Shippensburg Senior Portrait Photographer: Luke

History buff and real-life shepherd, Luke, is hard-working, honest and wise beyond his years.  His family has deep roots in the Shippensburg area that can be traced back to the 1700’s, most notable are probably his 6th great grandfather who was a congressman and his 3rd great grandfather who was a Union Army Officer during the Civil War.  Luke raises heritage breed sheep (the same breed kept in Colonial Williamsburg) and plans to study bio/pre-med following his high school graduation.

How cute are these sheep?

(above) Luke herding them (below) running sheep– this just makes me smile, the movement of these creatures could not be more adorable…

Luke is a history buff, and has several artifacts from his family, one being this ledger…  seeing the date on the log 6/14/10 is actually 1710– wow.

Another is the inscription in the stained glass in the window of the church that his family *still attends*

Finally is the twin bridge that his 6th great grandfather, the congressman had built, amazing to see it in such great shape after almost 200 years:

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