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    Hello there-- I’ve been waiting for you!!! You know who you are and are true to yourself, you are a liver-of-life, a collector of moments, a person who appreciates great photography and its ability to press the pause button on life’s most incredible moments.

    You want a photographer who is able to handle all aspects of wedding photography with ease, capturing: candid, romantic emotion; flattering, beautiful portraits; breathtaking scenery & architecture; the joy and energy out on the dance floor and all those sweet wedding details that you have been working on for months in an artful, creative way.

    I have great news for you—I’ve got you covered!!!

    My work is creative & thoughtful. My goal is to share your unique love story. I get to know your interests & personalities in order to capture them forever in beautiful, personal, artful photographs that tell your story. I invest my time helping you become comfortable in front of my camera & find the most flattering lighting and angles for you and your surroundings.

    If this sounds good to you, and you’d like to reach out to me to find out more, please connect here.

Ranked as one of the Top 100 Photographers in the USA/Canada!!!

I am thrilled to be rated one of the “100 Best Wedding Photographers in the USA & Canada for 2016”!!!!!!!



I am honored to be on a list with such immensely talented photographers from my own country and our neighbor to the north :).  A huge thank you to all of those who nominated me for this recognition and all of those who support me, I would not have achieved any of this without all of you!!!  You make me feel like this:

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -12

SLR lounge was looking for artistic, industry-leading wedding photographers, specifically those who exhibit:

  • Uniqueness and Creativity – This list favors photographers who are doing something different. Some are pioneering new techniques or see art in places where most photographers would overlook.
  • Artistry and Vision – This list also favors photographers who have a complete vision for the final product. In their images, you can see how all elements of the scene work together for a beautiful, cohesive, final product.
  • Timing and Emotion Capture – This list also favors photographers who have a knack for being in the right place at the right time, who create emotional photojournalism.
  • Consistency – This list favors photographers who produce consistent quality from shoot to shoot. One single great shot (or even a large set of great shots) is not enough to make the list.

Because blog posts are always better with photos, here are a few recent images…

Hoboken-Engagement-Photographers creative-1

Walking on air– the NYC skyline

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -2

Ready for their spread in Vogue (Four Seasons, DC)

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -5

Tears of joy– wedding morning preparations (her childhood bedroom, NJ)

lancaster wedding photographers best creative artistic emotional-11

I think we’re alone now (Lancaster, PA)

best philadelphia wedding photographers city hall philly-15

Two become one– a surreal reflection (Philadelphia, PA)

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -35

An outdoor wedding *in the rain* (Philadelphia, PA)

DC best engagement photographers creative natural tidal basin-4

Iconic tidal basin engagement (Washington, DC)

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-31

A single tear (Atlantic City, NJ)

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-28

Celebrate!!! (Philadelphia, PA)

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -23

Eye candy at the fair (Frederick, MD)

DC best wedding photographers creative-18

Balance & Harmony (Carnegie, DC)

DC best wedding photographers creative-1

Timeless, classic elegance (Washington, DC)

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -9

Playing with some “love-ly” shoes (Philadelphia, PA)

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -4

Kiss the bride (St. Regis Hotel, DC)

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -17

Flower girl watching the sand ceremony (Hershey, PA)

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -1

Apples for the teachers– Lara & Wade teach French and 5th grade, respectively (York, PA)

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -19

Happily ever after (Liberty Mountain, PA)

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -18

African savanna sunset (Greencastle, PA)

I love to travel and currently have not set boundaries on locations that I am willing to photograph :).

I live in Pennsylvania and photograph weddings mostly in Central PA, Washington, DC, New York City, Philadelphia & Baltimore.

Read more about SLR Lounge’s Top 100 list here or check out more of my recent awards and accolades here.

Gillbrook Farms Wedding Photographers: Kristen & Aaron

A ceremony beneath a willow tree,  deep-rooted connections & a love that feels as natural as the surroundings…

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-1

Kristen & Aaron contacted me because of my ability to “capture a couple’s heart and soul in a way that looks and feels so natural.”

They appreciated the way I took time to get to know them and made them feel comfortable from the start.  They were looking for a wedding photographer who would tell their unique story and capture all of those moments and details for years to come.

