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Ranked “Top 50 Wedding Photographers Worldwide for 2016”!!!!

I am delighted to share that Fearless Photographers has listed me as one of the “Top 50 Wedding Photographers Worldwide for 2016”!!!!  I share this honor with fellow photographers from  Indonesia, France, Romania, England, China, Italy and Brazil to mention a few :).

It is humbling to be surrounded by such amazing photographers, literally in this case, haha– see me in the middle?

2016 Top 50 worldwide

Awards are given by a rotating panel of judges from all over the world.  They look for innovative photographs that creatively tell a story.  They want to be stunned, amazed or feel like your images are redefining wedding photography.

Fearless Photographer rankings are based on the number of international photography awards given by several panels of judges throughout the course of the year.  Winning photographs are chosen for showing creative imagery, bold storytelling and consistent vision.   Narrowing the top wedding photographers across the globe takes time and there are several steps in the year-long process.  In the interest of keeping the judging as impartial as possible, images are anonymous, the panel of curators changes for each collection, and there are rules/limits (especially on photo-shopping etc).

In 2016, there were 689 photographs that earned Fearless Awards worldwide.  I received 4 of those awards, which placed me of the “Top 50 Photographers of 2016 list.”  If I would have earned one more award this year, I would have made the “Top 10”, that can be a goal for next year, haha!  Here are my award-winning images for 2016.  I am surprised by how many are black and white!

This one requires a closer look ;)…


Alessia & Tim’s surprise engagement guest:


Cheerleader, Sarah’s wedding morning:


A fondue-loving flower girl at Lauren & Dan’s Lehigh Valley Wedding:


This is my third year being listed in the top 100 wedding photographers internationally by Fearless Photographers, as I was on the top 100 list in 2014 (top 50), 2015 (top 100) and 2016 (top 50).  This is also my second year on the “Top 100 Photographers of All Time” list due to my 13 international award winning images over the past three years.   Here are my 9 other award winning images from previous years:

Kyrie & Andrew’s Stormy Lehigh Valley Wedding: 


Geri & Nick’s timeless Philadelphia Wedding:


Khoa & Tina’s elegant Harrisburg Wedding:


Kyrie & Andrew’s Stormy Lehigh Valley Wedding: 


Lori & Thomas’ fabulous New Jersey wedding:


Eileen & Kevin’s artful Hoboken wedding:


Max & Julia’s sophisticated beach Wedding:


Angela & Sean’s Harrisburg riverside Wedding:


Ashley & Jake’s turkey farm engagement in the Lehigh Valley:


Thanks to the support of my family, friends, fans, colleagues and amazing clients I am able to have a career that I am passionate about and absolutely love! Congrats to all of the others on the top 50 list, your work inspires me!!!

To see the full top 2016 list visit here.  If you’d like to see more and even give little hearts to your personal favorites please visit my Fearless Profile here.

Thanks for checking out this article! Please feel free to comment below.  😉

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Anh PhanJanuary 14, 2018 - 9:29 pm

Love it

DC Engagement Photographers: Kristen & Shane at Whitetail

A snowy day in the woods & a campfire with a Secret Service officer and his sweet bride to be…

creative-unique-best-central-pa-wedding-photographers-whitetail-resort-caboose-farms-md-dc (1)

Kristen and Shane appreciate photography and it’s ability to capture moments and emotion.  They reached out to me looking for high-quality, creative, authentic wedding & engagement photography.  Kristen shared, “My hope is for you to capture candid, emotion-filed, unique photos.”  She also really liked how I personalized my coverage to fit each couple ;).

Kristen and Shane love camping and country music, they liked the idea of being out in nature for the first part of the session and then cozying up by a fire and enjoying warm drinks and marshmallows at the end.  They wanted to be sure there would be snow, so Kristen, having worked at Whitetail Resort for several years, made arrangements to meet on their property.  She liked that it was a nod to her love of skiing while also having the mountain feel that she and Shane like so much.

As we were walking in the woods, a couple of pine cones caught Shane’s eye, he picked them up and I was able to use one in the photo of Kristen’s engagement ring:

creative-unique-best-central-pa-wedding-photographers-whitetail-resort-caboose-farms-md-dc (2)

When I asked them what they love most about each other, Shane said, “Kristen is nurturing and loving, she is a beautiful person.  Her smile can turn a bad day into a good day and we compliment each other well.”

Kristen shared, “I love that Shane is so patient, loving & devoted… I trust him with my whole heart!”

Shane’s devotion to Kristen & Kristen’s trust for Shane is almost palatable in this photograph… I think this is just the sort of candid, emotion-filled photo that Kristen was hoping for :).

creative-unique-best-central-pa-wedding-photographers-whitetail-resort-caboose-farms-md-dc (3)

While I enjoy getting creative and capturing silhouettes like the opening photo, and natural, emotional moments like the photo above, I also make sure to give my couples a good mix of images, including more traditional portraits like this one.

