Creative New York Engagement Photographer: Danielle & Joe in Albany

Bright blue sky & stunning view of Albany, a light hearted playful couple & a mini goldendoodle named Archer…

creative new york photographer-101

Danielle & Joe have a lighthearted, playful relationship– there are constant sparks flying with these two :).  We met in downtown Albany and photographed their engagement session on the balcony of the penthouse suite of Taste (red wine, stunning views, yes please!) and in Washington Park where I had the pleasure of meeting their “son” a mini goldendoodle, Archer.    I’ll start with a sweet image of Danielle & Joe:

Creative New York Photographer-102

Creative New York Photographer-103

Danielle & Joe have attended many festivals & gatherings in Washington Park, so it was an ideal meeting place as it was both beautiful & sentimental.   The Washington Park Playhouse made a stunning and fitting backdrop, Danielle shared that they have plays lakeside all summer long.

Another plus about meeting in Washington Park was a chance to meet Archer!   Danielle shared that Archer brings out the best in both of them, she loves how Joe’s sweet “dad” side comes out whenever he is  with Archer.  Joe actually proposed to Danielle in their home, so Archer could be there, too.  As you can see in this photo, Archer is more of a child than a dog– here he is up on Joe’s hip like a toddler in a family photo.

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Joe and Danielle’s relationship definitely has a playful, flirtatious side.  They have an amazing chemistry and always seem to be laughing together.  Joe and Danielle met in Albany when she was home from college one summer.  The first thing she noticed about him was his amazing sense of humor.  Danielle can tend to be more serious at times but Joe’s carefree, relaxed nature brings her back down to earth.

Creative New York Photographer-107
Creative New York Photographer-108

The second part of their shoot took place at Taste, a modern restaurant in Albany (this is also a sweet wedding venue, hint-hint).  They’ve attended a lot of functions there over the years in the penthouse- it has stunning views of the skyline.

Joe and Danielle have strong ties to Albany-   Joe currently works for the city of Albany and Danielle is a lawyer for the state.  She actually works in Corning Tower that you can see in the background- the tallest building in the skyline and in Albany.

Creative New York Photographer-101

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Creative New York Photographer-111
Danielle & Joe, it was such a pleasure working with you and getting to meet your mom and Archer!  This is just a sneak peek there are many more images coming your way, thanks for introducing me to your favorite city.  I am excited to back to New York for your wedding next year!

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