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Green Grove Gardens Wedding Photographers: Steph & Will

Sparks ignite a Blaze (hehe) during this colorful wedding uniting two fun-loving soccer coaches!  Be prepared to see: sparks flying, a post-it prank, an entire Blaze soccer team and Steph & Will’s spirits soaring on the clouds:

Stephanie and Will came to me looking for photos that would be creative, unique and capture their personal story.    They loved the vibrant colors and landscape of Green Grove Gardens and hoped I could capture that as well.

Steph shared, “We loved working with you guys on our wedding day! We had a blast, it was so much fun. We got to experience you unique vision first hand– you see things in such a different way!  We loved it!”

I showed them the back of the camera after taking the shot above and Steph was blown away, she said, “Woah here I was picturing the porch, but this is all about the sky!”  I brought the sky into the shot of the bridesmaids’ dresses as well as the venue:

Steph’s dress is incredibly special, what a great idea:

She explained, “After searching for the perfect dress at multiple boutiques, I finally found “the one” at FairyTale Brides in Rockville. The awesome part about this shop is the dresses are all donated and the profits are used to support local charity organizations. My hope is that when I donate my dress back to the shop, I can help make an impact.”

I love capturing reflections, it really adds to the mood…

Will shared, “I love Steph’s sense of humor, it is unique like mine. I love her drive and dedication. She puts 120 percent into everything she does.”

I have several portraits of Steph but this is my favorite, it gives you a feel for her high-energy, driven nature as well as her vibrant blue eyes…

The day was very windy, stormy actually– we watched a storms passed over us throughout the wedding day.

The wind was so intense that capturing a portrait of the bridesmaids without their hair covering their faces was a real challenge!

I was able to block most of the wind with this tree and have the even light that I wanted here:

Steph shared, “I put together a special gift for my parents, frames that had pictures of me and each of my parents throughout the years with a hand written note in the middle. I wanted to thank them for all they have done for me and let them know how truly blessed I am to call them Mom and Dad.”

The gift brought Steph’s father to tears– here he wipes away a single tear…

While the women were busy with hair, make-up and dresses, the men played some soccer outside.  Will was just passed the ball in this shot.

Will’s friends are just as active an enthusiastic as he and Steph are.

Haha, the high-energy and enthusiasm continued as Will went to straighten up in his groom’s room and was assaulted by WAM post-it notes!

Steph shared, “WAM started as a prank on my younger sister, Amy. She was in college at the time and we covered her entire dorm room in post-it notes with the word WAM on it. The funniest part was we put some in her printer paper and she actually turned her final college essay in to her professor with a WAM on it. Needless to say, she was super embarrassed and has been trying to get revenge. She WAMMed Will’s truck and it has been going on ever since. We thought we took the crown by getting her and Andy on seats at their wedding last year, but we were in for a surprise.”

If you look closely you might be able to see a “Ginger Snap WAM,” haha…

Will sat down and began to read a letter that Steph wrote for him to read before the ceremony.  His eyes were filled with tears of joy…

Steph shared, “We were best friends who do everything together. I fell in love with his easy going and laid back personality. He always knows how to make me smile :). ”

A classic portrait of the handsome groomsmen…

Wedding guests arrived and I was pleasantly surprised to see so many children in attendance!

When I mentioned it to Steph she said, “Family is super important to both of us.  We wanted everyone to be a part of our special day!”

Groomsmen escorted bridesmaids down a long winding path…

Stephanie’s father escorted her down the same path.  Here she beams at Will.

Will shared, “When I first saw her on the wedding day, I just couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked and how lucky I am.”

I love all the layers and framing in this next photo…

It is my goal to have couples be able to re-live their wedding day for years to come through their wedding photos.  I try to capture different perspectives of the same scene, adding to the overall experience.

Throughout the day, I switch lenses and settings frequently to obtain different vantage points and looks during a ceremony.  Here I am standing in the exact same location but using a different lens, different settings and a different angle:

As Steph listens to the pastor’s words, the wind lifted a single tendril of her blonde curls.  Sometimes it is the little things…

Another perspective, this time a close-up view of Will’s wedding band doing on and smiles all around:

Husband and Wife!

While I spend most of my day capturing natural, candid moments as they happen, I do make sure to give couples a wide variety of photos– some scenic, others details, others more traditional portraits:

This was Steph and Will’s favorite part of the day….

Steph shared, “Our favorite time during our wedding day was the downtime we had to spend alone for our wedding photos.  We were able to really enjoy those moments together and take in all of the excitement from the day!  We loved it!”

Steph shared about why their relationship is so natural, “We work well together because we balance each other out and have so much in common. We love to go hiking, biking, snowboarding, and just about anything outdoors.”

She continued, “We spent our honeymoon in Hawaii for two weeks and did very little relaxing between the 100+ miles of hiking, zip lining, snorkeling with turtles, downhill biking, surfing and even rappelling waterfalls. Despite having to take a vacation from the vacation, we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

The water and vibrant colors in this next shot almost said “Hawaii” to me…

I love stretching my cameras ability and playing with some different techniques.  Here I focused on the water and allowed Steph and Will to blue in the background…

Speaking of blurring, I used a motion blue technique here to capture the happy couple as they sped off, but this image makes me laugh out loud, because of my husband (and assistant) Kris’ expression as he drives the golf cart!  He is a man on a mission, face to the wind, haha!

Steph commented, “Not many people say they went top speed in a golf cart on their wedding day!  He had so much fun :).”

This photo is simple, but so “them” that that I couldn’t help but post…

On the drive in I noticed a vibrant, golden field and knew that if they were up for it and we had access to a golf cart that I would love to take them there.

