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Ceresville Mansion Wedding Photographers: Jackie & Steve

Colorful, playful, fun and intimate…  you won’t want to miss this adorable engagement session at the stunning Ceresville Mansion in Frederick, Maryland:

Jackie shared, “Haha, we knew we hired the right photographer when you climbed into a flower bush just 5 minutes into our engagement shoot in order to get the perfect shot!!”

Haha, I sure did, and the flowers were incredible– they looked like fireworks!!!  I loved working with these two, they were fun-loving, intelligent and up for anything– I had such a great time photographing them!

Steve added, “We saw your photographs of Steph and Will’s wedding and loved your creative photography style– it captures the couple’s personality and the location uniquely well.”

The Ceresville Mansion is stunning– I had so many unique aspects to play with, one of which was the reflecting pool and lily pads– above Jackie touches the water, causing ripples and reflections and wow, check out that ring!

Head over heels 😉

Steve shared, “Jackie is pretty much the best person I know.  She always has a smile on her face and has an amazing sense of humor.”

These two troopers wanted to get up in the wee hours of the morning to capture a sunrise shoot!  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and was totally game!  I love the warm, misty glow, so sweet!

When the day of the shoot arrived it was completely overcast– no sunrise!  I got creative, and techie and used everything in my tool box (mentally and physically) and created this “sunrise” I actually kind of surprised myself, haha!

Jackie shared, “I grew up in the Frederick area and attended many events at Ceresville Mansion. I always loved the historical and traditional feel of the venue. Steve and I also love to get dressed up for date nights, so it was fun to get a little fancy!”

Jackie shared, “Steve has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. He goes out of his way to make sure others are happy. He is always making me laugh and cheering me up if I’ve had a bad day. His support has meant so much to me over the past few years as I have pursued my PhD.”

Steve added, “Jackie is incredibly smart but also so humble.  She is insightful, gives great advice, and is always up for new adventures.   She truly makes me want to be the best version of myself.”

The mansion itself is stunning and a place I knew I wanted to capture.  As I set up my lighting and was composing the next photograph, Jackie and Steve just started playing around with their umbrellas, haha!

Jackie laughed, “These umbrellas were our best Target purchase in a while!”

She continued, “I know our lives together will be filled with laughter, love, and playfulness.”

She laughed harder, “Steve first said I love you while completely covered in mud on top of a mountain in California!!  That was when I knew he was the one!!”

She explained, “Our first trip together was to San Francisco.  We enjoyed exploring the city together and one day, we spontaneously decided to rent a car and get out of the city to hike.   When we got to the trail, we realized Steve was woefully under-prepared with no hiking shoes.  He had only packed basketball shoes which had absolutely no grip left on the bottom…”

I think you can guess where this is going… right in the mud, lol

She went on, smiling, “We got up to a very steep stretch of the trail with no areas to grab on and Steve is struggling to make it up the hill.  Few feet up, slip. ..A few more feet, slip again.   I tried to help him up the hill, but when we were almost to the top Steve lost his balance and fell into a large puddle of mud which completely soaked his pants!!!”

She concluded, “The view from the top turned out to be amazing and we could see the Golden Gate Bridge!  It was here…sweaty, laughing, and covered in mud that we first said I love you. I knew we could tackle any mountain, literal or metaphorical, together.”

These two are smart, supportive and kind…  throughout our time together I couldn’t get over how darn cute they are together!

We went inside for a bit (I think it started raining again?) and I found some very interesting things to play with…

I got super creative and abstract, and love the results!!!

Jackie and Steve, I had such a blast working with you!  I am beyond excited to photograph your upcoming Woodlawn Farm wedding this fall–  and can’t wait to hear what you think of these photographs!!!

[…] Jackie and Steve, thanks so much for inviting me to capture your wedding day!  My hope is that you can re-live this day for many years to come through these images– I hope that they captured, the emotion, the people and the places that came together to make your day unique.  And to Steve’s dad: thanks for quoting my blog in your speech!!  That has to be a first and is an absolute honor!  If you’d like to see more photos of Jackie and Steve, check out their engagement blog, here. […]

Harrisburg Civic Club Rotunda Wedding Photographers: Anne & Dennis

A vibrant, romantic, unique Harrisburg wedding at the Capitol Rotunda and Harrisburg Civic Club

Dennis shared,  “We chose Rhinehart Photography because we saw your work and loved your style. We really liked how you are able to capture natural, authentic moments between people and nothing feels staged.”

