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Scranton wedding photographers: Lauren & Michael

Dozens of musicians, 3 locations and 2 people in love…  You won’t want to miss this romantic, music-filled wedding and unique ceremony, what an incredible day…

Lauren shared, “Lisa photographed a friend’s wedding a few years ago.  When I saw the photos, I knew I wanted Rhinehart Photography to capture all the moments of my wedding day.  I fell in love with the uniqueness of each photo as well as Lisa’s creativity.”

She continued, “We were very pleased with Lisa’s flexibility on out wedding day.  We had an opportunity to take photos at a nearby Estate (Fern Hall) which was not in our original plans, but Lisa was able to meet our request.  Lisa showed us a few of her amazing shots – they were some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen and I’m so excited to see all of the photos from the day!

Aw thanks, lady– my pleasure!  Here is one of the photos that I showed her.  🙂

Michael shared, “Even though Lauren and I have moved to Orlando, we knew we wanted to have a wedding close to our hometown of Scranton, Pa. The Hotel Anthracite was a brand new venue and a place that our guests may not have been before. It was nice to introduce them to this space with its large ballroom, delicious food, and charming decor.”

Here Lauren sits in the window at Hotel Anthracite as her hair and make-up are completed…

I love to be creative and play around with the space.  I also love color.  Here I was able to pull in the blue of the sky, the yellow from the light, all while Lauren sat in the same space.

It’s fun to stop time for a moment, here I played with the light and shutter speed to catch her finishing touches…

There happened to be a painting of the church Lauren and Michael would be getting married in on the wall, here I caught her reflection and a bit of downtown Carbondale as Lauren finished her preparations…

How cool is it that you could *literally see* the wedding venue out the window?  Here, Lauren’s mom finishes buttoning her dress as she looks out at St. Rose of Lima Parish.

Lauren, you are stunning!!!

Sometimes it’s the little things 😉

One last detail– earrings…  Just can’t get over that view…

She’s a bride!!!  Over joyed and joined by her mom and sister!!!

Lauren shared, “I found my dress in downtown Scranton at The Darling Dress.”

Wow!  I love the lace detailing on the back!

Time for the first look…

Smiles all around!

Michael shared, “I am so incredibly grateful, each and every day, to have Lauren by my side!   Now she will be my *wife*!”

Michael continued, “From the moment I met her, I fell in love with the energy and enthusiasm that she brings to everything she does. Lauren’s smile can brighten even the most gloomy  of days.”

While most of my photos are candid moments, I do make sure to take a couple of traditional portraits, too.  Here is one.

Lauren smiled, “I met Michael when I was a sophomore in high school.  I was introduced to him through a friend.  I had wanted to get involved in music ministry and Michael was the music director at a local church.  After the first time I met him, I told my friend that I had a crush on him.  I guess it really was love at first sight.”

I love to play with frames and layers and light… here I used a tilt-shift technique while framing them in the beautiful stone arches of Fern Hill Estate.

Lauren continued, “Our friendship developed over the next few years, until he asked me out on a date a few summers later.  It will be ten years in August since our first date.  Every day I fall more in love with his contagious smile, great sense of humor, and sweet personality.”

Michael shared, “Lauren is the most generous and caring person that I know. She always considers others before herself and her devotion to her family is beyond measure. ”

Lauren shared, “Michael and I were friends before we started dating.  That is the basis and most important part of our relationship.  We are able to have fun and laugh together which helps us get through the hard days and makes the good days even better.”

She went on, “We share many similar interests, such as music and theatre.  It is what brought us together as a couple and something that is very important in our lives. ”

She concluded, “Michael is a Music and Liturgy Director at a church in Florida.  I am a theatre teacher at a public middle school in Orlando.  I have always participated in Michael’s choirs and he musically directs my school plays.  It is fun for us to share in each other’s lives in this way.”

OK, I need to give a huge shout out to Fern Hall!  Thank you so much for opening up your property to us, it is incredibly beautiful– from the historic estate to the incredible views, thank you!!!

