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Omni Bedford Springs Wedding Photographers: Brittany & Chris

An elegant, sophisticated Omni Bedford Springs affair with lots of heart and soul…


Brittany shared, “A few photographers were recommended to us by the Omni. We were immediately drawn to the creativity and sophistication of your photos on the blog. The photos were pristine and the reviews were glowing…. You have the most easy-going personality yet know how to keep things in line as far as detail and timeline go. I didn’t feel the need to make sure we got ‘this shot or that shot’ because I was so confident in you.”

The image above is so romantic– it shows the natural beauty of the couple and setting, the lighting and fall colors were just unreal.  In the next image,  bright light streams from the window, the room has a good deal of symmetry (the bride in the make up chair to the left and the groom’s mother to the right, two lamps in the foreground, two bridesmaids sitting) all while one bridesmaid finishes off her campaign as two blueberries roll towards her lips…


Brittany’s style was classic and sophisticated with sweet, whimsical touches.  Her shoes and dress were stunning and so perfect for her!

Her gown was designed by Liancarlo from Elizabeth Johns in Ardmore, which is located just outside of Philadelphia.  Make-up artisit Jaqueline Cipullo and Macrae Conte from Legacy Salon were fantastic as well.


Chris shared that there are many qualities that made him fall for Brittany, “Brit has a passion for life and a heart of gold. She sets goals and achieves them with optimism. She cares deeply about those close to her and would do anything for them. She also has the brightest eyes…”


Chris went on, “She is a true, lifelong partner. Brittany will support me in my career, challenge me to always be a better person, and bring happiness to me every day…. She also has a head-turning smile!”


Brittany thought the tub was fabulous, so we grabbed a quick photo in it, haha!  I like all of the textures from the tile to her dress, the shiny chrome, etc.  It was well-suited for black and white…


Brittany said she had always envisioned a classic, black and white wedding for as long as she could remember.  She holds a bouquet of dozens of red roses and her sisters wear black floor-length gowns and hold white roses.  Each sister could select and black dress that fit their own personal style…


Here Brittany stands with all of her bridesmaids.  The red, black and white color palette really pops against the evergreen edging along the Springs Eternal Spa entrance.


Chris shared, “Pool is probably my favorite hobby. I had a pool table in my house growing up, and I play in a league now once a week. I’ve been using the same $30 cue since I was about 13 years old, so Brit buying me as she would say “the Chanel bag of pool cues” was such a cool wedding gift. It’s something that I would never buy for myself, but something I enjoy having so much, which really does make it the perfect gift. The pool table at the pub was not surprisingly one of my favorite places to hang out at Bedford Springs.”


Brittany shared, “I can’t say what made me fall for Chris– the combination of all his qualities make him so spot on perfect for me. What I admire most about Chris is his character– he will be an honest and devoted husband. He is so undeniably intelligent and excels at literally everything he does. He lights up the room with his genuine smile and makes those around him so happy. I knew Chris was going to make the most handsome groom.”


Chris chose the red bow ties that the groomsmen wore– Brit thought they looked so dapper ;).


Time for the first look– Chris said, “Brit was the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen.”  Brittany said, “It made me so happy to see that huge smile on his face!”


They laughed and hugged.  So happy together…


Brittany and Chris are a perfect fit for each other and for my style of photography.  They were true to themselves and enjoyed the moment, trusting Kris and I fully to “do our thing.”  The result is wedding photos that are truly custom-tailored to fit them– their style, their day and their relationship.

Brittany shared, “Lisa and Kris were a joy to work with. We could joke with them one minute and be frank the next, all while feeling incredibly comfortable.  It made the day go by so nicely. Everyone keep asking about stressors and glitches in the wedding day. Part of the reason why I never felt the slightest bit stressed was because of Lisa.   AND she shared her warm, soft coat with me when I was cold– thank you!!!”

Here Brit and Chris take a stroll towards the wedding grotto as the vibrant autumn colors are illuminated by the sun.  There is something so sweet and organic about this image, yet it still feels very sophisticated…


When I asked Brittany if she had any special requests for me when it came to her wedding photos, she said, “My favorite thing about wedding photos is when you look at the bride and groom in a photo and it’s so blatantly obvious how in love they are with each other… and that is what I want most in our wedding pictures!”


When I asked what brought them from Philadelphia to the Omni in Bedford Springs, she explained, “Bedford Springs is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been- from driving in and seeing what appears like miles of pristine, white architecture to the breathtaking springs and greenery that surround it.”

