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Creative Wedding Engagement Photographers: Heather & Vincent

This creative, colorful engagement session involves red velvet cupcakes, murals & even a wheelbarrow…

Heather and Vincent first reached out to me looking for beautifully executed, artistic, photos.  They wanted vibrant, fun photography with some drama and “pop,” something that would be unique and fit them well.

They shared, “We had a lot of fun during the engagement session itself. Lisa’s energy and enthusiasm jived well with our personalities so it was easy for us to relax, be ourselves, and bring a sense of  fun and positivity to the photos.”

They expounded, “We chose you because you are the best photographer in the Central PA area by far!  You have a flair for the imaginative and great color and composition, fair prices, and are fun, too!”  Heather shared about Vincent pulling up my work on multiple monitors and calling her over with a, “Hey look at these!”

Heather and Vincent love art, it was the subject they bonded over from the beginning of their relationship.  While Heather’s recent interests have been in painting, photography, and interior design projects, Vincent’s art is how he makes his living– he is a video game animator!

While I like the color and composition in the opening photograph, I really dig photos like this that push my creative boundaries.

I love how the little mirrors reflected certain parts of the couple and how different those expressions look dependent on the angles of the mosaic tiles– eyes, lips, hair…

Pieces of you…

While I love creative photography, I also capture a few more traditional shots during each photo session.

Vincent shared, “Heather and I are lucky enough to have found that fun, corny, but very real love. Even though it’s been years that we’ve been together, it really feels like we just started only a few weeks ago because Heather continues to surprise me with everything that she is capable of.  We will shape a future together that we could never have created on our own.”

For me this photograph captures their energy and enthusiasm for life and each other and shows that they are connected, blazing the trail forward– I love the sign, too ;).

Modern romance: An Investigation is a book written by actor & stand up comic Aziz Ansari and NYU professor and sociologist Eric Klinenberg.  Heather highly recommended that I read it, not only because it is so funny, but also because it really shows a lot about love in the digital age, which would relate to my couples!

Thanks lady, I think I will 😉

Heather shared a bit about her own modern romance…

Heather explained, “We met on Match.  Vincent sent me a very well constructed message inquiring about the painting class I had written about in my profile. Obviously, Vince did his homework, so I wrote back to him. Our exchanges eventually transitioned to lengthy phone calls and texts. We kept in daily contact for about a month when Vince told me he would drive the entire way to meet me in Central PA for our first date.”

Vincent’s perspective, “I saw Heather’s profile and thought to myself, ‘This gal is out of my league for sure, but whatever, I’ll give it a try.’  After pouring a double shot of Whiskey I got to typing… eventually, I drove to a little coffee shop near her place which was about two hours away and I was early. I am rarely early, so you can tell how important this was to me. ”

I like to play with perspective and color, so this shot was fun for me…

Vincent continued about the first date, “I sat in the middle of the coffee shop near the entrance so she couldn’t miss me when she came in. I tried to play it cool and pretend I didn’t notice her when she came in. Not really sure if that played into my favor, but I was trying to be mysterious or something. I don’t know. I was nervous! Leave me alone! Anyway, she came to my table and I stood up to greet her. We sat and had a lovely conversation over coffee.”

Vincent’s reactions to Modern Romance are priceless, haha…

Heather and Vincent met me at Nathan Miller Chocolate for their engagement photography session, one of my personal favorite places to go out on date nights or with friends.

They shared, “Our first date was at a little coffee shop in a small town similar to Nathan Miller Chocolate. The location made our engagement session feel almost nostalgic.  Our favorite treat was the red velvet cupcake.”

I used a shallow depth of field and focused only on her ring and the fresh-picked raspberries on her cupcake… oh wow, this makes me *hungry*

Their first date also included a high-spirited debate…

Heather shared, “Our conversation turned to baking (one of my passions), more specifically, I was planning on baking a confetti cake. Vincent looked at me and asked “What is confetti cake?” I looked back at him and thought to myself “How does he not know what confetti cake is?”

She went on, “I explained that its the type of cake that has sprinkles in the batter. Vince responded “Oh, do you mean birthday cake!?” After a playful debate over the cake’s name, Vincent asked me if I cared to bet that the majority of people in the coffee shop would not know what confetti cake is. I said “You’re on!” I mean, how could I lose, everyone knows what confetti cake is!”

She explained, “Vince stood up and walked over to each of the patrons at the little coffee shop and proceeded to survey them. To make a long story short, I lost the bet by one person but I was really impressed by Vince’s outgoing, fun-loving nature.”

Heather shared, “Vincent is a charismatic, outgoing, fun-loving, personable, and kind man.”

Vincent shared, “Heather and I are similar where it counts but different enough to help us grow.”

Heather said, “I knew Vincent was someone special because Decker (my cat) liked Vince instantly upon first meeting him!  Decker literally fell asleep in Vincent’s lap, something she doesn’t even do for my own mother!”

Yep, he’s a keeper 🙂

It was one of those days of mixed sunshine and rain which added to this very dramatic looking light.  I took it a step further with this reflection, love the sparkle!

Heather was nostalgic, “That first date was by far the best first date I ever had. It will also be my last first date, which makes the memory of that day even more special.”

Vincent shared, “Lisa, I appreciated the way you took the time to get to know Heather and I.  We came into the session fully trusting you to do your thing.”

While I leaned on my knowledge of them to plan and shoot,  I incorporated their ideas and interactions as well– like the time Vincent jumped into a wheelbarrow and Heather pushed him around the parking lot!!!  Did you hear that Nathan Miller?  Not my idea to borrow your wheel barrow… though I am super happy with my use of shutter speed and panning here, haha :).

This just makes me smile!  You two are the best!

Vincent shared, “As the sun set, you asked me to look over at Heather.  When I did, it struck me deeply and I became very present during that moment.”

He continued, “While soaking in the warm colors of her skin and hair against the sun, I felt like I saw my past and a glimpse of my future all at once.”

He recalled, “I thought to myself, ‘I’m looking at my wife.”

Heather and Vincent, thank you so much for opening up to me and for choosing me to capture your playful, artistic images and to tell the story of your modern romance ;).

I am beyond ecstatic to be photographing your upcoming wedding at The Bond in York, Pennsylvania next year!

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[…] woman looks familiar, it is probably because I recently posted her colorful, creative, cheery engagement photos on my blog.  She and her husband to be will be tying the knot at The Bond very […]

Woodstone Country Club Wedding: Devin & Calli

A sweet, rainy day romance, twins & and an epic dance party celebrating two college sweet hearts…

Calli shared, “Working with Rhinehart Photography was one of the best choices of our wedding day! Lisa had such cool and creative ideas for photos, and we were so grateful for that, especially when it started raining!”

She continued, “Though rain on our wedding day was not what we were hoping for, Lisa turned the rain into a fairy tale moment of playing in the rain, a great moment and memory that we wouldn’t trade for anything!”

Arriving at Woodstone Country Club, I spotted Calli right away as there was a huge bouquet of roses beside her!  Calli shared, “I am very close with my family and love flowers, so it meant so much to me that Devin bought me roses and had my brother deliver them the morning of our wedding day. It was so sweet!”

I love to play with reflections and other elements and get creative with my photos.

While it is quite sharp, the entire image is actually a reflection.  This adds a warm tone and a little bit of character and depth to the photograph.

If you look closely in the background you can see Calli’s shadow on the wall as well ;).

I also like to play with symmetry, Calli and her mom look so similar here, almost like mirror images of each other…

Devin shared, “Calli is quiet, but brave and courageous.  She is never afraid to stick up for what she believes in or go after what she wants.”

