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Ranked “Top 50 Wedding Photographers Worldwide for 2016”!!!!

I am delighted to share that Fearless Photographers has listed me as one of the “Top 50 Wedding Photographers Worldwide for 2016”!!!!  I share this honor with fellow photographers from  Indonesia, France, Romania, England, China, Italy and Brazil to mention a few :).

It is humbling to be surrounded by such amazing photographers, literally in this case, haha– see me in the middle?

2016 Top 50 worldwide

Awards are given by a rotating panel of judges from all over the world.  They look for innovative photographs that creatively tell a story.  They want to be stunned, amazed or feel like your images are redefining wedding photography.

Fearless Photographer rankings are based on the number of international photography awards given by several panels of judges throughout the course of the year.  Winning photographs are chosen for showing creative imagery, bold storytelling and consistent vision.   Narrowing the top wedding photographers across the globe takes time and there are several steps in the year-long process.  In the interest of keeping the judging as impartial as possible, images are anonymous, the panel of curators changes for each collection, and there are rules/limits (especially on photo-shopping etc).

In 2016, there were 689 photographs that earned Fearless Awards worldwide.  I received 4 of those awards, which placed me of the “Top 50 Photographers of 2016 list.”  If I would have earned one more award this year, I would have made the “Top 10”, that can be a goal for next year, haha!  Here are my award-winning images for 2016.  I am surprised by how many are black and white!

This one requires a closer look ;)…


Alessia & Tim’s surprise engagement guest:


Cheerleader, Sarah’s wedding morning:


A fondue-loving flower girl at Lauren & Dan’s Lehigh Valley Wedding:


This is my third year being listed in the top 100 wedding photographers internationally by Fearless Photographers, as I was on the top 100 list in 2014 (top 50), 2015 (top 100) and 2016 (top 50).  This is also my second year on the “Top 100 Photographers of All Time” list due to my 13 international award winning images over the past three years.   Here are my 9 other award winning images from previous years:

Kyrie & Andrew’s Stormy Lehigh Valley Wedding: 


Geri & Nick’s timeless Philadelphia Wedding:


Khoa & Tina’s elegant Harrisburg Wedding:


Kyrie & Andrew’s Stormy Lehigh Valley Wedding: 


Lori & Thomas’ fabulous New Jersey wedding:


Eileen & Kevin’s artful Hoboken wedding:


Max & Julia’s sophisticated beach Wedding:


Angela & Sean’s Harrisburg riverside Wedding:


Ashley & Jake’s turkey farm engagement in the Lehigh Valley:


Thanks to the support of my family, friends, fans, colleagues and amazing clients I am able to have a career that I am passionate about and absolutely love! Congrats to all of the others on the top 50 list, your work inspires me!!!

To see the full top 2016 list visit here.  If you’d like to see more and even give little hearts to your personal favorites please visit my Fearless Profile here.

Thanks for checking out this article! Please feel free to comment below.  😉

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39 Barrel House Wedding Photographers: Felicia & Justin

A vibrant, modern wedding at The Barrel House in Chambersburg— I had so much fun playing with all of these lines and colors!

Felicia shared, “We chose Rhinehart Photography because we like how you capture each couple in an unique way, and bring out their style and personalities in the photos.  Working with you on our wedding was amazing!!  You were able to keep us on schedule but also willing to be flexible whenever we needed it.”

I loved getting to know Felicia and Justin during their Nashville engagement session!  It is a session and road trip that I will never forget!   The style of The Barrel House was perfect for Felicia and Justin– a unique downtown space that was colorful and filled with character.  I could play up the yellow staircase with its modern lines or cool it down in this soft dress shot…

Then pump it up all over again with the fire-engine red wall which perfectly complimented Felicia’s “something blue,” her shoes!

For me this shot is symbolic, about the passage of time in the lives of a mother and her daughter, and all the emotions that come to the surface on a wedding day…  I captured it in camera using the reflection of a piece of artwork, I like how the lines appear a little warped and Felicia and her mom line up with the two clocks…

Felicia shared, “One thing I really appreciated about the Barrel House was that it had so much color and personality from the red wall with the barrel house in lights to the yellow stair even the turquoise of the fire escape.”

I definitely incorporated all of those colors, this time a beautiful bridal portrait of Felicia.  I love the color and the way it frames her and the reflection!

A hug from mom…

Justin and his men…

Time for their first look!  Felicia shared, “We went back and forth about if we should do a first look.  What sold us on that idea, was that we would have more time together.  I am so glad we did!”

She continued, “I did worry that it might take away from the ‘walking down the aisle’ moment, but Justin and I both agreed that our emotions during the ceremony were still just as intense, and then we were also able to enjoy the cocktail hour with our guests and enjoy more time alone together, too!”

