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Carlisle Wedding Photographers: Gillian & Ray at Fallen Tree Farm

A romantic love story and an intimate wedding at the beautiful Fallen Tree Farm Bed and Breakfast

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-1

Gillian is a professional photographer, so finding the right photographer for her wedding day was a big priority for her.  She wanted someone who owned top of the line equipment and knew how to use it, someone who understands lighting and composition and creates high quality, colorful images.

This vibrant photo shows Gillian’s wedding bouquet– it contains roses and Gerbera daisies like the arrangements he would send to her when he was working overseas.

Fallen Tree Farm Wedding Photos Pictures-12

While she wanted a few traditional portraits she wanted most images to capture candid emotion and moments of the day as they unfolded.  She wanted wedding portraits that we creative, artistic, and interesting to view.  I’m very happy that she decided to spend her wedding day with me by her side ;).

I love this silhouetted view of Gillian as her dress is tied.  She is framed in the doorway below intricately detailed glass aside the “his” and “hers” robes hanging patiently on the wall of the bridal suite.

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-3

Ray and Gillians love story is romantic and interesting– it involves love letters and flying across an ocean to be together.

Ray said that he “just knew” that he had found the one in Gillian from the beginning of their relationship.  They share the same outlook on life, their values and morals are perfectly matched.

Ray fell in love with Gillian because she is a good-hearted, beautiful woman inside and out.

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-4

Gillian and Ray chose to have an intimate ceremony with roughly twenty guests in attendance.

It was perfect for the two of them because both are more quiet and easy going, so they liked the idea of keeping things simple.

Here are just two of those honored guests: her grandmother and her son (who was also her man-of-honor).


Gillian and Ray grew up together and were friends in high school, Gillian thought he was “cute” haha, but they were so different at that time.

Ray joined the Marine Corps and had a 20 year career serving his country, then he spent several years overseas working in Beirut, which is went they found each other– on Facebook ;).

They sent messages back and forth all day long, which is how they initially got to know each other.  Here is his final message to her before she walks down the aisle with him to be joined as husband and wife!

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-5

Gillian warned me that Ray is a tough guy, Marine Corps all the way, and would not be likely to smile for photos.  I captured several more serious photos of Ray and am happy to say that I caught him laughing here.  🙂


Gillian and Ray love the outdoors and natural settings; Fallen Tree Farm Bed and Breakfast was the perfect venue for them.

They first found out about it several years ago when I blogged a Carlisle wedding whose preparations and “first look” took place there.  Gillian loved the ceremony space and the stunning mansion and grounds.

Here Gillian is escorted out of the mansion towards the ceremony space by her father, ready to walk down the aisle.

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-6

Gillian and Ray wanted to hold fast to the tradition of not seeing each other before meeting at the altar on the wedding day.

Gillian said walking up to Ray, she could see no one else but him.  She joked that she couldn’t recollect who attended the ceremony or where they sat, but only his face and thinking that she couldn’t wait to be his wife.

In this next photo, Gillian and her father approached the altar.  Ray’s face says it all, Gillian is respected and absolutely adored–  wow, this man’s love runs deep!

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-7

The wedding altar at Fallen Tree farm stands on the ruins of the old barn’s stone foundation.  They installed a stained glass window that hangs behind the couple as they exchange their vows.

It gives the space the feeling of an outdoor chapel and was really a perfect touch for this wedding.

I’m not sure, but I believe Gillian may have been wiping away a tear here– I love seeing Gillian & Ray’s best men and minister in the photo too.  It gives a nice symmetry and balance to the composition.

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-8

Here Ray is stating his wedding vows.  Gillian shared that he is an honorable man who is trustworthy, caring and smart.

She said that he is a hard-working man of integrity and that she is incredibly proud to be at his side.

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-9

The ring…

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-10

Kiss the bride!  Nice dip, Ray!

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-13
Man and wife!  Gillian shared that she has never felt so loved and that she thought he looked so handsome in his suit. 😉

I think both of those sentiments come across in this photo:

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-12

On the way in for dinner they stopped for a quick smooch– I caught the candid moment along with all of the ornate porch detailing here:

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-14

The dining room at Fallen Tree Farm was lovely and Gillian’s decor was so sweet!  (They had initially planned on an outdoor dinner, but because of the unseasonably chilly weather moved everything into the dining room).

