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Omni Bedford Springs Wedding Photographer: Jackie & Mark

Waterfalls, stunning architecture and a joyful, fun-loving couple: you won’t want to miss this vibrant, Omni Bedford Springs engagement…

Jackie shared, “I spent literally hours looking through your website and all your blog posts and fell in love with your work.  I would keep showing Mark all the different pictures I liked and told him we need to hire Lisa Rhinehart!”

She continued, “After meeting with you, it just reinforced our decision.  You were so down to earth, you took the time to talk with us and get to know us.  It made it much more of a personal experience.”

Mark added, “You made us feel comfortable throughout the process and planned everything to ensure effective use of time.  You were even willing to get dirty, literally getting in the mud to capture that perfect shot.  You incorporated the scenery and natural beauty of the area and brought all of that into our photos.”

From the full scene in the shot above that incorporates the unique walking bridge on the property, a passing vehicle and the couple silhouetted at sunset, to this next shot which is their engagement ring in a tuft of moss, I love to give my couples a lot of variety and detail in their photos.

Jackie shared, “I love Mark’s ability to make me laugh, and not a day goes by where I’m not laughing about something when he’s around.”

Genuine laughter and a waterfall– it doesn’t get much better than this 😉

Mark shared, “The Omni at Bedford Springs offered just what we were both looking for.  I enjoy the great outdoors and Jackie likes the finer things in life, the Omni had both!  Beautiful grounds with hills and streams and waterfalls, then the architecture and history of the Resort itself.

I love those elements too and must say that I enjoy being on the grounds as a photographer and as a guest and have been there often for both reasons!  This shot is actually one I envisioned as a guest at the spa, haha.  Notice their reflection in the pool water below?

Jackie shared, “I love how incredibly caring and thoughtful Mark is.  He has a huge heart and is always there for anything I need.  He is often thinking of others, especially me.”

I love the light in this photo, and that the orb hits him right in the heart is pretty awesome.  I love the way he’s looking at her, and from the way she’s looking back at him– this is love:

Jackie went on, “He’s super laid back, never lets anything get to him, which balances me out as while I am mainly laid back, I definitely have an uptight side too!   Mark helps me to let go and have fun!”

I love the way her hair was caught up in the breeze as mark whispered in her hear here and she beamed:

Mark reminisced proudly, “I have introduced Jackie to my ‘living the dream’ lifestyle, and our last two vacations have been such a hoot!”

He continued, “On the first one,  she overcame her fear of heights and went parasailing in Turks and Caicos and on the 2nd, I was able to sneak a diamond ring into Mexico and propose on the rocks overlooking the water at sunset.”

He teased, “This is quite the contrast to our previous two vacations where Jackie had me walk a *million miles* between the scenic walking tour from one end of Chicago to the other (Soldier field didn’t look THAT far away from Navy Pier), and a down to the minute planned trip from one Disney park to another, haha!”

She smiled, “Its good.  We balance each other out.”  Talk about balance…

Mark opened up a little more, “What made me fall in love with Jackie is that she is like a fine wine that gets better every day.”

He continued, “She’s so easy to get along with, she can go with the flow, like me.  We really enjoy spending time together.”

A side note hear, but the gardens and porches at the Omni are stunning and I really had to bring them in…

Another pool shot, I may have been floating when I dreamed this one up, hehe:

Jackie shared, “We chose to incorporate baseball into our engagement shoot as Mark still plays and coaches baseball.”

She continued, “At the last minute I threw in his old college baseball shirt with his name and number into our luggage thinking maybe we could use this somehow in the shoot and that picture with it in turned out great!”

I love that it has the ring and his last name.  Also burgundy is one of their wedding colors so this really works well.  A nice save the date option…

Jackie and Mark’s package came with a long engagement session, so we really could explore the grounds and a few different concepts (indoors, outdoors, baseball, etc).

Jackie brought along this ball as well with a save the date in mind.  I think this may have been the time I got down in the mud that Mark shared about earlier, haha!

Jackie shared, “We dressed like we would on date night.  I wanted to both incorporate burgundy as it’s one of our wedding colors, and something that would also bring out the blue of Mark’s eyes as they are one of my favorite features of his.”