For me this dramatic black and white image captures the quiet confidence that Calli possesses…

Devin continued, “I knew I wanted Calli to be my partner for the rest of my life because she made me want to be a better person. I know that is a little cliche, but it is true.”

He went on, “Throughout college she pushed me to work harder and strive to my greatest potential. To be candid, I do not think she even knew she was doing it. She never pushed me with words, but always celebrated my little successes.”

In summary, he explained, “I would not be where I am today without Calli.”

Devin shared, “I first laid eyes on Calli when I was a sophomore in high school. I was at a birthday party of a mutual friend and I saw her walking across the room and I felt this longing to go talk to her.”

He went on, “Calli was shy like me, but so easy to talk to.  She is the smartest girl I have ever met and the perfect mix of classy and cute!”

Calli’s beautiful dress was from Lehigh Valley boutique, Bridals by Sandra.  What a beautiful bride!

Calli shared, “We wanted our wedding to be elegant, but relaxed and fun at the same time.  We chose a light pink color for the bridesmaids’ gowns and bouquets.”

I liked the pink against the soft green of the trees and used a shallow depth of field to make it appear even softer.  I think it really plays up that relaxed, romantic feel that Calli was hoping for.

Michael Thomas Floral Design created the wedding bouquets.

Here is a more detailed look at his beautiful work…

Now it is Devin’s turn for the spotlight!

Calli shared, “There are so many things that made me fall for Devin.  He puts his best effort into everything that he does, I really admire that about him.”

She continued, “I have also had the honor to get to see him work towards his goals in school and achieve them, and I love to hear about his latest stories of his experiences working in the hospital. I can just hear the compassion when he talks about his patients, and it reminds me how much I love that about him.”

Calli explained, “Devin is the kindest and most compassionate person I have ever met. He treats everyone he meets with the same amount of respect and kindness as he does his best friends and family. I really love that about him, and I believe that he has made me a much better person because of it.”

Kris captured several different portraits of Devin and his best man, his TWIN brother, but I like this one so much!

You are able to see their personalities come out with their different expressions, yet there is still a good deal of symmetry as well!

This shot is soooo cool, just the natural symmetry that Kris captured here as the groomsmen walk…

The gang’s all here…

The relationship of a father and daughter is so special, the love is almost palpable between these two!

Calli shared, “I’m definitely Daddy’s little girl.  I know it was tough for him to “give me away,” but I also know how much he loves Devin and how happy and excited my dad was for our wedding.”

Devin shared, “When I first saw Calli on our wedding day, it felt like a dream, so surreal. I was overwhelmed with her beauty, but also steadied by knowing that I was marrying the girl of my dreams.”

Calli shared, “I was so excited to marry Devin! As I walked down the aisle, I was thinking that I wanted to give him a huge hug, but of course it wasn’t time for that yet. When I got closer to him, I couldn’t stop smiling.”

Calli explained, “My dad was probably the most excited person there, second only to us!  On the day we got engaged, my dad even helped to set up a picnic for us on the beach!  He is so supportive of us!”

Here Devin hugs Calli’s dad as he walks her down the aisle.  The look on everyone’s faces are priceless…

How happy is he???

Calli shared, “I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire ceremony. The entire day I just felt so overjoyed. It was truly the happiest I have ever felt in my life.”

Throughout the course of the day, Kris and I use different lenses and vantage points to capture different perspectives of the wedding day.   We try to capture an eclectic mix of images that will allow our couples to re-live their wedding day for years to come.

This shot shows the setting of the ceremony, the beautiful grounds of the Woodstone Country Club— the trees and rolling hills, yet the couple is in sharp focus and appears to be so tiny in the frame.

The ring exchange…

It actually *rained* throughout Calli & Devin’s ceremony.  It isn’t evident until you get close up, it was a light, forgiving rain…

Here they hold hands and you can see the bright, shiny wedding band on Devin’s finger and Calli holding his hands as well as the minister holding the bible and a few drops of rain falling in the background and beading up on Devin’s tuxedo.

Devin shared, “As it began to rain, we thought, “seriously?!” It seemed that the first drop fell as I first laid eyes on Calli walking down the aisle. We were honestly taken off guard. Before the rain it was a beautiful sunny day!  Though the rain was not ideal, it was easy to get over because we were marrying each other. ”

Calli & Devin shared, “The ceremony space is what initially drew us to the idea of having our wedding at Woodstone Country Club. The beautiful green, mountainous backdrop, the colorfully flourished, airy ceremony seating that felt natural but also sophisticated.”

While I crouched down to capture intimate details of the ceremony like the ring exchange photos (above), Kris perched up above, getting a bird’s eye view of the ceremony (below).  This way we could offer two different perspectives and really give a well-rounded view of the day. 😉

I can’t tell you how many times I see the rain “wait” until after the ceremony to really start coming down!

As soon as the ceremony ended the rain started to come down harder, Calli & Devin were all smiles…

They wanted to go outside and take a walk together and enjoy the scenic Woodstone Country Club regardless of rain.

For me it captures the resilient nature of their relationship and how they can make anything work as long as they are together…

Calli shared, “We work so well because we are so similar, we are similar in what we want in life and how we enjoy our free time. Our personalities are different, but complement each other well.”

While the vast majority of my photos during the wedding day are candid moments, I also make sure to capture a good variety of photographs, including some more standard portraits.

I really like this image, you can tell how happy these two are and I was able to capture a huge pink hydrangea bush in the background.

As the storm passed we could literally see the clouds moving away and mist forming at the foot of the mountains.  As they looked out together over the view, I couldn’t help but think about the future that Calli and Devin have together.

Devin shared, “I am excited for all our “firsts” and to start our lives together as husband and wife.  We are blessed to have met our life-partner at a young age and to have the opportunity to grow in it together. I look forward to starting a family and have kids and watching her being an amazing mom. I look forward to traveling the world and achieving everything we want in this world, together. Calli is more than I ever thought I deserved and I know that together, Calli and I can live an amazing life and share wonderful memories.”

Devin shared, “What really made it easier to deal with the rain was how you, Lisa, made the most of our photo session.  You quickly adjusted and got pictures that were unique and we both felt that the photos were thought of with us in mind.”

I tend to see rain as a “turning lemons into lemonade” sort of situation…  rain is something I embrace.  I think outside of the box and either use it to enhance the photo (like the image above with the storm moving and mist forming) or think of a way to avoid getting wet but still have a beautiful background (like the image below).

As for having Calli & Devin in mind with my photography ideas, that is definitely the case! I take the time to get to know my couples and come prepared with ideas specifically suited for them and ready to capture their personalities, relationship, and style:

Calli & Devin shared, “Woodstone also allowed us to have every element of our wedding day– the preparations, ceremony, reception and overnight accommodations at one elegant, natural, beautiful location.  With less time spent traveling, we had more time to spend enjoying our day and making memories!”

Here they stand silhouetted inside Woodstone’s Grand Room— its cathedral ceilings, stone and metal work as well as its chandeliers…

The reception began with announcements and flowed into traditions.

Here Devin and Calli share their first dance as husband and wife…

Devin’s dance with his mother…

Calli shared, “The father daughter dance was definitely really important to me!  Butterfly Kisses has been ‘our song’ since I was a little girl. My dad played it for me on my 5th or 6th birthday, and I told him ‘I never want to get married!'”

I have so many sweet photos of this dance, but this one of their hug at the end has to be my favorite– it says “Daddy’s little girl” to me…

The toasts were fantastic!  Here Devin’s twin brother speaks…

Here one of Calli’s co-maids of honor share about how Calli used to refer to Devin in secret code in school as she thought he was cute and didn’t want everyone else to know.

