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    Hello there-- I’ve been waiting for you!!! You know who you are and are true to yourself, you are a liver-of-life, a collector of moments, a person who appreciates great photography and its ability to press the pause button on life’s most incredible moments.

    You want a photographer who is able to handle all aspects of wedding photography with ease, capturing: candid, romantic emotion; flattering, beautiful portraits; breathtaking scenery & architecture; the joy and energy out on the dance floor and all those sweet wedding details that you have been working on for months in an artful, creative way.

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    My work is creative, thoughtful & vibrant and my goal is to share your unique love story. I get to know your interests & personalities in order to capture them forever in beautiful, personal, artful photographs that tell your story. I invest my time helping you become comfortable in front of my camera & find the most flattering lighting and angles for you and your backdrop.

    My clients are diverse: ballroom dancers, motorcyclists, wine tasters, football fans, beach lovers, hunters, coffee drinkers, firefighters, pilots, campers, snowboarders and more… couples in NYC, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Central PA, the Lehigh Valley and beyond. They are a real eclectic mix, so I treat them as such—no old-school “cookie cutter” approach here! Not to my images or to my albums and products.

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Liberty House Wedding Photographers: Gina & Kyle

Iconic NYC wedding with vibrant colors and a modern, city feel…

liberty house wedding photographers creative jersey city-101

Gina and Kyle contacted me looking for unique, colorful, creative wedding & engagement photography that would capture their fun personalities and bold style.    I took time to get to know them through our initial meeting, Times Square engagement session & dinner where we talked through all of their wedding day details together.

I knew how important New York City is to these two, it was even the location of Kyle’s wedding proposal!  He proposed in Madison Square Garden after taking Gina to see Wicked on Broadway.  They selected their wedding venue, Liberty House, for it’s stunning views of iconic views of NYC from the Manhattan skyline to the Statue of Liberty.

I noticed that this magazine in the hotel had their *exact*  wedding colors!  It literally said “In New York August 2015″  in the top corner, so I knew I had to incorporate it into their wedding photos somehow:

liberty house wedding photographers creative jersey city-102

Gina and Kyle began their wedding day preparations at the Hyatt Regency.  It had the same modern aesthetic that they wanted for their wedding day and stunning views of Manhattan, too.

You can even see One World Trade Center, New York City’s newest icon, in the background of this photo of the groom.  I chose to share this photo because I think it captures the scenery as well as Kyle’s confidence & strength.  It was such a proud day for Kyle and I believe you can feel that coming through this photo:

liberty house wedding photographers creative jersey city-103

Gina and her maid of Honor, Cassie (who is Kyle’s sister), went shoe shopping in New York City looking for the perfect wedding shoe.  Gina loves sparkle and was absolutely captivated by these crystal studded Louboutin pumps.  I wanted to show off the way the crystals caught the light here:

liberty house wedding photographers creative-104

Neither Gina or Cassie have a sister, so they both felt so blessed when they “hit it off” from the beginning when Kyle introduced them.

This day was important to their relationship as well as they also officially became sisters through marriage.  Gina said she couldn’t have asked for a better maid of honor.  :)

I really like how these two ladies are beautifully silhouetted in the window light and the reflection below:

liberty house wedding photographers creative-105

Gina and Kyle love to have fun, laugh and don’t take them selves too seriously.  I like this photo of Gina because you can see how joyful and excited that she was feeling during her wedding day preparations.  I love this photograph in black and white as it really makes her bright smile and “bling” pop!

liberty house wedding photographers creative-106

Gina and Kyle chose to have a “first look” before their ceremony so that they could spend all of cocktail hour with their friends and family and so they could spend plenty of time exploring Liberty Park alone together in a relaxed way before all of their guests arrived.

Here Kyle is waiting to see Gina as “his bride.”  Looking at this image I can almost feel his nerves!

liberty house wedding photographers creative-107

All the nerves are gone, and have been replaced with total and utter joy!  I love this photograph because it really shows how joyful these two are!  They are always joking around, laughing and just enjoying life together.  They shared that they loved having that time together and the view of NYC was icing on the cake!

liberty house wedding photographers creative-108
liberty house wedding photographers creative-110
liberty house wedding photographers creative-109

While we were walking in Liberty State Park, we stopped at the Empty Sky Memorial which showed where the twin towers would have stood in the Manhattan skyline.  Being there was surreal and emotional to say the least.

