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    Hello there—I’ve been waiting for you!!! You know who you are and are true to yourself, you are a liver-of-life, a collector of moments, a person who appreciates great photography and its ability to press the pause button on life’s most incredible moments.

    You want a photographer who is able to handle all aspects of wedding photography with ease, capturing: candid, romantic emotion; flattering, beautiful portraits; breathtaking scenery & architecture; the joy and energy out on the dance floor and all those sweet wedding details that you have been working on for months in an artful, creative way.

    I have great news for you—I’ve got you covered!!!

    My work is creative & thoughtful. My goal is to share your unique love story. I get to know your interests & personalities in order to capture them forever in beautiful, personal, artful photographs that tell your story. I invest my time helping you become comfortable in front of my camera & find the most flattering lighting and angles for you and your surroundings.

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Harrisburg Wedding Photographers: Brinley & Dalton

A joyful cooking engagement at home and the most delicious love story, too…

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Brinley shared, “I saw you photographed a friend of mine and just loved how beautiful your shots were, especially the sunset shots and the black and white images. I also really like the lighting you use rather than all the really bright light typical Wedding photos yours have more intimacy, color, and drama.”

Dalton added, “I really liked how much you worked with us and tried so many different things during the session.  I was happy with the whole experience.”

Engagement Photos at Home?  Yes Please!

Brinley explained, “We knew we wanted a really cozy intimate vibe for the session. We love being at home and just being together.”

Home was perfect, because it was so sentimental– this is actually where Dalton proposed *and* they felt so comfortable there, too:

In Their Element with Their Pups

Brinley continued, “Home is honestly where we spend most of our free time so it fits.”

She added, “We also wanted our fur babies, Ana and Apollo, included so home was the perfect place for them, too.”

Intimate Black and White Images

Brinley mentioned during our first meeting that she really loved the intimate feel of my black and white images, this one is so sweet and soft, I love that you can see her engagement ring and the texture of her jeans, also the print of Dalton’s favorite pineapple shorts!

The Spot Where She Fell in Love

Brinley said to Dalton, “I knew I loved you when I was sitting on the counter while you were making eggs. It was a few months after we were seeing each other. You had worked night-shift so you were tired but you still wanted to hang out with me.”

She continued, “You just looked at me with your big brown eyes and I just knew I really loved you.  Then you leaned in for a kiss and just kinda looked at me and smiled. ”

Flavors: It may not look pretty, but it will have a lot of flavor!

Dalton shared, “We both looove food. Brinley always treats me so well and I love a good surprise. It was Brinley’s birthday and I decided to surprise her with a restaurant in our home!   I created an entire menu of all her favorites. I then greeted her on the porch in my dress clothes wearing a ridiculous wig and mustache and her servers apron.”

Dalton went on, “I then led her inside to the candle-lit table (and freshly cleaned house) and changed into a suit to be your date. She loved it so much that it kinda became our thing.”

Dalton smiled, “The name is Flavors. The slogan is “It may not look pretty but it will have a lot of flavor.”

Dalton laughed, “I changed it up a bit and added cooking videos, just to keep it fun.”

The Wedding Proposal– in the Dining Room

Brinley added, “Fast forward 5 years later and he proposed with the same delicious Greek-style eggs in the same kitchen as the day that I fell in love with him!”

Check out that stunning ring!

Dalton confirmed, “Before I proposed, I had her friend have her take off work for a road trip.”

He continued to Brinley, “You had just worked night-shift and I made breakfast for you before you’d head out. I made a cooking video with one of your favorites. Greek eggs with feta.”

I love how you can see the chalkboard with today’s specials in the background!

He continued, “In the video, I said ‘you think you’re going to West Virginia with Jess, but you’re actually going to Philadelphia with me'”

He laughed, “You looked at me, mad, and said ‘You better not have signed me up for the spartan race too!’  I said ‘just keep watching’ then I said In the video you have one more surprise, turn around. Then I was on one knee and asked you to marry me.”

Brinley smiled, “I just couldn’t believe it was happening! Honestly, I kept staring saying ‘oh my gosh’ over and over, then I said YES!!”

Save the Date 🙂

Apollo wearing her bandana proudly:

Their Engagement Session Style

Brinley shared, “Since we were going for an intimate, homey vibe I liked the idea of ripped jeans and a lace top.”

She continued, “Also, Dalton and I have an inside joke about his pineapple shorts, so those were a must.”

Buffalo chicken pizza?  Yaaaas!

I used the bamboo dish drainer and gold window light to add a little bit of visual interest, that brought in the pizza vibe from a distance (triangular shape and warm cheesy color)

I Go Anywhere for My Couples

I love traveling all over for engagement sessions and customizing them to each couple. For these two home played such an important role in their story that I was happy to meet them in New Cumberland, just outside of Harrisburg, Pennylvania.

Over time, I’ve become good at finding the best light and most interesting backgrounds and foregrounds and using the most meaningful spaces in any location.

I loved this blue wall (in the dining room, Dalt’s proposal spot).  For this shot, I used a vase of flowers and candles that were in the foreground to add a pop of color and some warmth.

Dinner is Served!

Someone else wants a little love…

The Italian Lake

I was getting this Italian vibe throughout their session, it was probably the pizza, the colors, her outfits and then when we headed to the Italian Lake for sunset, I was like, wow, how perfect!

You can see the mountains the distance, the water in the foreground, and that beautiful sunset warmth!

What Dalton Loves Most

Dalton shared, “Well when we first really hung out we just talked for hours. Brinley was so down to earth and obviously beautiful. We just clicked and I wanted to keep seeing her and talking.  We also share the same passions (ahem, food!) and sense of humor.  We are both weird and embrace that together.  We do ‘us’ and it works.”

