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Washington DC Wedding Photographers: Anish & Lauren at The Mayflower Carnegie and St Matthews Cathedral

An iconic DC wedding incorporating St Matthew’s Cathedral (yes JFK’s church), The Mayflower and The Carnegie— not to mention the most incredible balloon send off I have ever seen…

Anish shared, “Watching Lisa work on our wedding day was like watching an artist create a master piece!   Her ideas just kept on flowing. It was incredible!”

Lauren added, “We chose Rhinehart Photography because we wanted our wedding photography to be unique and really depict our personalities and the architecture of The Mayflower, St Mathew’s, and The Carnegie. We loved how Lisa incorporates her own artistic twist on even the traditional photos.”

She went on, “Lisa was so great to work with on our day.  As someone who is type A, I really appreciated her timeline and helping us to stick to it.  When looking at our photos I am excited to see a nice eclectic mix– some traditional ones and others that really capture moments and the beautiful surroundings.”

While the photo above captures architectural detail of the Carnegie– I used a myriad of camera settings here to rim-light the couple, back light the balloons and show the crisp textural detailing surrounding the entrance to the Carnegie.  This next image captured a few different reflections as well as Lauren moments before she put on her wedding gown.  I love to capture moments in a creative way.

For me it’s all about the moments…

Lauren shared, “Getting ready at the Mayflower Hotel was fun and exciting, but also one of the hardest part of the day as I wished my mom could have been there beside me.  I was so thankful to have my close friends, stepmom, and aunt there to be supportive and keep the tissues flowing as I remembered my mother.”

While most of my day is spent capturing candid moments as they unfold, I do capture more traditional portraits as well.

When I saw this Palm outside of the Mayflower Hotel, I knew that it would be the perfect backdrop to add some color, interest and even give a little nod to more tropical climates (like those in Bali and India) two locations of significance for this couple…

Lauren shared, “We choose to get ready at the Mayflower as it is a classic Washington DC landmark and happened to be right around the corner from the church. I loved being able to have all the girls and close family members in the suite with me.”

She continued, “Even though some of my bridesmaids hadn’t met until the wedding weekend as they were from all different stages of my life, we had such a fun time getting all glammed up together 🙂  The Mayflower has so many which added an elegant touch to our pre-ceremony photos.”

I love to use framing in my photos and thought that this stunning entrance made a perfect frame for these incredibly beautiful women!

Lauren shared, “I worked with a company to design my custom dress- everything from the original sketch to picking out fabrics and beading.”

Here Lauren’s dad gives her a hug during his “first look” and you can get a glimpse of some of that extraordinary bead work…

I love playing with light and color and this show incorporates contrasting colors and uses available light to silhouette the bride and several of her bridesmaids as they exit the Mayflower Hotel and head to Saint Mathew’s Cathedral

Lauren shared, “Anish and I really balance each other out. I tend to be the planner, scheduling type, and he reminds me to relax and take life one day at a time.”

His outgoing and exuberant personality was apparent right from the first moment.  Here my second photographer, Kris, captured Anish laughing as his best man tied his shoes and even caught a reflection in the mirror, too…

The guys are all full of laughs and jokes, wait until you see Anish’s brother out on the dance floor, lol!  More of that stunning Mayflower Hotel architecture…

Anish smiled, “When the huge double doors opened up and I saw Lauren at the other end, it was honestly something out of a fairly tale!   I couldn’t believe my eyes or stop the surge of emotion that welled up in me, this was exactly the moment I had been waiting my entire life for.”

Aw his expression…. Lauren shared, “I loved seeing Anish at the end of the isle as I walked into the church.  It is a moment I will never forget.”

To say that The Cathedral of St Matthew the Apostle of Washington DC is stunning is an understatement.  Here I tried to capture some of the architecture…

I was given strict orders by the priest that there was to be no flash and no using the center aisle for photographs.  Several years ago, these sort of restrictions might have made me panic, but at this point in my career it was really no problem for me as I have the knowledge, creativity and gear to pull off those sort of restrictions without an issue.  🙂

The Bishop actually came up to me following the ceremony inquiring about my photos saying that I had to be one of the most quiet and respectful photographers he has worked with to date.  He said that he literally didn’t see me during the ceremony, lol.  Haha, I’m a ninja ;).

