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English Manor Wedding Photographers: Steph & Ryan

Converse sneakers, blue-hooded onesies and even Ironman himself– you won’t want to miss this fun, one-of-a-kind garden wedding…

Stephanie is such a character– she is intelligent, witty, fun-loving and a total planner.  I liked her from the moment that she reached out to me.  Her initial email made me laugh out loud!

It said, “My name is Stephanie and I am about to get engaged. For the last 2 years I have been obsessively following your work. While I am not engaged yet, I do know that I want a Saturday wedding in 2017. I know that you are in very high demand so I am reaching out preemptively to see if you have any available Saturdays for the summer of 2017. My fingers are crossed very tightly that you do. Thank you for your time. I hope that once my boyfriend does pop the question I will be able to make a much more formal request. –Stephanie”

We had our initial consultation before Ryan had popped the question and before she had chosen a venue!  After the meeting, I wrote in my notes, “I like them a lot– her personality needs to be captured– they have such an amazing story!” He did propose, and I captured part of their amazing love story here as we went back to the cabin where they met and photographed them skiing down a double black diamond among other things, it was epic!

As for capturing that fun-loving, energetic personality, I found the perfect opportunity when I saw the gift she bought her bridesmaids, flannel hooded onesies with names on the front and titles on the back.   I asked her how she felt about jumping on the bed– she was game (of-course)…  haha her bridesmaids’ expressions!!!

Ryan shared, “Stephanie and I bring out the best in each other, while I am more relaxed and calm her down she brings out my more adventurous side. She always puts me and our relationship first in everything she does, she helps me seize every moment of the day.”

Again, you can just feel the joy radiating from Steph here, looking at this photo makes me smile…

Steph shared, “Rhinehart Photography has a way of capturing a couple and a wedding that is completely unique. They truly take the time to understand the couple and capture their personalities and interests.  They are also adaptive to change, in our case this was running 45 minutes late.  While things were sped up – Lisa and Kris took care to make sure that Ryan and I had all of the shots that we wanted, to tell our unique story.”

When we first met Steph described what she liked and was hoping to see in her wedding photos, she used words like: creative, unique, different, natural, fun, personal, authentic, artistic and I knew we’d be a perfect fit!  Here is one of my more subtle, artistic shots of the day… if you look closely you can see a bride and groom slow dancing along in the top left corner as well as the maid of honor reflected in this single photograph:

Another reflection, but less subtle, her Steph’s mother puts on her pearls as Steph watches in the mirror.  I used a shallow depth of field to draw all of the attention to the reflection but like the intimate feel of peering through Steph’s veil and the way the veil and Steph’s mother create a frame…

Steph shared, “A month and a half before the wedding, my father had a hemorrhagic stroke. There is a 30% survival rate for this type of stroke. My dad spent 28 days in the hospital, had to have a drain put in (and removed) from his skull, and had to work so hard to make sure that he was able to walk me down the aisle.”

She continued, “Him seeing me as a bride on that day was such an emotional time for both of us.  He had been through so much and I knew how hard he and my mom had worked to make sure that he could be there on my wedding day to support me, to walk me down the aisle, to dance together at the reception…  but that first look with him was so special.”

Steph and Ryan exchanged hand-written notes in the morning and read them to themselves, it was an intimate moment.  I wanted the photograph to feel soft and private, yet crisp and clear– high contrast.

I carry 8 lenses with me on a wedding day and had the perfect lens in mind and settings to capture all of that in a single frame:

The venue was lovely!  Steph shared, “Ryan and I chose the English Manor because of their outdoor space. We were going for a “Hamptons Rustic Garden Party.” The English Manor maintains beautiful gardens around the property with many vibrant colors, I chose the green and white because I thought it would “go” with any colorful backdrop there.”

Steph explained, “As for the bouquets, I wanted movement in all of the pieces and non-traditional flowers, and Alisha Simone from Elegant Event Flowers made it happen!”

She continued, “We had roses but they were damask, we played up the greens with different types of foliage and even an artichoke, we went through the process of picking unique flowers.”

