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Highlights from 2015: Creative, vibrant, unique wedding photography

In 2015, I captured 36,585 photos!!!  Here are roughly 50 images, set to music, along with a few of the reviews that colored my year.

I create personalized, emotional images that tell a couple’s unique story.  I have an eclectic style and enjoy the diverse photographic opportunities that abound in weddings.  I capture everything from portraits and landscapes to details and photojournalism.  I enjoy capturing creative, vibrant, thoughtful photos.

Here is my year in a couple of minutes set to music.  I’d love for you to check it out….

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Skytop Lodge Wedding Photographers: Marissa & Thomas

An incredible fairytale wedding for two US Army Captains (and Star Wars fans) who had finally found their match 😉


Marissa & Thomas shared that photography was literally the number one priority when they started planning their wedding.  Before they even looked at venues they called me to find out my availability!!!  Marissa had been following my blog for several years and was set on having me photograph her wedding, seeing her brother Joe’s wedding photos confirmed that choice.

Marissa and Thomas loved how unique, personal and creative my photos were and my attention to detail.  I knew that they were Star Wars fans, so I thought about a few ways to incorporate light sabers in their portraits.  I also knew how important the scenery of Skytop Lodge was to them and really wanted to show off the vibrant, fairytale feeling of that beautiful setting…


Here are a couple of small details that had supreme importance, Marissa & Thomas’ wedding bands with her lovely diamond engagement ring.  I used a macro lens that could capture all of the detailed cuts in Marissa’s diamond and placed the rings on a dark, reflective background to really make them pop.:)


Thomas shared that Marissa’s radiant personality had him from the very start.  She is brilliant, ambitious and funny and also incredibly supportive, devoted and unconditionally loving.

I snapped this photo as Marissa put on her earrings– it is such a simple moment, but you get a feel for her natural beauty and  exuberant personality.


Skytop Lodge is a historic retreat hotel built in the 1920’s.  It’s breathtaking architecture is classic, elegant, and just the look that Marissa and Thomas wanted for their wedding.

Here you can see Rissy back-lit by the grand windows and doorway.   What a stunning bride!!!


Marissa shared that she owes everything she is and has to her parents.  They taught her to be happy, enjoy life and strive to better the world every day, and to always think of others.  They have always made her feel loved and supported.

When Marissa was a little girl, she wanted to be Belle for Halloween, her father dressed up as the beast, I kept thinking throughout the day about what a moment this must have been for him as well.

Here he saw her for the first time in her wedding gown.   His face says it all…


He said, “Mom and I have seen and cherished your beauty– inside and out– since the moment you were born.  Watching that radiance grow even brighter because of the love that you and Thomas share is the greatest happiness that any parent could ever know.”

Marissa carried a lovely bouquet.  It incorporated photographs of her grandparents.  They were in a nursing home and unable to attend the wedding.  Thomas and Marissa re-dressed in their wedding outfits the next day and visited them!


Seeing Skytop Lodge last July was Marissa’s first “bridal moment”– it brought tears to her eyes and took her breath away.  The lodge was the perfect balance between classic elegant and relaxed fun they they were looking for and she knew she had found “the place.”

Here she and her bridesmaids take a moment to let it all sink in and celebrate!


Marissa’s mom has been her best friend throughout her entire life.  Marissa said, “I have no idea how she was able to strike the balance between “friend” and “mother” but somehow she made it work.  She is the most selfless, intuitive, patient woman I know.”


Marissa wore a cathedral length veil and here her mother is helping her to put it on.  I love the joy and movement in this photo– it is such a sweet moment…


Time to meet Thomas…  Marissa shared that falling for him was easy.  She said that he is incredibly generous, hilarious and  intelligent.  He pushes her to better herself and lifts her up when she needs it.

She went on to say, “He is my partner in every sense of the word…  I can’t wait to continue exploring the world and face all the new challenges that I know life hand us.  No matter what challenge it is, I know that Thomas will be with me and we will be a team.”


