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    Hello there-- I’ve been waiting for you!!! You know who you are and are true to yourself, you are a liver-of-life, a collector of moments, a person who appreciates great photography and its ability to press the pause button on life’s most incredible moments.

    You want a photographer who is able to handle all aspects of wedding photography with ease, capturing: candid, romantic emotion; flattering, beautiful portraits; breathtaking scenery & architecture; the joy and energy out on the dance floor and all those sweet wedding details that you have been working on for months in an artful, creative way.

    I have great news for you—I’ve got you covered!!!

    My work is creative, thoughtful & vibrant and my goal is to share your unique love story. I get to know your interests & personalities in order to capture them forever in beautiful, personal, artful photographs that tell your story. I invest my time helping you become comfortable in front of my camera & find the most flattering lighting and angles for you and your backdrop.

    My clients are diverse: ballroom dancers, motorcyclists, wine tasters, football fans, beach lovers, hunters, coffee drinkers, firefighters, pilots, campers, snowboarders and more… couples in NYC, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Central PA, the Lehigh Valley and beyond. They are a real eclectic mix, so I treat them as such—no old-school “cookie cutter” approach here! Not to my images or to my albums and products.

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Creative DC Engagement Photographer: Courtney & Evan

Elegant, romantic engagement photography in an open field…

creative DC engagement photographer-1

Courtney contacted me because she was looking for a photographer who would capture candid moments with a fresh, loose style.  She was also looking for someone who would be able to capture the best in people and their surroundings and their personalities rather than having a cookie-cutter approach.

Courtney and Evan are typically very casual people, you are most likely to see them in shorts wearing ball caps, but their approach to their engagement photography was completely different.  They wanted to show how important their engagement was to them and set the tone for the wedding.

They went for classic, dramatic, soft, romantic and the results were stunning…

creative DC engagement photographer-3

creative DC engagement photographer-4
creative DC engagement photographer-5

While Courtney is outgoing, Evan is more reserved.  Evan is smart, charming and very VERY funny (courtney’s words)  and she loves him for it.  They can go anywhere and do anything and have a good time.

creative DC engagement photographer-6
creative DC engagement photographer-7

creative DC engagement photographer-2

creative DC engagement photographer-8

The fun part was behind the scenes, joke telling, movie quoting, attempted dancing, it all happened.  Courtney was able to just bring up a random idea or question and Evan would hop right on with his witty humor.

“Who wanted to say that marmalade is different from jelly? Was that a marketing move, or do you think it is a regional thing?” – and dive right into a long conversation about the origins of smashed fruit spreads, hahaha.

creative DC engagement photographer-12

creative DC engagement photographer-9

Speaking of movie quotes, Evan totally nailed this one “As you wish” –Princess Bride

creative DC engagement photographer-10

Even and Courtney it was such a pleasure to work with you both!  I loved to see all of the thought and effort you put into your shoot and hope that this was the classic, elegant, romantic look that you were going for:)

Creative New York Wedding Photographer: Danielle & Joe at Hiland Park

Rainy day wedding with a fun-loving couple in an elegant “English Country Estate”

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-1

Danielle & Joe chose the Hiland Park Country Club in Lake George, New York, as their main wedding venue.  They experienced the full gamut when it came to weather– blue skies, rain, even a dramatic sunset.

I started this set with a photo showing rain (whenever we tried to take Danielle & Joe’s portraits it was raining), and will end with a shot of the breathtaking sunset, now I will show you the blue sky which was visible through the window while I was photographing Danielle’s wedding gown:

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-2
All of the women shared a suite in the morning and all got ready together.  Danielle shared that having them by her side helped to keep her calm and helped her to relax and have some fun.  Everyone from her bridesmaids to godmother and mother were all gathered together.

I love reflections and dramatic window light, so this is one of my favorite photos from their preparations:

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-3

Danielle shared that she was looking for a photographer who would capture the personalities of she and Joe in a creative way as well as all of the beautiful architecture and scenery at the Country Club.

She was looking for artistic, personal, colorful, emotional, unique photography and somehow googled a few of those terms and found me(!)  I’m still not exactly sure how that happened, haha.

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-4

Here Danielle and her sister are at the Highland Country Club before Danielle puts on the dress.  Danielle shared that they are more alike than they admit.

While her sister is following in Danielle’s footsteps of going to law school, she also managed to be very involved as her maid of honor as well which is no easy task.

