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    My work is creative & thoughtful. My goal is to share your unique love story. I get to know your interests & personalities in order to capture them forever in beautiful, personal, artful photographs that tell your story. I invest my time helping you become comfortable in front of my camera & find the most flattering lighting and angles for you and your surroundings.

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Moonstone Manor Wedding Photographers: Bobbie-Ann & Mark

An intimate wedding at Moonstone Manor, a loving gathering of family and friends that united a deeply romantic couple who found their true match…

Bobbie-Anne shared, “We chose you to be our wedding photographer because your work was unique.   I wanted you to capture candid moments and the beautiful scenery at Moonstone Manor as well as romantic photographs of the two of us alone.  We wanted a good mix of traditional portraits and creative shots and knew you could deliver that for us.”

I opened with a shot showing the beautiful scenery at Moonstone and here is a classic portrait of Mark.  I really like the timeless quality of it and the way it shows the elegance of Moonstone Manor and how the light catches his eyes just right…

I like to play with different lenses and camera settings and really like the soft intimate feel of this candid photo showing Mark reading the card that Bobbie-Ann gave him.

Mark’s family was incredibly, sweet, kind and present.  Here Mark’s Nephew compliments the flowers and the Manor itself while simultaneously looking like a kid from a Normal Rockwell painting :).

To achieve this look I used a slower shutter speed, shallow depth of field and captured his reflection in an antique mirror along with the bouquet he was marveling at…

As soon as Mark’s mother arrived she gave him a tight embrace.  I made sure to capture it and many similar intimate moments with their friends and family…

Here Bobbie-Anne’s friend buttons her beautiful wedding gown.  I liked the way the light captured the beading and her pearl ring complimenting the round satin covered buttons.

Mark shared, “Bobbie-Ann is a beautiful women of intelligence and  integrity. She is kind to others and has a very caring spirit. She is fun loving and gentle.  She is sensible and uses wisdom and treats me with respect and care.”

A stunning bride… I liked how this photo showed the setting of Moonstone, along with Bobbie-Ann’s beautiful, deep eyes and gorgeous golden locks!

Bobbie’s father saw her in her gown and gave her hand a tight squeeze.  It was almost time for the ceremony to start and she wore Mark’s wedding band around her thumb in preparation.

Bobbie-Ann shared, “We chose Moonstone Manor in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania because of the ceremony space along the water.”  Nature is important to them and water has played a very significant role in their relationship.  More on that soon…

I wanted to capture the peaceful feeling of the entire setting in one image.  I wanted to show the running water, the enveloping trees and the intimate ceremony.  Nature played a huge role and I think this photo demonstrates that.

Bobbie-Ann has such a loving, joyful presence and her smile lights up any place.  I have several images of Bobbie-Ann’s father escorting her down the aisle, but this moment when she saw Mark, and just the joy on her face tops them all.

She shared, “When I first saw him on the wedding day, my only thought was to meet him at the altar. I  didn’t see anyone else. I didn’t hear the music. I only knew of him waiting there for me.”

Mark was absolutely speechless, she seemed to literally take his breath away!!!  He shared, “She looked so incredibly beautiful.”

Bobbie-Ann shared, “Our favorite part of the wedding day was during the ceremony– the sharing of vows and the time we had together during the song, poem, and prayer.”

I loved their floral arch, it looked so romantic and organic and fit their relationship perfectly.  Mark was beaming throughout the ceremony!  I wanted to capture the water behind them as well…

It was such a joy for me to photograph this wedding.  It was simple and deep.  I covered it by myself (without a second photographer) and every single person at the wedding was very intimately and emotionally connected to the couple.

Here one of Bobbie-Anne’s bridesmaids reads a poem.  She began to get a little teary and Bobbie-Ann passed her her handkerchief, such a sweet moment.

As Bobbie-Anne’s parents watched their daughter exchange her wedding vows, they held hands lovingly.   I like how the sun illuminated them and how tender they are together.

Bobbie-Ann shared, “I am looking forward to a good life of happiness, being together with my best friend.  We work well together because we are best friends who listen and care for each other. We make sure that we are considerate of each other. We both always try to make the other happy, finding ways to take care of each other, help each other, surprise each other. We challenge each other in that way.”

Kiss the bride– again the stream…

Bobbie-Ann shared, “I fell in love with Mark because of his personality and character. He is genuinely kind and considerate. He has such a loving and giving heart. He cares about others and is very giving and unselfish. He always makes sure I am cared for and that we partner in everything. He is the best friend I’ve ever had and I can trust him with anything.”

