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    You want a photographer who is able to handle all aspects of wedding photography with ease, capturing: candid, romantic emotion; flattering, beautiful portraits; breathtaking scenery & architecture; the joy and energy out on the dance floor and all those sweet wedding details that you have been working on for months in an artful, creative way.

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    My work is creative & thoughtful. My goal is to share your unique love story. I get to know your interests & personalities in order to capture them forever in beautiful, personal, artful photographs that tell your story. I invest my time helping you become comfortable in front of my camera & find the most flattering lighting and angles for you and your surroundings.

    If this sounds good to you, and you’d like to reach out to me to find out more, please connect here.

Linwood Estate and Allenberry Resort Wedding Photographers: Olivia & Eric

A vibrant, romantic, woodland wedding at two gorgeous locations…

Olivia shared, “Linwood Estate gave us a referral for Rhinehart Photography, and when I checked out Lisa’s work it was lovely.  She was friendly and professional and I am excited to see how she captured memories from our wedding day.”

I love vibrant color and couldn’t get over the stunning blue sky and the way it complemented the red gown of her maid of honor and her daughter…

Eric shared, “I fell in love with Olivia because she is positive, calm, level-headed and caring.  She is also absolutely stunning!”

Here she stands in the field, with forests and mountains in the distance.    I think this shows her sweet, calm, gentle demeanor.

Eric shared, “Watching Olivia walk towards me on our wedding day was an incredible experience, over the top, she was stunningly beautiful!”

Eric shared, “The ceremony was beautiful.  I’m so glad we were able to share it with everyone in attendance.”

They married at mid-day and I loved the high contrast light and vibrant colors that the intense sunshine brought.

Wedding guests threw lavender in celebration at the end of the wedding ceremony.

Olivia shared, “I grew up near Linwood Estate, as a small child, I remember riding in my school bus past the farm.  I love the fields, the mountains, and the country setting that frames the estate.  To me, it is home.”

I wanted the fields and mountains to frame them in this photograph– Olivia is radiant, just beaming…

Olivia shared, “I fell in love with Eric because he has a huge heart, he is very affectionate and makes me laugh.   I know that I can trust him to love and support our family.”

I love to play with different architectural elements in photos, here I wanted to shoot through the gates of Linwood Estate and capture the golden setting sun.

For me, this photo gives a feeling of safety and security…

Olivia shared, “I am most looking forward to having Eric as my life partner– someone to share, laugh and talk with.  I think we really work well together because we understand each other.  We don’t have to agree about everything, we are patient with each other.”

Eric shared, “I look forward to watching our bond grow stronger now that we are married.  I like to make Olivia feel loved.”

She looks like she feels loved!  I liked the vibrant greens and blues in this country scene and the way that Olivia looks so supported and happy.

While I love capturing moments, I also make sure to capture a few more traditional portraits as well.

I kept this one fun by playing with color and the wide angle lens.

Olivia shared, “I love my daughters so much.  They are my rocks.  Jordan (the blonde) was my ring bearer and a huge help on the day of the wedding.  My youngest, Bella Ryan (white dress with a red sash) was the flower girl.”

She continued, “Honestly if it wasn’t for them, I’m sure we would have just eloped, but they too are transitioning into a new life.  What better way to celebrate that then to have a beautiful wedding?”

Olivia shared, “My maid of honor coordinated the shoe game and had our daughters help in reading us questions.  It was sweet and fun– who is the messiest, who is the better cook… everyone laughed and had a good time.”

Chocolate covered strawberries, yum!!!

A toast…  I love to play with reflections…

We moved from Linwood Estate for the ceremony to Allenberry Resort for the reception.  The grounds of both locations are gorgeous.

I have to say that Jorden was so excited, helpful and organized throughout the day.  She set to work, helping wherever she could, even with the beautiful place settings.

Everyone had a blast and I could see what a fun-loving person Eric is.  I loved the vibrant artwork depicting the local counties and how the dresses popped…

And they lived happily ever after…

Olivia and Eric, thank you for reaching out to me to photograph your wedding day!  I wish you all the very best that life has to give!