I’ll open with a few of the small details that are actually quite important– the wedding rings.  I placed them on a weathered piece of wood– it felt like something that had lasted and would last, the perfect background and set the tone for their relaxed, rustic wedding day.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-2

Kristen had always had a burgundy-wine color in mind for her wedding day.  She hesitated at first because it tends to be used more in winter weddings, but it was a stunning choice and looked beautiful especially in the bouquets created by Mowrer’s Flowers.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-3

Gillbrook Farms was the first venue Kristen and Aaron visited and as soon as they saw the grounds and met Ashley, they knew it was the right fit for them.

The willow tree, stream, open fields, pond and barn were exactly what they were looking for and everything was decorated beautifully.  I hung her dress from the mantel– I love the stained glass, candles and velvet settee that surround it:

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-4

During the preparations, Kristen’s friends and family gathered in the suite.  Here you can see several generations gathered.  I love the depth and layers contained in this photograph:

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-5

Aaron shared that Kristen’s warm smile and caring personality are his favorite qualities that she possess.

I believe both come across in this next photo as well as some of the decor that will set the stage for this shabby-chic affair.    The bench she is sitting on was made from the bed of an antique Chevy pick up truck!

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-6

The ladies looked stunning in their burgendy gowns.  We used a gigantic chicken coop as our backdrop to bring in some more of that rustic, country feel.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-7

I told you it was gigantic!

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-8

The men looked dapper in their wool tweed vests and burgundy ties.  They complimented the setting perfectly and kept to the wine, ivory and taupe theme that Kristen had in mind :).

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-9

Aaron purchased flasks for his groomsmen, each monogrammed with their initials branded into the leather.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-10

Bottoms up below a blue sky!

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-11

Kristen shared that she loves Aaron’s relaxed, caring, patient, hard-working personality and the way her can fix just about anything!

On the wedding day, the sapling that they used as part of their ceremony kept blowing over from the wind.  He and his groomsmen found some twine and figured out a way to keep it standing!

I think that his relaxed, patient, hard-working personality really come across in this next photograph:

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-12

Kristen felt nervous in the morning leading up to the wedding ceremony, but as soon as she saw Aaron it was like a wave washed over her and she was filled with excitement to be marrying him!

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-13

They exchanged their wedding vows beneath the boughs of a weeping willow tree surrounded by their closest friends and family members.

Guests sat on wooden pews and watched Kristen & Aaron as wind swept through the field of grass and a stream trickled in the distance below an open sky.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-15

Kristen and Aaron love the outdoors so having a beautiful day allowed them to be outside and was the part of their day that they were most eagerly anticipating…

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-16

They were married by Kristen’s uncle, who had officiated the wedding ceremonies of just about all of her family members.

He played a huge role in her life and she was honored to have him there as she and Aaron committed their lives together.

Here they are exchanging their wedding rings:

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-17

Walking back up the aisle, this time together as husband and wife, was another one of the highlights of Kristen & Aaron’s wedding day.

Wow, what a happy couple and what a beautiful location!

The vibrant blue of the sky and green of the grass is almost unbelievable!

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-18

Here is the stream that gurgled throughout the ceremony, making the surreal setting even more idyllic…

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-19

Kristen and Aaron took some time to explore the grounds of Gillbrook Farms together.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-21

Man and wife…

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-22

While most of my photos are more candid, relaxed and emotional, I make sure to capture some more traditional photos, too.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-20

I also like to get creative and have a little fun– here you can see their reflections in the stream.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-23
Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-24
Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-25
Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-26

Kristen and Aaron joined their family and friends for the reception.  It was an amazing experience for them to see everyone mingling together.

They reflected on the moment, thinking that this was probably the only time that all of them would be gathering together in one place.

They let it all soak in and enjoyed the moment, stopping to chat with many of their wedding guests.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-27

Everyone enjoyed the outdoor space, sitting on the tree swing, lying on the grass, sitting on the stone wall– people seemed to feel comfortable, relaxed and at home.

Kristen’s sorority sisters enjoyed their time outside and were ready to move inside and hit the dance floor– I think Kristen was, too!

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-28

The “Let Love Grow” lettering and string lights really added a romantic feel that fit perfectly with Kristen & Aaron’s wedding aesthetic and story.  More about that in just a bit…

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-32

Everything at the reception felt natural and earthy, from the “Watering Hole” that featured adult beverages, sweet tea and lemonade to the vibrant, garden-fresh appetizers.

Kristen and Aaron “Let Love Grow” into thier favors as well, having a wheelbarrow filled with seeds for their guests, a nod to their shared interest in gardening.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-38

The cocktail hour was followed by Kristen and Aaron’s first dance and other wedding traditions.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-39

The speeches were heartfelt and emotional.  I like how Kristen is tearing up in this next image.