Here I was able to get the lights of the sepulcher candles in the foreground and the couple listening to the homely in the background all while hiding behind a huge pillar and out of the center aisle.  The candles can be lit for a myriad of reasons, but one is in memory of loved ones who are not present, something I thought Lauren would really appreciate.

The ring exchange– I love all of the ornate detailing and architecture of this church.  I used a super telephoto lens (like one of those white ones at sporting events) so that I could be all the way against the back door (in accordance with the church rules) and still frame them in this golden, arched mosaic of Saint Matthew.  

Lauren shared, “Having the Bishop marry us was so special as he knew us from when we first started dating and watched our relationship grow. We were able to involve many of our close family members in the ceremony and remembered those who we would have wanted to be there celebrating with us.”

Anish shared, “Having the church and faith aspect was really  important to both families and what better way than to have it at the main Cathedral in DC?”

Here several of the women in his family pray during the service– I could not get over their exquisite attire and how the gold detailing and vibrant colors caught the light in the dark cathedral.

Lauren shared, “We are very fortunate to be parishioners of such an exquisite church.  We love all of the rituals and there were even more than usual with the bishop himself present.”

The holy kiss…

While most of the day is spent capturing candid moments family photos are also typically a must for most couples.  Kris quickly set up flashes to give our family portraits some pop… here is just one of those formal photos, one with Anish’s proud parents.

He also assisted me with this lighting set up as I arranged the bridal party and brought out their inner super model.  They rocked it in the Board Room of The Carnegie.

Ah, a moment alone…

Now it has all sunk in!!!  On top of the world!!!

Lauren shared, “He’s very supportive of me personally and professionally.   He’s my rock, always there to listen to me and give advice.”


Anish shared, “Obviously Lauren is a beautiful, amazing and caring person. But I think going a bit further, I think there is definitely a bit of opposites attracting here. Lauren is very much a Type A and I am bit of a class clown, we have grown to not only appreciate our differences, but how ultimately that have made us stronger.”

They admire their new wedding bands and I bring in all of the interesting textures, the dappled light on the trees, the iron fencing the gray stucco.

As we were standing in the alley, someone with an amazing motorcycle emerged.  I saw Anish’s eyes light up.  We complimented his bike and he offered that we could take a picture by it…

A more traditional portrait of these two, wish an architectural and environmental emphasis.  I used the trees and Carnegie to provide a frame and downtown DC as the backdrop…

Lauren shared, “I really enjoyed exploring the Carnegie with Anish as you photographed us.  Probably my favorite space was the entrance, but it was all so beautiful.”


Anish smiled, “I look forward to our regular dinners on Wednesdays as much as I am looking forward to our honeymoon in Bali”

We wanted our wedding day to be a mix of elegance, tradition, and fun.  You can see the elegance and tradition with the place settings and a fun pop of pink on the walls :).

Anish shared, “A few days after the wedding, someone saw us interacting and said “you guys are like an old married couple” …and I kind of think that hits the nail on the head, our strong differences force us to be better, but our trust and love in each other allows to accept each other as we are, our love is kind of awesome.”

I think there is something very classic and timeless about this photo.  As the two of them interacted, I wanted to bring in the decor and reflection and show off her train!

Lauren shared, “There were so many parts of my wedding day that I loved, it’s hard to pick a favorite. It was really special to have all of our family and close friends together in one room.”

Lauren shared, “Somehow I convinced Anish that dance class would be a great new adventure, haha!”

She continued, “We chose Adele’s ‘Remedy’ because we loved the meaning of the words and it was a less traditional first dance song.  We had so much fun!”

I love to play with perspective and really capture the feeling of the whole space so my couples can experience it over and over again.  Here is a third perspective of their first dance!

The speeches were incredible– fun and heartwarming.  I wanted the photos to have those same warm tones and brought in the golden light from the window in the background and the warm hues of the red  wine in the foreground.

Time to get that party started!

Anish was quick to hit the dance floor…

That’s right…

#CoupleGoals for sure…

Everyone had a blast

How sweet it is…

Anish shared, “There were two things I fought for in the wedding, the rest was all Lauren (and thank god!)!  Late night wedding food, is kind of my secret  reason for attending weddings! So I know mine had to special.”

He continued, “Greg (one of my groomsmen) is the owner of District Doughnut which is easily the best gourmet Doughnut shop in the South East, so I knew including them was a must.”

Even the caterers were excited!