She wanted a soft, romantic feel that incorporated the outdoors.  Ray cut slabs of wood and Gillian decorated them with florals and birdcages and nests, a nod to a bit of a “love birds” theme.

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-15

Gillian’s mother shared a sweet toast that had all of the wedding guests laughing and smiling…

Fallen Tree Farm Wedding Photos Pictures-1

Following dinner, Gillian and Ray spent quality time alone together as their guests socialized.

Gillian beamed as she and Ray explored the grounds together.  The spring buds were in full bloom and new growth sprang from every direction.  The day almost felt more like it was in April than in May.

I was able to see even more of the sweet, loving side of Ray that Gillian had shared about.

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-16

They were both so happy to be together.  Gillian said that this moment almost felt like a dream after spending years in a long distance relationship with Ray.

She had even traveled to Beirut twice to spend time with Ray there and he woudl travel to the US to see her as well.

Gillian shared that he has a silly side and makes them laugh a lot.  I think you can see a bit of that here:

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-19

She said that she trusted him despite the distance because she knew that he loved her like she had never been loved before.

He always made their relationship a priority and makes her feel like the most loved woman in the whole world.

She says that she truly admires him and feels incredibly proud to be his wife.

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-18
Here is one of the more traditional portraits of Gillian and Ray…

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-17

Ray shared that he is looking forward to his future with Gillian.  He is eager to make a home and spend their time together.

I like this photo because you almost get the sense of them moving out from the shadows of the unknown and looking forward to the bright future ahead of them:

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-20

Visually I really liked the way the sunlight was skimming off of the stable doors as it set in the background.

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-21

As a photographer, Gillian loves the “golden hour” and scheduled her romantic photos alone with Ray to be during that hour.  It is a period of time shortly after sunrise of sunset with soft, vibrant lighting.

During this time of day, the light is very romantic and gentle, it also brings out the gold hues as you can see from the image above and below.

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-22

Being a photographer Gillian also chose to wear a gown that would be comfortable and easy to move in.  It gave us a lot of versatility– we transitioned seamlessly from the mansion to the woods to the stables to the gardens.  🙂

I love a wedding dress with sleeves– so pretty!!!

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-23

Gillian shared that she believes that she and Ray work so well together because they treat each other the way they want to be treated.

They respect each other and communicate and overall just want the other to be happy, and are willing to compromise on their own desires from time to time if need be.

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-24

The “golden hour” ends with sunset, and the sunset was absolutely breathtaking on their wedding day.

I love how Gillian is laughing in this next photograph and Ray is smiling, happy that she is happy.  🙂

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-25

The gold tones faded and the sky was completely pink and blue for a few minutes.

Night was falling, but it almost looked like surgery puffs of cotton candy loomed above them.

I snapped this last photo at the end of the evening and love how you can see them, the incredible pink clouds and the dramatic silhouette of their venue all in one shot!

Carlisle Wedding Photographer best fallen tree farm creative-26

Gillian & Ray, it was an absolute pleasure to get to meet the two of you and hear your story.  I hope that these words and photos do it justice and provide you with the creative, artistic, well composed high-quality photography that you were looking for.

I wish you both all the very best and am so happy to have your story on my blog.  Please feel free to share it with your friends & family.  🙂

DC Wedding Photographers Carnegie Institution: Lauren & Sean

A classic, elegant, Washington DC wedding at the Carnegie Institution for Science…  

DC best wedding photographers creative-1

Lauren & Sean contacted me looking for classic, timeless photos that captured the beautiful DC architecture and candid emotion on their wedding day.   While they were drawn to black and white images, they also enjoyed creative shots with vibrant pops of color, too.

I gave them a nice eclectic mix, but I think you will notice that the elegance and sophistication are key players in their wedding photography collection.  The photo above shows the architecture, their classic attire and venue as well as a bright blue sky!