You can also see a glimpse of how their table numbers feature photos of them through the years.  The head table is labeled “2015” and shows one of the photos that I captured during their kayaking engagement.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-41

Kristen has a real sweet tooth and their dessert included, wedding cake, at least half a dozen flavors of cupcakes.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-42
Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-43

Once the sun went down the dance floor was absolutely packed.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-44

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-49

The sunset was absolutely breathtaking.  I kept an eye on it and brought Kristen and Aaron out just as it was setting.

They stood beneath the tree and took it all in.  What a sweet, romantic moment.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-50

Kristen & Aaron, it was such a pleasure to get to know the two of you through your engagement session and wedding day.  Your wedding was natural, beautiful, romantic and made everyone feel so at home and at ease!

I hope that these photos helped to capture the “heart and soul” of the two of you as well as your friends and family for many years to come!

I am excited to hear what you think :).    Please feel free to leave a comment or post on social media!   If you haven’t seen enough of Kristen and Aaron, please check out their kayaking engagement session here.

Spring Lake Engagement Photographers: Lauren & Steven

Ocean breezes and blue skies were in abundance during this fun-loving couples’ sunny beach engagement…

Spring Lake NJ Wedding Photographers Creative Colorful Best -3

The shore is Lauren & Steven’s escape every week in the summer.  They take some time to slow down and enjoy walking along the water and finding shells.

Steven found this shell and I used it to hold Lauren’s ring:

Spring Lake NJ Wedding Photographers Creative Colorful Best -2

Lauren & Steven contacted me because they were looking for a photographer who had a creative, artistic style and would be able to capture their personalities and interests in camera.

They wanted photos that felt fun, candid, natural and could capture just how happy and excited they are.  They arrived ready to explore Spring Lake together!

Spring Lake NJ Wedding Photographers Creative Colorful Best -5
When we were chatting about the best time to meet, I asked them if they were more interested in soft muted colors or bright, vibrant colors– they chose vibrant colors, so I planned accordingly with a mid-day session.  We couldn’t have had a better day for it bright, sunny, cool, breezy– it was pretty fantastic!

Lauren and Steven were laid back, fun and up for anything.  I noticed their shadows as they walked.  Here you can see the deep turquoise of the ocean along with them holding hands, I used a shallow depth of field to emphasize their shadows.  They even held their other hands in an arch to create a heart, haaa Steven ducked his head :).

Spring Lake NJ Wedding Photographers Creative Colorful Best -4

Lauren and Steve are opposites in a lot of ways, but what they have in common is enjoying each other’s company and finding silly in the serious, they love to laugh!

It took us a while to figure out how to work with all that wind, as we did, Lauren almost was blown away, haha.  They laughed and rolled with it.  😉

Spring Lake NJ Wedding Photographers Creative Colorful Best -7

Lauren & Steven said that they work well together because they balance each other out and bring out the best in each other.

They also shared that they are most at home with their toes in the sand…

Spring Lake NJ Wedding Photographers Creative Colorful Best -6

More sandy toes… I like the texture and color here!

Spring Lake NJ Wedding Photographers Creative Colorful Best -14

Steven mentioned a sweet story from early in their relationship.  They were watching The Dark Knight on the couch together and Lauren had the remote.

Steven wasn’t exactly sure why, but he asked her to pause the movie.  When she did, he couldn’t help but blurt out, “I love you, Lauren.” She pressed the play button and continued the movie.  A few minutes passed and he began to worry that he had spoke to soon and made her uncomfortable…

The movie paused again.  Steven looked over and Lauren said, “I love you, too.”

Spring Lake NJ Wedding Photographers Creative Colorful Best -8

Just because sometimes I like to mess with your mind a little– which way is up?!?

Take a closer look and try to figure it out!

Spring Lake NJ Wedding Photographers Creative Colorful Best -9

Spring Lake is an amazing beach community.  If it looks familiar, it might be because you remember Julia & Max’s wedding at the Bath and Tennis Club from my blog.

We took a break from the intense ocean spray and breeze (which you can see below in the next photo of the gulls) and headed in town for a bit of a walk…

Spring Lake NJ Wedding Photographers Creative Colorful Best -1

The scenery in Spring Lake is lovely, the neighborhood is charming and picturesque.  Here they strolled along the sidewalk flanked by mature trees and topiary.