He continued, “Then I thought, who doesn’t like Chick-fil-a ? So I was like, why not combine the two? It wasn’t the easiest thing to get done, one of the guests snuck out during the wedding and took an uber to bring the food in. But it was a HUGE hit and everyone loved it.”

Anish smiled, “My second and final contribution to the wedding, was the Light Balloon send off.”

I had this idea that it would be cool to capture them with the balloons before they let them go, it was such a cool moment!

Anish shared, “There was just something mystical about letting hundreds of lights into the night sky, and boy was it awesome!”

Anish smiled, “A symbol of purity and love.”

Anish and Lauren, thank you so much for choosing to have me by your side on your wedding day!  I absolutely loved working with you and capturing so many awesome people and places for you to treasure for years to come.  These are just a few highlights, many more photos are coming soon!  If you want to see more of Lauren & Anish, check out their engagement photos, here.

Makeup- Shirin Ratner

Hair- Kristen Foster Hair Artistry

Dress- Anomalie

Florist-  Tierra Events

Planner- Glow Weddings and Events

Catering- Rouge

Entertainment: Dj Paul Entertainment

Woodstone Country Club Wedding Photographers: Allison & Rob

Basketball, fireworks, a blind folded “first touch,” a wild dance floor, and some of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen in a bridal party… you’ll definitely want to check out this one of a kind Woodstone wedding…

First off I loved working with these two!  They are so upbeat, down to earth and up for anything.  I could do so much with them because they fully trusted me to ‘do my thang,’ haha!

Rob shared, “We chose you because we fell in love with the uniqueness of your pictures. We felt very confident that we would get incredible photos because you and Kris are just as adventurous as we are!”

Allison added, “Working with you was so easy and smooth.  At the times where I had no idea what I was supposed to do, you had us on a schedule and kept me calm. Your creative ideas and finished products are way better than any other photographer out there.  Your ideas always turn out amazing and capture such intimate moments. Our wedding was literally the best day of our lives and we hope to relive our experience through the photos over and over again.”

Awww her mani…

I love to play with colors and light and framing and reflections, all those elements came together in this shot of Allison’s sister’s helping her dress.  You can see the detailing of the royal blue dresses with chiffon and sequins also the lace detailing, bead work and buttons on the back and from of Allison’s dress all at once.

Allison and Rob coach middle school basketball and Allison brought a basketball along on her wedding day!

I love incorporating unique elements and personal touches!  I wanted to capture the motion of the spinning ball and used a slow shutter speed to accomplish it…

Allison’s bridesmaids were as fun-loving as they were beautiful!

I loved working with these ladies, especially her maid of honor, Ashley, (to the left of Allison) whose turkey farm engagement actually contributed in ranking me as one of the “Top 50 Wedding Photographers Worldwide” in 2016.

Haaa they were also up for anything, like me.  I may or may not have been laying on the ground as they tossed a basketball over my head here, lol!  I real exercise in trust, haha!  I loved the blue sky (almost matched their gowns) and thought all of their fingers and expressions were just so funny!

Allison shared, “The first look with my dad meant so much to me. Especially with my mom there as well. We got to share a special moment together the 3 of us. I am so lucky to have the most caring and loving parents in the world.”

“My sisters are my absolute best friends and major role models in my life.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without the bond that I share with my sisters.”

I can already picture some kind of sisterly quote written in the leaves on a canvas print of this photo:

Haa, one of the most serious looks Rob wore all day– tying his bow tie, the quintessential gentleman.

He shared, “Everything fell into place more perfectly than I could’ve ever imagined.”

Allison explained, “The overall look and feel we were going for was rustic but classy. We went with royal blue and gray, which we felt really went with our theme. The flowers also tied everything together with the vibrant blues and subtle whites.”

Rob shared, “Most importantly, we have the best family and friends and that’s what really made this all so great. Our wedding party was incredible.”

I love vibrant colors– the green grass the blue sky…

Time for the “first touch” I loved photographing this first look alternative…

Allison shared, “For me one of the best parts of the day was the blind folded “first touch”  because it was so intimate just being in the room with Rob before all the craziness of the day. Getting to hold his hands and kiss him made all my nerves disappear.”

Rob added, ” I could hear her and hold her hands and kiss her but I could only imagine how beautiful she looked.”

This photo says so much, so beautiful and intimate!!!

I caught a bit of Allison’s reflection in the mirror as she put on her veil, deep breath, girl, things just got real….