Eight Tree Street created the elegant bouquets pictured below.   Her color palette was ivory, gold, and blush– this soft mixture of roses and peonies were a perfect fit for Lauren’s romantic aesthetic…

DC best wedding photographers creative-2

Washington DC is where Lauren & Sean met, fell in love and where they now live and work.  Sean works for a North Carolina Congressman on Capitol Hill, so incorporating the Capitol building into their wedding photography was exactly what I wanted to do if it was possible.  I just wasn’t sure how I would be able to make it happen.

I saw this photograph hanging on the wall in Lauren’s suite and hung her shoes from the frame.  I was thrilled to capture a bit of the capitol in their wedding photos.  😉

DC best wedding photographers creative-3

Lauren’s suite was a flurry of activity as family and friends gathered for wedding day preparations.

Here Lauren takes a moment to breathe while her make-up artist prepares her brush.  I love capturing candid moments like this one.  I like the editorial feel of it and the way it tells a story and captures some of the emotion and activities of the day.

DC best wedding photographers creative-4

Sean mentioned appreciating Lauren’s adventurous spirit that pulls him out of his shell, her ability to encourage him when he is down.  He also loves how quick she is to laugh.

I believe this next photograph captures those aspects of her personality perfectly…

DC best wedding photographers creative-6

He also mentioned that she cares deeply about others and often puts the needs of others before her own.  She is grounded and never looses sight of what is important in life.

I think some of those qualities can be seen in this next photo…

DC best wedding photographers creative-5

Lauren’s man of honor, Jeremy, was amazing.  Here he is carrying her train during her bridal portraits.  They are cracking up as a passersby congratulates them and wishes them many years of wedding bliss ;).

DC best wedding photographers creative-7
Meanwhile Sean and the groomsmen finished last minute preparations.  I like the energy in this photo.  The black and white really draws your attention to the high contrast tuxedos that the men are wearing.

I love how they are all busy here.

DC best wedding photographers creative-9

A unique perspective seemed to bring the perfect creative twist to this classic toast to the groom…

DC best wedding photographers creative-10

Lauren appreciates Sean’s sense of integrity and honesty, the way he treats others with kindness and respect, how he is loyal and loving.

She also loves his sense of style and how organized and clean he keeps the apartment ;).  This photo seemed to give a nod to his dapper dressing and overall tidiness…

DC best wedding photographers creative-11

She loves and trusts his judgement and intellect.  She appreciates his ability to challenge her and help her accomplish her goals and the way that he gives her his shoulder to lean on when she needs it the most.  I think you can really see his confidence here…

DC best wedding photographers creative-13

Lauren & Sean used the spiral staircase inside of the Carnegie Institution for Science for their first look.

I used a variety of compositions throughout the first look, but love this first shot.

It really gives you a felling for the space they were in and I love their body positioning as well.  Lauren framed in the doorway, head tilted towards Sean and Sean walking towards the stairs to meet her there…

DC best wedding photographers creative-14

His first beaming glance at Lauren, he told her she was very beautiful.  Lauren’s eyes began welling up with tears of joy, that she is wiping away in this next photograph:


I really love the leading lines, symmetry, simplicity and balance of this next photograph.

Sean walked up and met Lauren on the landing.  They almost look like one person here:

DC best wedding photographers creative-18

While I spend most of the wedding day capturing candid moments, we do take some time for more traditional wedding portraits as well.

DC best wedding photographers creative-21

Lauren & Sean both have fantastic senses of humor and were making each other laugh all afternoon.

DC best wedding photographers creative-22

Lauren & Sean both shared that what they are most excited for is their future together.  They look forward to growing the love that they have for each other, raising a family someday and being best friends throughout their lives.

DC best wedding photographers creative-23

So simple and classic– this is just “them”:

DC best wedding photographers creative-25

The bridal party arrived at the Carnegie and was all smiles and hugs…

DC best wedding photographers creative-26

Check out these stunning beauties…

DC best wedding photographers creative-27

And these handsome gentlemen…

DC best wedding photographers creative-28

I created a bridal party portrait for them inspired by modern editorials like Vogue and Vanity Fair.  We met in the boardroom– they rocked it:

DC best wedding photographers creative-31

Sisters– here are the sweet flower girls!