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-5
creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-6

Danielle was drawn to the way that Hiland Park Country Club had the look of a historic English country estate.  It almost looks like something out of a fairytale or storybook…

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-8

What a beautiful bouquet!  Danielle chose lavender roses bound by lace and decorated with a classic cameo.   All of the florals were provided by Felthousen’s Florist and were breathtaking.

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-9
creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-11

Danielle shared that she was shocked by how calm she was (as she is normally more type A) but during the wedding day, she was very relaxed and just enjoyed the day and let it all sink in.

Danielle’s father was beaming and extremely proud to be at Danielle’s side during the wedding.  He has to be one of the most joyful father’s I have seen– he wore a huge smile on his face and super excited for the wedding day!  Here he is kissing her cheek before we head to the ceremony:

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-12

The groomsmen were super relaxed, confident and comfortable around each other.  Joe’s brother (the one to the right of Joe in the photo) was his best man and at his side all day.  They laughed and joked & had a great time.  Joe is a golfer so being on the course was a fitting place to hang out for photos.

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-14

But even more fitting was this classic bar inside Highland Park Country Club.    The bar was perfect for them because it was just a typical scene of what they would normally be doing when they were all hanging out together.  Just having a beer and sharing some laughs.  Here they are toasting to Joe:

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-15

Here is a more formal photo, I like this timeless classic feel.  Well done, Kris!

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-16

Danielle & Joe were married at Our Lady of the Annunciation in Queensbury, New York.

I am in love with this image of Danielle and her father entering the church.  It is dramatic and almost inspiring.  Visually, I like how the lines and light draw your eyes into Danielle & her father, but you can still see all of their friends and family  surrounding them and watching them…

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-18

Danielle & Joe said the ceremony was really the only part of the day when they were nervous.  I have many images of the ceremony, but I think “the kiss” and “recessional” are the ones that show Danielle & Joe’s true colors.

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-19

I like the composition of the image above, how you can see the kiss, the congregation, the priest, the altar, the cross.  I like the joy on their faces below and think it is adorable when couples leave the church beaming and in love.  They said they were both excited to have the “hard part” over and ready to celebrate!  :)

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-20

Bagpipes!!!  Joe’s family is Irish and Joe even took bagpipe lessons as a kid.  One of Joe’s family members brought his pipes along which was a perfect tie in to the UK feel and a great way to celebrate Joe’s Irish heritage.  Joe shared that it is just a natural part of any celebration in his family.

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-17

Speaking of celebrating, here is a photo of the bridal party on the party bus!  Danielle shared that their friends really elevated the mood of everyone on the wedding day, their excitement and enthusiasm was contagious– everyone had a blast! 

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-21

Just as it was time for Danielle & Joe’s portraits, it started to rain!  It really wasn’t a problem though.  I photographed this image of them under the carport in the country club.  It is raining behind them, but it I didn’t tell you, you probably wouldn’t have known. 😉

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-23

Keep calm and bring umbrellas– haha, it could be one of those “keep calm” t-shirts for brides!  Danielle said whenever she shares with anyone that it rained on her wedding day she gets so much sympathy, but the funny thing is that it barely fazed her.

Danielle wasn’t worried about her dress (she wasn’t going to wear it again) and she was prepared– she bought two clear umbrellas before the wedding just incase.  It started raining and her wedding planners (led by Melissa from Wedding Planning Plus) grabbed the umbrellas and we were good to go– these ladies were amazing!

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-24
creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-25

Joe & Danielle tease each other constantly, it’s this on-going light-hearted banter that they both enjoy.

Danielle shared that Joe really caught her attention with his ability to make her laugh, and that she fell for Joe when she saw his patience, easy going personality and sense of humor.  Joe shared that he fell in love with her fun-loving personality, her beauty and her ability to understand his sense of humor, haha.

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-26

Rain is something that most brides are afraid of, and I think that, if you embrace it, as Danielle and Joe did, it can make for absolutely stunning images!  This dreamy, romantic look was actually produced by me photographing them through puddle on the driveway as they kissed under the dry carport.

I got a little wet but it was worth it!  Actually Kris stood over me with an umbrella, so I was pretty good. 😉

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-28

Wine was definitely a theme woven throughout their wedding day.  One of their first outings as a couple brought Joe & Danielle on a wine tour of the finger lakes.  Danielle joked that at first Joe would only drink wine that tasted like grape juice but now he refuses to drink anything but the driest of wines.

