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    You want a photographer who is able to handle all aspects of wedding photography with ease, capturing: candid, romantic emotion; flattering, beautiful portraits; breathtaking scenery & architecture; the joy and energy out on the dance floor and all those sweet wedding details that you have been working on for months in an artful, creative way.

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    My work is creative & thoughtful. My goal is to share your unique love story. I get to know your interests & personalities in order to capture them forever in beautiful, personal, artful photographs that tell your story. I invest my time helping you become comfortable in front of my camera & find the most flattering lighting and angles for you and your surroundings.

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Linwood Estate Wedding Engagement Photographer: Laura & Jeff

From day one, their relationship has been fun, exciting, sweet and simple, their engagement photography session captures all of those sentiments visually and more…  


Laura and Jeff shared, “We decided to choose to work with you for many reasons. We had met at a Christmas party and really hit it off. When you mentioned you’re a wedding photographer, we went home and looked up your blog, website, Facebook, etc. and were amazed at the uniqueness and personalized aspect of your work which was tailored to every couple.”

She continued, “We really wanted something different for our wedding pictures, something that would set us apart from our friends (who are also getting married around the same time we are). We loved your ability to take a traditional portrait and put a unique spin on it.”


They chose the breathtaking Linwood Estate in Carlisle, Pennsylvania for their wedding venue and engagement photo site.  Jeff shared, “We originally chose Linwood as our wedding venue because there’s no comparing it to other venues in the area. Laura had been following them on Instagram since they opened as a wedding venue, and she always knew she wanted to get married there. Once we got engaged, Laura immediately scheduled a tour of the property and fell in love as soon as we drove through the front gates.”

For me, Linwood Estate has so much to work with, from a historic mansion to wide open fields and mountains, woods to a pond, it is just exquisite and one of my favorite places to work, it is an amazing venue and only a twenty minute drive from my home!  I captured some of the fall color, the fields and rolling hills in this image:


While I love capturing unique, candid wedding and engagement photography, I also enjoy capturing more traditional shots, too.

Here is a photo of Laura Jeff in front of the French doors off the flagstone patio– I think you can really see how happy and comfortable they are here:


In the next photograph I captured their silhouettes against the pretty windows at Linwood while also showing the fall foliage and mountains in the distance.  I like to have layers in my photos :).



Laura shared, “What I love most about Jeff is his ability to make me laugh pretty much all of the time. It’s been joked about among my friends that I have a pretty dry sense of humor and am pretty much “straight faced” all the time. But Jeff’s sense of humor is similar to mine and always brighten my day.”

You can see them flirting a little in this photo, they had a playful banter going on throughout their session.  You can see a bit of the Linwood Estate in the background:


Jeff shared, “Since I met Laura, everything between us just seemed to click. When we first started talking I told her everything, way more than you probably should tell someone you just met.”

He continued, “I never felt like I needed to pretend to be cooler than I was. Next thing you know, we were talking everyday and it was an off day if I didn’t get to see her some how.”

“From early on, I knew if given the chance, I would marry her. She’s always been someone I could count on and talk to that I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else.”


Laura shared, “Champagne is one of our favorite things to indulge in – partly because it’s yummy and partly because it’s so fun to pop the cork out! It’s a great way to celebrate any occasion ;)”

She continued, “I always knew that he would be sweet, respectful, and supportive. After recently finishing my Master’s degree, Jeff was probably more excited than I was. We popped a bottle of champagne and ate cheesecake!”

“Jeff mentioned at least a handful of times how proud he was of me…it’s nice to know that I have someone to support me in whatever I may take on throughout my lifetime.”


They wore simple casual clothes with a simple fall color palette…

I love the soft, bright light in this next photo.  I let the sun in and it created beautiful orbs of light throughout this image:


Laura & Jeff first met at the Susquehanna Ale House in downtown Harrisburg.  The girls Laura was out with that night knew the guys that Jeff was hanging out with. Their mutual friends began chatting, which left Laura and Jeff to talk to each other.

