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    You want a photographer who is able to handle all aspects of wedding photography with ease, capturing: candid, romantic emotion; flattering, beautiful portraits; breathtaking scenery & architecture; the joy and energy out on the dance floor and all those sweet wedding details that you have been working on for months in an artful, creative way.

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    My work is creative & thoughtful. My goal is to share your unique love story. I get to know your interests & personalities in order to capture them forever in beautiful, personal, artful photographs that tell your story. I invest my time helping you become comfortable in front of my camera & find the most flattering lighting and angles for you and your surroundings.

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Timeless Elegant Classic Palace Wedding: Lauren & Steven

A timeless, classic, elegant wedding at the Palace at Somerset Park

Lauren & Steve reached out to me looking for a wedding and engagement photographer that would capture all of the emotion, details and highlights of the day to allow them to re-live their wedding day over and over again and take them back in time to their wedding day.

We began the day photographing wedding day details, from preparations to details.  We use top-of-the-line equipment and bring unique perspectives to really make those details stand out.  I tried a couple different approaches to each, but these are my favorite photos– they look so sophisticated, elegant and dramatic…

There was something about this scene that caught my eye– it was the repetition of the numbers one and two and the symmetry and balance of it all.

A wedding day is all about two becoming one and this photograph captures that sentiment in an artistic way.  Two young women, two bouquets, two candles, two paintings, a scene cut in two, a reflection– then you have one photo, one mirror, one fireplace, one bouquet, one bride, one candelabra.

I don’t know if I’ve explained it well, but I really like it!

I captures a few more creative shots of her dress and details, but there is something really nice about this simple, classic, room arrangement that fits Lauren and Steven’s style so well!

Lauren’s dress is from Kleinfeld’s Bridal in New York City and is so unique.  Wait until you see it on her!!!

I was playing with the idea of balance again and really liked the idea of capturing what is going on at two rooms at once.  As Lauren and her mother prepare to take down the wedding dress, Lauren’s maid-of-honor gets finishing touches on by hair and make-up.

I love how much is backed into this one image– you can see all of the intricate detail on Lauren’s wedding gown as well as her jewelry and hands.  It is a simple shot that shows so much and gives a real sense of the intimacy of this moment…

Steven shared, “Lauren is a kind-hearted loving person with a beautiful heart.  I met her 12 years ago in Princeton and have been blessed ever since to have her in my life.”  Lauren, you are breathtaking!

Lauren shared, “Steven is loving, genuine and family-focused.  He pours his heart and soul into everything that he does.  He also has a great sense of humor!”

Here Steven gathers with several family members pre-ceremony.  Naturally everyone is smiling and laughing.  He’s a really great guy!

While we captured bridal party pictures later, Steven wanted to make-sure to grab a quick photo with all of the important men in his life that were gathered together in that moment…

Lauren shared, “Steve and I have different personalities but share the same sense of humor.  Also, he cooks dinner for me every night after work and when you can find a man that will do that for you, you know they’re a keeper!” 😉

Looking very relaxed and dapper, Steve– the tuxedo look is a good one on you…

Lauren shared, “My favorite part of the day was our ‘first look’…to see the look on Steven’s face when he turned around was priceless!!!  It also felt really calm and it was nice to have it just me myself and Steve. It was a great moment before the day got really busy.”

Steven said, “Lauren was Stunning! Amazing! I could not have imagined something more beautiful! She truly blew me away!!!”  I wasn’t sure which ones to share to I combined a few of my favorites in this collage:

Lauren and Steven stepped out into the Palace Gardens together…

Steven shared, “Lauren is bubbly, funny and not afraid to joke around, I love that!  One of the things that strand out most about Lauren is that she will always pick you up when you’re feeling down. She will go above and beyond to bring a smile to your face. She has a beautiful heart to go with her beautiful smile.”

I love the classic, timeless, elegant feel of this photograph…

I feel that this photograph has a similar look, but I really like the natural feel and framing of it.  They are framed by the building and trees and all of the focus leads straight to them.

Lauren and Steven had planned for an outdoor ceremony on the Palace’s terrace, but it started to rain.

I had wanted to capture a unique vantage point above the couple and when I peeked down at them I noticed all of the care Steven was taking of Lauren’s dress in the rain.

