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Creative Lehigh Valley Family Portrait Photographers: The Macus family

Fun, vibrant family photos for a high-energy family of three with an (almost) one-year-old at the Steel Stacks

I photographed Ashley & Joe’s Lehigh Valley engagement  and Bear Creek wedding and was thrilled when they contacted me to photograph another milestone in their lives, the start of their family!

Ashley shared, “We knew that we could count on you for exceptional and creative images.  After working with you for our engagement session, and throughout our wedding, we knew that the feel of the shoot would be easygoing. We truly love your vivid and creative images, and the emotions they capture!”

The Steel Stacks is a Lehigh Valley icon and provided the perfect backdrop!  Ashley shared, “We fell in love with the industrial feel of the stacks, the easygoing feel of the park areas, and the large variety of textural backdrops the architecture and surrounding areas would be able to offer for our family.  We knew the area would provide you with opportunities to showcase your unmatched creativity-which we love!”

Here you can see the PBS-39 building the the background– if you look closely you can even see Big Bird, Elmo, Count and the gang silhouetted in the windows…

Joey loves his mommy…

This little man has definitely stolen Ashley’s heart 😉

Ashley, you were right, I was absolutely inspired by the modern architecture at the Steel Stacks!  Seeing your family was inspiring as well!

Joey loves his daddy!

Especially playing with him…

Peek-a-boo and Pat-Pat…While Dad plays peek-a-boo mom plays Pat-pat, a game that was introduced to him by his grandpa.

Ashley shared, “We love making him laugh and have no problem being silly, singing, or doing whatever it takes to see him smile!”

I used a shallow depth of field to show mom’s clapping hands in the foreground, yet focus on Joey’s tapping and joyful expression.

You have to love that little 4-toothed smile!

It was so surreal to see Ashley and Joe again– they looked exactly the same, but were just parents this time.  I snapped a few portraits of just the two of them together.  This was my favorite!

Ashley shared, “When we got married, we already knew that we wanted children.  We had a strong relationship and knew that our love would only continue to grow as we added to our family.”

This family photograph totally reminds me of their firefighting engagement session!

Joey had a rough start in the beginning.  It took several months to determine that Joey had reflux, a milk allergy and torticollis.  With their focus on Joey and advocating on his behalf, they really had to rely on each other for support.

Ashley shared, “Little by little we began to see improvement. Joey’s precious toothless smiles, kicking feet, and newborn curiosity were the highlights of our day. We focused on those little moments and would spend the little quiet time we got in the evenings reminiscing on the good things that had happened over the course of the day, and the gradual improvements that we were seeing. Slowly but surely the confident, smiley, curious, happy-go-lucky boy that we all know and love today emerged.”

She continued, “Looking back on those early months, we are able to see how strong our little family is, how far we have come, and yes, it truly does get better.”

I love capturing interesting perspectives…

Here is the same scene from a different perspective…

And another… They each come together to really tell a comprehensive story…

This photograph made me do a double take– he looks like a doll!

Ashley shared, “We have found parenthood to be the most challenging, yet rewarding job there is.”

She continued, “Joey has come so far growing out of his reflux and milk allergy, and he receives weekly physical therapy to help correct his Torticollis. He has gone from being behind in physical development to ahead. It truly has been a journey already, and it has only just begun.”

Here Joey checks out this new playground equipment, he seems a little unsure, as if he’s wondering if he can play Pat-Pat on it, haha!

Joe shared that the family enjoys taking walks together and playing outside and that Ashley has taken an interest in baby wearing.  Her Tula was the coolest thing…

I love that you can see her engagement ring here, too!

Joey loves to walk!  I think it is so sweet to see his parents bending down to his level so that he can easily reach their fingers.  It will be so much fun to watch him grow!

Ashley shared, “We tell each other all the time how there is no one else we would rather go on this adventure with!”

When I asked them what “look” they were going for with their family photography session, Ashley explained, “Overall, we were looking for a modern and creative spin on an old historic site.”

