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Hershey Wedding Engagement Photographers: Chelsea & Matt

A beautiful story that left me teary and a sweet, fun-loving couple…

Best hershey wedding photographers-1

Chelsea and Matt were looking for a wedding photographer that would “wow” them and were having some trouble.  They asked their wedding planner, Lauren from the Gala Event, who she would recommend.  When they looked at my blog, they fell in love with the creative style of photography, use of vibrant colors and architectural photography that they saw.  They said they were able to feel the emotions of people in the photos.

When they met me in person they both agreed that my personality was a perfect fit for them.  They realized that they would have their wedding photographer by their side for most of their big day and wanted someone who they could enjoy and have fun with during the whole process.

While I love artistic, architectural photos, I also make sure to include a few standard portraits as well :).  Everyone meet Chelsea & Matt:

Best hershey wedding photographers-2

They wanted to find a “summery” outdoor setting for their engagement photos that had modern architecture and natural, romantic settings as well and found the perfect fit for them on the campus of the Milton Hershey School.

I’ll start with a bit of modern architecture, as I love this next image!  All the clean architectural lines, their cool confident stances and the playful surprise of copper fish below.  It really fits their positive, upbeat natures so well!

Best hershey wedding photographers-3

Matt shared that Chelsea is smart, thoughtful and encouraging.  He said his life will always be positive and hopeful simply because Chelsea is in it.

Chelsea shared that Matt puts his whole heart into everything that he does and that he makes her laugh when she is stressed, comforts her when she is sad and is incredibly supportive.

I think that their mutual trust and supportive natures can really be seen in this next photo…

Best hershey wedding photographers-4

Matt said that they compliment each other so well and just mesh naturally.  Chelsea said that he challenges her to be the very best version of herself and makes her ordinary days wonderful.

Whenever he thinks of the future, he never pictures himself anymore but rather them as a team.  Chelsea said that with Matt by her side she feels like everything is possible.

For me, this photo has a surreal feeling, as if they are looking to the future and seeing blue skies and balance…

Best hershey wedding photographers-7

Chelsea met Matt while she was working.  On the way to their first date, it took her so long to decide what to wear that Matt thought that she had stood him up!  He was walking out to his car when she saw him…

Fast forward only three dates later, and Chelsea realized that she had found the man that she would marry!  She kept this to herself, but eventually Matt realized that he shared the same deep feelings for her. 🙂

Best hershey wedding photographers-6

A few months later, Chelsea’s mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Chelsea came home after sitting with her mom all day at the hospital and found a note taped on the bathroom mirror.  It was from Matt.

It said that he wanted her to look into the mirror and see the beautiful, strong woman that he sees.  He wrote that he will always be by her side to support & comfort her and that they can get through anything together.

She came out of the room crying and found Matt waiting for her.  He told her that he loved her for the first time that night.   Now for their engagement story….

Best hershey wedding photographers-5

A few years later, Matt pulled Chelsea aside on just an ordinary day in April.  Everything seemed to be normal until Matt started shaking and stuttering his words.

He told her that he wished that her mother could be there, but standing next to her urn was the best way to allow her to be part of the experience.  He asked Chelsea to marry him.

With tears in her eyes, Chelsea said yes and the rest is history.  I love the softness and intimacy of this next photograph…

Best hershey wedding photographers-9

Chelsea and Matt had the unique opportunity of having their engagement session photographed after dark.  It allowed us some really unique opportunities to get creative after the sun went down!

Here Matt and Chelsea are silhouetted against a colorful sunset.  Chelsea shared that Matt is charming, thoughtful and a true gentleman.  I think those qualities can be seen in this photo:

Best hershey wedding photographers-10

This next photo was taken following sunset.  Chelsea and Matt relaxed together on the bridge as I set up a second flash and triggered it manually using a radio signal from my camera.

Focusing was difficult as the scene looked completely black through the viewfinder of my camera, which was made more difficult when the bright light flashed behind them, haha.   I used a slow shutter speed and a tightly closed aperture to get the tree leaves in sharp focus and the vibrant blue of the evening sky.

“Seeing spots” was totally worth it as I love this next photo!   I know a canvas comes in your package guys, and I think this would be a perfect photograph to use for it!!!

Best hershey wedding photographers-12

I love the intimacy of this final image.  It was challenging from a technical standpoint as it was now pitch black and impossible to see.  I needed to go on my instinct and knowledge base for this one.