Thomas and his groomsmen walk together on the front lawn of Skytop Lodge before the ceremony begins in the Formal Garden.


If the five story stone structure boasting 125 guestrooms didn’t give you a fairytale feeling, certainly this mode of transportation will!  Marissa and her father arrived to the ceremony site in a horse draw carriage.

While I waited for the ceremony to begin from the garden level, Kris watched the carriage arrive from the roof deck.  I love how you are able to see the forest, mountain and sky!!!


As it approached more closely he was able to capture this moment as the horse and carriage pulled up to the ceremony…


While I have several beautiful photos of Marissa being escorted up the aisle by her father, I think this is my favorite photo from that moment.  It is the look on Thomas’ face as he watches Marissa approach.

He said, “When I first saw her on our wedding day I think my brain backfired a bit due to how unbelievably beautiful she looked. She looked absolutely stunning!  That was enough to make me lock my knees and almost take a tumble down the stairs!”


While guests gathered in Skytop’s Evergreen Garden, the ceremony took place on the south porch, overlooking the garden.

Their bridal party stood on the steps flaked by two large evergreen trees.  Here Marissa slides the ring on Thomas’ finger:


The kiss…


Marissa shared, “I wasn’t nervous at all on our wedding day. I’ve never been surer about anything in my life. I was excited all morning, but when I saw Thomas, I thought my chest was going to burst with how happy and thrilled I was!”


A toast to the happy couple…


Spending quality time alone together was important to Marissa and Thomas.  They walked on the lawn and in the gardens and took some time to let it all sink in… husband and wife 😉


I like to provide an eclectic mix of photos for my couples and their families.  Many focus on emotion, but others may focus on the details or the setting.

In the image above I put all of the focus on the couple and allowed the garden and the building to blur into the foreground and background.  It adds color and depth and frames the couple.

In the image below I used the architecture to really frame the photo and allowed much more of the architectural detail to show.  Again I used the columns to frame them as they kissed.


I also really enjoy providing a unique perspective– here Marissa and Thomas practice their first dance as I stood a level above them on the porch.

It allowed me to capture the natural beauty of the flagstone and the mossy-clover growing between as well as all of the vibrant color from the garden and window boxes…


This has to be one of my favorite moments from the day.  Thomas looked down at Marissa’s hand wearing the engagement ring and wedding band.  He got a little choked up, which was really sweet.

He said, “Marissa is the consummate partner in all things that I do, which is probably my favorite thing about her.  That’s a constant humbling reminder of her unconditional love for me and her devotion to our relationship”.

His face says it all…


You can see how proud he is to have Marissa by his side…


Marissa is incredibly proud, too.  Here Thomas pins his last name on Marissa.  It was something really sweet that Marissa wanted to do.  I think it says a lot about the level of trust and devotion that they have and also gives a little bit of background about their involvement in the military…


Marissa shared, “We started our relationship when we were 9,000 miles away, which was crazy, but really helped us get to know one another because all we could do was talk. We face many challenges together as a team, from deployments to the stresses of daily life. These sort of challenges have helped us gain a lot of perspective about what is most important in our relationship. We’ve gone from a long-distance relationship to spending almost every hour together, back to long-distance, and together again…and it will always work. We are unconditionally loyal to each other and value one another.”


Mmmmm wedding cake….


I know I haven’t mentioned Star Wars since the beginning of this blog entry, so I think it’s about time to share some more…

Thomas has always been an avid Star Wars fan to say the least. Thanks to her older brothers, Marissa enjoyed the movies growing up, but wasn’t a die-hard fan until Thomas.

A saber arch is a military tradition that Marissa and Thomas took in a playful, Star Wars direction with a LIGHT saber arch!!!  Thomas looks like a kid in a candy store, hahahaha….


Ian was Thomas’ co-best man and a friend that he has been close with since high school.  The summer of 2012 was a big one for them.  Ian headed out to the Peace Corps in Benin, a country on the west coast of Africa and Thomas deployed to Afghanistan.

