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    Hello there-- I’ve been waiting for you!!! You know who you are and are true to yourself, you are a liver-of-life, a collector of moments, a person who appreciates great photography and its ability to press the pause button on life’s most incredible moments.

    You want a photographer who is able to handle all aspects of wedding photography with ease, capturing: candid, romantic emotion; flattering, beautiful portraits; breathtaking scenery & architecture; the joy and energy out on the dance floor and all those sweet wedding details that you have been working on for months in an artful, creative way.

    I have great news for you—I’ve got you covered!!!

    My work is creative & thoughtful. My goal is to share your unique love story. I get to know your interests & personalities in order to capture them forever in beautiful, personal, artful photographs that tell your story. I invest my time helping you become comfortable in front of my camera & find the most flattering lighting and angles for you and your surroundings.

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Palace at Somerset Park Wedding Photographers: Michelle & Jim

Join me and this smoking hot couple on their beautiful wedding day at The Palace at Somerset Park...

Michelle and Jim reached out for me looking for a photographer who was familiar with The Palace and would capture an eclectic mix of photos (traditional and candid, tiny details and epic architecture, traditional and creative, etc).  Most importantly they and be able to capture them in the moment, being themselves experiencing their wedding day.

Following the wedding day, they shared, “We loved how you captured moments naturally and also had fun with traditional shots as well. You took the time to get to know us, so on the wedding day you knew exactly what we wanted and even helped everything to run smoothly.  We are so excited to see the moments you caught and hope to be surprised by some of them!

I opened up with a “hot” creative portrait, here is one of those small details, the wedding invitation.  I noticed the gold foil inlay on the edge of the invitation and thought the gold detailing on the mirror would tie that in and capture that classic, elegant look that Michelle wanted for her wedding day.

Some sparkle from Michelle’s engagement ring…

Michelle’s sister was awesome– always busy behind the scenes helping with everything that was needed.  As she dressed, I loved how the ambient light fell perfectly on her cheekbones, hair and the gorgeous lace detailing on Michelle’s wedding gown.  Her wedding dress is from Castle Couture in Manalapan.

She diligently watched in the background as Michelle’s stylists, Beautique Hair Design, put in Michelle’s veil.  She said, “I want to make sure I can do it later if she needs that, after they have gone.” It made me think, whoa, this is the perfect maid of honor, on the ball and so thoughtful and kind!

Michelle shared, “It is difficult to put into words, the relationship my sister and I have. My sister and I have been each other’s best friends forever, even when we had sisterly disputes, I knew I could count on her. We always make time for each other and will always be there for each other to matter where life takes us. My sister and I have very different personalities but I feel that makes her the best person to give me advice. I trust her judgment and her opinions. And the fact that she was willing to stand up there next to me when I marry my best friend means the world to me. And now I have 2 best friends!

All finished!  What a beautiful bride!

While I was with Michelle photographing details and preparations, my second photographer, Denis was photographing Jim and his groomsmen finishing their preparations.  It’s nice to have two photographers so that we can be two places at once.

Here the best man helps the groom with his “New York Rangers” cufflinks.

Jim’s father helped him put on his finishing touches.

Jim shared, “My relationship with my dad is simple and strong. Throughout my life my dad was always with me to support me and offer advice. Whether it was when he was a coach for basketball or baseball, or when he stood from the stands of my hockey game, my dad was always there for me. I knew, that if I ever faced a challenge, my dad could give me the advice I needed to succeed.”

He continued, “If it weren’t for my dad, I would literally not be who I am today. He taught me many of the things that make up my character and my success. I would not have gone to the college I attended, met the friends I now have, or be in the profession I am in today if it weren’t for him. I am so proud of him. I can only wish to be half as good of a father as he was to me.”

It was just about time for the first look, the most eagerly anticipated moment of the day for Michelle and Jim.  You can tell there is a lot running through his mind here.

They shared, “Our favorite part of our wedding day was our “first look” and the time we spent together following it, exploring the Palace grounds as you photographed us.”