I wanted to incorporate the forest I like how truly happy and comfortable they look here and check out their matching boots!!!  Kristen shared that every year she and Shane travel to Tennessee, and that her favorite purchase is always a new pair of boots!

creative-unique-best-central-pa-wedding-photographers-whitetail-resort-caboose-farms-md-dc (8)

Kristen is a real firecracker– full of life, fun, and up for anything.   I like this energetic, candid image so much!  It says a great deal about their relationship together and how much fun they have working as a team doing everyday, silly things!

creative-unique-best-central-pa-wedding-photographers-whitetail-resort-caboose-farms-md-dc (5)

A few seconds later…

creative-unique-best-central-pa-wedding-photographers-whitetail-resort-caboose-farms-md-dc (6)

I like the sweet, natural vibe of this next photograph.  Kristen is drawing a heart in the snow as she is wrapped up in a fleece blanket.

She is fun and spontaneous so this image this fits her so well.  Shane was totally amused, you can see his steady stance and boots in the frame:

creative-unique-best-central-pa-wedding-photographers-whitetail-resort-caboose-farms-md-dc (7)

Kristen shared, “Prior to the session I was worried that I’d look silly or wouldn’t know how to pose, but you made it so easy and I was not nervous at all.  I spent time on Pinterest concerned that I could never look like this or replicate that, worrying about buying the right props, truth is we had too many props!!!  After our shoot I feel like we could be those people you see on Pinterest!  Not because we were the best at replicating, but because you made us comfortable and allowed us to be ourselves.”

They brought an “&” sign along (one of Kristen’s Pinterest finds).  I liked the shape of it and thought it would add an interesting element to a silhouette, especially with a sky like this:

creative-unique-best-central-pa-wedding-photographers-whitetail-resort-caboose-farms-md-dc (9)

Shane is a member of the Secret Service and has spent the past several years working at the White House.

Kristen shared, “I am so proud of Shane for his commitment to serving our country.  His position gives us a life where we can enjoy our hobbies and travel together, but it often takes him away for extended periods of time.  I worry about him, but have faith that he will be safe.  The time we do get to spend together is cherished by both of us.”

Shane agreed, “Working for the secret service has been an adventure, I have met many wonderful people, several famous, too, but with those benefits there are many sacrifices.”   Shane had his vest in the car and popped it on for this photo:


We moved from the chilly woods to a fire at Whitetail Lodge.  They brought mugs and coffee and roasted marshmallows by the fire.

Kristen shared, “I was working night shift in Harrisburg Hospital ICU, while he worked dayshift at the White House. We worked opposite shifts and traveled hours in different directions, but he would meet me at Cebco gas station in Marion at 5:30am just for a few minutes to drink coffee with me before I left for work or got home from work.”

Coffee has always been a real connector for them & so have campfires, and so we incorporated both.   Kristen shared, “Many of our first dates were spent together at my parent’s house by the fire.”  Shane also proposed in front of the fire at their housewarming party!

creative-unique-best-central-pa-wedding-photographers-whitetail-resort-caboose-farms-md-dc (10)

Kristen reminisced about their first date, “We met on Match, which worked well because of our busy careers.  We planned to meet at a movie theater… When I saw him standing at the ticket booth I could feel it in my soul, ‘I will marry that man!’  I have always been attracted to a man in uniform, so when I saw a Marines sticker on his truck I thought, ‘I have finally found my Marine!'”

Shane shared, “We are both happiest simply being outdoors with wide open spaces.  That could be walking up in the mountains or cuddling beside a fire.”  He was so right, they were in their element and sparks were definitely flying, haha!

I wanted to emphasize the fire and make it really stand out in the photo.  I “shot through” the mesh housing and caught the warm firelight dancing on their faces.  I love their expressions here, they just look so cozy and cute!

creative-unique-best-central-pa-wedding-photographers-whitetail-resort-caboose-farms-md-dc (12)

Shane shared, “The engagement session was fun and relaxing for us.  There were no other distractions, it was just Kristen and I enjoying each other’s presence.  In a way, I felt like a kid, there were no pressures or responsibilities– there are not many opportunities like this one, so we really appreciated having it.”

Kristen added, “This session felt like a date really.  We are both career focused, hard-working individuals, so time like this that is spent relaxing and focusing on one another is so special, and you helped us to achieve that.  I’d suggest to everyone to get the 3 hour session, time flies and it is a lot of fun, a great experience!”

creative-unique-best-central-pa-wedding-photographers-whitetail-resort-caboose-farms-md-dc (11)

Cheers to you, Kristen & Shane!  Thanks for inviting me to spend the evening with you at Whitetail and I cannot wait for your Caboose Farms wedding outside of DC this summer!