Family began to arrive…   Here are a few of the more candid family images:

DC best wedding photographers creative-29

Olivera Music provided string accompaniment for the ceremony…

DC best wedding photographers creative-33

Lauren & Sean live near Logan Circle and first noticed the Carnegie on their walks downtown.  The exterior of the building is breathtaking and they always wondered what it looked like from the inside.

It was naturally the first venue on their list as soon as Sean popped the question :).

One of their favorite features was the rotunda and the way that they would be able to have a ceremony in the round and be so close to all of their family and friends.

Here you can see them living out that dream ceremony:

DC best wedding photographers creative-34

One of their favorite moments from their wedding day was exchanging their own vows.  They were personal, genuine and sincere.  They even laughed aloud at points.  The ceremony was incredibly honest and joyful.

I liked the way the light was streaming in through the window above the entryway rim-lighting the happy couple.

DC best wedding photographers creative-35

The ceremony was very personal and officiated by Rev. Jeff Maszal.

I love the photo of the kiss even better zoomed in as you can make out individual guests body language and facial expressions…

DC best wedding photographers creative-37
DC best wedding photographers creative-38

Cocktail hour began with more music by Olivera Music and hors devours by the extremely talented staff at Purple Onion.

Just looking at these is making me hungry…


The guitarist played Bossa Nova music in honor of Lauren’s Brazilian heritage.

Lauren’s grandmother was touched and serenaded weddings guests, treating them to a few traditional songs complete with motions as well…

DC best wedding photographers creative-48

While some of the wedding guests enjoyed the Brazillian serenade inside of the Carnegie, many enjoyed the outdoor space as well.  The portico was a real draw for Lauren and Sean as well.

Here you can see Lauren’s mother walking out on the portico.

DC best wedding photographers creative-44

The entire event was also captured by Guilan Films— it was nice to work with  Bobak again.  🙂

DC best wedding photographers creative-45

The flow was kept moving smoothly by day of coordinator, JEM Events.

Inside the Carnegie ballroom was decorated in ivory, gold and shades of pink.

Here you can see the table decor and draperies, too.

DC best wedding photographers creative-49

A highlight of the evening was Lauren’s father’s speech.  He had a natural ability to draw the guests in with his laughter and poignancy.  Growing up, his family joked that he could be the mayor of their small town because he was so friendly and always had a story to tell.

His speech shared about moments in his life and how they connected and lead to this one moment of him giving his daughter away and gaining a son.

DC best wedding photographers creative-50

He had the entire room laughing out loud and crying, even the bride and groom!

DC best wedding photographers creative-51

During the wedding cake cutting, Lauren’s Uncle Jimmy sang “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra.  It was a very fun, impromptu moment!

DC best wedding photographers creative-52

Speaking of dancing– Lauren & Sean’s first dance was pretty amazing.  I stood outside of the door to try to show off all of the detailed architecture and the dancing and crowd surrounding the couple.  I wanted to capture the feeling that all of those combined elements created for the moment.

DC best wedding photographers creative-53

A different perspective now, rather than capturing the full scene, this time you will see just one moment.

A little luck and anticipation– here is Lauren and Sean’s final dip during their first dance.

DC best wedding photographers creative-54

Then the dance floor was open to all of the wedding guests and kept full by DJ Mark Maszal.

DC best wedding photographers creative-55

Lauren & Sean took a few moments alone to themselves.  Sean picked her up, it was very sweet.

Of all of the photographs of their wedding day, this might have been the most classic, timeless, romantic of them all.  I also think it looks amazing in black and white. 🙂 Lisa

DC best wedding photographers creative-56

Lauren & Sean thank you for your very kind note– I really appreciated hearing that you felt like Kris and I were both incredibly professional and so discrete that you completely forgot that you were being constantly photographed ;).  Hopefully you will see these photos and re-live the incredible moments of your wedding for years to come!  I wish you two both the very best!!!