Michelle said, “When I first saw him, I just couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be able to marry Jim, my best friend, the love of my life!  I cannot wait to see what the rest of our lives bring and what new adventures we will go on.  I’m excited to share my life with him, and even just hang out at home and spend time together.”

Jim shared, “Our first look was incredible.  Michelle was absolutely stunning (as per usual). She was absolutely glowing and perfect. Her smile lit up the environment and I was so blessed to have her there in that moment with me. I am most looking forward to sharing many new memories filled with love, laughter and many smiles.”

I have to agree Michelle was absolutely glowing!!!

Michelle shared, “I fell for Jim because of his caring and outgoing personality, and his wonderful sense of humor. I feel like he brings me out of my shell and makes me feel comfortable being me.  He is my other half, my best friend, plain and simple.”

While they wanted mostly candid, natural photos of them just exploring the surroundings, I did make sure to snap a few more traditional portraits as well.

Michelle explained, “We chose to have our wedding day at the Palace at Somerset Park because we went to a Wedding there and loved it. Our guests’ experience was very important to us and we knew they’d love it, too! ”

She went on, “We loved the high ceilings, the open space and the ease of having everything in one location. We were most excited to experience our first look on the amazing palace grounds and to enjoy all of the food cocktail hour had to offer. Most of all we loved to be able to have all of our family and friends in one location.”

As they strolled the grounds together you could tell that this was an absolute fairytale for these two…

For me this photo captures the “swept off your feet” “head over heels” “in love” feeling perfectly!

A benefit of having two wedding photographers again is this, two different eyes on the same situation…

It was early spring and the snow had just melted and the buds started to appear on the trees surrounding The Palace.

Michelle shared, “I wouldn’t want anyone else standing next to me in life.  Jim knows what makes me cheer up on the tough days, he knows what my fears are, and he knows what stresses me out and what calms me down.  I feel so blessed to have him by my side throughout my life.”

They shared, “Aside from our time alone exploring the grounds with you, another real highlight for us was the bridal party portrait time!”

They explained, “Our wedding party consisted of all family and very close, long time, friends. Each person is significant in our lives and we love each of them! We are so honored they all were willing to stand beside us on our special day.”

One of my favorite things to do with a bridal party is a formal portrait.  They are so glamorous and dapper and I love to let their inner model and my inner Annie Leibovitz shine…

They were super supportive and so happy for Michelle & Jim!

Photographing traditional family portraits were very important to Michelle and Jim.  We took the time to photograph several family portraits on both the bride and groom’s side prior to the ceremony.  Here is just one showing Michelle’s immediate family:

Kiss the bride…

The wedding professional began– one of the leaders was this charming young man…

Michelle’s father escorted her to the grand staircase…

Jim was head over heels as he watched his bride walk towards him…

He even wiped a tear…

Jim shared, “I fell in love with Michelle because of her caring and compassionate behavior, her dedication to her hobbies and goals, and her contagious smile and laugh. All of these traits and attributes are the reason why I fell in love with her.”

He continued, “What I like best about her is her willing to put aside her own needs to help others and be a team player. There have been times where I have a priority that conflicts with hers, but she will be there to support me regardless. I knew she was the perfect partner for me when she was willing to put aside her Devils fandom and root for the Rangers when we were at a hockey game (when they weren’t playing the devils, haha!).”

Michelle shared, “There was this culmination of the anticipation and excitement of the entire day and the sheer happiness we were feeling after we said “I do” and shared our first kiss.”

I photographed this from above and love the classic, romantic feel of it!

They shared, “The moment the ceremony ended and we processed out as husband and wife we took a moment alone and let it all soak in and our tears began to flow.  We were just so happy to call each other husband and wife!”

I love dramatic silhouettes and these two against the blue sky with the sun shining and veil caught up in the wind, it doesn’t get much better than this…

Party time!!!  This is a candid moment I noticed as the bridal party prepared for their announcements.  I love the colors and the detail on the columns…

The new Mr & Mrs got a standing ovation 🙂

Jim shared, “I’ve had my first dance play out in my mind for a long time, even as a kid growing up. I always imagined myself, dancing slowly with my soulmate. Who knew dreams can come true? Dancing with Michelle was the single most special and heartfelt moment of my life. During our first dance, our bond, which has grown since the time we first met each other, was the strongest it had ever been.”

