thing’ for Europe, France in particular.  They were flexible on the engagement session location, and I really felt like downtown Carlisle would be the perfect fit for them.  There is colorful Pomfret Street, Helena’s Chocolate Cafe and Creperie, and Trattoria Piatto to mention a few.   They would have the colorful downtown vibe and architecture as well as a little European flare.

Shooting mid-day on a bright, sunny blue-sky day allowed me to access the vibrant colors, high contrast and shadows that you see in this set.  I love to play with perspective and color like I did with the opening photo showing one of the miniature carousel horses that grace the Pomfret Street shops. I love the interesting textures, shadows and lines in this next photograph…

Kim shared, “Alex and I met in high school baking class! When I saw him I was immediately drawn to him and wanted to get to know him. He was (and still is) lively and confident. He is outgoing, kind and has a magnetic personality. What’s not to fall in love with there?”

She continued, “Alex is supportive, loving, and he’s always there for me when I need him. He allows me to be the person I’ve always wanted to be.  He is funny and I love to spend time with him.  Alex truly is my best friend.”

Alex shared, “Kim was quiet and mysterious when we first met. She was definitely someone that I wanted to get to know more. We lost contact for almost a year after high school because I was a year ahead of her, but we connected on Facebook and started talking a little bit more. We went on our first date and she really opened up and was interesting and sweet. At the end of the date I literally asked her to be my girlfriend! We’ve been together since that day!”

I think this photo captures that more quiet, mysterious side of Kim and how much Alex loves her!

Kim shared, “Alex has always been creative. From playing music to his doodles, he’s always had something artistic going on. As much as I feel I’m not artistic, I too have always veered towards the creative aspects of life. I respect Alex for what he does, I’m his biggest fan. He’s self-taught in playing guitar, bass, and keyboard, and he can also sing. It’s very rare that he shares his work, so I feel lucky that he always wants to share that with me. He’s also great with poems and songs. The best gift he’s given me was this past Christmas. He surprised me with a poem he wrote for me and it was fantastic. It actually made me cry!”

I thought that this Vintage movie theater marquee of the Carlisle Theater and the fact that it had classic American singer-songwriter Johnny Cash who is known for his gritty vocals and guitar was really perfect for these two.  Here they walk arm in arm towards Helena’s Chocolate Cafe and Creperie.

Kim shared about her love of France.  “I have always wanted to go to France and studied French for six years.  I have always loved the beauty of vintage and antique styles from the late 1800’s early 1900’s, especially in architecture and art. I love vibrant colors and contrast, especially as seen in artwork of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. If I could choose one time in history to experience it would be Montmartre during that time period.  The next best thing would be visiting there now.”

I like the colorful trim and interesting shadows on the brick building below.


I wanted to show a close up shot of the macaroons on the shelf and the happy couple enjoying them simultaneously.  When I showed them this shot on the back of my camera, they laughed out loud and thought I was just photographing the macaroons!  I love playing with silhouettes and pushing myself creatively.

Kim shared about their proposal, “Before we got engaged, Alex had said that he would propose to me at the Eiffel Tower because he knows how much I would love that! With that, I wasn’t expecting to get engaged for a while, haha, because going to Paris is more of a dream vacation than a realistic one at this point in our lives.”

Kim continued, “I came home one night and opened the door to find a completely romantic atmosphere– candles filled the room and Alex was standing there dressed nicely and looking nervous. He told me he was almost done cooking us a meal.  He took my hands and was talking about life together and how happy he was.”

She went on, “He asked me what was at the top of the Eiffel Tower painting… it was an engagement ring!  When I turned around I saw him down on one knee!”

Alex said, “I know I told you I’d propose to you at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower, but this is the best I can do for now.  Kim shared, “His proposal was thoughtful, romantic, intimate and real– it really was perfect!”

For me this image captures the thoughtfulness and creativity of Alex’s proposal.  They are inside a cafe in Pennsylvania, but the reflection literally surrounding them shows a building that could easily be constructed in the late 1800’s and a streetlamp that could be in Montmartre  ;).

We visited Trattoria Piatto and timed it to be when they were between lunch and dinner service.  The staff and owner were so welcoming!   The owner, Ross Morris, brought out a bottle of Prosecco, compliments of the house!  Piatto is one of my favorite local restaurants– perfect for date night! 

Kim explained, “I think what makes Alex and I work well together is that we constantly have fun together. We are complete opposites in every way, but we still manage to find ways to come together and share laughs.”

I love the high-contrast, vibrant vintage Italian art gracing the red walls of Piatto.  I like to play with reflections and caught this one of the two of them and the bar here.

I asked them what their secrets were to a long lasting relationship.  They said, “Mutual respect, never going to bed angry, always saying ‘I love you’ and cooking together.”

Kim shared, “One of my favorite things that Alex does is whenever I am about to say something, but forget what I was going to say, he responds with: ‘I love you, too.'”

My favorite booth!  I love everything about it from the framing to the vibrant pop of red and high contrast black and white accents to the candle-light in the foreground!

