Creative PA engagement photographer: Matt & Mike at Pole’s Steeple

On top of the world!!!  This happy couple climbed a mountain during their engagement session, were treated to a stunning, misty view and had some fun along the way– more here:

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Mike and Matt contacted me looking for a photographer who used vibrant colors, dramatic lighting and creative compositions to tell a story.

They wanted photos that would not only capture their physical appearance, but also their love for each other and them in their element, having fun together.   Ideally they wanted photos that they can share with family and friends that express who they are as a couple.

To say that Mike and Matt are active is an understatement.  They are both incredibly committed to their busy careers as biologists and love the great outdoors.  I like how this photo captures all of that at once.  I used a slow shutter speed to give you that sense of intense energy and forward motion…

creative PA engeagment photographer vibrant fun-5
Exploring a new place is something that they both enjoy very much.  They also like rock climbing.

While they are currently living in Lansdale, they were up for any interesting location and I suggested Pole’s Steeple as it is a favorite trail of mine.  It is only maybe a mile (pretty much straight up) and then you are rewarded with a breathtaking view.  

They did not shy away from taking the more challenging trek!

creative PA engeagment photographer vibrant fun-3

Matt (in blue) shared that he loves Michael’s energy and the way he thinks, his focused creativity is inspiring.

They share common interests (the great outdoors being one of them) and have in-depth conversations about anything and everything, even nerdy stuff.  😉

I like the tangled, exposed roots of the tree that they are leaning on…

creative PA engeagment photographer vibrant fun-4

Michael enjoys Matt’s positive energy, excitement, and enthusiasm for life.  They both are creative, imaginative and up for anything.  Matt especially has a charismatic, contagious love for life and a way of drawing Mike in.

At one point Matt picked up a stick and turned into a swashbuckler, Mike joined right in.  These guys are a lot of fun!

creative PA engeagment photographer vibrant fun-6


People often ask me what to wear to their engagement photography session.  I usually suggest wearing solids that will compliment yet stand out the against the background.

In their case, there would be a lot of green in the forest so neutrals like white and denim complimented the green well.

creative PA engeagment photographer vibrant fun-8

Mike’s favorite red jacket drew attention to them throughout the session and was a nice contrast against the foliage.

creative PA engeagment photographer vibrant fun-9

Mike and Matt’s engagement rings are perfectly suited for them!  They are similar without matching– one has a metal base with inlayed wood and the other is the reverse.

I can’t think of more fitting bands for a couple of outdoor enthusiasts to wear!

creative PA engeagment photographer vibrant fun-2

Mike shared that he really appreciates the way that Matt is always willing to help, be proactive and supportive and the way that he is a genuinely caring person.

I think that sentiment really comes across in this next photo.

creative pa wedding engagement photographers-37

While we spent most of our time climbing up the mountain (and running through the woods and fencing, haha) we did stop along the way to catch a couple of traditional portraits.

I really like this of of the two of them!  Such handsome gentlemen ;).

creative PA engeagment photographer vibrant fun-7

I was able to catch this next photo through the branches of a tree.  I like the color and texture that the foliage brings to this image.

It also makes the image feel more private and intimate, which I also like.

creative PA engeagment photographer vibrant fun-12

After hiking through the forest and up the rock face we came to a misty vista.  I like the softness the mist conveys in this next photograph.  Again, it feels very intimate.

creative PA engeagment photographer vibrant fun-11

Look how far they have come!  They parked on the same level as the lake below!

I love how the mountain is shrouded in mist, it really draws your attention to Mike and Matt in the foreground.

creative PA engeagment photographer vibrant fun-13

Matt and Mike– it was such a pleasure spending time with the two of you!  Your love for each other and nature is a thing to be admired.

I wish you all the very best in the next few months as you complete your wedding preparations.  I am eagerly anticipating being a part of your Pocono wedding at the Ledges Hotel this fall!

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