Moonstone Manor is just stunning, here they walk along the arched ruins on the property– it reminds me of Ireland.  Mark helps her to hold her gown as she walks, which I think shows that kind, considerate, partnering nature.

I give my couples a good variety of photos– some environmental- showing off the location, others more candid- capturing the emotional landscape, and others more traditional portraiture.  I have several different traditional captures of them together, but I thought Bobbie-Ann’s dress looked so pretty in this one:

Bobbie-Ann shared about the significance of water in their relationship, “We met at the ocean, he first told me he loved me at the harbor, he proposed at a waterfall, and we got married at the river. Then we left for a honeymoon at the lake.”

The statement was framed in gold and placed on a table at the reception to bring the full theme together.  Guests signed river rocks with words of encouragement for the newlyweds.

Bobbie-Ann shared, “The cake was done by Rosie’s Creative Cakes. She did a wonderful job and the cake was delicious.  Gina at Moonstone Manor was wonderful to work with. She was caring and kind. She took care of details and had great ideas. She made us feel like family.”

All of the wedding details were elegant, soft, and romantic– their cake was so beautiful.


Everyone at the reception was so joyful and loving…

The day was incredibly humid.  The rain held out until we were safely under the cover of the tent.

The children played with the rain.  There was something so simple, organic and beautiful about it, and it perfectly tied in the water theme!

The children loved the couple– here is a candid moment between Mark and his sweet niece.

As Mark and his mother embrace his niece squeezes in, too!

The children played in the river, skipping stones as shadows danced on their aunt’s gown.

Bobbie-Ann & mark took it all in, they were finally married.  I wanted to bring in the environment of their venue into this photo– the elegant detailing of the stone manor, framing them with the Edison bulb lights that tied from the tree to the balcony…

They stepped into the Manor for one last moment together before they began packing up.  I wanted to capture that warmth and intimacy and used both warm sunlight and the elegantly carved, classic wooden furniture into the frame…

Mark shared, “We are looking forward to making our life together. A true partnership.  A good life, where we help each other and where life is better because we are together.”

Atlantic City Country Club Wedding Photographers: Danielle & Matt

You won’t want to miss this fun, vibrant, unique Atlantic City Country Club wedding…

Danielle shared, “As soon as we saw her beautiful photos online, we were immediately interested in working with Rhinehart Photography.   Every shot that I liked had her logo on the bottom.  Our first meeting totally sealed the deal, we knew we didn’t want to work with anyone else.”

She continued, “The way Lisa puts effort into getting to know each couple personally before the big day is something I loved and would have never expected. Matt and I are pretty awkward in front of the camera so she made us feel very comfortable on our wedding day.”

Danielle really liked the color and creativity of my work and the raw emotion that I love to capture.  For the opening shot I brought in red from flowers nearby as Danielle and Matt laughed together and in the photo below I played up the crystals in Danielle’s shoes ;).

While I love capturing candid moments like the opening shot, I love to pose people, too.  They looked like Greek Goddesses in their robes so I posed them for a quick pic…

Pint sized problems… The real behind the scenes, when you are short and trying to reach your gown, haha…

I caught this one of Danielle dressing-  I love to play with colors and reflections…  the blue light coming from the window was the perfect complement to the orange light from the wall.

Matt shared, “Danielle is always beautiful, but on our wedding day she was radiant, just glowing…”

Another simple candid moment with the flower girl…

Danielle shared, “I knew he was different than anyone else I had ever met before. He is caring, ambitious, and loyal.”

She continued, “Matt is also a total goofball!”  Here he arm wrestles with his twin brother…

Looking good, gents…

The anticipation leading up to the first look was pretty intense.

Matt shared, “Seeing her on our wedding day… wow!!!   I’m used to her being dolled up and beautiful regularly, but this was different. It meant so much more. She was radiant and glowing and it was truly such a beautiful moment.”

Danielle shared, “I’m looking forward to everything I get to experience with him from making him learn more duets to sing with me in our kitchen, to raising our children together… starting with this little one due in May!!!”  (Whoa congrats, guys!!!)

I totally flipped when I saw this, and promptly snapped a photograph!  If this isn’t good luck, I don’t know what is!!

I love being a preferred vendor at Atlantic City Country Club, as I have so much to work with there, from the architecture and skyline to the golf course and grounds…  Here is a little arial right after their first look ;).