Ian joked that despite Thomas being in a war-zone he still managed to send Ian care packages containing Oreos and magazines.  I think it spoke a lot to Thomas’ character and his care and dedication to his friends.


Thomas dance with his mother was an emotional one.  He said, “My mom has been a huge source of inspiration for me. She has been there for me through some of my toughest times  and has always been someone I can count on for love, support, and advice. She also instilled a number of core values in me: the importance of hard work, dedication, duty, and the value of setting high uncompromising standards for yourself.  She helped to forge me into the man I am today.”  This is what love looks like…


When I asked Marissa and Thomas what their favorite moments were in the wedding day, almost knocking over the cake made top three, hahahaha!

Marissa and Thomas used her father’s West Point saber that her parents used to cut their wedding cake 36 years ago.

To the left of the frame you can see two staff members from the Skytop Lodge steadying the table and preparing to steady the cake, the couples’ expressions are also priceless…


You are probably wondering what the other “top 3″ moments of their wedding were– well number one was the ceremony itself– finally holding hands and standing together in front of our family and friends at the beginning of the ceremony and number two was dancing….


The dancing portion of the evening was lead by Magic Mike and was pretty incredible.  They shared, “Making sure our guests had fun was paramount in our wedding. Knowing who we were inviting, we knew that music was key because people would love to dance! We wanted a DJ that would keep people on the dance floor and make our guests feel involved in the party.”


At the end of the night, all of their guests circled Marissa and Thomas…


They lived happily ever after…


….and the force was with them, always 😉


Marissa and Thomas, It was such a pleasure to see you two and your wonderful family again!!!  You are such an awesome couple and perfectly matched.  I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!!!

Silverbrook Farms VA Wedding Photographers: Candace & Travis

A relaxed, romantic Virginia wedding, abounding in playful, southern charm (from the breathtaking Silverbrook Farm to evening entertainment from a bluegrass band) and a golden lab that will totally steal your heart…


Candace contacted me looking for a professional wedding photographer that she could completely trust with her wedding day.   Several of her friends had worked with me in the past (Kristen & Aaron and Natalie & Brian to mention a few) and she knew that I would capture natural, unique, creative photographs that they could treasure for years.

Their colors were blush pink and sage green and their rustic, romantic theme was flawlessly executed.

Here are a few of the details that I captured in the morning while the girls finished their wedding day preparations at Silverbrook Farm.    I loved that there were so many natural elements that I could incorporate to bring in that relaxed organic feeling that encompassed their day into the detail photos.



Candace wanted her bridesmaids to all feel comfortable and beautiful and had them each choose their own bridesmaids’ dress.  Each bridesmaid chose a knee-length blush dress– they came together beautifully and were soft and romantic.  Here they are hanging outside which even brings in more of that natural feel with the light and the blurred leaves in the foreground and background.


Candace wore a fresh floral crown instead of a veil on her wedding day.  It was beautifully bohemian, relaxed and pretty– such a unique hair accessory!  It was created by Daniel Vaughn.

I photographed Candace’s reflection in an antique gold mirror as she put on her earrings.  I like to capture unique perspectives and this gives the photo a dreamy, whimsical  feeling that fit the wedding so well.


Candace and Travis started dating in high school.  Over the past several years their families have become close.  I liked how both Travis and Candace’s mom helped her with her wedding gown.

While we were inside, I still wanted the photograph to have an organic feel.  I utilized natural window light and kept some flowers in the foreground and framed the scene in windowpanes.  I  also under-exposed the image a bit to draw attention to the lace of Candace’s dress as well as the floral crown in her hair.


Her maids of honor helped her to put on the finishing touches… wow, look at that train!  Candace’s dress was from the TLC Botique in Frederick, Maryland.


Rooney!!!  Rooney is Travis and Candace’s golden lab– he didn’t want to miss any of the wedding fun…


Yup a kiss on the chin, hahaha!