She continued, “Within the pictures we were hoping to capture the fun loving, simplistic moments that we share together as a family-watching little Joey grow.”

The sun began to set, and it made me think of Hawaii! I mentioned it to Ashley and she thought it was really funny!

She explained, “We traveled to Hawaii for our honeymoon, and spent every evening dining oceanfront and admiring the brilliant colors as the sun set over the Pacific ocean. As a couple it is one of our fondest memories, and we reflect on it and talk about it often.”

It is hard to see from the blog post but this would look epic on a canvas…

Ashley continued, “This past November we were able to take a family trip to San Diego, CA and watch the sun set over the Pacific ocean again- this time as a family of three from the Sunset Cliffs. The sunset reminded us of these memories and there could not have been a more perfect way to end our photo session.”

Ashley and Joe, as always it was such a pleasure to work with you!  Thank you for choosing me to capture the milestones in your lives!  Happy (almost) first birthday to little Joey!

Creative PA Senior Portrait Photographers: Luke

A rugged individualist and young, published author walking in the winter woods that surrounds his family’s farm…

I have photographed both of Luke’s older brothers, first Phillip (cross-country runner and avid reader) and  Nathaniel (a musician- both piano and acoustic guitar) and was so happy when Kristen contacted me about photographing her third son, Luke, before he graduated from Shippensburg Area Senior High School.

Kristen shared, “As you already know, I love your work.  I really appreciate the way you capture the uniqueness of each individual and I have seen it first hand.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with for Luke!”

Luke is somewhat of an enigma.  He’s an introvert by nature but can also be outspoken and opinionated.  He is a rather serious person, intensely focused and driven, yet really likes to laugh at the most random things and enjoys walking in the woods with no particular purpose in mind, wandering but not being lost ;).

I’ll begin with a more traditional portrait…

Luke loves the outdoors, particularly in winter.  He enjoys hiking when it’s “really cold out” and is “drawn to places that are aesthetically darker with higher contrast” as well as “open spaces.”

We walked in the woods for some time and came to this clearing surrounded by gnarled branches and briers yet bathed in intense sunlight.  I shot through the briers, giving depth to the frame as Luke stood in the sunlight.

Luke shared, “I don’t typically wear my emotions on my sleeve.  I see it as my responsibility to put the struggles of others above my own.  I think often and hard about anything and everything.  My internal life is a Rubik’s cube of indeterminate volume.”

The depth, complexity, visual contrast of it all fit Luke so well.  I like that he is standing in the light with intense shadows on his face, too…

It was cold, Luke put on his jacket, gloves and hat, still carrying his father’s long rifle he seemed to be transported back in time.

I changed my aperture to give more detail to the entangled branches and converted the image to black and white, helping to convey a sense of timelessness.

I like the way a single branch divides the frame into two distinct sections– one light and one dark, with Luke standing on the light side…

The sun peered in and out of the clouds throughout the session.  Here it appeared just the right time:

Luke shared, “My dad’s Pennsylvania Long Rifle replica was handmade by a local rifle maker.  I appreciate things that have a connection to the local, natural environment.”

Again, I used layers to show depth (how about those mountains?) and briers in the foreground.  I wanted to try to capture Luke’s guarded, almost prickly outer nature, but soften those edges with a glimpse inside, the fields conveying and openness and honesty,  the mountains showing grounding and strength…

When we discussed what to wear for the session, Luke decided he wanted something that would be timeless and humble.  Luke explained, “Something that hearkens back to a time when tact and decency were an expectation.”  This image reminds me of the sentiment.

The wind was actually blowing Luke’s hat, but he appears to be tipping it in a gentlemanly way.  The colors were exquisite as the sun peered through the clouds rather dramatically, creating orbs of light which seem to pass through Luke…

Speaking of timelessness, for me this photo could be an advertisement in an issue of Field and Stream from 50+ years ago!

