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    You want a photographer who is able to handle all aspects of wedding photography with ease, capturing: candid, romantic emotion; flattering, beautiful portraits; breathtaking scenery & architecture; the joy and energy out on the dance floor and all those sweet wedding details that you have been working on for months in an artful, creative way.

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    My work is creative & thoughtful. My goal is to share your unique love story. I get to know your interests & personalities in order to capture them forever in beautiful, personal, artful photographs that tell your story. I invest my time helping you become comfortable in front of my camera & find the most flattering lighting and angles for you and your surroundings.

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Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographers: Joanna & Ethan

Turkeys, sunset, a rowboat, puppy and tractor… you won’t want to miss this romantic, fun, vibrant Lehigh Valley engagement…

Joanna explained, “Ethan and I wanted a photographer who would be able to capture our personalities well and also include an artistic approach. Lisa did just that and MORE! Romantic, serious, goofy, unique and colorful shots – she captured them all! I also loved how she was up for anything and had so many different ideas.”

Ethan added, “She understood our vision right away and made the both of us feel extremely comfortable. I don’t particularly love have my photo taken but she made it easy. Choosing Lisa was hands down the best decision! ”

I love giving my couples an eclectic mix of shots, and opened with an intense romantic sunset over their lake and will follow with this playful shot at the orchard… I love to use a variety of lenses, angles and techniques to capture different emotions during the session…

Joanna shared, “We realized when trying to decide the location for our engagement photos that we couldn’t choose just one or two that meant a lot to us. The both of us knew that we would look back on these photos for the rest of our lives and it’s nice to know that in the future our children will be able to look at them too! We had to include the lake at our house which is where we’ve shared so many important memories, at my family’s farm where we both work and at the location of one of our first dates.”

Joanna laughed, “When taking photos on the farm we definitely wanted to include turkeys in some of the shots because our lives pretty much revolve around them!”

I photographed Joanna’s brother on their family’s turkey farm, too and I have to say it was just as much fun the second time around being surrounded by thousands of turkeys!

Joanna shared, “Ethan was adamant about getting photos with the tractor he uses (which he nicknamed Cheryl) and I was all about it!!”

Those two climbed up on this giant wheel like the pros that they are 😉

Joanna continued, “I have to say though – The fact that my soon-to-be husband made the decision to join my family and work with us every day is truly a dream come true. Ethan also comes from a farming family background and is one of the hardest-working individuals you will ever meet! I give all the credit to his amazing parents for raising such an incredible man.”

Ethan shared, “The first location we wanted to capture was our home on the lake.  It is our first home, where we watch the sunrise together, and where we spend many Sundays hanging around on our floating dock with good friends and beer over the summers.”

I like to play with reflections and noticed the trees and blue sky reflecting in the water…

Joanna shared, “Ethan is one of the most loving and easy going people you will ever meet. He’s the type of person who could walk into a room not knowing anyone and end up leaving with a bunch of new friends. His loyalty, big heart and personality is extremely genuine. Ethan’s sense of humor is what keeps me going and his way of understanding brings me so much comfort. As cheesy as it sounds… With Ethan, I am home. I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else. ”

Sunset over the lake…

Their pup:

Ethan shared, “I think that Joanna and I are alike in so many ways. She’s not only my fiancé but also my best friend.  We both agreed that it was important for our engagement photos to tell our story and we felt so lucky to be working with you because you totally understood our vision.”

Row row row your boat…

In the rear view…

A-Treat Soda, a total must!!!

Ethan shared, “I love Joanna’s smile, sense of humor and her nose is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. The second we met… it immediately felt natural. It just felt right. After only a week or so of dating it had already felt like I knew her my whole life and after 3 years it feels like I just fell in love with her yesterday. She has a way of making me happy by simply being herself and trust is a big part of what makes us work so well together. There’s no one else in this world that I love or trust more then Joanna.”