Philadelphia Wedding Photographers: Kayla & Ryan

The quintessential Philadelphia wedding– Loews Hotel, the city skyline, Cira Center, Union TrustBroad Street… you won’t want to miss this modern, elegant wedding:

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-1

Kayla & Ryan contacted me looking for elegant, natural wedding photography with a “wow factor.”  They wanted unique, images that capture their love for each other and for Philadelphia.

Kayla did her research– she read our reviews online and blog and loved the photos– they were beautifully composed and people always looked comfortable and in their own unique element.

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-2

Preparations for their wedding day began in Philly’s Loews Hotel.   It had the perfect modern aesthetic that Kayla was looking for.

Here Kayla and her mother reach for her wedding dress together:

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-3

Ryan fell for Kayla’s warm heart and caring attitude, as time went on his love for her became more about her tenacity and grinding mentality.  He knows that when the chips are down she will be there to fight along side of him.

Here she is looking absolutely stunning in her Marie Gabriel Couture gown with hair and make-up by Daneene Jensen.  She chose the purple bouquet in memory of Ryan’s grandmother…

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-4

I absolutely love this image of Kayla.  She wanted timeless images and I think that this high-contrast black and white photograph makes me think of Grace Kelly, another iconic Philadelphia bride.  😉

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-5

Kayla’s bridesmaids were so excited for her.  Here is a candid photograph of them trying to fit Kayla’s gown into an elevator at Loews Hotel.  It fit.  😉  I love little moments like this that come together to tell a story.

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-6

From Princess of Monaco to queen.  I love her poise and confidence here.  You can totally see that strength that Ryan was talking about!

I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed photographing Kayla’s bridal portraits– what a treat!

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-7

Kayla wore a cathedral length veil– here her bridesmaids are providing plenty of assistance.  🙂

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-8

Kayla loves Philadelphia and had hoped to visit the Art Museum steps and Independence Hall.

While the rain prevented us from visiting those Philadelphia icons, we were able to see the skyline outside of Loews Hotel:

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-9

A more traditional photo of the bridesmaids, with a bit of a modern twist.  You are gorgeous, ladies!  The lovely bouquets were provided by Fabufloras.

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-10

Despite the fact that we had to go with her Plan B photo locations, Kayla remained cheerful and up-beat.  As we traveled from Loews to the Cira Centre she was absolutely beaming.

I really like this photo for several reasons– the slow shutter speed conveys the motion of the vehicle, you can see raindrops on the windows and city streets in the background and Kayla’s cheerful smile and all of that fluffy tulle!

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-11

Here Ryan waits at the Cira Centre for Kayla, he couldn’t be more smitten:

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-12

The modern look of the buildings with all of the glass (and perfectly positioned overhang to keep the groomsmen dry) couldn’t have fit this elegant, modern wedding or rainy say any better.

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-13

Their first look was pretty incredible.

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-17

Kayla shared that she was first attracted to his charm and good looks, but what she loves about him is the way that he treats other people.  He is great at building others up, weather it is his best friend or a clerk ringing up his groceries.  Recently he encouraged a guy at a food truck on his “wrapping skills.”  It makes him a great coach and will make him an amazing husband and father.

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-18

The entire 16 member bridal party met in the atrium of the Cira Centre for their group photograph.   I love using natural light and there is plenty of it in that wedding venue.

I am inspired by the large group spreads in Vanity Fair, GQ and Vogue and thought that that sophisticated, modern feel fit the aesthetic of Kayla & Ryan’s wedding well.

The bridal party did a fantastic job bringing out their inner model:

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-19

Union Trust was absolutely breathtaking and reminded me a bit of the art deco style that you saw in the 1920’s– it felt very “Great Gatsby” to me.

The team at Courtney Space Events was absolutely amazing.  Here Courtney and Brooke quickly straighten her veil before using their ninja skills to disappear in to the background.

They deserve a huge shout out for all of their work on and leading up to the wedding day.

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-20

Ryan shared that watching her down the aisle towards him was impossible to put into words, but that he felt like he hit that jackpot be was simultaneously excited and grateful.

I love the emotion in this image as well as the glowing candles and the shadows cast by the Cherry Blossoms in the background.

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-21


So you probably realize by now that I like artistic, creative images.  I noticed this really cool reflection at Union Trust and thought that it kind of captured all of the emotions and thoughts running through your mind as a key player in the wedding ceremony.   The same sort of emotions that Ryan was just describing.