This is the same exact shot, but from a different vantage point.  I wanted to use some creative photography techniques to capture something less tangible.

There is a timelessness, intensity and sense of mystery to this image…

Luke likes to figure things out for himself and be his own teacher.  I think this shot shows that inner confidence and self-reliance.  It is a more traditional portrait, still classic Luke…

Now onto something that is incredibly important to Luke, his writing… “In every part of the books I write there is a small piece of self-expression.”  The stunning cover-art was created by Luke’s brother, Phillip.

Nameless Heroes is a novel about a young man and his father who are outcasts operating a struggling farm.  The young man must decide whether to live within the social turmoil of his home or seek a new life of adventure.  It is an epic fantasy, and available for purchase ;)– more here.

Luke shared, “I find that doing things only for one’s self brings no joy. If no one has been blessed by your presence, than no one will be cursed by your absence.”  He’s always thinking… 😉

Hensel’s Hill is a place where Luke knew he’d want to go at some point during his senior portrait session.  We arrived there as the sun was setting in a cloudy sky.  Here is the resulting image.  I like the simplicity and stark contrast in this image– it fits Luke well!

Luke thank you so much for entrusting me with the task of capturing you at this time in your life.  While you may be far from home in pursuit of your educational goals, your roots will always remain. 🙂

Creative Senior Portrait Photographers: Joe

Creative senior portraits for film buff and soon to be human anatomy student, Joseph…

I can’t even begin to share how much fun I had on this shoot.  But, I have to admit when it came to writing Joe’s blog, I’ve had total writers block.  I know that these pictures are creative, unique and “him” in every way, but finding a way to put it all into words was extremely difficult for me.   In fact, his announcements, album and other products have already come in and I still haven’t posted the blog, so I’m just diving in and doing this…

I met with Joe and his mother in my office– the atmosphere was open, collaborative and authentic.  It quickly became obvious that Joe has a unique perspective on life– he is smug and relaxed, a real thinker (see the portrait above) yet is also incredibly creative– he loves films, think Stanley Kubrick and Quinton Tarantino.  I asked Joe what he likes about the films and he said that he liked how the cinematography was clean, streamlined, vibrant and has a timeless feel.  They are also known for their realism, dark humor and unique perspectives.  I used all of this to fuel my creative process on the shoot and the direction of our brainstorming session during our initial meeting.

Joe also noted that he is interested in human anatomy and will be studying the subject in college.  His mom mentioned his eye color at one point and it made me think of two things.  One, how cool the anatomy of the eye looks super close up, and two, of Joe’s father, who is my optometrist, and would potentially have access to cool magnifying lenses which could enhance the intensity.  So in essence, in this next shot we captured Joe’s eye color, anatomy interest, family background, and his unique worldview in a creative yet realistic way:

We got really deep really fast with that photo.  I’ll back up a bit.  I knew we’d want some more standard portraits as well, so when I first arrived on location at Joe’s family’s house I scouted out the location.  There was this incredibly beautiful light streaming in from his parents window onto a wall that was painted with the most interesting shade of blue-green that would really bring out the color of Joe’s eyes while also contrasting his pale pink shirt.

Angie and Joe helped to move the desk that was sitting against the wall and brought in a stool.  Donning my Cannon 85mm 1.2 lens I was ready to  let in a ton of light while also providing the very shallow depth of field that would capture the slightest change in expression or emotion and convey a very intimate feel.  The challenge was that it required me to move back father than the bedroom wall would allow…

Luckily, the wall had a door on it which opened to reveal his parents closet.  Luckily Angie was fine with me stepping in, which was kind of perfect because the clothes had enough “give” to give me the space I needed to use the 85L.   I took a few steps back into it and what I saw was perfect, authentic Joe…

Here Joe is putting on his tie in preparation for the opening image (which you already saw) there is something about it that really works for me– I like that it captures his relaxed nature, that he doesn’t take himself too seriously, it also shows a realness and vulnerability while also being totally masculine and capturing his hair (hehe) all at the same time.