I’m excited to hear what you think now that you have seen a few of your photos!  Please make sure to like, comment below and re-post this link on your social media :).

Laurie MowenFebruary 22, 2017 - 9:07 pm

Such good pictures of Kristen and Shane and their love, you did a fabulous job at capturing them, love the silly picture.

lisaFebruary 23, 2017 - 11:43 am

Thank you so much, Laurie! I think the silly picture is my favorite, too :).

[…] If you haven’t seen enough of Kristen and Shane, you can check out their snowy engagement session on my blog here. […]

Hunter Mountain Engagement Photographers: Steph & Ryan

A mountain, cabin and two incredible skiers who are head over heels in love…

This was one of the most epic moments in my career thus far!!! After ascending a 3000+ foot mountain and an amazing stay at Scribners (thanks, Steph & Ryan!) I was greeted by an adorable, enthusiastic couple who thought of everything, even snow chains for my boots. We ventured all over the mountain, but for me this was the real highlight–

As I dangled 50 feet above the ground perched on a ski lift with snow and wind blowing in my face, I twisted backwards trying to focus my lens over my shoulder and adjust my camera settings with numbing fingers. That is when I saw Steph and Ryan appear from a cloud of snow and into view descending a double black diamond together.

I couldn’t have felt more alive or been more grateful to be there in that moment– just incredible!!!

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (1)

Steph shared, “A friend of mine hired you as their wedding photographer, once your photos came out I found myself going back to the album all the time. I started following you on all of your social media outlets and your blog. I started showing everyone your photos, and it became very clear that I wanted you to be my photographer. Each wedding looks different and feels different! You could see who the couples were in each photo and that was what I wanted. I wanted people to understand Ryan and I through these pictures.”

She continued, “When we talked about the engagement shoot I was so excited to hear that your vision and our vision were so closely matched. I was really excited that you were open to trying to get us skiing down the mountain! Ryan was the person who taught me to ski, and being able to capture that was amazing. On the day of the shoot I was nervous it was going to be awkward. Especially since we had not met in person yet. I think it took both Ryan and I by surprise how comfortable we were. We felt very connected to you, very on the same page, and I think that made a world of difference.”

I knew how important Hunter Mountain was to these two as it was where their relationship began, where they had their first date and continue to spend their free time 6 months of the year.  I wanted to capture Hunter Mountain, and beyond that I wanted to capture their adventurous, up-beat personalities– these two are always laughing…

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (2)

The entire afternoon was spent exploring pieces of their past and present together– from re-visiting the cabin where they first met to stopping by the zipline from their first date, skiing and even exploring some new places like the scene below.

In this image I focused on the icicles and gave Steph & Ryan some privacy, hehe…

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (4)

Steph shared, “Ryan and I are the same but opposite. He is the ying to my yang. Where I am a planner and a Type-A to a fault, he is so much more go with the flow and a Type-B. But that being said we both share the same sense of humor and adventure. For the most part we are down to do anything… even if the other needs a little push. He is the person I trust the most. So when he tells me that it is going to be ok, I know it will be ok.”

I think this photo really captures that trusting, aspect of their relationship so well.  She is literally leaning on him and you can see how proud he is to have her by his side.

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (6)

Steph shared, “On the day of the shoot I was nervous it was going to be awkward. Especially since we had not met in person yet. I think it took both Ryan and I by surprise how comfortable we were. It could have been the cold or the chains on our shoes – but we felt very connected to you, which made a world of difference.”

I totally felt connected to them, too.  I understood and appreciated who they were and could tell that they trusted me fully.  We were able to capture so much during the session and a lot had to do with them diving in; it allowed me to really be in my element and go for it, capturing incredible, authentic images for them to have for years to come.

You can see that they are genuinely happy here, not just posing for the camera…

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (5)

I have several different camera lenses (here is a link in ShotKit about my gear) and switch between them throughout the day.  I used a very wide lens to capture the full scene here– the mountains the forest, the snow, the road into Hunter...

I wanted them to appear small in this photo to really place the emphasis on the surroundings.  I like their body language, too.  It suggests trust, support and partnership…

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (8)

Steph shared, “For our wardrobe – we had no idea what to wear. Thank goodness you gave us suggestions because that really helped. We wore fitted, neutral items with a few pops of color that would stand out against the winter backdrop.”  Their wardrobe really gives you a feel for the type of natural, authentic people they are while also giving it the shoot a cozy, winter feel.

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (3)

Steph was not a skier until she met Ryan.  He literally taught her how to ski starting her out at the bunny slopes until now, when they are skiing double black diamonds together!!!