It is abstract, but you can just barely make out a few of the bridal party members and minister as well as the bride and groom.

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-22

Their most memorable part of the wedding day was seeing one another at the ceremony knowing we were about to become husband and wife.
When I asked them about what makes them work, they quoted Rocky, “We fill gaps… She’s got gaps, I got gaps, together we fill gaps.” They went on to elaborate that each of them strives so hard to be a good or better person in our environments (whether at work or with family or friends) that in moments of weakness we look to one another to up our game and match the other’s effort.

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-23

The unity candle is a popular wedding tradition.  If you are not familiar with it, I’ll explain a little bit about it for you.

In the photograph below, Kayla and Ryan take their individual candles (which were lit by their mothers earlier in the service symbolizing their birth) and light the center candle together as they unite from two individuals into one new family.

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-25

I love reflections– they bring those surreal emotions from a wedding day to being visible and tangible.  There are several reflections here: one of the wedding ceremony, another of a photo of Kayla and Ryan playing on a slideshow and another of the blue skies that opened up during the ceremony.

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-26

Aside from all the cool lighting and reflective surfaces at Union Trust, I also really enjoyed working with the balcony.  It allowed me to get a bird’s eye view of the ceremony and later of the dance floor.

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-27

The rain stopped just long enough for Kayla and Ryan to take a celebratory, post-ceremony ride down Broad Street and cheer as husband and wife.  It was such a classic Philadelphia thing to do!  I love that view of City Hall.  I actually photographed and engagement there recently, but that is another story ;).

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-28

Meanwhile the guests were enjoying all sorts of treats at cocktail hour.  Here is just a tiny sampling…

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-29

The ceiling at Union Trust is stunning.  Here you can see it along with the guests enjoying cocktail hour from the balcony as the venue staff transforms the ceremony space into an elegant ballroom.

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-30

I noticed the bride’s sister and her husband with their newborn tucked away in a quiet corner during the reception.  What a sweet photo– look at those tiny fingers!

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-31

For Kayla and Ryan’s reception introductions, Kris stayed at the bottom level while I stayed at the top.  Here is my view of the announcement:

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-32

…here is Kris.’ I love the framing of it from the inclusion of the reflection to the cheering guests below.

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-33

Thomas Fowler of Findley Catering was fantastic to work with and kept everything running without a hitch.  Their first dance:

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-34

The dance floor was filled as soon as it opened!  Blue Root did a great job keeping everyone out on the floor  :).

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-35

More wedding traditions– the bouquet toss and cake cutting.  Get it, ladies!!!

Ryan was really impressed with the cake topper that Kayla had custom made. Wrestling has been and always will be a huge part of Ryan’s life and now Kayla’s life– his passion for it is one of the many things she loves about him!

union trust wedding photographer

I asked Kayla if she had any advice to give other brides and she said:

“Choose Rhinehart Photography ; ) and remember to dance and eat your cake!” 🙂

At the end of the night Ryan and Kayla took a few moments to be alone in the bridal suite overlooking the festivities below.

I took the opportunity to showcase the stunning architecture– wow!!!

z Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative (1)

One last dip!  While their wedding day was spectacular in a number of ways, what Ryan and Kayla are looking forward to most in married life is starting a family, supporting each other daily and lazy days at home.

z Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative (2)

Kayla & Ryan, it was such a pleasure to work with both of you on your wedding day!  You both are beautiful on the inside and out.  your upbeat, positive attitudes and perseverance will get you far in life!

I hope that these photos creatively capture your wedding in an elegant, natural way and that they do make you say “wow!”  I am so excited to hear what you and your friends and family think!

Creative PA engagement photographer: Matt & Mike at Pole’s Steeple

On top of the world!!!  This happy couple climbed a mountain during their engagement session, were treated to a stunning, misty view and had some fun along the way– more here:

creative PA engeagment photographer vibrant fun-1

Mike and Matt contacted me looking for a photographer who used vibrant colors, dramatic lighting and creative compositions to tell a story.