Jim shared, “My mother and I found “Perfect” to be, well, ‘perfect’ for our Mother/Son dance. It truly reflected the special bond between the two of us. Our dance was heartfelt and emotional. I will never forget the words and tears my mom and I shared with each other then.”

Jim continued, “People always called me a “Momma’s Boy,” I guess they were right. She has always been my light, guiding me to success and providing me with the caring and compassionate attitude I now possess.”

Michelle shared, “My dance with my dad was everything I imagined it would be and more. The song “I loved her first” perfectly describes my dad’s and my relationship. He has always and will always be there for me, to help me when I’m down and support me when I’m succeeding. He (and my mom) have been there since the beginning and truly were the first to love me and the first people I ever loved. They taught me what family means and what unconditional  love and support means. I am so grateful!”

Michelle shared, “We were beyond happy to hear our best man and maid of honor speak, their speeches were perfect.”


Michelle recalled, “We knew from the beginning that we wanted to dance and wanted everyone with us!  We gave our DJ, Jason Jani from SCE event group, one request.  We wanted everyone to enjoy themselves and to be up and dancing. He definitely delivered.”

I wanted to get an aerial shot to show the high ceilings, chandeliers, fireplace and columns that Michelle loved so much about The Palace at Somerset Park.  Combining that with a packed dance floor was perfect!

Everyone had such a blast!

The ring bearer was dazzled by the lights!

And Michelle was dazzled by the ring-bearer!

The best man definitely busted a move and got down on the dance floor…

Cheers!  I like to play with perspective and “got down on the floor” in my own special way…

I love to play with DJ’s lights!

A little impromptu karaoke…

Haaa these guys got down, too!

Everyone really had a great time!

The dance floor was literally packed.

They laughed, “Our cake cutting mess was not planned, it was just us playing around with each other and having fun!”

One thing I love about having great camera equipment is being able to control fantastic light and how it can even capture crumbs of cake flaying through the air, lol!

Jim shared, “We’ve been at weddings where cigars were passed around and I always thought it would be a nice touch for me and the guys.  Michelle doesn’t even smoke, but thought she’d try it out at the wedding!!!”

Jim smiled, “It’s funny, I knew Michelle was meant for me when she was willing to try new activities and unfamiliar experiences.  This was kind of a perfect example!”

Haaa!  She looks like a pro!  I like to play, too and used a special lighting set up to illuminate the smoke and color it blue…

The shared, “We push each other to be the best versions of ourselves. Both of us are driven and competitive and only want to help the other succeed in all aspects of life. We challenge ourselves to learn and grow as a couple. We know what the other needs to succeed and how to help them and we always provide unconditional support.”

Congratulations Michelle & Jim, I wish you both a lifetime of love, joy and happiness!

Thank you so much for entrusting me to capture this special time in your lives, when you officially joined together and became a family!  I hope that these photos are just the sort of eclectic images you were looking for and a good mix of: candid/traditional, details/epic scenes, traditional/creative.

Please feel free to comment below or share on social media!


Creative senior portrait photographers: Sam Part 1

A Kayak, dogs and incredible high school senior– you won’t want to miss Sam…

When I initially met with Sam, he shared, “You’ve photographed a lot of my friends and they all look great.  I appreciate how your photos are unique and creative, personalized to fit each person.”

His mom, Kara, shared, “The whole experience of working with you was fantastic!  It was very natural and you were able to capture him just being him.  Your shots are gorgeous!”

While I love to capture action and movement like the opening image, I also enjoy capturing more traditional portraits as well.

Sam shared, “Nature is huge for me.  I love to be outdoors!  I’ll camp out with friends, hike, take the dogs…  I spent a whole week outside, sleeping in a hammock once, it was just fun.”

Kara shared about this wall all the way in.  It was the same color as the woods and ground and I hadn’t even noticed it.  Sam and I hiked down to it and wow– it was perfect!  Such a cool shot of you, Sam!