Speaking of movement, I love to capture movement whenever I can.  I wanted to capture the movement of the bridesmaids circling Steph, I like how it’s almost foreshadowing for the Hora to come during the reception.  😉

I created this look in-camera using unique manual camera settings, dragging the shutter to capture the bridesmaids while allowing Steph to be in focus…

Out story turns now to the men– Kris totally nailed these men’s photos– they look slick…

Stephanie shared, “From the moment I met Ryan – he made me happy. He has a similar sense of humor to myself. We bonded over retelling Forgetting Sarah Marshall to each other on the day we met. But beyond that – he truly is the nicest and most caring person I have ever met.”

She continued, “When my dad was sick – he did not want me to lift a finger. He said he would figure out how to move us out of the apartment, into Queens, clean, and still work his day job. He told me that I should just be with my family.”

He also looks a heck of a lot like Robert Downey Jr, hence the cufflinks:

Stephanie continued, “When Ryan took on all of that to support me and my family, I didn’t know it at the time, but he was nervous about being able to do it all.  He actually reached out to his friends for help and they supported him.  We have the best friends.”

Chucks– I love Kris’ perspective on this shot– it’s really perfect 🙂

And here he is again pulling off beautiful visual symmetry and the rule of thirds, zen-master Kris :).  You look great, guys!

On to Ryan’s favorite part of the day– the first look, when he saw Steph for the first time on the wedding day.   First Looks have really become a staple of modern wedding traditions.  Having a “first look” allows a couple to really take their time and soak in the moment while also helping the flow of the day and allowing the couple to enjoy the cocktail hour with their guests.

Ryan shared, “My favorite part of our wedding day was meeting Stephanie on the bridge for first look. Knowing that she was going to be so beautiful when I was able to turn around and then seeing her finally being more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Knowing that she was going to be my forever and I will have always have that moment in my mind.”

It was such a beautiful moment for both of them…

Stephanie shared, “Ryan has this way of taking care of me that makes me feel totally safe and loved.  Even when he is mad at me or we have a fight – he still does everything to try to make sure I am ok, and takes care of me, and still will do anything to  make sure that I am taken care of.”

She continued, “That kind of selflessness is so rare and it is something that I am so lucky to have found in my partner.”

Ryan shared, “What made me fall in love with Stephanie was in the simplest words “her weird matches my weird”. We are able to make the littlest moments fun and engaging together, while life is happening around us we are able to step into our own little world together.”

For me, this image captures Ryan’s sentiment…  I see life blurring at a frenzied pace and them stepping out together, laughing…

While I love capturing more creative images, I make sure to take a few more traditional photographs as well.  

They are opposites but similar, and balance each other out…

Steph explained, “People always say that opposites attract. And on the surface we seem to fit that mold. Ryan is more type B and I’m more type A. One of us always feels like we need to be on the go and the other really does take the time to smell the roses. We balance each other out. Ryan reminds me that it is ok to just sit sometimes. That not everything needs to be planned. And I bring Ryan out of his shell and push him to try new things. On the surface it seems that we are opposites, but really we are so similar.”

She continued, “We share the same thoughts about marriage and our future. We can anticipate each others’ moods. We have the same sense of humor. We both like to get out and do things. We truly are best friends. And that means we are honest, even if the other person doesn’t want to hear it. We support each other. And we would both do anything to make the other person happy.”

I think this photograph captures that “opposites but similar balance” well…

Steph shared, “Ryan and I have been extremely lucky when it has come to friends. We had 9 people on each of our sides, the majority of which we have known for most of our lives. These are the people who have really shaped us into the people we are today. When you know your friends as long as we have they truly are family. But the best part is – is that they all get along. They might not hang out all the time, and some might have met that weekend, but they all talked to each other and really seemed to bond over the bridal party experience. We know that not everyone has a friendship that lasts decades – but we are lucky to have so many friendships that have lasted that long. We are just so grateful for the 18 people who did not hesitate to stand by our sides.”

I wanted to capture this bridal party of 20 in a unique way and capture their excitement as well as the gorgeous English Manor

Time for the ketubah–

Steph shared, “Ryan really embraced my Jewish traditions and supported me in my faith. Being an interfaith couple is not always easy, but what Ryan did for me really made me love him even more.”

I liked the symmetry of this next photo, the bridesmaids listening to the Rabbi’s words as he prepared the Ketubah…


Steph continued, “We found a Rabbi, signed the Ketubah, and filled the ceremony with special Jewish traditions…Ryan’s selflessness is inspirational and it makes me want to be just as supportive of his needs.”