I like this photo of Ryan leading Steph, I think it really shows that aspect of their relationship well, and just how much pleasure he takes in showing her new things…

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (7)

While I love catching couples in the moment: walking together, peering out over beautiful scenery, etc.  It is also important for me to capture traditional portraiture as well.  I really like giving my clients an eclectic mix.

I love color and really like how you can see the green trees, purple mountain and white birch in the background of this next portrait…

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (9)

Next we headed to the cabin where Steph and Ryan met.  We scheduled this in between the two outdoor portions of the shoot which gave us some time to de-frost.

I wanted them to be in the foreground and sort of mysterious-sexy haha with the mountain in the back ground b/c it really tells their story well.  More on that soon…

You can see Hunter Mountain in the distance and even the ski slopes.  

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (10)

Steph shared, “We met one random winter night at Hunter Mountain. I was invited to go with a group of like 30 people to this cabin, but I was really apprehensive about going because I wasn’t a fan of the cold and I only knew one person there really well. When I arrived at the Hunter House I was ushered down into the basement where my friend was still getting ready for the night.”

Enters Ryan, haha– “Almost as soon as I got downstairs Ryan came out of the shower in a towel!!!” I thought this photo was the best fit for the towel story, their expressions are adorable…

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (11)

She continued,”Other than thinking that Ryan was pretty cute – I didn’t think that we would really be talking much. I was 100% wrong!”

“Eventually we got to talking and just kept talking (mainly about Forgetting Sarah Marshall). We ended up being pretty inseparable the rest of the night. As I went to leave, Ryan asked me for my number.”

“Now there has not been a single day that has gone by that we haven’t spoken to each other. ”

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (12)
I saw this painting on the wall in the cabin and thought it would be a cool way to inc operate “Hunter” mountain.  Here they are in the reflection in the glass…
Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (14)

After warming up a bit we went back outside to trek to the spot where they had their first date…  again I love how these colors pop against the bright white snow!

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (15)

Steph explained, “Our first date was on this zip line.  Even though I was scared (it is the longest and highest in North America) Ryan made me brave.  We stood in line right here!”

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (16)

Steph ended up getting stuck in the middle of the zipline dangling high up in the air, overwhelmed, she started crying.  Ryan calmed her down which she assured me was no easy task, haha.

She continued, “even though I cried, he helped me find the humor in it. He was the person who got me down the mountain when I crashed riding my snowboard (literally the first and last time I will ever get on one of those things). It is because of this that I am so excited to see what else Ryan will teach me throughout our lives together.”

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (17)

I like the pattern and texture created by the driving snow against Steph and Ryan in this next photo– it really stands out against her dark coat.

I think that you really get a feel of how well they compliment each other here and almost get a sense of them being happy anywhere and being able to take on the world!

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (18)

For our third and final challenge we ascended the (super fast) ski lift.  Here I silhouetted Stephanie & Ryan against a particularly bright cloud.  I like the leading lines and vibrant blue sky.

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (19)

Ryan shared, “Steph makes everything fun!  It doesn’t matter what we do, even something tedious, and it ends up being a good time!”

Haaaaa here are their reflections in Steph’s pink ski goggle, I thought this was fun…

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (20)

The lighting was intense and epic, I spotted it from the lift and knew just the angle that I wanted to get.  I tried to explain where I’d like to get them and Steph was like, “Look we’ll try for that but honestly I’m just gonna try not to fall, haha!”  We decided to go for it.  The timing had to be just right, we formulated a plan on the lift up.

I waited at the top of the slope with a guide from Hunter.  As they skied part-way down the hill and pulled off where the cool lighting started.  They called me when they got to the spot and I answered their call via apple-watch, I felt like James Bond, it was awesome, haha!  I hopped back on the lift and everything clicked.

It was magical…

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (21)

Steph shared, “It is weird to think that this all began 6 years ago and that we still come up to Hunter because it is this little piece of us will always be here. We spend 6 months renting a house and each year it is this little celebration of what was created that random night in December. What makes it even more great is that the friends that were there when it all started, are still the ones that we spend our winter with. If anything our group has grown. And it is nice that we can share this thing that is so special with the mountains and the people that that have been there since the beginning.”  Most of all, Ryan 😉

Hunter-Mountain-Engagement-Wedding-photographers-creative-best-unique-skiing-snow-winter (22)

Thank so much for including me in this epic Hunter Mountain experience– I loved capturing these moments for you and can’t wait for your wedding day!!!

Theresa dillmanSeptember 24, 2017 - 9:04 pm

I am interested for my wedding at Hunter mountain.

Can you please send me prices

» Rhinehart PhotographyOctober 5, 2017 - 3:41 pm

[…] they have such an amazing story!” He did propose, and I captured part of their amazing love story here as we went back to the cabin where they met and photographed them skiing down a double black diamond […]

MilyNovember 15, 2017 - 10:16 am

Hi, i need price picture engagement.

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