It gets better– Calli would secretly call Devin ‘potato,’ to keep her crush under wraps, lol!!!

Here is Devin’s reaction to hearing the ‘potato’ story that he had *never* heard before!  Calli kisses him on the cheek while guests laugh out loud…

The bouquet toss was quite lively– look at those reactions!

This little man knew how to get the party started…

This gentleman definitely kept it going, haha, with the help of DJ Jim from Synergetic Sound and Lighting.

Everyone had a fantastic time!

Calli & Devin shared, “We had a blast dancing all night. People often told us that we wouldn’t even get to enjoy our wedding reception, and we made it a goal to prove them wrong, haha!”

He continued, “We got to spend time with so many old friends that we don’t get to see often, which was really special. Dancing with our college friends to all of the throwbacks was probably one of our favorite things about the reception.”

They said, “At the end of the night everyone got in a huge circle around us and sang Sweet Caroline and it was just the perfect ending to our wedding day.”

At the end of the evening, Calli and Devin stepped outside for a few moments in the rain.  Inside the dance floor was packed and high energy, outside the air was quiet, cool and smelled like fresh rain.

As they stood outside steam rose from the warm ground and I silhouetted them against their umbrella while capturing their reflection in a nearby puddle.  You can see the rain in the background as well as a hydrangea in full bloom.

To me this photo says, “They lived happily ever after.” 😉

Calli & Devin it was such a pleasure working with you!  Thank you for entrusting me to capture these priceless memories for you and your loved ones!  Please share & enjoy– more coming soon 🙂

Update: After seeing the full set of photos, Calli and Devin shared, “Thank you so much for all of your fabulous work on our wedding photos! We love every single one! You truly captured every moment of the day. There isn’t one part of the day that isn’t perfectly captured in a photo. We love that there is a great mixture of posed photos, candids, and creative shots. We LOVE the rain photos, and can’t thank you enough for making the rainy day into some amazing pictures. We really appreciate how you got so many great shots of the guests at our wedding. My family loves the picture of my 88 year old great aunt dancing. It’s adorable! 🙂 It was so fun to look through the photos and relive that day. We are so thankful to have this collection to look back on for the rest of our lives. THANK YOU again! You are amazing!”

The Palace at Somerset Park Wedding Photographers: Kristin & Brian

A classic, romantic wedding for two world travelers held at The Palace at Somerset Park

Kristin shared, “We were immediately drawn to your unique, high-quality photographs and your creative use of color and space.” During our initial meeting Kristin & Brian commented about how different my images looked, that they highlighted the architecture and captured authentic emotion.  They also mentioned how much they liked images with visual drama and contrast.

Kristin continued, “The day of the wedding, we were even more blown away!  You came well prepared with a lot of energy, inspiration and even some back up ideas for the pending rain… but more than that, we felt completely amazed by your creativity and ability to make even the simplest poses and photos look so unique.”

Kristin summarized, “We knew that we could trust you to understand our vision and capture our day using your creative eye and imagination.”  I knew that they were going for a classic, elegant, timeless, romantic look and the moment I saw her bouquet, the full wedding aesthetic came together for me… it definitely had all of those qualities, but was also bold, colorful and dramatic and I understood why they were drawn to my high-contrast images initially…

It was important for Kristin and Brian to have flowers that were bold and colorful, but also to incorporate garland and greenery to bring in the romantic flair.

Kristin shared, “We tried to set the stage for our style from the beginning with the invitations. Hudson Paperie in Hoboken, did an amazing job creating a custom suite that incorporated our classic, elegant, timeless look on the main invitation and incorporated the flowers and greenery on the RSVP, Reception card and envelopes.”

She continued, “We ‘sealed’ the look with our wax seal on the invitations.”  I found the perfect background for them, one that was dark, yet organic and would allow them to boldly and dramatically “pop”.

Kristin & Brian love to travel and often keep journals during their big trips.  This is a journal that Kristin picked up along her travels and I appreciated the worn pages and thought it fit their look and story so well that I used it to photograph their wedding rings.

I couldn’t get enough of these gorgeous blooms and found myself coming back to take a closer look.

Brian shared, “Kristin took on the job of flowers for the wedding since honestly, it was the part of wedding planning she was looking forward to the most. Lidia of Twisted Willow took Kristin’s vision and made it into a reality beyond what she could have ever imagined.”

I kept the simple, clean, dramatic look going for Kristin’s shoes, too.  I like how it almost looks like they are sitting in water here:

Kristin shared, “This teacup was a memento from the where Brian proposed: Château de la Chèvre d’Or in Eze, France.  We purchased them to serve as a small reminder of the day and to use when times get crazy to help bring us back to that perfect day. It was sweet to have them there the day of the wedding as a small reminder to the day that started it all!”

Brian wrote a heartfelt letter for Kristin to read, he even sealed it in gold.   I like the intimate feel as she opens it…

Brian also picked up a unique gift for Kristin when he was in London.  He shared, “It was perfect item to capture our shared love of traveling and also the love Kristin’s bridesmaids have for her.”

Reading their notes and affirmations literally brought tears to her eyes.

Kristin showed me her something blue, it was a piece of one of Brian’s blue shirts that she hand-stitched on the inside of her wedding gown…

Her gown was stunning, a Pronovias dress from Castle Coutoure.  It was classic, elegant and timeless.

Kristin shared, “I loved how the dress’s champagne underlay made the intricate lace stand out and how the long train added to the dramatic feel.”

I pushed myself creatively on this photograph, capturing the lace detailing, the silhouetted bride and her reflection.

I love the intimacy of this moment.  Kristin’s sister brings her the wedding gown and she prepares to slip into it.  The dark, shadowy lighting fits this moment perfectly.

Brian shared, “There is no better person to be my partner through the up’s and down’s of life than Kristin. She is strong-willed, determined, but also loving, compassionate and caring. I have seen her accomplish anything she devotes herself to.”

He continued, “What made me fall for Kristin was the undeniable fact that she is truly my better half. Over the years that we have known each other, she has revealed the best in life to me. She loves life and others in such a compelling way that it really made me see everything differently.”

I have several beautiful photographs of Kristin in her wedding gown, but I find this photo to be especially fitting as it captures both her softness and her strength.  Her facial expression is soft, her hand is over her heart and a single tendril cascades to her bare shoulder.  The lighting is dramatic and strong, as is the angle created by her arm and the side view of her face accentuating her sharply defined cheekbones…

She peers out the window revealing her long tulle veil and train.  The seamstress recommended doing a French bustle on Kristin’s dress to add a bit our European flair, which you will see once the dancing begins.

Kristin shared, “We brought in more of that classic, elegant, timeless feel by selecting neutral light blue/grey dresses for the bridesmaids. We followed a popular trend by having the bridesmaids select their own dresses within that color scheme and having different textures and colors with some girls in tulle, chiffon, lace or glittery lace.”

She continued, “Each dress brought out their personalities and personal preference.  The tulle and lace tied nicely into the look of my veil and gown.”  Make-up was provided by Dina’s Kiss and Makeup, they were great to work with and had everyone looking beautiful…

Kristin said, “My bridesmaids are some of the most fun, loving and fiercely loyal people I know. I am lucky enough to call these women my friends and life companions. Some I have known for almost 15 years, I have gotten through high school and college with them, lived with them, traveled with them, climbed mountains, ran marathons, and generally enjoyed every aspect of life with them.”

She continued, “I admire each one of them so much. I absolutely loved having them with me the day of the wedding, they could read when I was nervous or stressed getting ready and instantly found ways to make me smile and relax.”