What Brinley Loves Most

Brinley shared, “I love how no matter what mood I’m in you can always make me smile.  Your hugs are the absolute best, especially after a long day.  You don’t care what anyone thinks and if it makes you and the people you love happy, then you go for it. You are my favorite person forever and ever.”

Brinley, I am so happy that you noticed your friend’s wedding photos and reached out to me!  I tried to give you the beautiful sunsets, intimate black and whites, and colorful images you were looking for!  I can’t wait to hear your thoughts or to photograph your wedding at Allenberry Resort in Boiling Springs this fall!


Central PA Wedding Photographers: Jenny & Nate

Jenny & Nate’s Jeep joyride took us to the farmland he grew up on as a child and the most incredible sunset!  Is it just me or does anyone else have Jeep envy???

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Jenny shared, “We chose Lisa because she took the time to know us as a couple. She wanted to know about our story and background and really cared about the personal touches we wanted to add to our wedding.”

So glad to hear it, lady!  Yes, customization is my thang, and I really love how you both are so true to yourselves, I loved exploring Nate’s roots with you!

They Felt Comfortable in Front of My Camera

She continued, “We have had our photos taken before, but didn’t feel like they were natural, they didn’t properly show ‘us.’ Lisa’s willingness to personalize our location and activities not only shows who we are, but also made us more comfortable in front of the camera, too.  We felt like we were able to really be ourselves this time.”

They look pretty comfortable to me 😉

Grandma’s view, one of his favorites…

Jenny and Nate took the Jeep up to one of his favorite views, the sunset from his grandma’s property that overlooks the land his grandfather farmed when Nate was a boy.  The sunset couldn’t have been prettier.

Amber Waves of Grain

I love to capture pretty shots of the engagement ring when time allows.  This was a tricky one, as the wheat was literally swaying in the wind.  With expert spotters Jenny and Nate by my side, I was able to pull off this shot:

Love at First Sight

Nate shared, “Jenny and I met Freshman year in college.  She walked into history class and I told my football buddies, ‘I’m going to marry that girl.’

He continued, “We had so many classes together, athlete study hall, we kept seeing each other all over campus.  I was persistent.”

A Cheesy (Literally) Pick-up Line

Jenny smiled, “We had friends that also worked really hard to get us together. Nate was working at a pizza shop for his college job. When he asked me to be his girlfriend we ordered pizza and his friend he worked with delivered it and written on the box was “I know this is cheesy but will you be my girlfriend.’ Who could turn down Pizza!?”

Long-Distance Relationship

Jenny continued, “We spent 2 years making our long-distance relationship work, then I uprooted and made the move to Shippensburg to join Nate.  We were excited to have photos taken here because we spent a lot of time in this area together, and it’s obviously a very sentimental location for Nate.”

For those of you who don’t know where Shippensburg is, it is a small town in South Central Pennsylvania.  Nate, Jenny and I all live there.  Isn’t it beautiful?

Jenny explained, “We were able to take photos in his grandparents’ yard that overlooks his late grandfather’s old farm.  I think that meant a lot, especially to Nate.”

Traditional Photos

Lots of couples ask if I take traditional, smile-and-look-at-the-camera type photos, of course!  I just really like to capture people interacting and in their element, showing all that authentic emotion.  I want to capture not just what people look like, but who they are, the activities and places that are important to them.

Jeep Rides

Jenny shared, “We love to pack the Jeep up and go for a Sunday ride through the mountains.  It’s kind of our thing.”

I used a special panning technique with a slow shutter to capture the movement of the vehicle and pick up the color of the fields and sunset.

Jeep. Envy.  Am I right?  Mine will be white :).

What They Love Most

Jenn shared, “What I love most about Nate is that he’s super easy going, and deals with my day to day craziness, haha!”

Nate smiled, “What I love most about Jenny is her smile and laugh– and that I can jump out and scare her every time, haha!”

Two peas in a pod, equals, balanced, there for each other and ready to tease a bit, too.  For me, this photo captures some of that balance along with the stunning Shippensburg countryside.

Getting Creative

I like to play with fun angles and reflections, this has both!

Their Engagement Story

Jenny began, “Everywhere Nate and I go we are always surrounded by friends or family. Late December my friend came to me asking me to plan her birthday party. After many ideas, we decided to go tubing at ski liberty. The weekend finally came and we were all driving down together, we rented a place to stay and had an amazing weekend planned to celebrate.”

She laughed, “I was walking out of the house in sweatpants, and Nate said  ‘THAT IS NOT WHAT YOU WEAR TO GO TUBING! YOU HAVE TO WEAR NICE CLOTHES!’  At that time I had no idea I would be picking out the outfit that I would be getting proposed to in!”

Jenny continued, “We arrived at the rental and everyone was stalling with ‘one more glass of wine’ waiting for Nate’s parents to arrive at Liberty Mountain Resort.  As we are walking through the parking lot we pass Nates dad’s truck, I had still had no idea.  After we arrive at THE location that my friends set up and made perfect for us,  Nate popped the question!”

Yep, Nate had it all planned out, even the fact that she wouldn’t want sweatpants on in her engagement photos, now that is a *keeper*, well played, sir!

Jenny shared “The most meaningful part was that the second I said yes, I turned around and saw my entire family and home town friends all running towards me. I loved that Nate had my family and friends from home come and his family and our friends from Shippensburg all together for this moment!”

Jenny concluded, “This is such a perfect illustration of ‘us’ because it was still low key, it wasn’t over the top. We had all the people we loved the most surrounding us and they were there to support and celebrate with us.”