I knew I wanted to back-light Chelsea’s sweet eye lashes and Matt’s thick hair.   I used a shallow depth of field and allowed the leaves in the background to blur into spheres of golden-green light.  I allowed the light to peek into the frame from the side, creating a bit of flare to add an emotional or spiritual feel.

In a way, it could almost be seen as a nod to Matt’s proposal and keeping Chelsea’s mom there in spirit…

Best hershey wedding photographers-11
Chelsea and Matt, thank you so much for choosing to work with me and for opening up and sharing your beautiful love story with me.

I am so happy that you were wowed by my images and that other couple’s photos allowed you to feel the moments and hope that you are able to feel all of the emotion in your photos as well.

I had a blast working with the two of you during your engagement session and cannot wait for your wedding at the Gettysburg Hotel next year!

[…] If you want to see more of Chelsea and Matt, you can check out their Hershey Engagement here. […]

Carlisle Wedding Photographers: Melissa & Jason at King’s Gap

Soft, romantic, fairy-tale engagement– even the sunset was a warm, peach hue…

Harrisburg Engagement Photographers Best Creative-1

Melissa contacted me with the mindset of the wedding photography being the one element of the wedding day that lasts and can be passed down as a family heirloom.  She wanted a photographer that could consistently produce unique, emotional photography and work well in any given situation.

Melissa did her research and viewed dozens of my blog entries and couldn’t find a photo that she didn’t like.  While their wedding is in Maryland, they traveled to Carlisle, Pennsylvania (near me) to capture their engagement photography at King’s Gap Mansion.

Melissa knew that she would want to wear something that would have a soft, romantic look and chose a tea-length ballgown with lace detailing.  I photographed her engagement ring against her dress to keep the asthetics of the set cohesive, and give it that soft, dreamy look…  what a lovely ring!

Harrisburg Engagement Photographers Best Creative-2

Jason explained that he knew that Melissa was “the one” from the moment he met her.  They talked all night as if they were the only two people in the room!  She was gorgeous and witty with a great sense of humor and shared the same values, most importantly having a strong focus on family and faith.

Harrisburg Engagement Photographers Best Creative-3

They also shared similar passions and interests– Melissa was a cheerleader and Jason was a football player in high school and now they both enjoy coaching.

They also enjoy traveling, riding Jason’s Harley and just spending time together.  They are soul mates :).

Harrisburg Engagement Photographers Best Creative-4

Melissa and Jason both love the outdoors, so finding a venue like King’s Gap was really perfect for them as it has extensive grounds with gardens, fields and woodlands.

As the name suggests, it features the stunning Cameron-Masland Mansion, a 38-room stone estate designed to resemble and Italian villa.  (In case you are wondering, yes they do weddings).  It provided a idyllic, fairy-tale setting that Melissa was trying to find.

I liked the ivy climbing up the stone wall and the vibrant blue of the sky in this next image.

Harrisburg Engagement Photographers Best Creative-5

The two of them just fit, and really enjoy each other’s company.  They are able to move past the little things quickly, and enjoy life together…

Harrisburg Engagement Photographers Best Creative-6

Melissa shared that Jason is very protective of her and makes her feel safe with his calming strength.  I think that really comes across in this next photograph…

Harrisburg Engagement Photographers Best Creative-7

Pennsylvania truly has breathtaking scenery and this next photo captures the beauty of this natural setting.

Jason shared that he enjoyed the engagement photography session as it made them slow down and enjoy the scenery and each other.

The sunlight created flare in the bottom left corner of the image, making it feel almost enchanted…

Harrisburg Engagement Photographers Best Creative-8

Melissa shared that she is just as much of a romantic as Jason is, though she is not as quick to show it.  She wanted the photos to capture how she feels on the inside– how deep their love is and how much they trust each other.

She talked about feeling like Cinderella– I think this next photo really captures all of that love, trust and sentiment…

Harrisburg Engagement Photographers Best Creative-9

Their first date was a candlelit dinner and Jason proposed in the middle of the ocean on a humid August night beneath the glowing moon.  She said the moment was quiet and one for just the two of them.

For me, this photo captures a similar feel of intimacy and togetherness, alone in nature…

Harrisburg Engagement Photographers Best Creative-10

The vibrant blue sky from earlier in the evening became soft and hazy at sunset.  It was almost a peaches-and-creme color that honestly couldn’t have complimented the look and feel of this engagement session any better.