Now, on to Brian’s turn in the spot light!

While I was photographing Kristin and the ladies, Kris was photographing Brian and his groomsmen.  Dang, he knows how to tie a tie.  Kris captured this one swooping motion perfectly and used the same dramatic lighting technique that I used for Kristin’s preparation photographs– I love it!

Kristin shared, “While Brian is handsome, funny, incredibly smart and hardworking, what made me fall for him was the way he made me feel when I was around him. He brings a unique perceptive to life, one that makes every moment better and brighter.”

She continued, “His dedication and commitment to his family and those he loves showed a selflessness that inspires me every day. He is always thinking about how to make sure I am happy and feel loved, and gives me a confidence I never had before. He challenges me to be the best version of myself and is truly my better half.”

Timeless– check, classic– check, I’d believe that this was shot in 1960, 1930 or today!

Kristin elaborated, “Brian is my number one supporter, sounding board, and the best partner in life I could have imagined. I never stop learning from him and I look forward to a lifetime of journeys together.”

I really like how these photos capture Brian’s serious side, on the morning of the wedding he was focused on the details and really wanted all of the logistics to go smoothly.  I’m so happy that Kris was able to capture his intensity, drive and dedication to his bride and this wedding, it was very sweet.

GQ called, they want their model back 😉

Brian shared, “The groomsmen and I were in three-piece suits as a way to subtly incorporate my family roots in Ireland. In old family photos, the men in my family were always dressed in shirts, vests, and a jacket.”

He went on, “For me, it was important to honor the sacrifices and hard times my family went through to create a better future for us, and a way for us to always remember their humble beginnings. Having the suits be fitted was an important piece in pulling our look together.”

I had the pleasure of working at St Mary of Mount Virgin Church in New Brunswick again for Kristin & Brian’s wedding.

I love capturing moments of candid, authentic expression.  Here the bride arrives at the church and is noticed by a few wedding guests.  The young ring-bearer’s wave is especially adorable…

The church was incredible complete with hundreds of hand-painted frescos!

Brian explained, “We really lucked out with the church. The church we originally reserved for our wedding had a pipe burst 5 weeks before our wedding date, and because of the structural damage from the flooding, we would no longer be able to use it.”

He continued, “So after some panic stricken days looking for other churches, St. Mary of Mount Virgin just happened to be available on that day and we reserved it immediately. It really felt like a gift from God. Each and every time we walked into the church, we were awe struck and we felt like its beauty embodied our love for one another.”

In this photo I wanted to showcase the frescoes and the epic size of this venue.  Kristin and her father begin to ascend down the aisle, their reflections echoing subtly in the marble floor…

Brian shared, “I was still thinking about the logistics and hoping women had arrived without any issues. Then when I saw the doors at the end of the church open, and I was able to lock eyes with Kristin, I forgot everything I was distracted with. A wave of relief came over me!”

He went on, “I just thought, ‘Nothing else matters now.’ My ability to view everyone else in the church seemed to become blurry as I just focused on Kristin and how utterly stunning she looked.”

Kristin shared, “I was filled with a sense of calmness and joy as I locked eyes with him and walked down the aisle. He looked so handsome in his suit and the reality of it being our wedding day finally hit.”

Kristin’s father kisses her on the cheek as he entrusts her to Brian.  I like that you are able to see Brian’s expression and that of a few of the wedding guests, also the stained glass and her bouquet.

Kristin recalled, “I anticipated feeling nervous, standing up in front of all our family and friends, but as soon as I got to the alter and held Brian’s hand everyone else disappeared. Nothing felt more natural than being next to him and saying my vows to him.”

I keep an eye out for natural, authentic moments and emotion throughout the day.  Here one of Kristin’s bridesmaids wipes a tear as she views the ceremony.

Kristin shared, “Everything we did in the church felt so simple, but when you gave me a sneak peek at a few of the images on the back of your camera, we were amazed by your ability to make everything look so vibrant and unique!  We were absolutely blown away by the way you were able to capture the beautiful fresco and colors!”

Brian shared, “A wave of relief came over me.  With Kristin by my side I truly felt emboldened to take on anything any day thereafter.  There is no better person to be my partner through the up’s and down’s of life than Kristin.”

Applause from all of the wedding guests and smiles from the newlyweds, annother fantastic shot by Kris…

One more kiss before they leave the church.  I love their silhouettes framed by the pipe organ and stained glass…

As they headed outside of the church it was apparent that is was raining– they stayed close under the cover of umbrellas.

I like the honesty of this image.  The slick, black umbrella, drenched and beading up with water, Kristin in white, smiling, dry and elegantly descending the staircase with her veil and dress in one hand and holding her hair back from the wind with the other, all while smiling and looking back at Brian who appeared impressed by this incredibly capable woman.

I’m not sure what they were thinking during this moment, but I knew Kristin had her heart set on outdoor photographs in the Palace gardens, I can’t help but think that is one of the thoughts on her mind as they escape the downpour for the shelter of the Bentley.

When we arrived, it was still raining, but I had watched the forecast and knew it was a possibility.  I also knew that the Palace had a perfect entrance that could protect us from the rain and still capture the gardens and columns that Kristin loved so much as well as the Bentley provided by Action Limos

We headed inside for a bit.  Here I photographed their reflections in the mirror.  I liked how this one image is able to capture the ornate gold-work on the mirror, the staircase that ascends to their bridal suite, and hints of the columns and woodwork throughout.

Kristin shared, “We knew a large bridal party would be a lot to manage and were really impressed with your ability to wrangle our bridal party for traditional photos without becoming overwhelmed, even when *we* were!”

I used the Grand Foyer of the Palace to pose this bridal party of 20.  I liked the dramatic background of the columns and drapery and wanted the photograph to have a classic, sophisticated feeling while still being different and unique.

It took me a little bit of time to perfect everyone’s poses and the lighting, but the bridal party was great and willing to ‘get down,’ haha, so that I could fit all of them in one shot.

The weather cooperated and we were able to return outside!  I captured a few traditional portraits of Kristin and Brian. This is one of my favorites…

Brian explained, “At the heart of it, we are each other’s best friend. Faithful companions in life’s adventure, challenging each other to be better tomorrow than we were today, and to know that no matter what, we will love and support each other.”

Such a loving, warm, embrace– I like the intimate feel of this image and that you can see both of their wedding bands…

Kristin was ecstatic about being able to walk the Palace at Somerset‘s gardens.  I captured the surrounding architecture as well as the plants and trees as they walked arm in arm.

Brian added, “Our relationship is based on genuine love and respect for the other, and we treat each other in a way that we feel upholds those ideals.”

I believe, in life, when you are given lemons, you make lemonade, so when rain was forecasted, I wanted to make the best of it and create something truly unique for them!

Kristin shared, “We appreciated the energy and preparation that you invested in our wedding day.  When we were walking through the Palace gardens and you asked us to stand near the puddle, we would have never imagined the photograph that you showed us on the back of your camera, full of texture and dynamic layers!”

She continued, “We feel so fortunate to have our lives’ memories to be captured by you.”

All of the rain made the Palace gardens lush and vibrant and I utilized the cloud cover to make it look even more soft and romantic…

It continued to rain on and off, but Kristin and Brian embraced it and trusted my vision.  I was able to experiment with new techniques that resulted in truly unique images for them.  Probably the two most important resources I need to experiment like this are trust and time, and Kristin and Brian shared both…

Ok, I’m going to get a little deep here… for me this image truly reflects two souls becoming one.  The rainbow orb between the two of them was captured in camera.  The photograph shows flowers (which can symbolize new beginnings and romance) and rain (which can symbolize tears and things not going as planned).  In life we have both and rain makes the flowers grow.  😉


Wedding guests were greeted by an over the top cocktail hour featuring multiple chefs and stations.  One chef entertained guests creating mouth-watering, hand-pulled, fresh mozzarella for their Caprese salad appetizers, some also enjoyed the made-to-order cheese with proscuitto, boccacini & bruschetta.