His Neighbor’s Stone Foundation

Nate led the way down to this old stone foundation.  He explained that it was his neighbor’s barn growing up.  It burned down in a fire, but might look cool in pictures and be fun to explore a little.  He told me not to worry, he got permission first.  😉

Idyllic Country Setting

Nate grew up scouting the surrounding land with his dad, brother, and friends. He spent his young life running after his dogs through the cornfields as they chased birds. He and his brother would ride through the lane in the cornfield up to his grandfather’s farm.

You Are My Sunshine

I love to play with different creative elements in my photograph.  I think lighting is one of the main things that can add emotion to a photograph.  I don’t know if you are a movie fan, but JJ Abrams does this all the time and I love it– playing with intense light and allowing that to play in the lens.

I’m not gonna lie, it is tough on the eyes, and my camera hates it (refuses to focus, etc) but take my time and squint and try to do it if I have an opportunity.  I think it really shows that intense warm, loving feeling…

Sunset From Grandma’s Hill

Jenny & Nate, thank you so much for sharing your story with me, and giving me the pleasure of capturing it at this important time in your lives!  Sunset from your grandma’s hill, meeting grandma herself, guys, you are the best!

Jenny and Nate, I’m excited to capture your Heritage Restored wedding next year and meeting all of your family and friends.  Being that we live in the same small town, I bet I’ll even already know some of them :).


Nancy FreemanAugust 21, 2020 - 7:16 pm

What great photos and a wonderful story! I can’t wait to see everyone in PA and catch up on the history of their adventures at the farm where Nate grew up. Love you!! Jenny! And Nate!

Annapolis Engagement Photographers: Sara & Tom

Sailboats, ice cream, cobblestone streets, Salsa dancing, a night out on the town in Annapolis

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Tom shared, “One of many reasons we chose you was because Sara had seen firsthand how talented you are at Rachel & Tommy’s Baltimore wedding at the Four Seasons. As Rachel’s Maid of Honor, not only did she appreciate your easygoing and creative direction (particularly when organizing a large bridal party), she really loved the final product — your photos from Rachel’s and Tommy’s wedding were gorgeous. The black and white photo of them under the umbrella has always stayed with her.”

Sara added, “Tom is an artist and he appreciated some of the artistic, creative photos on your website gallery; he thought you could create some really unique shots of us beyond typical cookie-cutter wedding photos. We’re both interested in more candid photos to really capture the joy of the day, but want a couple posed photos, too. We talked it over and decided a photographer was a good vendor on which to splurge a bit, because photos are one of the most lasting things you want for on your wedding day. We figured it was worth it to work with the best!”

It is one of the best compliments I can receive when a former bridesmaid books me for her wedding day based on her first-hand experience!  Thank you for your confidence in me, Sara and Tom. Yes, I love to get creative, more on that soon *and* here is a more “traditional” smile-and-look-at-the-camera type of shot, but I think your personalities and joy really come across!

Mr. Blue Eyes

Early on into their relationship, Sara was in a romantic mood and told Tom, without a hint of irony, “Your eyes are blue like the ocean.” She said it so seriously that Tom cracked up, not able to keep a straight face. It’s become an inside joke, with Sara often telling Tom his eyes are blue like the ocean to get him to laugh or smile.

I love this pic of them, how comfortable and happy they are here and wow– his eyes are so BLUE!

Exploring Downtown Annapolis

Sara explained, “Having our engagement photography session in Annapolis was appealing for a couple of reasons 1) it’s relevant to our Maryland roots and love for our state.  2) It’s also on the water, which is our favorite place to be.”

Sara leads the way keen on exploring all the colorful alleyways and cute city streets.  I was taken by the light, golden and intense, bringing out the most vibrant colors.  It fit this fun, playful couple so well!

We turned the corner and came upon the cutest little mural, complete with wisteria vines and a bike with a basket filled with wine flowers and bread:

Tom’s Bike Repair 😉

Sara laughed, “This is so fitting!  For a while, it seemed like Tom was running his own bike-flipping business — he would buy, fix up, and sell bikes so regularly. This is fitting to life with Tom as he is constantly tinkering with hobbies. At one point, he owned four different bikes! These days, he’s down to two bikes but there’s always room for the next project.”

As soon as we got to the mural, Tom was like, “Hang on, let me fix this a sec.”

It Takes Two to Tango

Sara explained, “Early in our relationship, I organized a surprise tango lesson for us. I told Tom to meet me in Dupont Circle and to wear “comfortable clothes. Tom showed up in running clothes and sneakers (not an unreasonable interpretation of the instructions). I didn’t realize that most people in the class would be dressed to the nines for tango, haha!”

Tom never lets Sara live down that she let him show up to a fancy tango class in running shoes.  Separately, Sara and Tom love to dance and are often the ones tearing it up on the dance floor at weddings. They recently started teaching themselves some more salsa moves from YouTube videos in their apartment during the quarantine.

Capturing the Location

For me, it’s important to capture not just what people look like, but who they are, their interests and hobbies (ahem bikes, water, and Salsa dancing) and personalities as well as the interesting aspects of the location itself.  My opening image showed off the Maryland State House, and here is one of the inspiringly gigantic trees on its campus.  It is HUGE.

I like how it fills the frame with so much color and texture and how you can also see Sara and Tom, relaxing beneath its branches.  I think it gives a cozy, laid back vibe.

‘Reflecting’ on Creative Photography…

This is actually Sara & Tom’s reflection in a puddle that I noticed as we strolled the streets together.  I know Tom is looking for creative and Sara likes brick, so there is a little something for each of you here…

Chesapeake Bay

Sara explained, “For us, summer means being close to the water, whether that’s on the Bay or “down the ocean,” as we say in Maryland.”