While I love candids and shots that show off the location, I really enjoy giving my couples an eclectic mix that includes traditional portraits as well…

With these two there are always so many smiles and laughs, I loved the pond and the weeping willows, just stunning…

Matt shared, “One of the many reasons that I fell for Danielle was how she truly loved and cared about me. I knew that she would be there for me whenever I needed her.   She is passionate and loyal, especially to her friends and family and I’ve always admired that in her.”

I love how soft and peaceful this image is…

Matt went on, “Danielle and I have a lot of the same interests and values. She takes such great care of all of our animals at home.  I know she will be an amazing mother and can not wait to start a family together.  Every milestone in my life will be better with her in it!”

Danielle mentioned Matt being a goofball and Matt mentioned Danielle was bubbly and fun– here they are letting it all hang out a little, haha!

The ring bearer is not too sure what to make of it…

Ready for their cover in Vanity Fair or Vogue 😉

Those rose petals and cathedral length veil, wow!

Danielle shared, “We incorporated a wine box into our ceremony , writing each other letters on our wedding day and locking them in a box with a bottle of wine so we can open it and enjoy both on our anniversary.”

She continued, “One of my favorite parts of our wedding day was actually writing my letter to Matt.  It was so nice to stop and take a break by myself just to really focus on the love and happiness I felt on that day.  I’m excited for him to read it in a year’s time.”

I like to play with different light, and silhouetted them here…

Such a gorgeous ceremony space and these two being surrounded by all those who love them…

Tee hee, playing with perspective again…

Haaa, so many interesting expressions here:

Kiss the bride…

Once was not enough…

The place settings were so pretty and each table number signified and important number for these two…

Mat shared, “My favorite part of the wedding day was the reception– the introductions, first dance, speeches, etc.  Each was meaningful and memorable in their own way.  I loved every second!”

Here Danielle’s mom is spun into the reception hall during her introduction…

Now for the really interesting part– dancing on the clouds…

What a dip!!!

The speeches were fantastic– one of several great speakers, laughs all around…

Danielle’s father tearing up during the father-daughter dance…

Dance floor shenanigans by the kiddos in the bridal party…


We stepped outside for a bit and I wanted to pull in the colorful lights of Atlantic City…

I also wanted to capture the drama of the dark…

And for my final image, pulled in the rain that had just started…

Danielle & Matt, thanks so much for inviting me to capture your big day!  These are just a few of the highlights, many more coming soon!  If you’d like to see another Atlantic City wedding of mine, click here.

Venue- Atlantic City Country Club

Ladies Attire- Nicole Bridal & Formal Shoppe

Menswear- Ozzys Tux

Florist- the Manic Botanic

Hair Stylist- Katelyn Smith

Entertainment: Music by Mike



Creative Senior Portrait Photographers: Sophia’s Moonrise Kingdom

“What kind of a bird are… YOU?” “I’m a raven…” You won’t want to miss this colorful, creative, quirky, Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom” inspired photo session…

Sophia shared, “My mom and I agreed that you would be the perfect photographer to capture my senior portraits– you are so creative and great at showing people’s personalities and interests.  I love vintage things and to have fun and be creative, I knew you would be able to bring that out in my photos.”

She continued, “Moonrise Kingdom has been my favorite movie, for like forever, since it came out really.  It is another universe entirely.  I wanted to live in it for a few hours, as if I stepped into the movie.  You helped me to do that.  It was so much fun.  I was hoping to see my personality in the photos, and definitely do!”

I freaking loved working with Sophie!  She is such a creative, unique individual and completely and fully trusted me and my vision while also totally bringing her own vibrant personality, personal style, and favorite vintage pieces along to her session… in short, she gave me a ton to work with, creatively speaking.

“Jiminey Cricket, she flew the coop!” I love playing with my camera and used this slow shutter speed to capture Sophia’s movement through the woods with her swinging suitcase…

Sophia shared, “I went for a 1970’s vibe because I love the style so much.  I knew I wanted the outdoors and nature and I love the colors and just it ties in so well to the movie theme as well.”

Sophie delved deep, “From the end of first grade to 8th grade, I was cyber schooled because I have a panic disorder, so there are no school pictures of me from second to eighth grade, so my mom really wanted to surprise me with this by having this super amazing senior portrait session.  So yeah, that’s when she reached out to you.”