I can’t say enough positive words about Silverbrook Farm and its fabulous owner, Dottie.   Every inch of the property is filled with rustic, vintage charm and beautifully bohemian antiques.  It is absolutely stunning from the gardens and forest to the fields and farm house– everything is decorated with impeccable style and taste.  Here Candace sits at an antique dressing table and touches up her lipstick.


It was time for their first look.  I found a place that was quiet and secluded in the woods on a rustic bridge built over a winding stream.

Travis shared that he had been so anxious and nervous leading up to the moment,  emotionally on edge, but the first look changed all of that.


Seeing his bride brought tears to his eyes.  He kept telling her how beautiful she was and said that he felt like the luckiest man.  Here he wipes away a tear…


Candace was teary, too.  She said she was thinking about their journey to marriage and that looking at him she knew without a doubt that he was going to be the best husband.

He looked so handsome and in his eyes she could see that he felt the same way.


Travis said a prayer for their wedding day at that moment, which was so special to Candace.

I really like the lines in this photo– they almost lead your eyes from their faces down Candace’s train, up the tree trunk, down the foliage and back.


The ladies hair and make-up designs were created by Salon Element and were a very kind *gift* to the bride from salon owners, Thulyna & Vu.  Thulyna and her teams’ work was incredible and speaks for itself, wow!!

Daniel Vaughn designs created Candace’s floral crown and the bridal bouquets.  Travis had worked there when he attended Penn State University.


While I love capturing candid, emotional photos I also make sure to photograph more traditional portraits of the bride and groom as well.  Such a sweet couple:)


Travis shared that he met Candace in high school– she was cute, funny and always smiling.  He was impressed by her intelligence, crazy work ethic and the way that she cares for others.

He noted that while she can be serious and driven she also really knows how to have fun.  He loves traveling with her and looks forward to all of the adventures that they will have together.

I think this next photograph illustrates Candace’s fun-loving personalty and beaming smile so well.  Also, I love that they are in such a quirky setting, among lawn chess pieces in the garden– it suggests play.  I framed them in the bow of a tree and love the natural feel of the chessboard with wood, stone and greens growing between the spaces.


Speaking of quirky, Candace and Travis had this sign made for them and hung it on the tree next to their wedding ceremony site.  I thought silly faces were definitely in order…


A final kiss before separating for the ceremony.  I love the misty blue of the Virginia mountains in the distance and the fences separating Silver brook from the neighboring farms.


Men gathered in the sitting room pre-ceremony.  You can see the elegant couches and handsome stone fireplace in the background.  Roony hid behind the couch chewing on a bone, hahaha.


It was the bone that Travis used to lure him down the aisle– they both wanted him to be a part of the wedding.  What a fun moment…


Candace said she fell for Travis in high school because of his hysterical personality and his bright blue eyes.  She added that he has the kindest heart.

You can see those vibrant blue eyes and that huge heart as he watched Candace walk towards him as her father escorted her down the aisle.

The photo is a little softer than my typical crisp, clear images, but I think it fits this soft, emotional moment well:


Candace and Travis wrote their own vows.  They were personal and came straight from the heart.


The setting was spectacular beneath the bows of a huge tree under an arbor climbing with more clematis than I’ve ever seen, surrounded with their closest friends and family and the backdrop of the farm and Virginia mountains in the distance.  Wow!!!


Dot officiated the ceremony and read from Taylor Mali’s  “How Falling in Love is Like Owning a Dog.”  Roony totally approved and stayed by their side throughout most of the service, almost seeming to smile approvingly at the couple and their wedding guests.:)


Husband and wife…


One of the things that struck me during the ceremony that I haven’t mentioned yet is Candace’s grandparents.  They sat in the front row and held hands.  It was a beautiful thing.

They have been married for 63 years and her grandmother is struggling with dementia.   There is something so moving and beautiful about this image:


The bridal party was quite large– 18 members (including Rooney haha).

The soft foliage and relaxed feel in the frame garden provided the perfect setting for the light gray suits and vests and pale pinks gowns.  So romantic…


There was a golden glow as Travis and Candace moved to the reception space following cocktail hour.  I love the color of the mountains– just stunning!