Sweet, classic bouquets…

Lauren shared, “Michael and I wanted to keep the focus of the wedding on the church ceremony.  We tried to keep things simple, which is why we chose to have a small bridal party. ”

Lauren explained, “There were 19 or 20 at the church! I used to babysit George (the one who played the piano when I walked down the aisle) so that was a special moment.”

Lauren & her father…

Awww Michael’s expression, and his best man’s too!  I told you, you are stunning, Lauren!

The church is very important to Lauren & Michael.  Several key players are in this photo, even Jesus 😉

The ceremony was so unique and personal!  It was nothing short of incredible and fun, it’s obvious that Michael does this for a living!  Wow!!”

Lauren explained, “Every musician there was either a family member or one of our friends.”

I climbed up to the balcony to get this vantage point, 15 musicians are in view here, and wow, the music!

Michael explained, “Our favorite part of our wedding  day was exchanging our vows in the presence of our family and friends.  Lauren and I are blessed beyond measure to have the support system that we have.  Having them witnesses our promises to one another was very special to us. ”

They held hands throughout the entire ceremony, it was so sweet!  I wanted to be respectful of the service and the church and not get too close, but still really focus on their hands, so I shot through (and blurred) all the plants and gold decor  in the church, finding just the right spot where you could just see their hands…

Lauren you are *glowing*

Michael explained, “Lauren and I spent most of our time and energy on planning the ceremony. We chose songs, prayers, and scripture readings that speak of our relationship and our worldview. It was such a blessing that our wonderful friends and family were able to serve in the various ministries of the liturgy, especially Fr. John Lapera and the terrific musicians.”

Reflections are another favorite of mine!  While I was up in the choir loft, I noticed this mirror on the pipe organ– how fun!

Lauren explained, “Noah is my little cousin.  He sang the Ave Maria!”

How precious!

Another unique element was that Lauren and Michael served the Eucharist to their wedding guests.  I have been to so many weddings, and I think this is the first time I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing this done…

The ring exchange:

Sealed with a kiss!

It’s official– Mr & Mrs!

From the St Rose of Lima Parish, everyone walked across the street to Hotel Anthracite and were greeted by gracious hosts and tasty horsdevours….

People enjoyed the outdoor courtyard space & sweet company…


A great group for sure!

Champagne was poured in the hotel ballroom… 

Lauren shared, “Debra and Donna  (of ‘Vie’ Interior Design and Life Events) are close family friends who are extremely talented! Michael and I were not very particular about the decor and knew that whatever Debbie and Donna came up with would be fantastic! We were blown away when we walked into the ballroom and saw the decorations for the first time!”

Lauren shared, “Music for Models was our band, led by the talented Marko Marcinko, he is, lucky for us, a very close friend.  Erin Malloy is his wife and we specially requested that she sing with the band for our wedding because she is also a close friend of ours.”

And can she *sang* 🙂

First dance…

The best man met Michael in *kindergarten*, his mom saved this picture he drew of Michael all the way back then!

Wedding guests were tickled by the speeches, for sure…

Mamma’s boy:

Dancing with dad– love the pop of color and light here:

Speaking of light and color, I had to post another band shot…

The dance floor was opened, I love the shadows from the chandeliers, candles and cherry blossoms…

Smiles all around:

It didn’t take long for the dance floor to be *packed*

It was raining, and I asked Lauren if she’d mind getting a little wet, she was game!  They spent a little time in the courtyard of the Hotel Anthracite, slow dancing in the rain– so romantic…

There was something so timeless and classic about it… I just needed to post one in black and white!

Lauren and Michael, it was such a treat to be by your side throughout the day and to tell your story today.  Thank you for inviting me and for being your awesome selves!

Here are a few of their favorite vendors:

Oxon Hill Manor wedding photographers: Karin & Albert

You won’t want to miss this elegant, intimate, romantic, Oxon Hill Manor wedding…

When we first chatted, Karin mentioned liking a friend’s engagement photographs, she had seen this blog post of Ellen & Matt’s Washington DC engagement.   She wasn’t exactly sure what they wanted, but with some questions and examples, it became clear to me that they wanted creative, colorful images that captured emotion, architecture and had personality.  😉

Karin shared, “Yes, we were referred to a few different photographers, all were highly recommended.  We found that we liked yours the best!”

