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    You want a photographer who is able to handle all aspects of wedding photography with ease, capturing: candid, romantic emotion; flattering, beautiful portraits; breathtaking scenery & architecture; the joy and energy out on the dance floor and all those sweet wedding details that you have been working on for months in an artful, creative way.

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    My work is creative & thoughtful. My goal is to share your unique love story. I get to know your interests & personalities in order to capture them forever in beautiful, personal, artful photographs that tell your story. I invest my time helping you become comfortable in front of my camera & find the most flattering lighting and angles for you and your surroundings.

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DC Wedding Photographers: Allie & Max at Kingman Island

Two yogis, in a forested island in the heart of Washington DC, with vibrant colors and the sweetest pup…

Allie shared, “I’m typically very indecisive, but from the moment we saw your photo album at Silverbrook Farm, we were hooked!  We love how the setting really came through in the photos as well as the emotion captured in every photo.”

She shared, “In fact, apart from choosing Silverbrook as our venue, choosing you was our very first and easiest decision in wedding planning. The softness, romanticism of your photos is exactly how my heart feels when I think about Max.”

I asked her what she was hoping for in her engagement session, she said, “I hope the joy I experience when we are together and the intensity of our love comes through in the photos. I love the drama in your photography and I love how a candid shot can capture such a split and fleeting second.”

Just a walk in the woods…

They shared about the location explaining, “Kingman & Heritage Islands are our favorite local place to walk and jog with our puppy (now dog) Piper. We love spending time outdoors, and despite being in the middle of the city where you can hear cars and the metro, underneath the trees it feels remote.  We live on the edge of Capitol Hill near the Kingman Park neighborhood, only a mile from Kingman Island.”

Haaa the timing of this one was perfect!  Awww Piper!!!

They went on, “Piper is a sweet and wild little thing and the best decision we have ever made, apart from being together.”

Max shared, “Allie is my best friend and partner in everything–  good, bad and ridiculous.  She truly brightens everyone around her!”

This lady is overflowing with sunshine, charisma and good vibes…

Allie shared, “We fit, there’s no better way to say it. He’s the closest thing I know to destiny. Max is my world and I am so thankful for him every day.”

I like the soft, romantic feel of this photo…

Max shared, “One of our first dates started with a yoga class (Max’s first at the studio where Allie was a member) and then concluded with an outdoor movie at  DuPont Circle. Allie may not know this but I was certainly a little intimidated to be in the class, having to balance being on a date with a girl I was crazy about but still in the “trying to impress” phase, haha!”

He continued, “I didn’t want to unveil my uneasiness about doing yoga in such an official setting and was obviously terrified that she would somehow identify me as a fraud. It didn’t take but two seconds into the class that all of those feelings washed away with one glance and smile from Allie- I immediately felt an immense comfort envelop me.”

Allie smiled, “I also remember this date well. I call it our perfect date. Those months were a dream. A balmy  summer night began with a good flow and ended with an outdoor movie at Dupont Circle. The gourmet picnic tickled our love of good food, I was falling madly in love and the feeling of being in his arms was (and still is) the best imaginable.”

Max concluded, “It was that time at the initial studio that I discovered how special sharing a practice with Allie by my side could and did become. I had found the person that can make me feel calm with her mere near presence or a simple glance.  Now we have attended hundreds of yoga classes together before moving to our current studio where Allie now teaches!”

Allie shared, “Max is constantly trying to be helpful and make me happy. This is just who he is and it doesn’t go unnoticed by me and everyone he meets. I’m touched by his recount of our yoga journey. He has been a huge part of mine. From practicing together, being open to  the yogi community, driving and picking me up from yoga teacher training every Saturday and Sunday for 3 months, encouraging me to get outside my comfort zone and start teaching when I hesitated.”

