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    You want a photographer who is able to handle all aspects of wedding photography with ease, capturing: candid, romantic emotion; flattering, beautiful portraits; breathtaking scenery & architecture; the joy and energy out on the dance floor and all those sweet wedding details that you have been working on for months in an artful, creative way.

    I have great news for you—I’ve got you covered!!!

    My work is creative & thoughtful. My goal is to share your unique love story. I get to know your interests & personalities in order to capture them forever in beautiful, personal, artful photographs that tell your story. I invest my time helping you become comfortable in front of my camera & find the most flattering lighting and angles for you and your surroundings.

    If this sounds good to you, and you’d like to reach out to me to find out more, please connect here.

NYC Senior Portrait Photographers: Central Park & Bethesda Terrace

Winter in Central Park with a sweet senior from Texas


Grace’s mother, Jennifer, contacted me wanting a unique senior portrait experience for her daughter.   While they live in Texas, Grace loves New York City as well as winter weather and the woods.  They decided to make a long weekend of it and travel to NYC, spend some mother-daughter bonding time out at shows and sight-seeing and have her senior portraits taken in Central Park.

Her timing was absolutely perfect as there happened to be a snow storm a few days before Grace’s photography session.  Jennifer said she was looking for a photographer that had unique, creative, eye catching images that looked fun and incorporated the surroundings.

Beyond that she enjoyed the way my photos showed more than just the senior and setting.  She said they seemed to have a voice of their own and tell the story of a person and the levels and layers of their personality.  Grace’s friendly, out-going personality is captured along with the gorgeous architecture here:


While Grace can be completely fearless and bubbly she also has a more sassy, witty, sarcastic side, too.  I think that this photograph really gives you a glimpse into that side of her.

Grace, you are drop-dead gorgeous, just saying ;).


We walked throughout Central Park, but spent the majority of our time walking along Bethesda Terrace.  The architecture has a classic NYC feel and has olive tones that really compliment Grace’s auburn hair.

She was so thrilled to have snow in this photo as she only has seen snow in Texas on a couple occasions in her lifetime.  I feel like she’s ready for a magazine spread here:


The bare trees and intricately carved stone passageway  were breathtaking.  I love all of the texture and contrast in this image!  The doorway presented the perfect frame and I actually like the people subtly meandering through the background…


Grace’s mom really wanted Grace to be able to let go and show her true colors so that I could capture all of those aspects of her personality that she loves so much.

She said that Grace can be so light-hearted and fun and has this spontaneous side that experiences life and always has a good story to share about her day when she gets home.  I believe that really comes across here:


One of the things that Grace loves about winter is being surrounded by cold but being cozy and warm.  The soft, blurred tree branches and cozy sweater wrapped over the fingers while the wind tossed her hair really captured that cozy feeling for me.


Just looking at this photo makes me feel cozy!


She loves snow and made a heart-shaped snowball here:


Grace is a real character and has a goofy side, too.  Though she kept it under wraps through most of her senior portrait session, when she playfully kicked up some snow, the wind blew her umbrella inside out and I got a little peek… hehe


Grace has a real depth to her and an appreciation for theater and the arts.  I wanted to capture an image that was almost surreal and super creative and artistic.

Rain began falling in a puddle on the black-top nearby.  I caught the lines and texture of the ripples the silhouette of the tree branches and Grace’s hand dropping the umbrella momentarily to take in the rain.

It is one of my favorite photos from her portrait session, because I think it really captures her love of life and her passion for NYC.


Grace it was such a pleasure to get to meet you and to try to get your larger-than-life personality to fit into a two dimensional medium.   I hope that these images allow you to re-live your senior trip with your mother for many years to come and affirm the young woman that you have become. 🙂

Thank you Jennifer for entrusting these once in a lifetime moments with me.  It was such a treat to meet both of you!

DC Senior Portrait Photographers: Nick

Nick’s senior portraits feature iconic Washington DC and have a modern, urban vibe…

Nick has always been drawn to politics– by first grade he had already memorized all the presidents(!) it was a real passion for him.  His love of DC and interest in politics has not changed, so what better place for his senior portraits than iconic Washington DC?

I’ll open with the photograph that I call the political trifecta– it features the Washington Monument, Reflecting Pool and Capitol building:

DC Senior Portrait Photographer Unique Monuments creative modern (1)

Nick and his family reached out to me looking for a photographer that could creatively capture Nick’s interests and personality.  They had been impressed with seeing photos of Nick’s friends that captured who they were as much as they captured what they look like.