Annie added,  “I think your eye for lighting, staging and gorgeous backdrops is really remarkable. My matron of honor is an amateur photographer and she commented to me during the day that she could just tell that you knew what you were doing- something I already knew!”

Annie shared,  “I was really going for a timeless look with our wedding- with flowers inspired by a traditional English garden.”

Annie shared, “Dennis chose my engagement ring because blue is my favorite color and I really like that my ring is a little more unique.”

Wait until you see her eyes, the blue is such a similar shade…

Annie shared,  “I loved my make up by Carmina Christina (who is possibly the sweetest person ever!)- she did a great job of matching my colors and making me feel beautiful, but also not over done.”

I liked how Annie’s make-up matched not only her coloring, but all the colors in her bouquet etc!

I loved the rainbow coming through the window at the Civic Club and the reflection off of the piano as Carmina put on Anne’s final touches.

See what I mean about the colors with Anne’s make-up?  Perfection!

Anne added, “Our florist, Wildflowers, did a really great job working with our vision.”

Everything at the Civic Club had an almost Victorian feel…

Annie smiled, “I love my dress as well, it is both very traditional and modern at the same time (and I LOVED the back!)”

What a beautiful bride!  Just stunning…

The bridal party was so much fun, and super supportive and helpful throughout!

Annie shared, “Mike was my bridesman- one of my best friends from high school. I really wanted him to be a part of my wedding day and it just made sense to make him a part of my bridal party- something he was very enthusiastic about!”

Now it’s time to put Dennis is the spotlight!  Here my second photographer, Kris, photographed his morning preparations…

I love this show through the door, such interesting light and perspective.

Hehe, anyone suddenly in the mood to listen to the Abby Road album?

Time for the first look…

Dennis shared, “Our first look was really special- the anticipation of standing there waiting to see her was enough that I teared up waiting. When she tapped on my shoulder and I turned around and saw her for the first time-I cried even more!”

Annie shared, “When I first saw him for our first look I was overwhelmed by his emotion and the love I could see in his eyes- it took me aback, we both cried!”

I love catching moments like this!!!  Annie and Dennis wiped their tears at the same time!!!

Dennis shared, “When I first saw Annie, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be marrying my best friend.  I’m looking forward to starting a family with her and traveling the world.”

Annie shared, “I fell for Dennis because of his kindness, loyalty and (slightly off beat!) sense of humor. I think Dennis is strong and steady, as well as one of the most intelligent people that I know.”

Annie continued, “I’m looking forward to starting our life together, hopefully with children and lots of laughter.”

Sometimes I like to give my couples a bit of privacy, though not every cherub seems able to do that hehe…

Dennis shared, “We chose the locations because we felt like it was our neighborhood. We both live and work nearby, and it made sense to us to let all of our friends and family experience it– we love Harrisburg so much.”

Annie shared, “We chose the Civic Club because we loved that its a restored older mansion- and the river view and garden were really the icing on the cake for us.”

Strike a pose!!!  I love how chic and sophisticated this bridal party looks!  This was so fun and fitting for them, I thought it was fun to play with a bit of tilt-shift as well…

Annie shared, “We chose the Capitol because its gorgeous! The marble, the sculptures, the gold leafing, as well as the history behind it- you can’t get any better than that.”

The ceremony began.  Annie explained, “I loved the string ensemble Vivace Live and loved that they did a rendition of ‘Annie’s Song’ by John Denver as I processed down the stairs to the wedding ceremony, its always been a favorite of mine and they did a beautiful job covering it.”

She laughed, “The entrance with my step dad was incredible- though I was really terrified of tripping down the those marble stairs! Walking down the staircase to Dennis to ‘Annie’s Song’ was really special- and I really liked that not many other people could see our first look at each other (we both cried, again!) , unlike if we had done the traditional walk down the aisle, because it made it feel more intimate.”

Here she wipes a tear…

I *loved* working in the rotunda!  You better believe I was all over that place during the short ceremony– on the top level behind the columns at the bottom on the floor, haha, I was a ninja– and the photographic results were so worth it!

I made sure to get many different angles and perspectives, I want them to be able to re-live these moments and remember details of this time and space for many years to come!

With two photographers, one of us can capture a more standard shot and one of us can get creative.