For me, this photo shows Max’s encouragement.  He almost seems to give her wings…

Allie went on, “I am so thankful to Max for being my relentless guinea pig until I became more comfortable with my teaching, cleaning the house before my private client comes over for a session, picking up the slack when having multiple jobs becomes overwhelming.  To say Max is supportive is a huge understatement.”

Here Allie trusts Max as she leans forward and he balances her out, these two just fit!

I asked Allie about the look she wanted for the session/  She shared, “Organic, authentic , unmanicured definitely. Passionate, romantic, emotional– that’s how I feel often so it’s awesome to have  someone who can capture it! We love getting lost in the woods together.”

I love the passionate, authentic vibe of this photo.  You can see how naturally these two fit, and I love how her fingers wrap around his wrist and her engagement ring peeks out a little:

I complimented Allie’s outfit choice for being so flowy, fun and sunny.  I said with the wild, forested background, she reminded me a bit of snow white with the flowy yellow dress and dark short-sleeved top!

She said, “To be honest, our attire was a complete game time decision. I’m usually in something a bit more boho. Max wore his go-to green pants and I frantically raided a friend’s closet the night before. Despite being an organized person and having my hair appointment set months before, picking out an outfit completely slipped my mind. In fact, once I realized what I was wearing I had to laugh because it was very similar to my initial vision for my bridesmaids. Oh well, I guess I know what I like!”

Kingman Island was such an awesome locale.  The woods was alive and growing, yet many of the trees were quite young.  It allowed me to still see the sky from most angles and really bring in that sunlight!

Ah the sun, so there is a special little tool on my camera lens to make this sort of thing not happen, but I actually love it!  To me, it captures the way love feels…

Max shared, “Allie is  kind, compassionate and caring.  Her energy is  warm and she goes out of her way to make those around her comfortable. She elevates me and challenges me to be a better version of myself every single day.  She gives me purpose and brightens everything around her.”

For me, this photo catches all of those sentiments in a visual way:

Allie explained, “Max is open-minded, fun and easy to connect with, confident. His moral compass is strong. He is one of the most accommodating friends you could ever have.  He’s also the most handsome man I’ve ever known and gives me butterflies day in and day out.”

The sun set and created interesting combinations of pastel and bold colors and fun, periwinkle wispy clouds.  I silhouetted them against the sky along with the tree branches and leading lines of the fence.  For me this image shows symmetry, balance and a very healthy, thriving, growing relationship.

Allie, Max & Piper, thank you for introducing me to this new corner of Washington DC, I literally did not know that it existed!  Thank you for sharing your story and inviting me to be there with you on your wedding day as well– see you at Silverbrook Farm!

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Creative wedding photographers: Heather & Vincent at The Bond

Over 200 mandarin oranges, incredibly vibrant and unique floral arrangements and *brunch*, too!!!  Heather and Vincent’s wedding was absolutely stunning and is sure to knock your socks off with its perfect blending of modern and romantic elements, I have never seen a wedding  like it before… there are nods to their ​Scandinavian & Chinese ​heritage, their love of brunch and even their cats…

Heather and Vince shared, “We chose Rhinehart Photography because honestly, Lisa is the best photographer in the area, hands down. There is zero competition when you compare the composition, color and drama she is able to capture in her photos to others. Lisa is very passionate about photography and she constantly pushes the limits to grow her skill level and expertise, which really shows in her photos. Lisa is also a kind-hearted, bubbly, fun-loving person that we not only fell in love with Lisa’s work, but also Lisa as a person. We were so thrilled to have Lisa capture one of the most significant days of our life!”

They continued, “Lisa and her shooting partner, Jim, were such an amazing team to work with on our wedding day. Like most weddings, we ran into a few snafus; the bridal party was running a little behind schedule with hair and makeup, the murals we wanted to use as a backdrop in our photos were overtaken by a flea market, and passersby kept stopping our photography sessions to request a photo. Lisa handled every situation we encountered with professionalism, tact, and grace. We are hoping to see lots creativity, color and her famous “Vanity Fair” drama in our photos!”

