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    Hello there-- I’ve been waiting for you!!! You know who you are and are true to yourself, you are a liver-of-life, a collector of moments, a person who appreciates great photography and its ability to press the pause button on life’s most incredible moments.

    You want a photographer who is able to handle all aspects of wedding photography with ease, capturing: candid, romantic emotion; flattering, beautiful portraits; breathtaking scenery & architecture; the joy and energy out on the dance floor and all those sweet wedding details that you have been working on for months in an artful, creative way.

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    My work is creative & thoughtful. My goal is to share your unique love story. I get to know your interests & personalities in order to capture them forever in beautiful, personal, artful photographs that tell your story. I invest my time helping you become comfortable in front of my camera & find the most flattering lighting and angles for you and your surroundings.

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Park Chateau Estate Wedding Photographers: Lisa & John

A timeless, romantic, Spring wedding at the newly opened Park Chateau Estate

Lisa & John were first introduced to my work over 5 years ago when I photographed her cousin, Thomas’ engagement and wedding!

Lisa reached out to me looking for someone who could capture more traditional images in a modern, unique way (see above) as well as more candid moments that feel intimate and capture emotion (see below).

Lisa shared, “The amount of research Lisa did before our wedding day was immediately clear once she arrived. You would have never known that the venue was brand new or that Lisa was not local to the area (she actually photographs weddings all over the East coast– NYC, DC etc).  Yet she had so many specific ideas that she had planned and thought of throughout the day.”

I captured many aspects of the stunning Park Chateau Estate and Gardens, but I really like this “bird’s eye view” of the gardens.  Lisa explained, “We booked our venue based off of drawings and renderings at the construction site about one year ago. We did not see the finished product until 6 weeks before our wedding and it was more beautiful than we ever could have imagined! The Park Chateau is designed to look like a French Chateau with extensive Versailles like gardens.”

I gave this photo a surreal “miniature” effect using a tilt-shift technique…

I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, though… we actually began the wedding day and Lisa’s parent’s home.  I started by photographing the wedding details.  Lisa’s beautiful bouquet was created by Brandywine Floral Design.  

Lisa’s crystal encrusted Badgley Mishkas were amazing!  Here I combined her shoes and rings into one image.  I used dramatic lighting and contrast and focused in sharply on the rings, while allowing the crystals from her shoes to blur into the foreground.

Lisa shared, “I loved getting ready at home surrounded by my parents, grandparents, and bridesmaids. It was an intimate setting and the perfect way to start a busy day. I have always been close with my parents so planning the wedding with them by my side was an easy process.”

Lisa “said yes to her dress” at the famous Kleinfeld’s Bridal, the same place that her mother purchased her gown over forty years before!  Again I used shadowy dramatic lighting, I think it really adds to the sense of anticipation… also her dad’s “first look,” seeing his daughter in her wedding attire is priceless:

Lisa wore a cathedral length veil, what a beautiful bride!

I liked the way Lisa’s diamond engagement ring caught the sunlight along with the beading on her dress.  I really like the dramatic contrast in this image:

Lisa continued, “My family has supported and encouraged me through all the adventures in my life and always taught me to dream big. I attribute my curiosity, positive outlook, and sense of familial tradition to them and how I was raised. Through example, my parents and grandparents have shown me what it takes to have a loving, committed, and everlasting marriage.”

Lisa’s grandparents were so excited to see her in her wedding gown!  Her grandfather even got a little teary-eyed…

Lisa’s bridesmaids were stunning in their blush floor length gowns…

A real-life Cinderella moment!

The men prepared for the day at Lisa’s brother’s house.  Kris photographed the men’s preparations while I photographed the women.  Here John’s father shares a story which has everyone smiling.  Sometimes it is those little candid moments that show the most on a wedding day.  John is standing behind his father in all white.

Kris photographed a few more traditional portraits while he was with the men, including this image of John with his immediate family:

Looking very dapper, gentlemen…

Lisa and John exchanged their wedding vows in St Mary of Mt Virgin Church in New Brunswick.

I like how Lisa and her father are illuminated in the doorway as all lines lead to them in this photograph.

I manually set my exposure and am constantly changing it to achieve the look I want.  This is the same exact location and lighting, but I have changed my settings to let in that beautiful light!

John’s full attention was on Lisa as she walked towards him.

John shared, “When I saw Lisa walking down the aisle I felt so incredibly happy! I couldn’t wait to tell her how beautiful she looked!”

John & Lisa shared, “We were both overwhelmed with amount of love and support surrounding us. Our favorite part was having everyone we love celebrate with us in the same place.”