Wedding Venue: Linwood Estate

Reception Venue: Allenberry Resort

Hair and Make-up: Beautiful Dream Team

Omni Bedford Springs Wedding Photographers: Loren & Josh

This soft, romantic, classic wedding at the Omni Bedford Springs is over flowing with sweet moments and beautiful details…

From the moment Loren and Josh first reached out to me, I knew we would be a great fit.  They mentioned wanting someone experienced and creative, who would give them a great mix of photos, from traditional to really outside of the box.

Loren confessed, “You were our #1 pick early on, as we totally fell in love with your photos from Brittany and Chris Omni Bedford Springs wedding.  We like that you are on the Omni’s preferred vendor list, so you are familiar with the location, yet your shots there are all so different, it’s like you bring fresh eyes every time you work there!”

They continued, “You were such a wonderful photographer to have as part of our special day!  You never cease to amaze us with your artistic ability and breathtaking work. On our wedding day, you kept everyone on time and captured all of the shots we wanted while adding in your own unique ideas. You were such a pleasure to work with and helped to make our day fun and memorable!”

Aw thanks guys, I opened this set with two of my fresh ideas… the first being a ring shot on the green leaf for Mr & Mrs Greenleaf, haha!   Also something a little different in robes– tickle-tickle ;).

Such a beautiful bride…

And a fun group of ladies…

Daddy’s little girl:

The handsome groom…

My second photographer, Katie, really knocked these photographs of the men out of the park!

Love the tuxes, gentlemen, so dapper:

They shared, “Having our first look on the bridge was something we knew we wanted to do from the very beginning on our planning process. To us, the bridge symbolized the transition that we were about to take by becoming husband and wife.”

Here Josh waits on the bridge, eyes covered…

They continued, “It also symbolized hope, and knowing when we crossed that bridge, we may find ourselves in a better place on the other side.”

Their embrace, so sweet:

They concluded, ” We wanted the first time we saw each other on the day of our wedding to be walking towards each other crossing that bridge and meeting in the middle as two become one.”

Loren and Josh explored the Omni Bedford Springs grounds together from the bridge and fountain to the porches and wedding grotto…

They shared, “From the time we got engaged, we knew we wanted to get married at the Omni in Bedford Springs! Living close by we visited the resort many times as a couple and immediately knew it was the perfect place to spend our wedding day!”

They continued, “The grounds and the facility are superb, the staff are extremely friendly and helpful, and the accommodations are amazing! You get caught up in the nostalgia of the resort from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart – it was the perfect romantic setting for our special day.”

While I tend to focus on more candid moments, I also make sure to get a few traditional photographs as well.  Here is one that I wanted to really show off the grounds of the Omni, too.

Back to the moments…

I like playing with visual elements like reflections– I achieved this ethereal look by photographing Loren & Josh’s reflection as they slow danced in the wedding grotto together…

The perfect little dip and kiss caught Loren’s veil and detailing on the back of her dress– so pretty and romantic!

I like to play with symmetry and balance.  I thought the “miniature look” that a tilt-shift lens can bring was a perfect fit here:

The gang’s all here…

Strike a pose…

Such a sweet idea: 

Loren’s father, giving her away…

The ceremony space was stunning…

Ring-bearer life 😉

So happy together

Kiss the bride.

The food at the Omni is incredible– it tastes even better than it looks!  I speak from experience as this is my go-to place to celebrate with my family and friends– anniversaries, birthdays, girlfriends get always :).

I enjoy playing with different lighting, and love the intimate feel of this shot.

A warm welcome with high-fives…

First dance… if you take a closer look, you can see that Loren’s dress actually became a mini!

An artist was on hand to capture his interpretation of the first dance– LOVE it…

Happy tears during the maid of honor’s speech:

I really had fun with the best man’s speech!  It isn’t photo shopped at all, it’s all in camera– magical 🙂

A beautiful cake!

Loren shared, “As the festivities were winding down, Lisa gave us the option to continue capturing shots of the reception or for Josh and I to go outside and get a few photos alone (we chose the latter).”

She smiled, “When we walked outside, it was pouring and Lisa said ‘if you guys are brave, I think we could get a really cool shot in the rain’ and boy oh boy am I glad we took her up on the offer because the result was INCREDIBLE!”