They wanted photos that would not only capture their physical appearance, but also their love for each other and them in their element, having fun together.   Ideally they wanted photos that they can share with family and friends that express who they are as a couple.

To say that Mike and Matt are active is an understatement.  They are both incredibly committed to their busy careers as biologists and love the great outdoors.  I like how this photo captures all of that at once.  I used a slow shutter speed to give you that sense of intense energy and forward motion…

creative PA engeagment photographer vibrant fun-5
Exploring a new place is something that they both enjoy very much.  They also like rock climbing.

While they are currently living in Lansdale, they were up for any interesting location and I suggested Pole’s Steeple as it is a favorite trail of mine.  It is only maybe a mile (pretty much straight up) and then you are rewarded with a breathtaking view.  

They did not shy away from taking the more challenging trek!

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Matt (in blue) shared that he loves Michael’s energy and the way he thinks, his focused creativity is inspiring.

They share common interests (the great outdoors being one of them) and have in-depth conversations about anything and everything, even nerdy stuff.  😉

I like the tangled, exposed roots of the tree that they are leaning on…

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Michael enjoys Matt’s positive energy, excitement, and enthusiasm for life.  They both are creative, imaginative and up for anything.  Matt especially has a charismatic, contagious love for life and a way of drawing Mike in.

At one point Matt picked up a stick and turned into a swashbuckler, Mike joined right in.  These guys are a lot of fun!

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People often ask me what to wear to their engagement photography session.  I usually suggest wearing solids that will compliment yet stand out the against the background.

In their case, there would be a lot of green in the forest so neutrals like white and denim complimented the green well.

creative PA engeagment photographer vibrant fun-8

Mike’s favorite red jacket drew attention to them throughout the session and was a nice contrast against the foliage.

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Mike and Matt’s engagement rings are perfectly suited for them!  They are similar without matching– one has a metal base with inlayed wood and the other is the reverse.

I can’t think of more fitting bands for a couple of outdoor enthusiasts to wear!

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Mike shared that he really appreciates the way that Matt is always willing to help, be proactive and supportive and the way that he is a genuinely caring person.

I think that sentiment really comes across in this next photo.

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While we spent most of our time climbing up the mountain (and running through the woods and fencing, haha) we did stop along the way to catch a couple of traditional portraits.

I really like this of of the two of them!  Such handsome gentlemen ;).

creative PA engeagment photographer vibrant fun-7

I was able to catch this next photo through the branches of a tree.  I like the color and texture that the foliage brings to this image.

It also makes the image feel more private and intimate, which I also like.

creative PA engeagment photographer vibrant fun-12

After hiking through the forest and up the rock face we came to a misty vista.  I like the softness the mist conveys in this next photograph.  Again, it feels very intimate.

creative PA engeagment photographer vibrant fun-11

Look how far they have come!  They parked on the same level as the lake below!

I love how the mountain is shrouded in mist, it really draws your attention to Mike and Matt in the foreground.

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Matt and Mike– it was such a pleasure spending time with the two of you!  Your love for each other and nature is a thing to be admired.

I wish you all the very best in the next few months as you complete your wedding preparations.  I am eagerly anticipating being a part of your Pocono wedding at the Ledges Hotel this fall!

Central PA Wedding Engagement Photographers: Cory & Darren

This is the note that started it all– you won’t want to miss this romantic, small town engagement of these two Shippensburg high school sweethearts…

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It was senior year and Cory had a crush on Darren.  He didn’t seem to notice the hints that she dropped, so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She wrote him a note.  It basically stated that she’d like to go out sometime, but if he didn’t feel the same, she’d appreciate if he’d just pretend that the whole thing never happened.

Well the note worked and they did go out on that date, and many more.  I was so tickled that they brought the actual note to their engagement session– so cool!

central pa wedding photographers best top artistic creative colorful fun personal-3

Several years passed, and Darren wanted to ask Cory to be his wife.  He wanted to give a nod to the start of their relationship, so he wrote a note of his own!

He substituted “I like you” with “I love you” and “go out with me sometime” for “marry me sometime” and kept the part about “If you don’t (feel the same) just pretend it never happened.”

