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York PA Wedding Phtographers: JDK tasting at The Bond

Tasty treats, sunning decor and friendly, upbeat staff– you won’t want to miss this JDK tasting event at The Bond…

I love working at The Bond in York, Pennsylvania It has such a unique, industrial vibe and gives me so much to work with creatively!  I am proud to be on their preferred vendor list and to have been working with them since the venue’s opening in 2015!  When the staff at JDK reached out to me about photographing the event for them, I hopped on board.

Colton Staver of JDK events shared, “We chose Rhinehart Photography to capture the day because she has such a strong presence at The Bond, and we know her work is outstanding! She is able to photograph beautiful decor, but more than that, she is somehow able to capture the experience and feeling that is taking place. She’s also so lovely to work with and as flexible as can be!”

In the above I wanted to capture the upbeat personalities of the friendly staff of Weddings by JDK who were checking in the many guests.  And in the photograph below I wanted to capture the unique industrial space of the Ballroom…

The Weddings By JDK Group Tasting Event at The Bond offered couples a unique experience on the property.  They invited wedding clients to taste the varied menu options available at The Bond while also seeing the space with a wide variety of decor options…

I really liked the mirrored vase of hydrangeas below and liked how the vase complimented the light, bright lines of the windows and the hydrangeas had a more airy, golden feel similar to the chandeliers at The Bond.

I really appreciated what Colton and his team did with this centerpiece as well, it has the clean, modern lines of the venue and again utilizes glass while also allowing a romantic flower arrangement to cascade out onto the table…

Here is a simple centerpiece with a vintage inspired look that brings in greenery and antique books…


This arrangement was on a small cocktail table and really hit the perfect note– again I love the play on modern and romantic for this space!  You might want to take a closer look at the linens here– just stunning.  Each table utilized different linens to show the variety of looks…

3 West productions began singing and the doors opened to the many guests…

There were so many tasty samples, which really gave couples an idea of the variety of options that JDK catering is able to offer, and gave them a chance to experience everything first hand!

Just looking at these is making me a little hungry…

I appreciate the attention to detail and visual artistry that does into a JDK event.  Everything photographs so well!

If this young woman looks familiar, it is probably because I recently posted her colorful, creative, cheery engagement photos on my blog.  She and her husband to be will be tying the knot at The Bond very soon!

David Everett and Jay Varga of JDK were both at the event personally and welcomed guests and shared a bit about the event…

The room was bustling with people taking it all in– tasting, drinking, chatting, selecting their menus and making note of the different decor that caught their eye.

Icing on the cake– The Weddings by JDK group also invited several of their favorite vendors, which included Jasmine Clouser of The Couture Cakery.  I love working with Jasmine and the wide variety of sweets that she offers her clients and the designs she creates are just awesome!

Colton stated, “In your photos, we’re hoping to see a variety of representation of what we offer! Various Linens, Centerpieces, Décor Options. We hope to use these photos to help promote our upcoming tastings, and show clients how the day will progress!”

I hope that they do that and more– thanks for inviting me to be a part of all of this and I’ll see you and the rest of the JDK soon as wedding season is just kicking off ;).  These are just a few highlights I’ll be sending more soon!

Here is a vendor list of participants in the event:

If you’d like to see more weddings by JDK that I’ve photographed, check a few of my blog entries, here.

Gettysburg Wedding Engagement Photographers: Connelly & Dominick

A Gettysburg winter engagement photography session for a pair of sentimental sweethearts, involving history, hot cocoa and candle light…

Connelly & Dominick shared, “We chose you as a photographer because of the quality of your work. Each photo you take is so vivid, crisp and artistic. We fell in love with your style of photography and couldn’t choose anyone but you. We both loved that every photo you take is unique and seems to capture the personality of the couple and every emotion they are experiencing.”

They continued, “Photos, to us, are the most important keepsake of the wedding and we wanted someone we trusted and really loved to be responsible for this important part of our day. Once we met with you Lisa, we instantly clicked and you prioritized things in the same way we do, which just proved you were the right fit for us!”

Dominick shared, “I first fell for Connelly because I thought she was beautiful, had an amazing personality, and we really clicked right off the bat.”

He continued, “On our first real date, the mall almost closed on us because we talked so much and hadn’t even noticed the time!”

We moved inside of the Dobbin House Tavern, a historic tavern established in 1776.  It is the oldest standing structure in the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

It was all decked out for the holidays and I really wanted to play up the decorations playing with my aperture and perspective, using depth of field to my advantage…

They sat drinking hot cocoa by candlelight in the cozy tavern, a space that is said to have played a role in the Underground Railroad, due to its proximity to the Mason-Dixon Line.

Connelly explained, “Gettysburg was a favorite date-night spot for us in college, and we both love chocolate so that was a fun (and delicious)!”