She continued, “When I first saw ‘the amazing rain pic’ as our friends and families have deemed it, I was immediately taken back to that very moment; locked hand-in-hand kissing my husband in the cool September rain, on our wedding night!”

Loren & Josh, thank you so much for choosing to have me capture these and so many other memories for the two of you!  It was such a pleasure to work with both of you!  If you want to see more pics of Loren and Josh, check out their Moonstone Manor engagement session, here.  If you’d like to find out more about some of their awesome vendors, check out these links:

Photographer: Rhinehart Photography

Hair & Makeup: MKUP The Beauty Studio

Florist: Pocketful of Posies

DJ: Mint DJ Events

Planner: Sarah Greiner

Calligraphy: More Than Words by Michelle

Videography: Memories Videography 

Outside Rentals: Best Event Rental


Palace at Somerset Park Wedding Photographers: Katy & Brian

Love, laughter and tears of joy abounded during this vibrant, fairy tale wedding…

Katy & Brian shared, “We knew from the start that we wanted to book you as our wedding photographer.  We loved the way you capture the candid moments, so we could get a feel of all of the things we might not have seen.  Our wedding day flew by, so we can’t wait to see the photos to re-live those moments.”

They continued, “From the engagement shoot to the wedding day working with you was so easy! You make everyone feel like friends and not clients.  We also love that you had a good mix of photos, a little bit of everything– from moments to family photos to details, you really cover things thoroughly.”

I opened with a colorful, romantic moment– it reminds me of a scene from beauty and the beast, and here is a shot of their wedding bands.  I love to get creative and really capture the overall look and feel of the wedding day and that specific couple.

I tried to bring out that classic, romantic, fairy tale feel throughout Katy & Brian’s wedding day.  Here staff at The Palace at Somerset Park helped me to bring Katy’s dress into the garden.  I thought it fit Katy so well…

Katy shared, “Brian’s gift to me was very sentimental.  It was a diamond necklace that used the stones from my grandmother’s wedding ring. It meant so much to me.”

She continued, “My grandmother is no longer with us and I was very close with her. As soon as I opened the gift I knew what it was and I was emotional.”

Brian shared, “I fell for Katy so easily because our personalities fit together perfectly.  She is the most beautiful woman I have ever met, inside and out.”

I wanted to capture that soft, romantic side of Katy in the garden, using the leaves of the garden to soften the edges of the frame and give it a more intimate feel.  Her dress, from Kleinfeld, was stunning and I wanted to show a bit of the front and the back…

My second photographer, Denis, knocked this wedding out of the park!  The shots he took of the groom here that incorporated dramatic light and reflection were awesome!

Katy shared, “It was just an instant connection we had when we first met. He was the first guy I had met that opened car doors for me and held doors open before I walked in. He was a true gentlemen and that hasn’t changed.”

Encircled by waves of green foliage, love it!

Brain reminisced about the “first look”, when he saw Katy for the first time on their wedding day.

He shared, “When I first saw Katy I was at a loss for words, totally taken in by her beauty.  I will never forget the notice of her heels before I turned around.”

I have many photos of the smiles and tears, but for me this image best captures the moment, with its balance, intimacy, and deep connection…

Katy shared, “Brian and I are best friends, no one can make me smile the way that he does.  He brings a difference side out of me.”

I love Katy’s beautiful smile, bouncing curls and the vibrant colors of the sky and trees here.  You can just feel the love 🙂

Katy smiled, “I knew things were different with Brian.  I saw myself starting a family with him and that’s a feeling I never experienced before.  I knew he was the one.”

This was all shot in camera using reflections, and I love the intimate and otherworldly feel of this image.  For me it shows a deep, almost spiritual connection…

Katy shared, “I was so excited to see him on our wedding day all dressed up in his suit. He looked handsome and I couldn’t wait for our ceremony to make it official. I’m looking forward to laughing through life with my best friend by my side!”

I used a fun tilt shift technique here…

Brian explained, “We are best friends.   Every step of the way I was with my best friend and now she is my partner in life.”

He continued, “I am so happy to have Katy by my side.”

I liked the symmetry of this shot and the way the black and white really emphasizes the columns of the Palace at Somerset Park.