I opened with a photograph that is colorful, creative, dramatic and certainly out of the box.  I do like to play with different photography techniques and tried something completely new in the opening image.  I love how it combines both modern and natural elements.  This next photo incorporated a key wedding symbol, Mandarins, and was photographed in window light, like the Dutch Master still live paintings that were one of Heather’s sources of inspiration for the wedding…

I love color and wow, this wedding did not disappoint!  So many vibrant colors– even the ring boxes were lined with these stunning mosses!

The blue sky was out in full force as well– here you can see it along with heather’s antique styled wedding gown hanging in one of the huge windows of The Bond.

Heather shared, “My wedding dress was a Victorian inspired gown with a high neckline, and I definitely wanted to pull my hair up so to not distract from my gown. I found my wedding dress online at Anthropologie’s BHLDN store. The dress was designed by Needle & Thread. I feel in love with the high neckline, long sleeves and hand-beaded floral design from top to bottom. Growing up, my mom had a collectible porcelain doll that was dressed as a bride in the most ornate Victorian wedding gown. I used to admire the doll as a small child and think “One day when I get married, that’s the kind of dress I want to wear.” As it turns out, that is the type of dress I wore for my wedding!”

Heather continued, “Our florist, Marcy Almoney from Foster’s Flower Shop, was a dream to work with and she went above and beyond to make my vision a reality. Marcy was able to track down Chinese Emperor Yellow peonies for my bouquet, which made it even more special and unique since the flower is only available during a few weeks of the year!”

They explained. “We wanted to have our wedding in the York area because it’s where we started our life together as a couple.  As soon as we stumbled across The Bond, we knew instantly it was the venue for us. The Bond is modern and unique in that it can be transformed from a blank space to virtually anything you can imagine. We also really loved the juxtaposition of the masculine (industrial design elements) with the feminine (crystal chandeliers) found throughout the space. The ceremony, cocktail hour and reception could all be held at the venue; which was very important to selling point for us. The majority of our guests were from out-of-town and we wanted to be as accommodating as possible to ensure they could enjoy our wedding day, and not be worried about getting lost in an unfamiliar city searching for multiple locations.”

Heather shared, “I wanted my hair to be pulled up into a tousled top knot. I wanted my hair to be modern and elegant but still organic-looking.”

Wow!!!  The flowers, the dress, the hair, the bride– I am speechless!!!

Heather shared, “In fitting with the vintage look of my wedding gown, we decided to rent some vintage décor to fill the space. We ended up selecting a blue velvet settee, brown trunk, and 100 brass candlestick holders from Love Birds Vintage Rentals in Lititz, PA.”

She continued, “Vince wore a custom 3-piece suit and black gingham dress shirt made by Indochino. Vince selected all the details for his outfit and had our names and wedding date embroidered above the interior pocket of the jacket. Vince’s floral tie was purchased on Etsy from My Tie Shop and his black gingham pocket square was from The Tie Bar.”

My second photographer for this wedding, Jim, really knocked my socks off with these photos of Vince in the morning, as well as several other images throughout the day.  😀

I love this combo– so incredibly dapper!  Vince eventually added a floral pocket square in lieu of a boutonniere, LOVE that idea!

Those eyes!!!  Heather is totally ready for “the first look”

Vince uncovered his eyes…

And was quickly tearing up…

Heather explained, “Heather: I was responsible for the overall design aesthetic for our wedding, despite that fact that Vince is a professional artist by trade and I am a business consultant who likes to dabble in the occasional crafting project. My design inspiration was a bizarre amalgamation of things that probably shouldn’t have worked together but somehow did. Vince and I hail from different cultures so it was important for us to pay tribute to the coming together of those cultures. We tried to incorporate aspects from both of our cultures in a symbolically meaningful way, mainly because hanging a bunch of Chinese lanterns and Scandinavian Himmeli from the ceiling beams would have looked like a disaster.”