Each table number was placed into the cork at the top of their personalized wine bottle.  They actually played a game (which you will see later) to give these away.

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-30

The food!!!  Danielle and Joe were beyond excited for cocktail hour and it was a top priority for them to make sure they were able to enjoy  every bit of it :).   I personalized their wedding photography schedule to reflect those priorities and  they did enjoy their cocktail hour and it was fun & delicious.  😉

It was actually not just delicious, but also incredibly beautiful!!!  There were stations with every kind of food imaginable, and everything was so pretty.   Here you can see roses made of watermelon and lemon– wow!  And that was just one of the fruit and nut trays!

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-31

Danielle & Joe were announced as husband and wife with all of their guests applauding.  Cute sunglasses, guys!

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-33

The ballroom was stunning with high ceilings, crystal chandeliers and abundant natural light streaming through the windows.  Here Danielle is dancing with her father during the traditional dances at the start of the reception.  I like how the guests were gathered around– so many were emotional.  It was a beautiful thing.

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-36
creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-37

Danielle’s sister’s speech was also beautiful, emotional and one filled with gratitude and appreciation.  She shared that she is continuing in Danielle’s footsteps, attending law school, and how Danielle inspired her and paved the way for her to go.

She also took a moment to publicly thank their parents for all of the sacrifices they made through the years in order to send their daughters to the very best schools which enabled them to get where they are today.

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-38

I told you there was a table game to see who would bring home the custom wine.  All of the guests were totally fun and into it.  They were lead by MC Nick Maddalone from Cool Cat Entertainment.

creative new york wedding photographer hiland park cc-40

The dance floor was *packed* all night.  People were dancing that Danielle had never seen dance before!

Highland Park Country Club Wedding Photographer   (2)
Highland Park Country Club reception photographer-1

Danielle and Joe took a break from dancing for a few minutes to enjoy the sunset together.  The rain actually enhanced the colors as there was a deep blue sky framing the couple, sunlight streaming through in vibrant yellow where there was a break in the clouds, deep green grass and a puddle for me to play with :).

Highland Park Country Club Wedding Photographer   (3)

While the elegant, romantic image above totally wraps up the day well, this would be the perfect ending for Joe and Danielle without food and a little humor, so I’ll officially end with a photograph of their dessert and photo booth results:)

Highland Park Country Club Wedding Photographer   (1)

Danielle & Joe– it was such a joy to be by your side during you wedding day!  Thank you for choosing to embrace the rain and for choosing me and all of your other amazing vendors, they were incredible to work with.

If you haven’t got enough of Danielle & Joe, you might want to check out their engagement session in Albany.

Creative Lucien’s Manor Wedding Photographer: Alessia & Tim

Elegant, romantic Lucien’s Manor La Grande wedding….


Alessia was looking for quality and style in a photographer, someone who could offer an eclectic mix of creative, artful photos that captured emotion, flattering posed portraits and details throughout the day.  I offer personalized coverage and kept this in mind throughout Alessia & Tim’s wedding day.

When I arrived on the morning of Alessia & Tim’s wedding I met Alessia and her family in the hotel’s conference room where the hairstylists and make-up artists were all busily working.  It may seem a little counter-intuitive to prepare in a conference room, but it was naturally lit, spacious, cool  and alleviated a lot of the stress that comes from being in close quarters.   A good tip for any brides reading:)

I photographed all of the wedding details first– the bouquets, rings and dress, this way I would be able to give my full attention to all of the portraits, emotion and action as the day went on.   Alessia chose her favorite color, mint green, paired with gold for their wedding colors.  The result was this soft, romantic bouquet.  The beautiful florals throughout the day were by Flowers by Dena.

Alessia loves heels and her sister even joked in her speech that Alessia was known to wear heels to the grocery store, saying “Why not? they are comfortable!”  I had imagined her changing into flip flops after the ceremony myself, but she did wear these five inch platforms all day!


Alessia’s dress was elegant and intricately beaded– covered in lace and had both silver and gold detailing.  It was completely original, unique and Alessia.  Sometimes a creative angle makes all the difference, I love that you can see all of the attentive hands and a bit of the detail but the dress itself is a mystery for now…


Alessia’s friends and sisters were amazing all day as they assisted he with her wedding gown and cathedral length veil.  Her bridesmaids were her sisters, Daniela & Rossella and her girlfriends Emily & Kelly.  Here two of her attendants straighten her dress and veil.


