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The Bond Wedding Photographers: Kim & Alex in York

Intense colors, artistry and love abound for this unique couple at their York, Pa Bond wedding…

Kim shared,  “There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted you to be our wedding photographer! When I first saw your photos, I was amazed by the bold colors of each creative photograph.  You have an eye for good lighting, unique angles, and play with shadows and shapes to create outstanding, artistic images.  Each photograph is thoughtful, a work of art.”

Alex added, “Our wedding day was amazing and I’m looking forward to re-living it all over again– the excitement, fun– it will be great to have those moments and memories captured.”

Kim continued, “I also loved how involved you are with the couples you shoot. I love that you took the time to get to know us and understand where we are coming from and what we were hoping for with our photos.  We also had such a great time on our ‘trial run’ exploring downtown Carlisle during our engagement session.”

Thanks so much, guys!  I was so inspired by all of your artistic choices and felt that you 100% trusted me and would go along with whatever.  This really made the sky my limit and I was able to get such personalized, cool shots for you!  I did really amp us the color and creativity for you two!

Kim and Alex are a unique couple with artistic sensibilities.  They wanted simple elegance but with pops of funk and wow did they chose the perfect venue for it– The Bond in York, PA.  Just like Kim’s dress it has these classic, chic elements but then adds a pop of modern art, fun, and drama.

Kim’s shoes were fabulous!  I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings and never seen anything quite like them.

Kim laughed, “My shoes were so bedazzled and unique. Even the wait staff and the chefs loved my shoes, some of them even pulled out their phones and took photos of the shoes!”

Kim continued, “My bouquet was enormous! I wasn’t expecting the immense bouquet, but it was everything I could have ever dreamed!”

Here I incorporated both her bouquet and the ceremony backdrop.  I loved the light in the room and wanted to give Kim a frame that felt intimate and would bring in another element of interest…

Kim shared, “I wanted my girls to feel comfortable and look their best, which is why they all had unique dresses. I told them to pick from a selection of colors, but the rest was up to them!”

Their dresses were fantastic!  And totally complimented the chic, modern feel of the The Bond and all the artistic space surrounding it!  There are several murals to play with, and I thought the colors of this one perfectly complimented Kim and her bridal party…

Kim shared, “Josephine did such an incredible job with hair and make-up .  She was such a sweetheart and amazing to work with. She knew what she was doing, and she made getting my makeup and hair done so fun. She made me feel beautiful on my wedding day, and I can’t thank her enough.”

Kim you *are* so beautiful!

Kim shared, “Marla, ‘the sunflower lady,’ really deserves a shout out, because she really took time to communicate with me to create the perfect bouquets. She built the most beautiful bouquets I have ever seen. My bridesmaids absolutely loved theirs, and I loved mine- it was enormous! Marla put so much effort into the arrangements and I couldn’t have been happier!”

One of the bridesmaid’s bouquets– so unique!

Ok, so now it’s the men’s turn in the spotlight– check out those kicks!

Another cool mural backdrop as photographed by my second photographer for this wedding, Priscilla.

The gang’s all ready– time for Alex’s first look!

Alex shared, “The first look was the thing that stood out to me the most on our wedding day.  Awe-struck is probably the best word for how I felt. ”

He continued, “I was a little nervous, not as nervous as I thought I’d be. I was excited to finally see Kim after being separated since the night before. It was such a special moment and Kim looked absolutely beautiful.  I will never forget that.”

I brought in some soft elements in the foreground to add some color, visual interest and to capture the intimate feeling of the moment.

The look on his face says it all…

Kim shared, “I was thrilled to see Alex at the first look. I couldn’t wait to see him and see what he looked all dressed up. It was a perfect, such a great, intimate moment for the two of us.”

She went on, “I was in awe when I saw him during our first look. He was so handsome and he just looked so nervous but excited about finally getting married. I look forward to continuing to build our lives together and to start a family of our own.”

Because The Bond is located in the heart of downtown York, on the Royal Square where Prince, King and Queen intersect, there is so much for me to work with creatively.

It is not every day that you have intense reds and yellows, a brick wall with ivy and construction equipment to work with!  I paired it all with framing and a tilt shift technique…

The same location, but a different lens (literally) and totally different vibe…

Here is a marriage, hehe, of both the portrait and construction…

Kim shared, “We work well together because we have taken our time getting to know each other and to understand each other. We’ve been together for nine years, so we’ve been through most of what life can throw at a couple.”