Sometimes it’s the little things, here a bridesmaid wipes away a tear delicately with her handkerchief:

I was totally enamored by the incredible murals and frescos in Saint Mary’s.  I climbed up to the choir loft so that I would be able to capture the entire scene.

Here is a much more intimate view of the same moment during the wedding vows.

The recessional was so beautiful, I couldn’t help but post a few photos from it.  This one captures all of the columns and arches as well as the bridal party and church full of wedding guests…

This one, only a few seconds later shows the happy couple as they walk out of Saint Mary’s sanctuary.  I really like the lighting here and the guests joyful expressions.

The bridal party passed out ribbon wands to the wedding guests who gathered outside of the church.  Lisa had mentioned to me during her initial consultation that she loved a photo I had captured at Tammy and Eric’s wedding that had an interesting, low perspective in front of the church that captured the whole facade of the building.

I’m so pleased that I was able to capture her wedding from a similar angle for her here:

As Lisa shared, she booked the Park Chateau Estate and Gardens based on artists renderings and the excellent reputation of the owners who also own the Nanina’s in the Park and the Park Savoy.

Transportation was provided by Express Coach Limo.  Lisa and John’s driver was excellent and even coordinated with me so that the Rolls Royce could be parked at just the right spot for this photo.  I really wanted to show off the front of the Park Chateau.

Lisa shared, “Lisa went the extra mile and took the time to talk with us before the wedding to go over a timeline for the day.  She made the day go smoothly and we never felt rushed or on a tight schedule.”  Here Lisa and John enjoy a walk in the gardens:

Wow, another fairy tale moment 😉

John shared about his bride, “I fell in love with Lisa’s positive attitude and spontaneous silly sense of humor. We laugh a lot when we are together and I knew right away that our chemistry was something special.  We work well together because we complement each other, but we approach problems differently so we can help each other work things out in ways we couldn’t do alone.”

Wow, this hall!!!  I loved it all– the oil paintings, marble staircase, beautiful wall-mounted chandelier and beautiful window light.  This was my attempt of fitting all of that beauty within one photograph.  🙂

Each room of the Park Chateau has a very different feel.  This one is so soft and romantic.

Lisa and John wanted to spend some time alone during cocktail hour in the suite that overlooks the gardens.  I stayed for a few minutes then went downstairs to photograph cocktail hour.

I really wanted to pull out the stops when it came to creativity for this final romantic shot.  I wanted something that would truly be unique and interesting.  I was able to frame their near silhouettes in the window while picking up the highlights on Lisa’s face all while capturing their reflection…

Kris stopped at the cocktail hour where there was a raw bar, martini ice luge, sushi station and so much more!  Here is a little teaser…

I moved down to the ballroom and was absolutely blown away.  It was so light, bright and romantic.

Lisa chose a mixture of tall and short centerpieces featuring hydrangeas, roses, foxgloves and lilies…

Pink and gold accents appeared throughout…

Lisa and John were given a moment to peek in at the ballroom without any guests inside, they loved it!  Lisa shared, “We knew it was a location with a wow factor and we couldn’t wait to share it with our guests!”

This bridal party was ready to party!!!

Lisa and John opened the reception with several wedding traditions, one of which was the first dance.  Here John kisses Lisa’s cheek, Kris used a shallow depth of field to keep them in focus while allowing the wedding guests to remain present but to put all of the attention on Lisa and John.

John’s college acapella group performed for the wedding guests, they were awesome :).

Lisa’s father made a joke about this being the last time John would have the upper hand, hehe…

The band, Hank Lane Productions were great and got everyone out on the dance floor.  The guests had a blast!  Here are a few of the moments that Kris and I captured:

The Viennese Dessert offerings at the Park Chateau did not disappoint.  I have so many incredible photos of food that it was hard to choose just a few.  There was a cannoli bar, chocolate fondue station, freshly made gelato, bananas foster, literally thousands of decadent desserts.

One of the highlights for Lisa was the confetti cake.  She explained, “On our first date, John and I talked about how we both wanted a funfetti wedding cake so I knew we needed to make that happen. We asked the bakery at the last minute and they made it work for us!”  Shout out to Conca D’Oro Bakery!

The library…

Happily ever after 😉

What a perfect ending to their day…

Lisa and John thank you for entrusting me with capturing such a significant milestone in your lives.  It was such a pleasure to work with the two of you, your friends and families and the new Park Chateau!  I hope that these photos are exactly what you were looking for, an eclectic mix of traditional and candid photos capturing all of the beauty and emotion of your wedding day!