Spring Lake NJ Wedding Photographers Creative Colorful Best -10

We could have spent the entire session in the town of Spring Lake as there is so much to work with there, but our focus was the shore, so our stay downtown was brief.

We did capture a cute photo of Lauren & Steven together.  While I love photographing creative, artistic images with personality, I also make sure to get a few more traditional photos as well.

Spring Lake NJ Wedding Photographers Creative Colorful Best -11

Lauren’s Kate Spade sunglasses were all business on the outside (tortoise shell), but fun and colorful on the inside (with hot pink diagonal stripes).

I was able to capture so many elements in one shot using those cute glasses– the sand, the blue sky, even Lauren & Steven if you look closely!!!

I think this photo shows their playful nature as a couple and also demonstrates some of that creativity that they were hoping to see in my photography…

Spring Lake NJ Wedding Photographers Creative Colorful Best -13

Back to that gorgeous ring– so pretty!

Spring Lake NJ Wedding Photographers Creative Colorful Best -12
And they lived happily ever after…
Spring Lake NJ Wedding Photographers Creative Colorful Best -15

Lauren & Steven, thank you for sharing your story with me so that I could capture it in all of it’s fun, colorful, beach-loving glory!

I am so excited for your wedding at The Palace at Somerset Park next year and am looking forward to spending time with you two again and meeting all of your amazing friends and family!

Please drop me a line and let me know what you think– I hope that these photos have captured your personality, emotion and style!

Creative Engagement Photographers: Corinne & Joe at the firehouse

Swept off her feet by a FIREFIGHTER– you won’t want to miss this fun, vibrant engagement session…

Firefighter Engagement creative best carlisle harrisburg camp hill messiah college engagement-1

Corinne reached out to me after receiving rave reviews about my work from Kevin Braasch from KLB Events.  She said that she was drawn to my clear, vibrant photography style and creativity as well as my friendly personality.  She said she could tell right away that I would be easy to work with.  🙂

I’ll start out their engagement session with some vibrant, clear, creative images.  I like to incorperate writing when I can and aside from the lettering on the back of Joe’s jacket (which you can see above) we also spelled “Love” in cursive with a fire hose, hehe.

Firefighter Engagement creative best carlisle harrisburg camp hill messiah college engagement-2

A fire call is actually what brought Corinne and Joe together!

They first met when Corinne was shadowing an EMS team.  They were dispatched along with Upper Allen Fire Department.  Following the call, one of her friends from EMS was talking to some of the firefighters and Joe saw his moment and spoke up…

He asked who Corinne was and found her on Facebook.  He said it was risky, because he didn’t want to come across as creepy, but was definitely interested and didn’t want to let her get away.

He  asked her out on a date and the rest is history!

Firefighter Engagement creative best carlisle harrisburg camp hill messiah college engagement-5

While I love photographing candid, creative images, I also make sure to get a few solid portraits as well.

I saw the blue tone to the pavement and thought that the color and angle would bring out their eyes…

Firefighter Engagement creative best carlisle harrisburg camp hill messiah college engagement-6

Corinne said that firefighting is important to Joe and she imagines that it will always be an important part of his life.  She respects the courage and strength that it takes and is committed to supporting him in that.

She said that the hardest part is when he gets a fire call and she is waiting at home for him to return.  I think you get a feel for what it is like for her emotionally here, as if they are saying goodbye before he goes…

Firefighter Engagement creative best carlisle harrisburg camp hill messiah college engagement-7

I liked showing his last name on the bottom of his bunker jacket and Corinne supporting him holding his helmet.

Firefighter Engagement creative best carlisle harrisburg camp hill messiah college engagement-8

Corinne shared that she has been welcomed into the firehouse “family” and that it is really like a third family for them.

Firefighter Engagement creative best carlisle harrisburg camp hill messiah college engagement-9


Firefighter Engagement creative best carlisle harrisburg camp hill messiah college engagement-10

So fun!!!  I adjusted my shutter speed to show movement and really capture the flirty relationship these two have:

Firefighter Engagement creative best carlisle harrisburg camp hill messiah college engagement-11

We continued the session well past sunset.

We were able to capture it at it’s height, a beautiful fiery red– so perfect!!!

Messiah College campus (where we went to get a better view of the sunset) almost passes as Hawaii in this next photograph!


Once the sun set and it was dark out, we really had some fun with the lights of the truck and my lighting equipment.