After working with them for a while, I knew the perfect lighting and angle to bring out their gorgeous eye colors…

Jackie reminisced, “Our first date was to an Eagles game.  I had never been to one before and this particular game got flexed to a Sunday night game.  It was in December and the weather was freezing cold!  We met at a midway point between our houses as we lived about an hour apart, and when I got in his car, he opened the door open for me!”

She went on, “I don’t remember ever going on a date where the guy held the car door open for me.  My mom told me the next day that he was definitely a keeper for this.  To this day he still opens the car door for me every time we go somewhere.  It’s really sweet.”

She continued, “We started off tailgating in the K lot with a couple of Mark’s friends. The Eagles did lose that game against the Cardinals, and it took me the whole ride back home to begin to get warm from sitting in the cold for 3+ hours, but it was a still a fantastic first date!”

She smiled, “Mark later confessed to me that he didn’t think there would be a 2nd date because he didn’t get a good night kiss.  Little did he know that that first date would lead to many more dates and ultimately forever!”

At the end of the engagement shoot, they concluded, “During the session we were so comfortable!  We were able to just be ourselves and enjoy it.  There were times that you showed us a photo on the back of your camera and we were like, what???  How did you do that?  We had so much fun!”

Jacqueline and Mark I hope that these photos capture the love that you have for each other, your interests and personalities.

I am very much looking forward to photographing your upcoming wedding in Wilmington’s Hotel Dupont!

Frank AngeloniFebruary 14, 2019 - 10:29 pm

Way to work Turt

Coach Angeloni

[…] like to see more of Jackie and Mark, check out their Omni Bedford Springs engagement session here.  Their full set of wedding photos will be live next week with several hundred images […]

District Winery Wedding Photographers: Bridget & Phil

Vibrant, modern, chic Washington DC wedding at District Winery…

Phil shared, “We first found Rhinehart Photography through the recommendation of friends (Betsy & Evan: their St Regis DC wedding blog is here), and immediately liked Lisa’s style. After our first meeting, we knew that Lisa would be able to capture the more unique, modern style we like.  Working together on wedding day was great!”

When Bridget and Phil used words like modern, unique, creative, editorial and colorful to describe their wedding I was so excited!  It is important to me to really capture a couples individual style as well as the location and their nearest and dearest in a way that suits them, and I love to get creative and capture color.

This one photo shows so much of that style– the dramatic reflections of downtown DC, the modern machinery of the winery, the eclectic jewel-toned bouquets and dresses of the bridesmaids, I had so much fun with this!

Love cubed, haha– I loved pulling in this playful, modern sculptural element into their photos…

We started the day at HNY (Hampton Navy Yard).  Capturing all the fun and colorful details was important to Bridget and I started with the wedding dress.  Here I used one of the bridesmaid’s sequin gowns to frame the bride’s classic lace gown…

Bridget shared, “For the color scheme, I chose dark purple and green simply because they are my favorite colors and I prefer jewel tones.”

She continued, “The shoes I wore are gold khusse, a gift from my bridesmaid Zahra, who recently traveled to Pakistan to purchase items for her own wedding. She and I have been friends since childhood, and she is the reason I have a love for Bollywood movies and studied Hindi-Urdu in college.”


I love to get creative and play with reflections, silhouettes, shoot through interesting elements in the room, this shot combines all of those while capturing Bridget’s maid of honor dressing her.

I captured several beautiful portraits of Bridget, but this one really stands out as being simple and sweet…

Bridget shared, “I often get questions about my engagement ring. I have always known that I wanted something different. An emerald was the perfect choice, and I love that it symbolizes a deep and mature love. I was able to incorporate traditional diamonds in the wedding band.”

I *love* pops of color and these jewel tones were so much fun to photograph!

Bridget laughed, “Throughout our engagement, I often described myself as a ‘dead beat bride.’ I was not the bride who made Pinterest boards for each element of the wedding. Planning a wedding while overseas had its challenges, but it helped me be focus on what was important, make decisions, and delegate the specifics where I could.”

She continued, “I actually gave our florist, Meredith at Rockingbird Flower Co., very few guidelines and let her run wild. The results were stunning.”  I have to agree!

