Oxon Hill Manor wedding photographers: Karin & Albert

You won’t want to miss this elegant, intimate, romantic, Oxon Hill Manor wedding…

When we first chatted, Karin mentioned liking a friend’s engagement photographs, she had seen this blog post of Ellen & Matt’s Washington DC engagement.   She wasn’t exactly sure what they wanted, but with some questions and examples, it became clear to me that they wanted creative, colorful images that captured emotion, architecture and had personality.  😉

Karin shared, “Yes, we were referred to a few different photographers, all were highly recommended.  We found that we liked yours the best!”

The shot above shows a creative angle, above the couple through the cast iron railing, and this image below is a reflection in the mirror– it allowed me to frame them and show off the stunning room decor at Oxen Hill at little more.

I asked Karin if she wanted me to take an editorial approach to the bridal party portraits, to make it look more formal, like something you’d see in a fashion magazine or the royal wedding, she was game.  I love to give each bridal party member a different post and shot of their specific features or gown.  Karin wanted to be tall, and totally is in this shot, haha!

The first look…

Albert’s reaction to seeing Karin in her wedding veil and gown was so sweet!

Karin shared, “Albert is my lifelong best friend.  He is so caring and always generous with his words and actions.  I love seeing him smile.”

It was such a treat to be there as they spent a few moments in the garden together.

Albert shared, “Karin is stunning!  I love her beautiful smile and kind heart”

While I love capturing candid moments, I make sure to capture a few more traditional photos, too.

They shared, “I think we work well together because we are both good listeners, and listen to each other.  We share our goals and problem solve together as a team.”

Karin explained, “Oxon Hill Manor was the perfect place for us, we loved the historic nature and the romantic gardens.  The location worked well for us, too.”

The gardens were exquisite!  There was a good deal of heat, humidity and rain on their wedding day, so they preferred to have most of their photographs in the air conditioning, haha, but the several we captured were truly beautiful.

The full bridal party– strike a pose:

Family joined in and I captured several portraits of the couple with various friends and family members, but this one of Albert with his mother is particularly sweet…

The ceremony music was lovely and fit the space very well.

This little man was so sweet in his suit.

He kept talking about turkeys and I looked out the window, sure enough, there they were, haha!

Karin shared, “Our favorite part of the day by far was having our family and friends attending the event.  They are all of our favorite people and we know them from so many different areas of life.”

Karin’s parents walked her down the aisle…

Albert watched his bride to be…

Here her father, gives her away.  I like that you can see his wedding band and wife in this image, too.

Their officiant was a long-time friend and it was such a sweet, fun, personal ceremony.

The children were adorable, too.

The ring exchange…

The kiss…

Husband and wife, such a beautiful bouquet by Sharpers Florist

I love their exit and the reflection of their guests applauding and taking photos…

Dinner service begins…

The food was delicious– everyone was wowed by Susan Gage Caterers

I played with a tilt-shift technique here– I wanted them almost to seem like miniatures…

I love to play with perspective, and this staircase was *stunning*

I liked the golds of the decor light inside and the mood it created…

Karin and Albert, thank you for sharing your big day with me!  Many more images coming your way!

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