The shot above shows a creative angle, above the couple through the cast iron railing, and this image below is a reflection in the mirror– it allowed me to frame them and show off the stunning room decor at Oxen Hill at little more.

I asked Karin if she wanted me to take an editorial approach to the bridal party portraits, to make it look more formal, like something you’d see in a fashion magazine or the royal wedding, she was game.  I love to give each bridal party member a different post and shot of their specific features or gown.  Karin wanted to be tall, and totally is in this shot, haha!

The first look…

Albert’s reaction to seeing Karin in her wedding veil and gown was so sweet!

Karin shared, “Albert is my lifelong best friend.  He is so caring and always generous with his words and actions.  I love seeing him smile.”

It was such a treat to be there as they spent a few moments in the garden together.

Albert shared, “Karin is stunning!  I love her beautiful smile and kind heart”

While I love capturing candid moments, I make sure to capture a few more traditional photos, too.

They shared, “I think we work well together because we are both good listeners, and listen to each other.  We share our goals and problem solve together as a team.”

Karin explained, “Oxon Hill Manor was the perfect place for us, we loved the historic nature and the romantic gardens.  The location worked well for us, too.”

The gardens were exquisite!  There was a good deal of heat, humidity and rain on their wedding day, so they preferred to have most of their photographs in the air conditioning, haha, but the several we captured were truly beautiful.

The full bridal party– strike a pose:

Family joined in and I captured several portraits of the couple with various friends and family members, but this one of Albert with his mother is particularly sweet…

The ceremony music was lovely and fit the space very well.

This little man was so sweet in his suit.

He kept talking about turkeys and I looked out the window, sure enough, there they were, haha!

Karin shared, “Our favorite part of the day by far was having our family and friends attending the event.  They are all of our favorite people and we know them from so many different areas of life.”

Karin’s parents walked her down the aisle…

Albert watched his bride to be…

Here her father, gives her away.  I like that you can see his wedding band and wife in this image, too.

Their officiant was a long-time friend and it was such a sweet, fun, personal ceremony.

The children were adorable, too.

The ring exchange…

The kiss…

Husband and wife, such a beautiful bouquet by Sharpers Florist

I love their exit and the reflection of their guests applauding and taking photos…

Dinner service begins…

The food was delicious– everyone was wowed by Susan Gage Caterers

I played with a tilt-shift technique here– I wanted them almost to seem like miniatures…

I love to play with perspective, and this staircase was *stunning*

I liked the golds of the decor light inside and the mood it created…

Karin and Albert, thank you for sharing your big day with me!  Many more images coming your way!

Wildwood Engagement Photographers: Charlotte & Matt

You won’t want to miss this vibrant, fun, Wildwood engagement for these two high school sweethearts…

Charlotte shared, “I wanted to book with you as soon as I saw your photos. I loved everything about them: the colors, the contrast, how you’re able to pull off such beautiful, unique photos that seem unimaginable.”

She continued, “We were previously booked with another photographer who appeared to be ‘a better deal’ at the time, and I had been feeling ‘buyer’s remorse’ for months.  I took a chance and reached out to you about my date, figuring you’d already be booked, when you were available, we set up an appointment to meet you.”

She concluded, “One thing that caught me off guard during that meeting, was that you got to know us. The other photographer didn’t take the time to ask about us, or try to create photos that would be personal to us.  You’re honestly a creative genius, and I’m so happy we have the pleasure of working with you!”

Aw thanks!  I’m so glad to be working with you two and loved having a chance to finally experience the Starlux pool first hand!  We went to Wildwood, which is a significant place for Charlotte and Matt and had a blast.  Everyone, even the tram car driver, had a good time.  😉

Watch the tram car please, haha!  I played with a slow shutter to show off the movement of the car– got pretty lucky for this shot!

Matt shared, “Wildwood has always held a special place in our hearts and our memories. We would go there with our families far before we had ever met. We have made Wildwood a yearly tradition for the two of us.  We love to walk the board night every night we are there. We share our memories of what we did as kids, what’s our favorite arcade, places to eat. And now we reminisce year by year everything we have done there just the two of us.”