I love the Alice in Wonderland vibe of this shot, a little touch of Through the Looking Glass– reflections and light are my favorite…

She continued earnestly, “I have worked very hard to overcome my panic disorder– for years I couldn’t even go to school because it was just too much for me.  It took a lot of work, and time and effort to get myself to a place where I was able to attend school, to be able to be out with others. ”

I moved behind Sophia and climbed in a tree, lol, for this shot.  She looked like a mermaid to me, with her long flowing hair.

Her looking back at this rough dark, jagged past and having a smooth, rich, deep lagoon ahead of her.  It felt right to me, visually.  Like where she’s at in this very moment.

Sophia continued, open-heartedly, “Now I’ve started college and live in a dorm on campus and have a roommate.”

She stated, almost surprised with herself, “I’m doing so well!  It’s interesting because I went from not being able to leave my house to totally being able to be independent and able to handle being on campus with new situations and be surrounded by several thousand other students on campus!  It’s kind of unbelievable, such a good feeling!”

For this shot, I wanted something that was sunshiny yellow, bright, light, open.  I think you can really see Sophie’s heart in this one, she is such a beauty inside and out!

She brought her record player and collection.  She pulled out one of her favorite albums.

She shared, regarding it’s French title, “It’s funny, I’m studying history and French, in the movie they play a lot of French music.  Its a really good album.”

I love intense color but thought this one looked so classic in black and white.

I used the rule of thirds here and love the trees’  intense reflection in the water… there is something so classic and timeless about it.

Lol, Moonrise Kingdom…

Suzy: “I always wished I was an orphan.  Most of my favorite characters are.  I think their lives are more special.”

Sam: “I love you, but don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Suzy: “I love you, too.”

The suitcase made me think of it.  It has to be one of my favorite images from this shoot– the golden light, the movement…

Suzy: “These are my books.  I like stories with magic powers in them.  This is my record player.  It works with batteries.”

Sophie’s albums…

Suzy: “I want to go on adventures, I think.  Not get stuck in one place.”

I like how she’s teetering on the edge here, as she moved closer to the water it rippled beneath her feet…

I had Sophie’s mom hold a leaf and used it as a skirt for this nature girl.

I showed her the image, Sophia looked at it and laughed, “That is so freaking cool.”

Sam: “Why do you always use binoculars?”

Suzy: “It helps me see things closer, even if they’re not very far away. I pretend it’s my magic power.”

I feel the same way about my camera :).

I had Sophia stand in the branches of the pine trees.  Her eyes sparkled in the light, pretty blonde tendrils framing her face, but the part that struck me most was how it was almost this mother-nature kind of vibe coming from her– like she was one with nature.

For a moment the branches almost looked like antlers, haha!  I thought I’d come across better in black and white… Can you see it?

She wrote her name in the sand as warm light danced on the rippling water…

She twirled a bit in the fading, golden light.

The light went from gold to orange.  That combination with the dark shadows and chunky heels of her shoes made me think of the holiday that is just around the corner… Halloween.  We didn’t talk about it, but I’d predict it’s one of Sophia’s favorites.

Suzy: “I think you’ve still got lightning in you.”

Loving the ripples…

Suzy’s dad (played by Bill Murry of course): “I hope the roof flies off, and I get sucked up into space.”

The moon was so large and intense that night.  It was too dark and far away to literally get Sophia in the shot, but I think it still fits her so well.

Sophia thank you for choosing me to capture you, and for showing your true self to me.  You are such an amazing young woman and it has been my honor and privilege.  I cannot wait to see what is in your future.  It will undoubtedly include adventures, true love, magic and certainly more viewings of Moonrise Kingdom ;).  You will keep surprising yourself daily.  I know it. 🙂

Washington DC Wedding Photographers: Anish & Lauren at The Mayflower Carnegie and St Matthews Cathedral

An iconic DC wedding incorporating St Matthew’s Cathedral (yes JFK’s church), The Mayflower and The Carnegie— not to mention the most incredible balloon send off I have ever seen…

Anish shared, “Watching Lisa work on our wedding day was like watching an artist create a master piece!   Her ideas just kept on flowing. It was incredible!”

Lauren added, “We chose Rhinehart Photography because we wanted our wedding photography to be unique and really depict our personalities and the architecture of The Mayflower, St Mathew’s, and The Carnegie. We loved how Lisa incorporates her own artistic twist on even the traditional photos.”

She went on, “Lisa was so great to work with on our day.  As someone who is type A, I really appreciated her timeline and helping us to stick to it.  When looking at our photos I am excited to see a nice eclectic mix– some traditional ones and others that really capture moments and the beautiful surroundings.”