I like the gold framed mirror the gold wall and red curtain,  all such interesting visual elements that allowed Allison to shine and be the main focal point in the room.

This was a hard choice– I have so many adorable kid pics in their full set, but choosing which aisle shot was best for the blog… tough decision!

I went for this one of Jace, the ring bearer, tossing a bunch of flower petals in the air with such joy and exuberance that his sign flies up in the air, lol!

Here comes the bride:

Rob shared, “When I saw her walking down on our wedding day, all I could think about was how lucky I was to be marrying the girl of my dreams.”

He beamed, teared up, and wiped away his tear and went back to beaming with tear filled eyes, again a tough choice on which moment to blog, but I think this one is so sweet…

Rob shared about their choice of Woodstone Country Club in Danielsville, Pennsylvania… I’d consider it to be part of The Lehigh Valley, but it is also close to the Poconos… so I’m not exactly sure, but I think you get the general idea of where it is.

Rob explained,  “We both knew we wanted it to be at Woodstone from the beginning with the golf course and the mountains in the background we knew it was perfect for us.”

I like my photos to have layers– to compress multiple elements into one image conveying a full story.  Here you can see the golf course, the trees, the bride and groom, the full bridal party, the guess and even the gardens in the foreground…

I love to play with perspectives, too…  I’ve gotten pretty good at composing and focusing a shot while my camera is sitting in the grass, haha!

Roses to the mothers, one of my favorite traditions…

I move around a lot on a wedding day, some couples and vendors in the past have compared me to a ninja, haha.

Here I climbed all the way up this hill behind the ceremony site, I used a wide lens and captured random sunbeams and rainbows as they passed through the trees and over the gathered guests.

I like to give my couples many perspectives of one event so they can, as Allison mentioned, “relive the day over and over.”

Kissin’ the bride!  Woohooo, check out those shiny new wedding bands…

Rob laughed, “Jace and Kendall were the absolute best!!! I was looking over Allison’s shoulder during the ceremony at them sitting on the floor asking for snacks with their shoes off. It made me smile and even laugh a little.  I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.  Just perfect!”

Allison added, “I know Rob will be an amazing dad– he is just so caring and loving, he will be the best!  I’m so looking forward to one day starting a family of our own!”

Mission accomplished…

Monkeys see monkeys do, lol!!!

Allison shared, “Our friends and family are incredible people.  We are so lucky to have them in our lives!”

They stood looking out over the view, taking time to be alone and soak it all in while the rest of their friends and family were at cocktail hour.

Allison shared, “I know throughout life he will always have my back and support me through anything, which is a great feeling.”

Ron was all about going to one of his favorite holes on the Woodstone Golf Course.  He had said, “The one with the view of the mountains and the water and all these hills and trees.”

He pulled Allison in close and dipper her back, the lighting was perfect!  I was able to underexpose the scene by quite a bit which really amped up all of the colors an brought in the royal blue that was their wedding color…

Rob shared, “I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with her and continue on the many adventures life will bring us!”

Rob shared, “I fell for Allison because she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. We clicked right away and both are willing to admit when we are wrong and work on ourselves and our relationship. She is the most caring and giving person.”

I think those attributes can be seen here– I like the warmth of this photograph…

Allison shared, “There was an immediate connection between Rob and I.  Only a few months after we were dating I knew I wanted to be his sidekick forever. Rob has one of the best personalities I have ever known. No matter how my day is going, he never fails to make me smile and laugh. He also has an easy going personality and  calming vibe about him that is so comforting and  soothing, which is one of my favorite traits about him.”

Lol, all of the bridal party entrances were fantastic… for the blog post I paired it down to just these two.

This one really gives you a feel of how amazing both Allison and Rob’s parents are, so joyful and fun, you can see where they both get it!

Again that fun-loving, go with the flow side of their bridal party really came out in all of these, but this entrance made me laugh out loud!

Playing with the shoe-less ring bearer and flower girl situation from the ceremony– the guests roared with laughter…

I already shared that Ashley is awesome, not only did we bond over her engagement photos on their family farm, at one point driving around while I hung on tight to the back of their gator, lol, but this is the sort of maid of honor that she is…

She and her sister, co-sang and co-wrote Taylor Swift’s, “Love Story” with customized lyrics to fit Allison and Rob’s love story, and sang it in front of all 200 guests!!!

Allison shared, “My sisters’ song was so surprising and awesome!   I never would have expected anything like that– I loved every second of it!!”