I loved the floral frame!  It was a piece of art!  Heather shared, “Since we had a Spring-time wedding, I wanted to incorporate as many flowers as possible. Flowers were integrated into everything, from the oversized frame we used as our ceremony backdrop to the glass window escort card display. The branch that was used as a part of our ceremony backdrop was actually from a peach tree in our florist’s backyard!”

A little Vogue and Vanity fair action…  I honestly think this wedding could be published, for sure…

The Bond is perfectly situated in downtown York, and there are so many colorful, beautiful locations surrounding it!  I scouted out a few spots I wanted to visit and we were able to just explore and hang out!  I love the yellow doors, they reminded of the yellow in Heather’s bouquet!

So many cute store fronts…

Colorful murals fit their theme perfectly…

So sweet…

Cherry blossoms?  Yes please!

I love to play with perspective, reflections and contrast… 

One more final splash of color…

I like to play with new photography techniques and was so pleased that this worked!  It is actually one single exposure and not photo shopped!  I wanted to show the modern city elements, the natural elements and the couple all at once…

I love a traditional family portrait– it was so fitting for this crew!

Heather explained, “In Chinese culture, mandarins symbolize your family’s wish that the bride and groom share a happy and full life together. Also the name in Cantonese means gold, so it has a dual wish adding hopes for a life loaded with prosperity.”

A tiny peek at the decor and a kiss…

The ceremony space was all set…

The strings began…

Heather shared, “Vince’s sister, Lyn, officiated our wedding and did an incredible job! It really meant a lot to have a beloved family member unite us in marriage.”

I love this shot of Vince’s sister just about to begin the ceremony!


He didn’t seem so keen on walking down the aisle, but the lollipop sure did the trick, lol!

Heather’s father escorted her down the aisle…

Double the sunshine…

They shared, “A tea ceremony honoring the families of both the bride and groom are traditionally done instead of a vow exchange in Chinese culture. It was important for us to infuse the tradition with a more modern ceremony, so we added the tea ceremony prior to the exchanging of vows to honor our parents.”

Here Vincent’s mother accepts the tea:

The ring exchange:

Heather’s parents watch as she and Vincent exchange vows…

The kiss…

Heather shared, “The floral arrangements were inspired by Dutch Masters still life paintings. I really love how the fruit and floral arrangements are both organic and dramatic. Instead of the darker hues that traditionally comprise the still life paintings, I choose a brightly colored floral palette to suit our Spring-time wedding. Additionally, white flowers were banned from the wedding because they are used at funerals and symbolize death in Chinese culture. Because I couldn’t use white flowers, I decided to offset my brightly colored floral palette with lighter more neutral hues, such as peach and pale pink.”

She continued, “There were over 200 mandarins used for the wedding decor, from centerpieces to place cards. The colors gold and red are good luck colors in Chinese culture, and they were incorporated as much as possible through the use of vintage brass and glass accessories and floral arrangements.”

You can see first-hand the masculine and feminine feel of the bond with its industrial feel and elegant chandeliers, it’s a perfect marriage of both Vincent and Heather’s tastes…

They shared, “Since it was a morning wedding, we wanted to ensure that our guests were comfortable and had lots of caffeine available. We hired Prince Street Café in Lancaster to bring their mobile espresso cart to The Bond to serve a variety of fancy coffee and tea beverages to our guests. We also had a selection of brunch-themed alcoholic beverages (mimosa, bloody Mary, white cranberry wine spritzer) for our guests to choose from, as well.”

Heather shared, “In Scandinavian culture, the bridal party consists of one attendant each for the bride and groom. The attendant’s role is to act as a witness to the marriage. I selected my only sister, Kristina, as my attendant or maid of honor and Vince selected his best friend, James, to serve as his best man/ring bearer.”


Heather shared about their attire, “Our ceremony was held in the morning followed by a brunch reception. Although the wedding was during the day, I wanted to keep the bridal party attire formal but not black tie. Who says you can’t wear an evening gown at 10:30 in the morning?! The dark suits and evening gowns nicely complimented the dramatic element created by the floral arrangements and contrasted their bright hues.”