This has to be one of the sweetest ideas I have ever seen…

central pa wedding photographers best top artistic creative colorful fun personal-2

Darren and Cory live in the same small town as me, and have been following my work for years.  There were several things that they particularly liked about my style that they hoped to see in their engagement photos.

They are both “techies” and appreciate my use creative use of photography techniques like my use of different lenses and shutter speed.  They also like the way I artistically capture emotion.  Cory especially liked the idea of having engagement photos that have a soft, airy, almost fairy-tale feeling.

They also mentioned liking the eclectic mix of photos that I capture for my clients– some more artful, some more traditional.  Here is a traditional portrait where I used a wide-open aperture to capture the light filtering through the tree leaves creating smooth, buttery circles in the background.  In short it is a classic portrait with that soft, warm look that Cory enjoys…

central pa wedding photographers best top artistic creative colorful fun personal-4

In the month leading up to Cory and Darren’s engagement session I photographed couples in Annapolis, Philadelphia and DC, so having to travel less than one mile from my home to photograph their engagement was kind of amazing.

They chose Dykeman’s Spring for several reasons.  Cory  wanted a location with a natural, romantic, fairytale feeling and thought that the nature trail there would be perfect.  They also wanted to choose a location in their hometown that had some history.   What better place than the location of their pre-prom photos years before?

I really flexed my creative muscles for this next photo.  I like to use reflections because they convey a surreal, dream-like feeling, which is very much what it can feel like to be in love…

central pa wedding photographers best top artistic creative colorful fun personal-5

I also like shooting through elements that give the photo a more intimate feel like we are watching from afar.  In this case I climbed a bit of a hill and shot through a branch with young, Spring leaves against a vibrant leafy background.

central pa wedding photographers best top artistic creative colorful fun personal-13

Remember when?  As they walked under the railroad tracks they reminisced about the 48 hour Film Project that they had created there together years before.

central pa wedding photographers best top artistic creative colorful fun personal-6

I love to use creative exposures as well.  I like seeing their shadowy silhouettes in stark contrast to the natural world climbing about in the background.

I also like the contrast of their joyful expressions being in shadow and the light from the stream below creating dancing sunbeams on the curved tunnel overhead.

central pa wedding photographers best top artistic creative colorful fun personal-7

Cory and Darren like to get dressed up when they go out, so they embraced the chance to dress up for their engagement photography session with open arms.

I love the bright color of her dress and the flow of it when she twirls :).

central pa wedding photographers best top artistic creative colorful fun personal-8

Darren shared that most important to him beyond all of the cool photo techniques was capturing Cory in the way that he sees her.   Cory shared that Darren is her best friend.  The first person she thinks about when she wakes up and the last person she’s thinking about when she goes to sleep.  This next photo really captures that for me…

central pa wedding photographers best top artistic creative colorful fun personal-9

Darren said that her laugh is the best, that it is almost musical.  He loves that she is the kind of girl who owns “The Zombie Survival Guide” and isn’t afraid of bushwacking her way through the woods, but yet is feminine, charming and understands his sense of humor…

central pa wedding photographers best top artistic creative colorful fun personal-10

Darren and Cory both love adventure and fantasy.  Again I love the way a reflection can read other worldly….

central pa wedding photographers best top artistic creative colorful fun personal-11

Darren said that he considers Cory his partner in all things, adventures and hardships.  I like the way they hold each other’s hand:

central pa wedding photographers best top artistic creative colorful fun personal-12
They spent the entire session just walking though a little trail surrounding the spring, but I wanted to end with a bang!  We climbed up to the top of a hill just as the sun was setting.

I love the comfortable, relaxed feeling of this photograph.  You can sense it from the overgrown brush to the right and Cory & Darren’s body language to the left.

central pa wedding photographers best top artistic creative colorful fun personal-14
Darren & Cory, it has been such a pleasure to watch the two of you grow up in our community and I am so excited to be invited to attend that next big milestone with you– your wedding day!!!

[…] did pop the question, and I did photograph their engagement at Dykeman Pond in Shippensburg.  It was adorable on many levels, but especially because Darren kept the note that Cory passed him […]

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