Alex shared, “We have the kind of love that you just know is there.  You look into each other’s eyes and see it.  We can’t get enough of each other!”

Ah love!  Here I created this bubbly, sparkly look in camera to capture a mixture of the feeling of being in love with Prosecco, hehe!

Thank you Kim and Alex for choosing to share your story with me and capture this time in your life with you! I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with you and hope that these are just the sort of creative, fun, colorful, unique images you were both looking for!

Thank you to Party of Four, owners for Helena’s Creperie and Tratioria Piatto for allowing us to explore and photograph your locations on a Monday afternoon and to Pomfret Street for always being so colorful, cute, interesting and walkable!

I’m looking forward to photographing Kim & Alex’s wedding at The Bond in York, Pennsylvania.

Philadephia Wedding Photographer: Jen & Tyler at Winterfest

Ice skating, hot coca, s’mores– you won’t want to miss this cozy, sweet, playful Winterfest engagement…

Jen shared, “Hiring you to be our wedding photographer was the first and easiest decision we made when beginning to plan our wedding.”

Tyler explained, “Jen’s jaw literally dropped when she first started looking at your work.  She was impressed by the high quality images, all the candid moments and emotion.  It was at that point that we both knew we needed to make you our wedding photographer.”

They continued, “Working with you was everything we could have hoped for, you are simply amazing. You made us feel very relaxed and comfortable.  You were so easy going and had us feeling so relaxed we barely knew you were there! Before our session we were both very nervous, not sure what to expect, but as soon as we met you, all those nerves went away. We love the creativity and the love that you capture in your photos and just the wide variety of photos.”

Aw thanks, guys!!!  While the photo above shows a more colorful, creative, playful take on their relationship and the Winterfest space, the image below shows a more traditional engagement portrait.

Jen shared, “We love getting cozy and are always down for little adventures. We choose Winterfest because it had all of our favorite winter activities in one place. We could cozy up while getting to try something new together.  It showed the more playful side of ice skating and playing games and the more relaxed, cozy aspects of the cabin, s’mores and hot cocoa!”

Jen shared, “There is nothing better on a cold night by the fire than a warm cup of hot cocoa.”

Jennifer reminisced, “I will never forget the day I first met Tyler. Later that day he sent me a message and my heart literally skipped a beat.  Tyler was so caring and persistent, even from the start! He would call me and text me every day to see how my day was going. Every time he was home from college in Florida, he would go out of his way to make sure he saw me. This is what made me begin falling for him.”

Tyler elaborated, “I would let off steam after a long work week at the driving range and asked Jen if she’d like to come along.  She came and looked absolutely stunning.  I had butterflies!  We grabbed ice cream and talked until the place closed.  That is when I fell for her!”

Jen smiled, “For me, I knew he was the one when I did something that was super embarrassing– I spilled my ice cream on his pants!  I was mortified but he laughed and had the biggest smile on his face!  Tyler literally makes me a better person.  Being able to balance each other out and support each other is what makes our relationship work!”

Jen shared, “We were so excited that the cabins at Winterfest had games!  Tyler and I have a little competitive side and we love playing games together.  Playing a giant version of Jenga was fun!”


Tyler shared, “I picked up skating in college.  It was just something I’d do with friends every once in a while to escape the sweltering Florida heat.  I had tried to get Jen to try it with me a few times, but she somehow always managed to find a way out of it.”

Tyler shared, “Getting Jen out on the ice for our engagement session was awesome and something I’ll never forget.”

He continued, “It was an amazing experience to be able to do something I love with the woman I love.”

Jen, I have to say you have the prettiest hair!  I opened my camera aperture wide to capture her highlights, the Christmas lights in the distance as well as hints of Philadelphia architecture…

Tyler concluded, “Even if I did have to drag her onto the rink initially, haha, by the end she was all smiles!”

I wanted the image to be very sharp and clear even though the light was fading and they were moving.  I used a special combination of camera settings and lens choice to create this photograph…

He looks so proud to have her by his side!

S’mores time!  They look like kids on Christmas morning, haha!  Adorable :).


A little nod to their wedding location, The Historic Acres of Hershey, the sweetest place on earth

Tyler shared, “Jen and I get along so well because we both are down to do anything. We will spend the nights gazing at the stars at an antique car festival or jamming out to Thomas Rhett at the local fair. We can be super busy or be sitting on the couch and still have the most amazing time together!”

Jennifer shared, “Tyler has always been such a gentleman.  From the day we met he has always brought me flowers, opened doors, etc.  I couldn’t imagine what he’d do for our engagement.  We love the beach and awoke to the sound of rain.  It literally poured all day, so we spent the day playing board games.  (Little did I know he had an elaborate beach proposal planned).”

Tyler explained, “I kept checking the weather on my phone and looking out the window, with my heart pounding.  As the hours passed, game after game, I could not stop worrying about the proposal.  Finally at 4pm the rain stopped but the winds were crazy.  I knew I was not going to let anything stop me from proposing to Jen.”

