Woodstone Country Club Wedding: Devin & Calli

A sweet, rainy day romance, twins & and an epic dance party celebrating two college sweet hearts…

Calli shared, “Working with Rhinehart Photography was one of the best choices of our wedding day! Lisa had such cool and creative ideas for photos, and we were so grateful for that, especially when it started raining!”

She continued, “Though rain on our wedding day was not what we were hoping for, Lisa turned the rain into a fairy tale moment of playing in the rain, a great moment and memory that we wouldn’t trade for anything!”

Arriving at Woodstone Country Club, I spotted Calli right away as there was a huge bouquet of roses beside her!  Calli shared, “I am very close with my family and love flowers, so it meant so much to me that Devin bought me roses and had my brother deliver them the morning of our wedding day. It was so sweet!”

I love to play with reflections and other elements and get creative with my photos.

While it is quite sharp, the entire image is actually a reflection.  This adds a warm tone and a little bit of character and depth to the photograph.

If you look closely in the background you can see Calli’s shadow on the wall as well ;).

I also like to play with symmetry, Calli and her mom look so similar here, almost like mirror images of each other…

Devin shared, “Calli is quiet, but brave and courageous.  She is never afraid to stick up for what she believes in or go after what she wants.”

For me this dramatic black and white image captures the quiet confidence that Calli possesses…

Devin continued, “I knew I wanted Calli to be my partner for the rest of my life because she made me want to be a better person. I know that is a little cliche, but it is true.”

He went on, “Throughout college she pushed me to work harder and strive to my greatest potential. To be candid, I do not think she even knew she was doing it. She never pushed me with words, but always celebrated my little successes.”

In summary, he explained, “I would not be where I am today without Calli.”

Devin shared, “I first laid eyes on Calli when I was a sophomore in high school. I was at a birthday party of a mutual friend and I saw her walking across the room and I felt this longing to go talk to her.”

He went on, “Calli was shy like me, but so easy to talk to.  She is the smartest girl I have ever met and the perfect mix of classy and cute!”

Calli’s beautiful dress was from Lehigh Valley boutique, Bridals by Sandra.  What a beautiful bride!

Calli shared, “We wanted our wedding to be elegant, but relaxed and fun at the same time.  We chose a light pink color for the bridesmaids’ gowns and bouquets.”

I liked the pink against the soft green of the trees and used a shallow depth of field to make it appear even softer.  I think it really plays up that relaxed, romantic feel that Calli was hoping for.

Michael Thomas Floral Design created the wedding bouquets.

Here is a more detailed look at his beautiful work…

Now it is Devin’s turn for the spotlight!

Calli shared, “There are so many things that made me fall for Devin.  He puts his best effort into everything that he does, I really admire that about him.”

She continued, “I have also had the honor to get to see him work towards his goals in school and achieve them, and I love to hear about his latest stories of his experiences working in the hospital. I can just hear the compassion when he talks about his patients, and it reminds me how much I love that about him.”

Calli explained, “Devin is the kindest and most compassionate person I have ever met. He treats everyone he meets with the same amount of respect and kindness as he does his best friends and family. I really love that about him, and I believe that he has made me a much better person because of it.”

Kris captured several different portraits of Devin and his best man, his TWIN brother, but I like this one so much!

You are able to see their personalities come out with their different expressions, yet there is still a good deal of symmetry as well!

This shot is soooo cool, just the natural symmetry that Kris captured here as the groomsmen walk…

The gang’s all here…

The relationship of a father and daughter is so special, the love is almost palpable between these two!

Calli shared, “I’m definitely Daddy’s little girl.  I know it was tough for him to “give me away,” but I also know how much he loves Devin and how happy and excited my dad was for our wedding.”

Devin shared, “When I first saw Calli on our wedding day, it felt like a dream, so surreal. I was overwhelmed with her beauty, but also steadied by knowing that I was marrying the girl of my dreams.”

Calli shared, “I was so excited to marry Devin! As I walked down the aisle, I was thinking that I wanted to give him a huge hug, but of course it wasn’t time for that yet. When I got closer to him, I couldn’t stop smiling.”

Calli explained, “My dad was probably the most excited person there, second only to us!  On the day we got engaged, my dad even helped to set up a picnic for us on the beach!  He is so supportive of us!”

Here Devin hugs Calli’s dad as he walks her down the aisle.  The look on everyone’s faces are priceless…

How happy is he???

Calli shared, “I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire ceremony. The entire day I just felt so overjoyed. It was truly the happiest I have ever felt in my life.”

Throughout the course of the day, Kris and I use different lenses and vantage points to capture different perspectives of the wedding day.   We try to capture an eclectic mix of images that will allow our couples to re-live their wedding day for years to come.

This shot shows the setting of the ceremony, the beautiful grounds of the Woodstone Country Club— the trees and rolling hills, yet the couple is in sharp focus and appears to be so tiny in the frame.

The ring exchange…

It actually *rained* throughout Calli & Devin’s ceremony.  It isn’t evident until you get close up, it was a light, forgiving rain…

Here they hold hands and you can see the bright, shiny wedding band on Devin’s finger and Calli holding his hands as well as the minister holding the bible and a few drops of rain falling in the background and beading up on Devin’s tuxedo.

Devin shared, “As it began to rain, we thought, “seriously?!” It seemed that the first drop fell as I first laid eyes on Calli walking down the aisle. We were honestly taken off guard. Before the rain it was a beautiful sunny day!  Though the rain was not ideal, it was easy to get over because we were marrying each other. ”

Calli & Devin shared, “The ceremony space is what initially drew us to the idea of having our wedding at Woodstone Country Club. The beautiful green, mountainous backdrop, the colorfully flourished, airy ceremony seating that felt natural but also sophisticated.”