Here they walk hand in hand, taking on the world together.  The fall colors in November were awesome.  I found this street where the light was perfectly illuminating the fall foliage…

Kim smiled, “I fell for Alex because of his personality. From the moment I met him there was something magnetic about him and once we went out on our first date, I knew he was someone special. He’s so charming, confident, loving.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him more over the years.”

“He’s also really funny and has this way of making me laugh.  His sense of humor is what gets me the most.”

Laughter ensued after this giant owl attack for sure…

I had such a blast working with these two on their wedding day exploring downtown York– the murals, the streets, construction sites haha– they were game for every idea I had from fleeing giant owls to traveling down a dark alley together!  It is such a gift to be able to have no limits on what I can do creatively.

Kim shared, “I literally adore everything about Alex, even his opinionated strong-willed side, I like it all.  He’s honestly everything I could have ever hoped for. He’s become my best friend, our bond is incredibly strong.  I feel so lucky to have him in my life.”

Alex added, “Kim’s personality is really the biggest reason I fell for her, too. We both feel so comfortable around each other. It’s exciting, fun, and interesting whenever we are together.  I still feel that way and we’ve been together for several years!”

Awww the look on his face, again…

He went on, “We share similar interests, but we also have interests of our own too, so there’s never a dull moment.”

I thought this photo really illustrates that idea well.  Never a dull moment for sure… I love playing with reflections!

Alex concluded, “I look forward to spending the rest of my life with her and continuing to build our life together on this new path.”

To me their path is surrounded by color, adventure and authenticity.  I love how this image shows all of that and them simply together in the middle.

Alex explained, “You know, people always say your wedding goes by so quickly, that you never get a chance to enjoy the moment before it’s over. That wasn’t how I felt at all. I had such a great time with everyone. I made sure to take the time to enjoy the moment and spend it celebrating with Kim.  We took the time to soak it all in.

He went on, “Our wedding day was smooth, and went on without any issue, everyone enjoyed themselves, and they were happy for us.  I was most excited to spend the day with my wife as well as family and friends, and just have a great time.  I really felt that we got to do that.”

One thing that I do for all of my couples is work up a wedding day timeline.  That way we can build in as much time as they need to do everything that they want.  For Kim and Alex this meant getting a good chunk of quality time to be alone and stroll around town together.  We did that.   And yes, everyone was overjoyed for these two!

Ahhh reflections, my favorite!  Here Kim puts finishing touches on her vows before the ceremony starts…

Kim shared, “I loved how unique The Bond is, unlike any other venue in the area. The industrial/modern look is one of my favorites, and the muted colors really allowed me to choose any look or theme I wanted.”

Alex added, “I liked the lighting of the venue, that’s one element that stood out to me. It looked like two different rooms from morning to night. The large windows gave the perfect amount of light for the ceremony.”

This little man was ready to get the show on the road:

Here these two little princesses prepare to walk down the aisle… I love capturing candid moments like this, you can almost feel the anticipation of everyone waiting in line.

Kim shared, “My favorite part of our wedding day was the ceremony. Walking down the aisle and seeing Alex was so amazing, seeing his face looking back at mine was so comforting.”

Aw her eyes say so much…

I love working with two photographers on a wedding day.  Here we were able to get both the traditional shot of the bride walking down the aisle and this colorful silhouetted one, both speak so much to Kim and Alex’s day and I’m so happy they have both!

I was able to get both the silhouette and this shot from that back that to me feels so elegant, timeless and emotional… all of the guests, the space, the chandeliers and Kim’s gown brilliantly glowing…

Kim’s father “giving his daughter away”

Aw he’s so smitten!  A lot of brides worry about this, that if they have a first look, prior to the ceremony he’ll be “over it” and the ceremony won’t be a big deal.  I haven’t seen this be the case.

I love to get unique perspectives and angles during the ceremony.  Here I captured the glow of the gold light on the ceremony floor and the chandelier…

Kim shared, “His vows were beyond amazing, it was one of the moments I’ll never forget.”

I love that they are hand written on a piece of notebook paper.  There is something so sweet and authentic about it!

Everything that they shared was so genuine and heart-felt.   That backdrop though, wow!