Sam shared, “I can be more of an introvert but I know who I am and what I want.  I just try to be the best me that I can be.”

Sam explained, “I’m a swimmer and spend a lot of time in the water.  I wanted a more subtle water reference.  I love Kayaking and started going out on one when I was too young to paddle.  I’d just sit on the back, I don’t know, I was probably four or so.”

Picking on his guitar, Sam said, “I’m interested in learning new things, it’s just fun.   I’ve been playing the guitar for a couple years now,  I’m self-taught, so yeah I just picked it up over Youtube pretty much.”

Kara shared, “Sam has always been a very humble person, always been sensitive to other people’s needs.”

She smiled, “I remember when he was a toddler, he’d toddle over to the other little ones and give them a hug them if they were crying.  You can see it now, too– how he is with the dogs, or little kids on the swim team, even his younger sister.”

Sam is such an interesting young man– one with a lot of balance in his life– sports, grades, hobbies, friends… I thought this was fitting…

This image seemed to really fit on some level, I think it’s the combination of nature, tranquility and complexity!

The moon rise 🙂  I included this just because it was beautiful.

Sam thanks so much for entrusting me with capturing this important part of your life!

It was a pleasure getting to know you and I’m so excited to share Part 2– *the pool*.

[…] She concluded, “If Sam wants something he goes out and makes it happen.  You can see it with him picking up swimming, the guitar, really whatever he wants to do.”  If you want to see the first part of Sam’s senior portraits with his Kayak, dogs and guitar, it is here. […]

Central PA Creative Senior Portrait Photographers: Emily

Emily is daring, mysterious, adventurous & an ‘old soul’ with spirit and strength.  It was my pleasure to try to capture as much of that as possible in a single image…

Laurie Jo, Emily’s mother shared a bit about why she wanted me to photograph her daughter’s senior portraits.  She said, “You are so talented, your work is just incredible– artistic, unique and very personal!  I’ve been following you for years and there was no other photographer we’d even consider for Emily’s senior portraits!  You made her so comfortable right off the bat, you made everything so easy!  Worth every cent and more, absolutely!  You were able to truly capture her unique personality and just the essence of who she is!”

Emily added, “I had a lot of fun, and the whole experience was really cool.  I’ve never done anything like this before, but you made me feel so comfortable.  The whole shoot was very me, you made it so natural and easy.”

When I photograph a senior, my goal is to capture an eclectic variety of photos– some more traditional and posed, some more artistic and free flowing, but I really want the whole set to come together and describe them and capture the many facets of who they are– their personality, character, interests, etc.  I strive to capture all of these fleeting elements in a tangible, visual, lasting way through photography.

Here is a more traditional portrait…

As Emily stood on the dock, I captured her reflection and the oak leaves that covered the bottom of the lake.  For me this image captures Emily’s depth.

I felt like there was some significance to the oak leaves as well.  I looked it up, and found that they symbolize: “humility, patience, faith, power, endurance, and strength.”

I’m not sure that a more accurate description of Emily exists!  I love when things come together like this!

When we first met, I asked Laurie Jo to describe her daughter she said, “Emily is quiet, but not shy.  She’s strong, athletic, a real team player with lots of self-confidence.”

For me, this photo captures many of those elements…

As does this one– I loved this old mossy stone wall– I could imagine a similar wall standing in Ireland.  For me, it suggested depth and timelessness, an old soul.

And those eyes– the sun was hitting them just right… she seems wise and a bit mysterious…

Emily changed into Big Spring athletic wear and pulled out her basketball.  I wanted to capture her speed and the motion of her playing in a still photograph.

I used a slow shutter speed and special panning technique to capture this…

Emily shared, “I’ve been playing for 8 years started in 5th grade!  I’ve played for Big Spring High School  for all 4 years.  We went to districts this year, it’s been over a decade since we’ve made districts, so that was a really cool experience for my senior year!”

Haaaa!  If only you could see the behind the scenes version of this shot!  There was no basketball court at the lake, so we made our own!

It included me climbing that stone wall and Laurie Jo being a make-shift “pole” holding a net and having Emily show up with all of her fierceness…

I love the bold contrast of this photo, for me it shows intensity and focus.