Our first stop was at the World War II Memorial.  His grandfather was in the Navy during World War II and Nick aspires to join the Navy after he earns his college degree.

DC Senior Portrait Photographer Unique Monuments creative modern (3)

Nick is someone who is kind, optimistic and helpful, he likes to joke around, but has a more serious side. His parents couldn’t get over how “grown-up” he looks here:

DC Senior Portrait Photographer Unique Monuments creative modern (2)

It was definitely cold during our January shoot.  Nick was tough and didn’t complain.  He even *literally* rolled his sleeves up for a few shots!

An up-side to the cold weather was that the fountains at the World War II memorial had been drained and we could get ridiculously close to the gold stars.

They made an stunning background, especially for Nick, who hopes to join the U.S. Navy after college.

DC Senior Portrait Photographer Unique Monuments creative modern (4)

This photo gives you a feel for Nick’s pensive, thoughtful side…

DC Senior Portrait Photographer Unique Monuments creative modern (5)

We moved from one monument to the next, this time visiting the Lincoln Memorial.  Not only is this a National and political icon, but is also is masterfully designed and dramatic.

Rather than having the monument dwarfed with Nick in the foreground, for this image I chose to show it’s remarkable almost imposing size…

DC Senior Portrait Photographer Unique Monuments creative modern (9)

Move over Matt Daemon & Daniel Craig…

DC Senior Portrait Photographer Unique Monuments creative modern (10)

Nick changed from his suit into more casual clothes.  It enabled us to really capture a whole different aspect of his personality.

He is drawn to a more modern, urban aesthetic and we found this large beam with steel rivets in Georgetown.  If you ever need an album cover, Nick, I think this will totally work 😉

DC Senior Portrait Photographer Unique Monuments creative modern (7)

Nick is a huge coffee lover, so stopping in Malmaison, a hip Georgetown coffee shop, was a perfect fit for him.

I really like the visual interest that these shadows on the wall add to this photograph…

DC Senior Portrait Photographer Unique Monuments creative modern (13)

While much of the emphasis of his senior portrait session was on capturing his surroundings and personality, we also made time to capture a few more traditional images as well.

When I captured this image, I was thinking it would be perfect for a print for friends or family members.  It almost has a 1960’s vibe, right?

DC Senior Portrait Photographer Unique Monuments creative modern (14)

I got more creative with this photo– it is of his reflection through the coffee shop window.  I like the vibrant colors and believe it captures his pensive, introspective side…

DC Senior Portrait Photographer Unique Monuments creative modern (15)

This is the portrait Nick’s father chose to display in his office.  I really like it, too.  Nick in his natural state– relaxed with coffee cup in hand.  There is something understated yet dramatic about it and I really think it captures him so well!

DC Senior Portrait Photographer Unique Monuments creative modern (16)

Nick thanks for choosing me to capture your senior portraits!  It was such a pleasure to work with you and your family and I wish you all the very best with your future endeavors!

Rhinehart Photography Albums

Hello there!  I am here to give you a peek inside Rhinehart Photography Wedding Albums– the materials we use, our design philosophy, and basically what we do and why we do it.  You should come out with a better understanding of what we offer and which options will work best for you.

Why wedding albums?  

Albums are a tangible, visual collection of memories from your wedding day that allow you to share and re-live your wedding story for years to come.  Rhinehart Photography albums are a carefully curated family heirloom that can be viewed by future generations regardless of how much technology changes throughout the years.

I wanted my albums to be chic and luxurious while also being durable and able stand the test of time both physically and aesthetically.  I also wanted them to be unique– customizable to my couple’s personal style.

Here is an Italian Leather album in nabuk with branding detail…

Best Wedding Albums Top Best Wedding Phtoographers Creative Unique Classic Timeless Elegant Philly DC NYC Harrisburg-1_WEB

Here is a Japanese silk album with cameo detail….

Best Wedding Albums Top Best Wedding Phtoographers Creative Unique Classic Timeless Elegant Philly DC NYC Harrisburg-2_WEB

High-quality materials:

Rhinehart Photography albums lay flat so that images can span from one page to the next.  In the case of our deluxe 12×12 albums, this means a single image can span 2 feet across!

Pages themselves are incredibly thick and contain a thick sub-straight between each page.  Our albums are hand-made in the United States.