I love to capture authentic emotion throughout, here Kim wipes a tear from her eye as she states her vows.  I played up the color in the frame including the intense glow of sunlight from the outside window.

Kiss the bride…

Alex shared, “I liked seeing how it all came together, especially the music during the ceremony. We had some uncommon ones that were quicker and bolder than the typical ceremony music.”

Kim added, “Ending the ceremony walking down the aisle as husband and wife was such an amazing moment, there was so much energy between the music we chose and the feel of the room.”

Kim shared, “I loved seeing everything come together at The Bond.  The little touches such as the painted mural and the beaded curtains right when you walk in.”

Lol, when looking for a shot that showed off the beaded curtains I found this, one of my shots of the flower girl haha!

Talk about color, how about these drinks?

Kim shared, “I was most excited to experience everything. It was amazing to see all our hard work and planning pay off into the most beautiful day I’ve ever had.”

Her cake looked like a work of modern art.  I have several shots of it, but I like this one with all of the background.

Her cake was so pretty.  I really wanted to capture the glitter and play with the vintage illustration and shadows here.  I played with a purple tint for the wall to bring out the purple on the cake and topper, too…

Kim explained, “I didn’t have an exact theme or look for our wedding the closer we got to the actual day. I wanted some vintage style, which is why I made my centerpieces the way I did. They were muted pinks and silver floral pieces. Overall, I wanted it to look elegant and simple.”

I pulled in more purple with my lighting and brought in the gold and blue tones from the sky that was fading into twilight.

Again I pulled in the purples and blues from the outside scene, they seemed to compliment the indoor one so well:


For this first dance shot, I really wanted to pull in the entire scene.

A little magic …

Kim smiled, “The Ugly Bowl an interesting tradition in my family. Each time a member gets married, the person who gets married before them presents the “ugly bowl” to the newlyweds during the reception. It’s been passed down since 90’s and everyone signs their names and wedding date inside. It’s one of those things that keeps us close, a nice inside joke for the family!”

Photobooth fun!

I love all of the emotion captured here:

This is not photo shopped, I just used elements in the room to bring in this ethereal feel to the father-daughter dance:

Kim shared, “Hiring The Bond was a great choice for Alex and I.   Abby and Megan were absolutely amazing to work with. They listened to everything I had wanted and made my wedding day more beautiful than I could ever imagined. I’d also like to say thank you to the staff for the JDK Group. They were so professional and great with everything and the food was beyond amazing.”

Dancing the night away– here I played with some gold tones…

“You cannot look into someone’s soul and not fall in love with them. I looked into your soul once, I am trapped for eternity.” –Cynthia Go⁣⠀

Kim and Alex, thank you so much for inviting me to capture your wedding day!  It was such a pleasure for me not only just to be there, but to get to know you and have such a unique environment and free reign creatively to really capture the two of you with all of your artistic style and influence!

If you’d like to see more of Kim and Alex, check out their engagement post here.

If you’d like to check out some of their wedding vendors, feel free to do so here:

Haper’s Ferry Photographers: Brittany & Michael

Harper’s Ferry: 3 states, 2 rivers and 1 of my favorite places to visit– what a joy it was to photograph Brittany and Michael there…

Brittany shared, “I’ve been following you for *seven years.*  You have photographed my friends, my family and even Michael and I.  I am blown away by your ability to take everyday people and places that I’ve known for most of my life, and elevate them into some imaginary world that I’d never been to before!  That creative ability is why we chose you as our photographer.”

She went on, “There’s this photo you took of Michael and I when we were in Laurie and Mikey’s wedding and the color and clarity of the shot are just beautiful. We are so excited to have many more by the same artist!”

Brittany & Michael, It was great to see and photograph you two again, and thank you so much for following me for all of this time!  I opened with a shot that shows a unique perspective on downtown Harpers Ferry and here is a more traditional photograph, maybe an updated version of your bridal party one ;).

Harper’s Ferry is so incredibly beautiful!

Thomas Jefferson stood on this ground in 1783 and penned beautiful words about this view, “It is as placid and delightful as that is wild and tremendous…. inviting you, as it were, from the riot and tumult roaring around to pass through the breach and participate in the calm below. This scene is worth a voyage across the Atlantic.”

I have to agree!   And for me the colors are the most spectacular, I focused on the couple to make the color below pop…

Brittany explained, “I lived in Germany when I was a toddler and my parents always show me postcards of these castles built right into the cliffs. This church reminds me of those photographs.”