I knew Charlotte and Matt love when I capture vibrant colors and the vibrant blue night sky and neon lights reflecting on the boardwalk were no exception…

Charlotte explained, “Matt and I are pretty awkward getting our photos taken, so I liked that you helped us choose a place that we loved in order to make us more comfortable. The day of our engagement shoot, it was cloudy, rainy, humid, I even cut myself and was *bleeding* haha… but looking at the shots in your camera it just looked incredible, I couldn’t believe it!”

While I love to capture personal shots in the moment, I also make sure to get a few more traditional portraits, too.  This one subtly shows the boardwalk and lights from the mini golf at the Starlux in the background…

Charlotte shared, “Every night we’re in Wildwood, we always make it a point to spend way too much money at arcades, trying to win tickets to trade in for prizes.  We always make time to play skeeball.  We both aim for the “100” and at every throw and hope for the best, we have fun and usually get a few tickets.”

Charlotte shared, “I think Matt and I work so well together because we’ve known each other for so long. We’ve been together for 10 years (our engagement shoot was the day after our 10 year anniversary) and have experienced so much together, and through it all, we’re always there for each other.”

Here I used the “W” from the Wildwood sign to frame the happy couple.”

Charlotte laughed, “We also play air hockey. We’re both very competitive at games, so it’s always fun and a challenge. I’d like to say I win most of the times, but I’d be lying.”

I love her fierce face here, if you said you always win I would have believed you, Matt looks a little nervous haha…

Matt shared, “Each morning we walk down the boardwalk to Stuey’s, get breakfast and make plans for the day. Decide when we wanna go to the beach, pool, boardwalk or whatever else we may do.”

There is so much to do– here is the wooden coaster that I rode with Kiersten, who came along to assist me on this shoot with all my fancy flash stuff…

Matt shared, “I was initially planning on proposing to Charlotte at Wildwood on the beach.  I had plans to write “will you marry me?” in the sand and take her on a walk one morning, but once I had the ring, I was too impatient, haha, and ended up proposing to her that winter instead.”

Charlotte shared about the proposal, “The day Matt proposed, he kept telling me how happy he was and I said I was happy too. And then he said“… Charlotte?” I said, “Yeah?” And then he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He was emotional, and I was crying and said “……….yeeeaaaAAHH!”

She smiled, “We hugged and it didn’t seem so cold anymore. I felt like I could’ve stayed in that spot forever, knowing that I’d officially get to marry my best friend.”

Matt shared, “It’s funny, Senior year of High School Charlotte gave me something that I have kept beside me ever since. A two dollar bill folded into a heart with a note inside. I keep it in my wallet and no matter where we both are I have held onto this, pulled it out, and just smile thinking of Charlotte and all the fun times we have had and about falling in love for the first time.”

So I know I already posted one tram car photos, but I just had to post this one too, I tried to place them perfectly, but how this worked out was just insane…

Charlotte explained, “The ball dropper game is a boardwalk must! It’s a fun game. It’s usually very crowded, but we always manage to find a spot. Obviously, our goal is to hit the jackpot. We usually hit it at least once during our trips!”

Here they try their luck,  I was going for the cool light tunnel effect…


Charlotte smiled, “We were so excited that we were able to get it while you were there!   Matt even said to me “I hope she got a picture of your reaction hitting the jackpot.” Haha… I wonder what that looks like?”

Well it looks like this…

Soooo many tickets!!!

Charlotte shared, “In terms of food, we HAVE to stop at Mack’s Pizza on every trip.   Matt was the one who introduced me to these when we first started going because he would go to all the time as a kid. The pizza is so good, and I look forward to eating it every summer.”

Matt agreed, “Mack’s Pizza which has the best pizza on the boardwalk for sure.”

I’m glad that I was able to visit such a nostalgic place for the two of you and capture your annual trip!  Thanks for inviting me and for sharing your story, it was a pleasure!  I’m looking forward to photographing your wedding at The Palace at Somerset Park next year!