Silverbrook farm is only an hour outside of DC near Leesburg, Washington couples, and the drive up is lovely ;).


The Silverbrook reception was awesome, and it was no ordinary barn.  Look at the plaster in between the rafters the antique rugs and furniture, the shabby chic chairs.  Everything is meticulously curated and lovely.


Mismatched china and wooden farm tables with burlap runners were used for dinner service.  It added to the relaxed, country feel while giving a nod to natural and sophisticated elements as well.  Dot provided the china.


The desserts were also eclectic and beautifully made.  Here are just a few of the many cupcakes that were provided for wedding guests.  Look how pretty these berries are!  Job well done, Market Salamander!!!


There are even a few chandeliers throughout.  I silhouetted Candace and Travis against this vibrant Toy-Story-blue sky along with one of the chandeliers in the barn.



The food was amazing and provided by Smokin’ Willy who set up smoke tents on the Silverbrook Farm property.  They provided southern classics including pork barbeque, corn bread, mac and cheese and other southern “comfort foods.”  They brought a ton of food and it was all eaten, people went up for seconds, maybe even thirds, haha!

Music was provided by the Naked Mountain Boys, a bluegrass band that opened the dancefloor with the classic “Man of Constant Sorrow” Yes that links to George Clooney in Oh Brother Where Art Thou ;).    Candace said she chose them because she thought they woudl be a lot of fun and something unique that woudl be entertaining for everyone.  She was right :).



I love working in spaces where I can shoot from an interesting perspective.  Here I am up in the hayloft, haha!


We had one of the most epic sunsets that I have witnessed to date– it looked like the sky was on fire, I was waiting for Miss Scarlett to say, “After all, tomorrow is another day!”  It would be so fitting :).


Candace and Travis your wedding was incredibly personal and unique.  You are both amazing people and it was such a treat for me to spend the day at your side and exploring the gorgeous grounds of Silverbrook farm.  I hope that viewing these photos allows you to live your wedding day for many many years to come!!!

PA modern Headshots: Luke

Luke approached me looking for modern head shots to use for casting submissions for national acting and TV jobs.

He has been on some serious shows including House of Cards and Veep, so getting a variety of looks that would work in different roles was important to him.

Here is a more serious photo from the end of the shoot, it is probably my favorite from our session…


Luke shared that selecting me as his photographer was a no-brainer, that I am a joy to work with and my photography speaks for itself.  He said he knows that I see the best in him and we “get” each other, so I’m the first one he contacts!  Thanks Luke, I’m blushing, I feel just as fortunate to work with you!

We shot in an industrial location that was neutral and would allow Luke to be the main focus of the image.  I used an intense flash in the next image to bring out Luke’s eye color and used a background that read “bright” and almost beachy to me.   I also think it shows off Luke’s friendly, approachable, upbeat personality.


Luke and I discussed wardrobe, location and goals prior to the session so I knew exactly the looks that he wanted to portray.

I chose an industrial setting because it felt modern, non-specific and had neutral backgrounds and great light.  He wore a simple, neutral wardrobe– dark jeans and a gray henley.   The wardrobe and setting complimented each other to create a broader appeal for casting.

Here is a full body shot– while our focus was head shots, I thought this might be a nice addition, plus the setting looked pretty cool.


Luke is just about to graduate (a semester early, this young man is driven!) with a Media Studies and Production major.  He looks at home in front of the camera, but has done plenty of work behind the scenes as well.


He has interned as a writer for The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, and created, produced and hosted “Temple Talk,” the first ever entertainment talk show on Temple University TV.

This next photo feels so authentic to me as it features Luke’s natural smile & laugh– he’s even sitting on a directors chair!   For me this image shows that he is a positive, friendly, go-getter…


While I opened with a similar serious version, I am still a fan of this smiling one as well.  I think the blue-gray background of the steel really brings out his eyes and contrasts his blonde hair making it “pop.”