Michael shared, “Brittany and I are a great fit.  We are on the same page when it comes to most things– movies we want to see, places we go to eat, places we visit, etc.  I’m lucky to have found someone with so many common interests.  We have been together for a long time and rarely argue, it’s really great to have her in my life.”

I love architecture, color and texture as well as symmetry and balance, I think it captures the location and that aspect of their relationship– I really like how they are meeting in the middle here.

Brittany shared, “The leaves were changing and  created a sort of canopy above us. It was so magical!”

Michael shared, “While the two of us work so well together, most importantly, I cannot picture life without Brittany.”

Girl you are *loved* and that color, too, wow!!!

Brittany shared, “Michael is more quiet and reserved. I love this about him because it allows me to be the spontaneous, adventurous one!”

Her sentiment kind of reminded me of my husband and I and Ellie and Carl in the movie, Up, haha!

On our way down, Michael said “Brittany, all these years I’ve lived here, I never ventured out to find places like this, until I met you.”

Brittany explained, “We love taking day trips to historic places and Harpers Ferry quickly became a favorite, both for its beauty and its proximity to our house (a 30 minute drive). Who doesn’t love cobblestone streets, historic houses, ruins, and rivers?”

Interesting, photogenic, romantic, it really was the perfect place for them…

Brittany shared, “Since I’ve been following your photography for so long, I wanted a place that was new to you and meant something to Michael and me. We were both raised in Pennsylvania but we live in West Virginia now and wanted our session to be near our home. Harper’s Ferry has great views and is the location where two rivers (Potomac and Shenandoah) and three states meet (Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia).”

I had stayed in this awesome Bed and Breakfast following Allie & Max’s wedding (The Gayte House, managed by Air BNB SuperHost, Dean) and this was the view out of my bedroom window,  I just knew I needed to photograph a couple here and capture this dramatic scene. I really wanted to get a shot that gave you a sense of the location and all it is.

You can see it all, from the quaint historic downtown to the mountains, rivers, railroad, Appalachian Trail, it’s all here– oh yeah and Brittany and Michael as well!

Brittany shared, “Michael is the most reliable person I have ever met. It is truly the most comforting feeling to have in your life and I know how lucky I am for that.”

Brittany continued, “I trust him completely and would do anything with him.”

You can see how safe and loved she feels, here– I also like the climbing vines on the old church wall and the bare trees against the sky in the background…

It was fun exploring all of the historic ruins in town, so many interesting textures and colors and levels to work with… I loved it!

Brittany smiled, “Michael is incredibly smart (and handsome too). After 8 years together, there is nothing we don’t talk about. We do everything together and are rarely apart. He lets me hold his hand everywhere we go. One time we were out holding hands and someone said, ‘That will go away after a while’, but it hasn’t and I know it never will.”

Here I’m playing with frames and layers and textures and colors again.  🙂

Brittany shared, “I love the boutique shops in downtown Harpers Ferry. It reminds me of Europe and since our session was in late fall I wanted it to look like we were going to a European Christmas Market. I’ve always dreamed of going to Europe near the holidays and visiting the outdoor Christmas Markets. Being near the river, the winding streets, all the ivy, and balconies all support that European style too.”

I love layering in a photo, here you can see so many layers– the mountain, river, buildings, trees, couple and all through a window…  I love fitting so much into a photo!

Brittany shared, “A week or two before our session we decided to go to Harpers Ferry. I wanted to check out spots that we might want to show you on the shoot.  I knew if we found the right trail we could get some really great  views.”

She went on, “We climbed a somewhat hazardous rock staircase. It was dewy so the rocks were slippery and Michael was being extra cautious, haha.”

Brittany continued, “Lo and behold, we found Jefferson Rock! It’s on the Appalachian Trail in Harpers Ferry and consists of several large masses of shale rock. The name derives from none other than Thomas Jefferson who stood there in 1783!”

While most of the evening was cloudy, the sky did open up a little bit to allow a bit of pink and the intense blues of coming twilight… woohoo!

Brittany & Michael, it was such a pleasure getting to know you better and learning that we share so many people, places, and favorite movies in common!  Now you have more than one Lisa Rhinehart original of the two of you, haha.  More coming soon!   And I can’t wait for your upcoming York wedding this fall!