It was so beautiful, but Steph shared, “Nothing that I would have noticed or even considered for photos.”

Fields are pretty common in this part of the country, so I think this is a perfect location for their story…

They shared, “In order to make our day truly reflect us, we chose to wear sambas. Since soccer has been such a big part of our relationship, from meeting through futsal to playing on indoor/tournament teams together to now coaching two teams together, we thought it only seemed appropriate.”

Steph shared, “Will and I have shared so many of life’s “firsts” from college graduations to buying a house to getting two pups and I know there are still many more to come. I am so looking forward to experiencing life together and seeing what God has in store for us.”

It seemed so fitting with her tattoo…

Steph said, “We got to experience your unique vision firsthand when we were driving in the golf cart up to the waterfall. Will and I were thinking how we could get some perfect pictures with the water behind us. Meanwhile, you were thinking, “Wow this greenhouse is awesome” and immediately made a sharp turn to take some cool shots that we never would have thought of. It was great! We loved it.  We can’t wait to see how all of your pictures turn out!”

Green Grove Gardens is known for the sheer volume of colorful flowers and when we turned the corner I was able to see the origin of that vibrant landscaping!   For me there is something symbolic going on here.  You can see the stark black and white scene where all of those colorful flowers surrounding their ceremony space began, as they start their own beginning together.  I like the idea of it…

Another concept that is a little outside of the box…

When we arrived back at cocktail hour, the guests were playing some games…

Here are a few of the reception details including a cake topper personalized for Will and Steph.  Main Street Sweets did an excellent job on their cake!

I love capturing natural moments like this.  You are able to see so many supportive wedding guests in their natural element:

Their first dance… I have a few different perspectives of this, but this one, showing all of the chandeliers is my favorite:

Again, I really wanted to offer a unique perspective that not only captured Steph and her dad, but also so many of the wedding guests.

Cake smash…

Steph’s sister, Mandy was the official graphic designer for the wedding.  She created so many beautiful elements!

Steph shared, “My older sister, Mandy, was the graphic designer behind the whole wedding. She created the logo, designed all the save the dates, invites, signage, and made everything look super unique and awesome :)”

Here you can see the logo on the dance floor…

The children were the first to hit the dance floor…

Everyone else soon followed thanks to Matt Shew of Shew-sical Entertainment

At one point the ladies from the soccer team that Steph and Will coach surrounded them on the dance floor and shared a speech, explaining just how much the coaches mean to the team…

Steph shared, “Since we got engaged, the girls on the team have been begging to come to the wedding. They wanted to know every detail: what the color scheme was, what my dress looked like, who the best man was, if they could be all be bridesmaids, etc!”

She continued, “The previous season, the girls would ask religiously if they could come to the wedding so it was near the end of the season and Will made a bet with them. He put the ball in their court. If they won the game, they could come to their wedding. The game was tied at 1-1 until about the last two minutes. They scored off a header from a corner kick to win the game and you would have thought the girls just won the World Cup. They were ecstatic. They even did a team cheer at the end saying “Blaze to the wedding”.”

“I had no idea that the girls wrote a speech for the wedding so when they gave it at the reception, it did nearly bring a tear to my eye. I have been coaching these girls since the academy days so it has been an amazing experience watching them grow and develop not only as players, but as people. I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

The bouquet and garter toss was eventful to say the least.  Here are both items in mid-air!

Time for those sparks to fly!!!

I like how the fountain is illuminated in the background:

After all the guests were gathering their belongings and heading out, Steph and Will took a moment to light a sparkler together…

Weddings bands, together forever!

Steph and Will thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your beautiful wedding day!  I hope that these photographs are just the sort or fun, unique, creative images that you were hoping for and that they allow you to cherish this day for many years to come!

Fotograf WroclawSeptember 1, 2017 - 1:38 pm

Brilliant pictures!

Rivercrest Golf Club Wedding Photographers: Amanda & Andrew

Rainy day romance for a fun-loving couple that was just meant to be…

Amanda and Andrew reached out to me looking for a wedding photographer that would focus on capturing candid moments, capturing the emotions and energy of the day and the people that mean so much to them.

Amanda shared, “I stalked your work and loved it! Lisa, you were such a source of serenity for me throughout the day. Knowing you were on top of everything put me at such ease during moments when I may have lost it. And the fact that you are a part time weather woman!!!!! Those Valley Forge pictures could have been a huge dud and you made it happen which I am forever grateful for.”

Here are a few candid moments I captured of Amanda getting ready…

Her shoes were fabulous!  She chose blush to bring in a bit of color since she (and the bridesmaids) were both wearing white!

Amanda, you are stunning!!!

Amanda played with her ring, sharing, “My dad gave me a gold ring with an “A” on it when I was 5 years old. I wore it every day until it didn’t fit anymore. My dad saved the ring, had it dipped in white gold and resized and gave it to me to wear on my wedding day as my something old!”

Amanda wanted to have a light, airy, organic look for her summer wedding.  She wanted it to be classic and timeless, yet play with current trends a little…

All the bridesmaids wore white mid-drift dresses and carried bouquets with white, creme and blush tones…

Amanda really wanted each bridesmaid to look like herself and shine– she had them wear their hair down…

Sisters!!!  Awesome that between the 3 of them they have a blonde, brunette and red-head!!!

Now it is Andrew’s turn… I love Kris’ creative, shadowy silhouette shot!

Andrew is down-to earth and a total gentleman.  He’s also a lot of fun to be around…

Letting loose a little…

Letting loose a lot, haha!