Other chefs created other appetizers including this asparagus, beef wrap carving station below as wait-staff passed butled hors d’oeuvres.

Kristin explained how she incorporated their love of travel into the reception, “With the Vintage Postcard table numbers and place cards, it was a way to share some of the places we have traveled with the people who are most dear to us while imparting that timeless, classic feeling to our guests.”

Each of the table numbers were actually antique postcards displaying the various destinations that Kristin and Brian had traveled to– some stateside– New York, Texas, etc.  Others abroad: Paris, Bali, Cinque Terre, Costa Rica, Barcelona and more.  They strategically sat guests at certain tables, part of Kristin’s family was seated at Texas, while several of Brian’s family members were seated at Ireland.

She continued, “Brian’s parent’s both moved here from Ireland. One of Brian’s siblings lives here now and then his three other siblings still live in Ireland.  He still has many family members there, who we love to visit.  He was so happy to have so many of them make the trip to the states for our wedding!”

Brian shared, “Our entrance into the reception was one of our favorite parts of our wedding day!  The energy and excitement was so high!”

He continued, “We chose a Frank Sinatra song for our first dance to stick with a classic love song and also to incorporate a piece of Hoboken as well as it is Frank Sinatra’s birthplace and the place where Kristin and my love really blossomed.”

I love capturing moments like this– a dip and kiss as the bridal party applauds in the background…

Though I *really* love moments like this!

Brian shared, “Adrian caught us by surprise, he doesn’t usually say much but he gave a comedic and incredibly well delivered speech!”  Everyone was roaring with laughter, especially those gathered around the sweetheart table… I love everyone’s unique expressions!

Cheers!  I climbed to an interesting vantage point for this part of their toasts as I wanted to capture them clinking glasses and show the architectural elements including the beautiful fireplace and chandelier as well as Kristin & Brian caught in the moment…

Kristin’s sister’s speech was incredibly thoughtful and touching.  Here Kristin wipes a tear as she listens to it:

Kristin explained, “While I have a lot of close friends, I only have one sister. Being Rebecca’s big sister has always been a big part of my identity. I’ve learned so much from her, especially as we’ve grown up. We went from fighting over clothes, to helping each other get through tough times. I respect and admire her more than she knows and am so happy she was our maid of honor.”

The speech was followed by a huge hug!

Kristin said, “We were just pleasantly surprised by everyone (young or old, dancers and non-dancers) up and dancing and having fun!”

She continued, “Mazz Entertainment and DJ Paul Desisto did the most fantastic job keeping our guests entertained and keeping the energy levels high all night, our dance floor was packed until midnight!”

I have probably have a hundred photos of the wedding guests dancing, so it was hard to choose just one to blog, but I really like this aerial view.  You can see just how packed the dance floor is, yet still make out individual couples and groups dancing together.  I wanted to really show off the setting, the columns, chandelier, fireplace, etc.

Brian shared, “What I am looking forward to with her is a life of endless adventure. I have gone on many trips with family and friends, but no one person is a better companion than Kristin. That sense is also true for my life. There is no better person to be my partner through the up’s and down’s of life than Kristin.”

Kristin shared, “Having Brian by my side makes all adventures more exciting and challenges more easy to face. He reminds me to stop and enjoy life’s little moments and pleasures when I might rush through things to get to the finish line. I never stop learning from him and I look forward to a lifetime of journeys together.”

They stepped out in the rain to enjoy some time alone together in the cool of the evening…

While I love the dramatic, colorful image above, I really like the classic, timeless look of this photograph:

Kristin & Brian, thank you so much for your incredibly kind words and for allowing me the pleasure of photographing your wedding!  I hope these images are just as unique, colorful, creative, classic, timeless, architectural, emotional and dramatic as you had hoped!  I can’t wait to hear what you think of them!

If you would like to see more of Kristin & Brian, you’ll want to check out their engagement photography session in Hoboken, here.  I absolutely loved that, too!

DuCar Farms Wedding Photographers: Kristen & Shane

One Secret Service officer, two Volkswagen buses and a huge group of friends and family who were overjoyed to see this couple’s dreams come true…

Kristen and Shane reached out to me looking for a photographer that has unique photography and a creative eye who would bring an artful, eclectic perspective to their wedding photos.  What I like to do is capture not just what people and places look like on a wedding day, but who they are and how they feel, the story of it all.

Kristen shared, “I saw your work on social media and was amazed, your level of creativity was unlike any other photographer I had seen.  During our first meeting we clicked and there was no doubt that you would be the one to capture our wedding day.”

She continued, “You are very easy going and always made us feel comfortable and we could always relax and have fun with you even though the heat was insane!  I am hoping to relive our wedding day all over again through your photos and even get to see moments that we didn’t see on our wedding day.”

Kristen and Shane chose DuCar Farm as their wedding venue.  It is actually owned by one of her friends that she has known since *elementary* school.  It was located only 5 miles from the home where she grew up.  Kristen was drawn to the property for many reasons, a few of those being the historic barn, open field and willow tree that can all be seen in this photograph: 

I wanted a unique place to photograph Kristen’s dress, a place that would really bring in the country wedding aesthetic and saw a very large nail right in the center of this structure and went on a mission to find a super-tall ladder.  Luckily Mandy & Matt of Peachy Keen were decorating the reception space and were happy to oblige.

I checked to make sure the dress woudl hang well from it, not fall or get dirty and quickly took it on as my mission.  Kris is actually way taller than me, 6′ 1′ so I held the ladder as he climbed with the dress.  The teamwork was worth it!

As far as the photograph itself, I wanted the dress to pop against the background and also to capture some of the grass and sky as well.  This shot definitely says country wedding!

Kristen shared, “The overall look that we were going for was country elegance.  I wanted elegant elements as well as a barn feel.”

I placed Kristen’s sparkly Kate Spade heels on a simple rope swing that hung from a mature tree on the property to really capture that aesthetic for her.

Kristen shared, “A real highlight of my day was having 10 of my closet friends with me at the farm all morning.  We were able to reminisce and enjoy the time together, it was so special for me!”

Kristen shared, “I am absolutely obsessed with my wedding gown!  I purchased it at J &B Bridals and it was selected for me by Jamie, the dress gal extraordinaire.  It was her first choice for me and while I tried on a few others, as soon as I tried it on I just knew it was the one.  I bought it straight off the rack and it fit me perfectly!”

Kristen’s dress was amazing!  The detailed embroidery and bead work on the corset back was super sexy and dramatic while also being incredibly elegant.  Here I photographed as the back of her dress was adjusted.

For this photograph I used a shallow depth of field, focusing sharply on the droplets of perfume in the air and allowing other elements to soften.  It really gives you a feel for Kristen’s overall look, her soft blonde curls, dramatic lashes and beaded wedding gown.

Shane shared, “When I first saw Kristen I loved her sparkling eyes and bright smile.  Her personality is very strong and grounded.  She is the sort of person that, when times get hard, she doesn’t have an excuse, but a solution.  She is dedicated and committed.”

I like to play with reflections and captured a subtle one her during Kristen’s bridal portrait– what a beauty!  I really think this portrait captures both the sparkling eyes and smile that attracted Shane and her strong grounded, can-do personality ;).