Katy shared about her venue choice, “We must have seen at least 15-20 wedding venues before we found The Palace. I had some things on my ‘must have’ list and The Palace at Somerset Park checked it all off for me. I loved how glamorous the reception area was with the high ceilings and staircase. We even booked the date the same day we saw the venue!”

Lol, here they come!!!  I like this photo for so many reasons– it captures a real moment like Katy and Brian wanted, filled with joy emotion and authenticity, but also artistically (the lines, the shapes, the arrows, contrast, dramatic light, etc).  Also my SUV makes a cameo appearance, haha!

I have several shots of these beautiful ladies, but I liked how this one pulled in the architecture of The Palace…

Another moment, this time, with Brian and his brothers…

Strike a pose, gentlemen…

Ahhh so one of the shots most of my couples like me to try with their bridal party, the “Vanity Fair” 😉

Three cheers…

Playing a bit with shutter speed, this one was super fun… for me, this shows the permanence of their decision to wed and the moving parts in their lives:

Time for the ceremony… Katy timed it perfectly with the sunlight, which happily cooperated 😉

Katy shared, “Brian and I said from the start we wanted a quick, relaxed, fun ceremony and that’s exactly what we got.”

Here Brian gives Katy’s mom a hug before it all starts…

Katy’s father escorts Katy down the aisle on the terrace.  The light was just starting to glow into gold and the sky was still a stunning blue, it reminded me of a Renaissance paining…

Two of my favorite staff members at The Palace, Richard and his assistant, Natanya, hold the doors for Katy and her father– such a sweet moment…

So happy together…

Tears of joy…

Katy and I had talked about the prettiest time, lighting wise for a ceremony on the terrace, and she timed it just to hit golden hour…  you can literally see the sky changing from blue to gold and some pretty pinks and purples in between…

Katy shared, “We asked my sister, Janine, to say something during the ceremony because we both looked up to her successful marriage and family, and we loved her speech, it was very meaningful with solid advice and funny as well!”

I love capturing moments like this…

Denis and I captured several more traditional shots of the vows, but I really like this one, it is Katy’s dad’s reaction to the vows!  You can see them in the foreground, and him focused on in the background…

Katy shared, “We were fortunate enough to have my brother marry us!  We asked him because we wanted someone we knew and who we saw in all aspects of our lives.  He did such a fantastic job.”

Kiss the bride– that sunset!!!!

Brian shared, “It felt so great watching Katy spin and seeing her smile.  She is so beautiful!”

I love to capture movement when I’m working with a still frame…

The cotton candy sunset that just kept going…

Katy shared, “We were so excited to see our decor and how it all came together.  We knew we wanted to bring some rustic elements into our decor, and a s soon as Brian and I saw the stump on display at our florist we knew we needed to have it   We were so excited to see it and our canvases of our engagement session and succulent favor display at the reception.”

I loved seeing all the places that Katie and Brian displayed their engagement photos– here two guests view more photos as they sign in on Katy & Brian’s custom made guestbook that I created to display their engagement photos as well as well wishes from their family and friends:

Katy continued, “We incorporated a lot of rustic natural elements in the decorations with the geodes as the table numbers, florals, greenery, and wooden planks under flower arrangements.”


How sweet it is…

I love to play with interesting vantage points and perspectives and had this shot planned out  ahead of time, wanting to capture both Katy, Brian and their wedding guests as well as architectural elements all in one shot…

Here I wanted to play with the symmetry of the room and the purple up-lighting as well as the happy couple during their first dance.  I needed to wait for them to hit just the right spot on the dance floor.  I really played up the chandelier, too.

Brian’s dance with his mother, so sweet.  I couldn’t get over the beautiful colors in this photo, from his mother’s dress, hair and red lip to the candles and purple uplifting in the background.

Katy and her father’s dance was awesome!  For this shot, I used the geometric lines, gold spot light and interesting vantage point to capture their awesome dance moves:

Katy shared, “The wedding flew by but we enjoyed every second of it! We danced the night away with friends and family and at the end of the night it was nice to enjoy a few days with my new husband.”

