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Chambersburg Engagement Photographer: Erica & Tony @ Caledonia

A waterfall, swinging competition & angelic sparkler art…

Erica and Tony chose Caledonia State Park in Fayetteville, PA because it had everything they were looking for… a waterfall, hiking trails, even swings ;).  They have always enjoyed the outdoors, for Tony it’s a place where he can be athletic,  explore and push his own physical limits– for Erica it’s a place where she can relax, clear her mind and take in the peaceful atmosphere.  This first image was taken at the foot of the waterfall and you can almost feel that peaceful atmosphere that Erica was talking about.

Chambersburg Engagement Caledonia Photographer-101
Chambersburg Engagement Caledonia Photographer-102

Erica and Tony have a deep-rooted trust.  Tony is extremely strong and supportive.  Erica has been in nursing school full time for the last three years while they have been dating, so Tony has stepped up and helped out in every way that he can.  He works extremely long hours to provide for Erica and her son and has helped her to raise her child as if he was his own.  Erica calls Tony her rock, and it is clear that he feels the same about her as well.  These two have something really special, so I asked Erica what their secret is…. she says it’s respect.  They are careful to support each other wholeheartedly and never tear each other down, they only talk to each other in ways they would want to be talked to.  It sounds simple, but has worked well for them.

Chambersburg Engagement Caledonia Photographer-104
Chambersburg Engagement Caledonia Photographer-103
Chambersburg Engagement Caledonia Photographer-105

Erica & Tony are also best-friends and super competitive– they are constantly making bets with each other about anything and everything.  On the swings they were trying to see who could jump the furthest, and took the challenge pretty seriously haha.  They would say, “One, two, three, go!”  What was funny was that Erica would jump on “three” and Tony would jump on “go.”  Erica would win every time :).

Chambersburg Engagement Caledonia Photographer-106
Chambersburg Engagement Caledonia Photographer-107
Chambersburg Engagement Caledonia Photographer-108

They shared that they love how they balance each other out.  Tony is adventurous and can sometimes feel invincible, while Erica can tend to over analyse things.  Tony challenges her to break away from those fears and try new things and enjoy life.  In turn, Erica talks Tony out of things that are absolutely a horrible idea, haha.  I like this photo because it shows Tony out father in the water helping her to get to the same place, which is symbolic for them :).

Chambersburg Engagement Caledonia Photographer-109
Chambersburg Engagement Caledonia Photographer-110

Tony & Erica are also very creative individuals, so along with having photos that capture their personalities and relationship, they wanted their pictures to be very different and have that “wow” factor.  They brought sparklers along and had seen other photos where people draw a heart around themselves etc.  We started with some experimentation, which actually looked pretty cool & had me seeing double haha…

Chambersburg Engagement Caledonia Photographer-111
Chambersburg Engagement Caledonia Photographer-112

Then we started getting really creative and capturing elements of their personalities and relationship in the sparkler art.  Tony is super strong physically and emotionally.  He works hard and has been able to surpass obstacles in life that few people overcome.  The first image showcases his strength and the second one show’s Erica as his angel.

Tony focused on the task of creating wings for Erica with 100% of his energy and creativity and blew me away!  Erica shared that Tony tells her how beautiful she is everyday that he really lifts her up and encourages her in any way that he can.  She said that people can see Tony as size and tattoos and be afraid of him, but that she knows him to be kind, loving and supportive, and in short the man of her dreams.;)

Chambersburg Engagement Caledonia Photographer-113

sparkler collage for erica tony

Erica and Tony, thanks for opening up and giving me the opportunity to know you and work with you.  You have built an awesome relationship and I am excited to share your wedding day with you as you exchange vows and officially become one family!

Wilson College Wedding Photographer Chambersburg: Jennifer & Matthew

A beloved cat in a tuxedo, groomsmen that first met in little league and a glowing sparkler send-off…

You may remember Jen & Matt from their engagement photos at the York County Fair– their wedding day was just as romantic and perfectly suited to these two :).   They chose Wilson College to be their location for the day– from preparations to the reception all activities were held there.

An important element for Matt was capturing the nostalgia from his past and equally important to Jen was enjoying the energy of the present moment.  Jen wanted her day to sparkle, and you will see sparkle from her diamond wedding band, to the detailing on her cake and everything in between.  Rather than talk about it, I think I’ll show you, and what better place to start than with some sparkle?

wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (2)

wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (3)

Jen shows her dress to her (feline) baby, Grover.  He has meant the world to her ever since she rescued him two years ago.  Interestingly, she and Matt were attending his best-man’s wedding ceremony at Green Grove Gardens where they found him as a kitten.  When Jen put on her dress, he walked around her looking up at her in his little tuxedo, it was adorable.  There are not many brides who would risk picking up a cat in their gown, but Jen did and gave him a huge hug, which you can see, too.

wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (4)
wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (5)

wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (6)

I love the shot above, I’m not exactly sure why… maybe because of the bridesmaids bringing Jen her veil (her maid of honor laughing), maybe it’s because Jen has this cute and mischievous expression(?)    And speaking of cute, how sweet are her peep toed pumps?

wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (7)
wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (8)
wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (9)
wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (10)
wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (11)

wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (12)

Matt and several of his groomsmen have known each other since they were children and in little league together.   Since they were getting photos in Chambersburg Matt decided to stop by the old ball field for some photos.  Another thing that united a bunch of these young men was working together at Caretti’s, the local pizza shop, together.  They ordered pizza from Caretti’s for their lunch :).

wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (13)

wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (14)
Chambersburg wedding photographer-101

Right before their first look, Jen gave Matt a huge hug, it was totally unexpected and super cute :).

wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (15)
wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (16)

wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (17)

wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (18)
wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (19)
wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (20)

wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (21)
wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (23)
wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (24)
wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (25)

Off to the reception, where decor was designed by The Gala Event– I have worked with them on several events and all have been stunning.  They are really able to transform a space to meet a brides vision for her day.

wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (28)

wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (29)

Above is one of the photos of the first dance and below you can see Jen’s maid of honor giving her speech.  In it she shared how they have been friends since first grade, and grew up together… summer camps, their first jobs… she shared that she knew that Jen would always get her pink wedding with plenty of sparkle and a ball gown and that she couldn’t be happier to be there watching Jen as she marries her best friend.

wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (30)

wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (31)

How pretty is the detailing on this cake?   It was just exquisite, and it tasted even better (raspberry chambord)– well done, Karen Rodkey!   Matt was totally planning to be a gentleman, but when Jen went for an all out cake-smash, he couldn’t resist getting her back.  This is the moment when they were both “all-in” hahaha.

wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (32)

wilson college wedding photographer chambersburg (33)

A day with all of this glitz and sparkle wouldn’t be complete without sparklers, so here are Jen and Matt with their wedding guests for their sparkler send off!  Jen & Matt it has been a pleasure getting to know you over the last year and I wish you both a lifetime of joy, happiness!

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer: Maggie & Nick

A resilient bride who is able to literally fall down on her wedding day and pick herself right back up again, an incredibly touching father-daughter dance and sweet, heartfelt vows that leave the bride and groom wiping each others tears in the middle of the ceremony…

Musician, Nick,and teacher, Maggie’s rustic, bohemian wedding was held at the Carlisle Ribbon Mill in Central Pennsylvania.  They are down-to-earth people with huge hearts and deep souls.  They live lives of passion and support each other wholeheartedly and have deep roots with family and friends.

Music plays an important role in Nick and Maggie’s life.  Nick is an amazing musician (you can listen to his work here) and Maggie is his biggest fan.  For that reason, I photographed their rings on a piece of sheet music:)

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-101

Nick and Maggie’s wedding was rustic and bohemian and their colors were rust and moss green.  There was a strong deep-rooted, downtown vibe as well and involvement from many local small businesses.  I love this rusted letter “s” (for their family name, Staver) against the green steel door framed with rust, lace and green ribbons, it really gives you a strong feel for their aesthetic all in one image.  

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-102
Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-105

Maggie’s stunning lace gown is from Taylored for You Boutique in Mechanicsburg, how gorgeous is she?   The tatoo on her foot was a birthday gift from Nick and spells out her last name since she decided to use Nick’s last name after the wedding.  The script is a nod to her parents Irish background and written in a form of ancient Irish used before the Gaelic Alphabet was developed.

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-104

Nick, you are so handsome!!!!  This portrait shows just how confident and strong he is and somehow he manages to balance that with being completely laid-back, humble and comfortable in his own skin…

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-107
Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-106

Nick and his brother, Derek have always worn Chuck Taylors, and chose to wear them to the wedding as a icon of their brotherhood and past.  The suspenders really added to the rustic theme as did the wheat and twine boutonnieres.   The groomsmen, Derek & Matt were definitely the life of the party and so much fun to be around.  Look at that energy!  Love the bow ties, dudes!

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-108

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-109

Nick and Maggie’s “First Look” was a very emotional time for them.  Nick said he knew Maggie would be beautiful, but when she slid open the door he was in complete awe and literally speechless.  Maggie was just as taken by seeing Nick as you can see in the image below where they are both tearing up, so sweet!

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-110
Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-111
Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-112
Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-113
Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-114

Nick has been playing gigs at local venues like Gingerbread Man since he was in highschool so meeting their bridal party at the G-Man for a quick pre-ceremony toast was definitely in order.   Years ago this same group would go to Nick’s shows and hang out together, but now with work and kids it so rarely happens that the entire group is in one place.  This was really a cool moment for them!