While the photo above captures architectural detail of the Carnegie– I used a myriad of camera settings here to rim-light the couple, back light the balloons and show the crisp textural detailing surrounding the entrance to the Carnegie.  This next image captured a few different reflections as well as Lauren moments before she put on her wedding gown.  I love to capture moments in a creative way.

For me it’s all about the moments…

Lauren shared, “Getting ready at the Mayflower Hotel was fun and exciting, but also one of the hardest part of the day as I wished my mom could have been there beside me.  I was so thankful to have my close friends, stepmom, and aunt there to be supportive and keep the tissues flowing as I remembered my mother.”

While most of my day is spent capturing candid moments as they unfold, I do capture more traditional portraits as well.

When I saw this Palm outside of the Mayflower Hotel, I knew that it would be the perfect backdrop to add some color, interest and even give a little nod to more tropical climates (like those in Bali and India) two locations of significance for this couple…

Lauren shared, “We choose to get ready at the Mayflower as it is a classic Washington DC landmark and happened to be right around the corner from the church. I loved being able to have all the girls and close family members in the suite with me.”

She continued, “Even though some of my bridesmaids hadn’t met until the wedding weekend as they were from all different stages of my life, we had such a fun time getting all glammed up together 🙂  The Mayflower has so many which added an elegant touch to our pre-ceremony photos.”

I love to use framing in my photos and thought that this stunning entrance made a perfect frame for these incredibly beautiful women!

Lauren shared, “I worked with a company to design my custom dress- everything from the original sketch to picking out fabrics and beading.”

Here Lauren’s dad gives her a hug during his “first look” and you can get a glimpse of some of that extraordinary bead work…

I love playing with light and color and this show incorporates contrasting colors and uses available light to silhouette the bride and several of her bridesmaids as they exit the Mayflower Hotel and head to Saint Mathew’s Cathedral

Lauren shared, “Anish and I really balance each other out. I tend to be the planner, scheduling type, and he reminds me to relax and take life one day at a time.”

His outgoing and exuberant personality was apparent right from the first moment.  Here my second photographer, Kris, captured Anish laughing as his best man tied his shoes and even caught a reflection in the mirror, too…

The guys are all full of laughs and jokes, wait until you see Anish’s brother out on the dance floor, lol!  More of that stunning Mayflower Hotel architecture…

Anish smiled, “When the huge double doors opened up and I saw Lauren at the other end, it was honestly something out of a fairly tale!   I couldn’t believe my eyes or stop the surge of emotion that welled up in me, this was exactly the moment I had been waiting my entire life for.”

Aw his expression…. Lauren shared, “I loved seeing Anish at the end of the isle as I walked into the church.  It is a moment I will never forget.”

To say that The Cathedral of St Matthew the Apostle of Washington DC is stunning is an understatement.  Here I tried to capture some of the architecture…

I was given strict orders by the priest that there was to be no flash and no using the center aisle for photographs.  Several years ago, these sort of restrictions might have made me panic, but at this point in my career it was really no problem for me as I have the knowledge, creativity and gear to pull off those sort of restrictions without an issue.  🙂

The Bishop actually came up to me following the ceremony inquiring about my photos saying that I had to be one of the most quiet and respectful photographers he has worked with to date.  He said that he literally didn’t see me during the ceremony, lol.  Haha, I’m a ninja ;).

Here I was able to get the lights of the sepulcher candles in the foreground and the couple listening to the homely in the background all while hiding behind a huge pillar and out of the center aisle.  The candles can be lit for a myriad of reasons, but one is in memory of loved ones who are not present, something I thought Lauren would really appreciate.

The ring exchange– I love all of the ornate detailing and architecture of this church.  I used a super telephoto lens (like one of those white ones at sporting events) so that I could be all the way against the back door (in accordance with the church rules) and still frame them in this golden, arched mosaic of Saint Matthew.  

Lauren shared, “Having the Bishop marry us was so special as he knew us from when we first started dating and watched our relationship grow. We were able to involve many of our close family members in the ceremony and remembered those who we would have wanted to be there celebrating with us.”

Anish shared, “Having the church and faith aspect was really  important to both families and what better way than to have it at the main Cathedral in DC?”

Here several of the women in his family pray during the service– I could not get over their exquisite attire and how the gold detailing and vibrant colors caught the light in the dark cathedral.

Lauren shared, “We are very fortunate to be parishioners of such an exquisite church.  We love all of the rituals and there were even more than usual with the bishop himself present.”