Rabbi fist bump 🙂

Both of Steph’s parents walked her down the aisle and have really taught her what marriage is…

Steph shared, “My parents have been married for 38 years. And they have really shown me what a real marriage looks like.   When my dad had his stroke, my mom was there to help him along, and cheer him on.  She was completely invested in helping him to be able to do all the things that a father does at a wedding.”

She continued, “Together they got my father ready. They both walked me down the aisle.  The moment was unforgettable.”

Ryan is blown away by Steph all over gain…

Dad hugs…

The English Manor garden ceremony was held beneath tree boughs against a wrought iron gazebo…

The florals were absolutely stunning.  Here they perform the traditional Jewish circle ritual

They share wine in accordance with tradition…

Family members were all smiles as they witnessed the ceremony…

At the end of the ceremony, Ryan broke a glass, as the guests shouted “Mazel tov!” (“Congratulations”)

Kiss the bride:

Steph shared, “When I think about our forever – people ask what I am looking forward to most – I am looking forward to everything. I am looking forward to many years in our home, and starting a family… I am looking forward to the hard times because they are what make the better times all the better. I am looking forward to taking on everything that comes our way together… holding hands (we really like to hold hands).”

Dad fist bump: 

As soon as everyone entered the reception, the Hava Nagila began to play and Steph and Ryan were lifted up on chairs– Ryan looks a little nervous, no?

But he was enjoying himself in no time!

The first dance…

Ryan had tears in his eyes as he watched Stephanie dancing with her father…  it was a very special moment for everyone.

Stephanie’s grandfather blessed bread…

One of the most touching moments of the evening was Stephanie’s father’s speech.

Stephanie shared, “One of the most special moments for me was when my dad went to deliver his speech he started to get emotional.  Without hesitation my mom went to go stand by his side and help. It was so touching to see, and a little funny when she couldn’t even get the first word out either, haha!”

She continued, “But with my mom by his side my dad had all the support he needed to get the speech out.  Here is the moment that she stood up to support him:

Cake cutting…

Stephanie stated, “We wanted to make sure that everyone danced the night away. We have friends and family that know how to have a good time. It was great to have everyone out there with us!”

The lighting, created by FNA events was pretty incredible and really set the tone for the evening.  In this shot I tried to capture the elegant setting as well as the packed dance floor.

People had an amazing time and pulled out their best dance moves…

Gotta love the flying tie…

I set out to try and capture the high-octane experience that was the dance floor– this photo almost makes you feel tipsy, right?

At the end of the night be went back to the bridge where Ryan and Steph had their first look.  The atmosphere was quiet and cool, crickets were chirping…

Kris and I took some time to set up interesting lighting while Ryan and Steph were enjoying the party.

For me this photograph says, “and they lived happily ever after” 😉

Steph shared, “When I think about our forever – people ask what I am looking forward to most – I am looking forward to everything. I am looking forward to many years in our home, and starting a family… I am looking forward to the hard times because they are what make the better times all the better. I am looking forward to taking on everything that comes our way together… holding hands (we really like to hold hands).”

Steph and Ryan, it was such a pleasure getting to know you two and I will never forget hour incredible adventure at Hunter Mountain.  Thank you for choosing Kris and I to capture your precious memories.  You two are amazing and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!

If you want to see more of Ryan and Steph, check out their Hunter Mountain engagement session here.

Longwood Gardens Wedding Engagement: Chrissy & Sean

A colorful, romantic, modern fairytale wedding engagement at Longwood Gardens…


Chrissy shared, “When Sean and I started to talk about wedding photographers, you were the first person to come to mind. I saw your photography from a few of my friends’ weddings and was impressed by how creative and stunning their photographs were. I knew you would be able to capture amazing photos of Sean and I.”

We arranged to meet at Longwood Gardens, and felt that the location was perfect as it has stunning grounds as well as indoor options that would work for in climate weather.  While we spent some time in the greenhouses, we had an incredibly beautiful day and were able to spend much of the evening outdoors as well!

I set out to give Chrissy and Sean an eclectic mix of colorful, creative images that captured their personalities.  We also captured a few more traditional portraits as well.  This is one of my favorite, because they look so comfortable and happy together and because of that gorgeous glowing sunlight!

Chrissy shared, “Sean and I balance each other out. Sean keeps me calm and always makes me appreciate the fun in every situation and I keep us focused on the task at hand!”