What a beautiful bride and bridesmaids!!!


Her parent’s smiles: Alessia shared that her parents are two of the very best role models a girl could ask for, they would do anything for her and her sisters and she has the utmost respect for both of them.  She said she can only hope to embody everything that they have taught her throughout her life.

Even though her parents are incredibly loving, they show their love through dedication and hard work and don’t show their emotions often.  For this reason Alessia shared with me that it was very important to capture a portrait of her with her parents where they are both smiling.  A photo like this is incredibly rare, but would mean so much to hear on her wedding day– here is that photo:


As much as Alessia is spontaneous, bubbly and sunny with her radiant smile, Tim is a strong, steady man of few words and a true gentleman.  You can read more about Alessia & Tim in their engagement blog.

Here Tim is with the important men in his life who have stood beside him and supported him throughout his life.  His brother, friends and his father.  Tim has all the attention in this first photo, while the second shows all of the men together.


Alessia & Tim were married at St. Joan of Arc Parish, the same church where Tim was baptized as an infant and has been a member of ever since (I told you he was  steady!).  While Tim is strong, his love runs deep.

He said that watching Alessia walk down the aisle towards him was completely surreal, when he looked at her he saw his soul mate and the most gorgeous woman, his tears of joy started rolling.  :) I have several photos of this, but my favorite is this, when he smiles as he wipes away his tears:


Watching these two throughout the ceremony was absolutely adorable.  They would smile at each other, laugh and held hands throughout much of the mass.     They were pleased with how personalized the mass was and how much it reflected them as a couple and the journey that brought them to this point.


Orbs: Now this was pretty cool and a real “ceremony first” for me.  Sunlight streamed through the skylight into the sanctuary as Tim and Alessia made their vows, and rainbow colored circles of light surrounded the church, couple and priest.  Wow!


When I asked Alessia and Tim how they were feeling here, they said they were overjoyed and proud and I think both of those emotions really come across in this image.  I also like that there is a full view of the church as well and friends and family surrounding them.


Man & Wife: Following the reception, Alessia & Tim gave rosepetals to family and friends to throw in celebration.  I have several versions of this image showing the whole crowd, but I think this is my favorite photo, just the two of them with the petals fluttering down in the background and foreground.


The Rolls Royce: Alessia & Tim were very excited to enjoy their ride in the Rolls together.  They kept saying to each other that they were married, just trying to take it all in during the quiet car ride to the reception.


One of the reasons that Alessia & Tim chose Lucien’s Manor was because of their beautiful outdoor space with waterfall, fountains, plants and flowers.  Here you can see many of those features as well as a happy and truly overjoyed couple:


Alessia appreciated, the soft, romantic look of my portraits and I love this image of her and Tim.  I especially like the soft waterfall droplets in the background as they catch the sunlight.


A little preparation for their first dance…


Lucien’s Manor La Granda, this is the real deal.  This estate has been family owned and operated since the late 1800’s and their service is outstanding.  They can even seat up to 500 guests!

Alessia and Tim were also drawn to Lucien’s gardens, amazing food and the ballroom with it’s massive crystal chandeliers.  The mint and gold theme also carried well as there was much gold detailing throughout the Manor.  I like this image in dramatic black and white, I love how the chandeliers and tableware pops!


Their first dance– you can see the gold detailing and up-lighting that Alessia liked so much.  It actually changed colors throughout the night which you will see below in other photos.  There was also a staircase and loft that gave me a birds-eye view of the dancefloor, which was a real treat!


The dance floor was absolutely packed by the team of Bob Morgan Entertainment.  You can even see the custom monogram they created on the indoor waterfall feature for the evening.


Tim confidently twirls the garter before he gives it a toss…


The ladies were super enthusiastic about catching the bouquet.  Ironically Tim’s cousin and her boyfriend caught the garter and bouquet, so perfect!


Italian circle dances were of course part of the festivities!


At the end of the night, Alessia and Tim were truly grateful for their wedding day.  They were so happy that they were able to enjoy each other and all of the amazing family and friends in attendance.  It was the most amazing, peaceful  feeling to end the day as husband and wife.  I tried to capture that here:



Alessia & Tim, thank you for choosing to spend your wedding day with me at your side.  This is only the beginning for you two and your journey together.  These are also just a few of my favorite images from your day, you have literally hundreds more coming your way.  I wish you both all the very best  and am excited to hear what you think of these photographs!

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