Liberty Mountain Wedding Photographers: Kristin & Chris

Playful, fun, vibrant wedding uniting these two partners in crime & the usual suspects 😉

Kristin shared, “Our wedding was one of the best days of my life and I know that your photos will capture it perfectly.”

She continued, “We chose Rhinehart Photography because we love your creative point of view and use of vibrant colors. Working with you on our wedding day was such a breeze, from individual and group photos to candid in the moment frames; you seamlessly and elegantly instructed and photographed everyone all day long. You captured our style and personalities, incorporating various poses and backgrounds.  That is something very unique about your work and something you do better than anyone else. ”

Chris added, “We chose you because you are hands down the best in the biz.  You took great photos without taking us away from enjoying our wedding day.”

Aw thanks guys– your colorful personalities *needed* to be captured, and I feel so lucky to have had the privilege of doing that for you on such a special day!

Kristin dressed in the bridal suite in Liberty Mountain resort, pulling the zipper up on her hot pink sparkling heel– I knew the day would be fun!

She is stunning, yet so humble, I have several traditional portraits of her, but I like this giggly one the best…

I told you– stunning!!!

Here my second photographer, Kris, captured this awesome reflection of Chris!

He caught some beautiful light here, too!

Getting ready for “the first look”…

Chris shared, “Leading up to our first look was intense– I felt excited and nervous.  I knew it was going to be great, but it was also the real official start to the day that was to become.”

Kristin shared, “I was excited and nervous, too.  I was surprised how quickly everything moved that morning, and couldn’t believe it was already time!”

Chris said, “Look at you!!!  You are drop dead gorgeous!!!”

He had to check out everything, the veil the sparkling details on her dress, it was really adorable.

Chris got deep, “I knew she was going to look stunning on her wedding day and she definitely did not disappoint.  I look forward to starting our family together and watching her turn into the wonderful mother I know she’ll be.”

Kristin shared, “When I first saw him I thought: WOW is that tall handsome man mine? I am also looking forward to tackling life’s adventures together.”

You can see how cherished and loved she feels…

I knew they love vibrant colors and when I saw these intense purple irises, that reminded me of a Van Gogh painting, I knew i had to incorporate them some how!

I climbed in among them and snapped this shot as Chris and Kristin strolled by…

Kristin reminisced, “It was his charming good looks and sense of humor that drew me in. After I learned what a genuine and caring man he is I fell even further. I love the way that family is his first priority, which  solidified that he is the partner for me.”

While I love to capture candid moments during a wedding day, I also make sure to get a few more standard portraits, too.

I love how comfortable and happy they look here…

I love to play with reflections and was particularly happy with this one as it looked super tropical…

Chris shared, “We’ve been on a couple tropical trips.  Our first vacation was to Aruba, that is where we found out we really liked being together for long stretches of time.”

Kristin explained, “It was nice taking a quick break from the wedding day craziness to have a moment alone for the sunset photos.”

This seriously looks like they are the only two people in the world!

Kristin laughed, “I’ll admit it felt a little weird sinking into the dirt beside the irises but trusted Lisa entirely that the photos would be worth it!”


Kristin shared, “I think we work so well together because we’re opposites! I’m the detail-oriented planner while he is the funny, spontaneous guy. We bring our own perspectives to the table, but challenge each other to be open to each others point of view. This works most of the time, haha.”

Kristin shared, “We chose Liberty Mountain Resort because everything at Liberty was in one location (hotel, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, after party, brunch the next day!). My favorite part was the tall ceilings and open concept reception hall that enabled a comfortable atmosphere for dancing and partying all night long. Also loved the rolling green mountains; they made for the perfect  backdrop.”

Chris added with a smile, “As Kristin said, we like the all in one spot.  We had a lot of out of town friends and family attend and it was important for us to make their trip as painless as possible.  Also, there is a golf course there…”

Time for the bridal party to join in on the fun…

Kristin smiled, “I love color!  The brightly colored bridesmaids and flower girls dresses contrasted the green golf course and mountains so well!!”

Kristin laughed, “Chris loves his socks, especially pink ones so I know he wanted his guys to share that love.”