They made small talk for a while, and eventually headed to the bar for a drink.  Jeff struck a deal – he said he would buy Laura a drink of her choice if she gave him her phone number. She agreed (and actually gave him her real phone number), haha.

After a long night of drinking, talking, and dancing, everyone headed back to a friend’s house to hang out. In the cab on the way to the house, Jeff was sitting on the floor between 2 seats and Laura was in one of the seats. At one point, he grabbed her hand and kissed it :).

If you look closely at this next photograph, you can see Jeff kissing her hand in this silhouetted reflection…


I love using creative photography techniques and using reflection and flare, I also like to capture motion by playing with my shutter speed as well.

Here I wanted to capture their energy and all of the beautiful fall colors and sunlight in one shot.  I like how there are a few elements in sharp focus while the rest of the image conveys movement:


I’ll end with a photograph captured in the place where Laura first realized that Linwood was the venue for her.  It was on her drive in through the gate.  I loved the golden glow of the sky and the equally gold fields of grain as well!


If you haven’t seen enough of Laura and Jeff, have no fear, this was just part of their engagement session.  I’ll be posting their football portion tomorrow.  🙂

Laura & Jeff, thank you for spending your evening with me and sharing your story.  It was a pleasure to meet you at Kevin’s party last winter and I am so pleased to be photographing your Linwood wedding!

DC Wedding Engagement Photographers: Manya & Michael at the National Arboretum

Two dreamers, so different, yet one single soul– you won’t want to miss this sweet, romantic DC engagement at the National Arboretum


Manya and Michael reached out to me looking for a wedding photographer who would satisfy their diverse photography desires.  Manya was looking for images that were creative, unique and artistic.   Michael wanted images that were candid and natural, yet executed with a meticulous eye for detail.

Manya shared, “You are a perfect fit for our different styles… that, along with your sense of humor and personality really sealed the deal for us.”

The image above shows a more artistic image that I’m imagining will appeal to Manya’s sensibilities– it is ethereal, artistic and truly unique.   The image below is candid, yet polished which I am thinking Michael will really appreciate, that along with how it captures Manya’s flowing red locks…


I like capturing an eclectic mix of photographs for my couples so providing a wide variety of images for Manya and Michael was right up my alley!  Here is a more traditional portrait  of the two of them.  I like how genuinely happy they are in this photograph…


Manya is an artist by avocation, she is outgoing, gregarious and a total night owl.  In contrast, Michael is logical, meticulous, an engineer by training and more of an “early bird” and introvert.  I like to capture photos that show a couple’s unique dynamics and personality and was inspired by these two!

I played with this concept a bit by placing them on opposing sides of the frame in this photo.  Manya appears confident and out-going while you can see a more reserved side of Michael.


Haaaa more fun with the same idea.  Opposites attract…


Manya shared, “We have found that these differences allow us to see the whole picture and give insight to one another when discussing issues of the day, visiting museums, going to parties, basically living life.  We have broadened each other’s world view, which has been wonderful”  Michael added, “Manya’s perspective on life makes me a better person.”

While they have different personalities, they share the same sense of humor, which is what made Manya realize that she truly loved Michael.  I really like this photo because you can see how happy they are together and how much they make each other laugh!


Manya shared, “What I love most about Michael is his genuine kindness, intelligence and humor.  He makes me feel loved- quirks and all, safe to be myself and even cherished.”

I think those sentiments really come across in this next photograph.  I really like its’ vibrant colors as well:


Michael reminisced, “Our First Date….. I had arrived early….as in 20 minutes early and was nervously walking around the neighborhood despite it being below freezing.”

He saw Manya and was awestruck– she was a knock-out, wearing a leather pencil shirt and a flowing mane of red hair.  Manya added, “I was playing for keeps.” 😉

Manya’s hair is stunning and I made sure to capture it throughout.  I liked this winding path and the way the sunlight passed through the leaves, too.