To say the dance floor was packed would be a gross understatement, haha:

Cake time– love their expressions here and the classic look that all came together here…

Speaking of classic– another classic moment.  I can almost hear Tale As Old As Time playing in the background 😉

Katy and Brian thank you so much for choosing to have Rhinehart Photography document your day and these moments for you forever.  I hope they are just the sort of eclectic, artistic, authentic moments that you were hoping for.  Many more are coming soon.  If you want to see more of Katy & Brian now, check out their romantic beach engagement session here.

Shout out to all of the vendors who came together to make this wedding so incredible:

Venue: Palace at Somerset Park 

Dress: Kleinfeld’s 

Hair/make-up: Emily Salon

Florist: A Touch of Elegance

Entertainment: Global Productions

Video: KLassey Productions

Photography: Rhinehart Photography


Washington College Engagement Photographers: Kristin & Chris

This fun, playful, colorful, sporty couple was high energy and up for anything at their Washington College alma mater– unique, creative engagement photography ensued…

Kristin shared, “We chose you as a photographer because of your uniquely artistic viewpoint and your ability to capture a couple’s style. I am very impressed with how you improvise with a variety of backgrounds and poses and how you can make seemingly-unromantic things, like a piece of rolled up plastic or puddle on a tarp on a baseball field, romantic?!?”

She continued, “We enjoyed laughing with you through the engagement session and were reassured that you wanted to have just as much fun with the session as we did! We are hoping for the photos to be representative of our easy-going yet fun styles in a place that is very important to us.”

They met in Washington College, so we met at one of Chris’ favorite hang outs, the baseball field, where he was a pitcher for all four years of his WAC experience… Kristin was game and played along.

Kristin smiled, “We wanted to revisit where it all began! While we didn’t go to the exact location where we first met (at an off campus stop light party, haha), I really appreciated being able to spend some time in the places that played a big role in each of our individual college experiences; the baseball field for Chris and the field hockey stadium for me.”

Memory lane– Chris holds his pitcher’s mitt while looking out over the field– look closely and you will see Kristin in the background:

Though baseball was Chris’ sport, Kristin was super supportive and picked up a bat so Chris could re-live his glory days :D.

Chris shared, “Something that I appreciate about Kristin is she is willing to try things that she hasn’t done in the past, just because they are things I like to do.  Since we’ve been together, she’s picked up golfing, skiing and even been to a rifle range with me!”

Chris continued, “It’s hard to pinpoint the moment I knew Kristin was ‘the one’, but I would say her willingness to try new things and stick by them is one of the main reasons she’ll be my partner for life.  When she falls down skiing and hurts her thumb, she doesn’t throw her skis down in anger and go back to the lodge.  She drinks a blue moon and meets me back at the lift with a smile on her face.”

I enjoy playing with visual elements, keeping the chain link viable as a textural element in the frame was fun for me…

For this next shot I played with the shadow created in the dugout and the vibrant red wall.

Chris continued, “When I drag Kristin to the local 9-hole course on a 45 degree windy day, she doesn’t put up a fit and make me go alone.  She throws on her Uggs and gets a par on hole 6 from the men’s tees!  Oh and she smells great the whole time, haha!”

He smiled, “I cherish the partner she is to me, and I hope I am half that partner to her.”

Kristin smiled, “It was definitely Chris’ sense of humor that drew me in!  And his strapping good looks of course, hehe.  He is down-to-earth and definitely helps to balance my hyper analytical moments which is why we work so well together.”

She stated, “We are a teammates that are much stronger together than we are apart.”  I like the teammate comment on the ball field with the scoreboard in the background…

Chris agreed, “Yes I’d say Kristin and I make the perfect team– me keeping things light and goofy, and Kristin keeping the ship heading in the right direction.”

For me, this photo shows the balance of their relative strengths in a visual way:

Haha for the photographic creativity that impressed Kristin– here is how I used the rolled up sheet of plastic that was pushed against an old chain link fence to the side of the ball field…

I thought it added contrast, visual interest and caught the sunlight perfectly, framing the couple on the far end.

And this is the puddle on the tarp that was protecting the pitcher’s mound.  The dark rubber and thin layer of water really brought out some crazy colors in the sky that weren’t visible to the naked eye for another hour or more!

While I love to play around and get creative, I still make sure to get a few more traditional shots as well.