I love how you can see the doors opening and all of the church opening and see all of the guests turning to watch Amanda as she is escorted down the aisle by her father:

Andrew was blown away!

The ring exchange…

Man and wife!


The ring bearer was adorable!  Wait until you see him on the dance floor!

It started raining shortly after the ceremony so we all hopped in the limo and headed to Valley Forge.  It wasn’t raining there yet (we literally had about 10 minutes until downpour)!!! I snapped a few quick, traditional shots…

Downpour!!!  I caught the movement of Amanda and Andrew as they headed to the limo using a slow shutter speed:

Andrew is such a gentlemen, here he is holding her veil as they head into the limo– still smiling!!!

I caught their reflection and love the bokeh (rain orbs) in the foreground) and Amanda’s expression…

We decided to wait out the rain and party in the limo a bit…

The sun came out, I focused on the raindrops and allowed the bride and groom to blur into the background.

Amanda shared, “Andrew is calm, steady Eddy. He is the most laid back person I have ever known. I am a bit type A, obsessive, emotionally impulsive. He is the Yin to my Yang in the most extreme ways. When we started dating people actually used to comment like what do you guys do? What do you talk about? You have nothing in common. But somehow we have always clicked so effortlessly.”

I think that this image really captures some interesting elements of their relationship.  It has a ying-yang feel to it as it is diagonally cut in half, white on one side black on the other.  Amanda’s white dress pops against a dark background and Andrew’s black tux pops against the white.

This photo captures both rays of sunshine and an umbrella– for me, it all comes together to show that opposites attract ;).

Amanda shared, “What made me fall for Andrew was that he was just this breath of fresh air. So positive, down for anything. And then a deeper level of that made me choose him as a partner. He is everything I lack, my weaknesses are his strengths and together we operate so well as a team. We support each other, challenge each other and have really grown up together as this functioning adult unit – I can’t picture life without him.”

I love the intense sunlight here and the dramatic, vibrant, sky.  I think it really captures their strength as individuals and as a couple…

Headless groom haha…

I thought it was really cool that everyone was in white and got a little artistic, playing with the idea of Amanda’s bridesmaids being part of her dress…

The Rivercrest Golf Club was elegantly decorated…

Amanda shared, “One thing we’ve always had in common was our music taste. From Motown to random Indie Folk Bands, which I think is something that drew us together too. Big Motown people – hence Sam Cooke being our first dance. It’s one of ‘our songs’.”

The bridal party was huge, yet incredibly supportive of the happy couple.

Amanda shared, “They are a wild motley crew and I love them all. They really showed up for us that day. I know our friends, groomsmen especially, are always down for good time and to bring the fun but they really did everything to make the day great for us. 14 smiling faces just ready to be told where to go, what to do and to make us laugh throughout. I felt especially lucky to have them. I think everyone was just genuinely happy to celebrate us. We have been together for so long that his friends are mine, mine are his and they’re even friends with each other. So it really was good vibes, all of us friends hanging out, all here to celebrate this couple we’ve known forever, let’s make it the best day for them. I think knowing how tense I can be and how out of Andrew’s element the whole day was, they really jumped to support us, keep things light and make it a party.”

Amanda’s father’s speech was really a highlight of the evening.  Here he is showing how high Andrew has set the bar for Amanda’s sister’s husbands-to-be…

Amanda shared, ” My dad and I have such a special bond that I obviously know but he isn’t a big talker so I think everyone was surprised to hear all these beautiful thoughts and emotions. He’s just the best, I’m so lucky!”

At one point Amanda’s mind was actually blown, haha…

Amanda shared, “The big dance floor was a major selling point for us in choosing Rivercrest Golf Club.  Our friends and family are not shy and love to dance so we needed room for all 200 of them to bust a move. When people started dancing before dinner was even served – I knew we made the right call lol!”

Andrew’s brother, who was just as kind and polite as Andrew and as much fun to be around!  He wore Andrew’s football pin that his mom would wear in support of Andrew at all of his games.  It was a fun and sweet gesture…

We took soooo many group photos that evening, as capturing their weddings guests was very important to Amanda & Andrew.  This has to be one of my favorites…

Their family and friends were so much fun!

They played a dance-version of spin the bottle…

Someone took off their belt and created a make-shift limbo…

As a little girl Amanda always looked at a silhouetted photo of her grandparents.  They were facing towards each other and her grandmother was touching her grandfather’s chin to pull him closer. She always looked at it and thought that they looked so beautiful and that she wanted a love like that.

I think she found it…

Amanda & Andrew, thank you for inviting us to be a part of your day!  Thank your for your kindness, trust, and just for being your fun, awesome selves!  Please share this with family and friends 🙂

Teresa PiersonJuly 21, 2017 - 9:35 pm

A beautifully captured wedding day, of a beautiful couple, and an amazing wedding!

DC Wedding Photographers: Christine & Alec at Le Meridien Arlington

Opposites attract in this modern, DC wedding filled with love & laughter…

Christine & Alec originally spotted my work in the Washingtonian and loved my eclectic mix of photography– from details, to classic portraiture, to candid moments, to photos with artistic flare.

They shared, “We chose you based on your amazing photography as well as your rave reviews.  Ideally we’d like your photos to capture the details and overall “vibe” of our day.  We really liked working with you and Kris: you are both extremely professional, detail oriented, and truly fun to work with!”

The overall feeling of their day was playful, fun and romantic (which you can already start to see in the first image).  Their overall aesthetic was contemporary and chic with soft elegant touches.  Here are a few details from the morning…

Christine & Alec chose Le Meridien Arlington because it is a boutique hotel with a modern look and open feel.