The farm house at DuCar Farm is just lovely and I used the intense sunlight to capture the vibrant colors of the grass and sky along with Kristen.

The bridesmaids filed out of the bridal suite walking down the winding path as a single bird watched…

Kristen shared, “My bridesmaids are friends that have held a significant importance in my life from birth to nursing school. Though all of our lives are busy, no matter what, each and every one of those girls would be there in a heart beat if I needed them. They are all so special to me and I am so thankful to have had them all by my side!”

Shane’s uniform was hanging in the men’s preparations area.  I knew he works as an officer in the Secret Service, so I wasn’t surprised to see his dress blues or marksman pin, but none the less I was super impressed!  Thank you for your service, Shane!

While it may have been Shane’s military haircut, smile, Chevy truck and love of country music that first caught her interest, it was his kindness that really stole her heart.

Kristen shared, “I will never forget our first date.  As I was walking to meet him, I saw him standing at the ticket booth to buy our movie tickets, and something just told me, ‘I am going to marry him.’ From day one, Shane has been a complete gentleman, a kind soul, dedicated, loving, and just plain amazing.”

She continued, “Shane has supported me and been right by my side for the past three years prior to our wedding and I know without a doubt that he will stand beside me for the next fifty years.”

She went on, “I admire his drive and determination in everything he does. Being a Marine in the past has definitely molded his future and I couldn’t be more proud to be married to a veteran. He is so skilled in everything he does, and I am so honored to have him as my husband. God has certainly spoiled me with this man who I’ve been praying to meet!”

While Shane is incredibly strong and focused (think: the few, the proud, the Marines) he is also incredibly thoughtful, kind and loyal.

Kristen shared, “His personality is so uplifting and happy, and no matter what, he always smiles.”

Here Shane walks in the DuCar Farm field with his groomsmen.  I like how Kris captured the vibrant colors similarly to the way I did earlier with Kristen’s photo.

I like the perspective he used here to capture the texture of the grass as well as the groomsmen walking.  

Kristen and Shane wanted a “first touch” instead of a “first look” prior to their wedding ceremony.

Kristen explained, “I was so nervous, but it made the anticipation that much greater!!”

Shane added, “I already couldn’t wait to see her in her dress, now the excitement was just overwhelming!  Hearing her voice without looking definitely added to the rush of it all.”

Guests arrived at the farm and congregated in the shade of the barn.  It was an outdoor wedding in July, so the shade was welcomed by all :).

Peachy Keen did a fantastic job decorating the ceremony space!

Kristen’s bridal party arrived in two VW busses, here is one speeding over the bridge on the way to the farm.  I used a slow shutter speed to capture the motion of the bus and add some extra visual interest to the photograph…

Kristen shared, “My dad may not talk much, but get him started on VWs and he won’t stop!  My dad shared that love with me at a young age.  I was always in the garage helping him work on cars or going to car shows with him. It was something we often shared together.”

She continued, “Because of that, I thought it would be a neat touch for us to come to the aisle in a VW beetle. What cooler way to make a grand entrance than bridesmaids in buses and us in a beetle?!”

She concluded, “I knew this would be special for my dad, a nice sentimental touch that would remind us of those early years together.”

I think he really appreciated it…

Shane earnestly shared, “The first time I saw Kristen on our wedding day was incredible!  It was like God opening the gates of heaven and allowing a beautiful angel to appear.”

He continued, “We have dated for three years, but I had never seen her in the light that I did on that moment of our wedding day.”

I agree Shane, with the white gates, blue sky with white fluffy clouds, she is also absolutely radiant, just glowing…

Kristen shared her perspective, “When the doors finally opened, and I saw him for the first time, I just couldn’t help but smile. (I knew that I won every bet because he was already crying, haha). It was so sweet to see his emotion and knowing how genuine his love is for me.”

The minister actually reached his hand on Shane’s shoulder.  Here Shane keeps a strong demeanor as his eyes well with tears…

His tears turned quickly to a beaming smile…

Kristen shared, “I had always envisioned myself being outside and surrounded by trees for my wedding ceremony, so the creek and the main tree behind us was just perfect.”

Kristen has the most adorable laugh and smile.  Here Shane admires the ring after putting it on her finger and she laughs out loud!

I liked the photo to be in black and white, I think it really draws attention to the emotion and contrast in the frame.

Kristen shared, “Lindsay’s solo was also very special to me.  She has always had an amazing voice, and I knew I wanted her to be involved in our wedding.  I couldn’t have imagined her not singing.  She sang the song ‘From This Moment On.'”

She continued, “Shane and I had been through so many obstacles in our dating relationship that it seemed like we would never make it to that moment when we said, ‘I do.’  But, we did!!! And ‘from this moment on’ I know I will have Shane by my side through whatever life throws our way.”

Kristen shared, “I am just so thankful that we finally made it to the rest of our lives!”

I knew Kristen loved this stream and wanted to incorporate it into a photo.

It was ninety degrees, sunny and humid, yes I totally stood in the spring for this shot.

It gave me a cool perspective and cooled me off win-win ;).

Some VW love…

Love bug…

I used a tilt shift technique here.  It was a little tricky but I wanted the car, bridal suite and tree to be in focus and the rest to be out.

Kristen shared, “I am looking forward to sharing more of life with him. Eating dinner together at night, traveling together, starting a family of our own…  I love him every day of my life.  He deserves it all.”

This has to be one of my favorite shots of the day.  It is so simple, but so beautiful, I love how you can see those clouds, too!

Shane felt similarly saying, “I’m looking forward to Kristen and I having more time together to enjoy each other, cherishing our moments with friends and family.  We have so much of life ahead of us!”

I like to play with color, framing and shadow.  In this photograph, I framed the silhouette of Kristen and Shane in the boughs of a tree against the blue sky.

Seeing double– I really like to get creative and work outside of the box whenever I can.

I think this surreal image captures the excitement of the wedding day, you are present but also looking back and forward in so many ways.

It is a feeling you almost have to experience first-hand to understand, but this visual may help…

Shane shared, “Kristen is incredibly caring and always putting others before herself. I’m a type one diabetic so she is always on top of my well-being, and the fact that she is a RN is an added bonus, haha!”

Ah the golden light of sunset, nothing quite like it.  Kristen shared, “The sunset was amazing!  It was really the perfect end to the perfect day!”

Here is one of the sunset shots, I will wrap up the full set with another…

While Kristen and Shane were out and about exploring DuCar Farm, the guests were enjoying cocktail hour.  Here is their guestbook (created by yours truly) using the engagement photos that I captured of them over the winter.  There is space surrounding them for guests to sign.

Kristen shared, “I LOVED the guestbook! What a special touch for a wedding, to have engagement photos as a guestbook and to leave space for everyone to sign! Many people never get to see the engagement photos, so this was awesome for guests also, they really enjoyed it!”

The furniture rentals provided by Peachy Keen fit the space at DuCar Farm perfectly!

They seriously thought of every detail!

Kristen shared, “The flowers were where the color came into play. Most of my decor was strictly navy and gold, but I am full of life and color, so I went crazy with the flowers and allowed the florist to put in as much color as possible to make everything pop.”

And pop it does…  what about those gold chargers and the gorgeous farm tables and table numbers…

Hot stuff!!!  Kristen shared, “Shane and I really consume hot sauce!  Every year when we go to Tennessee, we hit up our favorite hot sauce store and stock up for the entire year!  We thought this would be a fun touch to go along with our wedding being in July & being HOT, haha.   My goal was to incorporate “our favorite things” as a couple as much as we could throughout the wedding.”