Connelly went on, “As a couple, I think we are a combination of very traditional and laid back and we hope that comes across in the photos.”

I think both the traditional setting and very warm, cozy feel of these images, really strikes that balances.

I wanted to really play up the yellow glow of the candlelight and utilized perspective and white balance to really bright out the romantic tones here.

Dominick shared, “We work well together because we are similar but still different.  That is to say, we both have similar beliefs, likes and dislikes, but we have different interests and personalities that complement one another. ”

Connelly explained the first date/mall situation further, “We closed the mall because we were literally experiencing one of those cheesy moments in the movies where we literally did not notice anything or anyone around us over a period of three hours!”

Connelly continued, “Dominick is so kind, funny, dorky and can easily make me laugh and feel comfortable in any situation. His kindness and overall personality are why I first fell for him, but our mutual love of the TV shows “Psych” and “Monk” (and all things Harry Potter) definitely sealed the deal for me, haha!”

She continued, “From the moment I met him, he has felt like home to me, like an extension of myself and that is why I love him and why our relationship works so well.”

Dominick recalled their engagement story.  He said, “One of the things that Connelly loves about me is that I am a terrible liar. So keeping a pending engagement a secret for almost a month was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. It was made especially more difficult when we attended my cousin’s wedding a few weeks earlier.”

He went on, “The only people who knew about the engagement were my dad, my cousin Catherine (who was designing the ring), and myself. This made things interesting when we were all seated together at the rehearsal dinner and when Catherine decided to mention her role as the ring designer for the *whole family* during her speech at the wedding reception.”

Dominick continued, “We had an amazing time together at the wedding; dancing, laughing, and enjoying getting told “You’re next” by literally every family member at the reception. But keeping this big of a secret from her was so difficult, and trying to pretend like I didn’t know what Catherine did for a living was even harder. Luckily, I didn’t have to keep the secret for too long. The moment I got the ring, I knew I had to propose that week!”

Dominick finished, “I asked her Father’s permission that Wednesday and drove up to her school that Friday to propose. The engagement went well once I finally got her up to ‘our spot’ at the Grotto. I had to hide the ring in my inhaler because she is ridiculously observant and would notice any ring-box shape in my pocket. I got down on one knee, forgot my entire speech because I was so anxious, and just told her I loved her and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.  The rest is history!”

I asked why they chose Gettysburg as their engagement session location.  Connelly explained, “Gettysburg is a place we have spent a lot of time during our relationship because of its proximity to the university that I attended, Mount Saint Mary’s.   We have experiences plenty of fun date-nights there and it has been so nice to revisit those places with you there to capture it all!”

I have always found the Pennsylvania Memorial to be awe inspiring with its large granite pillars and intricate carvings.  It was built to commemorate the 30,000+ soldiers from Pennsylvania that fought in the Battle of Gettysburg.  Connelly and Dominick love learning and history and that combines with the beautiful of this space and the view, I knew it would be a perfect fit.

I used a tilt shift lens technique here to draw attention to the arches, couple, artwork and inscription.

Connelly shared, “I think that Dominick and I are both truly sentimental people – memories, family, and tradition are extremely important to us. So, our wedding is right after the anniversary of when we first met and it falls in between my parents, my grandparents, and my aunt and uncles wedding anniversaries.”

She continued, “We had our first date right after Christmas and I really wanted to capture those same feelings that are now forever tied to the season of Christmas.”

Connelly went on, Christmas reminds me of the anticipation before our first date, the years of holidays we’ve spent with each other’s families and together. There is just so much sentimentality tied to the holiday for me.”

She finished her thought with, “I think that this time of year just reminds me of how important family is to me and how soon Dominick and I will be family. It just makes me think about how much I love him and how I’ve always loved him.”

Connelly shared, “I think that one of the reasons that Dominick and I work so well together is because we push each other, value each other’s opinions and care deeply about each other.”

I love to use framing in my composition, here they are perfectly framed in the arches– you notice the massive scale of the architecture, yet they still hold their own in the image!

The sun set on this cloudy, Gettysburg day and the cool blues of twilight began to show.  I stepped back until I was quite a distance from them and silhouetted them in the belly of the monument.

There is something so timeless, classic and romantic about a silhouette… and the blue of twilight– wow!!!

As we walked back through town I was very cognizant of the Christmas decorations and the significance to Connelly and Dominick.

In this next photo I actually made the classic Christmas decorations the subject of the photo and allowed the happy couple and incredible architecture to fade into the background.

In this shot I think you can see so many of their statements come together in a visual way– feeling so comfortable and at home together, their love of Christmastime and the fact that they are about to join together and literally become family…

It also makes me think of a greeting card or Hallmark movie, there is even room at the top of the frame for the movie title, hehe…

Connelly and Dominick– that you so much for inviting me to capture such a special time in your relationship together.  It was my pleasure to have you two open up to me and set out to capture so many elements of your relationship for you to share for many many years to come!