It was also the end of the session so he was comfortable in front of the camera and I had found the best angles and lighting for him.


While my wedding coverage begins at 9 hours, and my traditional portrait packages begin at 2 hours, having a shorter head shot session with Luke was such a pleasure and I hope he is as happy with the results as I am.

Luke, I know you have a very bright future ahead of you and can’t wait to see what you will accomplish!

For some old-school photos of Luke on my blog, check out his senior portraits in NYC and him as the man-of-honor in his sister’s wedding.  :)


Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographers: Erica & Jay at Bear Creek & Lockridge

A bride whose surprise literally left her groom speechless at the altar, a maid of honor’s speech that made everyone laugh-out-loud and a beautifully decorated, rustic-romantic wedding– all on a nearly 100 degree day…


Erica and Jay’s wedding day was as unique as them.  They wanted a rustic, romantic setting and chose a ski lodge for their reception and outdoor stone ruins for their ceremony.  Their day was personal, emotion-filled and fun.  It was nearly 100 degrees outside, but if I didn’t mention it, you’d never notice it in their photos. 😉

Erica & Jay reached out to me because they were looking for a professional whose photos felt natural and organic while being unique.  They appreciated the moments that I was able to capture in camera as well as the composition of my photographs.  They wanted someone who could tell their personal story and capture all of the emotion of their day in a beautiful, creative way.

I’ll open their set of photos with an image of Erica moments before she pulls down her wedding dress to put it on.  I like the intimacy of the shadowy light, her sweet expression and the crisp, clear reflection.  It is almost hard to tell which is the “real” Erica at first!


Here Erica’s flower girl looks up to her, literally :).  It was too cute not to post!

I love the way the light just bounces of their features and the beading of Erica’s gown and the flower girls’ tulle.


Jay shared that he didn’t fall for Erica in one moment, but instead through a long succession of time as he saw first hand that she is open minded, adventurous, talented, organised, intelligent, strong and shares his sense of humor.

This next photograph was snapped in a moment as she was passing through a set of arches, but I think it kind of provides a visual for what Jay was saying about it not being one moment but many moments that revealed Erica’s character, values and personality.  I also like her golden glow– she looks angelic!


Jay went on to explain that he can tend to plunge into new experiences and challenges with great enthusiasm but little foresight, haha.   Erica tends to be more cautious and provides direction and planning in all of their endeavors without being opposed to taking on new challenges and experiences.

I think you can get a sense for Erica’s open-mindedness, transparency and wisdom in this next wide-eyed image.


Erica and Jay love the outdoors and wanted the lush greenery to take center stage throughout many of their photos.  Erica chose a soft, muted pink to compliment the green.

Wow ladies, you all look stunning :).


Jay wore a tailored gray wool suit and vest adding to the natural earthy vibe.  It was their love of travel and the outdoors that brought them together initially.  Both had traveled around the globe and exchanged stories about their adventures in the beginning of their relationship.

Erica shared that Jay challenges her to step out of her comfort zone.  He is the most genuine person she has ever met, he’s patient even when she’s being irrational (haaaa!), he is great with kids and will be a great father someday.


As I mentioned earlier– it was nearly 100 degrees outside and here these men are in full suits looking completely cool and un-phased!  You rocked it fellas!


Erica’s brother and Jason’s sister both play incredibly important roles in their lives.  Erica chose to have her brother as her man-of-honor and Jason chose his sister to be his best-woman ;).

I like how all of the men are gathered in the background of this next image while Jay’s sister in in the foreground giving him a big, cheek-smashing kiss.  :)


TIME for the first look, hehe 😉


Erica and Jay chose Lockridge Park for their wedding ceremony, first look and romantic photos.  They fell in love with the worn, rustic stone buildings and thick forest.

Here Erica throws her train behind her and walks up to meet Jay…


I don’t think it would have been humanly possible for Jay to be more happy to see his bride.  He said that he was thrilled to see Erica and that she looked incredible. Erica said DANGGGG!  They both cracked up.