DC Engagement: Katie & Zac at Union Station and The Capitol

A creative, colorful DC engagement session in Union Station and the Capitol Building

Katie and Zac shared, “We chose you to be our photographer because you excel at providing couples with a great variety of photos.  You are able to confidently work outdoors or indoors, you can get shots that are creative or traditional, you can capture everything from architecture to emotion and do it all with authenticity.”

They continued, “It was easy to work with you doing the engagement photography session. You provided us with help when we needed it, but it never felt awkward and we had a lot of fun.”

I opened this post with a creative, architectural shot, next I’ll post a colorful, emotional shot.  Both of them use framing to draw attention to the couple and their surroundings.

Katie smiled, “We opted to have a longer engagement  so  I didn’t have to compromise my busy schedule of juggling full-time employment and part-time graduate studies. It was humorous at a recent dinner with Zac’s extended family that his 6-year-old niece asked  why couldn’t the wedding come sooner, and if there would be cake at the wedding. Needless to say, Zac and I aren’t the only ones getting excited.”

Katie continued, “Living in the city is something  we both love and we wanted our pictures to capture that as well! We do travel through Union from time to time, including for a friend’s wedding in Philly. Zac assumed that the train wouldn’t leave on time, only to arrive to see it pulling off…with Katie, the punctual one, already on it.”

I love the vibrant fall foliage here…

Katie shared, “The day of our engagement session was surprisingly cold! We ended up changing some original outfit ideas, and had winter coats on for most shots.  I really love the vibrancy of my red coat and thought it would contrast well with the grey/white of Union & the Capitol.”

Zac clarified, “I always see other girls with the same coat on when I’m walking around Washington, but none of them look as good as Katie.”

I like the shadow play in the background with the blue shadow tones and the yellow sunlit tones, it adds a little extra oomph to this intimate shot…

Zac explained, “We had been through the long haul by the time we got engaged – we dated nearly four years and did long-distance for some due to campaign work. We had been through job changes, graduate school, and many moves. We enjoyed our time together, and living together, so knew getting married was the next step.”

I focused on the happy couple, the wind blowing Katie’s hair, but I like that you can also see the Capitol subtly in the background.

Katie shared, “Zac is one of funniest, most easy-going people I know and a little bit of a goofball. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, but is devoted to his family, friends, and all Philadelphia sports teams. As he would like me to tell you  too- he’s utterly handsome.”

The colors and expressions in this shot are priceless…

Zac shared, “Katie began college as an architecture major and previous worked at a historic preservation non-profit, so  she really loves classic DC architecture. Union Station and the Capitol are so iconic, and with our wedding being held in Washington DC, both sites were great backdrops for our engagement pictures.”

Here the Capitol building and couple are framed in autumn foliage:

While I spend most of my time capturing creative shots or candid moments, I do make sure to capture several traditional photos, too during each session.

Zac shared, “Katie is a very giving person who is always willing to help anyone out, and she’s always willing to listen.  She’s intelligent and keeps me on my toes. She deals with me, which is a necessity. She and I enjoy doing similar activities (checking out new restaurants, traveling , sports, etc.) so we’re a good fit.”

I had so much to play with here– the architectural detailing, the shadows, Katie’s dimples, hehe…

Here the architectural detail is subtle in the background, but really amps up the sophistication of this shot…

In this shot I embraced the stark white architecture– a friendly photo-bomber joined us momentarily.

Shooting in Union Station has its challenges.  I like a very clean, professional background and to use a lot of framing in my shots, and Union Station is a highly trafficked area.

All of us realized this and were a little extra patient at times like this when it was particularly hard to get a clean shot.  I also used my camera settings to focus intensely on the couple and allow all of the pedestrians to fade into the background.

Katie shared, “Recently we enjoyed discovering that one of my graduate school classmates actually witnessed our engagement.  We got engaged Memorial Day Weekend  2018 while out for a nice dinner at the Wharf, which was pretty busy due to the holiday.”

Here I placed Katie’s engagement ring on vibrant ginkgo leaves…

She continued, “I remember during the moment  feeling like we were in our own little world and also surprised no one nearby seemed to put together what was happening. It was nice to learn that, unexpectedly, friends had happened to stumble across that special moment.”