As make-up artist, Christina Suh of Suhreal Artistry put on her finishing touches, I silhouetted Christine, revealing the high-rise out the window the contemporary decor, to give a feel for the space…

I love incorporating creative elements like reflections to add visual interest to an image…

Christine shared, “My mom helping me dress is a perfect representation of our relationship. She’s always there to help me in anything and everything… it certainly helps that she’s a wizard when it comes to fashion!! She not only helped me pick out my wedding dress, but she also personally made my veil, in addition to sewing-in our wedding date into my dress with blue thread for my “something blue” and to commemorate our big day!”

Christine wore an ivory A-line gown with a simple organza skirt and embellished tulle bodice with illusion straps and deep V-neckline from Nordstrom’s Wedding Suite.  Here her mother delicately finishes buttoning the gown.

Christine’s shoes were simple, patent nude Christian Louboutin pumps.

Christine’s friends were definitely fans of her chic attire…

Alec shared, in his charming, charismatic way, “What made me fall for my wife?  Tiny hands, big heart.  It didn’t hurt that she was the most attractive woman I had ever met.” 😉

He continued in a more serious tone, “Christine is nothing short of amazing.  She is beautiful, caring, attentive and a wonderful (albeit spoiling) caretaker of our black lab, Marley.”

He went on, “Her smile is contagious and even after all these years it never ceases to melt my heart.”

Alec shared, “While I’m the extrovert who wants to keep everyone laughing and entertained, Christine is the introvert who shows attentive care to everyone around her.  She keeps us grounded.”

I love to play with reflections, shape and shadow and really liked this one as it almost shows a bit of Christine’s more thoughtful, quiet persona.

Christine shared, “My father kissing me on the cheek was SO out of character! No father adores his daughter more than my father does me, yet he is not someone who displays emotion in public, EVER!!”  I think her smile and her mother’s gaze say it all.

The bridesmaids wore long, beaded, blush gowns from BHLDN with nude sandals and held bouquets of white peonies.

Now we turn our spotlight to Alec…

Christine explained, “I fell for Alec because of his huge heart and his charming, outgoing, fun personality.

I think just this first candid photo of him fits him so perfectly…

He and Christine loved the views from Le Meridien Arlington— here you are able to see some of the scenic landscape showing the Potomac River and Georgetown in the distance and Alec’s groomsmen helps him adjust his bowtie.

Christine Shared, “Alec is caring, fun, empathetic to all things and, I should add, extremely good looking! He’s always attuned to my needs and knows when I’ve had a bad day and he’ll stop at nothing to make me feel better & to cheer me up.”

I love the guys shoe & sock combos!  Alec stated, “No doubt about it, the socks were dope! Christine and I picked them all out at J-Crew and assigned them specifically based on our relationship with each of the groomsmen. Needless to say, each of the groomsmen caught our messages or understood our reference as soon as the socks were delivered during rehearsal dinner.”

I love photographing this modern look, so many lines and shapes for me to play with!!!!

Looking dapper, gentlemen…

Christine shared, “The Holy Trinity Church was less grand than your typical D.C. Catholic church; however, it combined traditional ambiance with historical significance–it’s the oldest Catholic Church in continuous operation in the District of Columbia–it was also the church that John F. Kennedy and his family regularly attended.”

Here Christine quietly slips in the church before anyone sees her, I love the dramatic contrast in this photo– it is simple, classic and just fits her so well.  Wow, that train!

She began walking down the aisle escorted by her father…

Alec shared, “Seeing her walk down the aisle on our wedding day was one of the single most moving experiences of my life.  Never had I seen anything as beautiful as the angel walking towards me, and I’m not too proud a man to admit that it was enough to bring me to tears. ”

Christine added, “I had butterflies in my stomach… seeing him down the aisle was one of the most nerve-racking and joyous moments of my life… I had that same excited-nervous feeling when I first met him 11 years before. Mostly, I was thinking, WOW, he looks great!!!

Christine shared, “Alec bowed to my father before accepting me as his bride. This small gesture, while not expected, had a profound impact on both my father, as well as all of our Korean guests.”

Kris caught this amazing aerial shot of the moment…

I think Alec’s face says it all, Christine, you are adored…

Holy Trinity in Georgetown is such a pretty church…

Man and wife…

I wanted to show off the beautiful architecture of the church, the chandeliers and stained glass, the lovely detailing, so I climbed up to the choir loft.  The photo is slightly off center as the organist was located at the center and needed an unobstructed view for his music, but I think it really captures the moment well.

Guest applauding, even the pianist looks over joyed.  Kiss the bride!

On their way out of the church they kissed beneath the stained glass window with colorful buildings peeking in from the background.  The guests had left and it was just them…

Georgetown is lovely and I like that you can see the row houses in the background, so bright and cheery.

The limo awaited (complete with red carpet) and took the happy couple to the Georgetown Waterfront.

The Driver from Diamond Limousine was so great to work with!  He would always ask me where to park for the best photos and where to pick them up and when.  He even gave me his cell phone number so we wouldn’t have to trouble the couple to call for them.

Christine and Alec hopped out and walked along the Georgetown Waterfront.  I liked the mix of natural elements and city skyline.  It fit their modern, romantic look so well!

Christine shared, “The views of the Potomac, Key Bridge, and the greenery were fantastic!”

I knew Christine really liked the Key Bridge and wanted to include it in a shot for her.  I found the perfect spot where if I used the perfect lens I could literally frame them in it!

Alec explained, “I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my days with my best friend and love of my life.”