Update, I just received the sweetest message from Lisa, “We cannot thank you enough for such beautiful photos!! It is hard to imagine these are our wedding photos after following your blog posts for years. You captured the essence and feeling of our wedding day as well as all the details in the most incredible and unique way. We will cherish these photos forever and cannot put into words how appreciate we are of you and Kris.  Looking forward to seeing the full set!”

Creative Lehigh Valley Family Portrait Photographers: The Macus family

Fun, vibrant family photos for a high-energy family of three with an (almost) one-year-old at the Steel Stacks

I photographed Ashley & Joe’s Lehigh Valley engagement  and Bear Creek wedding and was thrilled when they contacted me to photograph another milestone in their lives, the start of their family!

Ashley shared, “We knew that we could count on you for exceptional and creative images.  After working with you for our engagement session, and throughout our wedding, we knew that the feel of the shoot would be easygoing. We truly love your vivid and creative images, and the emotions they capture!”

The Steel Stacks is a Lehigh Valley icon and provided the perfect backdrop!  Ashley shared, “We fell in love with the industrial feel of the stacks, the easygoing feel of the park areas, and the large variety of textural backdrops the architecture and surrounding areas would be able to offer for our family.  We knew the area would provide you with opportunities to showcase your unmatched creativity-which we love!”

Here you can see the PBS-39 building the the background– if you look closely you can even see Big Bird, Elmo, Count and the gang silhouetted in the windows…

Joey loves his mommy…

This little man has definitely stolen Ashley’s heart 😉

Ashley, you were right, I was absolutely inspired by the modern architecture at the Steel Stacks!  Seeing your family was inspiring as well!

Joey loves his daddy!

Especially playing with him…

Peek-a-boo and Pat-Pat…While Dad plays peek-a-boo mom plays Pat-pat, a game that was introduced to him by his grandpa.

Ashley shared, “We love making him laugh and have no problem being silly, singing, or doing whatever it takes to see him smile!”

I used a shallow depth of field to show mom’s clapping hands in the foreground, yet focus on Joey’s tapping and joyful expression.

You have to love that little 4-toothed smile!

It was so surreal to see Ashley and Joe again– they looked exactly the same, but were just parents this time.  I snapped a few portraits of just the two of them together.  This was my favorite!

Ashley shared, “When we got married, we already knew that we wanted children.  We had a strong relationship and knew that our love would only continue to grow as we added to our family.”

This family photograph totally reminds me of their firefighting engagement session!

Joey had a rough start in the beginning.  It took several months to determine that Joey had reflux, a milk allergy and torticollis.  With their focus on Joey and advocating on his behalf, they really had to rely on each other for support.

Ashley shared, “Little by little we began to see improvement. Joey’s precious toothless smiles, kicking feet, and newborn curiosity were the highlights of our day. We focused on those little moments and would spend the little quiet time we got in the evenings reminiscing on the good things that had happened over the course of the day, and the gradual improvements that we were seeing. Slowly but surely the confident, smiley, curious, happy-go-lucky boy that we all know and love today emerged.”

She continued, “Looking back on those early months, we are able to see how strong our little family is, how far we have come, and yes, it truly does get better.”

I love capturing interesting perspectives…

Here is the same scene from a different perspective…

And another… They each come together to really tell a comprehensive story…

This photograph made me do a double take– he looks like a doll!

Ashley shared, “We have found parenthood to be the most challenging, yet rewarding job there is.”

She continued, “Joey has come so far growing out of his reflux and milk allergy, and he receives weekly physical therapy to help correct his Torticollis. He has gone from being behind in physical development to ahead. It truly has been a journey already, and it has only just begun.”

Here Joey checks out this new playground equipment, he seems a little unsure, as if he’s wondering if he can play Pat-Pat on it, haha!

Joe shared that the family enjoys taking walks together and playing outside and that Ashley has taken an interest in baby wearing.  Her Tula was the coolest thing…

I love that you can see her engagement ring here, too!

Joey loves to walk!  I think it is so sweet to see his parents bending down to his level so that he can easily reach their fingers.  It will be so much fun to watch him grow!

Ashley shared, “We tell each other all the time how there is no one else we would rather go on this adventure with!”

When I asked them what “look” they were going for with their family photography session, Ashley explained, “Overall, we were looking for a modern and creative spin on an old historic site.”

She continued, “Within the pictures we were hoping to capture the fun loving, simplistic moments that we share together as a family-watching little Joey grow.”

The sun began to set, and it made me think of Hawaii! I mentioned it to Ashley and she thought it was really funny!

She explained, “We traveled to Hawaii for our honeymoon, and spent every evening dining oceanfront and admiring the brilliant colors as the sun set over the Pacific ocean. As a couple it is one of our fondest memories, and we reflect on it and talk about it often.”