Katie laughed, “We balance each other nicely, meaning I’m a terrible cook (e.g., I’ve burnt stuff in the crockpot) and Zac cooks for us every night. He also writes really great Valentines/birthday/anniversary cards if you can make out his handwriting.”

Katie shared, “We were so glad to actually still have some fall leaves in mid-November, after a few days of cold and rain! We really like the variety of seasons in DC, and fall is about as good as it gets – beautiful colors, crisp air, fun clothes. We also wanted our pictures to be done around a similar time of year to our wedding in late 2019.”

Katie smiled, “We definitely had an ‘uh-oh’ moment when walking into the central space of Union station only to find a huge carpet covering the nice marble floors for an event later that day. Although we were unable to get the floors in shots, Lisa creatively thought to highlight our silhouettes and some of the vaulted ceiling detail.”

Katie & Zac, I hope that these were just the sort of variety of photos that you were hoping for– indoor/outdoor, traditional/creative, architectural/emotional.

I am super excited to photograph your upcoming wedding at the Carnegie Institution for Science in the fall!

Omni Bedford Springs Wedding Photographers: Kate & Joe

Classic romance with a pop of color you won’t want to miss this beautiful Omni Bedford Springs wedding…

Joe explained, “As we searched for wedding photographers, it became clear to us that the quality of Lisa’s photos were really the best.  During our engagement session we learned how to work together and she applied that experience to her coverage of our wedding day.  The engagement session was really a great added value for us and we are really looking forward to seeing the wedding photos.”

I learn so much during engagement sessions about the couple, their personalities, their connection, which light and angles look best on them.  This is why I include an engagement session in most of my packages.  One thing I noticed was how much Kate and Joe appreciate a traditional portrait.  I am *obsessed* with this bridal portrait of the Kate– you are absolutely stunning!

Kate shared, “We wanted a classic look to our wedding. I wanted something very simple and elegant. I chose the black, white and red for our colors so that we would have  some traditional colors with bright pops of red. This is also why we chose to use red roses for pops of color just because they’re so classic.”

Kate shared, “It was a tangled web that brought my bridesmaids and I all together– from college to camp to a forensics tournament, somehow we all found each other.  We are a bit spread out right now (DC, Nashville, Pennsylvania) so it was a real treat to have them all at my side for my wedding day.”

Kate shared, “They were absolutely fantastic and I couldn’t have done this without them–  they kept me calm and were there at every turn to help.”

She laughed, “Right before the wedding ceremony, I noticed that a part of my bodice had come undone and there was a stain on my dress. We had four minutes until we had to be out for the ceremony. Grace and Sam got out the sewing kit and used their expertise to fix my dress. I asked them if it could be done in four minutes and Grace replied with confidence, “I only need two.” Allison ran to the room to get chalk to cover up the stain. It was  team effort. They were the best.”

In short, these ladies are bosses 🙂

Kate shared about her classic style, “I was going for the “Kate Middleton” look with my dress. Sleeves were not optional.  The cathedral veil and really completed the look.”

Joe shared, “I had to choose my twin brother, Alex, as my best man.  He did an amazing job with his toast and was a great help throughout the weekend! ”

Kate shared, “There are so many qualities that I love about Joe.  He is incredibly smart. He  is funny, charismatic and honest. He is someone that has always been there for me and I know will always be there for me.  I am so happy to call him my husband.”

Kate explained, “We wanted  a classic feel to our wedding so the beauty, decor and style of Bedford Springs was a perfect complement to that vision.  Even though it rained our entire wedding day, there were many beautiful locations to shoot photos all around us without needing to go outside.”

Kate shared, “When I say Joe has been there for me, I mean that in the deepest sense of the phrase.  The day before Thanksgiving in 2014 I shattered my left ankle in multiple places and dislocated it.  Joe was there for me every step of the way in my recovery. He came to every single physical therapy appointment and doctor’s appointment. He supported me at every turn and always believed in me.”

She continued, “When I couldn’t walk for months, he was there to encourage me and make me laugh when the best thing I could do was move my ankle up and down. When someone does something like that for you, it isn’t forgotten. Although that was a big thing that happened, he shows the same kind of love and support towards me every day of my life.”

Wow, what a beautiful story!  I love the leading lines in this image, they start at the bottom of the frame and climb up– it seems symbolic and fitting for this inspirational story and couple and their journey together.