It was a sweet, simple, natural reaction that shows what a caring and compassionate person he is!

I captured a more traditional shot of the couple (I love to give them a good variety) and we headed inside to finish up their romantic photography.

Lauren and Steven were honestly awesome about the rain.  I knew how much they and really wanted the outdoor ceremony, but Lauren remarked, “We wanted a ceremony space that had an indoor option too, so that was a good idea!”

I knew another element that attracted Lauren and Steven to The Palace at Somerset was their chandeliers.  I focused on one of the chandeliers and allowed the silhouetted couple to blur into the background, carefully focusing all of the dramatic attention where I wanted it.

Blacking out the room was a strategy for me in more ways than one, as staff members busily gathered to set up the space for an indoor ceremony yet are invisible in this shot…

I moved in a little closer and captured this intimate moment.  I kept several elements of the decor in the frame as well to bring in that timeless, classic aesthetic…

Lauren shared about the look of her wedding, “Classic and elegant, we tried to stay with in a color scheme that mirrored different shades of champagne.”

A Touch of Elegance and The Palace worked in conjunction to provide Lauren with this stunning champagne flower wall.

It was beautiful and brought some of that light, romantic outdoor feeling to the indoor ceremony space…

The family had gathered pre-ceremony for photos, and was ready and waiting for us when we arrived.  I love her mom’s gown!  So beautiful…

Lauren mentioned that Steven was a “family man” and I got to witness it first hand with sim seeing several of his family members.

Steven remarked, “I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my parents.  My dad and I have a unique relationship, he has given me much of the humor I use today, and his bold personality lives through me!  Momma taught me to have a big heart and to love unconditionally. It’s her love that made me the caring man I am. She will always be the first love of my life.”

He continued, ” My grandma is the core of my father’s family.  We all live, laugh and love with and because of her. My step dad, John, has been in my life since I was young. His compassion, love, and understanding are part of what prepared me for my life adventures with Lauren. I am truly grateful to have John in my life, and am very lucky that he loves me and always cared about me!”

I have more traditional photos of all of these important people in Steven’s life, but really like these candid images…

Her Lauren’s cousin and maid of honor leans on her shoulder, these two are super close and it is adorable…

She is also absolutely stunning!  I love the elegant black lace gown with the pop of white roses…

Lauren & Steven knew from the beginning that they wanted to “keep it simple”

The indoor ceremony began– it was classic, elegant, sophisticated, all the things that Lauren was hoping for…

During the ceremony Steve got a little chocked up, Lauren reached out and literally touched his heart:

How happy are they?  And wow, that wall!

While I captures a lot of close-up photos that show all of that excitement and emotion, I also wanted to really show off all of the beautiful elements in the room and give a sense of the space as well.  I found this unique vantage point that allowed me to capture the chandeliers, columns, curtains and floral decor…

From the ceremony, guests moved to an extensive cocktail hour.  I love the layers in this photo, it really gives you a sense for everything going on– chatting, drinking, eating– you can even see a chef in the top left corner and a woman holding her drink in the bottom right…

Lauren & Steven were so excited about the jazz pianist that they told me about him on the first day that we met as they described the nice, elegant atmosphere.  The baby grand was all shined up and had interesting lines and patterns…

Lauren explained, “We tried to stay with in a color scheme that mirrored different shades of champagne. The Sahara Roses in our flower displays gave a splash of champagne to our center pieces, and a few blush pink roses allowed for us to incorporate the rosé look.”

I envisioned this moment happening before it actually did and adjusted all of my manual camera settings to maximize drama.  😉

I noticed the light from the bridal suite silhouetting the couple and the up-lit column silhouetting the MC.

It really gives you a sense of the atmosphere and anticipation…

Here Kris captured a more traditional shot of this moment.  I love their joyful expressions and that the best man and maid of honor are so happy as well.  It is such a classic, emotional moment, being announced for the first time as husband and wife…

I have many photos of their first dance, but I really like the authenticity of this one:

The father-daughter dance– Lauren shared, “My Dad was very nervous for the first dance. He kept telling me jokes and making me laugh!”  Lauren’s smile is so bright that you can see it in this wide shot :).