Sophisticated, vibrant, timeless, natural, modern are all words I’d use to describe Bridget’s personal taste.  There is something about this simple moment of her looking out the window of her suite that just felt so right to me– I love the sheer gold tones in the foreground:

To say that Bridget and Phil’s wedding day was sunny would be a massive understatement!  The blue sky and mid-day sunlight were intense and really upped the contrast and vibrant colors in their photos.

I personally loved that we were able to shoot in the more urban setting of the Navy Yard.  There was so much for me to play with– architecture, lines, autumn leaves, plus these stunning ladies!

When scouting locations for portraits on the day of, I looked for spots that would bring in that vibrant, authentic, downtown feel.

Here I pulled out the stops with my framing, haha– the bridal party is framed in flowers, string-lights, umbrellas and fall foliage– so fun and festive!

Phil shared, “I grew up playing poker with  my friends. I had no idea what Bridget’s gift would be, and she nailed it. This customized poker set will last forever. Bridget even incorporated some family branding which was awesome.”

I normally shoot with a second photographer and am super picky with the second photographers that I hire.  Jim, is one of my favorites to work with, he totally knocked my socks off with this shot– what a killer reflection and great use of that intense sunlight!

We both had a lot of fun playing with shadows throughout the day…

The ‘ring brigade’ was comprised of three boys Bridget babysits, and they carried signs made by the bride (her only DIY project).

They received custom bow ties as their gift for being part of the wedding, each corresponding to an interest of theirs (baseball, Legos, space).

Phil and his best man, traveled together in style to meet Bridget for the first look.  Again pulling in some of that modern Navy Yard architecture…

My formal portrait of Phil pulled in lots of abstract designs and colors from the downtown Washington DC surroundings.

Their first look was nothing short of incredible!!!  Can you feel the anticipation…

Phil shared, “Seeing Bridget for the first time on our wedding day is something I will never forget!  I was completely overcome with emotion!”

Bridget laughed, “I was incredibly shocked by his reaction! Phil is not often emotional, and this was the first time in the 6 years that I had seen him cry!”

Bridget smiled, “I couldn’t stop thinking about how handsome Phil looked in his new custom tux (I picked out the turquoise lining!) and being so touched by his sweet reaction.  I even teared up myself!”

How cute are they?

Bridget shared, “We chose the area surrounding District Winery – the Riverwalk — for our photos because it was both convenient and felt more authentic.”

Yards Park is roughly five blocks from the capitol, but has a totally luxe, modern vibe.

Here they are sandwiched between boats and vibrant flowers :).

The Navy yard area had so much for me to play with and I could certainly bring out those modern elements!

I love the colors and textures in this shot– see what I mean about that vibrant blue sky?

It’s like the sky got the memo about the jewel tones and wore a sapphire gown…

Phil explained, “Ultimately it was Bridget’s wit and humor that did me in. As I got to know her more, her care for others and selfless personality stood out among pretty much every other person I had ever met.”

When I think of Bridget, I think of a modern world traveler with a pretty dramatic and interesting lifestyle.  There is something about these modern lines, shadows, dramatic light and their beaming smiles that just seems to capture them so well!

Bridget explained, “Lisa was such a welcome, calming presence on the wedding day, when anxiety was running high. She understood our photo fatigue and  my need to take “sun breaks” because the weather was so chilly!  She cares and made us feel so comfortable.”

More shadow play…

Bridget smiled, “Philip helps me to be more outgoing.  Our relationship is one of balance and complement.”

Hahaha!  So if you know these two you will know how awesome this capture is, totally unscripted just a natural moment.  Phil has great hair, something Bridget loves, and something that even made it into their wedding ceremony!

For me it shows so many things, but the biggest is how couples seem to look alike, and even act alike…

Vogue called, they want their supermodels back 😉  (As a side note, yes bridal party members, you were right, I did break my Canon 70-200 mm L series lens when it rolled out of my bag at this point in the day.  First lens break in 9 years, not bad I guess.)

So much love for this shot.  If I’m honest, I think past of that soft look on the upper right quadrant of the photo, it was totally caused by my broken lens.  Do not try this at home 😛

Time to head to the winery for the ceremony!

Bridget shared, “Reverend Laura actually had us send three traits we love most about the other person to her in preparation for the wedding. She then surprised us by incorporating it into the ceremony.”