liberty house wedding photographers creative-111

I love reflections and caught this one on our way out:

liberty house wedding photographers creative-112

Gina and Kyle had a pretty huge bridal party– 19 people to be exact, but that was no problem ;).  I loved working with them, they were fun, enthusiastic and totally rocked their group portrait.  I was inspired by fashion spreads in Vogue Magazine for this image and used the epic Manhattan Skyline as the background:

liberty house wedding photographers creative-113

While I am a fan of crisp, clear, colorful photos, I’m very flexible with my coverage and use my understanding of photography to “break the rules” sometimes.  Gina was a flurry of excitement before the ceremony and I wanted to capture the movement of her dress and bouquet as she climbed the stairs to go into hiding before the start of her Liberty House wedding ceremony.

liberty house wedding photographers creative-114

Gina’s dad has always been there for her in times of need and she knows she can always count on him.  It meant the world to her to have him escort her to Kyle.  The sun was streaming into my lens as it slowly set for the processional.  I like the warm, organic, emotional tone it gave to this image of Gina and her father as he walked her down the aisle.

liberty house wedding photographers creative-115

Rev John Graf  lead the wedding ceremony and did an absolutely phenomenal job.  He was very thoughtful and experienced and lead a ceremony that was heartfelt, personal and joy-filled.  Gina and Kyle could not have found a more perfect fit!

During their traditional vows, Gina and Kyle also promised to be each ther’s best friend…

liberty house wedding photographers creative-116

The view from Liberty House was absolutely spectacular…

liberty house wedding photographers creative-117

Gina and Kyle chose to have a sand ceremony symbolizing their union, and invited Gina’s son, Justin, to participate.  They wanted to show all of their freinds an family that the three of them were officially joining as a family.

Kyle & Justin have always had a great relationship and it meant a lot to him to be able to participate in this way!

liberty house wedding photographers creative-118

While Gina and Kyle are very lighthearted, fun-loving people, they took the ministers words and their vows very seriously.  I snuck behind the hedges (ninja style hehe) to be able to have a view of the bride and groom’s face during this point.  I love how they are rim-lit and the light is so soft and gently passing through Gina’s veil here…

liberty house wedding photographers creative-119

Confetti Celebration!  Gina said that when Rev. John pronounced them husband and wife it was like a breath of fresh air.  They used sparkly pom-poms rather than bubbles or rose petals for their processional.

It fit them and their fun-loving taste perfectly!  Gina was something that was unique and got creative with using these purple glittery puff balls!

liberty house wedding photographers creative-120

I like to get creative, too, and wanted to show off the cute “Mr & Mrs” cake topper while also showing off the dramatic skyline that Gina & Kyle were so excited about hainvg during thier wedding reception.

liberty house wedding photographers creative-121

The reception decor was lovely.  Gina chose to have lavender roses and purple hydrangeas in her centerpieces and used metallic accents for the table numbers, plates and chiavari chairs.  I like the extra sparkle that the metallic elements and glassware brought and used a shallow depth of field to show that off:

liberty house wedding photographers creative-122

Gina and Kyle enjoy good food and like exploring different restaurants.  They love the food at Liberty House Restaurant (literally below the ballroom) and have eaten there several times, so they knew that the food at their wedding would be delicious.

Here you can see Citrus Jumbo Lump Crab, muscles, and bacon wrapped mac-and-cheese.

liberty house wedding photographers creative-123

There were so many incredible images from Gina & Kyle’s reception that it was really hard narrowing down a few to blog.

I’ll start with this photo of Kyle dancing with his mother because the two of them are so close and it really shows.  Kyle said his mom has a knack of making people feel special and unique and that she taught him to be strong, yet caring, like she is.

I like the joy and love on thier faces and how the lights from the New York City skyline create pretty orbs of light in this photo…

liberty house wedding photographers creative-125

Here Kyle and Gina are listening to Kyle’s brother’s toast.  They are laughing because Joe is joking about how he introduced them and they all hung out together, but then how Gina & Kyle eventually ended up “ditching him” to spend time alone.  He also was very sweet and welcomed Gina to the family :).

I chose to focus on Gina and Kyle’s expressions for this image, but have many of him in focus as well 😉 — I just thought it was a fun look and brought attention to them and how much they enjoyed his speech :).

liberty house wedding photographers creative-124

Party time…

liberty house wedding photographers creative-126

On the dance floor…

liberty house wedding photographers creative-127

I cannot look at this photo without laughing!!!  It totally shows Kyle’s out-going, fun-loving nature and his all-in attitude!

Kyle literally removed the garter with his teeth(!) it got caught on some of the crystals from Gina’s Louboutins, so he had to give it a pull, I like how you can see the flash from Joe’s iphone and him laughing the background!

liberty house wedding photographers creative-128

Group photo!!!  I captured this aerial photo of all of Kyle and Gina’s guests out on the dance floor.