Custom Cover Options:

I value uniqueness in my clients and like to give options for customization.  I offer many cover options from fine Italian leathers to Japanese silks and even Vegan fabrics.

Offerings change from time to time, but here are a the Italian leathers that I am currently using.  They feel incredible– very luxurious and thick– a material that woudl be used for a designer handbag.

Here you can see some of the unique textures and colors that are currently offered in Italian leather:

Best Wedding Albums Top Best Wedding Phtoographers Creative Unique Classic Timeless Elegant Philly DC NYC Harrisburg-3_WEB
Here you can see some of the unique textures/colors that are offered in Japanese silks & Vegan linen:

Best Wedding Albums Top Best Wedding Phtoographers Creative Unique Classic Timeless Elegant Philly DC NYC Harrisburg-6_WEB
Curating your album:

Hundreds of photos are carefully curated to tell your unique wedding story.  You may be as involved as you would like in the album design process.  Most clients choose to have me design their album fully using my professional expertise, others give me a list of their favorite images to work from.  I am comfortable with whatever works best for you. 🙂

Custom design:

Rather than starting with a template and fitting your images into it, I start with your photos and create a design that best compliments the images and tells your story.  I like my album spreads to be chic and simple.  Here are a few spreads that I have designed, each folds in half utilizing the lay-flat binding to create your square album:

Best Wedding Albums Top Best Wedding Phtoographers Creative Unique Classic Timeless Elegant Philly DC NYC Harrisburg-7_WEB
Best Wedding Albums Top Best Wedding Phtoographers Creative Unique Classic Timeless Elegant Philly DC NYC Harrisburg-9_WEB
Best Wedding Albums Top Best Wedding Phtoographers Creative Unique Classic Timeless Elegant Philly DC NYC Harrisburg-8_WEB
Best Wedding Albums Top Best Wedding Phtoographers Creative Unique Classic Timeless Elegant Philly DC NYC Harrisburg-11_WEB
Best Wedding Albums Top Best Wedding Phtoographers Creative Unique Classic Timeless Elegant Philly DC NYC Harrisburg-10_WEB
Best Wedding Albums Top Best Wedding Phtoographers Creative Unique Classic Timeless Elegant Philly DC NYC Harrisburg-12_WEB

Best Wedding Albums Top Best Wedding Phtoographers Creative Unique Classic Timeless Elegant Philly DC NYC Harrisburg-13_WEB
Best Wedding Albums Top Best Wedding Phtoographers Creative Unique Classic Timeless Elegant Philly DC NYC Harrisburg-14_WEB
Palace Sample 06_WEB
Best Wedding Albums Top Best Wedding Phtoographers Creative Unique Classic Timeless Elegant Philly DC NYC Harrisburg-15_WEB

Best Wedding Albums Top Best Wedding Phtoographers Creative Unique Classic Timeless Elegant Philly DC NYC Harrisburg-17_WEB

Best Wedding Albums Top Best Wedding Phtoographers Creative Unique Classic Timeless Elegant Philly DC NYC Harrisburg-16_WEB

Parent albums: 

Here is a standard 10×10 30 page Italian Leather album with it’s parent replica album.

Best Wedding Albums Top Best Wedding Phtoographers Creative Unique Classic Timeless Elegant Philly DC NYC Harrisburg-18_WEB

Standard vs. Deluxe albums:

Currently, our standard albums are 10×10 30 page albums and deluxe are 12×12 50 page albums.   While two inches might not seem like much, it offers 44% more space– pair it with the additional 20 pages and the deluxe album fits roughly *twice* as many photos.

That being said, either album can tell a complete wedding day story, it is just a difference in how much detail each is able to delve into and is really a matter of personal preference.

Best Wedding Albums Top Best Wedding Phtoographers Creative Unique Classic Timeless Elegant Philly DC NYC Harrisburg-19_WEB

I hope you have enjoyed this peek into Rhinehart Photography albums!  I am incredibly proud of the albums we offer and this is probably the next best thing to seeing them first hand.  😉

Four Seasons DC Wedding Photographers: Patchie & Noah

An elegant, Four Seasons Washington DC winter wedding with a sweet, romantic feel…


Noah and Patchie reached out to me looking for a wedding photographer who would be able to capture all of the diverse elements of their wedding day.   They wanted everything from the candid emotion (which you can see in the image above), to the architecture, to traditional portraits, to all of the unique wedding day details to be captured artistically using careful exposure and composition.