The sunlight was so intense, I love the feel of this, so warm and connected, almost spiritual:

Bridget continued, “The three qualities I shared about Phil are that he is the most loyal person I know, he is incredibly supportive of my passions and career, and he has amazing hair.”

They explained, “It was important that our ceremony be personal, which Reverend Laura helped us design.  We signed a formal marriage contract, like a ketubah or marriage certificate in the Jewish and Quaker traditions.   We tried to honor our dual Irish heritage with a hand fasting ceremony, too.”

Kiss the bride– I love the way the lines of the Edison bulbs seem to drape right down to the couple and the applause of friends and family:

Bridget shared, “We actually booked District Winery site unseen, before construction was finalized, almost a year and a half before the actual wedding.  When we finally were able to tour the space and taste some of their wine, we were so happy with our choice. The entire DW team was amazing to work with, and they have event execution down to a science.”

She continued, “From the online renderings, we knew it would be a space that combined both rustic and modern elements and were very pleased with the way everything came together.”

I love all of the deep wood and gold tones intensified by the setting sun.

Phil explained, “When Bridget and I started talking about a cake, we both immediately knew we did not want one. Donuts were the obvious dessert solution.”

Their traditions were so incredibly heartfelt!

Phil shared, “I had anxiety the entire day, so these moments  — talking to my bride during the first dance, getting to dance with my mom, and hearing my best friend deliver his best man toast — helped me slow down and soak it all in.”

Bridget shared, “There are only a few times when I have seen my father cry. I was very surprised when he became emotional during his speech.”

She continued, “It was funny to see my parents reverse roles, as my mom quickly stepped in and calmly finished giving the speech.”

The guests were so touched!

Everyone applauded approvingly, it was so sweet.

Daddy’s little girl 😉

Phil’s best man’s speech was awesome, and something that particularly stood out to me as a photographer is how he used an actual pen and paper (as opposed to a cell phone) and had manually moved and edited parts with squiggles and lines and boxes.  It looked and felt so authentic, heart-felt and natural.


Mother & son– so much joy!!!

Chicken fingers and crayons for the kiddos– so sweet, you must have been a great babysitter, Bridget!

😉 Doughnut mind if I do…

Phil shared, “Once the ceremony was done and all the nerves wore off,  it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves and getting to talk to friends we don’t get to see often.”

Bridget explained, “My favorite part of the day was the reception! District Winery nailed the food, beverages, and service. On top of that, our DJ was phenomenal — playing a mix of Motown, Reggaeton, throwback rap, and even some Russian pop in honor of my time living in Bishkek. I’ve never seen a dance floor so packed.”

Lol, this little guy’s surprising dance moves…

Something super cool about having two photographers is the opportunity to get two vantage points.  Here I was super wide using my fish eye lens, capturing the full scene, the lines, laughter and light.

Jim snapped this shot the same time capturing the micro perspective and Phil’s mannerisms.  I love both shots for different reasons!

(LOL if you look closely you can see me, camera over my head watching the scene while simultaneously focusing my camera, haha!)

They smiled, “As much as we didn’t want the night to end, the exit was one of our favorite parts! Who doesn’t love confetti?”

Bridget and Phil exited to an awaiting pedi cab as friends and family threw biodegradable confetti and chanted a Clemson cheer (the groom’s alma mater).

Phil shared, “At the end of the day, I think we are a good balance to each other and keep each other grounded.”

He went on, ” We try to better ourselves and our relationship and lean on each other.”

Venue: District Winery

Hair/Makeup: Carla Pressley

Donuts: District Doughnut

Day-of coordinator: Amanda @ Capitol Romance

Flowers: Rockingbird Flower Co.

Flower Donation (flowers donated at the end of the night): Petal Share

Bride’s Dress: Love Couture Bridal   / Alterations: Nazemi Bridal

Groom’s Tux: Enzo Custom Clothiers

DJ: Grant Kuhnsman (DJ Aria) @ Bialek’s Music

Videographer: Shutter & Sound 

Pedi Cab: DC Pedicab 

Officiant: Laura Cannon @ Ceremony Officiants

[…] Navy Yard […]

Washington DC photographers: Jessica & Michael at The Carnegie

An elegant, vibrant, joy-filled Washington DC wedding at the Palomar Hotel and the Carnegie Institution for Science

Michael shared, “Your photos stood out to us from the very beginning– they are so vibrant and creative! Each photo captures the feeling of the moment and the personalities of the couples too.”