I have lots of photos of it, but I like the drama of this one with the colors from the sun and shade playing outside of the window  and both sisters silhouetted here…

Haaaa, Jace found the cake and the icing.  I had a soft spot for him, reminds me of my Danny when he was younger!”

Allison laughed,  “I think both of our favorite part of the wedding night was just letting loose on the dance floor. We have so much fun dancing and being crazy with our friends and family.”

Rob, “We kept dancing in mind with our wedding planning from day one. Woodstone has this huge dance floor which was a big selling point for us as we knew we’d be out on hit all night.”

I played with all sorts of lighting for these dance floor photos– on camera flash, off camera flash, using available light from the DJ, etc…

Their friends were so much fun!  You can just feel the energy on the dance floor here, check out the expressiveness of everyone’s hands…

I love playing with the vibrant colors of DJ lights– so much fun.  Here Allison takes Kendall for a spin in her jammies…

Who needs a limbo bar when you have a belt– dance floor creativity at its finest!  I love everyone’s expressions here:

I am just green with envy at this dude’s dance skills… 😉

Haaaaaa– those feet!!!!

These feet– Footloose!

Rob laughed, “Doing a toe touch in a tuxedo might end up not going according to plan….”

Lol, one of the groomsmen did a toe touch, I totally caught it, though him showing off the rip to another groomsmen as he laughed and pointed, lol…

Speaking of laughter…

Bottoms up!!  I just was lucky with the Malibu Barbie pink light hitting her Corona at just the right second…

Ride ’em, cowboy!  Don’t fall, Rob!!!

And the coolest father-of-the-bride ever award goes to…

Allison’s dad was awesome, not just for the shoulder lift and “dead bug” version of “Shout” (more of that in the full set) but also for this incredible fireworks display.  It was seriously as nice if not nicer than the one my town puts off every year!  Not Kidding.

Again, so many shots but this one was kind of perfect– I love the little sparkles behind Allison’s tiara!

This shot was captured earlier in the day, but I thought it might be a nice final image for them.

I keep an eye on the sunset when I can and try to pull the couple out when it peaks– I just had Kris grab them hang out on the balcony as I jogged like a mile, lol, until I could really capture the epicly vibrant sunset with its purples and oranges…

I like how tiny they are in the shot.  It sort of gives you that feeling of being really small, yet part of something bigger, perspective at the end of an incredible, best day of your life, sort of day.

If you want to see more of Allison and Rob, check out their engagement session here– they had two parts– one basketball the other out in nature.

This day would not have been possible without these incredible team of vendors:

Woodstone Country Club

Lauren Bennett make up

Ross flowers

Caitlin Jane Calligraphy

Top Hat Tuxedos

Jon’s Bridal by Suzanne

Changes for hair

Wesley Works

Abominable Productions

Dream Events

Thank you, Allison and Rob for entrusting me with capturing this day for you.  I hope you and your family and friends enjoy the blog post.  Please feel free to comment below or share on social media.  Again if you want to see more pics, click here to check out their engagement.

Crystal Springs Resort Wedding at Grand Cascades Lodge: Dana & Joel

Waterfalls, rainbows and a National Park wedding theme– you won’t want to miss this Grand Cascades Lodge couple…

Dana shared, “We first noticed Lisa’s work on Fearless Photographers.  We immediately noticed her crisp, vibrant photos and her eye for unique angles.  We checked out her blog and loved reading other couple’s stories and seeing first-hand how well she really gets to know each individual couple.”

She continued, “Lisa didn’t disappoint!  On the wedding day she had this crazy idea to capture the entire wedding location in my dress photo.  She literally climbed stairs, walked long halls, and coordinated everything to make her vision a reality.  I was totally game, it’s one of my most eagerly anticipated photos!”

Dana shared, “The rustic tree drawing and seal combined with the dark brown wood grain pocket fold of our wedding invitations set the tone for our National Parks themed wedding day. ”

Dana explained, “We incorporated similar flowers throughout our wedding day.  We had patient garden roses, bella star, astromelia, pink lizzianthus, terra copit gerbera, blue delphinium, mini rosa, astilbe, white snap dragon, calendula, orange rose, billy bottoms, queen anns lace, bluperum, and a lot of greenery.  Angela from Floriography Designs was absolutely amazing with everything.”