She added, “Annapolis is right across the Chesapeake Bay from Kent Island, where our wedding venue will be. ”

I love him for so many reasons…

Sara shared, “Tom is fun-loving, easygoing, athletic, creative, and emotionally intelligent.  I love how he connects with everyone he meets.”  She was first attracted to his friendly personality but quickly learned there was much more to him.

She added, “He is a man with a lot of hobbies: painting, playing guitar, inventing things, any and every outdoor sport. He does all these things with such joy, it makes living life with him so much fun.”


Tom and Sara are both very patriotic.  They said their first “I love you’s” during the fireworks show in Washington, DC, on the 4th of July!

Ice Cream!

It was really hot and the promise of ending the session with ice cream was very appealing.  To also be able to capture the boats on the water and an American flag waving in the background was a bonus!

The Proposal in Puerto Rico!

Tom arranged a surprise trip. Sara knew they were going somewhere “warm” but nothing else until they arrived at the airport and she learned they were headed to Puerto Rico! Sara suspected this was an “engagement trip” but wasn’t sure where or when Tom would pop the question. Turns out, he didn’t know either! He was playing it by ear trying to find the perfect moment.

Sara shared, “On the first night, we went out salsa dancing in San Juan, which was such fun but there was no perfect proposal moment. On the second day, we went to the small island of Vieques (known for its wild beach horses). Tom drove a Jeep through the secluded beach trails trying to find the perfect spot. Everything looked perfect… A crescent-shaped beach with a panoramic view with soft waves rolling in… until a small family rolls in just as the sun is going down… time to move.”

Sara laughed, “With twenty minutes to spare until sunset, Tom insisted we drive to another more remote beach. We jostled in the Jeep as the next trail was overgrown and had deep ruts. Brush and trees whipped the body of the Jeep as Tom hurried to find our spot.”

At last! As the sun was setting, Tom suggested they take a Christmas card photo and set up his camera on an auto-timer. Instead of posing for the photo, he dropped to one knee and asked Sara if she would marry him. She said, “Of course!”

An Equal Partner, He Has Her Back

Sara smiled, “I know that I can always count on Tom to be my equal partner through thick and thin.  He is deeply loyal and loving to his family and friends (many of whom have been in his life for more than twenty years)!”

Falling in Love

Tom shared, “I blurted out “You’re the sweetest person I know” and I meant it. We danced wildly without caution in empty bars. Overly dressed in ball gowns and my Dad’s suit jacket for casual dinners. We fell in love in the moment and that’s all I wanted.”

I used a tilt-shift effect here and wanted to show that intense, dizzy falling in love feeling…

What they are looking for in their Engagement Photos:

Sara shared, “We’re very inexperienced models, so there is that, but we hope the photos capture our chemistry and love. We are excited to see ourselves laughing and smiling, interacting together, just us being in love and looking natural.  At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun, and we definitely had so much fun with you!”

What do you think so far, guys?

They Almost Missed Eachother!

Tom first asked for Sara’s number after a happy hour at Sauf Haus beer garden. They had talked all night, and when she had to leave he offered to walk her to her bus stop. It was late September, the weather in DC was pleasant (for once), and it was a magical weeknight evening.

Sara had asked Tom if he wanted to be her date to a vineyard that weekend, but he politely declined as he was going to be out of town. Right as her bus arrived, Tom asked for her number — but she didn’t want to miss the bus, so she left him hanging and hopped aboard!

The disappearing act must have intrigued Tom, because he tracked her number down through friends, changed his plans, and was able to make the date at the vineyard that weekend.

Something Special was Underway…

A few weeks later, they’d gone on their third or fourth date near Tom’s house in Dupont. The first stop was a tiny authentic basement joint called Sakuramen, where the food was so spicy that Sara cried! After dinner, they stopped for frozen yogurt before proceeding to their (soon to be) favorite neighborhood bar, Bar Charley.

Bar Charley would become a staple for them over the next few years, but this was their first visit together. It’s a cozy little underground bar — think low lighting and hand-crafted cocktails. They had an Old Fashioned (or three), but when it was time to head home they discovered that rain was coming down in sheets outside. Tom’s place was only a few blocks away, so they held hands and ran for it.

They got soaked, but they both laughed so hard they couldn’t breathe. Back at Tom’s, in front of the fireplace, they both knew that something special was underway.

Sara & Tom, thank you so much for opening up and sharing all of these fun stories with me!  It was such a pleasure to get to know the two of you better and I hope I was able to capture your love, chemistry, and all the fun you had in Annapolis together!  Sara, I’m so glad you remembered me from all the way back at Rachel’s wedding!  I’m so excited to photograph your upcoming wedding at Camp Wright on Kent Island!

The Line Hotel DC Wedding Photographers: Hannah & Andrew

This vibrant DC couple met at the Air & Space Museum, were engaged in the Caribbean (with a pufferfish as their witness) and exchanged their vows following CDC guidelines during a global pandemic, wrapped in a wedding chuppah that literally survived the holocaust!

You won’t want to miss the incredible story of this stellar DC couple, married on the Fourth of July!  Let the fun begin!!

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Hannah shared, “I love the way Lisa’s photos show the personality of the bride and groom, the character of the wedding venue, all in stunning color and in such a flattering way.”

She continued, “Lisa was such a delightful presence to have with us throughout this process!  She had a flexible go-with-the-flow attitude (we are so grateful!), was very kind to us, and made us feel at ease.  We could also tell she was super experienced and knowledgable regarding all matters of wedding photography!  There were times when Lisa blended into the party and others when she was a clear cut director.  She knew when to take on each role, and she did them both with grace and expertise.”