I used the firetruck to light these shots–  I like how Corinne & Joe are rim-lit in vibrant red (a huge thank you to his buddy for manning the truck for us).

Firefighter Engagement creative best carlisle harrisburg camp hill messiah college engagement-12

A simple kiss turns super sexy–  I wanted to illuminate the inside of the cabin but primarily the controls.

Firefighter Engagement creative best carlisle harrisburg camp hill messiah college engagement-13

I used my white, radio-controlled light to draw attention to the happy couple in this next photograph.

I like how you can still make out her fiery red hair and blue dress and his face leaning in for a kiss.

Firefighter Engagement creative best carlisle harrisburg camp hill messiah college engagement-14

Thanks for inviting me to your firehouse– it was such a blast!!!  I loved working with the truck and you two were so much fun and super thoughtful!

I hope that these photos show your love for each other and the important role that firefighting has had and will have in your life.

I also hope that they were as colorful, creative and fun as you had hoped!  I am eagerly anticipating seeing you two again at your Linwood Estates wedding.

Atlantic City Country Club Wedding Photographers: Jennifer & Rory

A vintage-glam wedding with a reception that would leave Gatsby himself in awe!  Jennifer’s vintage styled diamond engagement ring inspired the classic, glam wedding.

Jennifer & Rory chose a classic color palette of ivory, black and gold.  The gold sequined bridesmaids gowns and classic tuxedos really brought her theme to life.  So did her Ostrich feathered centerpieces– more on those later…

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-27

Jennifer contacted me looking for a wedding photographer that was an artist and had a unique eye for details and moments.

She wanted her wedding photos to have style, life and color.  She wanted me to capture elegant portraits, crisp details and candid moments as they unfolded throughout the day.

Here are some of her detail photos.  I made sure to bring in gold tones, clean lines and had some fun using reflections as well… gotta love the Jimmy Choos ;)!

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-2

In the moment… here the ladies finish wedding day  preparations.

I like the energy of this photo, you get a sense of everything that is going on– from breakfast and mimosas to hair and make-up and everything in between.

There is also a sense of balance and layering with the table in the foreground and mirrors in the background.  You can even see the bride perfectly reflected in the mirror to the right:

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-5

Jennifer was fortunate to have her sisters and sister-in-law as make-up artists and hairstylist.  They did a fantastic job along with Melanie Eggie of Melanie Rae Artistry.

I like the artistic, surreal feeling of this next photo.  You can see Jennifer’s sister as she works, videographer, Michael Garrity as he works, the Atlantic City skyline in the background as well as my husband’s arm in the foreground pointing to the lamp to see if I need him to move it out of the shot, haha.

The lamp is actually reflecting the golf course and I think everything came together beautifully in this shot:

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-6

Jennifer had always wanted a Michele watch and mentioned it to Rory years ago.  She was absolutely floored when she opened up her wedding gift and saw this rose gold, diamond studded Michele!

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-8

She loved its classic, vintage feel of the Atlantic City Country Club and thought it was interesting that the term “birdie” and “eagle” were first coined there in the early 1900’s as well as that the locker room still has engraved name plates on Frank Sinatra and even Al Pachino’s locker.   🙂

Her father’s company built the new edition, part of which you can see in the background of this next image.  I love the lush greenery and vibrant blue of the sky iwth Jennifer in the foreground…

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-9

Love these dresses– you all look stunning, ladies!!!

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-10

The bridesmaids’ bouquets were created using roses, peonies and chrysanthemums in shades of blush and ivory.

Betina’s at Parkview also incorporated beads as well that added to the vintage glam aesthetic:

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-11

Rory is confident, honest and straightforward.  He is intelligent, ambitious, charming and a gentleman to the core.

I love this next photograph, because I believe it those attributes are visible…

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-12

The handsome groomsman with the ring bearer– this pint-size gentleman has a huge personality– wait until you see him on the dance floor!

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-13

Jennifer and Rory chose to have a first look before their ceremony.  It allowed them to enjoy cocktail hour with their wedding guests and bridal party and spend some quality time alone together, too.

I love his expression in this next photo as he sees Jennifer– pure joy!!!

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-14

I like to capture interesting angles when possible, here I captured a birds eye view of Jennifer and Rory walking together…

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-18

Rory shared that he fell for Jennifer because she is independent, strong, confident and motivated.  She is also beautiful and has a the perfect personality for him, too.