Joanna laughed, “About a couple days after we matched on Tinder… yes, Tinder…  Ethan asked me out on a date. I was SO nervous but had a gut feeling that there was something special about him. He insisted on taking me to a fancy restaurant but I said I was more in the mood for a beer. I can still remember the smile on his face when I said that. We ended up going to a local bar and it just so happened to be “Bring Your Own Instrument Night.”  It was so loud and we couldn’t hear anything, so we had to yell into each others’ ears the whole time!! Needless to say, we both realized then and there that it didn’t take much to please us and that we could have fun doing whatever – as long as we were together.”

I make sure to take a couple of traditional portraits along with the more creative ones…

Ethan shared,” I knew from day one that Joanna was going to end up being a big part of my life.  After a countless amount of amazing times we’ve spent together, I decided it was time to ask her to spend the rest of her life with me. With her dad’s blessing and her mom’s advice on helping me pick out the perfect ring; I was as so excited!”

He continued, “Joanna was asked to compete in the Lehigh Valley Dancing With The Stars so I knew she would never expect a proposal because of how distracted she was from preparing for the dance and her nerves!  I like to keep her on her toes”

I love how they can go from seriously posing (in the photo above) to being total goofballs in like 2 seconds flat:

Ethan adds, “I decided to ask her in front of all of our family, friends and hundreds of other people! I’ll never forget the look on her face when I walked out onto the stage to greet her after her performance or the how my heart was literally about to jump out of my chest!”

Ethan smiled, “I’m so thankful she said yes!”

Joanna added, “I’m so thankful he asked.”

Joanna smiled, “On our second date, Ethan took me out to a field on his friend’s farm to look at the stars. You could literally see every single star in the sky! We actually ended up falling asleep laying on the bed of his truck. I remember waking up and wanting to pinch myself thinking this was all a dream! Ethan really knows how to work his charm!”

Ethan laughed, “Haha!  I am a charmer!!”

I knew that these two love color and I really wanted to bring out the blue of the sky at twilight and still get all the gold of the field.  I worked a little magic for this last shot…

Joanna & Ethan, thank you so much for opening up and allowing me to capture your story!  I am so excited to photograph your Lehigh Valley wedding next fall!

Silverbrook Farm Wedding Photographer: Allie & Max

A near hurricane turned into an *outdoor* sunny ceremony and a party to last the lifetime… I hope you enjoy these authentic, vibrant images as much as I enjoyed capturing them:

Allie shared, “We chose to work with Rhinehart Photography because we saw a wedding album of yours at Silverbrook Farm and fell in love with your work.   We could tell that you would be able to capture the place and people so well!”

She continued, “When we see our photos, we want to relive the day. We want to see the emotions in our faces and bodies and have it take us back to that moment. The day was a total whirlwind, emotionally jam packed! I also can’t wait to see our guests having a good time and all the other things we may have missed out on!”

I captured sooo many photos of their big day, but wanted to focus on the ones that show the emotions and things they may have missed.  The opening image is or the two of them sitting a rug as the sun set, and this one shows the hand calligraphy on their invitations and the details of their rings…

The setting of Silverbrook Farm is nothing short of magical.  Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, a large maple tree, an arch of clematis framed in topiary– grazing cattle… I wanted to bring all of that into a single frame and did it here.  I also have a shot without her bridesmaid in it, but thought this was super cute!

Everything about their day seemed so perfectly suited to them and when I saw this “uninvited guest” who was the exact color of her invitations, I knew he’d have to make an appearance.

Max shared, “It didn’t take long to fall insanely and deeply in love with Allie. She is open and honest and the most thoughtful person I know. Her presence always brightens any room and I couldn’t imagine a life without her by my side.”

Allie’s bridesmaids were so incredibly happy, supportive, comfortable and fun to be around…

I felt lucky to be at Silverbrook Farm at Max and Allies side all day. The day felt authentic and intimate.  I love this photo because it seems to have similar qualities…

Haaa this one too, though I debated if I should include it, I think it really shows those same traits again, you can feel it, almost taste it…

Allie shared, “The flower crown was something that completely took me by surprise on the day of the wedding.”