Werk it 😉 

They explained, “Our favorite part of the wedding was having the opportunity to spend some time with our extended families and friends. We really made it a point to enjoy our cocktail hour and talk to everyone. It truly meant a lot to us to have so much support and love on our wedding day!”

Heather shared, “We originally planned on having an evening reception but during the planning process, I felt uninspired. Vince and I occasionally go out for dinner but typically we like to spend our evenings cooking together at home. We do, however, go out to brunch almost every single weekend. I wanted our wedding to reflect our interests and since it would have been unreasonable to ask The Bond to host a cooking class inspired wedding six months prior to our selected date, I simply asked if they would be willing to host a brunch wedding. The Bond graciously agreed and were very excited since we would be the first brunch wedding held at The Bond. I worked with our venue coordinator, Abby Roche, and the head chef at The Bond to create our brunch menu from scratch. The Bond was willing and able to do anything menu-wise so it was really fun to develop the appetizers for cocktail hour and entrees for brunch.”

Brunch!!! Shrimp & grits!!!

Heather said, “Vince’s speech was completely made up on the spot and from the heart. Vince is an amazing public speaker who really stole the show on our wedding day!”

Vincent’s surprise: dancers during their first dance…

The guests joined in…

Heather shared, “Our wedding cake design was inspired by a painting technique called impasto. I love impasto oil paintings and I really wanted our cake to look like a piece of modern abstract art. Our baker aka cake artist, Jasmine Clouser from Couture Cakery, did an amazing job at creating that impasto look by applying tinted buttercream with a palette knife. She also added some gold leaf foil to match the gold décor accents.”

Photobooth fun…

One big happy family…

Heather explained, “Our favors were miniature bottles of champagne and Lucky Cat soda (non-alcoholic option). Vince and I have three black cats so we decided to give out Lucky Cat soda as a sweet symbolic way to incorporate them into the festivities. I tied gold ribbons and paper straws to each of the bottles. We wanted to give our guests a favor that they’d actually want to take home. Who doesn’t love champagne and Japanese soda?”

I’m not sure that there is a cooler intersection to get married at– the corner of king and queen street, haha!  It is part of the “Royal Square” neighborhood in the city of York, PA.

Yay color, yay murals, yay York!

As we explored, we came across this flea market, I love the colorful mural and the way that the little kid on the bike is in yellow like the couple and heather is wearing a red dress.  In fact, all of the colors in the mural are present in the scene below, Vince’s suit being the black element.  The kid’s bike is even red with red training wheels…

When life really does imitate art 😉 Ahem, Oscar Wilde…

Happily ever after…

Cake: Couture Cakery – www.couturecakery.net

Décor Rentals: Love Birds Vintage Rentals – www.lovebirdsvintagedecorrentalsofpa.com

Florist: Foster’s Flower Shop – https://www.fostersflowershop.com/

Hair and Makeup: MKUP The Beauty Studio – www.makupbeautystudio.com

Mobile Espresso Cart: Prince Street Café – www.princestreetcafe.com

Photo Booth: Watch Me Shine Weddings & Events – www.getreadytoshine.com

Photographer: www.RhinehartPhotography.com

String Quartet: Vivace Live – www.vivacelive.com

Venue: The Bond – www.thebondevents.com

Longwood Gardens Engagement Photographer: Janelle & Ramsey

Janelle & Ramsey experienced a total explosion or color at Longwood Gardens!!!

Janelle & Ramsey shared, “We chose Lisa to be our wedding photographer because we liked her romantic style–  she is definitely able to capture the emotion and love between her couples! From our first meeting, we knew her professionalism and experience would be the right fit to capture a classic, timeless look for our wedding.”

I like to get creative and play with different elements, in this case shadows…

Ramsey shared, “I knew pretty quickly that Janelle was the person who had been missing in my life.”