They kissed, surrounded by tall trees and almost seemed to be at one with nature.


Jay shared that they work so well together because they fit naturally and compliment each other.   I think that really comes across in this next photograph:


While I spend most of the wedding day capturing candid moments as they unfold, I do take time to take a few posed photos as well.

Here is on of the happy couple.  I really like how the trees in the dappled green background really bring out their eyes.


From serious to totally playful.  Jay can make a mean shadow puppet!


I love playing with reflections and caught this one in the water that had gathered on the path that they were walking along.


A different perspective of that same path…


The bridal party gathered together and it was time for the ceremony to begin.


One of the most appreciated wedding details with the heat of the day were these lovely bamboo fans:


The ceremony began and Erica’s father walked her down the aisle.  I have some more traditional shots of that.  But this is the moment that stands out to me.

I like the light and the textures in this image– you can almost feel the love that he has for his daughter.


This is Lockridge.  Yes it is amazing.  Yes you should book it for your outdoor ceremony if you are getting married in the Lehigh Valley.  😉

These are the stone ruins of iron works built in the 1800s, over time the roof and walls wore away but the stone arches remain.

Getting the back arch in a photo was relatively easy, but I really wanted to include both the arches, ceremony and blue sky and accomplished it here:


Jay listed Erica’s beautiful voice as one of the top reasons why he fell for her.  When the officiant passed her the microphone he didn’t think anything of it, until she began SINGING her wedding vows!!!

Jay was totally blown away!!!  He couldn’t believe that Erica had created a song that contained her wedding vows to him!!!


Everyone in the audience was incredibly touched as well and applauded.  I love how you can see the reactions of the bridal party as well as Erica– Jay looks so proud!

 Here Jay’s mother fan his father as he wipes away a tear.


When she finished singing and it was time for Jay to speak he could hardly put a sentence together– it was adorable.

Here Erica holds his hand and the bridal party smiles while the officiant looks back to her readings to finish the ceremony.


The kiss…


Meanwhile, back at their wedding reception venue, Bear Creek Mountain Resort, Jay was already busy sweeping Erica off her feet!  Erica loves Jay’s spontaneity…


They chose Bear Creek because they wanted something with mountains (Jay loves mountains) and they wanted a place that would have a rustic, relaxed atmosphere.

Erica & Jay both spent a good amount of time skiing and snowboarding when they were growing up, so ski resorts have kind of been their happy place.  They loved all of the stone and wood architectural elements as well as having overnight accommodations for their wedding guests.

While I spend a good deal of time capturing moments and emotions, I also really enjoy capturing space and architecture as well.


Erica and Jay’s details were so personal and even symbolic.  They had a vintage suitcase for guests to leave their cards symbolizing their love of travel.  Their centerpieces incorporated books to show one of thier life goals to never stop learning:


The Polaroid camera station showed Erica’s love for photography and was a lot of fun.  All of those little touches defined who they are as individuals and how they work together as a couple. How cute are these?

Their first dance…


The mother-son dance…


Then it was time for one of the most clever and unique maid of honor speeches I’ve experienced to date!

I’ll start with the backstory…  a few years ago, Erica and Jay were at Jay’s mom’s house.  They were looking through old photo albums together.  Erica & Jay had lived only a few blocks away from each other and Jay had been in Erica’s brother’s cub scout troop.

He pointed to a photo and said, “Hey, there’s Ross!” and Erica said, “OMG THERE’S ME!!!!”  She was literally standing in the background of the photo!!!

Jay’s sister brought it up in her speech and had a slideshow with clever hashtags, she included this one– so funny!


Everyone hit the dance floor…


Erica & Jay stepped out for a moment and cooled off in the rain…


Erica & Jay, thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of your day!  I hope that these photos captured your unique wedding day story in a creative, natural, beautiful way as you had been looking for from the beginning.  I hope they allow you to re-live your love for each other and your wedding day for many years to come.  :)

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F a c e b o o k