Allie’s three “baby” cousins were her junior bridesmaids, here they join her in the side garden…

Allie shared, “We found Silverbrook Farm through happenstance, deep in our hearts we knew nothing could match the charm and authenticity at Silverbrook Farm. The proprietor, who was also our officiant, was also a huge factor. We connected quickly with Dot and her warmth and hospitality.

She continued, “Silverbrook reminded Allie of her Aunt Rita’s cabin, who coincidentally created all the bouquets and flower arrangements (which of course were more than perfect.)”

Wow Allie, just wow…

Max shared, “I loved the experience of exchanging love letters with Allie prior to the ceremony.”

He continued, “Her letter drove home how special I am to her and how great it is that we were getting married and how lucky I am to find that person.”

I love the feel of this photo, that it is both intimate (the hand writing, the texture of the paper, the shadowy hands) and private with the overlapping letters from the other side.

I just love the colors and reflections in this show of Max getting ready!  This beautiful shot was captured by my second photographer, Katie.

I’m very particular with my seconds and I need to say, man, she killed this…

Max smiled, “I was mostly just excited to find out that my groomsmen showed up to the venue on time, dressed and ready to go and not insanely hungover, although I learned quickly enough that their hangovers were severely reduced thanks to PediaLyte, haha. ”

He continued, “Our morning was extra special with Euchre, a card game unique to the Midwest but something my family (and Allie’s family) played growing up and still obviously love to play to this day. We put on some music, mostly songs about sunshine (Hear Comes the Sun by The Beatles) which was my one superstitious activity and clearly it paid dividends as we avoided afternoon rain!”

Another killer shot by Katie, the green vines and blue suit, perfect!

Allies bridesmaids prepare her for her first look…

“You ready Max???”  His reaction…

Here comes the bride…

His reaction…


I love the symmetry and intensity of this shot– the layers of topiary, field, mountains, and stormy sky… how the sun is hitting them: 

The same layers, but so much softer, united:

Allie smiled, “Max is *the best.* That is honestly an objective description.”

Max shared, “Allie and I work well together because we complement each other. Whether its tag teaming a delicious meal in the kitchen or pushing the pace on a run through woods with Piper in tow, we come together to make something greater than the sum of our individual parts.”

Allie shared, “Max is always thinking of others and goes out of his way to help or put others at ease. I must admit, it is an incredibly attractive quality to have in my husband!”

Max elaborated, “Together we are the silliest and most vibrant possible expressions of ourselves. Knowing that I have her encouragement and support in my corner gives me all the strength I need.  With Allie by my side I can do anything.”

Just then Piper showed up on the scene!

Allie laughed, “What I need to know is how do people NOT include their dog in their wedding?!?”

Allie continued, “We take Piper almost anyplace we can. She is our welcome third wheel, our fur baby, our toughest competitor for bed space, haha.”

I loved their style!  Allie shared, “We wanted feel to be comfortable and casual and the look to be natural, charming and a bit rustic.”

She went on, “Aspects that got me most excited were my dress, my bridesmaids’ coordinated but mismatched dresses…”

Looking dapper, gentlemen…

Vogue called, they want their models back…

Max shared, “Writing my love letter was such a treat as it caused me to really reflect on how much of an impact Allie has had on my life. She has changed my entire perspective on life and it was my intention to make sure she knew just that before we committed ourselves to each other officially, in front of our friends and family.”

Allie sat in the window reading her letter from Max, I caught a bridesmaids thoughtful expression in the mirror…

Time for the ceremony, which was *outdoors*!!!!  I say this with so much enthusiasm b/c on Monday it looked like a hurricane would hit Virginia!

Aww Piper– poised and ready….