She concluded, “Lisa was wonderfully flexible, optimistic, and willing to do the work we asked in light of the pandemic.  We feel so lucky we now get to work with Lisa for two events!”

Split wedding: Ceremony this year, Reception next year

Thanks so much, Hannah!  I’m so glad I got to work with you two, and will *again* for your big celebration with all the guests next year!

Hannah and Andrew were one of the first couples to reach out to me about doing a “split wedding ceremony.”  Due to CDC guidelines with the pandemic,  they decided to do a very small wedding this year in the gorgeous Line Hotel with an intimate group of their closet family and friends and then have the full wedding reception at The Carnegie next year, and have hired me for BOTH(!)  I can’t wait!  (Next year I hope to finally check off that bucket list item of watching the 4th of July fireworks from a sailboat in the Potomac.)

I have split wedding packages and have photographed several since and absolutely love them!

The Line Hotel, Washington DC

So The Line Hotel is *stunning* it is a boutique hotel with all of this crazy cool space, for example, the classic architecture above and the rooftop bar below.  Hannah and Andrew took a little getaway with champagne at sunset and as they enjoyed the sunset and incredible view of the National Cathedral, I hopped inside a palm tree, haha!  They love to travel and I felt like the sunset/palm tree combo really brought that into light.  Their expressions, though!

Meet the Bride, Hannah

Andrew shared, “Hannah is beautiful, inside and out.  She makes me feel so comfortable and believes in me, even when I don’t believe in myself.  She is a person who has strong values, beliefs, and ideals.  I’m so excited to be here with her right now and am looking forward to everything to come.”

While I love to capture exploration and moments, I also make sure to capture more traditional portraits, too…

View of the Washington Monument

Hannah smiled, “We were so grateful we could have our wedding at the Line, with a view of our dearest neighborhood in our dearest city.  To be married with the Adams Morgan/ DC Skyline as our backdrop was a dream.  Also, The Line Hotel was willing to work with us for having a small wedding during uncertain times.”

She added, “The size of the Master Suite patio was also perfect for the size of our small wedding!”  Patio is an understatement, it fit twenty guests with plenty of room to socially distance and had incredible views in every direction.

In her dress and veil– it’s getting real!

While Hannah and I chatted, she brought up her friend, Rachel.  Hannah told me early on that she wasn’t doing bridesmaids, but mentioned that Rachel had really been there for her through all of this.  I made sure to highlight Hannah & Rachel’s relationship, too.

Getting ready at The Line

Andrew explained, “I was out and about through much of the wedding day.  I went to The Diner with my dad and brother, picked up the wedding cake (that I chose, more on that to come), and helped with different elements of the wedding day set up.”

He recollected, “I saw the Line before it was the Line Hotel, on a date with Hannah!   It was this really cool, large building, but at the time I first saw it, the building was unused. Years later, I remember when it was finally open as a hotel and thinking that it was a really cool place and look and feel for a hotel.  Now it has a very important meaning, as our wedding venue!”

American Flag Speedo

Hannah smiled, “Andrew and I worked together at the Air and Space Museum for two years, but our paths didn’t cross until my final summer there. My friend showed me a picture of him in an American flag speedo and I was quite taken with the photo, haha! I eventually asked him out, and I was astounded by how well we got along on the first date!”

Andrew laughed, “Yes, the American Flag thing all started because the first time Hannah saw me, or at least remembered seeing me, was from a photo of me on social media wearing an American Flag speedo in front of the Fountain of Geneva (it’s an absurd picture). That image became what Hannah associated with me. So from there, we thought it was fun to play up the American Flag thing.”

He continued, “That’s how the whole American Flag persona kind of took on.  At our apartment, we have a vase full of American Flags that sits on our kitchen counter, I have probably six or seven pieces of American Flag clothing and apparel, sunglasses, cups, etcetera. We have American flag bath towels. I have a wooden carving of a bald eagle by my bed, I had an American flag backpack for awhile (Hannah’s graduation gift to me). Tim (our officiant) went through my Facebook page in preparation for delivering the wedding speech and told me that 40% of my profile pictures have the American Flag prominently in them. He’s good with numbers, so I trust his math.”

I had to catch this, such a perfect tie-in…

Meet the groom, Andrew:

Hannah shared, “Andrew is a lovable goofball, and he is a reliable and trustworthy companion.  We have a similar way of balancing being silly/ playful and being serious/ responsible.  I notice that he can sometimes come across as neutral/ poker face to others, but most of the time I see him as exceptionally silly, playful, and lovable.”

She continued, “I wanted Andrew to be my partner for life because he’s my best friend, and we are a family.  Our romantic partnership is amazing, and we also treasure our family-oriented partnership.  We love each other and take care of each other, and we aspire to have kids and more pets to be a part of our happy family.”

Teary First Look

Andrew shared, “The first look was one of my very favorite parts of our wedding day.  Hannah looked so beautiful and happy.  I definitely cried.”

Their first look was the sweetest!  Here Hannah wipes away Andrews tears:

Andrew explained, “The first time I saw her on the wedding day, I was surprised to see a silver dress. I knew it wasn’t going to be white because Hannah already let that secret slip, but I had it in my head that the dress was going to be blue, so that is what I imagined and expected, so it was a pleasant and fun surprise to see silver instead. I thought she looked amazing! It was a beautiful dress and she was so happy. I can tell she really loved it too.”

Hannah added, “I was so happy to see him during the first look, I thought he looked so cute!”

Exploring together…

Hannah shared, “One of my favorite parts of the day was exploring the hotel with Andrew and taking all the pictures, it was so much fun!”