Haaaa playing with the columns during the ring exchange…

This would look incredible as a canvas.  The rotunda is stunning and the support fro the guests and bridal party is almost palpable:

So much gold leafing!

I move a lot and have many tools at my disposal, constantly crunching numbers to calculate exposure, switching lenses, even physically moving around…

Following the ceremony felt so natural.  We stepped outside to the intense light and shadow among the sculptures.

Why hello Harrisburg…

The Civic Club was so close to the rotunda that we could easily walk.  A local shop keeper was cleaning off the brick walkway in front of his shop, Annie lifted her dress as Dennis carried her boquet, with her wedding gown beading sparkling in the sunlight…

Dennis shared, “Annie is incredibly strong, generous and sweet to everyone in her life and mine. I’m incredibly proud of her for working on her masters in social work while also working full time- and her passion about all things social justice related has opened my eyes and made me a better person.”

Annie added, “Annie: I think that we work well together because we are so different in many ways. I’m higher energy (and stress!) and Dennis is steadier, which means that we balance each other out well. ”

Annie explained, “We wanted out wedding to be traditional yet fun.  We hired a magician,  David Pepka and he did a wonderful job of keeping our guests entertained with fun card tricks etc. Dennis saw him at a Bat Mitzvah and loved him and wanted him at our wedding- something that really fits Dennis’ fun loving personality. When we decided on having a magician, I decided I wanted a cartoonist, Dylan Rinker, who we had really enjoyed at our friends’ wedding the previous year. It just really fit what we wanted from the wedding- a mix of formal and fun!”

There is something so timeless, perhaps Victorian or even more modern-vintage and French inspired about the Civic Club.

Annie shared, “I bought the mismatched antique dishes and our wedding coordinator Dana McGinley did a great job putting them all together and making them look cohesive.”

I love to play with interesting perspectives and noticed this view of the guests during cocktail hour…

Dennis shared, “The band, Philadelphia Funk Authority, was amazing- they learned all of the first dance songs.”

I photographed their first dance as golden sunlight from the early evening streamed through the large river facing windows of front street.  I love how you can see the expressions of Annie & Dennis as well as those of so many of their friends and family!

Annie said, “Literally one of my favorite parts of the day was my dance with my stepdad- I love him so much and I could tell it meant a lot to him.”

Dennis shared, ” My mom and I are very close! She choreographed our dance in about three minutes during Easter Dinner and we had so much fun doing it. The song had special significance to her because when I graduated high school because I graduated from high school she made a scrap book with those lyrics throughout the book- so it was very special that that was our song.”

Dennis shared, “The sweet treats were from our local bakery.  They were a hit and delicious-we chose flavors like earl grey, nutella and mojito and we really couldn’t pick a favorite!”

Dennis shared, “My favorite part of the wedding day was the time we got to spend dancing with our friends and family- the band was amazing!”

Meow 😉 (check out her hair clip)

Annie shared, “I’m sure the photos you took at the end of the night with the sunset and the river were gorgeous- it was also a really nice way to step away from everything and have some time alone.”

I love the detailing on the back of Annie’s dress and just the natural beauty of this moment.

A marvelous night for a moon dance…

Annie and Dennis, thank you so much for sharing your story with me and inviting me to photograph such an important moment in your lives!

If you are just checking out the blog and want to see more of Annie and Dennis, you will want to see their downtown Harrisburg engagement session here.

Here are just a few of the incredible team of vendors who came together to make this event a success:


Nashville Engagement Photographers: Felicia & Justin

Nashville!!!!  Color, creativity, architecture and a super sweet couple and their love story… without a *shadow* of a doubt, these two are meant to be together 😉

I was first contacted by Justin in a top-secret sort of way before he proposed to Felicia!  He knew that I booked up super quickly and that Felicia had her heart set on having me capture their wedding and engagement photos…

Felicia shared, “I have been following your blog for such a long time and love how your photographs are so creative and unique– you capture a couples’ interests and personalities, and every single person’s photos are completely different!”

She continued, “I knew if I ever got married, I wanted you to photograph it.  So, when Justin and I started talking about getting engaged, I mentioned that we would need a fairly long engagement if we wanted to work with you, haha.  He surprised me by contacting you, even before he even popped the question!”

Haha, Justin did contact me and mentioned wanting a Spring wedding, but being totally flexible with the date aside from that which basically guaranteed us being able to work together.  I was so incredibly excited to photograph their Nashville engagement.  It seriously was a highlight of my summer!  I’d totally do it all over again.