I love that you really get a sense of the space in this photograph and that you can make out faces of individual guests in the background as they watch Lauren dance with her father.

Steve’s dance with his mom was an emotional one.  I used a special lighting technique that really highlighted their intense connection…

Dinner time!  The guests had several courses, I liked this fun perspective ;).

Steven shared, “Anthony and I have been through many good times together. Ups and downs, we always find the best in every situation. A way to laugh and smile, that’s what we are good at. His speech brought me back to the good times we have had. I appreciate his portrayal of me, i may be a silly goofy guy, but when time comes to be serious I make sure I step up and make the right moves not for myself, but for my loved ones. I love Anthony, he is a big reason I am the man I am today.”

Here is a photograph of Anthony’s speech…

The flower wall that A Touch of Elegance designed for the ceremony space was moved to the sweetheart table and created a unique reception backdrop as well…

Mazz entertainment opened up the dance floor and the crowd was on fire!  They were so much fun and had a fantastic evening…

Lauren shared, “My Mom and Dad seriously had the best day ever!”  Here you can see Lauren between her father and mother out on the dance floor, they really all do look like they are having the time of their lives… 

Mazz Entertainment provided vibrant reception lighting and kept the party going all night long.

Here you can see nearly every guest out on the dance floor…

The Palace brought out their A game with an assortment of desserts from flambe to cannoli to everything in between…

Lauren and Steven steeped outside for a moment of quiet as the rain subsided.  They stood out in the garden together as I captured this image using a tilt-shift technique…

They walked to the iconic front of the venue as the storm clouds moved at twilight, the scene was spectacular!

Lauren & Steven, thanks so much for choosing to have me capture all of these moments (and more) during your wedding day.  I hope that it provides that “return ticket” back to this very special day in your lives.  I hope that these photos allow you to enjoy all of these memories over and over again!

Creative Wedding Engagement Photographers: Lauren & Cary Part II

Hounds with Heart!!!  High school sweet hearts transition from a football player-cheerleader couple to married physician and nurse…  Here is their fun, athletic engagement session:

Cary and Lauren reached out to me looking for vibrant photography that was creative and personalized to tell their unique story.  They were looking for an eclectic mix of photos the captured the sentimental setting of their high school football stadium as well as a couple more traditional portraits.

I opened with a photograph showing a more candid, fun shot of the two of them on the football field, here is a more traditional portrait of them sitting in the stands…

Lauren shared, “Before we started dating, Cary and I had the same lunch together in high school. I saw him walk across the cafeteria wearing his football jersey, looking so handsome. My friends saw me looking at him and made a casual comment about how cute he was.”

Cary continued the story, “I was so nervous to talk to Lauren!   At that time I really only identified Lauren as being the ‘pretty senior cheerleader.’  I didn’t even have my phone with me the day I got her phone number from her friend, so I typed it into my calculator as a number!”

He shared, “Thankfully, I went the whole day without erasing my calculator and texted her that evening for the first time. I was so nervous!”

Lauren continued, “I had my license before Cary, so I picked him up for our first date in my silver Volkswagon Beetle and crossed my fingers that he wouldn’t be too tall for my car!  Thankfully the rounded roof put that fear to rest and we headed to the movies, split a popcorn and watched “Blind Side” together.”

I love the warmth that the setting sun brings into this photo and the natural, joyful expressions of Lauren & Cary in this next photograph.  I think is shows their fun/goofy sides well:

While the high school football player-cheerleader romance into doctor-nurse wedding may sound a little too good to be true, in some ways it was.

Lauren & Cary faced a lot of challenges along the way.  I put a little visual distance between the couple for this next shot and I think their more serious expressions fit this part of their story well…

Lauren shared, “Being long distance was a huge part of our relationship. We started dating in high school where we had a few months of being in the same place, same school, but for years Cary’s football games were what brought us together and allowed us to see each other.”

Lauren graduated first and studied nursing at Penn State while Cary finished high school.  Then Cary graduated and was pre-med at Bucknell while playing college football and Lauren was finishing her clinicals at Penn State Hershey and taking her NCLEX.

When I asked them about what they like to do together in their free time they both admitted, “We don’t really have any, but we love to see each other whenever we can!”