Joe has a very interesting sense of humor and didn’t want his photos to come across as being cheesy or self-absorbed.  He also mentioned a love of satire and liking surreal art, or really anything that is complicated and takes effort to understand.  I kept all of those thoughts in mind and let them simmer. 😉

I thought it would be cool to use mirrors in a photo, almost making fun of the “egocentric look” that he wanted to avoid while also making it into surreal art.   Take a closer look and you will see 8 imitation Joe’s.  Some are out-of-focus, while others only reveal a single eye others appear headless or seem to have different expressions which is downright creepy (ahem darkness)…

Our initial idea for this shot fell a little flat.  Joe likes coffee so we thought some kind of cup-of-Joe cheesiness was definitely in order.  We played with the idea for a while and I have a few other iterations, but this one with the bare tree and overcast sky reflecting on the coffee cup on the windowsill somehow seemed to fit.

I like how the screen and vibration from the heater can be seen along the edges of the mug…

As far as wardrobe, it made sense to go for two different looks, one dressed up and one dressed down, both needed to feel timeless, streamlined and simple.  A plain white T, button down and suit really did the trick.  He could layer up or down and each look gave a different feel.

I like this shot a lot.  I was using a slightly slow shutter speed, maybe 1/100th or so and I like how you can see the motion blur of his hand here.  I also really like the intense angle of his arm and expression on his face, bringing drama to the shot with its intense light and shadow.

Joe had a lot of confidence in my abilities.  During his consultation he said, “I know you can do whatever and make it look good. You’ve basically done it all.”  Later he added, “I knew about your incredible skill with the camera and wanted to utilize it in a different way for my senior pictures.  You captured my vision in such a beautiful way.”

Joe really let me in on who he was and what he was about, so I was able to use that to fuel my creative process and use all the tools I had at my disposal to create those images.  My job was to take all that Joe had told me about himself and try to find a way to capture all of that in a still frame.

Haaa Joe’s man cave, or maybe I should call it a screening room.  It is in his basement and *so dark*.  I wanted to capture the feel of it and I noticed that he had this essential oil diffuser thingy…

I wanted to use the darkness paired with the vapor, his profile and wrinkled white shirt to capture this mysterious, intensely stark contrast with a little bit of softness.   It represents elements of his personality so well while providing visual interest, too.

One of Stanley Kubrick’s most famous quotes is, “However vast the darkness we must supply our own light”– I think that fits here:

I like these shots, I have so many more but I thought they were quirky and fun and fit Joe well…

Joe’s mom, Angie contacted me first.  She had followed my blog for some time now and loved my creative style and detailed blog write-ups.  Hopefully she likes Joe’s now that I have finally “bit the bullet” and tried to write it :).  Angie was incredibly supportive and essential to our creative process.

Angie is definitely a “yes” person and up for anything– finding mirrors, asking for magnifying glasses, throwing red paint in her basement, she was game…  This next shot was technically pretty tricky.   I was trying to create the look I wanted, which involved calculating a bunch of ratios, fractions and balancing a bunch of variables while working off-the-cuff in the dark, while Angie threw water in front of but not on Joe!

It took a few tries to get the water to arc through the frame as I was picturing it.  (We had used water as a test before moving to the red paint, haha).  I like how Joe’s features are mysterious, lost in shadow yet he seems to be glowing.  An invisible force seems to push the water away from Joe, fragmenting it to the left of the frame and expanding it to the right…

While I initially thought that capturing the red paint in mid-air would be most compelling, it turned out that the thick, ominous splatters had more impact on the ground, especially paired with the dramatic lighting and Joe’s body language.  We were going for a “Kill Bill” feel and also giving nod to his anatomy interest…

Another “Kill Bill” reference, it reminds me of the aftermath scene with the Crazy 88, only we didn’t have an army we just had Joe and some weights, haha.  I still like the feel of it and him looking off with those long shadows and his subtle reflection…

Joe it was an absolute pleasure to work with you.   I appreciate how much you opened up to me and how authentic you are, you know yourself well and are comfortable in your own skin.  I also really appreciate how much you trusted me to “do my thing.”  I think the results of your session are incredibly unique to you and something that I’m super proud of.  Thanks again to Angie, too!