She continued, “I loved that we were able to experience the entire weekend there– from massages at the spa Friday morning, to the rehearsal dinner, the wedding day preparations in the gorgeous suite, the ceremony, the reception, the after party, through breakfast Sunday morning. We really made a weekend out of it! We loved that our guests were able to hike, golf, swim, go to the spa- all before the 4:30pm ceremony. Bedford Springs has it all, and it really is breathtakingly beautiful.”

I was also struck by the hundreds of rows of pristine front porches and pristine lawn and sought out to capture them along with the happy couple against the vibrant blue sky.


While I love capturing candid images that tell a story, show emotion and capture the beautiful surroundings, I fully understand the importance of capturing more traditional portraits of the bride and groom as well.

I chose this space because the lighting and colors were perfect for Brit and Chris.  The dark background allowed them to really pop and the red-brown brought out the green of Brittany’s eyes that Chris loves so much.

I wanted to show off the intricate detailing on the back and sleeves of Brittany’s dress and of course their beaming smiles…


I adapt my wedding photography coverage to meet the wants and needs of each couple and custom-tailor it to their liking.  In Brittany & Chris’ case family photos were important to them.

We had several different combinations of family photos with the bride, groom, parents, siblings, grandparents , etc.  Here is a photo of Chris and his immediate family.  They were the best.


Here is a much larger gathering.  Brittany fell in love with my editorial inspired group portraits.  She really liked the idea of a modern portrait that resembled something that you may see in Vanity Fair or Vogue.

It was a little too cold outside for the children, so I arranged the family here in one of several fireplaces in the Bedford Springs lobby.  Everyone wore black and white per Brittany’s request ;).

I love seeing all of the generations of a growing family gathered together– what a fun photo!


The entire bridal party really embraced their inner supermodel for their large group photo!!!

I chose a green backdrop because it compliments the red flowers and provides contrast and texture to their sleek black and white look.


Green and gold seemed to be natural compliments to this color scheme.  Here you can see a couple of ways I used them to really make her details pop…


Brittany & Chris chose Constitution Hall for their wedding ceremony space.  The skylights and floor to ceiling windows and gold detailing were absolutely stunning and the perfect setting for the elegant affair.


I have several traditional photos of Brittany being escorted by her father and Chris watching, all of which are lovely, but these is something particularly sweet about this moment.

Brittany shared, “My dad and I have always shared a very close and special relationship. From my younger days playing sports, maturing and learning life lessons, and realizing what really matters in life, my dad has been a role model and confidant for as long as I can remember.”

Here he kisses her on the cheek as Chris eagerly anticipated taking her hand in marriage.  You can almost feel the crowd gathered around and leaning in to get a closer look.  Brittany’s sister (and maid of honor) watches them holding hands, beaming.  I also like the way the black and white treatment really shows off the lovely textures of the wedding decor as well…


I really like this solemn moment here– while it is quiet is has this intensity.  They are looking at their hands before they exchange rings.  There is something so sweet and simple about it.  I also love showing the unique details on the back of Brittany’s wedding gown!


Here is a closer vantage point taken at nearly the same moment in black and white.  I think the emotion might be even more palatable here:


The priest performed the Liturgy of the Eucharist during their Catholic wedding Mass.  He was the best!  He really didn’t have any rules or restrictions for me.

I was able to really “do my thing” which for me usually involves strategically moving a few times during the service to get an interesting perspective, so that my couples can relive their wedding day over and over again, experiencing many different angles, etc.

I know it looks like I’m an inch away from his hand here, but I am actually nearly against the wall  to high right, I just have some awesome camera lenses.  😉


Here Brit is wiping away a tear during the reading, Chris’ expression is priceless…


Brittany’s sisters held hands during the ceremony and I thought it was so precious…


The kiss…


Many congratulations to the happy couple…


As their ceremony ended, the sun went down.  We captured a bit of the fading light…


The black and white theme continued through he ballroom where there was a definite Art Deco feel with vintage inspired table numbers and high contrast decor and warm lighting…


The wedding party took their entrances seriously and there were several really fantastic openings involving terrible towels and the like… these guys are ready to get down…


Brittany shared, “One of our first dates was seeing a Canadian band called City and Colour. We followed the artist and have seen him every year for the past 5 years. A lot of his songs are beautiful acoustic melodies and “Northern Wind” was the song we chose to dance to.”


She continued, ” It was slow and beautiful with really touching lyrics. As far as the dance, we didn’t take lessons and didn’t practice the song one time. We just rolled with it, as we do with many things in our relationship!”