He continued, “Someone who knows me as well as I know myself; someone who, no matter where we are, will always take the parking validation ticket from me without either of us saying a word; and someone who will love me as wholly and unconditionally as I love them in return for the rest of our lives.”

A quick portrait…

Christine’s bridesmaids joined us for a few photos as well– you can really tell that this is a tight knit group!

The bridesmaids *loved* Alec, and he totally hammed it up with them.

He shared, “For starters, there’s no way I would have ever ended up with the love of my life without Bri and Jen convincing Christine that even though it was 2006, I was not a time traveling grunge-fan, just an out of place gentle soul who wore flannel and adored her. I cannot thank them enough for convincing her to give me a shot at “wooing” her.  And Courtnie, I am her ‘brother from another mother’.”

He continued, “Christine has been blessed with easily the most remarkable, entertaining, and fun-loving bridesmaids (and friends) anyone could ask for!!!

We totally lucked out with our drive over– no traffic and such kind pedestrians who kindly walked around us as best as they could.  It was awesome!

A more traditional shot with the whole gang.  Again I wanted to capture the city softly in the background and all of the greenery.

I framed them in the bow of a large tree which added some depth to the photo.

Wow, what an entrance!  I love all of the interesting lines and architecture of Le Meridian.  It offers such a clean, bright modern look…

Christine shared, “Alec is so much fun to be around!  He knows how to light up a room instantly with his charm!”

Here he is doing his Alec thing…

Christine and Alec really liked the editorial-inspired Vogue shots that they had seen blogged in my other weddings and were eager try it out with their bridal party.  I incorporated greenery and modern architecture again to really solidify that look…

Sweet, elegant succulents greeted each guest and doubled as a place card and their gift.

Christine explained, “The succulents were shipped from California and they arrived in perfect condition!”

She continued, “Alec and I potted the succulents in square glass votive.  The printing was done by Minted.”

Christine shared, “We loved the open feel of the reception area in Le Meridien Arlington and the fact that it was not a typical ballroom.”

A few of the sweet party details, including a tasty cake by Happy Eatery.


The florals AND wedding planning was expertly completed by Cedar and Lime Company by owner, Haley Tobias.

Christine added, “We were going for a modern/romantic look and feel for our wedding, which our soft colors and hints of gold help support. Our floral arrangements included white peonies, blush Juliet roses, cream ranunculus, white anemones. ”

They shared, “The reception venue also included a terrace with an amazing view of the Potomac River and Georgetown. We were most excited about the terrace, not only for the amazing view, but also for the additional space it provided–our guests absolutely loved mingling on the terrace as the sun set!”

Christine explained, “Our reception entrance song was, oddly enough, my idea (oddly, because if you ask anyone who knows us, it would have been markedly out of character for either of us, me in particular)!!

She continued, “Once I’d chosen a song, (We entered the room to “Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake & Lil Jon.) Alec was quick to choreograph an entrance dance for us that would “get the crowd going”!!”

The first dance…

The speeches were all amazing!  I chose this one because it was the most visually interesting for me.  As the sun began to sink low in the sky I was able to silhouette the key players and capture the color of the champagne while diving the room with the lines of the window and balloon.  I just think it looks cool :).

DJ Brennan Sullivan of Bialek’s Music was fantastic!  Everyone was dancing and the selection was perfect.  He was friendly, experienced and professional.

I used some crazy lighting techniques to pull this shot off, radio transmitters and the like, I wanted to show the dance floor and city all at once.

Alec shared, “Once the cake was cut and we could finally spend a little precious time with one another on our special day.”

Christine and Alec spent the rest of the evening enjoying their time alone together.

Christine & Alec, thank you for choosing me to capture your wedding day!  I hope that the images provide you with the eclectic mix of photos that you were hoping for and help you to remember all the details, people and places that came together to make your day so unique!  I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors!

Loft at Sweet Water Country Club Wedding: Allison & Zac

Vibrant colors, creative perspectives and lots of good vibes, especially out on the dance floor– you won’t want to miss this fun, unique wedding at the Loft at Sweet Water Country Club

Allison & Zac reached out to Rhinehart Photography liking our creative, custom-tailored approach and had the mindset that their wedding photography was incredibly important.  Allison said, “At the end of the wedding day, the photos are what will last.”  They wanted their wedding photos to be, “colorful, fun and us with a touch of elegance.”

Allison shared, “Simply calling you a professional photographer is an understatement, your care, hard work, and creativity in every shot truly impressed us. We are hoping to capture the beauty of the day and our emotions and the joy of everyone around us during our special day. We loved all of the different ideas you had!”

Zac continued, “Working with the two of you was easy and natural, you prepared us for what we were to expect and you were adaptable and made everything fun. Your work on our wedding day reminded us that our confidence in you was in-questionable. All of our family members were super impressed with your work and everyone is eager to see your photos!”

The sky on Allison and Zac’s wedding day was nothing short of incredible.  Vibrant blue, light fluffy clouds.  I captured both the sky and the awesome windows at the Sweet Water Country Club as well as Allison and her dress on her “Mrs. Rank” hanger in this photograph…

Alli and Zac initially met in high school (they even went to prom together): following school, they spent several years living across continents with Zac’s family living and working in Ecuador.

Alli would spend time in the summer visiting Zac in Ecuador and they have many great memories there.  I really wanted to bring a little bit of Ecuador into these photographs if I could.

Here I placed their rings on this ‘tropical’ leaf, Kris held it for me as I photographed the shadows of the rings passing through the leaf capturing more of that vibrant blue sky…

There are so many visual elements that interest me, from color and shadow to reflections.  I caught this one from above as the ladies finished their morning preparations:

Make-up artist, Bridget Leese and hair stylist, Nicole and her team at True Beauty Marks did an awesome job giving Alli an elegant, natural look.