While Emily is a fierce competitor, she also has a very laid back, soft side as well.

There is something about this photo that captures her quiet, peaceful nature…

I love to play with reflections!  Can you tell which one is the “real” Emily?

As the sun sank lower in the horizon, Emily changed into a white lace romper.  She seemed to glow, light in the darkness of the woods…

She almost looks angelic to me in this next photograph.

Her mother commented, “It captures her soft, quiet, feminine, side so perfectly!”

I was trying to capture her more joyful, optimistic, fun-loving side here…

Emily shared, “I love Tom Petty, The Beatles, CCR, I would love to live back then.  I like a more simple, laid back lifestyle.  I’m not really a techie, phone person, haha!”

It was twilight, the mountains were a stunning blue-purple and Emily stood barefoot on the beach looking at the view.

I ducked behind a few weathered ferns and used some “filmy” camera settings– a slower shutter, higher iso, etc.  I think it is *so* Emily

This could have totally been taken on the road home from Woodstock in 1969 ;).

One last photo!  Photographically I love the contrast– Emily has a light foot against a dark background and the reflection shows a dark food against a light background.

Emily stands on a rock about to leap from her current rock to a new one.  For me this symbolizes her adventurous spirit and her journey, taking the next step…

Laurie Jo, thank you for following my work for all of these years and for all of the work you have done for my children in the past at their school library!

It was such a pleasure to get to know your beautiful daughter, and to capture her incredible spirit!!!

Central PA Senior Portrait Photographers: Braden

I was lucky enough to spend an evening in the mountains photographing Braden doing a few of his favorite things– fishing, archery and witnessing a pretty spectacular sunset!!!

I thought I’d open with him climbing a tree, bow in hand as the sun begins to set…  this photo just has Braden written all over it:

Becky, Braden’s mother, shared, “My boys mean the world to me and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have you capture both of their senior pictures.  The experience of working with you has been most enjoyable and you’ve given me lasting treasures in these photographs that I will cherish forever.”

I had the pleasure of photographing Becky’s older son, Tyler before he joined the Marine Corps– out on the football field and going off-roading with his Jeep, now it was Braden’s turn…

Braden shared, “I chose to meet on my grandmother’s mountain ground, it is where we like to spend our free time.  A few of my favorite things are fishing and archery.”

He continued, “I’ve been ‘country’ my whole life, really.  But I started wearing boots and a hat after a family trip to Wyoming.”

While I love to capture lifestyle portraits in the moment, climbing a tree, tipping a hat, etc.,  I also make sure to provide my seniors with a good variety of photos, some more traditional like the one below.

Braden’s boots looked typical at the toes but up the leg were completely one of a kind!

He said, “I bought the boots because I’m patriotic and I got the dog tags on Paris Island at my brother’s boot camp graduation.  I’m very proud of him for everything he’s accomplished.”

To say Braden is humble is an understatement.  To bring “proud brother” dogtags along to his own portrait session gives you a glimpse of his character.

He is incredibly down to earth, honest and has a good sense of humor.  He is thoughtful, patient and has a good head on his shoulders :).

Braden said, “I really enjoy fishing.  It’s a way to get away and relax.”

He really liked the tree in this photograph…

He continued, “I fish a lot with my family and friends.  I mostly catch-and-release trout and bass.”

His mom and I loved his smile in this photograph…

A few of his lures against the worn wood of the bridge…

Braden explained, “My grandfather got me into hunting and fishing.  He’d bring me along when I was only six years old, so I started way back then.”

I enjoy getting creative with my photography and really like to play with reflections.

Not only is Braden wearing his lucky hat in the shot, but he also looks like he *is* camo…  it kind of messes with your head a little, no?

As the sun began to set we moved deeper into the woods..

Braden shared, “I started archery when I was maybe twelve years old.  I’ve been lucky, gotten a buck and two or three doe…”

I shared about Braden being humble, his mom thought it was a 6 point and he corrected her that it was only 5– who does that?  This guy: humble and kind.

I love how the sun looks in this photos, you can literally see the rays against the tree line.