Allie shared, “I knew that my parents were always going to walk me down the aisle together. That it was important to me, as was keeping my last name (at least for now). It was a really nice moment for all three of us.”  Here Allie’s mom hugs Max…

Allie shared about the Hurricane, “As our wedding day approached and Hurricane Florence was scheduled to hit Virginia with heavy rains and high winds, and I was kicking myself for the outdoor farm wedding idea! We had a rain plan, but a hurricane plan?! In Purcellville, Virginia?!?”

She continued, “But we literally dodged a hurricane that day, and that certainly heightened the stress and excitement of it all. The Weather app was our most frequently used that week and there was a lot of pressure to throw in the towel on the outdoor ceremony. But I held on to the dream and would you believe me if I told you that the sun came out as I walked down the aisle?”

I think they will now…

The lighting and sky was so incredibly intense during their ceremony, I just loved working with it.

Here the sunshine skims the ladies hair and gowns as the dramatic clouds roll in…

Intense sunlight beats on wedding guests as Allie’s dad appears to wipe a tear.


I love playing with perspective and found myself all the way in the back of the ceremony completely horizontal for this one, haha!

The vibrant green and soft textures make me think of hope and growth and all things good…

One thing I enjoy about Silverbrook is the organic feel of everything there.  There is this gorgeous maple tree, it must be at least 200 years old.  There is a wooden bench built around it with floral pillows.  A little girl and her grandmother sat on it to view the ceremony…

Allie shared, “I can’t help but smile thinking about saying those words as I looked into Max’s eyes. Everyone else disappeared.”

Again, that sunshine!

Hugs all around…

The walk from the ceremony to the reception… I think part of why I appreciate this so much is the organic feel of this transition, it is just so incredibly beautiful!!!

As someone who photographs a wedding every weekend 9 months a year, I see a lot of awkward transitions in ballroom hallways and the like, so to organically stroll, winding on these beautiful grounds just feels right.

For me the balance of this image is how it felt to be there, the guests walking, winding, framed in tree branches…

Allie and Max walked too, again, that dramatic sky, their intensity, he’s just beaming…

Allie shared, “Max and I put each other first. We are honest with each other. We trust each other completely. But also he goes along with me being the master planner and allegedly appreciates that I remind him of all the errands around the house. Yet he gets things done faster, so you could say that together we are both timely and efficient, haha!!”

I like to play with reflections and loved how the rust colored scrolls on the mirror seemed to mimic Allie’s ringlets and the blooming white and green hydrangeas mirrored her floral crown.  The dark tones of the barn really made it pop!

Allie shared, “I was blown away by the group effort that made our dinner tent look like a magical terrarium!”

The Indiana/Virginia matchbooks were another real highlight, and to see how everything come together on dot’s china!”

Another kind of behind the scenes moment that I thought Max and Allie would enjoy… the colors the long strides– free…

The sun sank in the sky as Allie and Max enjoyed their cocktail hour– an orb of light hovered near Allie in this shot, which was pretty cool…

Smiles all around…

Tasty treats…


The toasts and speeches were so lovely!  It was hard to pick just one so I went for this one, a guest raising their glass to the happy couple…

Smiles, candle light, I wanted to warm to be reflected physically here and played with my white balance for this shot…

Allie shared, “Timber Pizza was another personal aspect of the wedding. Not only has Timber Pizza completely blown up the DC food scene but Andrew and Chris also happen to be basketball buddies of my Dad!  (And years before that, my bridesmaid shared kitchen space with the developing pizza company).  It’s crazy how it all comes back around!”

OMG, right???

Allie shared, “We owe our first dance success to our friend’s Brynn and Chris, who are not only excellent dancers, but exceptional instructors. We learned some moves, strung them together and practiced everywhere from the living room to the empty yoga studio.”

She went on, “We loved Sly 45 (our band) so much!  And aren’t we glad that Andrew performed our first song live because he must have noticed that we weren’t finished dancing yet and seamlessly kept it going for us.”