They said it was so awesome to have everyone together to celebrate their marriage.  It was incredible to get both families together and get to know each other.  They felt so blessed to have people come from out of state that capturing a photo like this for them was absolutely priceless…

liberty house wedding photographers creative-129

I had a few photos that would have worked well to end this set of photographs, but chose to save one from earlier at Empty Sky.  The sun created a circle of light around Gina and Kyle and I thought it was beautiful, epic and an said “happily ever after.”  It had vibrant color, a bold, modern feel, and sparkle, just what they were looking for!

liberty house wedding photographers creative-130

Gina and Kyle– thank you so much for choosing to work with me as your  engagement and wedding photographer.  You are so much fun to be around, authentic and kind-hearted.   It was a real pleasure to spend the day at your side and with your closest friends and family!  

I am incredibly happy for you both and hope that you will be able to re-live your wedding day for many years to come by looking at your wedding photos!

Lehigh University Wedding Engagement Photographers: Stefan & Yumiko

Sweet, romantic engagement on the campus of Lehigh University….

Lehigh University Wedding Engagement Photographers Creative-1

Stefan and Yumiko contacted me looking for a creative photographer who could capture the genuine love that they share in a candid, natural way.  They chose Lehigh University as the backdrop because it is where they met and has become “home” for them.

They met through mutual friends at Lehigh and instantly hit it off.  They exchanged numbers at the end of the night, but Yumiko was headed back to Japan to visit her family over break.  Distance can be tough at the start of a relationship, but they kept in touch and became official when she returned.

Lehigh University Wedding Engagement Photographers Creative-2

Stefan and Yumiko appreciate being able to be completely themselves around each other.   They are very bright individuals who somehow balance being alert/present & simultaneously peaceful/relaxed at the same time.  I am not as good with words as I am with photography, so I think you can probably see more of what I’m explaining here:

Lehigh University Wedding Engagement Photographers Creative-3

Stefan proposed to Yumiko during a road trip to Key West.  He really wanted to propose on the beach during sunset and waited for a private moment to “pop the question.”  Finding a private place on the beach at sunset was basically impossible, but he did get 2 out of 3– privacy on the beach (after sunset).

For this photo I was able to shoot *at sunset* and got a little creative with photographing their shadows on the pavement.  I like the contrast of the shadows on the bricks how the golden light is bouncing and picking up some sparkle in the bricks…

Lehigh University Wedding Engagement Photographers Creative-4

The architecture of Lehigh University is just stunning and I love photographing weddings and engagements at this location.  While we had hoped to get inside of the library (it was closed, as school was not in session) outside was very pretty, too.

I like this photo because you can see the yin and yang of these two– symmetrical, balanced, relaxed– yet each “doing their own thing.”  She’s in white against the shadow and he is in black against the light.  Both are super crisp, clear and radient 😉

Lehigh University Wedding Engagement Photographers Creative-5

Yumiko’s white lace dress worked perfectly for their engagement photos.  She went “shopping” in Stefan’s sisters’ closets to find the perfect dress!   She wanted a soft, romantic vibe and Stefan’s sisters were very excited to help her choose her wardrobe for the photography session.

It was also nice for Yumiko to feel their support, they are the sisters that she never had.  :) The white dress also  made her flowing black hair stand out dramatically.  It is super long!

Lehigh University Wedding Engagement Photographers Creative-6

Soft & romantic– I like the bokeh in the background making soft, white bubbles out of the bits of light peeking through the trees.  I also like the orbs of light crossing from the right of the photo to the left.  It really helps you to feel the emotion popping through the photograph!

Lehigh University Wedding Engagement Photographers Creative-7

Words that came to my mind about Stefan & Yumiko are:  soft, supportive, strong, caring, sense of humor, open/free, romantic.  I feel like those attributes can be seen in this image:

Lehigh University Wedding Engagement Photographers Creative-8

Totally worth mentioning is their shared sense of humor and playful side.  I like how you can see Yumiko cracking up as Stefan lifts her to give her a huge hug!

Lehigh University Wedding Engagement Photographers Creative-9

We ended the engagement photography session at a lookout with a incredible view of Bethlehem.  It reminded them of all the great memories that they made there–  Musicfest, Lehigh, Cedar Crest, etc.  Living out of state now, Stefan & Yumiko say they are “going home” when they visit the Lehigh Valley.

I love this sweet photo of the two of them!  It was a perfect ending to a lovely evening!

Lehigh University Wedding Engagement Photographers Creative-10

Stefan & Yumiko, it was such a pleasure to meet and work with both of you and I am beyond excited for your upcoming Bear Creek wedding!  It is right around the corner!!!

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