I silhouetted them against the sky and made sure to highlight her long, blonde hair, which was rim-lit against the treeline.

Harrisburg Engagement Photographers Best Creative-11

Melissa & Jason, your love story is beautiful– it is one of the most romantic and idyllic that I have heard.  I wish you all of the very best with all of your wedding planning and look forward to working with you again this fall, this time for your wedding photos!!!

DC Wedding Photographers: Courtney & Evan at the Carnegie

A timeless, elegant, incredibly fun Washington DC wedding with an adorable (furry) guest appearance….

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-1

Courtney and Evan first saw my photography when they were touring the Carnegie Institution for Science.   She said after seeing a few of my photos, they were hooked!

They loved the way I used lighting and my ability to capture those candid, emotional moments.  She also liked the consistent quality of my photos from group portraits to the smallest wedding details.

Here are a few of their wedding details…

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-2

Courtney’s bridal party was joyful, supportive, witty and fun-loving– they are hands-down one of my favorite parties to work with to date!

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-5

All hands on deck!!!  I love capturing moments as they unfold– here Courtney’s bridesmaids help apply lip gloss while also gingerly buttoning her dress…

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-6

Courtney’s bridesmaids chose their own black floor length gowns and shoes.  She wanted their look to be timeless, elegant and practical.

Each woman felt beautiful in her gown and could totally wear it again.  her maid of honor pops in her black lace gown.  Gorgeous, ladies!

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-7

Off to the Carnegie Institution for Science for the first look!

They initially were drawn to the Carnegie because of it’s classic Washington DC feel  it projects, with its marble columns and sense of grandeur…

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-8

It also has more intimate spaces inside, that while incredibly luxurious, also have a more private size and feel.

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-9

While the ladies prepared for the wedding the men gathered for preparations of their own.  They were both at the Hotel Rouge, just on different floors.

It is a great hotel to use for preparations for Carnegie weddings as it is always distance from the hotel and the decor is interesting and allows for me to get creative.

While the painting on the wall is about to dive in, Evan dives into his wedding day preparations by dressing Deion in his tux and giving him a good belly rub, haha!!!

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-10

Looking good, gents!

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-11

Evan was ready to see his bride for the first time!

They chose to have a first look so that they could spend the cocktail hour with their guests and complete all of their romantic and group photos prior to the ceremony.   Their day flowed nicely: from preparations, to seeing each other, to seeing their friends, to seeing their family, to exchanging their vows to celebrating…

Ready to see his bride…

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-12

I chose the boardroom for their first look.  It was stately and fit their timeless feel and also provided a simple dark background that drew all of the attention to them and their lightly colored garments.

Courtney walked up behind him, beaming…

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-13

Evan shared that when he saw her she looked incredibly beautiful, but that his favorite part was how happy she looked.

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-14

Courtney shared that he looked so handsome…

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-15

When we initially talked, Courtney & Evan shared that they have very few photos of the two of them together and that it seems to be hard to find one of them that they both like.

I showed her this one on the back of my camera the day of the wedding and they were both like, “OMG!!! is this us??? LOVE it!!!”  What a cute couple!!!

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-16

We explored outside of the Carnegie as well.  I love this shot in black and white– you are really able to see all of the exquisite detailing and even read the engraving…

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-17

The pretty orbs floating into this image were caused by sunlight reflecting inside my camera lens.  I think they are beautiful and add a real element of emotion to this image…

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-18

I like playing with light– for this next photograph, I focused on the shadows created on the marble steps.

I like how wind is blowing his hair into little wisps and that you can see all of the exquisite detailing on her dress…

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-20

We headed inside for some family photos in the library…

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-21

Courtney was greeted by a surprise visitor– her mom’s expression is priceless!!!

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-22

Courtney & Evan’s dog, Deion, played an important role in their wedding and in bringing them together as a couple.

Early in their relationship, Evan realized that animals were important to Courtney– she volunteered at shelters and Evan thought he’d impress Courtney & visit a shelter with her.

Little did he know that he would leave the visit with a dog.  Deion wiggled his way into Evan’s life, showed Courtney Evan’s huge heart and eventually helped win her over on behalf of Evan.

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-24

Evan and Courtney chose to have Deion at their side on the wedding day and bought him a tiny tuxedo.

Courtney said it was only fitting to give him an important role.  He was their ring-bearer during the ceremony!

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-25

There are several photos for the bridal party, but this one is totally my favorite.  I told you they were a lot of fun!