Joe shared, “Simply put, Kate is the most incredible women I’ve ever met. She’s helped me become a better version of myself, I could never have become the man I am today without her by my side.”

Kate shared, “Joe and I balance each other out well. He is always an optimist, enthusiastic and positive. I know I can to be negative at times, but we both pull each other to the middle ground which is a good place to be.”

I wanted to capture the balance and symmetry in their relationship.  I also love to play with stunning architecture (thank you Omni Bedford Springs) and tilt shift.


Kate smiled, “I am an only child, but I sometimes think I have a sibling because my dad is so attached to Jack. He is a very important member of the family. Although he is ten years old now, coming to our wedding was his first overnight stay away from my parent’s house. I think he had a deep seeded animal intuition that he was at an important event. He was absolutely perfect the entire time we were there.”

The royal wedding party 🙂

Kate explained, “Along with the classic red roses, I also wanted to incorporate pops of red in my own look, like with my red lips and nail polish.”

I really liked the intensity of the red-black-white color combination.

We capture all of the bridal party and family portraits before the ceremony so that Kate and Joe would be able to relax and enjoy cocktail hour with their wedding guests.

Here is a classic portrait of Kate and Joe with Kate’s parents.

The strings began to play romantic classics, such as “All You Need is Love” by the Beatles.  It was a nice touch that really set the tone.

Joe was literally overcome with emotion watching his beautiful bride:

Joe’s vows were perfect.  He shared, “Kate is the smart, motivated, challenging titan of a woman that I always wanted as partner. She’s the fun, funny, goofy woman that I always wanted as a friend. And she’s the sweet, honest, unconditionally loving woman that I always wanted as a wife.”

They felt so personal and intimate and I wanted to capture that. I came close and used a macro lens that would capture Joe’s trembling hands and the gold letters illuminated on this book of vows.  I angled myself so that I would capture the pop of red roses in the background.

Kate’s vows were just as personal, authentic, and loving.  I love this moment when Kate clutched her heart and gathered her composure as she read them.  If you look closely you can see her maid of honor in the background looking very proud.

Joe watched, awestruck, proud and deeply in love as his best man watched on.

The wedding guests seemed to hang on their every word, tearing up, laughing out loud, their words were so beautiful!

High fives all around for the new Mr. & Mrs….

Kate shared, “I’m really decisive. I knew certain things about the wedding right from the get-go. I knew our venue would be Bedford Springs, the time of year etc.  I think I had pretty much all of our vendors booked within a week or two of the engagement. When it came to more intricate design choices for the wedding though Joe was often much better. He is more creative than I am and was really able to lead in that arena. He picked a perfect design for the menus, programs, etc. that really matched Bedford Springs and tied everything together beautifully.” – Kate

The wedding reception was decorated with classic white roses and hydrangeas…

Joe welcomed everyone with a heartfelt speech.

Kate spoke as well.  Here I wanted to bring the wedding cake into the shot as well, but keep the focus on Kate’s strong, kind expression.

The first dance:

Kate shared, “My maid of honor, Sam and I, went on a backpacking tour of Scotland in 2012 when I was studying in London. We drank an enormous amount of water from a waterfall on the Isle of Skye which was supposed to promise love for many years. Sam incorporated this into her speech. I guess it paid off because I met Joe the same year.”

Glow Sticks!  Getting creative on the dance floor:

Put your hands up!!!

“Reflecting” on a wonderful evening, Kate and Joe allowed me to snap one last photo at the end of the evening and I’m thrilled with the way it turned out.  The golden light, Kate’s flowing dress, the sweet reflection.

Kate and Joe, thanks so much for inviting me to capture your wedding day!  I hope these are just the sort of high quality images that you were looking for!

Wedding Vendors (these are Kate’s sweet notes):

  • Hair – Kim Hughes  has been doing my hair for eight years. I couldn’t possibly have had anyone else do my hair for my wedding day. She is amazing. She even styles Joe’s hair and my mom’s hair now too.
  • Make Up – Claire Wesolosky for make-up and hair. She did a fantastic job doing my make up. She also did make up and hair for some of the bridesmaids.
  • Flowers – Peterman’s Florist
  • Bride’s Attire- Sorelle Bridal
  • Groom’s attire- Larrimour’s
  • Entertainment- Top Dog Productions Dustin has been a friend of Joe’s for a long time. He did such a good job to make the evening really personalized for us.
F a c e b o o k