She continued, “Sean is the most caring and thoughtful person, it’s one of the many things I love about him.”

For me, this photo really captures Chrissy’s sentiments well– you can totally see his relaxed, calming presence here:

The gardens are truly stunning!  You will see so many beautiful areas here, and I really only touched the tip of the iceberg!  Longwood Gardens was created by the Du Pont family as a place to entertain friends and now is a living legacy that sets out to inspire the millions of visitors that arrive on the property annually.

Chrissy shared, “I’m beyond thrilled that we took the picture at Longwood Gardens. It reminded me of a fairy tale, between the beautiful greenhouse with the lily pads and the rose gardens.  We couldn’t have asked for a better place to take our engagement pictures!”

Sean shared, “Chrissy is an easy person to love.  She is the most passionate person I know. Her dedication to everything she does is second to none. She is the smartest person I know – I learn from her every day. What I love most about her is that she never puts herself before anyone else. She is the absolute best daughter, sister, aunt, friend and wife to be.”

Chrissy talked about the way Sean can always find a way to make her laugh.  Here is a candid moment I caught of the two of them laughing and enjoying each other’s company.  I used a shallow depth of field to really make them pop from the background and waited for the moment and lighting to be just perfect…

I noticed these flowers through the glass of one of the greenhouses and loved the way they looked so similar to the fuschia of Chrissy’s dress.

I framed them in the doorway and love their modern, confident poses.

They shared, “We both love to relax and our favorite thing to do in our free time is to spend it with family and friends, doing anything or nothing but hanging out! The connection we each have with our families is one of the things that bonds us together.”

This is the sort of photo that would look amazing printed on a huge canvas.  If you look very closely you should be able to spot Chrissy and Sean!

Here is the same shot, just a little closer up– there is actually a huge expanse of water separating us, so I moved to a 200mm lens to capture this photograph:

I love to play with interesting photographic elements and particularly enjoy capturing reflections.  Again the I liked the purples here and the ripping water– a really unique shot…

Here is one that looks a little more crisp and polished, I like it even without the color, for me it draws your attention to the couple and all of the texture in the photograph:

Chrissy shared, “Lisa, you made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera!  Sean and I are usually shy and don’t consider ourselves to be creative people.”

She continued, ” We didn’t know what to expect, but you really made us comfortable and guided us through the process.”

Wow!!!  What a beautiful engagement ring!!!

I totally got my shoes muddy for this one– I saw them reflected in this beautiful antique window with long flowing curtains.  I framed them in a single windowpane.

Chrissy and Sean explored the topiary and rose gardens as the sun got low in the sky.  I love the golden light created on clear days like this one…

Here I gave them a little privacy and focused on a rose, hehe: 

A fairy tale ending, such a romantic moment!  The light, the ring, the kiss, roses, water droplets and rosebuds we couldn’t have asked for a prettier scene…

Chrissy and Sean, it was such a pleasure working with you and I am so excited to be photographing your upcoming Lehigh Valley wedding at the SteelStacks in Bethlehem next month!

If you like what you see, please share this link or click “like” below 🙂

Rutgers Gardens Wedding Engagement Photographers: Nicole & Steve Part 2

Two foodies re-visit the restaurant that brought them together!  You won’t want to miss this love story…

Nicole shared, “Choosing you as our wedding photographer was probably the easiest choice we made while wedding planning. Your photos capture love in exciting and interesting new ways. In our wedding photos we are hoping that you will be able to capture our love in a fun and unique way that ‘wows’ us and everyone who sees them!”

Thanks so much for your vote of confidence, Nicole! That means a lot to me!

Nicole mentioned wanting interesting, unique photos– it really gave me the freedom to play with different techniques that I find creative and interesting.  In the photo above I manually set my camera to allow the dining room to look intensely dark and only allowed in a touch of golden sunlight, silhouetting the couple and illuminating their wine glasses.

For the image below, I played with Nicole and Steve’s reflections in the window while again intensifying that golden light.  I like the surreal feeling it creates, to me, this photograph almost looks the way love feels– intense, soft, warm…

I love the character and decor of Luca’s, it is naturally charming– such a perfect place to fall in love ;).

Nicole shared, “Steve and I met working in Lucas years ago, I was still in high school at the time.  We had a real flirty relationship going on for almost a year before we decided to start actually dating, haha!”