He continued, “Janelle is beautiful, kind, caring, patient, she quickly became my best friend!”

The sheer amount of color present was unbelievable– I like the symmetry here as well…

Playing around with reflections and perspective…

Janelle shared, “Growing up in Pennsylvania, I knew Longwood Gardens was a beautiful place, but it was extra special getting to experience it with Ramsey during our engagement photo session.  We had such a great time exploring the different areas of the Gardens.  Even though we were there for hours, we barely scratched the surface!”

Ramsey shared, “I had heard great things about Longwood Gardens but I was still absolutely blown away by the amazing grounds.”

Here Ramsey & Janelle enjoy the view from the Canopy Cathedral which is a stunning combination of a tree-house and church!

Janelle shared, “One of the things I love about Ramsey is the way that he’s constantly kept me on my toes throughout our relationship.  He’s so thoughtful and clever and often finds ways to surprise me.”

Seeing double 😉

Janelle went on, “He’s always got something up his sleeve to surprise me or make me laugh.  On our first date, he wore a suit.  He played it off like he was just coming from the office.  I later found out that he worked from home that day, haha!   One of my favorite qualities about Ramsey, though, is that he truly is very selfless and thoughtful.  He always goes out of his way to do so many different sweet things.”

I liked so many things about this scene– the drama, the color, the funky angles… the way you can see the sky above and a green path below.  For me, it fit the quirky, fun ways that Ramsey keeps Janelle on her toes ;).

Here I gave them a little privacy, focusing on the flowers  :).  

Janelle shared, “Ramsey and I have always enjoyed seeing  & exploring new places together and this was such a beautiful place to enjoy together.”

I am a huge fan of scenes and architecture and love to really capture a space from different perspectives… I wanted to show just how expansive and grand this fountain was– it almost looks like they are in miniature…

Speaking of fountains, there were so many water gardens on the grounds…

While I love to capture couples exploring places together and getting caught up in the moment, I make sure to capture a few more traditional shots as well.  In this image, I wanted to show the rainbow of color that was present at Longwood, but focus on the happy couple…

Janelle shared, “By the third date, I knew Ramsey & I were meant to be together.  There’s no one thing that happened that made me feel like he was the “one”, but I think I just felt it right away.  Of course, I didn’t tell him that, but I realized that he felt the same way as I did after a few months when we went to a Spring Festival event at a local winery.”

She continued, “The weather was not that great, it was raining, but we ended up having an amazing time.  We were dancing to the band — at the end of the night, Ramsey told them that they would one day be our wedding band.  Unfortunately, they were booked for our actual wedding day, but I don’t really think it was about the band anyway.  I think it was more about us just having a great time together, no matter what situations we may encounter together.”

I love to play with shadows and silhouettes and was drawn in by all of the bold lines and vibrant green color…

Janelle & Ramsey, it was such a pleasure to explore Longwood Gardens alongside of the two of you and I’m really looking forward to your upcoming wedding at the Glasbern Inn!

Washington DC Wedding Photographers: Nina & Michael at the Carnegie Institution for Science

A vibrant, joyful, Washington wedding that also doubled as the bride’s birthday celebration– and wow, you won’t want to miss the dance floor!!!

Nina and Michael reached out to me looking for fun, crisp, creative photos that would capture the personalities, emotion and architecture present during their Washington DC wedding at the Carnegie Institution for Science.

They shared, “We chose Rhinehart Photography because we loved that Lisa’s photos captured people’s personalities and are fun, crisp, and creative.  It was wonderful to work with Rhinehart Photography on the wedding day.  Lisa has extensive experience doing wedding photography, especially at our venue the Carnegie Institution, and she made sure that everything ran smoothly and was stress-free.  Lisa had confidence in knowing what photos would look best, where everyone should be at what time, and how to make the best of the lighting and environment at any given point in time.  It was a great stress relief to know we were in good hands.  Rhinehart Photography is creative, adaptive, and consistent.  When we look at our wedding photos, we are hoping to see that they captured how happy we were on that day!”