When I asked about their personalities they both shared, “We are both very driven, ambitious and determined. We work diligently to achieve our goals, no matter what hardships we may face.”

Lauren explained, “Our career choices are demanding professions that require a lot of education, time spent studying, and work in the hospital. As a result, we understand that the end result of being a physician and nurse is worth the sacrifice of time spent apart now.”

They explained, “We let faith be the cornerstone of our relationship and do our best to live a love that is patient and kind.  Having each others love and support allows us to overcome anything.”

Cary shared, ““During my football games, I always loved looking up and seeing Lauren in the stands, sometimes still in her Penn State attire!”

He continued, “I really appreciate all the effort that she put in to coming to as many of my football games as she could in high school and in college, even if she was really busy with her studies. I am excited for the future for us to be on the same team!”

Here I photographed them from the stands at Veterans Stadium

Lauren explained, ““Right now, a lot of that craziness has settled because we’re both graduated and can finally focus on our wedding and the excitement that surrounds planning our future together. Our engagement session was a really sincere, sweet reunion for us and the start to our new chapter.”

I knew that Lauren & Cary loved my creative photography approach and wanted to capture something truly unique for them.  I silhouetted Lauren & Cary against the blue sky, they almost look like icons, haha!

I wanted to do something special with them after dark.  Cary’s mom, who also helped me hold the same light during his senior portraits, helped me again for this shot ;).  I love the romantic, moonlit glow and the dramatic lines of the bleachers…

Lauren reminisced about her senior prom, ” I was so smitten with Cary from dinner and dancing to photos with friends… The DJ played a slow song and in the quiet moment of dancing with my head resting against his chest, I knew this was it. I had found my forever!”

Cary and Lauren, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved photographing these!!!  Thank you for the opportunity and I’m so excited to photograph your wedding at Hershey’s Historic Acres this fall!!!

If you haven’t seen enough of this adorable couple, check out Part I of their Engagement Photography here at the local reservoir.

Asbury Park Beach Engagement: Michelle & Jim

You can almost feel the ocean breeze with this fun engagement session–  Michelle & Jim explored a rocky pier together, took in some colorful art and just hung out in one of their favorite places, the beach and boardwalk at Asbury Park

Michelle reached out to me looking for a natural, personalized photography experience.  She said, “We both liked that you weren’t a big company and that you were so personable.  We also liked that you seem to capture more natural moments in your photos, but can also take great more traditional, posed shots, too.”

I started out with a natural moment,  Michelle & Jim are silhouetted in the reflection of a shop on the boardwalk in the photograph above.  The image below is a more traditional photo of the two of them in front of one of the murals along the boardwalk.  If you look closely you can see that the art work is made up of numbers…

I really liked the texture of the boardwalk with its sand and ocean-worn wood and thought it would really provide a sense of location for the photograph of Michelle’s engagement ring.  I also thought that the more gritty look of the boardwalk would really make the intricate detailing of the ring stand out…

I travel quite a bit (NYC, DC, etc) capturing couples favorite places and spaces and really enjoyed having the beach backdrop to work with for Michelle & Jim’s session.

Michelle explained their choice of location saying, “We both love the beach and spending time outside. Any day we have free in the summer we try to go down and enjoy a day there. We even go down off season for lunch or dinner and to go sit/walk on the beach.”

She continued, “We love Asbury Park because it offers more to do than just sit on the beach, there are plenty of little places nearby not to mention the historic buildings and murals are fun and interesting to look at.”

You will see quite a few of those elements in the photos to come– as they walked down the board walk I made sure to capture the unique, historic architecture!

Michelle explained a bit of the backstory of their history of the beach sharing, “Jim was never one for the beach but he went along with me and now he loves going.”  I thought this shot of Michelle pulling him in was kind of perfect for that comment, haha!

I love the soft, romantic feeling of this photograph…
Michelle shared, “Jim is incredibly caring and knows how to make me feel calm. When I am stressed about anything he knows just what to say and do.”

Jim shared,  “Michelle is loving, honest and selfless.  I see that in her dedication towards her work and friendships.”

I love incorporating art into engagement sessions— it gives me so much to work with visually.  Here Michelle & Jim are met with a kaleidoscope of color at one of the stunning Asbury Park murals.