It is hard to see from the blog post but this would look epic on a canvas…

Ashley continued, “This past November we were able to take a family trip to San Diego, CA and watch the sun set over the Pacific ocean again- this time as a family of three from the Sunset Cliffs. The sunset reminded us of these memories and there could not have been a more perfect way to end our photo session.”

Ashley and Joe, as always it was such a pleasure to work with you!  Thank you for choosing me to capture the milestones in your lives!  Happy (almost) first birthday to little Joey!

Creative PA Senior Portrait Photographers: Luke

A rugged individualist and young, published author walking in the winter woods that surrounds his family’s farm…

I have photographed both of Luke’s older brothers, first Phillip (cross-country runner and avid reader) and  Nathaniel (a musician- both piano and acoustic guitar) and was so happy when Kristen contacted me about photographing her third son, Luke, before he graduated from Shippensburg Area Senior High School.

Kristen shared, “As you already know, I love your work.  I really appreciate the way you capture the uniqueness of each individual and I have seen it first hand.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with for Luke!”

Luke is somewhat of an enigma.  He’s an introvert by nature but can also be outspoken and opinionated.  He is a rather serious person, intensely focused and driven, yet really likes to laugh at the most random things and enjoys walking in the woods with no particular purpose in mind, wandering but not being lost ;).

I’ll begin with a more traditional portrait…

Luke loves the outdoors, particularly in winter.  He enjoys hiking when it’s “really cold out” and is “drawn to places that are aesthetically darker with higher contrast” as well as “open spaces.”

We walked in the woods for some time and came to this clearing surrounded by gnarled branches and briers yet bathed in intense sunlight.  I shot through the briers, giving depth to the frame as Luke stood in the sunlight.

Luke shared, “I don’t typically wear my emotions on my sleeve.  I see it as my responsibility to put the struggles of others above my own.  I think often and hard about anything and everything.  My internal life is a Rubik’s cube of indeterminate volume.”

The depth, complexity, visual contrast of it all fit Luke so well.  I like that he is standing in the light with intense shadows on his face, too…

It was cold, Luke put on his jacket, gloves and hat, still carrying his father’s long rifle he seemed to be transported back in time.

I changed my aperture to give more detail to the entangled branches and converted the image to black and white, helping to convey a sense of timelessness.

I like the way a single branch divides the frame into two distinct sections– one light and one dark, with Luke standing on the light side…

The sun peered in and out of the clouds throughout the session.  Here it appeared just the right time:

Luke shared, “My dad’s Pennsylvania Long Rifle replica was handmade by a local rifle maker.  I appreciate things that have a connection to the local, natural environment.”

Again, I used layers to show depth (how about those mountains?) and briers in the foreground.  I wanted to try to capture Luke’s guarded, almost prickly outer nature, but soften those edges with a glimpse inside, the fields conveying and openness and honesty,  the mountains showing grounding and strength…

When we discussed what to wear for the session, Luke decided he wanted something that would be timeless and humble.  Luke explained, “Something that hearkens back to a time when tact and decency were an expectation.”  This image reminds me of the sentiment.

The wind was actually blowing Luke’s hat, but he appears to be tipping it in a gentlemanly way.  The colors were exquisite as the sun peered through the clouds rather dramatically, creating orbs of light which seem to pass through Luke…

Speaking of timelessness, for me this photo could be an advertisement in an issue of Field and Stream from 50+ years ago!

This is the same exact shot, but from a different vantage point.  I wanted to use some creative photography techniques to capture something less tangible.

There is a timelessness, intensity and sense of mystery to this image…

Luke likes to figure things out for himself and be his own teacher.  I think this shot shows that inner confidence and self-reliance.  It is a more traditional portrait, still classic Luke…

Now onto something that is incredibly important to Luke, his writing… “In every part of the books I write there is a small piece of self-expression.”  The stunning cover-art was created by Luke’s brother, Phillip.

Nameless Heroes is a novel about a young man and his father who are outcasts operating a struggling farm.  The young man must decide whether to live within the social turmoil of his home or seek a new life of adventure.  It is an epic fantasy, and available for purchase ;)– more here.

Luke shared, “I find that doing things only for one’s self brings no joy. If no one has been blessed by your presence, than no one will be cursed by your absence.”  He’s always thinking… 😉

Hensel’s Hill is a place where Luke knew he’d want to go at some point during his senior portrait session.  We arrived there as the sun was setting in a cloudy sky.  Here is the resulting image.  I like the simplicity and stark contrast in this image– it fits Luke well!

Luke thank you so much for entrusting me with the task of capturing you at this time in your life.  While you may be far from home in pursuit of your educational goals, your roots will always remain. 🙂

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