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Zeena & Felix: Harrisburg Engagement Photographer

A fun, vibrant Harrisburg Engagement session for two world-travelers exploring Harrisburg’s Susquehanna River… Photography wants: crisp, high-quality, documentary-style photos & a few portraits… Zeena laughed, “Funny story– Felix and I had actually already chosen a wedding photographer right before we met with you, but I felt rude canceling our meeting!  Then when I saw the […]

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Gettysburg Wedding Photographers: Tia & Andy

A sweet Gettysburg engagement session for a couple that shares a passion for music, literature, games, evening strolls.  They share the exact same “weirdness level” and a love that is deep, authentic, relaxed and 100% home-grown… Tia has followed me since the start of my career– her home is a mini Rhinehart Photography museum! When […]

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Harrisburg Engagement Photographers: Sarah & Matt

You won’t want to miss this cozy, authentic, Harrisburg winter engagement… Sarah shared, “We chose you as our photographer after viewing your photography on the Rhinehart Photography website.  We loved the vibrant colors and uniqueness of your photos.” I opened with a vibrant photo at dusk, here is a unique, black and white photo.  It’s […]

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Caboose Farm Wedding Photographers: Garrett & Alex

He comes home from work to see that she’s adopted a puppy!  You won’t want to miss this colorful autumn day for this adventurous couple, their jeep and pup at the beautiful Caboose Farm… Alex shared, “We chose you as a photographer after seeing my cousin’s wedding pictures.  We both loved how you were able […]

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Mary Ann MatskoJanuary 3, 2020 - 7:47 pm

Beautiful pictures and beautiful story. All of this is excellent

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