I love to get creative and play with color, silhouettes and reflections, and all those elements came together in this photograph…

Nina shared, “I love my engagement ring!  It is a circular diamond with a cushion halo setting.  Michael surprised me with the engagement when we went to his parents’ house in Bethany Beach for the weekend.  As soon as we got there, Michael got down on one knee in the kitchen while I was getting a glass of water.  I think the ring was burning a hole in his pocket, and I was so happy to start the weekend that way.

I’m pretty proud of this one– it incorporates both her engagement ring *and* a glass of water!!!  Nina’s suite in The Darcy of Washington DC had the prettiest drink glasses, I used one to capture this photograph, circling back to the proposal ;)…

Nina shared, “It was so fun to have my wedding and birthday on the same day!  When we originally scheduled the wedding, we knew we were looking for spring 2018 and thought it would be fun for the two days to coincide.  It turned out well, and we were able to celebrate both with the birthday glasses, happy birthday sign while getting ready, and a birthday cake!”

If you look into the birthday glasses you’ll see Nina prepping to climb into her wedding dress…


Nina shared, “Shopping for the wedding dress was probably my favorite part of the wedding planning experience.  I decided on this Pronovias mermaid style gown because I absolutely loved the lace and the shape of the dress.  It was romantic, soft, and delicate.  I felt amazing in it and was so happy with how it turned out on the wedding day.”

I wanted to bring in that timeless elegant feel here with her wedding portrait.  Shout out to Love Couture Bridal for this gorgeous dress!

Nina hopped into her ride to the ceremony– I embraced the opportunity to capture color, perspective and even a bit of reflection…

My second photographer, Jim, was on point!  If you look closely you can see that Michael is framed in the doorway and by two other groomsmen dressing, you can catch a glimpse of all of them here.  I love this image!

Nina said, “Michael is funny, kind, dedicated, driven, and insightful.  I was drawn to his humor when we first met in law school, and that’s one of the main reasons why I continue to love him today.  He can always lighten the mood, even when things feel serious.  I wanted to make him my partner for life because we share the same goals, values, and interests.  I am looking forward to doing all the next steps together – big and small.”

Haaa I love the playfulness of this photograph!  Michael explained, “My groomsmen are like family to me.  Having them around made me feel like I have five brothers!”

Michael and Nina arrived at the Carnegie Institution for Science for their first look!  Michael’s expression was priceless!

He shared, “She looked absolutely beautiful!  She was so happy!”

Nina explained, “I felt so grateful that he wanted to marry me!  I was incredibly happy and excited to see Michael!”

I love the great big door at the front entrance of the Carnegie– they lined up, perfectly symmetrical, during their first look– it was awesome!

While I specialize in creative photos the capture emotion, architecture, etc, I do capture more traditional portraits as well!  Here is one:

Nina shared, “I think Michael and I work well together because we appreciate a lot of the same things — living in and exploring DC, hard work, commitment, and taking time to relax by watching movies, baseball, and HGTV, haha!”

Another shot of Jim’s, I love the color, perspective and bright blue sky! 

Nina explained, “I chose the Carnegie Institution for our wedding location for many reasons, a few being because I loved that it was grand, had a historic look and because of its convenient location of downtown Washington, DC.  Oh and the steps that lead into the building are fantastic as well!”

As Nina and Michael descended the staircase at the front of the building.  I used a wide lens and tilt-shift technique.  It almost looks like they are miniatures…

As a preferred vendor at the Carnegie, I work there a lot, and I’m always looking for new perspectives as ways to show off the amazing architecture there…

Michael shared a few of the reasons he fell in love with Nina.  “She is kind, generous with her time and her love.  She has a great sense of humor and is also very understanding.”

