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Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographers: Allison & Rob Part I

Stunning views of the Lehigh Valley, an incredible field of vibrant yellow flowers and a rope swing on a massive tree– you won’t want to miss this colorful, unique engagement session…

When Allison first contacted me she wrote, “I’ve heard such great things from so many people!”  I’m not sure exactly who all of those people are (thank you!!!) but I know that I worked with her sister and brother-in-law for their engagement photos and a few other family members since then.

At our first meeting Allison and Rob shared, “We love everything about your photos!!!  Your pictures are clear, colorful and everyone looks like they are having so much fun and just being themselves!”

They also mentioned liking that I offered an eclectic mix of photos, some that were candid or showed an entire scene (like the tree-swing photo above) and some that were more traditional portraits (like the image below).

Allison shared, “There is so much to love about Rob, but the thing I love the most about him is how comfortable he makes me feel. From the moment I met him I felt like I have known him my entire life. Rob and I immediately just clicked.”  They are so happy together!

Allison and Rob knew that Mary Immaculate had a gigantic tree and brought a rope swing kit along.  They used teamwork and had it assembled in no time!

I have several images of them swinging, but I really think this one is sweet…

From the edge of the hill we had a breathtaking view of the Lehigh Valley.  It is one of the highest points in Lehigh Township!

They sat and enjoyed the view together, talking…

They explained, “We also chose Mary Immaculate because it is a beautiful property with a great view of the Lehigh Valley. We both grew up here and plan to raise our own families there someday!”

Allison’s ring was beautiful!  I really like how it caught the light here:


Back to fun and spontaneity– as Allison shared, “We are up for any kind of adventure at anytime!”  I like the way the tree-lined drive creates leading lines that draw your eyes down the image to Allison and Rob…

Rob shared, “We are both really easy-going and laid back. It doesn’t really matter what we do with each other, as long as it is together (as “cliche” as that sounds it is true!) We both honestly bring out the best in each other.”

He continued, “The thing I love most about Allison is how caring and genuine she is. She always puts other people first, especially me and our relationship. From the day we started dating, I felt a confidence in our relationship that I have never felt before and I knew she was the perfect person for me.”

On our drive from the basketball court (more on that soon) to Mary’s Immaculate we passed beautiful rolling hills filled with yellow flowers.  Allison and Rob were naturally up for anything, so we stopped back there during the golden hour as the sun was low in the sky…

It almost doesn’t look real!!!

I liked how the sun peeked through the leaves of the trees here.  I shot-through the foliage which really gives this image an intimate, romantic feeling…

The sunset view from Mary’s Immaculate was incredible…

This makes me think of the movie The Princess Bride– “As you wish…”

After dark, I used some fancy lighting at Mary’s Immaculate– I love how the drama of the illuminated columns…

Allison & Rob, it was such a pleasure to spend the evening with the two of you and on this incredible land!  I hope you liked Part I,  Part II involves BASKETBALL!!!  So stay tuned 🙂

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