I love how the light catches their eyes here– wow, such beautiful colors…

Chris shared, “In the 3 months we dated at WAC we laid the foundation for a long distance relationship that lasted over five years.  We don’t go back and visit that area enough, and I think we would both agree that just being in that town puts a smile on our faces.”

Washington College is one of the 10th oldest colleges in the United States, a private liberal arts school formed in 1782 by George Washington himself, the first college charted after American Independence where George Washington  served on the board of governors!

One of the iconic buildings on campus is the Georgian style brick structure, the Eugene B Casey Academic Center.

Kristin reminisced about their engagement story.  “I arrived home from work on a Monday evening and Chris was cooking dinner in the kitchen. He had been away visiting friends for the weekend, so naturally I missed him and just wanted to be near him while he prepped dinner.  At the time we had a small kitchen without chairs, so I plopped myself down on the floor and started asking him about his weekend.”

She went on, smiling, “He started acting weird and not really answering my questions so I offered to grab us beers from the fridge in the other room. He agreed and so I jumped up to grab the beers. I returned to the kitchen, beers in hand and to my surprise he was down on one knee with a ring in his hand (and dish towel tucked into his front pocket)…”

Kristin continued, “…Chris said, ‘Want to make this thing official?’, haha!   It turns out he picked the ring out over the weekend and had it on the kitchen counter in a ring box which was in my direct line of sight when I was sitting on the floor, clueless about what was about to happen.  Of course I said YES and then we ended up packing up the half-made dinner and heading out to celebrate.”

I love the golden tones of the sunlight and the soft campus in the background… you can tell that this was a walk down memory lane for them.

Chris smiled, shared about the beginning of their relationship, “I was first drawn to Kristin for her stunning good looks.  Then as the relationship grew, I came to realize she was the most genuine person I had ever met.   She puts other people first, 100% of the time.  We then grew to as Kristin says the perfect team.  I am so lucky to have her as my partner in life!”

I love to play with perspective and negative space– there is something so grounding , earthy and authentic about this image… just holding hands walking on a sidewalk in campus.

High fives– so perfect for this fun, sporty couple… I may have climbed in a tree for this one, haha!

These behind the scenes shots were my fav– I had Kristin pull out her skirt for a shot and Chris ‘pulled his out’ too.

He was constantly playful, in motion, just a joy to be around.  These two were always laughing and loving.

Chris shared, “I like to think that we don’t take life or ourselves too seriously.  We hope that was conveyed in the photos, along with the fact that we are both kick starting our modeling careers.”

Full of surprises… that height difference though:

Kristin shared, “For the engagement photo session, we were definitely going for a fun and laid back vibe. We were just our usual, silly, selves. You really helped us to be comfortable enough to do that in front of a camera!”

Kristin shared, “We really appreciated how you were able to meet us where we were at, to ‘get’ us as a couple, to laugh along.  You definitely helped us to relax and feel comfortable enough to really let our true selves show.  I can’t wait to see how you captured us and our love.”

Now it was finally Kristin’s turn for her sport– field hockey!

If you look very closely you can see the tiny happy couple, in this sentimental location, sunset beginning, reflecting…


Haaa her face…

I may or may not be laying on the field for this…

Haaa, playing a bit more with perspective here as Kristin levitates and Chris is impressed and stoic, lol!

I wanted to incorporate the new “S” in Kristin’s monogram here… cool that it’s also the “S” from Washington College and above the field hockey stadium…

So I pushed every setting possible in my camera to pull out every vibrant color in the sunset.

It is pushed to the max and my artistic interpretation for this extremely colorful, fun, couple.

Can you feel the love tonight ;)?

Then they had a thumb war– so them!

Chris and Kristin, thank you for choosing me to capture your personalities, love and this extremely special location and time in your relationship!

You guys gave me so much to work with because you were playful, fun and so comfortable in your own skin, and with each other.  You were loving, appreciative, effectionate and embracing of your quirks and each other’s.  Also, no matter how silly or crazy my ideas were you were up for trying them and able to be yourselves anywhere.  To say I loved working with you two is an understatement.

I hope that these are just the sort of colorful, playful, fun, authentic photos that you were hoping for!

Debbie BircsakNovember 17, 2018 - 1:11 pm

Love these photos & this couple! It so captures them & their amazing love!❤️

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