He continued, “Working with you on our wedding day was great.  You were always right there when we wanted a specific shot, but then the rest of the time, we were just enjoying the night oblivious of the cameras. We are looking forward to seeing the little moments we didn’t catch with our own eyes and reliving the moments that seemed to fly by so quickly on our wedding day.”

I’ll start with a few “little things” that involved photos that were right up Michael’s alley, vibrant and creative… I love to play with color, reflection, shadows and lines and really enjoyed capturing the ring shot above and this one too:

I like when hotel rooms give me a lot to play with and their suite in the Hotel Palomar did just that, here I framed one of Jessica’s bridesmaids in a gold sculptural element as she poured champagne for the ladies…

Jessica shared, “My mom and I have always been really close. One of the things we love to do together is shop, so naturally, my mom was my wedding dress shopping companion. She helped line up appointments with the boutiques, watched me try on what seemed like hundreds of dresses before finding the right one, came to all of my alteration appointments, and even helped touch up the lace with a couple extra stitches on the wedding day. She was the perfect person to help me into my dress before the wedding.”

I love the intimacy of this moment, the dramatic light and the way you can also see Jessica’s ring and the detailing on her gown.  This is her waiting patiently as her mom finishes a few final touches to her wedding down:

That smile!


The handsome groom:

Michael gathers with his groomsmen in the front of the Carnegie Institution of Science in the heart of Washington DC.  A huge thank you to my second photographer, Kursten, he did a fantastic job on this shot and so many others throughout the day!

Michael smiled, “We loved our wedding day from start to finish but one of our favorite parts was definitely the first look!”

Here I shot through the window as Michael opens the door of the Carnegie to see Jessica dressed as a bride for the first time.  His expression is priceless!

Jessica shared, “The first look was great and our venue fit us so well!  We wanted our wedding to be feel like an authentic evening in DC, which is why the Carnegie Institution for Science was so perfect! It was in the heart of the city and the building details and architecture created the perfect backdrop– very classic Washington DC.”

Jessica, you are stunning!

I have worked at the Carnegie quite a few times, and was so thrilled to be back and be able to explore some new places.  The front garden was stunning as were these two!

Jessica smiled, “Our relationship has felt so natural from the first day we met. Early on we met up primarily in group settings, however, afterwards, we often found ourselves immersed in conversation and would stroll to a park or coffee shop to continue to chat.”

She went on, “Even after being together for a number of years, we still often get lost in long conversations about this and that. I know there are many more long nights of fun chatter with a glass of wine or whisky to come!”

Michael, “We loved the first look with each other, and the Carnegie was a big part of that, too.  Everything we had been planning for so long had suddenly come to life!  It was also unexpectedly fun to hear the cheers of on lookers and early arriving guests as we took photos outside before the ceremony.”

The sky was incredible!

Jessica, “I love how Mike has become and will forever be a central part of my life. He makes me laugh, knows just when I need a hug, and never fails to make me feel incredibly loved. He keeps me motivated and supports me when life gets hard. We love doing things together, but also have a blast just simply being together.”

I love the intimacy of this moment.  For me it captures that super sweet, loving side of Michael.

How sweet it is…

While I love capturing candid moments, I also make sure to photograph traditional portraits of the couple and their families and bridal party

Mother and son, such a sweet moment:

The music began and was amazing!  I literally was awestruck by their talent and the acoustics of the space.  I almost felt the need to pinch myself, I love my job!

I love to play with different perspectives, here is Jessica’s walk down the aisle:

The look on Michael’s face is again so precious and completely different than the one during the first look.  If I’m not mistaken, I believe he is even tearing up :).

Jessica shared, “We live in the neighborhood and had seen events being held there was passersby on many occasions.  We booked a tour and loved it and knew it was the right venue for us immediately.  The rotunda was stunning with its marble star floor, huge wood door, and pillars leading to the skylight ceiling.  And we loved the uniqueness of having our ceremony in a more intimate circle and then converting it into a dance floor later in the night.”

So much joy!!!