Dana shared, “Another reason that we chose Rhinehart Photography for our wedding day is because we love a mix of photos and really love the unique ones that are different angles, but also wanted traditional and candid photos, too.”

Here I caught a candid moment of Dana’s maid of honor, Julie joking around with Dana’s mom.  I like how you can see all of the wedding details present– dresses hanging breakfast, smiles and laughter all around…

Dana shared, “Morning Mimosas are a tradition for my mom’s side of the family.  My mom and I knew we wanted to have them and to toast to the big day in the bridal suite.  I thought it would be fun for everyone to have their own champagne glasses with their name on it as a little memento/token of the morning.”

Dana shared, “Looking at myself in the mirror for the first time after getting all dolled up was one of the times where it really was finally real!”

I captured her reflection in the mirror along with the ornate armoire design and you can see how well the dress hugs her body in the foreground too, framing her.

Dana shared, “Every time we were outdoors, we were blessed with blue skies.  Every time we didn’t need it to be nice out, it poured down rain.  I know some people may not see it this way,  but to me, it was my Gram.  There were really two times the entire day I got emotional – one was at the first look and the other was when it wasn’t raining on us and I knew Gram was there.  She was a very special part of the day and I was happy she was there in spirit.”

Wow, and the blue skies she got were just incredible!!!

Dana explained, “I wanted the dress colors to be different shades of green to go with our concept of the outdoors.  We chose to have my maid of honor in yellow, then the colors went from yellow green to mint to deep green.”

She continued, “While we selected to colors, the bridesmaids could select whichever style they liked best.  I wanted to do this because not everyone’s body is the same and I wanted everyone to feel amazing wearing them and be comfortable.  All the girls also had different shoes all along the lines of tan, champagne color again just filling into the comfort part.”

Dana shared, “I thought the ‘circle spot’ would be an ideal spot to have the first look because the circle symbolizes eternity– without beginning or end.  I thought it would be symbolic for me to walk and join him in the circle.   I had been thinking about the moment Joel was going to see me for a long time!”

While I hid on the ground level beneath the shade of a tree, I had my assistant, Kris, in the upper level bridal suite and framed up this ‘bird’s eye view’ for him to capture from the top, tweaking settings to bring out the mountains sky and circles…

Joel shared, “My relationship with Dana has been nothing short of a fairy tale.  She is open, understanding, patient, supportive, thoughtful and kind.  I still am in disbelief that I have found a person who truly and whole-heartedly completes me the way that she does!”

He continued, “I was absolutely blown away during our first look!  Dana looked absolutely stunning!!!  I was absolutely speechless.  She was glowing and absolutely radiant! I don’t believe I have ever cried such tears of complete happiness and joy!”

Dana smiled, “I wanted him to watch me walk towards him rather than tap him on the shoulder because I wanted him to see the entire effect.  I wanted him to see me walking, see the way the dress moves with my body, see the full effect of the train, see the beading sparkle, see my hair pins sparkle, and then as I get closer see everything up close.  I think it added anticipation.”

She continued, “The first look was by far my favorite part of the day.  I really liked being able to talk to him about how we looked and just be happy and take a moment to ourselves before the hype and craziness of the day kicked in.  He told me I looked beautiful.”

I climbed into the shrubbery for this photograph, haha!  I knew how much they love the outdoors, greenery and mountains, so I created a visual Dana and Joel sandwich with the mountains and greenery as the bread, lol…

Dana shared, “Joel and I share so many interests and that’s what originally attracted us to each other.  Joel is also very hardworking, caring, and loving and always has our best interest at heart.  He tries very hard at everything he does and sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t. When things don’t work out as planned we support each other.  We genuinely just like to make each other happy. ”

I wanted this photo to showcase the tall grass, water and even a bit of the waterfall, as well as Dana and Joel.  I feel like this imagery fits will with their sentiments of how they support each other and make each other happy as they seem to be doing that literally here:

Dana continued, “She continued, “Overall, we fill in each others weak areas and together make a very strong couple. I fell in love with him because of how caring he is and how well we just simply work together. He cares about me so deeply and I know we both will spend our entire lives finding new ways to make the other one happy.”

As a storm approached, of course it was perfect timing and we were able to move inside– I love the vibrant colors in the background of this silhouette:

Dana shared, “We were aware of the summer heat and wanted the groomsmen to be comfortable, we also liked the more rustic look with the men in vests with sleeves that were rolled up.”