The holy kiss…

While most of the day is spent capturing candid moments family photos are also typically a must for most couples.  Kris quickly set up flashes to give our family portraits some pop… here is just one of those formal photos, one with Anish’s proud parents.

He also assisted me with this lighting set up as I arranged the bridal party and brought out their inner super model.  They rocked it in the Board Room of The Carnegie.

Ah, a moment alone…

Now it has all sunk in!!!  On top of the world!!!

Lauren shared, “He’s very supportive of me personally and professionally.   He’s my rock, always there to listen to me and give advice.”


Anish shared, “Obviously Lauren is a beautiful, amazing and caring person. But I think going a bit further, I think there is definitely a bit of opposites attracting here. Lauren is very much a Type A and I am bit of a class clown, we have grown to not only appreciate our differences, but how ultimately that have made us stronger.”

They admire their new wedding bands and I bring in all of the interesting textures, the dappled light on the trees, the iron fencing the gray stucco.

As we were standing in the alley, someone with an amazing motorcycle emerged.  I saw Anish’s eyes light up.  We complimented his bike and he offered that we could take a picture by it…

A more traditional portrait of these two, wish an architectural and environmental emphasis.  I used the trees and Carnegie to provide a frame and downtown DC as the backdrop…

Lauren shared, “I really enjoyed exploring the Carnegie with Anish as you photographed us.  Probably my favorite space was the entrance, but it was all so beautiful.”


Anish smiled, “I look forward to our regular dinners on Wednesdays as much as I am looking forward to our honeymoon in Bali”

We wanted our wedding day to be a mix of elegance, tradition, and fun.  You can see the elegance and tradition with the place settings and a fun pop of pink on the walls :).

Anish shared, “A few days after the wedding, someone saw us interacting and said “you guys are like an old married couple” …and I kind of think that hits the nail on the head, our strong differences force us to be better, but our trust and love in each other allows to accept each other as we are, our love is kind of awesome.”

I think there is something very classic and timeless about this photo.  As the two of them interacted, I wanted to bring in the decor and reflection and show off her train!

Lauren shared, “There were so many parts of my wedding day that I loved, it’s hard to pick a favorite. It was really special to have all of our family and close friends together in one room.”

Lauren shared, “Somehow I convinced Anish that dance class would be a great new adventure, haha!”

She continued, “We chose Adele’s ‘Remedy’ because we loved the meaning of the words and it was a less traditional first dance song.  We had so much fun!”

I love to play with perspective and really capture the feeling of the whole space so my couples can experience it over and over again.  Here is a third perspective of their first dance!

The speeches were incredible– fun and heartwarming.  I wanted the photos to have those same warm tones and brought in the golden light from the window in the background and the warm hues of the red  wine in the foreground.

Time to get that party started!

Anish was quick to hit the dance floor…

That’s right…

#CoupleGoals for sure…

Everyone had a blast

How sweet it is…

Anish shared, “There were two things I fought for in the wedding, the rest was all Lauren (and thank god!)!  Late night wedding food, is kind of my secret  reason for attending weddings! So I know mine had to special.”

He continued, “Greg (one of my groomsmen) is the owner of District Doughnut which is easily the best gourmet Doughnut shop in the South East, so I knew including them was a must.”

Even the caterers were excited!

He continued, “Then I thought, who doesn’t like Chick-fil-a ? So I was like, why not combine the two? It wasn’t the easiest thing to get done, one of the guests snuck out during the wedding and took an uber to bring the food in. But it was a HUGE hit and everyone loved it.”

Anish smiled, “My second and final contribution to the wedding, was the Light Balloon send off.”

I had this idea that it would be cool to capture them with the balloons before they let them go, it was such a cool moment!

Anish shared, “There was just something mystical about letting hundreds of lights into the night sky, and boy was it awesome!”

Anish smiled, “A symbol of purity and love.”

Anish and Lauren, thank you so much for choosing to have me by your side on your wedding day!  I absolutely loved working with you and capturing so many awesome people and places for you to treasure for years to come.  These are just a few highlights, many more photos are coming soon!  If you want to see more of Lauren & Anish, check out their engagement photos, here.

Makeup- Shirin Ratner

Hair- Kristen Foster Hair Artistry

Dress- Anomalie

Florist-  Tierra Events

Planner- Glow Weddings and Events

Catering- Rouge

Entertainment: Dj Paul Entertainment

F a c e b o o k