Jim shared, “Michelle & I work so well together.  We make have similar goals and lifestyles and make each other laugh.” 😉

He continued, “We always enjoy each other’s company, whether we are doing something more intimate like cooking together or watching a movie or out and about golfing, skiing or attending each others’ sporting games and events.  We happily maintain an open and honest relationship.”  It shows!

I love the intimate feeling of this photograph, part of it is their expressions as they are so comfortable together and Michelle’s natural look, it is also my choice of lens and angle… I focused right on Michelle’s beautiful eyelashes and wisps of hair.   😉

I told you the art was cool!  Here they are posing by a vintage boombox piece– it’s so fun!

Speaking of fun, Michelle explained, “For as much as we enjoy quiet moments together we also like going on adventures…”

They snuck under the pier and were surprised to find stalactite-like formations created by the salt water.  The water had washed a temporary wooden fence under the pier as well and I used it to give them some privacy…

I like to capture interesting perspectives throughout the session and here I climbed up a balcony to get a birds eye view on the happy couple.  

It was quite a windy day and Michelle’s hair blew in front of her face, Jim smiled and tucked it behind her ear, such a sweet moment…

Michelle explained, “One of our most memorable adventures is hiking up Mount Washington together.  It was something I had always considered to be a lofty task.  Jim is athletic, so I was excited to have someone to try it with.  I brought up the idea and he was on board immediately!”

Jim offered, “I had never really done much hiking before, Michelle told me I’d need hiking boots, so I started to figure this was going to be more intense than I had expected.  Eventually I came to realize that it is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States!!!”

They shared, “One thing we learned after climbing a mountain together is we can go on adventures, take on challenging goals and be there to help each other achieve them, every step of the way.”

They continued,  Over the course of the hike, we encountered difficult situations that required teamwork, communication, and patience. While these situations could have easily led to an argument or us giving up on hiking further, we worked together to come up with a solution and ultimately reach our goal.  Hiking the mountain was a testament of our commitment to one another.”

Michelle and Jim summed it up, saying, “”We love each other more than anything and will always be there to help each other succeed, through the easy and the tough.”

Take a closer look to find Michelle & Jim elegantly silhouetted in the photograph below…

Michelle & Jim, thank you so much for reaching out to me to photograph your incredible engagement photos at Asbury Park!  I think it was the perfect location for you two as there was so much to explore together and you two were in your natural element!  I cannot wait to photograph your wedding next year at The Palace and Somerset Park!

KateJuly 7, 2017 - 12:26 pm

Hi Lisa –

I had met you very briefly during this afternoon photo shoot. I was having coffee with a co-worker when you. Michelle, and Jim walked into Convention Hall. I am blown away by your photography. Just beautiful. If you are ever down by Long Beach Island, be sure to stop in the Southern Ocean Chamber of Commerce to say hello!
Have a great day! 🙂

Outdoor Adventure Wedding Engagement Photography: Dana & Joel

From hiking to the top of a mountain together to boating with their pups then pitching a tent and roasting s’mores– every moment of this extended engagement session was an adventure!

I thought this would be a sweet ring shot for a couple who is happiest in their hiking boots…

Dana and Joel reached out to me after checking out Fearless Photographers in search of an international award-winning wedding photographer in their area.

Dana shared, “We started reviewing Fearless award winners in NJ, PA, and NY area. When we came across your profile and looked at your website we were immediately drawn to your work because of how unique, crisp, and vibrant your photos are. We also loved how your photos define the couple!”

She continued, “Each session is personalized and tell a story. We could just see our story being told. Also all the different angles and lenses you use to make them not just your everyday photos are amazing and unique, but you also do superb traditional photos, too.”

Dana and Joel began their session in a rowboat.  It wasn’t what we had planned, but Joel, who tends to be the spontaneous type, noticed the boat rental.  I loved the idea and so did Dana and Joel’s dogs, Peanut & Fluff.  Dana, who tends to be the super organized type, actually had doggie life jackets along and was game, too!

The act of rowing the boat itself spoke volumes about their relationship and personalities!

Joel dove right in with rowing, but wasn’t exactly sure how to do it and began rowing the boat backwards! Dana tried to explain, but ended up “taking the reins” rowing the boat “properly” which Joel found both annoying and slightly amusing. After a minute or two they were rowing in sync, laughing and enjoying the water with their dogs.

