Wildwood Engagement Photographers: Charlotte & Matt

You won’t want to miss this vibrant, fun, Wildwood engagement for these two high school sweethearts…

Charlotte shared, “I wanted to book with you as soon as I saw your photos. I loved everything about them: the colors, the contrast, how you’re able to pull off such beautiful, unique photos that seem unimaginable.”

She continued, “We were previously booked with another photographer who appeared to be ‘a better deal’ at the time, and I had been feeling ‘buyer’s remorse’ for months.  I took a chance and reached out to you about my date, figuring you’d already be booked, when you were available, we set up an appointment to meet you.”

She concluded, “One thing that caught me off guard during that meeting, was that you got to know us. The other photographer didn’t take the time to ask about us, or try to create photos that would be personal to us.  You’re honestly a creative genius, and I’m so happy we have the pleasure of working with you!”

Aw thanks!  I’m so glad to be working with you two and loved having a chance to finally experience the Starlux pool first hand!  We went to Wildwood, which is a significant place for Charlotte and Matt and had a blast.  Everyone, even the tram car driver, had a good time.  😉

Watch the tram car please, haha!  I played with a slow shutter to show off the movement of the car– got pretty lucky for this shot!

Matt shared, “Wildwood has always held a special place in our hearts and our memories. We would go there with our families far before we had ever met. We have made Wildwood a yearly tradition for the two of us.  We love to walk the board night every night we are there. We share our memories of what we did as kids, what’s our favorite arcade, places to eat. And now we reminisce year by year everything we have done there just the two of us.”

I knew Charlotte and Matt love when I capture vibrant colors and the vibrant blue night sky and neon lights reflecting on the boardwalk were no exception…

Charlotte explained, “Matt and I are pretty awkward getting our photos taken, so I liked that you helped us choose a place that we loved in order to make us more comfortable. The day of our engagement shoot, it was cloudy, rainy, humid, I even cut myself and was *bleeding* haha… but looking at the shots in your camera it just looked incredible, I couldn’t believe it!”

While I love to capture personal shots in the moment, I also make sure to get a few more traditional portraits, too.  This one subtly shows the boardwalk and lights from the mini golf at the Starlux in the background…

Charlotte shared, “Every night we’re in Wildwood, we always make it a point to spend way too much money at arcades, trying to win tickets to trade in for prizes.  We always make time to play skeeball.  We both aim for the “100” and at every throw and hope for the best, we have fun and usually get a few tickets.”

Charlotte shared, “I think Matt and I work so well together because we’ve known each other for so long. We’ve been together for 10 years (our engagement shoot was the day after our 10 year anniversary) and have experienced so much together, and through it all, we’re always there for each other.”

Here I used the “W” from the Wildwood sign to frame the happy couple.”

Charlotte laughed, “We also play air hockey. We’re both very competitive at games, so it’s always fun and a challenge. I’d like to say I win most of the times, but I’d be lying.”

I love her fierce face here, if you said you always win I would have believed you, Matt looks a little nervous haha…

Matt shared, “Each morning we walk down the boardwalk to Stuey’s, get breakfast and make plans for the day. Decide when we wanna go to the beach, pool, boardwalk or whatever else we may do.”

There is so much to do– here is the wooden coaster that I rode with Kiersten, who came along to assist me on this shoot with all my fancy flash stuff…

Matt shared, “I was initially planning on proposing to Charlotte at Wildwood on the beach.  I had plans to write “will you marry me?” in the sand and take her on a walk one morning, but once I had the ring, I was too impatient, haha, and ended up proposing to her that winter instead.”

Charlotte shared about the proposal, “The day Matt proposed, he kept telling me how happy he was and I said I was happy too. And then he said“… Charlotte?” I said, “Yeah?” And then he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He was emotional, and I was crying and said “……….yeeeaaaAAHH!”

She smiled, “We hugged and it didn’t seem so cold anymore. I felt like I could’ve stayed in that spot forever, knowing that I’d officially get to marry my best friend.”

Matt shared, “It’s funny, Senior year of High School Charlotte gave me something that I have kept beside me ever since. A two dollar bill folded into a heart with a note inside. I keep it in my wallet and no matter where we both are I have held onto this, pulled it out, and just smile thinking of Charlotte and all the fun times we have had and about falling in love for the first time.”

So I know I already posted one tram car photos, but I just had to post this one too, I tried to place them perfectly, but how this worked out was just insane…

Charlotte explained, “The ball dropper game is a boardwalk must! It’s a fun game. It’s usually very crowded, but we always manage to find a spot. Obviously, our goal is to hit the jackpot. We usually hit it at least once during our trips!”

Here they try their luck,  I was going for the cool light tunnel effect…


Charlotte smiled, “We were so excited that we were able to get it while you were there!   Matt even said to me “I hope she got a picture of your reaction hitting the jackpot.” Haha… I wonder what that looks like?”

Well it looks like this…

Soooo many tickets!!!

Charlotte shared, “In terms of food, we HAVE to stop at Mack’s Pizza on every trip.   Matt was the one who introduced me to these when we first started going because he would go to all the time as a kid. The pizza is so good, and I look forward to eating it every summer.”

Matt agreed, “Mack’s Pizza which has the best pizza on the boardwalk for sure.”

I’m glad that I was able to visit such a nostalgic place for the two of you and capture your annual trip!  Thanks for inviting me and for sharing your story, it was a pleasure!  I’m looking forward to photographing your wedding at The Palace at Somerset Park next year!

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