Michael held Jessica tightly during the vows.  I thought it was such a tender moment…

The kiss…

The ballroom was so romantic from the flowers to the candle light.  Everything was beautiful!

Ketubah official…

I have a few venues that I really love working at, and the Carnegie is one of them.  Each time I go I try to explore a new space or capture something in a different way.  Here instead of shooting towards the marble, I shot away to show Jessica & Michael’s neighborhood streetscape.

Another new space for me– the large windows and the view of a nearby church that I was able to frame at just the right angle.  Something about it reminds me of a fairy tale like Peter Pan…

Michael shared, “Choosing the right venue was important for us and the Carnegie did not disappoint. Natural light escaping in from the skylight into the rotunda made for the perfect ceremony location. Especially adding the wonderfully intricate marble floors and exposed columns. The space transitioned well to the cocktails, dinner, and dancing, allowing the whole party to be only steps away. With so many friends and family traveling to be with us on this special day, it was easy to maneuver between all the rooms and see everyone.”

Here Michael and Jessica are welcomed into the rotunda by their guests:

They were all smiles for the first dance.  I played with the reflection for this one.  I like the layers of it, the columns and architecture, the guests, the bride and groom, the reflection… the gold up-lighting and dark green in the marble floor…

Jessica shared, “My brother executed the unconventional role of  ‘man of honor’ incredibly well! He poured love into everything from bridal shower to bachelorette party to man of honor speech. His speech honestly said it all – we have enjoyed navigating life together thus far and look forward to continuing to do as we introduce new ‘siblings’ to our family.”

I love to play with unique visual elements and captured this shot (and all of them) in camera, I played with the colors of the uplighting, shadows and candles to capture this look…

The toasts were all so lovely!  Here Michael smiles at Jessica during one…

Jessica explained, “A number of years ago, my mom wasn’t feeling well enough to attend a wedding that she and my father were invited to, so I went to a wedding with my dad in her place.”

She continued, “We had a ton of fun dancing together all night. Our father-daughter dance brought back memories of dancing at that wedding (and so many other weddings), but the dance at my wedding will certainly be the most memorable of them all.”

I love to pull in vibrant colors and interesting architectural elements to my photography.  Here I had my second photographer capture more traditional shots, while I climbed a staircase focused on capturing the feeling of the entire scene– the expressive gusts, the columns, floor, etc.

Time for the Hava Nagila!

While Kursten braved the floor level, I again climbed to the top for a birds eye view.  I love so much about this shot– the architectural detail, the couple’s names, the crowd, Jessica’s beaming smile that is visible from yards above.  I like that it gives you a real sense of space and inclusivity.

Michael smiled, “Everyone seemed to have a blast and that energy was utilized on the dance floor.  Each song, more and more people joined in and made for an unforgettable night.”


Michael continued, “Dancing was a big highlight for us, the music was amazing (shout out to DJ Al)  and everyone was on the dance floor! We had so much fun moving from group to group the whole night! It was a blast to have all our favorite people in one place at one time!”

Jessica shared, “Since we had all our favorite people in one place we thought it would be an awesome opportunity to get a HUGE group photo with everyone to remember the evening. And the rotunda balcony was the perfect vantage point for it!”

Jessica & Michael, thank you so much for inviting me to cover your incredible wedding day!  If you would like ot see more of Jessica and Michael, be sure to check out their DC engagement here— there is an awesome sunset at the capitol building!


Venue – Carnegie Institution for Science

Catering & Rentals – Spilled Milk

Day of Coordinator – Capitol Romance

DJ – Al Graham

Instrumentals – Meghan Davis

Florals – Teresa Soodak (mother of the bride)

Lighting – Rent My Wedding

Invitations, Programs, Escort Cards: Nicole Anderson Paper Co.

Brides Dress – Say Yes For Less

Grooms Tux – Suit Supply

Make up – Jasmine Mohammed – www.jasminemohammed.com

Hair – Eden Tekle

Photography: Rhinehart Photography


Whispering Pines of Carlisle Wedding Photographers: Amy & Matt

Natural beauty– fields, mountains, sunshine and love…

Amy shared, “I am very into photography and Lisa was definitely my top choice.  I chose Lisa because her photos are very high quality and creative, which is very hard to find.  I was very familiar with her work, as she photographed several of my classmates’ senior portraits, and knew that her photos were amazing and that she would exceed all my expectations.”