I love the balance of this photo, I just thought the science-y light looked cool:

Nina shared, “Michael challenges me by pushing me to explore new interests.  I can easily fall into a routine, and Michael is always thinking of fun and interesting things for us to do together.  He loves me with his whole heart.  I’m so happy to have him in my life as my husband!”

I like to play with colors and silhouettes, if you take a closer look you can even see their reflection in the fireplace!


The perfect portrait location for a pair of lawyers– the library!!!

Michael shared, “We loved having photos in the library!  It was so fun and different.  We spent a lot of time studying in libraries while in law school, so maybe it’s a surprise that we still like being in them today!  But one thing that we really appreciate about each other is that we are both in the same career, so it’s very easy to talk about work and career goals together.”

Nina stated, “I also love the inside of the Carnegie as well!  I loved the interior staircase in particular because it created a special and dramatic entrance for the bridal party.  We chose to use the rotunda for the wedding ceremony.  ”

In the round– Love this seating arrangement!!!  It has such an intimate feel, being surrounded by guests, and also allowed a few aisles so that we could maneuver around the ceremony space and get some interesting vantage points as well.

They shared, “The string quartet was a great addition to the ceremony and cocktail hour.  We thought they added a lot to the ambiance and played beautifully.  The acoustics in the rotunda were particularly great.”

Nina descended the staircase to the sound of the string quartet.  The Carnegie is really a visual playground for me photographically.  There is so much I can do here!

Laura Cannon was the wedding officiant and led a beautiful service:

I quietly and swiftly moved throughout the ceremony to capture different perspectives :).  My goal was to capture all of the emotion, beauty and architecture so that Nina and Michael can re-live their day for many years to come.

Here I caught another reflection…

Here Michael finishes his vows and prepares to place the ring on Nina’s finger.  If you look closely you can see it very clearly:

Another new, fun perspective…

Nina shared, “My favorite part of the wedding day was getting people from all different parts of our lives that we know and love into one space and being able to celebrate with all of them at once.  It was a blast!”

The kiss!!! 

The newlyweds headed up to the library to have a moment alone as the guests headed to cocktail hour.  Shout out to Sherasa Russell of HJ Planners– I love how you can see her shadow as well as that of the railing on the wall…

Cocktail hour was held in the board room, here Ace Beverage pours red wine and other drinks for wedding guests…

Nina shared, “My intent was to create a traditional and classic wedding look with whites, pinks, and golds.  I wanted my wedding to be beautiful and timeless, so I tried to choose colors, attire, and florals that would match that look. ”  Shout out to Spilled Milk Catering and Petals Edge for their fabulous work!

I know Nina is hoping for some photos that show their happiness, this first dance photo is one for sure!

All of the speeches were so touching!  Here Michael gets a little emotional during the fathers’ toasts…

I love color and there is so much vibrant color going on in this frame, thanks to Bialek’s.  I embraced the color for several shots and also overpowered it with flash for a few others.  If you look closely you can see the cake in the “Mr & Mrs” wedding cake topper in the background!

Nina was glowing all night long!

Nina and Michael kiss after enjoying a bite of each of their cakes– they are framed by their wedding cake & Nina’s birthday cake.  😉

Nina and Michael’s friends and family were awesome and defiantly gout out on the dance floor!  Shout out to Brennan Sullivan for getting the party started!

I played some more with color and reflections…

Nina shared, “We are so glad people had a good time dancing! It was so much fun! Dancing pictures are generally embarrassing though, so we are both excited and scared to see them haha!”

Well Nina’s dancing was very reserved, so I chose to feature a few other dancers instead– I love dance floor photos!!!

I knew the stairs were a favorite element of the Carnegie for Nina and Michael, so I think this is a perfect photo to end with…

Nina and Michael thanks so much for entrusting me to capture your incredible wedding– I hope the weddings are just as creative, joyful, vibrant, crisp and fun as you had hoped for!  These are only a few, I have hundreds more coming your way, soon!  If you’d like to see more of Nina and Michael’s photos *now* check out their engagement story and blog here.


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