She continued,  “It was a lot of fun to go back to Luca’s, just like old times, but with an amazing photographer following us around! We credit our relationship to our time spent working together at Luca’s. Andrea and the rest of the employees at Luca’s will forever hold a huge place in our hearts.”

Here is some of that fun, flirty, romantic relationship and the charming decor of Luca’s…

Nicole shared, “The owner of Luca’s is from the island of Ischia, which neighbors Capri, and has decorated the entire restaurant with hand crafted artwork imported from local artisans in Ischia.”

She continued, “We had heard so many stories about the beautiful island and experienced the food first hand that we eventually had to see it for ourselves and enjoyed a vacation there.  It was unreal, I’d highly recommend it!”

She went on, ” The most memorable part of the trip was visiting Andrea’s cousin Rita’s little waterside restaurant called Bagno Ciro where we enjoyed the most delicious linguine with mussels and clams and bruschetta!! ”

They sat inside waiting to order, seated below a hand-painted tile and rustic wood mural depicting the seafood market and landscape of Ischia.

Nicole shared, “Luca’s happens to have the most *amazing* food!!!”  Nicole and Steve literally insisted on treating me to an incredible meal at Luca’s– thanks again, guys!!!

It is a place I will definitely return to, it’s actually a perfect place for Kris and I to stop on our way to photograph weddings the Palace at Somerset Park as it is only 15 minutes away.  I know Nicole & Steve have one coming up ;).

Nicole explained, “Fico is a particularly delicious dish.  It is made of fresh figs, mascarpone, pine nuts, prosciutto di Parma, balsamic reduction, mixed greens, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.”  Seriously my mouth is watering as I describe it!

I placed Nicole’s beautiful pear shaped diamond ring on the plate of Fico before the 3 of us devoured this decadent, melt-in-your-mouth appetizer.

Stephen poured each of them a glass of red wine.  I captured the wine as it bubbled and splashed on its way into the glass, keeping it in sharp focus.

Stephen shared, “We met at a young age and have been together for so long.  It is something different about us and our relationship.  I feel like we were able to watch each other grow up into the people that we are today.  Nicole has become an amazing woman.”

Something about his sentiments and context make me think of wine, getting better with time.  ;).

Nicole shared, “At the end of the day all we want is to make each other happy and enjoy an excellent meal and bottle of wine while we are doing it.”

Nicole and Steve, thanks for sharing your story!  I absolutely love capturing meaningful, sentimental places like this for my couples.

I believe many years down the road you will be able to look back at these photos and show your family “the place where it all started”!

I’m looking forward to seeing you two again for your 2018 wedding in The Palace at Somerset Park.

The Lodges at Gettysburg Wedding Photographers: Chelsea & Chris

This iconic summer wedding included bare-feet, fireworks, *twenty-five* different pies, a packed dance floor and united two best friends forever in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Chelsea shared, “I was drawn to Rhinehart Photography because she is versatile and caters to a couple’s particular style and priorities. We especially wanted a combination of sweet/romantic couples photos, family portraits as well as fun, upbeat, natural photos of our guests.”

She continued, “On the wedding day it was clear that Lisa came prepared to work.  She had the whole day planned in her mind and she didn’t miss a beat. If I didn’t know what came next- she did! She catered specifically to our priorities so we were able to relax and enjoy our guests and those last few moments of sunset alone!”

I opened the blog post with one of those “sweet, romantic, couples’ photos,” this next photo is a “natural photo of her guests.”  One of her bridesmaids was seated below the clock as she rocked her daughter, the flower girl, while two other bridesmaids reached for Chelsea’s wedding dress.

I love when multiple things are happening in one frame and for me this photograph tells the story of the passage of time.  There is something special about the child in mom’s arms looking up towards the women with the wedding dress, the clock in the background was so perfect!

I also like to play with reflections and love how this photograph allows you to see the front and back of Chelsea and her wedding gown all at once in a very natural way.

Chelsea shared, “Brandi Hill was my makeup artist – I always knew I wanted to do my make-up for my big day!

I caught a cloud of spray in mid-air as Brandi put a finishing touch on Chelsea’s make-up…

Christopher shared, “Chelsea looked so beautiful on our wedding day!”

He went on, “I love my wife because of who she is.  Chelsea truly completes me, she helps me to be a better person.”