Several speeches were given, they were incredibly touching and heartfelt.  There were tears and laughter and everything in between!

In the photo below, Chelsi, Brit’s maid of honor is saying, “You have given my sister a love that I know is unbreakable. You guys share a love that seems so easy and pure, and I think that is a direct reflection of the type of people you both are….. You two are a blessing to be around and your love is evident to everyone.”


I like the contrast in this photo and the low perspective that really shows off Brittany’s twirling dress, more than that I like the expression on her father’s face.

Daddy’s little girl…


I like the symmetry and framing in this next photo.  I like how you can see wedding guests, the lovely background along with Chris and his mother.

Chris’ mom’s expression says it all!  She is so proud of her son!


Time to cut the cake!!!


Haaaa!!!!  Another priceless expression by Chris– I should totally have a photo captioning contest for this one!


Brittany shared, “Our favorite part of the day was the dancing. The most important thing to us on our wedding day was that our guests had fun.”

One of Chris’ friends from high school, Chris Burrell, was the DJ and even let Brittany climb behind the turn table for a bit, haha! He traveled from Philadelphia to be there!


And they lived happily ever after…


Brittany & Chris– I am so happy that you chose me to be your wedding photographer!  You two were such a pleasure to work with and I think we just understood each other from day one!  I love working at the Omni, it is where we celebrated our anniversary last year and has a special place in our hearts.  If you want to see more of Brittany & Chris, you can check out their Philadelphia engagement photos here.

Hotel Bethlehem Wedding Engagement Photographers: Jenn & Brian

Deck the halls!  A romantic, winter engagement in Bethlehem Pennsylvania…


Jennifer was born and raised in Bethlehem, PA.  She shared,”Downtown Bethlehem is THE place to be when it comes to the holiday season.”  For Jennifer & Brian it is even more sentimental as it is the location of their first date, proposal and wedding (at Hotel Bethlehem).

Jenn stated, “We were thrilled to go ‘back to the beginning’ with our engagement session.”  While I love to catch more candid, romantic photos like the opening image, I also really enjoy capturing beautiful, traditional portraits of the couple as well.  I could just imagine this making the perfect Christmas card…


Here Jenn and Brian cross Main Street– I wanted to capture the setting of historic Bethlehem and made sure to fit the brick crosswalk, building and historic streetlamps….


After some time outside, we hopped inside of Hotel Bethlehem to warm up.   You can especially feel the heat in this next photo ;).

The sun was setting on the horizon and  brought that warm glow right through the window…


We hopped back outside and saw that the sky was no longer gold, but purple!

I silhouetted them against the branches of winter trees…


In order to capture all of the Christmas lights, we scheduled to have the majority of their session after dark.  I really wanted to play with some interesting lighting techniques and invited my friend, Jim Heine, to come along and assist.  Here Jim held a light as I snapped a shot using the same exposure above, but this time exposing their faces…

Hotel Bethlehem‘s lobby is decorated by gigantic, sixteen foot Christmas trees flanking either side of the front desk.

The lobby was quite busy with  people checking into the hotel and restaurant, but I composed the photo to look as if they are the only two people there and completely engulfed in the spirit of Christmas. 🙂


When I asked Jenn & Brian what made them choose me to photograph their wedding, Jenn shared, “You were highly recommended by a co-worker of mine. He raved about your professionalism and pure photographic talent. I was immediately impressed with your friendly, professional demeanor and your photos that specifically captured at Hotel Bethlehem…. We were more than impressed with what we saw!”

I love getting creative and finding beauty in unexpected places.  This was captured in a puddle in the parking lot :).  I really liked the blue color…


Jenn shared, “Brian and I realized pretty early on that we were on the same page with all of the ‘important stuff’.” She mentioned the importance of family to both of them as well as their shared Christian values.  It was a real bonus having the same favorite sports teams, too! 😉

Moravian Stars are an icon of Bethlehem and a nod to its historic roots.  I knew I wanted to capture these during Jenn & Brian’s engagement session.  We were looking for classic Moravian stars in a shop window and walked along the entrance to the Moravian Bookshop.  Bone Appetit generously allowed us to use their window.

I think this really captures that cozy, holiday feeling well… 

Jennifer shared their engagement story, “I didn’t see it coming!   We met at the Brew Works for a quick drink, then cut through the Sun Inn courtyard to where Brian had pretended to park. Two gentlemen sat puffing on their stogies. I tried hurrying Brian along, in an effort to avoid the smoke, and couldn’t figure out why he was taking his good old time reminiscing about our relationship. In fact, it wasn’t until he reached into his pocket that I finally understood what was happening. He proposed at the very spot we had our first date. The surprise and shock was intense to say the least, but could not imagine a more perfect experience, cigar smoke and all!!!