Note that “Gram blue sky” again 😉

Dana shared, “The church was my home church.  My parents actually live a block from it and I have had all my sacraments there – baptism, penance, communion, confirmation – and thought it would be really meaningful to continue my sacraments there.  I noticed you up in the balcony at points and can’t wait to see what you captured!”

In this case, it was Dana’s gorgeous train as her father walked her down the aisle, the pews of her home church and her reflection in the clock on the wall– if you look closely you can even see the time she started to process down the aisle. 😉

I liked the high arching ceilings and accentuated them with a super-wide angle lens…

The entire ceremony was so joyful…

Dana shared, “The priest also knows my late grandpa, so he knows our family well and has been friends with the Butler family for a very long time, so it was special to have him.”

I love to play with colors and reflection and found ample opportunities during the homily 😉

For me, this recessional was almost foreshadowing of the rainbow to come, haha! Pink tones in the front then yellow, green and the blues and purples of the altar…

Dana shared, “The national park theme was important to us – Joel and I have a goal of going to every national park in our lifetime (there are 59 of them).  Our first vacation together was camping in Shenandoah National Park and every year we go back to Shenandoah.  I have been to about 20 parks in my lifetime and now Joel has been to eight!”

Dana explained, “We engraved the little wooden place markers featuring National Park table names with the help of Joel’s dad.  They bring out our National Parks theme and double as Christmas ornaments that people can hang on their trees to remember the day.  We also tried to put people who have been to national parks at tables they have been to.”

Dana shared, “The concept of miniature trees with wildflowers at the base for the centerpieces was also an idea that came out of talking with one of my aunts while vacationing in Yosemite!  I thought this worked perfect with the overall woodsy idea we were going for.”

She continued, “Angela and her team went above and beyond creating the most amazing forest/woodland wedding. She really turned our dreams into a reality incorporating so much greenery, flowers, moss, trees, lanterns, and candles absolutely everywhere.”

Dana continued, “The wood wall in front of our head table was something out of a fairy tale. My aunt and uncle actually cut a tree down for us that was in their yard and cut it to the perfect size pieces so that we could make the wall.  The florist put all the flowers, candles, and lanterns on it and it transformed into amazing-ness.  When Joel and I walked into the ballroom it was one of the first things we saw and it was just unbelievable.  It was so much more beautiful than we ever could have imagined.”

Dana smiled, “Giving our guests saplings as their wedding favor was a part of our great outdoors theme that we loved.  It was really a group effort to make all of those moving parts come together!”

Dana shared, “The cocktail hour room alone was the exact feel we were looking for.  I loved the wood beams and the cobblestone looking floor.  There was soooo much incredible food throughout the evening.”

Here is a tiny peek at the space and most basic starters during cocktails…

Dana smiled, “Our first dance was choreographed, something that was a surprise to the vast majority of our wedding guests, including my maid of honor!!   We chose the song ‘Better Together’ because we wanted something that fit our relationship and we really are better together.”

Awww I love how happy they are here!!!

Joel shared, “Everyone was kind of holding their breath when it came to Brian’s speech, haha!  He’s not the most refined or sentimental guy, but he spoke from the heart and it really made the moment special.”

Dana shared, “The rainbow outside was another fantastic happening!  After it only rained when it didn’t matter it started pouring during the speeches which then caused a rainbow a little later.  I don’t think many people have rainbows on their wedding and it was another thing that we think was the people who were there with us in spirit showing us they were there.”

Warm sunlight streamed in the window silhouetting wedding guests and illuminating drink glasses and flowers on the centerpieces…

Guests had a blast and totally got out on the dance floor!  There are so many photos of people dancing, but I chose this one as I highlight because of its layers– you have the groomsman with his colorful socks and Air Jordans and several dancing guests as well as Dana cutting a rug, perfectly framed in the background.

Joel shared, “The sunset was a beautiful end to the best day of our lives.”

Dana and Joel, I hope you enjoyed seeing a few highlights from your wedding day!  It was such a pleasure to capture this very important time for you and your friends and family!  If you want to see more photos of Dana and Joel, definitely check out their outdoor engagement session here— it featured a tent under the stars, their pups in a boat and more!!!