Zac shared, “Alli is an amazing person.  She is smart, kind, and thoughtful.  She has this natural beauty and is gorgeous everyday, every morning.”

Wait until he sees her this morning– wow!!!

I think you can really see that timeless elegance that Alli possesses here.

I really like this image and how she nearly cuts the frame in half diagonally…

Allison’s bridesmaids joined her.  I like the natural look of this photo with the girls interacting and the leaves blowing in the breeze softly entering the top of the frame.  Everyone looks beautiful!

They chose an eggplant color for the bridesmaids’ dresses and it really popped against the green backdrop of the Country Club.

Allison shared, “We love color and wanted the flowers to pop so we chose dark purple, fuchsia, and lime green.”

The flower arrangements throughout the wedding were created by Jackie Bodor of Pondelek’s Florist.

Alli & Zac both really liked the editorial-inspired photographs that they saw in my portfolio and on my blog, so we made sure to include those throughout their day.  We have more traditional portraits of the bridesmaids, too, but I really like this one– they have unleashed their inner model, haha:

The flower girl was adorable and preferred to view the “princesses” as she called them, from afar… I have several images of her, too but think this one is so sweet:

Enter the groom and groomsmen…

Alli shared, ” Zac is a very caring person and can light up a room with his fun-loving personality. He is always helpful, supportive and never afraid to learn something new. He rises to any challenge, is very dedicated and takes pride in all he does.”

I think Kris did a great job capturing his focus, dedication and pride well in this photograph.

Cheers, guys!  Zac bought his groomsmen personalized wooden mugs as their gifts…

The ceremony was about to start, there was so much energy and excitement in the room with Alli and her bridesmaids.

As they walked down the aisle Alli had a moment when she was truly alone, waiting for the doors to open…

The doors opened revealing her at the top of the balcony, she stood there for a moment looking down at Zac.

Zac shared, “I was experiencing such an overwhelming amount of emotion– I was truly over joyed!!!”

I like to get a variety of perspectives during the wedding ceremony.  I like this one as you get an idea of the whole scene including that vibrant blue sky!

It is my goal for couples to be able to re-live their day through their wedding photos for years to come.  I want them to be able to show these images to their future family members and give them a real sense of what it was like to be there on that day and all of the people who helped to bring them to that point…

Reverend Paul Costello took a personalized approach to Zac and Alli’s ceremony.  Alli shared, “So many of our guests commented on how they enjoyed it!”

As Zac finished his vows and slide the ring on Allie’s finger he bit his lower lip, I just thought it was a sweet moment…

The sun was so intense that I was able to silhouette the ceremony!

Zac shared, “During the ceremony it was so calming to stand next to each other.”

Alli added, “It was such a surreal moment as we have waited so long for this day and it finally arrived!  I was over joyed!”

Kiss the bride…

Zac’s parents were awesome and so clearly proud of their son.

Zac shared, “I truly value and appreciate my mom and dad’s love.”

Strike a pose…

What a little character!  As I set everyone up for the bridal party portrait, the ring bearer ran up to me to tell me that he was 2, haha!  Adorable :).

I have several traditional portraits but this one make me smile!

I couldn’t really hear what was said here, but I think it was probably something along the lines of, “stay there!’

The little boys’ expressions are priceless– it looks like the ring bearer did a little face-palm, haha!

The Loft at Sweetwater was well prepared and had a golf cart and driver waiting for us ready to explore the Country Club with the couple.

I snapped this in the rear view– I still can’t get over that sky!

Zac shared, “My favorite part of the day was taking in the moments with Allison.  We just loved spending time together!”

While I love creative shots and capturing emotion, I also enjoy more traditional portraits as well.

I used a telephoto lens to compress the background so that you can see the green, pond, woods, etc.

Alli shared, “Zac and I connect so well together. Everyone at the wedding said they could feel the love between us!”

The sun peeked through the trees and added some real warmth to this next image.  It almost looks surreal, as if their love for each other is tangible in the photo.

Allison continued, “Zac makes me feel so loved.  We understand each other and we know how to comfort one another!”

Take a closer look– while I was photographing them holding hands, you can also see their shadows in the background…

The gardens surrounding the Loft at Sweet Water Country Club were beautiful!  Here I focused on the flowers while allowing the couple to blur in the background.  I like how you can see the bumble bee and how Allison and Zac almost look like caricatures of themselves.

The wedding reception was decorated with vibrant blooms as well– fuchsia, eggplant and lime green arrangements adorned the head table.

The cake was also decorated with the same fresh flowers.  I like the texture of the icing!  It was created by Amy’s Creative Cakes.

I have several images of the first dance, but this is my favorite.  I silhouetted them against the large window while capturing the chandelier and their guests in the background.

Zac shared, “My brother’s speech brought me to tears of pride!  He was so nervous to give the speech but he did such an amazing job. Our brotherhood is unwavering.”

Zac, Allison and I met in person prior to the wedding to discuss the details of the wedding and the best timing for the photography.  We knew that we would eat dinner right away, then head out to enjoy sunset while the guests finished eating.

It was a perfect way to be able to savor those moments and capture a few more images without missing the party– win-win :).   They were so relaxed and in their element and the light was gorgeous!

Lol, so them!  Zac dipped her back and then both threw out a leg, I thought it was adorable and so “them”…

They stood in the same place that they exchanged vows a few hours earlier– a sweet moment.