Chris agreed, “Yup, I’m a sock guy.”

Kristin shared, “My sisters and best friends are always there for me through thick and thin.  I’m so lucky to have them in my life.”

She added, “Many of them have been by my side through sports and running adventures!”

I knew Kristin was a runner and wanted to fit this in…

Strike a pose…

Kristin smiled, “I believe I have the most adorable flower girl/nieces out there.”

Chris smiled, “As most boys do we spend our years growing up testing our strength against our fathers.  He knows now that I got the upper hand, so this picture of him giving me a noogie will make him relive his glory days.  HAHA!!!”

Chris’ mama was so happy to see him!

Kristin smiled, “My favorite part of  the wedding day was the ceremony!! This took me by surprise because usually I find wedding ceremonies so boring. Being surrounded and supported by ALL of our friends and family who care about us was such a powerful feeling. Just about everything in the ceremony was a surprise. Sam could not have done a better job!!!”

The backdrop was stunning for sure…

Sam, Chris’ sister, opened with a photo of their dog, who was not able to attend the ceremony, so that he could be there, too…

Chris added, “My favorite part of the day was the ceremony as well.  The reception was a great time, don’t get me wrong, but the way the ceremony turned out with the great weather and Sam doing a kick ass job on the ceremony really made that part of the day something we’ll never forget for the rest of our lives.  Everyone loved it!”

They sure did– smiles all around:

At one point Sam got out shot glasses.  When asked why there were three, she responded, “One is for me, of course!”

Kristin laughed, “The shots helped to break the ice a bit and set the tone for the wedding.”

Sam’s face, lol!

The mood quickly changed from playful to intensely intimate as Chris and Kristin read their hand-written vows to each other.

The look on Chris face is priceless…

The ring exchange, such pretty details…

Kristin shared, “Getting through the vows were tough but I’m so glad we did them! Made the whole ceremony very personal.”


Proud of the wifey!

I love to play with silhouettes, this is one from their first dance:

Chris explained, “My mom was so nervous for the first dance.  She thought I was going to swing her around and she would have to show off her moves in front of the whole wedding.  I wouldn’t trade the dance we had for anything.  She’s also a huge Rod Stewart fan.  Personally I didn’t think that was possible…HAHA”

Kristin dancing with her father…

Chris shared, “I thought the wedding speeches were great.  I took a little bashing but that was certainly to be expected.”

Kristin laughed, “I can’t believe Kyle described Chris’ dating life as “tryouts”, so hilarious!”

Chris smiled, “Tryouts are and have been for a long time, officially over.”

Kristin laughed, “The cake smash was probably my second favorite part of the day! The only time it’s ok to smash food in Chris’ face. And the cake was delicious!”

Chris shared, “It was very important to us that our guests had a great time.  It seemed like everyone really let their hair down.  We still get comments today that it was the most fun they’ve ever had at a wedding.  That’s the environment we wanted to create, and we are honored it worked out.”


Twerk it, gurl…

Don’t you dare leave the dance floor!!!

We need to twirl 😉 

Dancin’ in the moonlight 😉

A few of the vendors that really stood out to Kristin & Chris:

Venue: Liberty Mountain Resort Wedding coordinator Adrienne Weikert was fantastic and made our day a breeze!!!

Make-up/hair: Laventide Salon and Spa The hairstylists and makeup artists were truly top-notch.

Florist: Blossom and Basket BoutiqueRene and staff made my wedding flower dreams come true!

Bridal shop:  Bridal Suite BoutiqueTiffany and ladies made my dress buying experience a breeze. Highly recommend!

Cake: Main Street Sweets Jennifer made the most beautiful (and delicious!) wedding cupcakes. Can’t wait to eat them again for our one year anniversary 🙂

Rehearsal catering: Hempen Hill BBQ, Dave and Jane’s Crab House The food was amazing!


Debbie BircsakAugust 1, 2019 - 7:39 pm

Lisa did the most amazing, delightful, experienced, professional yet FUN job with Kristin & Chris’ wedding. Would highly recommend her!❤️ Thank you Lisa!

Ankita PatelAugust 22, 2019 - 1:08 pm

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