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-19

Jennifer shared that she tends to be more type A– always planning and on-the-go and Rory helps her to relax and have fun, which brings more balance and happiness into her life.

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-23

These lovebirds are incredibly driven, their lifestyles are full of intense competition, but together they take time to enjoy life…

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-20

… they even stop and smell the roses (hehe, sorry I couldn’t resist!!!)

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-21
Jennifer and Rory are both fun-loving and athletic and I think this photo captures that spirit…

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-24

While I love candid, emotional photos, I also make sure to get portraits as well.  Here Jennifer’s veil caught the wind at just the right second:

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-22

While most of their portraits were classic, soft and romantic, I wanted this one to be a little more creative and out of the box.

Here they stand in the shade of a tree, surrounded by the vibrant colors of summer and in the distance, the Atlantic City skyline…

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-1

Back to her other main-man, her nephew, the ring bearer 😉

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-25

A more traditional portrait of the bridal party…

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-26

While they saw each other at the first look, the moment that Jenn was escorted down the aisle by her father surrounded by all of their friends and family was an emotionally charged.

Rory watched Jennifer walk towards him and it was almost too much to take in…

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-28

Jennifer’s tears flowed, emotion is so beautiful!!!

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-31

This next photograph allows you to see the lovely decor and architecture of the Atlantic City Country Club.  Again, some of Jennifer’s father’s handiwork…

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-32
atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-33

Could this kid be any cuter?   No way– look at him listening to the minister and holding the rings!

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-34

I like Jennifer’s expression in this next image, and you can see her father is also smiling…

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-35

They used unity sand rather than candles, it complimented the venue well as they were so close to the ocean.

I underexposed this photo to partially silhouette Jennifer and Rory and draw attention to the back-lit glass and cascading sand…

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-36

Man and wife…

Atlantic City Country Club-1

Guests mingled– I shot though the elegant French doors to give this photo a sense of space…

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-39

Coconut shrimp and many other hors d’oeuvres were served…

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-38

Ostrich plumes added to hydrangeas are draped with crystals and strings of pearls.

Gold table clothes and chargers are flanked by bottles of champagne which were the guests’ favors…

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-40

Everyone moved to the ballroom where Rory and Jennifer shared their first dance and the bridal party and guests all cheered on the new Mr & Mrs!

I like all of the emotion in the frame (the bride and grooms’ kiss, the applauding bridal party) as well as the beam of light caught from the spotlight, the sparkling dresses, and the feathered centerpiece peeking out from the distance.

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-37

Ah the napkin challenges– Rory and Jennifer invited several wedding guests who were members of  “rival gyms.”

The challenges began organically and were hysterical.  What began as “gym vs. gym” concluded as “side vs. side”, as entire wings of the ballroom began involved.

To say their guests knew how to have fun is a huge understatement…

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-43

Jennifer and Rory liked the Gatsby theme in terms of decor, but wanted to take it to the next level with a epic party.

They hired DJ Evan Ruga from POSH Entertainment who was a master mixer and had a stunning light display.

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-44

Ostrich feathers eventually made their way from the centerpieces to the dance floor.

Something about this next photograph reminds me of Beyonce and Destiny’s child 🙂

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-49

Most Djs have colored lights of some sort, but these were powerful and absolutely amazing to work with photographically speaking.

I knew that Jennifer loves vibrant color and wanted a club atmosphere, this totally did the trick!  It didn’t hurt that their friends were awesome :).

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-50

Yes, the Stay Puft  Marshmallow man made an appearance!!!  Haha, I love that a feather is falling from his hand and you can see the movement of the crowd and Jennifer laughing.

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-51

I’ll end my dance floor highlight reel with table number crowd surfing… epic:

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-52

Rory had been collecting authentic Cuban cigars for years and he shared a small portion of his collection with guests at his wedding.   Here he is enjoying one himself.

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-55

I’ll end this blog set with Jennifer and Rory’s “happily ever after” moment.  It happened on the balcony at sunset.

It looks like you two are literally living the dream :).

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-56

Jennifer and Rory, it was such a pleasure to work with you on your outstanding engagement session and wedding.  Iam so excited to hear what you think of these photos!  Please feel free to post them on social media etc.

If you haven’t had enough of Jennifer and Rory yet, check out thier engagement session here and hear the backstory of how they met.

They had a three hour session and split it between Eastlyn Country Club and thier CrossFit gym!!!



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