They were also looking for photos that specifically fit them and their style,  and liked the way that I take time to get to know each couple and really capture their personalities and personal style in their photography, rather than taking more of a “cookie cutter” approach.

Patchie shared that she loves looking at beautiful wedding details on Instagram and that it’s often the first thing that she does in the morning.   I utilized this light fixture in her bridal suite to bring in the light and airy pink tones that she loves so much and marry it with Noah’s love for modern lines and architecture…


I used a shallow depth of field and the soft, organic lines of this upholstery to capture more of their wedding day aesthetic.  A formal elegance that is warm and soft.

Unique-creative-top-best-four-seasons-wedding-photographers (4)

She chose a Nicole Miller dress from BHLDN in Georgetown and a soft, pure mix of  white and cream roses and wore her hair down.  Patchie, you are stunning!

Unique-creative-top-best-four-seasons-wedding-photographers (5)

Here Patchie’s mother and her maid-of-honor assist her with her cathedral-length veil.

Unique-creative-top-best-four-seasons-wedding-photographers (6)

Noah shared that Patchie has the most resilient, positive spirit of anyone he’s ever met.

He said she is gorgeous– fun, affectionate and strong.  He said he looks up to her, despite the fact that she is a foot shorter than him ;).

I really like how her strength and confidence comes across in this image:


We were gifted with a 50 degree day in January, which was a real blessing!

We headed outside for several portraits– I found this lovely ivy covered wall that had just the simple, organic aesthetic that Patchie would love!

It was still on the chilly side for the ladies, but they were total troopers and rocked it, keeping cheerful and just having fun!


Patchie had each bridesmaid select their own black floor length gown to wear and was very happy with the results!

Here they are ready for their editorial spread in Vanity Fair…  😉


While the ladies finished their preparations, Noah and his men dressed at the Melrose in Georgetown.

Here Noah’s best man stands on a chair to reach his 6’3″ frame and tie his bowtie.

I like the high contrast, clean, crisp lines and the fact that that Georgetown architecture can be seen through the window.  It gives you a sense of space and gives a nod to Noah’s architectural background.


Same shot, different perspective, composition and exposure.  😉

Unique-creative-top-best-four-seasons-wedding-photographers (11)

Patchie shared that out of all the fish in the sea she knew that she had found “the one” in Noah.

She shared that he brings out the best in her and is her number one supporter.  He inspires her to be a better person everyday.

I really like this photograph accompanying that sentiment, because you can see his friendly, positive attitude and you can see Noah in (Patchie’s) sharp focus, while everyone else in blurred in the background.


The Beatles, Abby Road was the inspiration for this next photo:


Noah’s best man and officiant were his roommates and crew-mates throughout his time at Georgetown University.  It was fun and nostalgic to walk to Thompson’s boathouse after so many years.

Noah was excited to capture the vistas along the Potomac that were so familiar to him from rowing crew throughout college.

Unique-creative-top-best-four-seasons-wedding-photographers (14)

Noah is undoubtedly fun and spontaneous.  He said being together with his best man and having all of his groomsmen together in one place brought out the prankster in him.

They decided to try to get on the ice during a lull in public skating time at the Washington Harbour Waterfront.

Security denied their requests to take a quick ride on the zamboni so they decided to flash mob the rink and hopped the glass, doing a quick conga line.

Funny enough, later that night at the after party at Mr. Smith’s, a couple from the Waterfront that morning recognized them and bought them all a round of drinks!

Unique-creative-top-best-four-seasons-wedding-photographers (15)

After their ice rink escapades, it was time to get serious and see his bride for the first time. 😉

Noah said going into the “First Look” he was worried that the cold and weight of the day might have dampened her mood, but she was so happy and full of life that it was one of his favorite moments of the entire day.  He said he will never forget her smile.

Patchie shared that she thought Noah looked so handsome and she was so excited and felt incredibly fortunate to finally be marrying the man of her dreams.


I like the image above because the wind was quite active that afternoon and carried Patchies veil wherever it pleased.  For this moment, it held it right behind her drawing all the attention at Patchie & Noah’s sweet expressions.

I like the image below because it captures this sweet couple enjoying a moment alone.  It also shows how lovely and green the Four Season’s Hotel Washington DC courtyard was, even in mid-January!


DC architecture brought Patchie and Noah together, as they were both involved in work at the Arlington Tower.  I wanted to involve the clean, modern architecture of the Four Seasons Washington DC as much as possible.