Justin explained, “The first time I saw Felicia on our wedding day I thought she looked beautiful.  I was happy that she seemed comfortable and felt as pretty as I always think she is.”

It was nice having everything in one location, after the first look Felicia and Justin checked out the ceremony space together, it was stunning!  I used a very narrow aperture so that I could capture so much of Downtown Chambersburg.

Felicia mentioned, “The Barrel House was also close to things in town, so that guests could enjoy the downtown experience.”

While I spend most of the day capturing candid moments as they happen, I do make sure to get a few more traditional portraits as well….

Justin opened up a little, “Felicia’s personality is what made me fall for her. It compliments mine very well. She is smart, independent, and a little goofy.  She doesn’t take herself too serious which I like because I like to joke around most of the time.”

Strike a pose… that one of Justin’s groomsmen went for his typical hair pose was perfect!

Felicia added, “Since most of our wedding party was from out of town, it was really great to have cute spaces for them to stay right on the grounds.”

Justin shared, “The thing I liked best about the venue was that my friends got to stay there, and we could all hang out together.”

Felicia explained, “For our colors, we went with a navy, gray, and white theme.  The girls were in navy dresses, guys in charcoal gray suits, and most of the flowers and decor were in the white.  We chose this because we felt that it was a classic look that complimented the space.  The venue had pops of color throughout from the yellow staircase, to the blue walls, and the red brick of the outside.   No matter where we were the colors went well with it.”

Felicia explained, “I’m very close with my parents and I wanted to do something special for them on the wedding day.  They put a lot of time, effort, and trouble into making our day the most special it could possibility be for us.  I had handkerchiefs embroidered with a special saying for each of them.  It was something little I could do for them on that day.”

They were both very touched…

Justin shared, “The ceremony is when it became real for me.  The rest of the day was just like hanging out having a cookout– a really over-the-top, fun cookout with all the people who mean the most to Felicia and I.”

I love to get a unique perspective on the ceremony space and I found just the perfect vantage point, I used a tilt-shift effect to play with the focus so the couple, red tree and green foliage were all in focus:

Felicia shared, “I think what makes us work so well together is that we really balance each other out.  We really work as a team in our relationship.”

I focused sharply on Felicia’s engagement ring (one of the last few moments there won’t be a wedding band beside it) and got at just the right angle so you could see them holding hands with the Bible in the background.

Here Mr. Levy blesses the wedding band…

Felicia smiled, “Justin likes to put up this wall on the outside and have people see him as this guy that is tough and doesn’t get emotional.  But he is actually a softy and I think that came through on our wedding day.  Everyone got to see that side of him.”

Here she touches his face, wiping off a tear…

Kiss the bride!  I liked this is a classic black and white…

Husband and wife– what a beautiful scene!

Felicia shared, “One thing I really enjoyed was stealing moments with Justin throughout the evening for sunset pics and the end of the night moments.  There were times when it was just us celebrating and I am so glad that these moments were captured!”

The setting sun made these shots particularly beautiful…

Felicia explained, “The building has a character of its own so we did not need to decorate or do very much to make it perfect for the type of feel we were going for.”

Love the staircase!

Felicia smiled, “No matter what we are doing, Justin also makes it fun and makes me laugh. ”

Felicia shared, “Another characteristic I love about Justin is how loyal he is to the people in his life.  That really came through on our wedding day with how his reactions were to me and his friends.”

She continued, “I am looking forward to going through this crazy life with him having fun and making the most out of our time together.”

Their favors were adorable and functional– Olive Oil bottles…

Another classic moment that I thought needed a black and white copy, during the first dance…

Felicia and her dad:

Justin and his mom… I LOVE this one!!!  I was able to focus right on his tear as they danced:

All of the toasts were fantastic…

Let’s get this party started… I have to admit, capturing this shot involved trust, haha!  Love it!

The shades are on!!

Justin shared, “My favorite part of our wedding day, was getting to spend time with all the most important people to me in my life.”

I loved playing with the colors of working in an *outdoor dance floor*, the twilight blues and twinkle lights.

I also enjoyed seeing so many little ones at the wedding like this cutie:

Felicia shared, “Someone gave me the advice to really make sure to enjoy the day because it goes so fast.  I really tried to be present that day and enjoy each moment.  I am so glad that I did that and didn’t get wrapped up in the little details that do not matter.”

They both agreed, “We really wanted everyone to have a good time.  We wanted a laid back fun atmosphere, where people could enjoy themselves, we wanted a party vibe, for sure.”

