Gettysburg Wedding Photographers: Alessia & Tim at Hauser Winery

A vineyard with blue skies, vibrant fall foliage and real-life LADYBUG landing– talk about lucky!!!

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Alessia & Tim were drawn to my work because of the personalization I brought to their classmates’ photos, like Alison & Kevin’s airport engagement and Angela & Sean’s emotional, black and white wedding images.  Alessia and Tim’s engagement photos had their own unique style and emotion as well. 🙂

Hauser Estate Winery in the fall was a perfect fit for Alessia & Tim.  They both love to travel, and during their trip to San Fransisco, they realized that they both really enjoy wineries and wine tasting.  They also enjoy fall– it reminds Tim of the start of football season, while Alessia is drawn to the vibrant colors and cool, fresh air.

I’ll start by showing Alessia’s engagement ring resting on ripe grapes in the vineyard.   Not only does it capture their interest in wineries, but it also captures their love for fall colors, and if you look closely, there is even a rainbow above the ring… it feels cheerful, warm & romantic– such a perfect fit for these two!

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Alessia shared that Tim is one of the most chivalrous men that she knows and that it is something that she loves and appreciates about him.  I noticed that he is a total gentlemen, too and thought this image showing him helping her up in black and white really captured his manners and traditional values well…

Gettysburg Wedding Photographers-3

There is something so romantic about this image– it reminds me of a fairy tale.  I think what this captures most about Alessia & Tim is how comfortable they are together and how they perfectly balance each other…

Gettysburg Wedding Photographers-4

Alessia has always liked ladybugs, they are the one bug that she will actually touch, haha.  They are supposed to bring luck, so having one stay on her engagement ring for several seconds before flying away was incredible!

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Alessia has a bubbly, sunny personality and Tim is strong and steady.  For that reason (and because Alessia mentioned loving silhouettes)  I chose to feature this image of the two of them.  Again there is an idea of symmetry and balance between them, but sunshine on Alessia’s side and solid rock on Tim’s side.

Gettysburg Wedding Photographers-7

Tim is strong, and a man of few words– but his love runs deep.  Alessia says that he always supports and comforts her.  He gives 100% of himself to their relationship and is always making sure that she feels loved.  I caught this moment of him looking into her eyes and I think this one look says it all…

Gettysburg Wedding Photographers-8

Her shoes were so cute that I couldn’t resist.  If you look a little closer you may see the ladybug near the ankle of her jeans…

Gettysburg Wedding Photographers-9

Hauser winery has gorgeous rolling hills and a scenic overlooks.  I was able to feature the Historic Round Barn in the background of this photo.  Alessia also mentioned that she loves how tree lines in fall almost seem to be painted in watercolor and I think that is definitely the look here:

Gettysburg Wedding Photographers-10

While Tim loves Alessia’s  bubbly personality, Alessia loves Tim’s willingness to be spontaneous– put those together and you might get something like this, playful & fun… hello blue sky!

Gettysburg Wedding Photographers-11

We ended the photoshoot incorporating a rope that Alessia cleverly tied into an infinity symbol.  What a sweet conclusion for a couple who is getting ready to “tie the knot” and vow to be devoted forever.   😉

Gettysburg Wedding Photographers-13
Alessia & Tim, thank you for choosing me to capture such a special time in your lives.  I am thrilled to the photographer for your upcoming wedding and wish you both all the very best!

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