I am located in Central Pennsylvania, but travel all over the USA for photography– DC and NYC are fairly common for me, but visiting a new place like Nashville was super exciting.  For one, I absolutely love architecture and there was so much for me to play with!

Felicia shared, “Nashville is where we met so we wanted to capture that.  We wanted to start in Cumberland Park and cross the Pedestrian Bridge because it showed off the view of the city and would take us into downtown.  It also gave a more natural feel, so we could have both the city and nature incorporated into our photos.”

I think this photo captures both the trees and park space along with the more modern architecture and walkways.  I love how the lighting is just perfect her, almost spotlighting Felicia and Justin– I love to play with perspective, too, so this was a really fun one!

Felicia shared, “What I love most about Justin is that he makes me laugh and smile all the time.  We have so much fun going out but we can also have just as much fun staying in.”

She continued, “Something he likes to do is act like he is not interested and then surprise me and be super romantic out of nowhere.”

Yes, I witnessed this phenomenon several times during this engagement session, lol!  (See the photo above and below.)

When we got to downtown, I was totally blown away!  There was so much energy– honey-tonks and rooftop bars lining Broadway.

If you look very closely you can see Felicia and Justin…  it’s like Where’s Waldo, haha,  I used a tilt-shift technique to make them look even more in “miniature”

As they walked down 4th avenue together I couldn’t help but notice…  They were following a “one way” sign to “Paradise Park” (the place they met) and there was another couple, quite a bit older, also a cute blonde with a tall bearded man holding hands just a little bit in front of them, walking in the same direction!  I couldn’t help but this about their future…

I adjusted my shutter speed to capture the movement and both of the couples and all of the energy that is Broadway…

Speaking of rooftop bars, we stopped at Jason Aldean’s, which had recently opened and was pretty darn amazing.  The sky was just incredible when they were up there and I was able to silhouette them against it.  Bottoms up!  😉

Justin shared, “I love Felicia because she is intelligent and challenges me every day. We have similar personalities and like to do the same types of activities.  She was the quiet girl in the bar full of loud people which drew me to her because she was different. It didn’t hurt she is super pretty.”

Haaa I just thought this one was fun– man/woman all the colors and reflections.  Slightly American Gothic…

I loved the contrast, light and lines in this space– it also literally says Nashville, which I thought was kind of cool.

Two into one… my eye stars at the “real” Felicia and Justin, and cycles around to the clear reflection and then the upside down blurry one, where they almost morph in to one person.  🙂

Here Justin is bringing out his inner Don Juan again, slow dancing with Felicia in the park.  She’s totally game.

Felicia reminisced, “Ah the weekend of our engagement we went to Gaitlinburg and rented a cabin in the mountains.  He had planned a surprise helicopter ride over the mountains for us, but the weather was too foggy to fly…”

I like the foggy look of this photo and the way Justin is looking at Felicia here 😉

Felicia went on, “He had planned to take me to Dollywood following the helicopter ride and proposal, so he just took us there instead, moving the helicopter to Sunday.  But as we approached Dollywood, he started to get nervous about having my engagement ring in his pocket when we would be riding roller coasters!”

Justin shared, “I started out with, ‘Well it wasn’t supposed to go this way…’ and proposed to her in the parking lot of Dollywood, haha!  It didn’t’ seem to matter all that much to her.”

As the sun began to sink low in the horizon, I noticed these long, golden shadows forming on the pavement…

The sunset was kind of perfect…

Felicia shared, “When we explored downtown, we just wanted it to feel like a night out on the town and it did!”

The town was literally illuminated after dark!  I brought my little assistant along (what an amazing first job!) and she held lights for me to make these short of short possible…

Yes, this is their first date location…

Felicia said “We wanted to capture where we met, Paradise Park.  We met there when I was visiting for a long weekend with friends.  We talked for a year and then I came back down a year later for CMA fest.  We then started a long distance relationship, and eventually  I moved to Nashville after 2 years.   The week after we took our engagement pictures, we found out that Paradise Park was closing.  We are so glad you were able to capture this for us!”

Felicia and Justin, thank you so much for bringing me all the way to Nashville to photograph your engagement!  I had so much fun with the two of you and will not forget this trip!  I hope that these photos are just the sort of creative, unique photos that will capture your love for each other and Nashville!