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-26

The wedding ceremony site was gorgeous– the room was set with gold chiavari chairs and bronze vases overflowing with lilies, roses, and hydrangea from Growing Wild Florals.

Guests were welcomed with buttled trays of refreshing sweet tea…

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-27

As Courtney’s father escorted her down the aisle and she turned the corner to see Evan, she was filled with emotion.

She said it was as though everything just took a breath for a moment, and you could feel that something new was getting ready to happen.

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-30

I like to capture the faces and emotion from a close perspective but also capture the entire scene as well.

Here is a bird’s eye view of her father giving her a kiss on the cheek before placing her hand in Evan’s.

You get a good feel for the stately architecture and the sense that they are surrounded by family & friends.

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-32

Courtney shared that she was pleased to see Evan so happy.  They are literally both beaming here.

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-33

The ceremony was short, sweet and lovely…

I have a close shot of the kiss as well, but I really like this wide crop that shows even more of the architecture!

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-34

A stolen moment– when I first met with Courtney and Evan they described a photo of mine that they loved.  It was of a fleeting moment during the ceremony.  She said if I was able to just get one or two shots like that during their wedding day, it would be amazing.

I captured several photos that fit the description, but this one is so tender that I wonder if it might be that shot for her.

The ceremony had just ended and they wound the spiral staircase to spend some time alone before joining everyone at cocktail hour.  I used a slow shutter to capture the motion of them walking and Evan leaned over put his arm around her and gave her a kiss…

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-35

Celebrate!!!  This photograph would look incredible in their wedding album.  🙂

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-36

Well Dunn Catering provided lovely hors d’oeuvres to the guests while I captured details from the reception hall including the place settings.

Here a navy, sequined tablecloth adds some sparkle to the reception hall…

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-37

Guests gathered in the rotunda as the bridal party was announced and the wedding traditions began:

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-42

In this next photo Courtney and Evan make their grand entrance surrounded by family and friends.

I love how you can see so many of the guests, the space and the excitement of the happy couple!

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-43

Courtney shared that she loves Evan’s sense of humor and quick wit!  She appreciates his positive, level-headed personality and how he always keeps her laughing.

They shared that they are great at being the thing that the other person needs in that moment.

The look on Evan’s face during the first dance says it all…

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-45

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-44
Courtney’s father gave an incredibly touching speech– you can see them both taking it all in here…
dc wedding photographers best creative unique-47

I love the way that the guests literally surrounded Courtney and her father on the dance floor.

I caught their twirl from the balcony as all of their guests applauded– what a moment!

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-48

I try to keep an eye on the sunset and noticed that it was going down– Courtney and Evan stepped out on the portico to take it all in.

Courtney mentioned that she really appreciated how easy it was to work with me– there was a whole lot going on during the wedding day, but she said she never felt overwhelmed or that she was being “stolen” from her wedding to take photos.  She was able to enjoy the day and experience it.  🙂   Yay!!!  So glad to hear it!

You two look absolutely lost in the moment here:

I love all of the energy and excitement in this next photograph–

Wedding guests packed the dance floor– laughing, spinning, even gathering in the adjacent room for a quick photo.

My attention first goes to Evan and Courtney and then moves through the crowd and up to the striking marble columns and ornamentation…

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-49

Everyone was out on the dance floor and let loose– they were so much fun!!!


Here Courntey’s brides-man enjoys their cigar bar.

I love the billowing smoke and glowing embers!

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-57

At the end of the evening,  wedding guests lined the stairway (rock concert style– holding their phones up like lighters) and gave them a playful grand exit…

dc wedding photographers best creative unique-59
dc wedding photographers best creative unique-58

Courtney & Evan, it was such a pleasure to work with the two of you!  I hope that these photos and the hundreds of others that are still coming your way will help you to re-live your wedding day for years to come :).

If you haven’t seen enough of Courtney & Evan, check out a few of their engagement photos here.

Ranked as one of the Top 100 Photographers in the USA/Canada!!!

I am thrilled to be rated one of the “100 Best Wedding Photographers in the USA & Canada for 2016”!!!!!!!