The text reads, “Thanks for spicing up our special day!”

More vibrant flowers and cuteness– a drink stand labeled: “Sip, Sip Hooray!”

All of the beautiful floral arrangements were created by the talented Darlanna Besecker of Hope Valley Gardens.  The Perfect Cake was created by Cindy Lepo.

Such a clever summer wedding idea– programs that also double as fans!

Guests were waving them long after the ceremony…

The cocktail menu was picnic inspired and perfect for a barn wedding!  Pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, corn on the cob.

The fabric draped across the ceiling of the barn and the antique chandeliers really added to the space…

Kristen wipes a tear as her maid of honor speaks…

The first dance…

Mother-son dance:

Shane shared, “My mom and my dance together was very special.  I remember what she wished for me years ago, long before my wedding day.  The song ‘My Wish’ basically spoke the words that she had wanted for me.”

He continued, “I asked her when we were dancing, ‘Do you remember when this song?’ she said ‘Yes.’  I have to thank my mom for all she has done for me through the years.”

I think his face says it all…

I see you!!!  haha 🙂

Ice cream truck!!!

Kristen shared, “A date night for us was to go out for ice cream at Antietam Dairy.  They have sugar free black raspberry, which was perfect for Shane, we also figured that it would be hot during a July wedding so the guests would enjoy it.”

Boy did they!

Hahaha!  I don’t think I’ve ever quite seen this reaction to catching the bouquet before!!!

I’d love to caption this, but maybe you can come up with your own…

Having a wedding on the Fourth of July weekend gave Kristen a perfect opportunity to showcase her love of sparklers…

I bet you can guess the Beyonce song played here:

DJ, Ryan Smetzer, got everyone in the party mood!

It was the end of the night and Kristen’s bridesmaids were still out on the dance floor in full force!

They created a circle around Kristen and Shane…

The sweetest thing happened, Shane sang to her!

At the beginning of their relationship there was a point when it was just the two of them alone on the dance floor, but they didn’t even notice and they were singing to each other!

Kristen shared, ” He would always sing to me and I loved listening to him belt out the next country song on the radio! 😉 It also goes along with our love for country concerts, he also sings to me and dances with me when we go to them too 🙂 When I am in his arms, nothing else seems to matter.”

When he did it on their wedding day I was there to capture the moment…

Now *this* is a sunset!  I think it was so epic because of the threatening and stormy weather we experienced throughout the day…  It has to be one of the most dramatic skies I have photographed.

Kristen and Shane, I hope that these photos are just the creative, colorful, unique mix that you were hoping for and that they help you to re-live your wedding day and all those amazing moments with your family and friends for years to come!

If you haven’t seen enough of Kristen and Shane, you can check out their snowy engagement session on my blog here.

Fay FrielJuly 30, 2017 - 5:24 pm

Absolutely beautiful pictures for a beautiful wedding.

Gettysburg Hotel Wedding Photographers: Chelsea & Matt

“I love her, and that’s the beginning and end of everything.” –F. Scott Fitzgerald.

This Gatsby-inspired wedding had it all– a first look that brought tears to *my* eyes, a romantic candle-lit ceremony, a real-life *rainbow* and I can’t believe it, but yes, even The Spice Girls, haha!

You won’t want to miss Chelsea & Matt’s classic, elegant, dramatic wedding day at the famous Gettysburg Hotel….

I clicked with Chelsea and Matt right off the bat and they booked me on the spot!  I understood their style and relationship and knew that I could deliver the crisp, vibrant, emotion-filled photos that they wanted from details, to portraits, to natural shots in their style.

Chelsea shared, “We chose Rhinehart Photography because we wanted the ABSOLUTE BEST!! After looking at many different photographers, we knew Lisa fit our style and would capture our day exactly the way we envisioned it. We met Lisa and the search was over!”

She continued, “Lisa captures both candids and posed photos in a way that allows you to feel how the people in her shots felt. The photos are both fun and elegant. They capture the very best of you and your moment.”

“The day of the wedding, Lisa and Kris came early to scope out great locations for our first look and bridal party photos. Lisa made the day flow so easily (which for my Type A personality was amazing)!! They were so fun to hang out with on the most important day of our lives. We could not have even imagined a better choice for our wedding. They went above and beyond all expectations!!”

When I arrived I began photographing several key wedding details.  Here are Chelsea’s rings against the lace of her wedding gown:

Matt shared, “I fell for Chelsea right away.  She is intelligent, beautiful and carries herself with class and grace.”

Chelsea has a very intriguing personality, she is both driven and incredibly joyful.  I loved capturing her candid excitement during the wedding day!

Matt shared, “I actually had no interest in marriage until I met Chelsea and grew to know her more and eventually fell in love with her.”

I was really impressed with Gettysburg Day Spa— the ladies hair and make-up was incredible and they were also on-time!  It allowed me time to capture some incredibly beautiful portraits!

Chelsea and Matt’s wedding was inspired by the Great Gatsby and had art-deco, vintage-glam touches. I wanted to bring that feeling into Chelsea’s bridal portraits.  Chelsea, you are stunning!!!

Chelsea shared, “I have the very best friends!”  Here they are seeing her in her wedding down, so sweet!

Chelsea explained, “I wanted the bridesmaids’ gowns to be elegant, classic and easy to dance in!!!””

Now it is Matt’s turn to be in the spotlight!  Chelsea shared, “Matt is always so calm, cool and collected.  I fell in love with him almost instantly!”

She continued, “Matt is a true gentleman. He is loving, kind and the most generous person I have ever met. He always sees the best in people and every situation. He helps me see and appreciate the beauty in everything around me.”

I like the classic black and white window-lit portrait– it fits that timeless, dramatic look that Chelsea and Matt wanted while also capturing Matt being his gentlemanly self.

I figured you would really appreciate a very orderly portrait like this, Chelsea!  Kris captured it perfectly!

Matt looking super dapper and ready for his “first look” with Chelsea.

Matt shared, “The first look had to be one of my favorite if not my favorite moment of the day!  I was literally overcome with emotion!”

He continued, “I surprised myself by crying more than I have since I was a child. I didn’t think I would react that way but as I looked at her standing in her wedding dress, she was so beautiful, there was a realization that everything we have done and been through has led up to this point and it was incredibly overwhelming and exciting.”

He went on, “There seemed to be a weight lifted as this was a day we have been waiting for and looking forward to for over two years when we began the planning process. I was so happy in that moment and I don’t think I knew how to react other than break down.”

Chelsea shared, “The first look definitely tied for first place as my favorite part of our wedding day! I loved Matt’s reaction. Matt is always so cool, calm and collected and seeing his reaction was so heartwarming. All my nerves for the day instantly disappeared because he was by my side.”

She continued, “He looked so incredibly handsome – I couldn’t believe he was mine!! I wouldn’t change that moment for anything!”

While I love capturing authentic, natural moments, I give my couples a good variety of photos including more traditional portraits as well.  Here is one of those spots that I found prior to starting photos.

I knew the weather was going to be hot and that Matt would be in a classic tux.  I also knew that Gettysburg has a lot of tourists especially during this time of year, so finding a place that would be private and give them some space was also on my mind.

Here is a formal portrait of the Mr & Mrs there 😉

They shared, “We work together really well because we have the same mindset and expectations when it comes to our relationship. We understand that we will not always agree on everything and we will often have differing views on any number of situations.”

They continued, “Compromise is something we learned very early in our relationship. We are both understanding and trusting of one another. We are simply there for each other no matter the situation and we know we can rely on each other.”