I hope that these photos are just the sort of crisp, colorful, creative, high-quality, personalized, unique, artistic photographs that you were looking for!  I am so excited to hear your thoughts about them and to photograph your wedding this fall at Mount Saint Mary’s and the beautiful Gettysburg Hotel, it is one of my favorite wedding venues!

[…] If you’d like to see more of Connelly and Dominick, check out their Gettysburg Engagement Session here. […]

Carnegie Institution for Science Wedding Photographers: Dan & Chris

A winter wedding in Washington DC that included freshly falling snow and these two dapper gentlemen…

I had such a blast working with these two!  Our first meeting began with Chris saying, “Your work is so crisp, clear and exactly the type of high-quality photography that we are looking for!  Thank you so much for making this decision so easy for us!”

Dan elaborated, “We are also really struck by your ability to capture emotion and personality!  Your photos are creative and fun but not over-done.”  They both mentioned loving my familiarity with the Carnegie and my ability to incorporate the architecture into the photos as well. 🙂

As far as aesthetic, they shared, “With a December wedding, we wanted subtle winter/holiday elements of burgundy and gold, accented with evergreens, winter florals, and candles. We opted to go with tailored navy suites to balance out the stateliness of the venue and keep things a bit more casual.”

I love to play with different photographic elements on a wedding say.  The image above embraces shadow to allow the vibrant, delicate foliage to pop!

The image below plays with the symmetry of  the room and the couple.  They were so much fun to be with, always laughing and joking around!

I love to play with light and enjoyed capturing that golden glow and shadowy silhouettes as they pin their boutonnieres…

Chris and Dan’s home has been in the family for years!  Chris’ grandparents moved into the basement as newlyweds in the 1940s and rented from his grandfather’s aunt & uncle who owned the home.  After a few years, they were asked if they wanted to purchase it when the home was slated to be put on the market.  They did purchase the home and raised Chris’ father and uncle in the house.  Chris & his brother Bryan spent their entire childhood visiting their grandparents there.

Although the house has been significantly updated, it was important to keep many of the family’s furniture pieces and make sure that any new elements tied-in seamlessly with the character and history of the home.  Chris shared, “Our family has been gathering in this house for holidays and special occasions for seven decades which is why it felt so important to have photos taken there on our wedding day.  It’s exciting to have so much history in a house and to be carrying it into another generation.”

Dan shared a bit about their relationship, “How could I not fall in love with Chris? He is truly a one-of-a-kind guy and not a day goes by where I don’t stop and think how lucky I am to have him by my side. I fell in love with Chris because he was the funniest and most genuinely caring person I’ve ever met.  He’ll do anything he can to help out our family and friends.  There’s no one who can make me laugh like he can!”

Chris shared, “I fell in love with Dan’s kindness, warmth, and fun nature.  Dan keeps me grounded and provides tremendous support.  I like the person I’ve become with Dan in my life.  We both seem to complement each other very well!”

On the way there, I snapped this photo– I liked the way you could see the snowflakes sticking to the window and couldn’t resist reflection on the ceiling of the limo!

They shared, “Our day was truly perfect!  The snow was incredible — enough to make the atmosphere feel incredibly special and the scenery beautiful, but not enough to cause travel headaches for anyone. The snow was unreal, just incredible and really put us in a festive mood!”

Chris shared, “My life is truly complete with Dan in it and I feel very fortunate!  I’m looking forward to officially strengthening our partnership, traveling together, and building a family as a married couple!”

Such handsome gentlemen!!!  I just love the touch that the snow adds and the light this time of year!  Their suits and ties were from Suit Supply in Georgetown.

They shared, “After visiting a handful of potential venues, we knew that the Carnegie Institution of Washington was the perfect choice for us. We were going for a very “DC” wedding, and we felt the venue really gave off a genuine and authentic DC vibe.  It simply felt right and embodied all the elements we wanted for our wedding day.  The library, rotunda, boardroom, and staircase all added special elements to our special occasion.”

To say that I appreciate the architecture in the Carnegie is such a huge understatement…

So happy together!

This was a very emotional part in the ceremony for everyone, here Dan’s sister is reading the Supreme Court’s decision aloud…

Justice Kennedy stated, “No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice and family.  In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than they once were.”

This was of particular significance, especially with Dan’s involvement and work on the cause…

They shared, “We met through our friend Joanna, so it made perfect sense to have her officiate our wedding. We could never thank her enough — she put an enormous amount of time and energy into planning and writing our ceremony from scratch, and it could not have turned out better. Walking into the rotunda with each of our moms — and seeing all of our friends and family gathered in one place — was a truly overwhelming experience for us, in a good way!!”