I am honored to be on a list with such immensely talented photographers from my own country and our neighbor to the north :).  A huge thank you to all of those who nominated me for this recognition and all of those who support me, I would not have achieved any of this without all of you!!!  You make me feel like this:

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -12

SLR lounge was looking for artistic, industry-leading wedding photographers, specifically those who exhibit:

  • Uniqueness and Creativity – This list favors photographers who are doing something different. Some are pioneering new techniques or see art in places where most photographers would overlook.
  • Artistry and Vision – This list also favors photographers who have a complete vision for the final product. In their images, you can see how all elements of the scene work together for a beautiful, cohesive, final product.
  • Timing and Emotion Capture – This list also favors photographers who have a knack for being in the right place at the right time, who create emotional photojournalism.
  • Consistency – This list favors photographers who produce consistent quality from shoot to shoot. One single great shot (or even a large set of great shots) is not enough to make the list.

Because blog posts are always better with photos, here are a few recent images…

Hoboken-Engagement-Photographers creative-1

Walking on air– the NYC skyline

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -2

Ready for their spread in Vogue (Four Seasons, DC)

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -5

Tears of joy– wedding morning preparations (her childhood bedroom, NJ)

lancaster wedding photographers best creative artistic emotional-11

I think we’re alone now (Lancaster, PA)

best philadelphia wedding photographers city hall philly-15

Two become one– a surreal reflection (Philadelphia, PA)

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -35

An outdoor wedding *in the rain* (Philadelphia, PA)

DC best engagement photographers creative natural tidal basin-4

Iconic tidal basin engagement (Washington, DC)

atlantic-city-best-photographers country club creative-31

A single tear (Atlantic City, NJ)

Union trust philadelphia wedding photographers best creative cira center broad street loews-28

Celebrate!!! (Philadelphia, PA)

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -23

Eye candy at the fair (Frederick, MD)

DC best wedding photographers creative-18

Balance & Harmony (Carnegie, DC)

DC best wedding photographers creative-1

Timeless, classic elegance (Washington, DC)

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -9

Playing with some “love-ly” shoes (Philadelphia, PA)

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -4

Kiss the bride (St. Regis Hotel, DC)

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -17

Flower girl watching the sand ceremony (Hershey, PA)

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -1

Apples for the teachers– Lara & Wade teach French and 5th grade, respectively (York, PA)

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -19

Happily ever after (Liberty Mountain, PA)

Creative unique artistic best top colorful vibrant emotional pa wedding photographers -18

African savanna sunset (Greencastle, PA)

I love to travel and currently have not set boundaries on locations that I am willing to photograph :).

I live in Pennsylvania and photograph weddings mostly in Central PA, Washington, DC, New York City, Philadelphia & Baltimore.

Read more about SLR Lounge’s Top 100 list here or check out more of my recent awards and accolades here.

Gillbrook Farms Wedding Photographers: Kristen & Aaron

A ceremony beneath a willow tree,  deep-rooted connections & a love that feels as natural as the surroundings…

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-1

Kristen & Aaron contacted me because of my ability to “capture a couple’s heart and soul in a way that looks and feels so natural.”

They appreciated the way I took time to get to know them and made them feel comfortable from the start.  They were looking for a wedding photographer who would tell their unique story and capture all of those moments and details for years to come.

I’ll open with a few of the small details that are actually quite important– the wedding rings.  I placed them on a weathered piece of wood– it felt like something that had lasted and would last, the perfect background and set the tone for their relaxed, rustic wedding day.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-2

Kristen had always had a burgundy-wine color in mind for her wedding day.  She hesitated at first because it tends to be used more in winter weddings, but it was a stunning choice and looked beautiful especially in the bouquets created by Mowrer’s Flowers.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-3

Gillbrook Farms was the first venue Kristen and Aaron visited and as soon as they saw the grounds and met Ashley, they knew it was the right fit for them.

The willow tree, stream, open fields, pond and barn were exactly what they were looking for and everything was decorated beautifully.  I hung her dress from the mantel– I love the stained glass, candles and velvet settee that surround it:

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-4

During the preparations, Kristen’s friends and family gathered in the suite.  Here you can see several generations gathered.  I love the depth and layers contained in this photograph:

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-5

Aaron shared that Kristen’s warm smile and caring personality are his favorite qualities that she possess.

I believe both come across in this next photo as well as some of the decor that will set the stage for this shabby-chic affair.    The bench she is sitting on was made from the bed of an antique Chevy pick up truck!

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-6

The ladies looked stunning in their burgendy gowns.  We used a gigantic chicken coop as our backdrop to bring in some more of that rustic, country feel.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-7

I told you it was gigantic!