Here is my favorite photograph from their engagement session– it kind of wraps up the entire romantic holiday evening feeling in one single photo.  It could totally be an add for Musselman’s Jewelers engagement rings, haha!


Jenn & Brian, thanks for introducing us to some of your favorite places in Bethlehem!  Kris and I are eagerly anticipating photographing your Hotel Bethlehem wedding in September!  Happy Holidays!!!

[…] continued, “Lisa made time to photograph our engagement pictures and have a conference with us before the wedding.  This gave us so much confidence in her and her […]

Maryland Wedding Photographers: Melissa & Jason at Martin’s

An elegant, classic fall fairy tale wedding for a unique family with a beautiful story…


Melissa was open with me from day one– at our first meeting she shared, “I’m very particular about photos. I’ve been looking for a long time and haven’t found a wedding photographer who can capture flattering portraits, candid emotions, beautiful settings and also have an eye for detail.  I really want to find a professional who is able to capture those elements as well as an overall “fairytale” feeling on our wedding day.”

Following her wedding day she wrote, ” I knew I chose the perfect photographer!  You find the beauty in any situation and bring it out in every photograph! You helped me get through all my stress and keep me on track with time, when I’m always late for everything.  Thanks a million!”

It was very important for Melissa and Jason to be married in a church.  One of their favorite elements about this church, Saint Mary’s UCC in Westminster, in particular, was the stained glass.  When I was trying to figure out the best place to photograph Melissa’s dress this came to mind…


The colors from the stained glass were just lovely, here you can see the pinks and blues (Melissa’s favorite colors) shining through the window and onto the wall, highlighting her beautiful bouquet.


Melissa’s dress was ornate, a couture gown that she found at Simone’s, a local bridal boutique in Hanover, Pennsylvania.  She had an appointment scheduled at Kleinfeld’s (yes the famous New York City Boutique from TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress), but fell in love with this dress, and even after trying on many gowns in NYC, she came back to find this one.

Melissa has always loved dresses with sleeves and wanted the dress to have fully beaded sleeves, which the designer added for her here.  You can see some of the intricate beading and embroidery work here during the end of her preparations…


Melissa wanted a fairytale look that was very soft, feminine, elegant and romantic.   Gettysburg Day Spa did a phenomenal job on her hair and make up.  Melissa has known Siarra Long for years and only trusts her with her hair.

The combination of her hair, make-up and gown came together beautifully, and I really wanted to capture it.  We had the church basement to work with, as she didn’t want anyone to see her before the ceremony.  I found this wall in a nursery with some light coming in through a window.  I knew it would make the perfect bright, minimalist background and really show off Melissa’s beauty and make her the focus of the photograph.

Melissa you look absolutely stunning!


Jason has a tradition of buying her flowers every Friday, so Melissa wanted her bouquet to come from the same florist.  Melissa’s soft pink and ivory bouquet of roses is from Country Hearth Wreath.

Roses are her favorite flower– she wanted them wrapped in pearls to make them appear even more soft, romantic and add a timeless feeling…

Jayson was on “Ring Security” for the wedding day.  Melissa shared, “Little Jayson and I were our own family for about 6 years.  Meeting a husband with the same name (Jason) was a strange coincidence or maybe a part of God’s plan.  They bonded in no time.  Jason always wanted a son and Jayson always wanted a dad.”

“Jayson is obsessed with brief cases and is also very protective and a vital member of our fmaily.  To give him this case and “Ring Security” role in our wedding was just a perfect fit.”


Time to meet Jason!  Melissa shared, “I was raised with traditional values that may be considered old fashioned in this day and age.  I met Jason and he shared the same goals and ideas about living and raising a family.  He was a true gentlemen (opening doors, bringing me Friday flowers), hardworking, loyal.   He really is the love of my life!”

I like this traditional portrait of Jason.  He comes across as strong, kind and an overall “good guy.”


Jason and his groomsmen are a solid bunch.  Melissa’s brother, Jimmy grew up with Jason’s neighbor, James so they have deep roots and are connected in one way or another :).


One of Melissa’s favorite qualities in Jason is his ability to have fun wherever.  After witnessing him with his groomsmen, I can totally see how this would be the case.


While he can have a light, friendly side, Jason can also be really serious, too.  Here he watches Melissa escorted down the aisle by her father.