The Band was just incredible!!!  Here I wanted to capture the balance of it all, the yellow string lights, blue band lights, charming chandelier, it is all in thirds and balances warm and cool visually…

Now you’d think the next moment Allie would be on the floor, but no, this girl can DIP!!!  I love how you can see all of the guests watching and surrounding them!

The mother son dance– this stunning mother of the groom beams as her son smiles and all the lights twinkle.  I like how you can see the guests’ expressions and even Allie’s parents watching on…

Max shared, “Allie is the silliest and most fun person I know.  She is vibrant and awesome!  I can’t wait to take on the world together and laugh all the way through!”

Lol!!!  The cake!!!!

I am big on capturing atmosphere– here you can see the way the dance floor is packed, the warmth and intimacy of the space yet the high ceilings that make it feel so fresh and open,  I may have climbed up in the loft for this one ;).

Max shared, “The reception was blur for the best reasons! We had so much freaking fun at every single second that It was just one quick snapshot of utter happiness and delight after the next.”

Yes!  I totally agree and here are a few of them…  This game kept the dance floor hopping, sweet moves, Max!

Max continued, “Seeing everyone else equally happy and having such an insanely good time just made it all the more special.”

I love trying to capture the mood and emotion playing with different techniques.  Here as Allie’s cousins spun I used a slow shutter speed to capture the emotion and fun– I like how the image makes you feel a bit tipsy ;).

Allie laughed, “Finding out two of your guests that you know from completely different ways are…first cousins?! It was much more to be than just two families blending together.”

And these two, so freaking adorable all day long– I totally call dibs on their wedding, haha 😉

Most couples only hire me for an hour of dancing photos.  I say it’s really the minimum amount of time needed just to cover it.  I must say staying until the very end of the night was so much fun and resulted in very unique images…

A little shout out to Max and the Kilbeggan crew here:

Dancing queen…

All the hair!!!!  Love it!!!

Dance floor Yogis 😉

Max shared, “From the moment we walked down the aisle to the moment we said goodbye and drove off in the convertible we couldn’t stop smiling, laughing and having the time of our lives.”

He went on, “From the amazing pizza to our crazy friend Dillon climbing into the rafters we couldn’t have scripted the event any better if we had tried.”

Allie wanted to know what type of exit would show best, I told her undoubtedly, white flower petals– bang, explosion…

And they are off… love the color and motion blur here:

Speaking of color, one last shot!!! Allie shared, “It was amazing to see the whole day finally come together– friends and family, old and new, all in one place at the same time!”

She went on, “There were so many things we planned for our wedding day and so many others that caught me by surprise, like the way the barn sparkled when it was filled with all our friends and family, and the taste of vintage champagne that Max and I shared.”

Allie and Max, I hope these photos take you back to the day.  That they bring back all of the sights and smells and tastes and “feels” of this extraordinary moment in your life!

If you want to see more photos of Allie and Max (and Piper!) check out their engagement photos here.  If you’d like to find out more about their incredible team of vendors, check them out here:

Venue: Silverbrook Farm

Day of Event Coordinator: Finer Points

Photographer: Rhinehart Photography

Caterer: Timber Pizza

Band: Sly 45 

Cellist: William “Wytold” Lebing

Dress: Ellie’s Bridal Boutique


Linwood Estate and Allenberry Resort Wedding Photographers: Olivia & Eric

A vibrant, romantic, woodland wedding at two gorgeous locations…

Olivia shared, “Linwood Estate gave us a referral for Rhinehart Photography, and when I checked out Lisa’s work it was lovely.  She was friendly and professional and I am excited to see how she captured memories from our wedding day.”

I love vibrant color and couldn’t get over the stunning blue sky and the way it complemented the red gown of her maid of honor and her daughter…

Eric shared, “I fell in love with Olivia because she is positive, calm, level-headed and caring.  She is also absolutely stunning!”

Here she stands in the field, with forests and mountains in the distance.    I think this shows her sweet, calm, gentle demeanor.