I’m super excited to hear your thoughts and anyone else’s who has enjoyed this blog.  Please feel free to share this link on social media or leave comments below :).

Central PA Wedding Photographers: Amber and Josh in Chambersburg

Waterfall adventures for these two fearless lovers…

One of my favorite places to hike is Tumbling Run, it’s in Central Pennsylvania near Chambersburg and Gettysburg.  I was introduced to this magical spot by friends in college and visit often, but this is the first time I’ve actually brought clients there.  I was waiting for the right time of year (after lots of rain) and the right couple (up for anything, including legit hiking, haha!).  I packed up my camera gear in a backpack and got ready for a trek!

Amber & Josh shared, “Tumbling Run is stunning, such a beautiful place to explore together!  We are hoping that our photos will show our love of the outdoors and bring out our distinct personalities, showing how we balance each other out.  We want photos that are unique, creative and us– Lisa’s greatest strength is that she is not just a photographer but an artist.”

The beginning of the trail is super tricky and a bit of a gamble– you can wade through the stream or cross on a log.  Amber and Josh chose the latter and I love how you can see them helping each other to cross, in the reflection, too, literally balancing each other out!

Amber shared, “Josh type B to my type A.  He helps me to relax and just enjoy the simple pleasures of life and is generally game for whatever.”

Josh shared, “Amber is fiercely independent, intelligent, fun and adventurous.”

I felt like this photo captured so many of those attributes in one shot!  I wanted to capture their movement through the forest and used some special camera settings to accomplish that.  Amber totally reminds me of Wonder Woman here!

Josh shared, “I decided to wear a bright blue dress shirt in the woods because on one of our first dates, Amber complimented my shirt.  I wore the same blue dress shirt to EVERY date after, haha!”

I was blown away by the blooming mountain laurel, which is the state flower of Pennsylvania.  Here I gave the lovebirds a little privacy and focused on the flower.

I placed Amber’s engagement ring among the mountain laurel for a photograph as well.  I love the texture and shape of the blossoms!

Amber shared, “The local plants and flowers provided us with a very natural  and beautiful backdrop for our engagement photo shoot.”

She continued, philosophically stating, “The waterfalls at Tumbling Run are not only stunning but are deeply metaphoric for the difficulties and triumphs of life and love.”

Josh explained a bit about their story, “Amber and I met about five years ago in Vermont.  I was at this block party with friends and saw a beautiful woman across the bonfire from me.  She was stunning, I couldn’t help but smile at her.”

Amber laughed, “Well I saw him grinning from ear to ear, and didn’t really know what to think.  It struck me as odd at first, haha, (like who is this weirdo?) but then we started talking and I actually liked him.

Josh continued, “I was totally enamored with her.  I wanted to see her again, but really had no way of reaching her.  Haaa I thought this shot illustrates that looking for each other part well…

He went on, “I knew she lived in the area and spent the night at my friend’s house in hopes of seeing her, as she had mentioned living right across the street but it didn’t happen.  I ended up enlisting the help of a couple of friends who lived in that neighborhood to get her number for me, and the rest is history.”

Amber and Josh were long distance for two years, as she finished up law school in Philadelphia.

Josh shared, “I didn’t really know if our relationship would last, but it did and we are both so thankful for meeting up at that block party and working through the long-distance relationship.  It was so worth it!”

I was hoping this might capture the long-distance connection and provide a creative perspective of these two holding hands…

Amber and Josh were such troopers in the woods, too!  We climbed over rocks and roots, through forests and ferns, along tumbling waterfalls throughout.

Amber continued with her philosophies after we found ourselves a bit lost, “Relationships are not straight paths. Sometimes you get lost in the woods. Life has many different paths, but if you’re lucky you’ll end up at a waterfall.”

Amber and Josh climbed out into the middle of a waterfall for this photo– I love how they are surrounded by water!

Amber continued on her philosophical note, “Josh and I have been together through the good, the bad and the ugly and really been each other’s support.  Much like water, a relationship must flow and adjust to the ever changing challenges of life.”

Amber shared, “I fell for Josh’s kindness, his firm convictions, his loyalty– he is trustworthy and great company.

Amber shared, “I love the color purple, and a friend of mine, actually one of the people that helped to set Josh and I up, bought this dress for me as a gift.  I thought it would be a nice choice to wear for our engagement photos, especially since purple will be one of our wedding colors.”

I love that she’s barefoot at this point in the hike and starting to really come out of her shell!