He went on, “We decided to drive to the beach since it had been raining all day. We got into the car and I took a deep breath. Jen was very confused but still had no idea what was going on. We arrived at the beach the wind was blowing everywhere and we can barely see anything!”

He concluded, “I walked Jen down to a row of hand-made signs that have song quotes from a few of our favorite songs. The path was covered in rose petals (which were blowing all over the place, haha!). At the end of the path was huge heart with a guitarist to play our song, Die a Happy Man. As we slow danced Jen began to cry. I turned her around and there were all our family and friends holding up big signs that read, ‘Will you marry me?’  When she turned back around, I was on one knee.”

Jen said, “This was truly a fairytale proposal and I could not have imagined a more perfect engagement story!”

I love to get creative and play with different photography techniques, angles, etc whenever I shoot.  One of my favorite things to do is play with reflections and silhouettes.  I was pretty much freaking out then I saw this opportunity.

I didn’t Photoshop the neon letters into the photo– the scene with the lights and silhouettes is the reflection on the glass and the skates sign is what I saw through the glass.  Cool, right?  It was just a matter of capturing just the right angle with the right settings etc.

Here I played with the sunset and lights and silhouetted them again!

Jennifer and Tyler, thank you so much for choosing me to capture your engagement and wedding photos!  I loved working with you and am so excited to hear what you and your friends and family think about your photos and love story!  I’m also looking forward to photographing your upcoming Historic Acres of Hershey wedding!!!

Chris BalbiMarch 20, 2018 - 3:45 pm

GIRL, YOU NAILED THESE PHOTOS! I am officially slayed and LOVING every single one!!

Chrissy WarrenMarch 20, 2018 - 3:53 pm

These are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

York PA Wedding Phtographers: JDK tasting at The Bond

Tasty treats, sunning decor and friendly, upbeat staff– you won’t want to miss this JDK tasting event at The Bond…

I love working at The Bond in York, Pennsylvania It has such a unique, industrial vibe and gives me so much to work with creatively!  I am proud to be on their preferred vendor list and to have been working with them since the venue’s opening in 2015!  When the staff at JDK reached out to me about photographing the event for them, I hopped on board.

Colton Staver of JDK events shared, “We chose Rhinehart Photography to capture the day because she has such a strong presence at The Bond, and we know her work is outstanding! She is able to photograph beautiful decor, but more than that, she is somehow able to capture the experience and feeling that is taking place. She’s also so lovely to work with and as flexible as can be!”

In the above I wanted to capture the upbeat personalities of the friendly staff of Weddings by JDK who were checking in the many guests.  And in the photograph below I wanted to capture the unique industrial space of the Ballroom…

The Weddings By JDK Group Tasting Event at The Bond offered couples a unique experience on the property.  They invited wedding clients to taste the varied menu options available at The Bond while also seeing the space with a wide variety of decor options…

I really liked the mirrored vase of hydrangeas below and liked how the vase complimented the light, bright lines of the windows and the hydrangeas had a more airy, golden feel similar to the chandeliers at The Bond.

I really appreciated what Colton and his team did with this centerpiece as well, it has the clean, modern lines of the venue and again utilizes glass while also allowing a romantic flower arrangement to cascade out onto the table…

Here is a simple centerpiece with a vintage inspired look that brings in greenery and antique books…


This arrangement was on a small cocktail table and really hit the perfect note– again I love the play on modern and romantic for this space!  You might want to take a closer look at the linens here– just stunning.  Each table utilized different linens to show the variety of looks…

3 West productions began singing and the doors opened to the many guests…

There were so many tasty samples, which really gave couples an idea of the variety of options that JDK catering is able to offer, and gave them a chance to experience everything first hand!

Just looking at these is making me a little hungry…

I appreciate the attention to detail and visual artistry that does into a JDK event.  Everything photographs so well!

If this young woman looks familiar, it is probably because I recently posted her colorful, creative, cheery engagement photos on my blog.  She and her husband to be will be tying the knot at The Bond very soon!

David Everett and Jay Varga of JDK were both at the event personally and welcomed guests and shared a bit about the event…

The room was bustling with people taking it all in– tasting, drinking, chatting, selecting their menus and making note of the different decor that caught their eye.

Icing on the cake– The Weddings by JDK group also invited several of their favorite vendors, which included Jasmine Clouser of The Couture Cakery.  I love working with Jasmine and the wide variety of sweets that she offers her clients and the designs she creates are just awesome!

Colton stated, “In your photos, we’re hoping to see a variety of representation of what we offer! Various Linens, Centerpieces, Décor Options. We hope to use these photos to help promote our upcoming tastings, and show clients how the day will progress!”

I hope that they do that and more– thanks for inviting me to be a part of all of this and I’ll see you and the rest of the JDK soon as wedding season is just kicking off ;).  These are just a few highlights I’ll be sending more soon!

Here is a vendor list of participants in the event:

If you’d like to see more weddings by JDK that I’ve photographed, check a few of my blog entries, here.

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