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-115

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-116
Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-117

It happened…Maggie fell in her wedding dress:(!!!  it is probably a fear that brides have, but how these two handled it was AMAZING!!!  First off, all that gym time paid off as Maggie completely saved her dress by catching herself in a perfect yoga plank, she was awesome– unfortunately this bloodied and wounded her hands.   Nick helped her up and joked about “officially being a Staver.”   Kris and I keep a first aid kit in our car, Kris grabbed that and Nick used the alcohol wipes, band aids, etc from the kit to take care of her wounds. Nick shared that Maggie’s resilience is something that really attracted him to her.  That Maggie is joyful, strong and able to roll with the punches.  Maggie gave him a kiss on the cheek, appreciative of his caring, protective nature.    I know it’s not the sort of thing anyone wants to have happen on their wedding day, but it was a truly a beautiful moment as it showed their strength as people and devotion to each other.

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-118
Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-120
Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-119

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-121

Nick’s family watched Nick as Maggie is escorted down the aisle to meet him– you can see how much love they have for him and that they are right there with him in that moment.  Nick and Maggie’s vows were hand-written and extremely personal.  Here Maggie is drying Nick’s tears as he reads his promises to her, it has to be one of the sweetest acts I have ever seen in a ceremony.

Nick – …”Any good thing in life is worth taking the time. Time, is our story. I’m here today to tell you thank-you for making us take the time, to be sure, what I see in front of me is something worth going for.  You didn’t have to move to Philly, but you did and you saved my life.  You don’t have to come to every gig, but you do and that saves my soul and sanity.  You have certainly showed that your time is willing to be shared with mine… I can’t guarantee us fortune as much as I’d love to promise today, but my time is something I give you and vow to you today.  I love you more.”

Maggie – …”You are my muse. You inspire me to do my art and be creative.  You make me laugh and smile, even sometimes when I don’t want to because I’m mad at you!  You can bring me out of a bad mood with your funny antics.  You help me find a balance between work and play.  You always let me be me in my own unique way.  I love the way you like the natural me.  And I love how I feel safe when you are by my side.  I support and believe in all that you do.  Your dreams and goals that you have a reality are so inspirational and I know that the future holds so much for us.  Were ever our travels take us I feel like home when I am with you.  I vow my continued support and love as long as I live. And I always, I love you more!”

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-122
Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-123
Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-124

Their first dance was to “In My Life” by the Beatles and is where their “I love you more” was from in the vows.  Derek’s best-man speech was heart-felt and in it he shared “Maggie take good care of my brother, he’s the only one I’ve got.”  He talked about them as kids and wanting to be there for Nick the way he was there for Derek.  He mentioned later that Nick’s wedding day was the best day of his life to date.  :)

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-126

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-128

Maggie’s father was an amazing athlete– all-star basketball, football & baseball player, but was injured at work and after over 20 back surgeries remains wheelchair bound and in constant, chronic pain.  He knew that he wouldn’t be able to dance with his daughter on her wedding day and asked Maggie’s brother, Patrick, to dance with Maggie in his place.

He watched from the sidelines, coaching “Spin her!” “Twirl her!”   Maggie found this very amusing as he had coached their sports teams growing up and would do the same from the sidelines when Maggie & Patrick were kids.  Maggie chose “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin as the song, to tell her dad thank you for everything he has done for her and that he means the world to her, that he is her hero.

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-129
Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-131

Danielle Bailey of dlb Bakery made a vegan cake for the couple and delicious cupcakes for all of the guests.  She is amazing!    Nick and Maggie only hired vendors that they had a personal connection to for their wedding.  They used Solid Ground Entertainment for music because Lynn Witmer worked with Nick and Maggie at Knutes Pub & Grille, where they met.   One of Nick’s first jobs was at Kathy’s Deli, so he hired Kathy for catering (her food is sooooo good, I’ve used her before, too), even their bartenders with Sarah & Justin Baum, who worked at Knutes too with Maggie & Nick.

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-132
Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-134
Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-133

After a little training from his uncle, Patrick, this little ring bearer knew exactly how to get down on the dance floor!

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-135

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-136

Nick and Maggie took a moment to escape away into the moonlight to take a deep breath and let the idea sink in, they were actually *married*!!!   They had done it!!!  It was a whirlwind but somewhere between the morning alarm and the moon rising they had become family… Stavers.  :)

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-137

PS: One of my very favorite parts of a wedding reception is seeing couples from previous years that worked with me and have recommended me to their friends.  I photographed Angela & Sean in 2013 (to the left), Kristine & Chris in 2010 (Kristine is on the right, Chris was unfortunately unable to attend) and now Maggie & Nick in 2014.  Maggie shared that after seeing Kristine & Chris and Angela & Sean’s wonderful photos,  that she knew I was definitely the best person for the job.  ;)

Carlisle Ribbon Mill Wedding Photographer-138

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