It was very important to Chelsea and Chris that they did not see each other prior to the wedding, so I found a sweet little cove that would allow her to be hidden…

Chelsea shared about her color palette and the overall look of the wedding, “I wanted a soft, romantic, summery wedding. We wanted elegant, yet “we’re ready to party” style… if that makes sense!”

She continued, “I chose deep jade dresses with ivory, blush, and hints of fuchsia and greenery. We chose gold as our accent colors. I wanted sultry colors, deep hues that I thought represented the end of summer with the pops of blush and ivory for that soft and romantic feel.”

A mother-daughter moment…

Chelsea shared, “Christopher is confident, hardworking, an active listener (even when you think he isn’t), he is kind-hearted and a true southern gentlemen.”

She explained, “My favorite quality in Christopher is his confidence, it’s something I admire most about him and something that he challenges me to work on daily.”

I love photographing weddings at The Lodges at Gettysburg!  There is so much to work with creatively from forests, to rolling hills to the wide-open sky!

Here Kris really captured all of those elements with the groomsmen, especially that vibrant blue sky!

I love their expressions in this shot– you can even see a bit of Chris’ truck in the background…

The ceremony began with a long procession from the woods to the lake, here the flower girl helps to escort the ring bearer– so sweet…

Chelsea and her father began the long walk down the aisle as guests looked on…

Chelsea shared, “He was so handsome standing by the lake during the ceremony – he looked anxious to see me which took me by surprise as Christopher is normally extremely calm and collected, while I am the nervous one!”

She continued, “On the wedding day though, Christopher and I exchanged these characteristics. I was very relaxed all morning and even felt that way standing up at the alter.  Christopher was very nervous all day. I find this sweet and sentimental that it brought out a different side of him.”

Christopher shared, “She looked so beautiful in her dress.  I honestly was so nervous that I thought I would faint!”

He continued, “Having Chelsea by my side was such a huge relief. When I’m with her I feel so relaxed!”

If you look at his expression before Chelsea and after that point is Chrystal clear, haha!!!

Another element of The Lodges at Gettysburg that I absolutely love is their ceremony space.  Somehow is wide open yet intimate.  I tried to capture the way the wedding ceremony space feels in this next photograph.

Chelsea shared, “I couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather and the breeze by the lake was calming during the exchange of vows.”

Butera Florists from York, Pennsylvania did a beautiful job on the floral arrangements.

Romantic roses framed Chelsea and Chris throughout the wedding ceremony…

Sealed with a kiss…

Chelsea and Chris hopped in his truck immediately following the ceremony to spend some time alone.

Chelsea shared, “Christopher’s first words once in the truck were how nervous he was standing up there waiting for me. He said, ‘I just needed to see my best friend and they kept making me wait.'”

I used a technique to allow the truck to be in sharp focus while the background is intensely blurred to capture the motion of them driving away into the woods…

Christopher was pretty go-with-the-flow when I asked him about his priorities for the wedding day.

He agreed that photos of friends and family were important to him, as was enjoying the day, but if I could get some photos of Chelsea’s “big smile” the “real one” that he would really appreciate it and if we could get some photos with his truck that would be nice, too.

This photograph incorporates both her beaming smile and the truck, I’m guessing he’s going to like this one :).

As I shared earlier, I love reflections, and I really like how the blue and green play together here as Christopher looks down at his wedding band.  It also incorporates the truck in a subtle way ;).

Not everyone that meets Christopher sees him for the gentle sweetheart that I see him as, it normally takes some time. But he would probably tell you that’s what he has me for  – the sweet and soft side of the relationship.

There is a line from a Jason Moore song that fits us well… “I’ve got a rough side, a wild side (at least a country mile wide), a fightin’ side, after a few if they wanna see my sweet side, my soft side, my best side, I just point at you.”

She continued, “I like bringing out his softer, gentlemanly side every now and then.”

Chelsea explained, “Christopher actually makes me feel more confident.  I am a much more confident person with him beside me.”

While I love capturing more natural, candid moments and emotions, it is also important for me to capture some more traditional portraits as well.

It depends on what the couple wants, but I generally capture posed group photos of friends and family and some traditional portraits of the bride and groom, too.

This is my favorite shot of Chelsea and Chris, you can see how comfortable they are together and how happy they are.  For me, you can even see that bit Christopher said about Chelsea completing him represented in a visual way…

Here I used a branch from a young maple tree to frame Chelsea and Chris– they are in the shadows while vibrant colors dance on the lake and in the background.