***UPDATE: I just received the sweetest note from Joe’s mom, Angie.  She shared, “I am in tears reading this blog, the photos, the opportunity to spend time with you, and the satisfaction of knowing that you completely captured Joe’s heart and essence…  I’m also crying because it makes me realize how much I’ll miss him when he’s in college.  You *beyond* captured his overall being….and I will live through these pictures for so many years! Thank you, Lisa!  You are so gifted and humble and talented, beyond measure​!!!”

Thanks so much for checking out my work.  If you like what you see, please click the like button below.

Central PA Creative Unique Senior Portrait Photographers: Bonnie

Authentic, fun, kind, there are so many elements of Bonnie’s personality and I set out to capture all of them!

Bonnie shared, “I have been following your work for years & always knew I’d want you to photograph my senior portraits! Your work is creative, natural and fun! You are super nice and easy to talk and made me feel so comfortable.”

She continued, “On the day of the session you came prepared with lots of ideas and have a great eye for backgrounds and lighting. I really appreciated how you took the time to get to know me and asked me what I wanted, and got my input even throughout the session!”

“I want my senior pictures to capture my confidence and independence as I’m about to leave for college. I’m a people person therefore I wanted to also express my friendly personality and be a little girly.”

She continued, “My mom has always taught me that beauty comes from within so I wanted to express that kindness wins and confidence is important. Also woman empowerment!”

We captured several traditional portraits, here is one…

And took time to get some more creative portraits as well…

Bonnie shared, “I am so grateful for growing up here in Shippensburg and for everyone that I have had to chance to get to know.  I wanted to capture a natural, hometown-vibe.”  Bonnie’s mom also was particularly excited about capturing the natural beauty of our small town.

This photo gives you the sense of her attachment to home, but her dreams of her future…

She’s going to miss this…

Haaa!  Running in an open field, so Bonnie!

Bonnie’s mother was all about capturing Pennsylvania wildlife in the photos, we saw geese!!!

I love this one– watch out Vogue…

Bonnie has a more quiet and reserved side until you get to know her, I think you can really see that here:

But once she opens up you will find that she is 100% authentic, fun and a great person to be around.

I used a slow shutter speed to capture her laughter here, I love this one!

I love the vibrant colors and the sweet, springtime feel of this next image:

Bonnie wanted a fun, colorful downtown vibe for some photos, too.  She changed her look a little…

So bubbly & fun!

I thought a “photo booth” look was definitely in order:

There are so many interesting backgrounds downtown from murals to old warehouse walls, we went everywhere!

Bonnie liked the idea of capturing some of the historic brick building downtown and her mother really wanted some nice black and white portraits of Bonnie.  Here is one of those:

Is is it just me or does Bonnie look like a Disney Princess here?  I love the sky!!!

A little more downtown…

Bonnie was literally up to try any ideas that I had– I noticed my neighbor’s yard looking pretty amazing with *tons* of Grape Hyacinths in bloom along their treeline.  Bonnie hopped in for a few quick shots:

Bonnie has followed my work for such a long time that she knew that she wanted to end her session with a classic silhouette.  I think this one is so beautiful!

Bonnie I loved working with you and can’t wait to see all that you will accomplish!!!

Bonnie shared, “These photos turned out so well!  I can hardly believe it, not because of you, I knew you were amazing, but they far exceeded my expectations!!!  I totally saw myself in these pictures and LOVE them!”