Moonlight Silver Wedding Gown

Hannah explained, “My silver dress was actually purchased once we committed to the Plan B wedding at the Line was established, and it fit the venue and the tone of the wedding much better than my Plan A dress.”

She added, “We wanted to have an elegant DC feel, while integrating the 4th of July aesthetic and festivities.  The city of Washington DC was our theme in a variety of ways.  We wanted a distinctly DC feeling on the 4th of July weekend!  But we didn’t want the colors to be red, white, and blue (although we did consider it).  This dress is silver and reminds me a little of the place we met, the Air and Space Museum.”

Traditional Portraits

A question I get asked a lot is if I take traditional portraits.  Most of the day I’m capturing moments as they happen, there are also times when I’m getting really creative, but with every wedding, I do take some time to capture more “traditional portraits,” too.

What Hannah loves most…

Hannah shared, “The qualities I like best about Andrew: he’s fun to watch movies with (we love analyzing action movies and movie score), he takes fantastic care of our cat, he’s cuddly and affectionate (he loves back rubs), he’s a brave and creative chef, I can talk to him about anything, he loves me unconditionally, and he’s wonderful to love.”

Ironically this creative spot was right on the way to the kitchen of The Line:

The Wedding Reception will be at The Carnegie

Their wedding ceremony will be held next year at The Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington DC, I love these columns and think it has such a similar feel.  My husband, who has photographed weddings at the Carnegie with me, actually thought this shot was taken there!

Mirror mirror on the wall…

I love to play with reflections and angles, The Line has so much to work with, I felt like I was only touching the tip of the iceberg!

Maximizing Purples & Blues

I know Hannah likes purple and blue and with the natural light coming in through this window of this dark room, I know I could manually dial the white balance to really play up her favorite colors here.  I love the sexy feel of this silhouette.  It shows that easy connection.”

Classic, Timeless

I want to capture it all and love to play around with a lot of different looks and feels on a wedding day.  This shot feels so classic and timeless to me, and romantic, like a fairytale…

Adams-Morgan Neighborhood

Hannah explained, “The neighborhood of Adams Morgan is actually very significant to our relationship.  I (Hannah) lived in Adams Morgan for a few years, so Andrew and I went on countless dates in the neighborhood.  Even when we moved to Arlington, we still found excuses to go on dates in Adams Morgan.”

This is a shot I captured from the patio, the backdrop for their ceremony…

Chuppah Survived the Holocaust

Hannah shared, “We have this family heirloom tablecloth that’s been in Hannah’s side of the family for generations (even through the holocaust), so having that wrapped around us to symbolize the home we would make as a married couple was quite beautiful.  Using this avoided the hassle of having a traditional chuppah, and was so personal and meaningful to us.”

She continued, “My mom and I took a lot of time planning the Jewish parts of the ceremony to decide which parts we wanted, and how we would include them.  We conveniently had 7 family members, so they each read one of the traditional 7 blessings.  And we arranged for everyone to have a drink prepared so we could drink to the 7 blessings.  I bought a beautiful Kiddish Cup off Etsy for Andrew and I to drink out of, and it will now be our official Kiddish Cup for future Jewish events.”

She added, “I purchased a fun “smash glass” kit from Amazon that allows us to keep the shards in a beautiful embroidered bag that says “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine” in Hebrew.  I also bought a mezuzah that allows us to put the shards of glass into a little vial next to the vial with the scroll from the Torah into it.”

Their boss at The Air and Space Museum Officiated the Wedding

Hannah explained, “The ceremony was super personalized.  Our officiant was our boss who hired both of us to work at the Air and Space Museum, a job that defined our college years and united us with incredible friends.  He even interviewed our friends for his story about us, I was amazed!”

In his vows, Andrew stated, “I’m into storytelling, and you are into emotional analysis.  Let’s play to each other’s strengths… We are not 2 halves that complete each other, but 2 wholes that compliment each other.  With you, I have complete freedom to be me.”

Hannah recalled, “I just glowed at the validation of what a great team we make.”

He tried to kiss her before “Kiss the Bride”…

Andrew said, “Okay so what I remember most about my vows is trying to kiss Hannah way too early. Whoopsies! Luckily she pulled away and said something like “not yet!”

Hannah replied, “That was literally one of my favorite parts of the day.  I pulled back and blew him a kiss, saying ‘not yet!’ haha!”

Haaa after photographing hundreds of weddings, I’ll tell you, Andrew, it’s more common than you’d think!  You are not alone.  🙂

Now it’s time…

Kiss the bride– see the Washington monument?

Hannah’s brother’s impressive speech

Hannah smiled, “I was so impressed with my big brother stepping up on my wedding day!  He totally prepared me for him to show up looking casual and emotionally standoffish.  But he called his friend to help him pick out an outfit, and he looked STELLAR!  And he was the first one to announce us as Mr. and Mrs. Gates!!!”

And the crowd goes wild…

Their first dance…

Andrew explained, “First dance choreography was all Hannah. She has a dance background and used to be a dancer. It’s a shame she can’t do much dancing anymore because of a knee issue, but I know she really loves it. I, on the other hand, have never danced nor have much interest in it, but Hannah wanted the dance, so I said “you’re in charge” and I let her teach me what to do.”

Let the (socially distanced) dancing begin!

I was really impressed by Hannah, Andrew, and the Line Hotel’s adherence to CDC guidelines!   Most of the day we were masked, outside, 6 feet apart.  They bought cute masks that matched their wedding attire and wore them.