Eric shared, “Watching Olivia walk towards me on our wedding day was an incredible experience, over the top, she was stunningly beautiful!”

Eric shared, “The ceremony was beautiful.  I’m so glad we were able to share it with everyone in attendance.”

They married at mid-day and I loved the high contrast light and vibrant colors that the intense sunshine brought.

Wedding guests threw lavender in celebration at the end of the wedding ceremony.

Olivia shared, “I grew up near Linwood Estate, as a small child, I remember riding in my school bus past the farm.  I love the fields, the mountains, and the country setting that frames the estate.  To me, it is home.”

I wanted the fields and mountains to frame them in this photograph– Olivia is radiant, just beaming…

Olivia shared, “I fell in love with Eric because he has a huge heart, he is very affectionate and makes me laugh.   I know that I can trust him to love and support our family.”

I love to play with different architectural elements in photos, here I wanted to shoot through the gates of Linwood Estate and capture the golden setting sun.

For me, this photo gives a feeling of safety and security…

Olivia shared, “I am most looking forward to having Eric as my life partner– someone to share, laugh and talk with.  I think we really work well together because we understand each other.  We don’t have to agree about everything, we are patient with each other.”

Eric shared, “I look forward to watching our bond grow stronger now that we are married.  I like to make Olivia feel loved.”

She looks like she feels loved!  I liked the vibrant greens and blues in this country scene and the way that Olivia looks so supported and happy.

While I love capturing moments, I also make sure to capture a few more traditional portraits as well.

I kept this one fun by playing with color and the wide angle lens.

Olivia shared, “I love my daughters so much.  They are my rocks.  Jordan (the blonde) was my ring bearer and a huge help on the day of the wedding.  My youngest, Bella Ryan (white dress with a red sash) was the flower girl.”

She continued, “Honestly if it wasn’t for them, I’m sure we would have just eloped, but they too are transitioning into a new life.  What better way to celebrate that then to have a beautiful wedding?”

Olivia shared, “My maid of honor coordinated the shoe game and had our daughters help in reading us questions.  It was sweet and fun– who is the messiest, who is the better cook… everyone laughed and had a good time.”

Chocolate covered strawberries, yum!!!

A toast…  I love to play with reflections…

We moved from Linwood Estate for the ceremony to Allenberry Resort for the reception.  The grounds of both locations are gorgeous.

I have to say that Jorden was so excited, helpful and organized throughout the day.  She set to work, helping wherever she could, even with the beautiful place settings.

Everyone had a blast and I could see what a fun-loving person Eric is.  I loved the vibrant artwork depicting the local counties and how the dresses popped…

And they lived happily ever after…

Olivia and Eric, thank you for reaching out to me to photograph your wedding day!  I wish you all the very best that life has to give!

Wedding Venue: Linwood Estate

Reception Venue: Allenberry Resort

Hair and Make-up: Beautiful Dream Team

Omni Bedford Springs Wedding Photographers: Loren & Josh

This soft, romantic, classic wedding at the Omni Bedford Springs is over flowing with sweet moments and beautiful details…

From the moment Loren and Josh first reached out to me, I knew we would be a great fit.  They mentioned wanting someone experienced and creative, who would give them a great mix of photos, from traditional to really outside of the box.

Loren confessed, “You were our #1 pick early on, as we totally fell in love with your photos from Brittany and Chris Omni Bedford Springs wedding.  We like that you are on the Omni’s preferred vendor list, so you are familiar with the location, yet your shots there are all so different, it’s like you bring fresh eyes every time you work there!”

They continued, “You were such a wonderful photographer to have as part of our special day!  You never cease to amaze us with your artistic ability and breathtaking work. On our wedding day, you kept everyone on time and captured all of the shots we wanted while adding in your own unique ideas. You were such a pleasure to work with and helped to make our day fun and memorable!”