Here they are descending the window-lit staircase.  I think the look of it compliments their wedding style so well!

Unique-creative-top-best-four-seasons-wedding-photographers (22)

Patchie and Noah met in northwest DC and capturing that Georgetown environment, especially the canal was something that Noah was particularly excited about.

This photo captures the intertwining of built and natural environments and exudes the classic, simple feel of the Georgetown that they know and love…

Patchie shared that Noah encourages her to step out of her comfort zone– I can’t think of a more fitting image!



While I love capturing natural images that are more photo-journalistic like the photos above, I also make sure to capture more traditional portraits of the couple, their families and the bridal party as well.

Unique-creative-top-best-four-seasons-wedding-photographers (21)

We found inspiration from photo spreads in Vogue magazine for this editorial-style bridal party photo.  It showcased each of their individual personalities, while capturing everyone in one single image.

Let’s be honest, you guys totally nailed this!

Unique-creative-top-best-four-seasons-wedding-photographers (23)

Patchie found her wedding decor inspiration from winter, incorporating bare branches and candle light.

She worked with EDGE florist whose flawless execution brought her vision to life.  She collected various decor items from Etsy, Nordstrom, even Target ;).

Unique-creative-top-best-four-seasons-wedding-photographers (24)

The string quartet provided a beautiful start to the *candlelit* wedding processional.


Noah was overjoyed to see Patchie.  He said, she looked like an angel, his angel.  🙂

Unique-creative-top-best-four-seasons-wedding-photographers (27)

The ceremony was lead by one of Noah’s best friends, so it was very personal and spoke to their hearts.

Their vows were the same.  Noah, who is admittedly the more sentimental one said he had to practice saying the line, “she always leads me to a better place” so that he would be able to say it without choking up.  😉

Unique-creative-top-best-four-seasons-wedding-photographers (28)

Such a joyful recessional!!! Man & wife!!!

Unique-creative-top-best-four-seasons-wedding-photographers (29)

The entire “Season’s” restaurant in the Four Seasons Washington DC was reserved for their private party.  It is a pretty space with neutral, beautifully lit artwork on the walls, a perfect backdrop for Patchie & Noah’s personal style!

Table numbers were hand-scripted on wooden blocks.  The centerpieces were white roses and hydrangeas in simple, modern vases.   They used house linens and bronze chargers to compliment their aesthetic.


Noah wanted to surprise the guests with some fun dance moves, so Patchie & Noah enrolled in lessons with Pearl from Local Dance pro in Alexandria.

They expected to learn a couple of steps but were totally blown away by having a full lyrical number.  The guests were awed and gasping and classing throughout.

Here are just a few of those memorable moments including a pretty amazing “trust fall”



The champagne was sparkling rose with a gold sugar rim (above).  Several toasts were given, but here are photos of Patchie’s maid-of-honor and her father.

If it looks like Sophia is beaming, it is certainly out of joy for Patchie, but also may have something to do with the fact that Patchie helped to arrange her surprise wedding engagement the night before with her now fiance.  😉


Partytime!  Patchie slipped into something a bit more comfortable and she and all of the wedding guests got down on the dance floor.  Here are a few of the photos that I captured.

How much does Noah’s groomsmen look like President Obama?  I had to do a double take, especially since we were in Washington DC and all :).

I mentioned something to Noah and he asked if I had seen his picture on the website, it is Cary with Bill Clinton.  He said that Cary is a diplomat and peace keeper and he would make an excellent president. 😉


I totally did not see this cake smash coming but was poised and ready just in case and wow, Patchie you were awesome!

Noah said since they had eschewed the garter and bouquet traditions he thought this one would probably be coming and if so be at his expense, haha.


And a matter of seconds later– kissing, you’d never know there had been a smash!  Nice pink ombre cake, by the way!


I will end with this, one of my favorite images from Patchie and Noah’s wedding day…

I wanted something that really encapsulated so many of the elements that they were looking for in their wedding photography: creativity, emotion, architecture, romance and threw in a bit of drama to boot!


Patchie and Noah, thanks so much for sharing your story and choosing to spend your wedding day with us by your side.  I hope that these photos capture your sophisticated style, your warm, loving personalities, your venue and your friends and families for you and your loved ones to enjoy for years to come!

If you want to see more of Patchie & Noah, check out their colorful DC engagement here.

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