I think you got it 😉

Justin concluded, “Felicia and I work well together because we communicate and support each other, and that is what is most important.”

If you’d like to see more of Felicia and Justin, just check out their Nashville engagement session, here.


DC Wedding Photographers: Julie and Charles at The Carnegie

A fun, colorful, Washington DC wedding for a pair of world travelers…

Julie & Charlie shared, “We first found you through some of the incredible shots you had already taken at our venue. We loved reading through your process in the blogs about weddings at Carnegie. Your excitement about finding new shots and angles, even in a venue she’d shot many times, made it so clear that you are incredibly passionate about what you do, and have put together a great team to help you!”

They continued, “We’re hoping to a see some classic photos, some of the “must have” photographs from Carnegie and a couple of those super unique shots that we’ve never seen before anywhere. Our engagement shoot set the bar very high – friends and family can’t wait to see how Rhinehart captured our wedding day!”

So the shot I opened with was a new perspective from this familiar space- it actually features a colorful, international embassy neighboring The Carnegie in Dupont Circle.  As world travelers who have visited a whopping *18 countries* together, I thought this was essential. 😉

As far as seeing something that you haven’t before and my awesome team, have you seen ironing captured in such a cool and creative way before?  Go Jim!!!

Charlie smiled, “We jumped straight into international travel early in our relationship, heading to Panama and Brazil with two friends after dating for only a few months.”

He went on, “Sixteen more countries later, we’ve definitely learned what works best for each of us, and have found that cruises offer a great outlet for both of us…  Julie loves exploring a new port each day, and I enjoy the relaxation of a floating resort.”

Charlie chuckled, “We worked this into our wedding as one of the ‘fun facts’ on the cocktail napkins, hence my favorite port we’ve visited is ‘At Sea.'”

As my assistant, Jim photographed the men, I photographed Julie as she prepared for her wedding day at Hotel Rouge.

Sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest impact, Julie’s delicate veil, hand and jewelry certainly caught my eye…

As Julie’s mother put the finishing touches on her dress I watched through the window created by the two women, watching the reactions of Julie’s friends to the gown.

Haaa so I can kind of be a ninja on the wedding day, and saw this opportunity for an incredible reflection if I’d climb behind the murphy bed… I mentioned the idea to Julie who was totally game.

Julie shared, “We loved the funky design of the Kimpton Rouge for our getting ready rooms. I felt pretty certain you would find an unusual way to use the space– you climbing behind the bed did not disappoint!”  Haha, I showed her this image on the back of my camera:

Aside from the intense reds of her hotel room, I had another intense color to work with– Julie’s eyes, wowza!

Then there are also times when you need no color at all…

I love to work in special details for my couples… knowing they were international travelers and getting married along Embassy Row, I made sure to work that in…  Here she strolls past the Australian Embassy on her way to her first look with Charlie…

Charlie waited at the top of the stairs of the Carnegie Institution for Science, heart pounding, as Julie approached, she adjusted her veil.  You can almost feel the tension…

Julie shared, “Charlie is the only person in the world who I feel like I can be my full self around. He makes me feel both totally safe and loved, but also challenged at the same time to be the best and most thoughtful version of myself. I definitely felt that safety and love as soon as he turned around the first look – it was such a relief to finally get to be together and see each other on our wedding day.”

They were all smiles…

Charlie beamed, “I am looking forward to a life of adventures and surprises with Julie, because we can do anything together. She’s super cool!”

High-fives all around…

Charlie continued, “I love my wife because she’s determined but also silly! She figures everything out, but at the same time knows when to not take things so seriously. She’s got a perspective on situations that I tend to forget about, which is valuable, but she also laughs at my jokes and likes it when I talk about random topics, which makes me feel loved.”

It is clear that he likes making her feel loved, too…

While most of my day is spent capturing moments as they unfold, I make sure to capture more traditional portraits as well.  I love this one of Julie & Charles!

When Julie shared about wanting classic Carnegie shots, I’m imagining this is one of those, I love this view, and how you can read the name of the venue and see all of the detailing of the iconic Washington, DC entrance…

Julie shared, “In so many ways we’re really similar and in sync – can often know from a look in social gatherings that we’re feeling the same way. But we also complement and stretch each other – I help Charlie to be less impulsive sometimes, while he will encourage me to take more risks (like the spur of the moment decision to adopt our adorable puppy Piper)!”

While I love capturing emotion and architecture, I really like to play around on get creative… it had rained earlier that morning and this puddle was making a nearly perfect diamond shape in front of the Carnegie.  I was able to capture Julie and Charles in that puddle, and bring a more modern, geometric look to the classic scene…

Julie explained, “Our travel history was also one of the fun facts on our custom napkins – we had a great time watching guests try to find all of the facts. (Small practical joke we pulled: there was no fun fact #4, just #1,2,3,5,&6 – just to entice people to keep looking for them.”