Amber shared, “Josh is more outgoing and free spirited and I’m more reserved for sure.”

Here he picked her up– I caught the reflection in the water as well…

Amber reminisced, “It’s funny, the day of the block party, I was kind of under the weather and I wasn’t going to go, but I had this intuition that just nudged me out the door.  I am so thankful for that moment and so happy with Josh in my life.  We are very fortunate to have found each other.”

Amber and Josh, thanks so much for entrusting me with your story and capturing this significant part of your life.  Thanks for being up for hiking up a waterfall of an unmarked trail with me.  I hope that these photos are just the sort of unique, creative, authentic photos that you were looking for and capture your love of nature and each other!  I’m super excited for your upcoming Liberty Mountain Resort wedding and also excited to hear what you think of this blog post!  Please feel free to comment below.  🙂

Aunt ElaineAugust 15, 2018 - 12:59 pm

What lovely pictures! Amber, they capture your beauty and the love that you and Josh share.

Dov WeinerAugust 15, 2018 - 7:51 pm

The photos are beautiful! I’m so excited for the both of you. I wish you both all the happiness life brings. Thank you for sharing!

Jacquelyn IsheimAugust 18, 2018 - 7:24 am

Hi Amber and Josh, Your photos are beautiful. We are looking forward to your wedding.

Lake Raystown Resort Wedding Photographers: Katrina & Brian

A blazing fire pit, dockside adventures, thunderstorms and dancing in the rain– you won’t want to miss this joyful couple’s Lake Raystown Resort Lodge wedding…

Katrina shared, “We chose Rhinehart Photography because of the great ratings and reviews we read online.  We loved the unique/professional photos on your website and fun blogs.  On the wedding day, we appreciated your creativity and “on the fly” ideas you and your assistant had for us and the ability you had to accommodate the weather challenges throughout our day. ”

She continued, “We loved how you came up with the fire pit photos at the end of the night and how you were not afraid to go out on a limb (or a shaking dock, haha) to  help us capture some of the outdoor beauty that led us to choose our wedding day at Raystown Lake.  Thank you for being so much fun to work with and making us feel so comfortable during our photos!”

Brian shared, “Katrina and I love the outdoors.  I grew up not far from Raystown, and remember all of the camping trips, boating, and floating out in the coves.  We had been to a friend’s wedding there a few years ago and loved the scenery and the fact that everyone could stay in the same area.  We chose Friday so that people could spend the day Saturday relaxing on the Proud Mary and handing out together by the fire.”

I opened with a shot near the fire and will show the amazing view that Katrina and her ladies enjoyed during their wedding day preparations– wowza!

Brian shared, “When I first saw Katrina I noticed how pretty she was, her smile lit up the room and I started talking to her and soon realized there was a lot more there than just a beautiful woman.”  Here he beautiful smile shines as she puts on her earrings…

I noticed a ring on her hand.  Katrina shared, “Katrina:  The ring on my thumb was a birthday gift from my sister when we were in high school.  She worked for a jeweler in our home town and bought wedding bands for her and I to wear as thumb rings.  I’ve honestly never taken it off since then.  My sister lives in D.C. and we live in California so I guess it’s just something that makes me feel more connected to her and to home.”

Katrina’s mom helped her to put on a bracelet made from the pearls on her wedding gown!

She explained, “The bracelets that I wore were a gift from my Mom.  She made them out of a few pearls and beads from her wedding dress and surprised me with them when we first flew home.”

Wow that train!!!

I while her smile is show stopping, her eye color is just gorgeous, too.  I wanted to show off her eyes and the back of her dress and veil in this photograph…

Katrina shared, “We wanted a relaxed/romantic…slightly bohemian style with a lot of soft florals and greenery.  I love the mix of eucalyptus and olive leaves because they bring me memories of hikes and adventures Brian and I shared in San Francisco and the coast of California.  The color combination of dusty mauves and smoky blues paired with ivories and other neutral colors are very soothing to my soul.  I wanted to keep our florals very organic and flowy rather than perfectly shaped.”

A badge of honor…

Brian explained, “Pinning Brady, aka Ring Security, was super cool because he was proud to do it for us.  To prep him for his important role, I asked him what he would do if a ninja repelled from a tree to steel our rings, what he would do.  He said he’d ask the ninja if he wanted a hug or to hang out.  It was good enough for us.”

I love this photo so much, it was captured by my assistant, Jim, as he was photographing the men in the morning.