Dana explained, “This is exactly what happens in our daily lives and how/ why we work so well together. We give and take, eventually it just works out when we work together as a team.”

This photo shows Dana digging in her oar and leaning in to avoid the brush ahead, haha, while the pups are perched so sweetly on the back of the boat…

Family photo!!!

Dana explained, “We wanted to get some shots with Peanut and Fluff because they are part of our little family :). We are very active with our pups – we take them kayaking at the lake where we live, so going on the rowboats with them was second nature for us and we knew they would love it.”

Here are more traditional portraits of the pups…

And of course a more classic portrait of Dana & Joel as well.  I used a shallow depth of field to allow the forest (and a trail blaze) to be in the background, and allowed leaves to cross into the foreground to add some visual interest.

Dana’s maid of honor was awesome and came along on the trip, watching the pups as Dana Joel and I hiked to the top of a mountain and manning the fire and tent (yesssss those pics are coming up soon and so much fun)!

As we leave the lake behind to start the hiking part of their adventure, I’ll transition with this photograph…

Dana shared, “The Appalachian Trail has a special meaning to us because we have hiked many parts of it. Dana hiked the entire length of the AT in NJ one summer with her parents and Joel has done pieces in PA, NY, NJ.”

Dana said that the Appalachian Trail passes through not only their engagement location, but their wedding venue as well.  I asked if she could circle the location on the map using her ring– here it is!

Throughout our time together, I noticed how well-matched Dana and Joel are– there was a lot of laughter, team work, thoughtfulness and trust.

Dana elaborated, “Joel and I share many common interests and that’s what originally attracted us to each other. Joel is a very hardworking, caring, and loving person and always has our best interest at heart.”

I love all of the vibrant foliage, intense light and shadows in this photograph…

Joel shared, “Before I met Dana, I struggled a lot with self confidence, I kept to myself as much as possible. But since we’ve been together, I’m willing to go out and adventure a lot more.  Where I lack she excels and vice versa.  I love how strong she is!  I’m so happy to have Dana in my life!”

I like the symmetry in this photo!  I think it really shows the balance in their relationship…  it also shows off the trail blaze, hehe:

Dana agreed about balancing each other out, “We pretty much fill in each others weak areas and complement each other.  We fit together like a puzzle, we belong together.”

This has to be one of my favorite photographs from their session as it really shows Dana and Joel in their element, having a blast!

When Joel sat on the log Dana was whipped up into the air, haha…

Dana shared, “It was like being on a teeter totter it took trust and teamwork and was so much fun!”

As we neared the summit, there were so many rocks and nice places to stop for a few moments…

They climbed to the top while I stayed below.  I had this shot in mind with it’s vibrant colors and dramatic lighting…

Wow!!!  What a view!!!  Hold on tight, guys!!!

Just incredible– I like how the sunlight is creating rainbow colored orbs that are delicately through the scene.  It gives it such a warm, emotional feel…

They have been through a lot together and support each other, they also have a very bright future ahead of them.  I think this photo really captures that…

The sun was getting low in the sky and I really had wanted to be back at the water by sunset…

We made it!!!

They headed to the campsite…  They shared that one of their life goals is to visit every national park in the USA!

Dana shared that her parents instilled in her a love for the outdoors, that she has been to more than 20 National Parks.  Joel added the he is an Eagle Scout and spent a lot of his time outdoors as well.  Dana explained, “Our shared love for the outdoors was part of the reason we fell in love!”

Here they roast s’mores while wearing their favorite national parks sweatshirts, I like how you can see the warm glow of the fire and cool twilight colors in the background…

I focused on the floating embers of the fire and allowed Dana and Joel to fade into the background…

I love a challenge and photographing a couple in the woods in the dark is just that!

Dana and Joel hung out in the tent while I tried various lighting techniques…

This is my favorite… take a closer look to see the stars:

Dana and Joel, I absolutely loved working with the two of you!!!  I’m so glad that you decided to book the time to go on so many adventures together during the session– from the boat with pups, to the hike, to the view and campsite and fire… I loved every minute :).  I am eagerly anticipating photographing your upcoming wedding at  Crystal Springs Resort!

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