The whole world seemed to disappear as they walked down P Street Northwest.  There were all sorts of people and traffic, even their own bridal party, yet their gazes were locked…

The ladies caught up with Julie and were all smiles and laughs…

Woo hoo, today is the day!

Julie explained, “We chose the Carnegie Institution for Science for many reasons, but certainly the unique rooms, including the library, were top on the list!”

Decor was all placed and it was time for the ceremony to begin.  I was captivated by this arrangement, particularly this tulip…

Julie descends the staircase as her father waits to escort her down the aisle– what a grand entrance!

Charlie watched, beaming…

Julie shared, “We both were pretty nervous throughout the ceremony – we knew we would cry if we looked out at the guests , so the overall look and feel of the ceremony is something we’re really looking forward to seeing in photos!”

Good call, Julie, haha…

Julie continued, “We wrote the entire ceremony ourselves so it was a huge relief to see it come together and meant that every word was meaningful to us. We’re very grateful to our friend Annie for officiating, and for both of our readers stepping a little out of their comfort zones to be a big part of our day.”

Awww this is my favorite…

Julie shared, “I kept trying to make him laugh during the ceremony because I could tell he was really emotional which was so sweet. We definitely did our vows in the right order – I needed some time to collect myself after he choked up during his.”


Family photos are usually an important part of what I do, the bride and groom had a few different large groups that they wanted photographed over cocktail hour, I really liked how this one came out– so many people and so much detail in a single photo.

Charlie explained his love of the space, “I was excited about the overall elegance of the marble and clean lines in rotunda. We wanted a venue where we could host the whole event in one spot, but with separate spaces for different moments – Carnegie was perfect for this. The bar in the boardroom was probably my favorite spot…”

Ooo lala, a moment alone towards the end of cocktail hour, right before their first dance…

Hitting the dance floor in style…

Just wow…

Aw Julie’s mom…

Charlie’s mom during the mother-son dance…

Dinner service is ready to go!

A toast by Julie’s father:

I love to play with light and bokeh, in this case the raised champagne glass was my perfect subject…

Now my cutest subject was probably this little guy…

How sweet it is!

Julie’s mom, she was talking to Charlie a bit, beaming and then kissed him on the cheek, so sweet!

Julie laughed, “Tricking everyone onto the dance floor with the group photo transitioning straight into the Cupid Shuffle was definitely one of our favorite moments!”

I love how the group shot turned out!  This would be epic on canvas, guys…

Charlie commented, “We also were really excited to have a DJ that we knew well as the MC for the evening – our DJ team was actually the host of our regular weekly trivia night in Chicago. This helped us coordinate a few extra surprises like the transition straight from the group photo immediately into the Cupid Shuffle!”

I love color– DJ lights can be so much fun…

All of the congratulations shouted by Washingtonians passing by was very sweet, and Julie and Charlie responded with smiles and waves, here is one I caught in a reflection, as I was prepping for one last shot.

They shared, “We are absolutely stunned with how well everything went. It was so incredible to have all the people we love the most in one place at the same time. We feel incredibly lucky to their love and support as we move forward into married life!”

I was inspired by the traffic lights and played around a bit more…

Capturing motion, too…

And they lived happily ever after! 😉

Julie and Charlie, thank you for entrusting me to capture such an important day!  I hope I have captured all the classic beauty and candid moments in an artful and creative way, and can’t wait to hear your feedback!

If you’d like to see more photos of Julie and Charles, check out their engagement session, here.

Gramercy at Lakeside Manor Wedding Photographers: Gisella & Steven

Vibrant sparklers, romantic candle light, a classic church ceremony and an adorable, authentic couple who just shared the best day of their lives (so far)…

Gisella shared, “Rhinehart photography came highly recommended by close friends and family . We loved their style of photography. They were very relaxed and accommodating. The photographers were both attentive to our needs.  We’re hoping to see a lot of candid shots that captured the moments of our special day.”

It was great to see so may familiar friends, family and guests in attendance at this wedding!  More on that later, but I’ll start with a more stylized shot showing them at Our Lady of Fatima in Newark, New Jersey.

A classic portrait of this stunning bride…

Getting a little deep with this one– how time passes!  Here Gisella prepares for her wedding day in her mother’s bedroom.  You can see her parents wedding portrait in the foreground, Gisella in the center of the frame on her flower girl reflected in the side mirror.