He shared, “In that moment I was holding back tears.  She was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen.  I felt like the luckiest man alive.”

While I have several lovely photographs of Melissa and her father I really wanted to post this photo– Jason’s expression says it all…


Saint Mary’s UCC was a beautiful setting and I really wanted to capture its stunning architecture and the entire scene.  I have photos taken from a closer perspective but I really like the grand feeling of this image:


Their Christian faith is very important to Melissa & Jason.  Melissa shared, “My favorite moment at the church was lighting the unity candle.”

St. Mary’s UCC has a strong German heritage, and continues to have a piece of artwork above the alter of Christ that is inscribed in gold in German.  It is roughly translated, “All to the Glory of God.”

I like the balance of this image– that it layers the wedding guests, bridal party, bride and groom and shows Christ arms extended proclaiming the glory of God.  A very sweet moment for these two:

Man and wife– wedding guests blew bubbles as Melissa and Jason exited the church.  I wanted to capture the church and couple as well as wedding guests in the background.

Jason always wanted children, but was told that he’d never be able to have children of his own.     Accepting Jayson as his son was monumental and adding Maddison was nothing short of a miracle.

Jason shared, “They are both miracles for me really.  Our children mean everything to us.  Enjoying them and growing old together and loving each other for the rest of our lives is what I’m most looking forward to.”

Daddy’s little girl…


Jason explained a few of the reasons why he loves Melissa so much.   “She is classy– charming and witty while also being down-to-earth and fun.  Melissa is absolutely gorgeous and has such a kind heart.”

He went on, “I had eyes for Melissa long before I ever introduced myself.  I didn’t want to mess anything up!”  Luckily he made a great impression and the rest is history.

I think that affection that he has for her can be seen in this next photo along with her beauty and elegance…  I liked the rust-colored fall foliage in the background as well:


We had such a vibrant and colorful autumn this year.  I noticed this tree immediately as we pulled into the church!

It was a stunning gold maple and positioned perfectly for a very bright, clean background, displaying a carpet of leaves.

Jason kissed Melissa’s hand which really captures his gentlemanly personality…


Family means everything to Melissa and Jason and as I shared earlier, they view it as a true miracle.

I knew capturing a family portrait of the four of them together would be important and I really wanted that photo to not only be a flattering image where they all looked their best, while also bringing in that royal, fairytale feeling as well.

I saw this gold detailing on the wall at Martin’s and saw it as the perfect frame and backdrop for them….


This was another real fairy tale moment.  Here Melissa plays with Maddison.  It could be straight out of a Disney movie!

Aesthetically I like all of the bright whites and golds in this photo and the joyful expressions of these two:


I have literally hundreds of gorgeous photos of this wedding, so I am temped to move on to the reception, but Maddison is so cute that I think I need to post a few more of her…

I love the last one,  it made me laugh out loud as she looks like a total baller, haha!


Melissa chose Martin’s in Westminster because she always wanted a ballroom wedding.  She blames it on watching Cinderella hundreds of times as a child, haha.

Ironically, Jason’s favorite moment of the wedding was the first dance. Here he twirls her beneath a gorgeous crystal chandelier– talk about a Cinderella moment!


I knew Melissa loved the chandeliers at Martins and I really wanted to incorporate them into her photos.  I also love how happy they look in the image below.

Melissa shared, “I just couldn’t get over how handsome he looked.  I kept thinking that he was the one.”


The dance floor opened and was immediately filled with happy relatives.  Melissa noted, “My family LOVES to dance and sing… it really brings us together!”

Jason is dancing with Melissa’s grandma on her 80th birthday in the first image.  The bottom-middle photo shows Jason’s mother dancing with the woman who was the flower girl in her wedding!  I especially appreciate the creativity of the woman singing into her “spoon microphone” in the last image, haha!


I knew I wanted to create a photograph like this for Melissa and Jason from the very beginning.  I understood their classic, elegant aesthetic and heard all about the chandeliers and staircase at Martin’s.

I knew I wanted to add some dramatic lighting that would illuminate the couple, showing a bit of the staircase and allowing the dark night sky to show through the windows of Martin’s.

To me, it says that they lived happily ever after ;).


Melissa and Jason, thank you for choosing me to capture you wedding day.  I was thrilled to recieve your note about how much you liked working with me.  It was a pleasure to spend the day with you and your beautiful family and I am so excited to hear your thoughts about these photos!  Please feel free to share away.  There are many more to come :).  All the best, Lisa

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