I focused on the ring in this photo as it wanted it to be super crisp and clear…

With this ring, I thee wed…

They shared “We had so many people visiting the city we call home that we wanted elements of Washington, DC incorporated into our big day as well.  One of those elements was our D&C wedding logo, which of course was DC, yet also our initials!”  Here you can see the logo projected during their ceremony along with that stunning, classic DC architecture…

It’s official…

Oh wow– the snow!  It was such a beautiful touch…

Dan shared, “I’m excited for the adventures we have ahead of us and the family we’ll build together in the years ahead.”

I love playing with depth of field…

High fives all around– Chris’ brother Bryan was his best man…

Molly was Dan’s best woman…

The couple shared, “Having Bryan & Molly as our best man & women was the only option we ever considered for our wedding party.  Bryan and Molly are terrific in every sense and we knew they would be absolutely perfect on our wedding day.  We are fortunate to have lots of amazing friends, so keeping the wedding party simple just made the most sense.”

Chris and Dan shared, “We loved spending this time together in the snow with our bridal party as well wishers passed by on the street!”

They shared, “We do complement each other very well! When one of us is stressed, the other one can usually balance out and calm the situation. We support each other in pretty intuitive ways.”

Let’s get the party started!!!  I loved the gold beaded chargers and burgundy linens– such festive touches… these details and so many more were coordinated with the assistance of Kaitlyn and her team at Cheers Darling!

Dan and Chris explained, “For the tables we went for a very simple yet refined place setting.  Everything from the name cards, menus, and napkin-fold had been thought through, and the added sprig of rosemary was simply the final touch to tie-it all together.  We actually didn’t get a chance to see the table settings so we are very excited to see the photos!”

I have a wide variety of lenses and have to shoot wide and really capture the whole atmosphere…  here the entire crowd cheers and the bridal party stands as D & C enter the wedding reception.  I love how you can see the architecture of the room as well as the excitement of the happy couple!

I moved in a little tighter to show their dance moves…

A fun perspective of the first dance…

The mother-son dances were so much fun!


They shared, “Our day was so much fun!  We really want photos that capture that!”

Dance floor action…

Dan and Chris said, “Our friends and family are top priorities for us and it was extremely important to have several photos take with them, especially large group photo in the rotunda.  That was such a fantastic idea and we’re so glad you suggested it!”

A huge shout out to Michael Bell from MyDeeJay for helping with the logistics of this shot

Milk and cookie shots were a festive tie-in and absolutely adorable!

Chris shared, “At the end of the night, I honestly felt like my life was complete.  I am so fortunate to be married to Dan!”

There were so many light temperatures effecting the Carnegie that night– the street lamps, the spots, the lamp…  it was if all were celebrating this union!   I embraced it all and added my own, too for a little extra pop…

Chris and Dan shared, “We absolutely loved working with you!  You were so much fun and really had a stress-free attitude!!  You helped us to create a wedding day schedule and follow it diligently, consulting us if time was becoming a factor.  You were so flexible and super helpful, even asking us which photos we’d prefer to have you focus on!  Thank you!”

Many thanks, Dan and Chris for being so amazing to work with– I hope that these photos are just the sort of crisp, creative, architectural, unique, emotional images that you were hoping for!

If you’d like to see more of Chris and Dan, check out their engagement photos here.

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wowww, so great, i can learn more from now, thank you for sharing.

Huffington Posts’ ‘most romantic moments’ include 2 of my photos!!!

Nick & Maggie, Kyle and Kaylan– I have some pretty crazy news for you…

The Huffington Post considers one of your wedding moments to be one of the most “romantic wedding photos” because it captured “pure unadulterated love”!!!  Thanks so much for being your awesome selves and trusting me to capture such an important time in your lives!

Falling for you… 

It happened: Maggie fell in her wedding gown!!!

What might have been a nightmare to some couples was a moment that Nick and Maggie embraced with love, laughter and anti-bacterial wipes, haha! *AND* Huffington Post recognized it as one of the most “romantic wedding photos.

All that gym time paid off as Maggie completely saved her dress by catching herself in a perfect yoga plank. Unfortunately this bloodied and wounded her hands.  Nick helped her up and joked about her ‘officially being a Staver.’

We grabbed our first-aid kit from our car and passed it to Nick, who shared that Maggie’s resilience is something that really attracted him to her — that Maggie is joyful, strong and someone who is able to roll with the punches.

To see more of Nick and Maggie’s wedding day, click here.

Defying gravity…

This photo was inspired by this couple’s love for classic literature, specifically the Peter Pan quote that Kaylan chose to engrave in Kyle’s wedding band: ‘Come with me and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land.

To see more of Kyle and Kaylan’s wedding day, click here.

Thanks again to the editors of Huffington Post for following my work, it’s an honor!

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