Chelsea shared, “I’m looking forward to sitting back and relaxing with my best friend in the coming months now that all of the wedding planning is over.” 🙂

Christopher shared, “I am really looking forward to growing a family together in the future.  There is no better person to start a family with– she will be the greatest mother!”

I love his expression here and the way the sun is peeking through the trees…

Now I’m peeking through the trees, haha!  I love the color, depth and dimension this adds to the photo!

Chelsea shared, “August is time for warm nights, watermelon, cherry pies, bare-feet, barbeque, sweet tea, wildflowers, camp fires, ripe tomatoes, lightning storms, lemonade & love”

I love that her bare-feet are showing in this photograph…

…and this one– it just says happily ever after to me 🙂

I really wanted to show off the beauty and character of the Gettysburg Lodges ballroom in this photo– the hardwood floors, the lighting (chandeliers, windows and string lights), and Chelsea & Chris’ decor… 

Here is a closer shot of one of the centerpieces– you can see the gold vase, the deep jade tablecloth and blush florals with accents– I really like the hand-written wooden look of the table numbers as well…

Husband & wife!

Chelsea shared, “The room was so filled with love – and the balcony of guests standing at the railing, watching from above was truly touching!”

Chelsea continued, “‘You give me the sweetest love, you must be straight from above.’ – that is a quote from our first dance song and how I feel about Christopher in a simple line. I think it also fits the theme of our summer wedding and where I got a lot of the inspiration for wedding plans, flowers, and the simple things of summer that I wanted to be included in our day.”

She went on “The first time Christopher sang this song to me in college (Love Grows Wild – Dierks Bentley) was when I knew I was going to marry him.”

Chelsea’s father chose “I loved her first” by Heartland as their father-daughter dance.  He had teased her for weeks leading up to the wedding about songs he would choose, but this one really hit home for both of them.

Here are a few lyrics: “I loved her first, I held her first, and a place in my heart will always be hers.
From the first breath she breathed, when she first smiled at me I knew the love of a father runs deep.
And I prayed that she’d find you someday, but it’s still hard to give her away– I loved her first.”

Here a tear rolls down her cheek as she listens to the lyrics:

Chelsea shared, “The slideshow was a surprise, but totally something I should have expected from our parents.”

She went on, “It is true that we share the same birthday – we were born on the exact same day, only eight hours apart!”

Chelsea and Chris were all smiles throughout the evening– laughing at speeches and the like.

25 pies– go big or go home, haha!

Chelsea explained, “Ever since I was a little girl – I told my mom I was having pie and ice cream at my wedding. That dream came true thanks to Lois at Stone House Cakery in Taneytown, MD. She took my idea of a pie bar and encouraged us go over the top (25 different pies with all different crusts/crumbs/flavors/fruit/chocolate/classics).”

She continued, “Lois seemed surprised by the idea and made sure we were going to do it right! The most popular that didn’t make it past the first half hour – peanut butter (Christopher’s favorite) and strawberry rhubarb.”

Here are 6 of the 25 pies!!!

The guest favors– whoopie pies…

Chelsea said, “The whoopie pies are a favorite treat of Christopher and I. Lucky for us, my parents have a lady at their family business who makes them. She was so excited to hear that we wanted her to make 250 whoopie pies for our wedding favors!”

Capturing action on the dance floor was important to both of them and wow, that dance floor was packed!  Here are just a few of the antics, there are literally over 100 more!

This one on the top right corner made me laugh out loud– I’ve been to a lot of weddings but never one where the groom bounced a groomsman like a basketball!

The fireworks display was nothing short of spectacular and really took the summer wedding theme to another level!

Again it was hard for me to pick a favorite, but I think I can settle on these two:

I showed Chelsea the back of the camera after taking this shot, she said, “It’s my favorite color, green, too!”

Chelsea and Chris– it was such a pleasure getting to know you two over the past year+.  I enjoyed capturing all of these memories for you and your family and friends and hope that these photos capture the love and romance between the two of you as well as the events of the day and energy of your friends and family members.

If you want to see more of Chelsea and Chris, check out their engagement session on Skyline Drive with Christopher’s truck here.   I also have hundreds more photos coming to their gallery link soon.  🙂

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