Chelsea shared, “He is my breath of fresh air. He is everything that I am not. My weaknesses are his strengths. We truly compliment each other perfectly. We support each other, challenge each other, encourage each other and have grown some much together that I could not picture my life without him by my side.”

Matt carried Chelsea’s train for her and she walked and she leaned over and kissed his cheek.

She said, “Matt holding my train is – Matt just being himself. He does it without thinking. He wants to make things easier for me and to make me happy. It is second-nature to him. How lucky am I(!?!) To have such a thoughtful and caring partner that trying to make my life easier is second-nature. I could not imagine my life without him.”

I love to capture unique vantage points throughout the day and wanted to have an aerial shot that captured Matt and Chelsea (especially the train of her dress) as well as the lush, summer foliage.  Here I shot through tree branches, framing the couple.

Chelsea shared, “Our favorite Gatsby quote is, ‘I love her, and that’s the beginning and end of everything.’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald.”

She continued, “We love this as we think it is so perfect for our relationship. We love one another and no matter what happened in the past or what happens in the future, that will never change. Everything will start and end with us loving each other.”

Matt shared, “My favorite part of the wedding day, other than the first look and ceremony, would be seeing all of our guests having such a great time. It was incredible to have all of the people we love together, having such a great time and being so happy for us!”

As we walked from the Gettysburg Hotel to the Gettysburg Train Station (yes the location where Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address) we passed the Majestic Theater.

It brought in that cool, 1920’s vintage vibe, even if all we were doing was walking from point A to B.

I’m inspired by images in Vogue GQ and Vanity Fair. I love that chic, sophisticated timeless style of posing and it fits the feel of this wedding so well!

I have a smiling version as well but I really love this serious one!

When I first talked to Chelsea about her wedding plans, she mentioned really wanting to keep things simple by having everything at one location– the ceremony, reception, guestrooms, etc.

She mentioned being a little nervous about getting married in a conference room, but felt like with the right decorator she would be able to transform it from being sterile to romantic with candlelight.

She shared, “The Party Peeps and The Collective were absolutely amazing to work with. They instantly saw my vision, offered their own ideas and worked so hard to make it just as we wanted. They are a wonderful family and truly care for their clients. I don’t think our vision would have come to life without them. “

Chelsea shared, “My mom and I were always talking about and planning my wedding. Before she passed, she wrote me a letter. In it she had mentioned how much she wished she would be able to be by my side on my wedding day.”

Chelsea laid a purple bouquet (her mother’s favorite color) on the chair where her mother would have sat and reserved it with a sign in her memory.

Chelsea shared, “I had to control myself to not run down the aisle. I know people always say it was like they were the only 2 people in the room and I never believed it until that moment. It was like the entire world disappeared and it was just us.”

I wanted to emphasize the candlelight in these photos and used camera setting and angles that would really let them shine!

I love it when people show emotion on their wedding day!  Her Matt wipes a tear during his vows…

Matt laughed, “I was so nervous during the ceremony that I couldn’t really hear anything that the minister was saying! I completely forgot everything that we practiced the night before, I blanked and just started trying to blow out the unity candle! Maybe it’s a sign that even though I tried, the flame never went out! … I was so nervous!!”

Chelsea weighed in, ” I couldn’t help but laugh when Matt almost blew out the unity candle and I had to say “no, not that one.” It is so classic to our personalities. Matt is so easy going and I can be so uptight – he can always make me laugh, no matter how serious I am trying to be.”

Their faces say it all, hahaha!!!

“I loved our ceremony and have so much love and respect for Matt!  I have never experienced so much happiness at one time.  The hotel could have caught on fire and I wouldn’t have noticed!!”

Chelsea shared, ” I knew that no matter what happened that day or in the future – I was going to be okay because Matt will be there by my side.  We are officially one!”

I don’t think they knew I captured these photos, it is just the two of them alone for the few moments that it took for the bridal party to filter out of the wedding ceremony space.  They are just taking it all in…

They shared, “We chose the Gettysburg Hotel because of the vintage, elegant space that it provided with its high ceilings and original chandeliers.”

Chelsea elaborated, “We chose ivory gold and black as our colors as we wanted something classic and elegant.  White callalillies are my favorite, so we mixed those with white roses and hydrangeas to add a vintage feel and volume.”

She continued, “The candelabras were the perfect vintage piece for the tables and decorating those and the gold chairs with pearls just felt right.  We added sequined runners to add a little bit of sparkle.”

In this photo I really tried to bring out the Great Gatsby feel by showing layers of the Gettysburg Hotel vault and the gold chiavari chairs draped with pearls.

She recalled, “Getting the right amount of pearls was a challenge, but I think it worked out.”

Chelsea shared, “The gold charger plates, menus and bow-tie napkins played into our colors and the overall look we were going for.”

And how sweet is this cake?

She mentioned, “The blackberry in the champagne glass was a little extra detail to bring out that gold and black look.”

Here you can see those classic chandeliers that Chelsea swooned over as well as the detailed high ceilings and elegant draperies.  What a lovely first dance!

Chelsea shared, “I am finally the wife of the most amazing person I have ever met.  I could not be happier to have the love of my life by my side. I would not want it any other way.”

I used a special lighting technique to try to capture just how extraordinary this moment was.  Chelsea looks like she feels so safe with Matt by her side…

I promised you a Spice Girls appearance at the beginning of this blog post, and here it comes…

Chelsea’s co-maids of honor surprised her by singing their own version of “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls complete with customized lyrics pertaining to them and their relationship.

Chelsea shared, “That song blew me away!! It is so out of their comfort zone and they put that together for me – it was so humbling to have your friends say such wonderful things about you but then to sing about it!  I have THE BEST friends!!”

Chelsea shared, “Seeing the rainbow was such a touching moment!!”

Chelsea’s mom passed before the wedding and rainbows make Chelsea think of her mom.  When she saw it, it meant so much to her!  She shared, “It made me think of her and I felt like it was definitely her showing me that even though I could not see her, she was still there!”

I don’t believe I have ever seen a rainbow on a wedding day before and I’m not sure if I ever will again– such a cool moment!

The sunset that followed was just as epic and surreal…

Seriously the sky glowed, just unreal…

Scott Albin from Great Scott Productions was professional and great to work with as always.  He was the DJ and also created all of the unique reception lighting from their custom monogram on the wall to the club-style lights on the dance floor.

Everyone really had a blast!  Sometimes these are the candid moments of wedding guests that couples appreciate the most…

Here you can see the monogram and lighting that I mentioned and guests getting down on the dance floor.  I wanted to capture all of those vibrant colors!

Matt shared, “I’m looking forward to enjoying our lives together as husband and wife. We have so many plans and ambitions now that we have passed this monumental stage and I’m really looking forward to facing those with my wife by my side.”

She continued, “We are now officially one and I could not be happier to have the love of my life, my husband, by my side!”

Chelsea and Matt, it was such a pleasure to get to know the two of you!  You are one of a kind and such an amazing couple!

I hope that we were able to capture all of the joy and emotion of your wedding day and your elegant/vintage/glam style in the crisp, polished way.  I’m thrilled to hear that you had as much fun as we did and can’t wait to show you hundreds more photos of your day!

If you want to see more of Chelsea and Matt, you can check out their Hershey Engagement here.

[…] I hope that these photos are just the sort of crisp, colorful, creative, high-quality, personalized, unique, artistic photographs that you were looking for!  I am so excited to hear your thoughts about them and to photograph your wedding this fall at Mount Saint Mary’s and the beautiful Gettysburg Hotel, it is one of my favorite wedding venues! […]

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