The garter toss was hilarious!  Kris captured it perfectly!  If you look closely you can see the garter flying through the air and all of the guests’ expressions.

Allison shared, “It is hard to pinpoint the best part of our wedding day, but overall we were so glad everyone had a great time and were able to celebrate with us!”

She continued, “We loved that everyone got up and danced! We are a family that loves to have fun and dance.  We really enjoyed everyone’s company and there were people dancing that we never saw dance before and we loved being surrounded by everyone’s joy and energy!”

Adam Moyer of Soundfactor was great to work with!  Zac was an awesome dancer, he really let loose… here are a couple of my favorite photographs from the dance floor:

I love to try unique photography techniques and noticed and interesting window near the dance floor.  When I shot through it, it gave an almost kaleidoscope effect.

I also played with a motion blur technique as well…

Another image that they discussed wanting was a shot of everyone on the dance floor before the night was over…

“We wanted to have an eye catching sendoff where everyone could be involved and we decided to do sparklers.”  I love the excitement in this ring bearer’s face…

Haaa their expressions!

Such a sweet ending…

Allison and Zac, it was such a pleasure to spend the day with the two of you and your friends and family.  Everyone was so positive and so much fun to be around!  I hope that these photos were “colorful, fun and ‘you’ with a touch of elegance,” and I hope that they will enable the two of you and your loved ones to relive your wedding day for many years to come!

If you like what you’ve seen, please feel free to leave a comment or click ‘like’ below, if you haven’t seen enough of Zac and Allison and want to hear more of their story, you can check out their engagement photos, here.

Timeless Elegant Classic Palace Wedding: Lauren & Steven

A timeless, classic, elegant wedding at the Palace at Somerset Park

Lauren & Steve reached out to me looking for a wedding and engagement photographer that would capture all of the emotion, details and highlights of the day to allow them to re-live their wedding day over and over again and take them back in time to their wedding day.

We began the day photographing wedding day details, from preparations to details.  We use top-of-the-line equipment and bring unique perspectives to really make those details stand out.  I tried a couple different approaches to each, but these are my favorite photos– they look so sophisticated, elegant and dramatic…

There was something about this scene that caught my eye– it was the repetition of the numbers one and two and the symmetry and balance of it all.

A wedding day is all about two becoming one and this photograph captures that sentiment in an artistic way.  Two young women, two bouquets, two candles, two paintings, a scene cut in two, a reflection– then you have one photo, one mirror, one fireplace, one bouquet, one bride, one candelabra.

I don’t know if I’ve explained it well, but I really like it!

I captures a few more creative shots of her dress and details, but there is something really nice about this simple, classic, room arrangement that fits Lauren and Steven’s style so well!

Lauren’s dress is from Kleinfeld’s Bridal in New York City and is so unique.  Wait until you see it on her!!!

I was playing with the idea of balance again and really liked the idea of capturing what is going on at two rooms at once.  As Lauren and her mother prepare to take down the wedding dress, Lauren’s maid-of-honor gets finishing touches on by hair and make-up.

I love how much is backed into this one image– you can see all of the intricate detail on Lauren’s wedding gown as well as her jewelry and hands.  It is a simple shot that shows so much and gives a real sense of the intimacy of this moment…

Steven shared, “Lauren is a kind-hearted loving person with a beautiful heart.  I met her 12 years ago in Princeton and have been blessed ever since to have her in my life.”  Lauren, you are breathtaking!

Lauren shared, “Steven is loving, genuine and family-focused.  He pours his heart and soul into everything that he does.  He also has a great sense of humor!”

Here Steven gathers with several family members pre-ceremony.  Naturally everyone is smiling and laughing.  He’s a really great guy!

While we captured bridal party pictures later, Steven wanted to make-sure to grab a quick photo with all of the important men in his life that were gathered together in that moment…

Lauren shared, “Steve and I have different personalities but share the same sense of humor.  Also, he cooks dinner for me every night after work and when you can find a man that will do that for you, you know they’re a keeper!” 😉

Looking very relaxed and dapper, Steve– the tuxedo look is a good one on you…

Lauren shared, “My favorite part of the day was our ‘first look’…to see the look on Steven’s face when he turned around was priceless!!!  It also felt really calm and it was nice to have it just me myself and Steve. It was a great moment before the day got really busy.”

Steven said, “Lauren was Stunning! Amazing! I could not have imagined something more beautiful! She truly blew me away!!!”  I wasn’t sure which ones to share to I combined a few of my favorites in this collage:

Lauren and Steven stepped out into the Palace Gardens together…

Steven shared, “Lauren is bubbly, funny and not afraid to joke around, I love that!  One of the things that strand out most about Lauren is that she will always pick you up when you’re feeling down. She will go above and beyond to bring a smile to your face. She has a beautiful heart to go with her beautiful smile.”

I love the classic, timeless, elegant feel of this photograph…

I feel that this photograph has a similar look, but I really like the natural feel and framing of it.  They are framed by the building and trees and all of the focus leads straight to them.

Lauren and Steven had planned for an outdoor ceremony on the Palace’s terrace, but it started to rain.

I had wanted to capture a unique vantage point above the couple and when I peeked down at them I noticed all of the care Steven was taking of Lauren’s dress in the rain.

It was a sweet, simple, natural reaction that shows what a caring and compassionate person he is!

I captured a more traditional shot of the couple (I love to give them a good variety) and we headed inside to finish up their romantic photography.

Lauren and Steven were honestly awesome about the rain.  I knew how much they and really wanted the outdoor ceremony, but Lauren remarked, “We wanted a ceremony space that had an indoor option too, so that was a good idea!”