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-8

The men looked dapper in their wool tweed vests and burgundy ties.  They complimented the setting perfectly and kept to the wine, ivory and taupe theme that Kristen had in mind :).

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-9

Aaron purchased flasks for his groomsmen, each monogrammed with their initials branded into the leather.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-10

Bottoms up below a blue sky!

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-11

Kristen shared that she loves Aaron’s relaxed, caring, patient, hard-working personality and the way her can fix just about anything!

On the wedding day, the sapling that they used as part of their ceremony kept blowing over from the wind.  He and his groomsmen found some twine and figured out a way to keep it standing!

I think that his relaxed, patient, hard-working personality really come across in this next photograph:

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-12

Kristen felt nervous in the morning leading up to the wedding ceremony, but as soon as she saw Aaron it was like a wave washed over her and she was filled with excitement to be marrying him!

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-13

They exchanged their wedding vows beneath the boughs of a weeping willow tree surrounded by their closest friends and family members.

Guests sat on wooden pews and watched Kristen & Aaron as wind swept through the field of grass and a stream trickled in the distance below an open sky.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-15

Kristen and Aaron love the outdoors so having a beautiful day allowed them to be outside and was the part of their day that they were most eagerly anticipating…

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-16

They were married by Kristen’s uncle, who had officiated the wedding ceremonies of just about all of her family members.

He played a huge role in her life and she was honored to have him there as she and Aaron committed their lives together.

Here they are exchanging their wedding rings:

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-17

Walking back up the aisle, this time together as husband and wife, was another one of the highlights of Kristen & Aaron’s wedding day.

Wow, what a happy couple and what a beautiful location!

The vibrant blue of the sky and green of the grass is almost unbelievable!

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-18

Here is the stream that gurgled throughout the ceremony, making the surreal setting even more idyllic…

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-19

Kristen and Aaron took some time to explore the grounds of Gillbrook Farms together.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-21

Man and wife…

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-22

While most of my photos are more candid, relaxed and emotional, I make sure to capture some more traditional photos, too.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-20

I also like to get creative and have a little fun– here you can see their reflections in the stream.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-23
Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-24
Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-25
Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-26

Kristen and Aaron joined their family and friends for the reception.  It was an amazing experience for them to see everyone mingling together.

They reflected on the moment, thinking that this was probably the only time that all of them would be gathering together in one place.

They let it all soak in and enjoyed the moment, stopping to chat with many of their wedding guests.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-27

Everyone enjoyed the outdoor space, sitting on the tree swing, lying on the grass, sitting on the stone wall– people seemed to feel comfortable, relaxed and at home.

Kristen’s sorority sisters enjoyed their time outside and were ready to move inside and hit the dance floor– I think Kristen was, too!

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-28

The “Let Love Grow” lettering and string lights really added a romantic feel that fit perfectly with Kristen & Aaron’s wedding aesthetic and story.  More about that in just a bit…

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-32

Everything at the reception felt natural and earthy, from the “Watering Hole” that featured adult beverages, sweet tea and lemonade to the vibrant, garden-fresh appetizers.

Kristen and Aaron “Let Love Grow” into thier favors as well, having a wheelbarrow filled with seeds for their guests, a nod to their shared interest in gardening.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-38

The cocktail hour was followed by Kristen and Aaron’s first dance and other wedding traditions.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-39

The speeches were heartfelt and emotional.  I like how Kristen is tearing up in this next image.

You can also see a glimpse of how their table numbers feature photos of them through the years.  The head table is labeled “2015” and shows one of the photos that I captured during their kayaking engagement.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-41

Kristen has a real sweet tooth and their dessert included, wedding cake, at least half a dozen flavors of cupcakes.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-42
Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-43

Once the sun went down the dance floor was absolutely packed.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-44

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-49

The sunset was absolutely breathtaking.  I kept an eye on it and brought Kristen and Aaron out just as it was setting.

They stood beneath the tree and took it all in.  What a sweet, romantic moment.

Gillbrook-Farms-Wedding-photographers best creative-50

Kristen & Aaron, it was such a pleasure to get to know the two of you through your engagement session and wedding day.  Your wedding was natural, beautiful, romantic and made everyone feel so at home and at ease!

I hope that these photos helped to capture the “heart and soul” of the two of you as well as your friends and family for many years to come!

I am excited to hear what you think :).    Please feel free to leave a comment or post on social media!   If you haven’t seen enough of Kristen and Aaron, please check out their kayaking engagement session here.

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