Aw thanks guys, I opened this set with two of my fresh ideas… the first being a ring shot on the green leaf for Mr & Mrs Greenleaf, haha!   Also something a little different in robes– tickle-tickle ;).

Such a beautiful bride…

And a fun group of ladies…

Daddy’s little girl:

The handsome groom…

My second photographer, Katie, really knocked these photographs of the men out of the park!

Love the tuxes, gentlemen, so dapper:

They shared, “Having our first look on the bridge was something we knew we wanted to do from the very beginning on our planning process. To us, the bridge symbolized the transition that we were about to take by becoming husband and wife.”

Here Josh waits on the bridge, eyes covered…

They continued, “It also symbolized hope, and knowing when we crossed that bridge, we may find ourselves in a better place on the other side.”

Their embrace, so sweet:

They concluded, ” We wanted the first time we saw each other on the day of our wedding to be walking towards each other crossing that bridge and meeting in the middle as two become one.”

Loren and Josh explored the Omni Bedford Springs grounds together from the bridge and fountain to the porches and wedding grotto…

They shared, “From the time we got engaged, we knew we wanted to get married at the Omni in Bedford Springs! Living close by we visited the resort many times as a couple and immediately knew it was the perfect place to spend our wedding day!”

They continued, “The grounds and the facility are superb, the staff are extremely friendly and helpful, and the accommodations are amazing! You get caught up in the nostalgia of the resort from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart – it was the perfect romantic setting for our special day.”

While I tend to focus on more candid moments, I also make sure to get a few traditional photographs as well.  Here is one that I wanted to really show off the grounds of the Omni, too.

Back to the moments…

I like playing with visual elements like reflections– I achieved this ethereal look by photographing Loren & Josh’s reflection as they slow danced in the wedding grotto together…

The perfect little dip and kiss caught Loren’s veil and detailing on the back of her dress– so pretty and romantic!

I like to play with symmetry and balance.  I thought the “miniature look” that a tilt-shift lens can bring was a perfect fit here:

The gang’s all here…

Strike a pose…

Such a sweet idea: 

Loren’s father, giving her away…

The ceremony space was stunning…

Ring-bearer life 😉

So happy together

Kiss the bride.

The food at the Omni is incredible– it tastes even better than it looks!  I speak from experience as this is my go-to place to celebrate with my family and friends– anniversaries, birthdays, girlfriends get always :).

I enjoy playing with different lighting, and love the intimate feel of this shot.

A warm welcome with high-fives…

First dance… if you take a closer look, you can see that Loren’s dress actually became a mini!

An artist was on hand to capture his interpretation of the first dance– LOVE it…

Happy tears during the maid of honor’s speech:

I really had fun with the best man’s speech!  It isn’t photo shopped at all, it’s all in camera– magical 🙂

A beautiful cake!

Loren shared, “As the festivities were winding down, Lisa gave us the option to continue capturing shots of the reception or for Josh and I to go outside and get a few photos alone (we chose the latter).”

She smiled, “When we walked outside, it was pouring and Lisa said ‘if you guys are brave, I think we could get a really cool shot in the rain’ and boy oh boy am I glad we took her up on the offer because the result was INCREDIBLE!”

She continued, “When I first saw ‘the amazing rain pic’ as our friends and families have deemed it, I was immediately taken back to that very moment; locked hand-in-hand kissing my husband in the cool September rain, on our wedding night!”

Loren & Josh, thank you so much for choosing to have me capture these and so many other memories for the two of you!  It was such a pleasure to work with both of you!  If you want to see more pics of Loren and Josh, check out their Moonstone Manor engagement session, here.  If you’d like to find out more about some of their awesome vendors, check out these links:

Photographer: Rhinehart Photography

Hair & Makeup: MKUP The Beauty Studio

Florist: Pocketful of Posies

DJ: Mint DJ Events

Planner: Sarah Greiner

Calligraphy: More Than Words by Michelle

Videography: Memories Videography 

Outside Rentals: Best Event Rental


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