I knew another element that attracted Lauren and Steven to The Palace at Somerset was their chandeliers.  I focused on one of the chandeliers and allowed the silhouetted couple to blur into the background, carefully focusing all of the dramatic attention where I wanted it.

Blacking out the room was a strategy for me in more ways than one, as staff members busily gathered to set up the space for an indoor ceremony yet are invisible in this shot…

I moved in a little closer and captured this intimate moment.  I kept several elements of the decor in the frame as well to bring in that timeless, classic aesthetic…

Lauren shared about the look of her wedding, “Classic and elegant, we tried to stay with in a color scheme that mirrored different shades of champagne.”

A Touch of Elegance and The Palace worked in conjunction to provide Lauren with this stunning champagne flower wall.

It was beautiful and brought some of that light, romantic outdoor feeling to the indoor ceremony space…

The family had gathered pre-ceremony for photos, and was ready and waiting for us when we arrived.  I love her mom’s gown!  So beautiful…

Lauren mentioned that Steven was a “family man” and I got to witness it first hand with sim seeing several of his family members.

Steven remarked, “I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my parents.  My dad and I have a unique relationship, he has given me much of the humor I use today, and his bold personality lives through me!  Momma taught me to have a big heart and to love unconditionally. It’s her love that made me the caring man I am. She will always be the first love of my life.”

He continued, ” My grandma is the core of my father’s family.  We all live, laugh and love with and because of her. My step dad, John, has been in my life since I was young. His compassion, love, and understanding are part of what prepared me for my life adventures with Lauren. I am truly grateful to have John in my life, and am very lucky that he loves me and always cared about me!”

I have more traditional photos of all of these important people in Steven’s life, but really like these candid images…

Her Lauren’s cousin and maid of honor leans on her shoulder, these two are super close and it is adorable…

She is also absolutely stunning!  I love the elegant black lace gown with the pop of white roses…

Lauren & Steven knew from the beginning that they wanted to “keep it simple”

The indoor ceremony began– it was classic, elegant, sophisticated, all the things that Lauren was hoping for…

During the ceremony Steve got a little chocked up, Lauren reached out and literally touched his heart:

How happy are they?  And wow, that wall!

While I captures a lot of close-up photos that show all of that excitement and emotion, I also wanted to really show off all of the beautiful elements in the room and give a sense of the space as well.  I found this unique vantage point that allowed me to capture the chandeliers, columns, curtains and floral decor…

From the ceremony, guests moved to an extensive cocktail hour.  I love the layers in this photo, it really gives you a sense for everything going on– chatting, drinking, eating– you can even see a chef in the top left corner and a woman holding her drink in the bottom right…

Lauren & Steven were so excited about the jazz pianist that they told me about him on the first day that we met as they described the nice, elegant atmosphere.  The baby grand was all shined up and had interesting lines and patterns…

Lauren explained, “We tried to stay with in a color scheme that mirrored different shades of champagne. The Sahara Roses in our flower displays gave a splash of champagne to our center pieces, and a few blush pink roses allowed for us to incorporate the rosé look.”

I envisioned this moment happening before it actually did and adjusted all of my manual camera settings to maximize drama.  😉

I noticed the light from the bridal suite silhouetting the couple and the up-lit column silhouetting the MC.

It really gives you a sense of the atmosphere and anticipation…

Here Kris captured a more traditional shot of this moment.  I love their joyful expressions and that the best man and maid of honor are so happy as well.  It is such a classic, emotional moment, being announced for the first time as husband and wife…

I have many photos of their first dance, but I really like the authenticity of this one:

The father-daughter dance– Lauren shared, “My Dad was very nervous for the first dance. He kept telling me jokes and making me laugh!”  Lauren’s smile is so bright that you can see it in this wide shot :).

I love that you really get a sense of the space in this photograph and that you can make out faces of individual guests in the background as they watch Lauren dance with her father.

Steve’s dance with his mom was an emotional one.  I used a special lighting technique that really highlighted their intense connection…

Dinner time!  The guests had several courses, I liked this fun perspective ;).

Steven shared, “Anthony and I have been through many good times together. Ups and downs, we always find the best in every situation. A way to laugh and smile, that’s what we are good at. His speech brought me back to the good times we have had. I appreciate his portrayal of me, i may be a silly goofy guy, but when time comes to be serious I make sure I step up and make the right moves not for myself, but for my loved ones. I love Anthony, he is a big reason I am the man I am today.”

Here is a photograph of Anthony’s speech…

The flower wall that A Touch of Elegance designed for the ceremony space was moved to the sweetheart table and created a unique reception backdrop as well…

Mazz entertainment opened up the dance floor and the crowd was on fire!  They were so much fun and had a fantastic evening…

Lauren shared, “My Mom and Dad seriously had the best day ever!”  Here you can see Lauren between her father and mother out on the dance floor, they really all do look like they are having the time of their lives… 

Mazz Entertainment provided vibrant reception lighting and kept the party going all night long.

Here you can see nearly every guest out on the dance floor…

The Palace brought out their A game with an assortment of desserts from flambe to cannoli to everything in between…

Lauren and Steven steeped outside for a moment of quiet as the rain subsided.  They stood out in the garden together as I captured this image using a tilt-shift technique…

They walked to the iconic front of the venue as the storm clouds moved at twilight, the scene was spectacular!

Lauren & Steven, thanks so much for choosing to have me capture all of these moments (and more) during your wedding day.  I hope that it provides that “return ticket” back to this very special day in your lives.  I hope that these photos allow you to enjoy all of these memories over and over again!

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