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    Hello there-- I’ve been waiting for you!!! You know who you are and are true to yourself, you are a liver-of-life, a collector of moments, a person who appreciates great photography and its ability to press the pause button on life’s most incredible moments.

    You want a photographer who is able to handle all aspects of wedding photography with ease, capturing: candid, romantic emotion; flattering, beautiful portraits; breathtaking scenery & architecture; the joy and energy out on the dance floor and all those sweet wedding details that you have been working on for months in an artful, creative way.

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    My work is creative & thoughtful. My goal is to share your unique love story. I get to know your interests & personalities in order to capture them forever in beautiful, personal, artful photographs that tell your story. I invest my time helping you become comfortable in front of my camera & find the most flattering lighting and angles for you and your surroundings.

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Raystown Lake Wedding: Robyn & Tim

You may remember Robyn & Tim from their engagement session at the shore with twin lighthouses.  Their wedding was just as unique.  It brought together their love for the outdoors, family and fun.   They roasted marshmallows in fire pits to create s’mores, they held a roving rendition of the traditional polish wedding dance and had an actual stuffed moose observing their unique cocktail hour.

Raystown Lake Marina from the window of Robyn’s lodge– I think the teal color is a combination of the reflection from the sky and the trees– stunning!

Everything stayed true to their style– from the wood center of Tim’s ring to the guests favors (kits to make your own s’mores), to the ring bearer’s canoe.

The engagement guest book is something nearly every one of my brides orders– you can see why it is so popular.  Not only is it an album of their engagement session but it also contains messages from their closest family and friends.

Now off to the men as they finish their preparations…

^ Check out this little guy in his tux using the phone 😉

Now that a toast has been made in honor of Tim, it is time for their first look– this gust of wind hit just at the right time to lift Robyn’s veil.

Because both Robyn & Tim’s father passed before thier wedding day, they were each symbolized by these wind chimes.  It was such a beautiful gesture and when the chimes rang out at point during the ceremony it brought a few of the guests to tears.

^ Blessing the ring

Their fabulous cocktail hour was next:

LOVE the moose!

^ a photo of her father attached to her bouquet in a locket.

Next the guests roasted marshmallows and made more s’mores:

The polish wedding dance followed.  Guests circled around the bride and groom and grabbed a shot as they passed them…

guests danced with the bride in the center often twirling her right off the ground…

they closed the circle around her, but that didn’t stop Tim from breaking through and…

Carrying her out the door– what an awesome honeymoon exit!

Robyn and Tim it was an absolute pleasure working with you and I wish you both the best!  Friend and family, to purchase prints click here.  

Jennifer RicherMay 24, 2012 - 3:49 pm

These are the most gorgeous wedding pictures ever! Do you by chance know what color blue the bridesmaid dresses are?

[…] family who have a deep love for each other and playful side.  I first met Sue at one of the weddings that I photographed last year.  This summer, she and her family rented a house in Beach Haven […]

DC family Photography: Toddling twins & bright eyed brother

This energetic family has not only two toddling twin girls but also an active little boy.  They spent the day picnicking on the lawn at Glenview, chasing little ones through a labyrinth of historic stone walls and even enjoying a triple scoop of “ice cream.”   If the mother in these photos seems familiar to you, it may be because she was a bridesmaid in Sharon and Andrew’s gorgeous Philadelphia Wedding this spring.

To view or purchase images from the full set visit my portrait website here.

Amanda & Jeremy’s Country Engagement Shoot

When I arrived on location for Amanda & Jeremy’s shoot, I saw a trailer at the side of the road.  It was attached to Jeremy’s truck– he had spent all day gathering props and setting up this trailer with all the items for their country-themed shoot.  He had hay bails, fishing rods and bikes.  He even created a little dressing area complete with curtain for Amanda– this is the type of man Jeremy is, amazing!  Amanda was focused yet spontaneous and full of ideas, she is an absolute sweetheart and the way she looks at Jeremy is just priceless.  I hope you fall for this couple just as much as I did.

 boots ♥

^ Here’s that look again– even from like 30 feet away it’s completely undeniable, she is head over heels in love with this man.