At one point we were outside the building distanced for photos, and came in to get out of the heat, the concierge provided Hannah and Andrew with masks, since they hadn’t really thought to bring them outside with all of the emotional excitement of the first look.

Andrew’s cake– the whole story!

Hannah shared, “I actually told him from the beginning of wedding planning, “As the bride, I automatically decide a lot of how our wedding looks, but you should have complete control over at least one thing.   You love cake, so you get to make all decisions about the cake and surprise me on our wedding day.”

Andrew chimed in, “I am super proud of this cake. It was my special project and It was so delicious! It was my favorite thing I ate that day. Basically, I knew this bakery was good and I knew I wanted to get a cake from them. My favorite flavor of cake is Red Velvet, but I knew that Hannah wanted the color scheme to be purple, so I asked the bakery if they could make a “purple velvet” cake with purple food dye instead of red. Their answer: No. This stunned me because, while I don’t know a lot about cake, I figured this would be pretty easy to do. So I asked two other bakeries in the area if they could do it. Everyone came back with no. So then I went to the first place again, which was really the place I wanted to go to anyway, and said can you do white on the inside and purple/blue on the outside then? And that time they said yes. The cake was the best! So good.”

Hannah laughed, “He took this job very seriously, even though I’m honestly not much of a cake eater, I do regret not eating a slice on our wedding day (sad face), so next year, I’m having Andrew get that exact cake made again and it will be the groom’s cake.  And I’ll remember to eat a slice!”

So proud of Hannah & so in love themselves, such a sweet pic…

Sunset, incredible view just got better…

I move around a lot on a wedding day.  If I don’t hit five miles of walking on a wedding day, I’m surprised.  Hannah pointed this out to me when she sent me a copy of their wedding video, a go pro stationed at the back of the ceremony.

She commented,”You are the flash– moving everywhere like a little ninja!’  Maybe I’ll find a way to fast forward the ceremony so you can see me moving around like a blur, haha!

Here ninja me is up a floor above, capturing all the guests, the sunset and the beautiful Adams-Morgan neighborhood they love so much, even the Washington Monument!

Exotic Travels- Proposal Part 1, coupons…

We were on a trip to Puerto Rico. I knew at the time that I wanted to propose during the trip, but I didn’t know when or where or how. I’d already gotten all the parents’ blessings and I had the ring. That Christmas, Hannah made me a coupon book as a gift full of things like “I will do a chore” or “I will buy you ice cream” and one of the coupons was “You decide!” So I thought it could be fun to use the coupon to propose. Sometime during the trip (or maybe it was before the trip), Hannah expressed interest in seeing the sunrise one day. The fact that she brought up that idea, not me, was great because it didn’t mean I needed to force anything or create a scenario that would make her suspicious of my intentions. So this was perfect!

Proposal part 2, the Caribbean…

Andrew shared, “The night before I was going to propose, I was really nervous and distracted and I think I blatantly asked Hannah if my heart rate was too high or something like that, she didn’t seem to think much of it. We set the alarm to get up early at sunrise and then, when sunrise came, I was so excited. I got dressed and looked nice and had all this energy. Hannah, on the other hand, got out of bed without changing clothes or washing up. She was in her pajamas and I was wearing regular clothes, but she didn’t seem to notice, so I just continued with the plan.”

He continued, “We went out to this dock on the sea (we were on the Caribbean side of the island), but the sun wasn’t the way I wanted it to be. I was waiting for it to be that awesome pink and purple mix, but it didn’t quite happen. So after a while, Hannah suggests we go to the beach and so we leave the dock. But I’m not worried because I think the beach is still a good place to propose too…”

Here is a bit of pink/purple mix for you, palm trees, too!

Part 3, Only a Pufferfish…

Andrew concluded, “Along the walk from the dock to the beach, we see a pufferfish in the sea (the water is really clear). The sun still isn’t right and I was waiting for the right time, but eventually, Hannah says she wants to go back to the place we were staying and so I decided to propose right then and there. I pull out a coupon she made for me and gave it to her, but I didn’t write anything on the “You choose” card, so she asked me, “What do you want?” and I said, “This is what I want” and boom! Ring. Our only witness was the pufferfish.”

A Dancer at Heart

Hannah looked simply angelic in her dress, combine that with golden hour and wow!

Balance: She Believes in Me

Andrew shared, “In general, I consider myself a very optimistic and positive person about the world, about other people, and about most everything, but the one exception is that I am not always optimistic and positive about myself. For whatever reason, this is where my positivity falters the most. Hannah has always believed in me.  Hannah helps me see the positivity in me and shows that she believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself.”

I actually shot through the back of a chair to create this image.  I liked the sunset silhouettes and like how this shows the balance that they bring to each other.

Values, Beliefs & Goals

Andrew continued, “We have the same values and beliefs and goals. We both value family and friends above all else. To us, career is secondary. These days and especially where we live, that is not something that is always easy to find.”

They Met at the Air and Space Museum

Andrew smiled, “Hannah actually wrote the daily schedules at the Air and Space Museum, back in the day. As I already shared, we met there.  I didn’t share that she intentionally scheduled us to work together a lot on purpose, which I now know.  We worked together so much and really got to know each other there.”

My time with Hannah and Andrew was coming to a close, and I noticed the moon, it was this pinkish purplish color as it rose and seemed so fitting for these two with their Air & Space Museum background.

Wedding Planning During a Pandemic…

They shared, “Our advice for other couples planning their wedding is to not get lost in the “show factor.”  When we were planning our Plan A wedding, we started prioritizing having a show for our guests rather than having a meaningful experience about our romance.  We are grateful we were motivated to recheck our priorities in the Plan B wedding planning process, and as a result, we had the most perfectly personalized ceremony imaginable.” <— Yes, I can vouch for this first hand, their ceremony was incredible!