Brian laughed, “After getting fully into my tux, I noticed a couple buddies playing football.  I had to join in.  My groomsman, Joe, said it’s almost “doglike”, physically impossible to resist.”

The gangs all here…

Time for the first look… 

Katrina spun to give him the full effect…

He was even more impressed.

He said, “Katrina looked so gorgeous and happy!  My first thought was, ‘I don’t deserve to stand anywhere near this beautiful woman!”

Katrina blotted a tear from the corner of her eye…

Katrina shared, “He looked perfect!  I couldn’t get over how handsome he was in his bespoke suit.”

I love to play with color and perspective.  The rain had brought such vibrant, saturated tones out in the landscape and as Brian and Kristina walked towards the water I hung back and photographed them from above.

Brain shared about the weather, “It rained most of the day, held out for two hours, then rained some more.  We lucked out, weird how things seem to work out like that.  It only stopped raining for our ceremony and first look, the rest of the day it was pretty constant.”

Yes, I have seen this so many times!  Brian also noted that he appreciated how flexible everyone was when they decided to have it outdoors.  They walked arm in arm along the harbor and enjoyed the view of Raystown Lake.

Despite wearing heels and windy (possibly stormy) weather, these two were up for anything.  I suggested that they might want to walk the docks together.

I noticed the number 18 (their wedding date) and thought it was a cool way to show off the date, dock, and their shoes– if you look closely you can see the tiny raindrops as well.

Brian shared, “I think Katrina and I work well together because we almost always find the humor in anything.  Even in sad times, we find humor to either cheer up ourselves or someone else.”

They were always joking around, having fun and just enjoying everything together– even though it wasn’t the weather they had anticipated you would never know it, they were so joyful and just enjoying each other’s company.    Brian actually was doing a little dance here, haha.

I loved the intense light from the story sky, it made for incredible lighting.  I’m always up for whatever, and got down low on the dock to catch a unique perspective.

Katrina admitted, “When we went out on the narrow dock, I was nervous that my heels were going to fall through the cracks or that Brian was going to step on my train or veil, but none of that happened.”

Brian laughed, “I kept thinking  there’s no way I don’t slip and “ribcage it” off the side.  My hope was that if we did go in, that  the videographer or photographer could reel in all 28 feet of Katrina’s veil to salvage at least that part, haha”

Katrina shared, “Brian is such an authentic person– genuine and true.  He has the kindest spirit and always seems to notice when someone needs a helping hand.  He loves adventure, exploring nature, and challenging ourselves to things we never thought we’d try (like scuba diving) — there’s never a dull moment when we’re together.”

Following that little adventure, they were both at such peace and so happy together.     I love how Katrina looks tickled and Brian looks so loving and protective:

Katrina reminisced, “At first, I fell in love with his kind heart, strong morals, goofy sense of humor, and handsome smile.  Over time, I couldn’t resist our adventures (especially our fly by road trips with our family of dogs), his hard work ethics, and his old-timey soul.”

I love the authenticity of this moment– here they walk together hand in hand, balancing on a narrow dock as the wind blows, all the while holding hands and supporting each other, Katrina beaming, none the less.  It just paints such a picture for who Brian and Katrina are as people and the bright future they have ahead of themselves!

Brain shared, “I am looking forward to more travels, adventures, accomplishments, and whatever else comes our way together.”

It started pouring again, so we headed inside for bridal party pictures.  Katrina mentioned liking my editorial inspired group portraits, so I posed her bridal party beneath the large moose head, while my assistant, Jim, held a light towards its face so that it really popped, haha!

Brian said “I feel very fortunate that a moose donated his body to Raystown to be cut in half and mounted on two sides of a fire place.   It does make for great pictures, jokes, and conversation.  We are meeting up for photos by the moose?  Which side?  Haha!”

I love how the ceremony space at Raystown Lake Resort is perfectly angled to show the stunning mountain backdrop and lake, while simultaneously hiding the parking lot allowing everyone super easy ceremony site access.

Here I used a tilt-shift technique to bring the focus to Katrina and her father escorting her down the aisle.  I love how the wind blew just at the right time to make her ribbons twirl!

This was a tricky shot, I wanted to have Katrina and her father framed below the floral arch and catch Brian’s beaming smile as they processed.

Such a sweet moment…

Brain shared, “We liked the idea of an outside ceremony where our guests were relaxed and could take in the scenery of the lake behind the gazebo.”