She continued, “Lisa produced amazing photos in every single wedding and I knew I could rely on her.  I knew that I did not have to worry about photography at all, instead I would anxiously await them, like a child on Christmas morning.  I’m so excited to see her capture our unique story.”

One element that I really thought was unique about Matt and Amy’s wedding, was the role that nature played, it felt so beautiful, organic, authentic and joy-filled.  As I scouted out locations at their venue, Whispering Pines of Carlisle, I noticed this bee gathering nectar on wildflowers.  For me it was the perfect opening for their story.  How sweet it is 😉

Matt shared, “Amy’s natural beauty is what drew me to her, but it was her kindness, thoughtfulness, honesty, and strong character that made me fall in love with her.  She is a strong woman with a great moral compass and is compassionate towards others.”

Something about Amy’s loose curls, flowing auburn hair (worn mostly down) said “open field” to me.  I found this field at her venue and was so happy, I think both her strength and softness really come across in this image.

Matt continued, “Amy also is very creative and has a strong work ethic.  I love the most her big heart and her attention to details.  I feel like she knows me better than I know myself.  Seeing how we are very similar, yet complement each other in our differences is what made me want to spend the rest of my life with her.”

Amy shared, “Over the years I learned that Matt is a very caring, patient and non-judgmental person. He loves me for who I am, flaws and all. He is a kind, genuine person with a heart of gold.”

Matt’s upbeat, fun-loving nature were apparent from the get-go, his smile is absolutely contagious.  Matt is on the right and his brother is on the left.  I told you, contagious!

Matt explained, “My groomsmen were really people from different areas of my life, so the bachelor party was key, and we really bonded over that weekend.  We did a bunch of different things– paintball, an escape room, etc.  Everyone got along really well!”

Matt continued, “We all had a great time on the wedding day, we were all comfortable just being goofballs and you guys were there to capture it all, haha.”

I have to say my second photographer, Richard, did an excellent job with the photos of Matt and his groomsmen– love this one!

It was time for the first look.  Matt stood in the open field as Amy walked to meet him.  I love the anticipation of this moment…

Amy you are stunning!!!

Matt smiled, “When I saw her for the first time on our wedding day, I said “Wow!!!” but kept saying “she looks *AMAZING* in my head over and over and over.”

Amy’s smile says it all!!!

Matt said, “I am looking forward to all of the adventures and experiences that we will get to share together.”

With Amy’s gorgeous hair, my go to was color, but I added some black and white shots into the mix, especially this one with white wild flowers…

Haha, Amy saw an image on my Instagram feed maybe a year ago, and loved it, so I tried to do something similar for her.  It is a very tricky shot, but I think we did just fine– I’m shooting through Amy’s engagement ring.

I love to capture different aspects of my couples and their personalities throughout the day.  I thought this one was pretty sweet:

Amy noted, “I grew up with a family who loved spending time outside. A majority of family time centered around activities like hiking, biking, swimming in the lake and camping. It was a great way for us to take a break from our day-to-day routine. For me, time just seems to slow down when I’m surrounded by nature.”

Whispering Pines is in Carlisle and very close to my home, and one of my favorite aspects of Cumberland Valley is the incredible mountain views:

Amy smiled, “One of the first things that really stood out to me when I met Matt was his personality. He’s very down to earth and is comfortable being silly and making people laugh.”

I love to play with lenses and perspective and used a super wide angle lens way up high for this one– I love the lines and color, too!


We met up with the rest of the bridal party who were super excited to see the happy couple.

A few wondered why I climbed into the planting bed– it was to incorporate this gorgeous fall foliage 😉

Strike a pose…


Amy smiled, “Caroline and I have been friends for almost 20 years and the photo of us playing dress-up as kids at my house was something we did often. Since I had a photo of us playing dress-up with me in a wedding dress and her by my side, I thought it would be a great idea to remake that photo on my wedding day.”

Amy explained, “We used mostly burgundy, dusty rose, mauve, grey and rose gold for our wedding colors, I just love how they work together. Silver dollar eucalyptus was my top floral choice and I incorporated that into a lot of the décor. I enjoy being creative, and designing the décor for our wedding gave me that opportunity to do what I love.”