They added, “We also actually love that we get to have our big reception on a different day.  Personally, as the bride, I was so into my emotions and nerves I barely enjoyed the food and drinks and company.  I’m now truly happy the super big party with the excess food will be on a different day, when I will be able to comfortably eat, drink and socialize sans nerves!”

Hannah & Andrew, I am so happy that I get to photograph you two not once but *twice* and was so impressed with the way you were thrown the pandemic curveball and responded authentically with grace and ease.

Wedding Vendors

Fotograf NuntaSeptember 3, 2020 - 5:51 am

Awesome set of images, the light in some of them is incredible!!!

Omni Bedford Springs Wedding Photographers: Lily & Kevin

Romantic country engagement session for two high-school sweethearts…

Choosing Their Venue & Wedding Photographer

Lily and Kevin’s wedding venue, the Omni at Bedford Springs is not only one of my very favorite wedding venues, but also one of my favorite places to be– one where my husband and I have celebrated our anniversary, I have celebrated my birthday with my family and even taken several trips there with my friends (the spa is amazing!).  Guys *I cannot wait* for your wedding there!

Lily explained, “I found Lisa while searching for wedding photographers who had previously worked at the Omni in Bedford Springs.  I absolutely fell in love with her photos!  Kevin and I *do not* like getting our pictures taken. We were looking for a photographer who would make us feel comfortable. Lisa has so much great experience and such a wonderful personality. She knows what looks good and was able to help us and give us ideas, all we had to do was trust her which was easy, as we had full confidence in her and her abilities.”

Aw, thank you!  You two definitely look comfortable here…

Playful and sweet with a little bit of edge…

I found myself gravitating towards two distinct feels during the session– one was very soft and romantic and sweet, the next was a little rock-and-roll, sexy, playful with a little bit of edge…

There was this old jeep with a worn bullet hole in the windshield.  I took a pretty, romantic ring shot on hydrangeas, but there is something about this one that shoots right to the heart of things.  I love playing like this with images!

Highschool Sweethearts

Lily said “Kevin and I met freshman year of high school in English class. Immediately, there was a connection between the two of us. I just always wanted to spend time with him. He made me so happy.”

Falling in love…

Kevin added, “We started out as good friends, just hanging out together and spending time together.  We started building our relationship from there, and it got stronger in time. Before I knew it, we had been together for almost a year and I realized that I was falling in love with her.”

This is that jeep again, guys– so cool, right?  I love playing with reflections!

Laughing & enjoying the little things…

Lily continued, “What I love most about Kevin is that he is always there for me whenever I need him. He has been by my side so long and will be forever, now. He makes me laugh and always makes sure I never take life too seriously.”

I wanted to really show off the warm, vibrant colors of the summer foliage and softened it all up using a shallow depth of field.

The Farmhouse

Kevin explained, “Lily grew up spending summers in her parents’ cabin, building memories with her family. Her family has always gotten their family pictures there in the past, Lily even had her high school graduation pictures taken there, as well. Her dad is thinking about selling the cabin and Lily thought it would be great to have these pictures taken there to keep as memories.”

I loved all of the touches of Americana throughout, and the sweetness of swinging barefoot on the front porch:

Getting comfortable, when pictures aren’t their “thing”

Lily added, “Kevin and I just wanted it to be very relaxed and natural. As we mentioned before, we both aren’t fond of getting our pictures taken so we wanted it to be very easy and simple.  You really helped us so much with that.  You have a great, calming personality and know what you are doing.  You helped us to relax and be ourselves.”

This bed of clover was the perfect place for them to cool off and relax in the summer breeze…

9 Years &  Going Strong

Lily added, “Kevin and I have been together for almost 9 years now. Not a day has gone by that I haven’t spoken to him or been with him and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

There is something about the time-wrong jeep that fits here for me…

Best Friends

Lily shared, “Underneath it all, Kevin is my best friend. I think that we work so well together because of just that – we truly are best friends.”

I have a cool idea for this one… how cool would it be as a canvas, then you could put photos beneath it of them sitting on benches together through the years…

A little Privacy…

I love to play with little windows and give people privacy to do their own thang during an engagement session.  Here the two hung out in the shade and I gave them their space, shooting through a little window.  I love the organic feel of the building and the shot.

Their Engagement Story

Kevin shared, “We were having drinks at happy hour at Lily’s favorite beach bar in the Bahamas. Lily’s family has been vacationing there since she was young. It has always been Lily’s most favorite place in the world.  We went to the Bahamas with Lily’s family, she had no idea that my family was there as well.”

He laughed, “I had to get her down to the beach to propose somehow, so I said I was feeling sick (haha) and asked her to walk down to the water to put our feet in and cool off. Without hesitation, Lily got up and asked if I was okay and walked down to the water with me. I had to stall while my entire family walked up the long path to the bar that overlooked the beach. I looked up at the bar and saw my parents standing there, so I turned and grabbed Lily’s hand and got down on one knee.”

He smiled, “Lily kept saying ‘Are you kidding me?’ She was so surprised. I wasn’t able to say much other than tell her how much I love her and ask her to marry me. She said yes, got down on her knees to hug me, and both of our family came down to the beach to celebrate!”

Lily and Kevin, thank you so much for choosing to have me photograph your wedding and engagement!  It has been such a pleasure getting to know you two and to capture your story in words and photographs.  This is just a sample of a few of my favorite shots, there are about 50 more coming your way over the next few days!  Please feel free to share this blog post with your loved ones!  I can’t wait to be there for your Omni wedding in Bedford Springs!

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