The kiss…

Katrina shared, “We wanted a less traditional “toss” that wouldn’t be harmful to the earth or animals…& that wouldn’t make a mess that we’d have to clean up the next day.  In keeping to our natural theme we decided on tossing lavender — 1. Because it smells so good and relaxing, and 2. Because hopefully a few of the lavender seeds will root and grow in the spot of our wedding.”

Brian added, “Now birds and chipmunks in Raystown smell nice and have great breath.”

After the ceremony, Katrina mentioned how helpful the staff of Lake Raystown Resort was, “The biggest shoutout to our wedding and events coordinators Dan Genditzki and Jenn Skipper at Lake Raystown Resort!  They worked tirelessly for us, not only the entire weekend, but were also nothing short of amazing during our long distance planning process.  Even though they had weddings and events the days before and after our wedding, they made us feel like they were there just for us.  I can’t think of one thing during our wedding day that they, personally, didn’t have a hand in.  Because of them, our day was more stress free.  They really went above and beyond in helping to make our dream become such a beautiful reality!!”

Katrina shared, “A lot of times when Brian and I are making dinner or relaxing after work, we play old, scratchy, deep southern blues to unwind.  We wanted something unique for our guests that would create that same “chill” vibe that we love.”

Haaa bringing a little visual interest to the cheese platter…

Katrina mentioned, “Moscow Mules (served in copper cups) have become one of our favorite sips — we wanted to bring that, along with some of our favorite California wines into our wedding day to share with our families and friends.”

Katrina mentioned, “It was such a joy to work with Lisa Becker and plan our delicious cake over the phone!”

Brian shared, “Both Eric and Bethany did an awesome job.  Both said things that made me us laugh and brought out emotions.  I like how Beth calls me Brain.”

He continued, “Eric killed it by talking about a little history of Myers men and their strong wives, but also his comedic skills were great.”

While the speeches were super funny, they were also touching as well, I noticed Katrina and Brian holding hands, now you can really see the pearl bracelet!

Katrina shared, “My grandfather used to sing for a radio station when he was a young boy.  Growing up, he would always be singing and “That’s Amore” was one of the songs that we (his grandchildren) would love to sing along with him.  Although he has passed on…he was very present in Spirit.”

The whole group had a little lyrics sheet and sang along, it was a sweet, personal touch.  Also that the DJ, Steven Vance,  could also play electric violin was pretty rad.

The first dance… it was actually played by Brian’s dad, more about that in a bit:

Brian shared, “My Dad said he’d like to sing for us at some point.  We thought it would be very cool to have our first dance with my Dad singing.  He picked the song by John Legend and put his own style to it.  We thought he nailed it and sounded great in that room.”

Here they are framed in Brian’s dad’s guitar!

Haaa these two were so much fun!  Dom and his cousin Jimmy got the party started by opening up the dance floor.

Here they are getting a little up close and personal, haha!

The dance floor was packed!

Katrina and Brian both enjoy “family time” with their dogs, while they didn’t fly in from California, they did show up in a few photos ;).

Brian shared, “Katrina and I are very much spur of the moment people and kind of go with things as they come. You had a plan but also rolled with the changes of the day, which was great. All the changes of weather led to happy outcomes. The fire pits going at the same time as the rain coming off the building was very cool, and we are glad you spotted that combination and can’t even imagine the unique photos!”

Well here is one, I used the warm lights inside and the cool rain outside.  If you look closely you can see a reflection in the glass.

I got even more abstract here…


Katrina shared, “One of the hardest things in planning our wedding long distance was trying to find reputable vendors.  I have to say…I am beyond pleased in everyone that came together to make our special day amazing!!!  So many people were just so easy going and great to work with.  It really reminded us of how wonderful “hometown hospitality” really is — so genuine!”

A few of the other vendors include:

~ Venue: Raystown Lake

~ Photography: Rhinehart Photography

~ Bride’s and Bridesmaids hair:  Desert Garden Day Spa

~ Florist – Country Blossoms

~ Cake – Lisa Becker Bakery

~Electric Violinist/DJ – Steven Vance, Blues Guitarist – Matt Barranti

~Linens – Emmabelle Events

Katrina & Brian thanks so much for sharing your story with me and being up for any crazy adventures!  I am so excited to hear what you and your friends and family think!  Feel free to share and/or comment below!

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