You can see all of the rose gold and other colors as well as that natural, organic look incorporated into her invitation.

I really wanted to bring nature in as much as possible– a tree literally “held” it for me as I photographed the wedding invitation, it’s colors complimenting those on the invite:

Time for the ceremony to start!

Matt shared, “The string trio was a suggestion my mom made when we were looking at music for the ceremony, since she had a friend that was a part of one.  After reviewing their music, we decided that it would be a nice change of pace from the ceremony to the reception and would create a nice atmosphere for the guests before and after the ceremony.”

The ceremony began with Amy’s father escorting her down the aisle…

Flower petals and strung eucalyptus lined the aisle.  Photographically speaking this was a *great* idea not only did it look really pretty visually and kept guests from accidentally stepping on the petals, too.

There is something so sweet and intimate about their hands here during the ring exchange:

Matt’s beaming smile and shiny new wedding bad took center stage, but I loved the gorgeous wisteria drapery that Amy chose:

Amy shared, “ We chose Whispering Pines because we thought the location was nice and loved that the ceremony area was next to the reception.”

The vibrant colors were incredible.  The sun shone brightly and brought out the most vibrant shades of blue and green.  I captured this shot from a distance so you can get a feel for the entire space.

Matt shared, “Since we both like to be organized and plan things way ahead of time, it helps us to be on the same page at the same time.  We also have a perfectionist eye on most things, especially as we were planning our wedding.  I think we butt heads sometimes when our perfection differs, which challenges us to accept the other’s “perfection.”

They are also able to smile when life gives you lemons, here Amy laughs as she tries her hardest to ‘put a ring on it’ 😉

Matt continued, “My favorite part of the wedding day was walking my wife up the aisle after we said “I do.”  It meant to me that we had officially started our life together.”

Nat King Cole’s classic song L-O-V-E caught Amy’s attention when she heard it in a movie as a kid.  She said to herself, “When I get married I want our first dance song to be L-O-V-E.”

Here she and Matt practice a few of their moves before the first dance.  I captured the reflection off of the window.  The double pained glass gave a cool effect…



Amy shared, “I found a dance routine for the song L-O-V-E and thought it looked pretty straight forward. So I showed it to Matt and we decided to do it! Having a long distance relationship made it challenging, but we spent maybe an hour or so practicing the dance once a month, until the month of the wedding, when we practiced it more frequently with a dance instructor. Matt and I had a lot of fun with that!!”

Amy: “My favorite part about the wedding was our first dance. I wasn’t nervous or worried how it would turn out, and just had a good time; cherishing the moment.”


The shoe game:

Matt, the party animal 😉

I tried to capture the motion and emotion here– all that energy, support, love and laughs:

My favorite feature in the Whispering Pines ballroom was the chandelier– I played around with compositions, finding ways to work it in.

The wobble– love how Matt’s mom is leading the crowd, beaming, front and center:

The confetti exit– I wanted to capture the light, emotion and energy here as well.  If you look closely you can see lots of tiny pieces of confetti starting to fall…

Even more…

Lol, their hair!

After the confetti exit, Amy and Matt took some time alone, soaking in the sunset and the incredible day that they had just experienced.

As they stood in the sunlight in the open field, surrounded by trees and wildflowers, they prayed together.  When they did the sunlight was just unreal!

Amy shared, “We both want to make it a priority to build our relationship with God and therefore each other, which is something that is incredibly important to me.”

Amy continued, “I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with him. I love that we can be goofy and silly with each other. I am a lucky girl to have such an amazing man to go through the ups and downs life has to offer.”

The end of the day and they are still spinning…

And laughing…

While I love capturing natural moments and getting creative, I also make sure to capture several more standard portraits as well.

I really like how the golden light of sunset looks in this portrait in particular…

After the sun had set, it was still reflecting on to this small wisp of cloud in the darkening blue sky…

And they lived happily ever after…

Amy and Matt, thank you for trusting me to capture your wedding day, and for following my work since you were in *high school,* it means so much to me!  I hope that these photos are just the sort of heart-felt, high quality, creative images that you were hoping for.  I hope you feel like a kid on Christmas morning seeing them :).  I have hundreds more coming your way very soon.

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