While I crouched down to capture intimate details of the ceremony like the ring exchange photos (above), Kris perched up above, getting a bird’s eye view of the ceremony (below).  This way we could offer two different perspectives and really give a well-rounded view of the day. 😉

I can’t tell you how many times I see the rain “wait” until after the ceremony to really start coming down!

As soon as the ceremony ended the rain started to come down harder, Calli & Devin were all smiles…

They wanted to go outside and take a walk together and enjoy the scenic Woodstone Country Club regardless of rain.

For me it captures the resilient nature of their relationship and how they can make anything work as long as they are together…

Calli shared, “We work so well because we are so similar, we are similar in what we want in life and how we enjoy our free time. Our personalities are different, but complement each other well.”

While the vast majority of my photos during the wedding day are candid moments, I also make sure to capture a good variety of photographs, including some more standard portraits.

I really like this image, you can tell how happy these two are and I was able to capture a huge pink hydrangea bush in the background.

As the storm passed we could literally see the clouds moving away and mist forming at the foot of the mountains.  As they looked out together over the view, I couldn’t help but think about the future that Calli and Devin have together.

Devin shared, “I am excited for all our “firsts” and to start our lives together as husband and wife.  We are blessed to have met our life-partner at a young age and to have the opportunity to grow in it together. I look forward to starting a family and have kids and watching her being an amazing mom. I look forward to traveling the world and achieving everything we want in this world, together. Calli is more than I ever thought I deserved and I know that together, Calli and I can live an amazing life and share wonderful memories.”

Devin shared, “What really made it easier to deal with the rain was how you, Lisa, made the most of our photo session.  You quickly adjusted and got pictures that were unique and we both felt that the photos were thought of with us in mind.”

I tend to see rain as a “turning lemons into lemonade” sort of situation…  rain is something I embrace.  I think outside of the box and either use it to enhance the photo (like the image above with the storm moving and mist forming) or think of a way to avoid getting wet but still have a beautiful background (like the image below).

As for having Calli & Devin in mind with my photography ideas, that is definitely the case! I take the time to get to know my couples and come prepared with ideas specifically suited for them and ready to capture their personalities, relationship, and style:

Calli & Devin shared, “Woodstone also allowed us to have every element of our wedding day– the preparations, ceremony, reception and overnight accommodations at one elegant, natural, beautiful location.  With less time spent traveling, we had more time to spend enjoying our day and making memories!”

Here they stand silhouetted inside Woodstone’s Grand Room— its cathedral ceilings, stone and metal work as well as its chandeliers…

The reception began with announcements and flowed into traditions.

Here Devin and Calli share their first dance as husband and wife…

Devin’s dance with his mother…

Calli shared, “The father daughter dance was definitely really important to me!  Butterfly Kisses has been ‘our song’ since I was a little girl. My dad played it for me on my 5th or 6th birthday, and I told him ‘I never want to get married!'”

I have so many sweet photos of this dance, but this one of their hug at the end has to be my favorite– it says “Daddy’s little girl” to me…

The toasts were fantastic!  Here Devin’s twin brother speaks…

Here one of Calli’s co-maids of honor share about how Calli used to refer to Devin in secret code in school as she thought he was cute and didn’t want everyone else to know.

It gets better– Calli would secretly call Devin ‘potato,’ to keep her crush under wraps, lol!!!

Here is Devin’s reaction to hearing the ‘potato’ story that he had *never* heard before!  Calli kisses him on the cheek while guests laugh out loud…

The bouquet toss was quite lively– look at those reactions!

This little man knew how to get the party started…

This gentleman definitely kept it going, haha, with the help of DJ Jim from Synergetic Sound and Lighting.

Everyone had a fantastic time!

Calli & Devin shared, “We had a blast dancing all night. People often told us that we wouldn’t even get to enjoy our wedding reception, and we made it a goal to prove them wrong, haha!”

He continued, “We got to spend time with so many old friends that we don’t get to see often, which was really special. Dancing with our college friends to all of the throwbacks was probably one of our favorite things about the reception.”

They said, “At the end of the night everyone got in a huge circle around us and sang Sweet Caroline and it was just the perfect ending to our wedding day.”

At the end of the evening, Calli and Devin stepped outside for a few moments in the rain.  Inside the dance floor was packed and high energy, outside the air was quiet, cool and smelled like fresh rain.

As they stood outside steam rose from the warm ground and I silhouetted them against their umbrella while capturing their reflection in a nearby puddle.  You can see the rain in the background as well as a hydrangea in full bloom.

To me this photo says, “They lived happily ever after.” 😉

Calli & Devin it was such a pleasure working with you!  Thank you for entrusting me to capture these priceless memories for you and your loved ones!  Please share & enjoy– more coming soon 🙂

Update: After seeing the full set of photos, Calli and Devin shared, “Thank you so much for all of your fabulous work on our wedding photos! We love every single one! You truly captured every moment of the day. There isn’t one part of the day that isn’t perfectly captured in a photo. We love that there is a great mixture of posed photos, candids, and creative shots. We LOVE the rain photos, and can’t thank you enough for making the rainy day into some amazing pictures. We really appreciate how you got so many great shots of the guests at our wedding. My family loves the picture of my 88 year old great aunt dancing. It’s adorable! 🙂 It was so fun to look through the photos and relive that day. We are so thankful to have this collection to look back on for the rest of our lives. THANK YOU again! You are amazing!”

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