Vendor list:

Venue – Grand Cascades Lodge at Crystal Springs Resort

Florist – Floriography Designs

DJ – DJ Sully

Transportation – Broadway Elite

Dress and Alterations – Kleinfeld Bridal

Hair and Makeup – Reflections Spa from Grand Cascades Lodge

Favors – Evergreen Memories

Guest Bench – Poverty Gulch Rustics

Invitations – Impress Ink

Cake – Palermo Bakery 

Dance Lessons – Fred Astaire

Ceresville Mansion Wedding Photographers: Jackie & Steve

Colorful, playful, fun and intimate…  you won’t want to miss this adorable engagement session at the stunning Ceresville Mansion in Frederick, Maryland:

Jackie shared, “Haha, we knew we hired the right photographer when you climbed into a flower bush just 5 minutes into our engagement shoot in order to get the perfect shot!!”

Haha, I sure did, and the flowers were incredible– they looked like fireworks!!!  I loved working with these two, they were fun-loving, intelligent and up for anything– I had such a great time photographing them!

Steve added, “We saw your photographs of Steph and Will’s wedding and loved your creative photography style– it captures the couple’s personality and the location uniquely well.”

The Ceresville Mansion is stunning– I had so many unique aspects to play with, one of which was the reflecting pool and lily pads– above Jackie touches the water, causing ripples and reflections and wow, check out that ring!

Head over heels 😉

Steve shared, “Jackie is pretty much the best person I know.  She always has a smile on her face and has an amazing sense of humor.”

These two troopers wanted to get up in the wee hours of the morning to capture a sunrise shoot!  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and was totally game!  I love the warm, misty glow, so sweet!

When the day of the shoot arrived it was completely overcast– no sunrise!  I got creative, and techie and used everything in my tool box (mentally and physically) and created this “sunrise” I actually kind of surprised myself, haha!

Jackie shared, “I grew up in the Frederick area and attended many events at Ceresville Mansion. I always loved the historical and traditional feel of the venue. Steve and I also love to get dressed up for date nights, so it was fun to get a little fancy!”

Jackie shared, “Steve has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. He goes out of his way to make sure others are happy. He is always making me laugh and cheering me up if I’ve had a bad day. His support has meant so much to me over the past few years as I have pursued my PhD.”

Steve added, “Jackie is incredibly smart but also so humble.  She is insightful, gives great advice, and is always up for new adventures.   She truly makes me want to be the best version of myself.”

The mansion itself is stunning and a place I knew I wanted to capture.  As I set up my lighting and was composing the next photograph, Jackie and Steve just started playing around with their umbrellas, haha!

Jackie laughed, “These umbrellas were our best Target purchase in a while!”

She continued, “I know our lives together will be filled with laughter, love, and playfulness.”

She laughed harder, “Steve first said I love you while completely covered in mud on top of a mountain in California!!  That was when I knew he was the one!!”

She explained, “Our first trip together was to San Francisco.  We enjoyed exploring the city together and one day, we spontaneously decided to rent a car and get out of the city to hike.   When we got to the trail, we realized Steve was woefully under-prepared with no hiking shoes.  He had only packed basketball shoes which had absolutely no grip left on the bottom…”

I think you can guess where this is going… right in the mud, lol

She went on, smiling, “We got up to a very steep stretch of the trail with no areas to grab on and Steve is struggling to make it up the hill.  Few feet up, slip. ..A few more feet, slip again.   I tried to help him up the hill, but when we were almost to the top Steve lost his balance and fell into a large puddle of mud which completely soaked his pants!!!”

She concluded, “The view from the top turned out to be amazing and we could see the Golden Gate Bridge!  It was here…sweaty, laughing, and covered in mud that we first said I love you. I knew we could tackle any mountain, literal or metaphorical, together.”

These two are smart, supportive and kind…  throughout our time together I couldn’t get over how darn cute they are together!

We went inside for a bit (I think it started raining again?) and I found some very interesting things to play with…

I got super creative and abstract, and love the results!!!

Jackie and Steve, I had such a blast working with you!  I am beyond excited to photograph your upcoming Woodlawn Farm wedding this fall–  and can’t wait to hear what you think of these photographs!!!

[…] Jackie and Steve, thanks so much for inviting me to capture your wedding day!  My hope is that you can re-live this day for many years to come through these images– I hope that they captured, the emotion, the people and the places that came together to make your day unique.  And to Steve’s dad: thanks for quoting my blog in your speech!!  That has to be a first and is an absolute honor!  If you’d like to see more photos of Jackie and Steve, check out their engagement blog, here. […]

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