Shippensburg Senior Portrait Photographers: Tyler

Football, hunting, fishing and off-roading in his Jeep– you won’t want to miss Tyler’s action-packed senior portraits…

Tyler said that he “heard through the grapevine” that I was a good photographer ;)… he had seen some of his friends’ photos on-line and was impressed.  His mom added that she follows my blog and loves how personal each post is, that she loves how I capture people’s unique personalities and interests and capture them in action and that she’d love to have me do that for Tyler before he is “shipped overseas” in June for Marine boot camp.

Tyler is hard-working and driven, he plays hard, too.  He has played Varsity Football for Shippensburg High School and loved it!

Tyler shared, “I started playing football when I was 5 years old.  Those were some of my best times in high school, now that it’s over I’m finally realizing that!”

I wanted to catch Tyler in action as a corner back, he is known for sticking his tongue out as he catches the ball and has done it since he was a kid.  His mom says it’s his “signature look, haha!”

We shot on-location at Memorial Park stadium.  I was fascinated by the lines and shapes underneath the stands… if you look closely you can see Tyler, too…

Tyler shared, “SASHS went to the district championship this year.  For us, it was kind of all of the hard work that we had put in as kids paying off.  It was really a chance of a lifetime.  You can see some of the craziest moments here– the coach said “why not us?” Here is a highlight reel of their season.

I wanted to capture Tyler’s drive & determination here:

His mom said, “I always have followed your blog and love the unique, dynamic pictures you take.  You have such an eye and I appreciate your ability to see different perspectives.”

I love Ty’s intensity here:

Catch him if you can…

We moved locations from the football stadium to his family’s property out in the country off of Upper Horse Valley road.

Tyler explained, “This is where I go to get some time away.  It is perfect for hunting, fishing, off-roading, and just hanging out with family.  It has been a special place for me to go throughout life.  It is one of my favorite places in the world.”

In addition to more “lifestyle” photography, I also capture more “traditional portraits” as well.

I like the depth of this portrait.  Part of that effect is caused by the branches that I blurred in the foreground and background…

Tyler found an old hat in the cabin.  It belonged to one of his Uncle Trevor.

Speaking of family connections, Tyler is wearing his grandfather’s belt.  Sometimes the small details make all the difference. 

Tyler’s mom speaks about Ty’s Jeep as if it is an appendage.  Here I caught Ty’s reflection in the rear view while keeping the “Wrangler” logo visible:

This shot is a little more abstract– can you figure out how I created this photograph?

Off road!!!  When Tyler saw these photos he was flipping out– he couldn’t get over having professional photos of his Jeep… lol, the mud is flying!

I used a slow shutter speed to capture the movement of the Jeep…

He might have gotten it a little muddy 😉

Haaa!  Absolutely in his element!

Tyler helped me into the Jeep as we traveled to one of his favorite fishing holes in the Horse Valley Creek which runs through his family’s property.

He slipped on his vest, boots and grabbed his rod, I wanted to capture the scene from a distance and show the movement and reflections in the water.

It was a perfect day in early spring and green moss began to peek from the melting snow in the forest…

I love the light in late winter / early spring.  it is so pure and bright– the colors are captured beautifully…

Here I played with Tyler’s reflection… you can see his fishing rod and the remains of leaves from the fall.

Tyler’s mom knew she wanted to capture a lot in one shoot– football, his Jeep, bow hunting, fly fishing and some traditional portraits too.  She chose to book a double-session so that we could fit it all in and I really love how creative we were able to get with these!

We ending with bow hunting as we really liked the idea of silhouetting Tyler against the sky with his bow.

At one with the forest– if you look closely, you’ll see Tyler…

Tyler & Becky, thanks so much for inviting me to spend a few hours with you and document this incredible time in Tyler’s life and so many of the things he loves about growing up in Shippensburg!

I had an absolute blast riding in his Jeep and also saw several deer and even heard coyotes for the first time! Experiences like this are what make my job an adventure, capturing incredible people like this for their loved ones it what makes my job worthwhile.  I had such a blast working with you and am already looking forward to doing all over again with Braden!


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