It rained the morning of her wedding, everyone said it was good luck…

I loved the color and lace detailing of the girls dresses, that tree perfectly matched them!

The flower girls looking out the window waiting for Gisella…

Steven’s turn in the spot light 🙂

His mama…

Family traveled from far and wide to be there– Portugal, Brazil and so many other places… here they travel smartly, umbrellas in hand 🙂

Keeping dry and looking handsome…

Catching a ride to the church…

When I arrived, I was thrilled to see Sofia and Paulo’s son, walking around the church.  I had photographed their wedding and engagement several years ago!  I caught this reflection of him…

He was the ring bearer and presented the rings to his uncle Steven with a smile…

I wanted to show the tiny girls, the beautiful church and the guests reactions to them in this shot…

Gisella’s parents look so proud:

Steven shared, “When I first saw her on our wedding day, I couldn’t believe that I was lucky enough to be marrying my perfect woman.”

Steven wipes a tear away as he watches his bride approach:

A kiss to her father…

The moment he “gives her away”– her father’s expression is priceless…

Gisella laughed, “The first thing I thought when I saw him on my wedding day was , HOT DAMN . HE LOOKS GOOD, haha!”

She added, “But seriously, Steve’s made me the best version of myself and I am so incredibly grateful to call him my husband.”

I love to play with reflections, here is a colorful one that I captured…

I love to capture candid moment and expressions like this…

And unique angles, reflections and colors like this…

Kiss the bride…

It’s official!

We traveled from Our Lady of Fatima in Newark to The Gramercy, Lakeside Manor in Hazlet, New Jersey.

Steven helped Gisella with her train.  He shared, “There is no one else I would rather spend my life with. ”

While I love capturing moments, I also enjoy photographing more traditional portraits as well: 

Gisella stated, “We were looking for a classic and romantic, yet modern look.  I loved how the blues of the guys suits and wine bridesmaids dresses complemented  each other.”

Strike a pose…

Gisella shared, “We liked that The Gramercy was a modern blank canvas, it allowed us to create our own style. We liked the dance floor and more than anything else we wanted to see everyone enjoying themselves and having a good time.”

Gisella shared, “We added candles throughout the venue to make it feel more intimate.”

So happy together:

Steven shared, “Gisella is my best friend. Her personality compliments mine perfectly. We share the same interests and make each other try new and exciting things together. Each new adventure we take together is somehow better than the last.”

I love bringing in architectural elements too, windows, wall detailing and chandeliers in this case…

Gisella shared, “It was easy to just enjoy the day. worry free, stress free. And much of that is because of the friends and family we have in our lives.”

Gisella shared, “Steven has helped me and pushed me into succeeding in things I didn’t think I was ever able to do. I somehow feel like anything is possible when I’m with him.”

I love this shot, so intimate…

They came in a little early to check out the ballroom and practice their first dance…

More reflections, I really had so many interesting places to find them in this venue!

More candlelight…

Their ballroom…

For the first time as Mr & Mrs: 

Their first dance, so much joy…

Dancing on clouds:

Such ambiance…

Steven’s dance with his mother, I framed them in sparkling chandeliers…

I really wanted to capture the joy and emotion between Gisella and her father, here:

Opening the dance floor in style 🙂

Dance lessons for all the wedding guests were provided by DJs Unlimited, here they learn a few Michael Jackson moves…

Gisella smiled, “Our favorite part of our wedding day was seeing our families together and seeing how they were enjoying themselves.”

Born to hand jive, babay…

The flower girl was a real fan of the glow sticks!

These ladies used theirs to battle, haha!

I played with a few different techniques during dancing, this one was panning with a slow shutter 🙂

Cake time!


Steven smiled, “Everything was perfect.  Our wedding day could not have gone any better.  We are both so happy.”

Gisella seconded this, “I agree!”


Gisella laughed, “I don’t know how we got so lucky. It was pretty much the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding. And I’m not saying that because it was mine,  but because I really did have the best time of my life!”

Happily ever after!

It is such a treat for me to see so many familiar faces at a wedding!!!  I photographed Nathalie and Michael back in 2011, Sofia and Paul starting in 2014, Monica and Dave in 2015, all of these couples are amazing and I feel lucky to know them and have been by their side for their weddings, engagements and those of their friends, referring me to their loved ones is the highest compliment I can receive and means so much to me.  Many thanks and much love to each of you, and a huge thank you to Steven and Gisella for entrusting us to capture their wedding day :).

Entertainment: DJs unlimited

Florist: More Than a Gift

Ladies hair &  make up: Vida Artistry

Wedding gown – Jefre Bridals

Bridesmaid dresses – Hollywood Bridals

F a c e b o o k