^ The feeling is absolutely mutual.

^ This shot required us to be in perfect synchronization (see how the grass is blurry but they are in focus) It might be my favorite of the set.

^ Save the date, peeps– July 14th 😉

  Thanks for checking out the photos.   To purchase prints click here.

JessicaAugust 27, 2011 - 6:06 pm

Wow…This whole photo shoot is breathtaking, amazing…

what to wear on your photo shoot: a starting point for the men

Hello, gentlemen.  You know that clothes can make a big difference in the overall turn-out of your photos- but where to begin?  Here are some wardrobe tips that will make you more photogenic (yes it is possible!)

Location & wardrobe should mesh, like it does in a movie, so look to the setting of the shoot and the other participants’ wardrobes.   For example, if your fiance looks like she’s ready for a night out on the town maybe wearing a slinky dress and stilettos, you don’t want to look like you are ready for the beach in a flip flops and a polo with jeans.

I’d start by suggesting that you wear a button down and dress pants or dark wash denim.  If it’s hot roll up the sleeves if it’s cold throw on another layer (maybe sweater or jacket).   I always suggest an undershirt beneath– it keeps perspiration at bay while keeping you looking polished.  Add several accessories– ties, sunglasses and hats can be added or removed if need be to change the look throughout the shoot and “hidden” items like watches and socks are more subtle, but can be brought into the photos as well.  Layering photographs very well– it will add depth and interest, bringing your wardrobe up a level, so definitely consider adding a layer.


Now that you have tried out the basic button down with fitted pants, accessories and added a layer, feel free to experiement to find what fits you.  Thanks for taking the time to read this, men.  I’d love to hear if it helps you, so please feel free to comment!

rachelleAugust 27, 2011 - 3:32 pm

He is most likely going to do your first suggestion..already thought the same thing 🙂 We both just need to decide on outfits for the tennis part!! SOOO excited!!

What to Wear on Your Photo Shoot: A starting point for the ladies

Oftentimes clients ask me if there is anything that either of us can do to make them more photogenic, and I give them a resounding “yes.”

There is a reason why celebrities have professionals assigned to wardrobe, make-up, hair and setting for their shoots: all those aspects have a huge impact photos.   As your photographer, I get to know you and come up with a creative concept to capture you.  Pair that with a new outfit and top notch make-up and don’t forget the fab photographer behind the lens 😉 and you are a ten.  Seriously.   


The wardrobe inspiration I created below came from JCrew, H&M, Forever 21, Wet Seal & Tilly’s and all the dresses were under $50.  Gap, Anthropologie, Banana Republic & Free People are great, too.  

A great place to start is with a basic dress that is fitted at the waist and is either solid or has a subtle pattern.  Next, accesorize– slim the waist by adding a belt, draw attention to your face with a great necklace or hair clip, and by all means have fun with the shoes (bring along flip flops for travel if we are shooting on stiletto challenging terrain).  Layering (adding a jacket, cami, caridgan, etc.) photographs well– it really pulls the outfit together .  Undergarments are key, so make sure you are smooth and supported.  Lastly, feel free to experiment and have fun with it.

Now that wardrobe is taken care of,  how can you incorporate hair, make-up and set?

Location/props: We brainstorm together during our consult and these go into the creative concept that I have for your shoot.

Make-up & Hair: A trusted, experienced make-up artist and hair stylist can make a world of difference.  Hiring a make-up artist is probably the least expensive way to make the largest difference in your photo shoot.

I hope this has been helpful to you.  I’d love to hear what you think.


LainiAugust 25, 2011 - 4:24 pm

I love this! I had been considering getting my make-up done for our engagement session, but now am definitely going to do it. Also, I have to know – where is the little blue polka dot dress with the gold bow from? I LOVE it!

Can’t wait to see you for our shoot!

rachelleAugust 27, 2011 - 3:29 pm

I absolutely love these tips!!! Possibly layering with a leather jacket would be nice for ours I think!? I also love those brown shoes! (the third pair in) 🙂

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