I also really liked how both he and Tyler wanted photos in the same tree stand, but both shots looks incredibly different.  If you want to see for yourself, check out Ty’s blog here.

Following the session, Braden shared, “For being somebody who despises having my photos taken, I have to admit that this wasn’t too bad.  I actually enjoyed it.”

Either Braden was just being polite or that may have been one of the highest compliments I have received :).

Thanks for inviting me to the cabin and into your world.  I wish you all the best in college and with all of your future endeavors!

Senior Portrait Photographers: Johnathan at Hersheypark Arena

Ice hockey, palm trees and the coolest guy around…  check out Johnathan’s senior portraits here:

Johnathan and his family were familiar with my work because I photographed his cousin, Joseph.

Johnathan’s mother, Michele shared, “We fell in love with your work from the moment we saw Joe’s photos.  The experience of working with you was so fun, and you definitely drew him in right from the first meeting.  We are so fortunate to have a photographer so close to home whose work is so creative and unique!”

She concluded, “Your photos truly capture the essence of Johnny!”

During our initial meeting Johnathan shared that he has this crucifix that is very important to him.  He said, “Family is very important to me.  My grandfather recently passed and I carry this cross because it makes me feel close to him.”

Johnathan changed from his more neutral sweater and jeans to something that he was really pretty excited about…

He changed into a tropical Opposuit, complete with flamingos and palm trees!!!

I had never seen anything quite like this!  I commented on the level of confidence he must have to wear something like this!

He laughed, “My confidence has really built up over time.”

He continued, “I had to work for it– figure out who I was and just go for it.”

He smiled, “I really like this suit.”

This dude is too cool for school 😉

I know the image above looks like a studio shot, but we were here actually *on the ice* at the Hershey Park Arena!

Michele shared, “It’s a very iconic arena for anyone who is passionate about hockey in our area.  There is a lot of history there.”  She continued, “This shot really hits home for me because it is the view I would see as I watched Johnny play from the stands.  He really grew up on the ice, 5:00am practices, late night games…”

This shot would look awesome as a canvas–  I could see him taking it to college and eventually hanging in his future “man cave,” haha!

Johnathan shared, “I started playing hockey when I was three years old.  I stuck with it and was involved in the Hershey Bears program throughout elementary school.  I started playing for my school’s teams in middle and high school.”

He explained, “When I’m on the ice I’m in the zone.”

I used a slow shutter speed and panned along with him to capture the motion of Johnathan whizzing by here…

I asked what his favorite elements of hockey are…

He said, “My favorite things for sure are to: snipe, dangle and celly.”  Don’t worry, I needed a translation, too, haha!

He explained, “Basically to use little tricks to maneuver around another player,  to shoot quickly and accurately, and celebrate.”

He went on, “I’m not really known for speed, but more for my finesse”  He smiled.

I knew this location was special to Johnathan and his family and I wanted to show a wide variety of perspectives of the location.  I brought in the worn paneled garage style doors in the entryway, and rounded gold brick emphasizing the bold lines and contrast.  I was up close and over exposed on the ice so that it looked like a print ad for Opposuits haha, and showed eclectic perspectives on the ice and in the hallways.

Here you can see the stands, which were the first of their kind when the stadium was built.  As “not a single seat has an obstructed view.”  More about the Hersheypark Arena here.

I asked him to bring his medals along and used the ambient light in the hallway, one bulb tinted more blue and another more green, and placed him in between to snap this shot.

He shared, “For our division, we were Central Pennsylvania Interscholastic Hockey League champions for three years in a row!”

He talked a little about his experience working with me and going through the Rhinehart Photography process.

He said,  “It was really fun!   I liked the way that you had some general ideas and plans, but in the end you just rolled with it.  We were able to work together and go with the flow, get creative and have fun.  I had a great time and I’d definitely love to do something like this again.  I totally enjoyed it!”

Johnathan and Michele, thank you for entrusting me in capturing Johnathan’s interests, personality and such a pivitol point in his life!

I hope that these photos are just the sort of creative, unique senior portraits that you were looking for!  Feel free to comment below or share on social media.

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