Michael went on, “During our courtship, I had one card to play….sinful decadent desserts.   I had fun making new things, to include a chocolate Babka!!! The test version was brought to work and deemed worthy, so the second batch went to Manya.”

Michael is a gentleman through and through– intelligent, respectful, loyal and head-over-heels in love.  I like this next photo really captures that and the effort he puts into “courting” Manya.  It’s really sweet…


They chose the National Arboretum as the location and it was stunning.  I could have spent all day there, shooting or even on a personal level, I love the outdoors, too!

They chose the arboretum because they visit gardens regularly when traveling (Buchart Gardens in Victoria British Columbia is their favorite).

Despite their love of gardens and living in Washington, D.C., this was the first time they had explored this garden together which was really fun.



Michael shared more about the balance of their relationship, “Despite our differences, as we opened up to each other and got beyond the surface, we found many, many, many similarities in our personalities….both in terms of our strengths, and our vulnerabilities. I am a stronger, better person for having her in my life and for returning my love in kind.”


Manya’s engagement ring is breathtaking.  She shared, “The stone came from the family jeweler, San Francisco Diamond Exchange….When it came time for ring shopping, Michael was in constant contact with Jessica James looking for the perfect diamond. She describes the stone that Michael chose as “a unicorn,” the quality and cut of the stone is so rare that “it almost doesn’t really exist.”

The setting is also completely hand made and unique as well.  Michael noticed these intertwined vines and I placed the ring in the place where all three of them joined together.  I like the organic texture of the weathered vines and the contrast between the geometric patterns and metallic sparkle of the diamond engagement ring.


While I love macro photography, photographing details at a close range, I also enjoy landscapes as well.   I liked this scene and the way the trees create leading lines that draw your eyes to a tiny couple in the background.  If you look closely you will see Manya & Michael.  This photo woudl look amazing as a canvas print!


When choosing their wardrobes for the day, Manya chose items that were comfortable and that could be layered by adding her jacket or scarf.

They also wore neutrals with a pop of color.  Manya loves Michael’s blue eyes, so she made sure that he wore blue.

I love how this photo almost feels like a watercolor painting.  it is not a Photoshop technique, I created it all in camera :).


The vulnerability and trust that these two share and beautiful, they are both so open and affectionate.

Manya shared that she and Michael were both surprised by how much fun they had during their engagement session.

She shared that my approach really lent itself to showing how much they love each other and taking in how happy they are to be marrying one another.


I want to end this blog post with a dramatic image of Manya and Michael silhouetted against the Washington sky along with several columns from the National Arboretum.

The sleek, dark lines make it a perfect end of the evening and may remind Michael of a certain black leather pencil skirt, haha.


Manya and Michael, thank you for sharing your stories with me, it was a pleasure to share them along with your beautiful photos.

I am beyond excited for your Hay-Adams DC wedding next year!   For more DC blog entries click here.

[…] Manya and Michael, thank you for choosing to have me by your side on your wedding day!  It was my pleasure and I can’t wait to show you more photos!  All the best, Lisa  PS:  Readers, if you want to see more of Manya and Michael you may want to check out their dreamy engagement session at the National Arboretum here. […]

Creative DC Wedding Photographers: Carly & David at the Carnegie

Elegant, romantic, vibrant Washington DC wedding at the Carnegie Institution for Science


Carly and Dave reached out to me looking for creative wedding photography that captured natural emotion and beautiful DC architecture.  They loved their engagement photos and appreciated the way I captured them enjoying candid moments together.

Carly shared that spending quality time with Dave during the wedding day while I was capturing their photos was one of her favorite parts of the day.  “Dave would lean in and tell me a ridiculous joke or story in my ear to make me laugh and we would stop to take in the moment together… that photo time and our first dance were my favorite moments from our wedding day.”

I captured their wedding day as it unfolded, beginning with the preparations and details at Hotel Rouge.   I love the dramatic draperies and natural window light there, along with it’s proximity to the Carnegie.   Carly shared, “We wanted our wedding to match the classic elegance of the Carnegie and reflect the colors of a beautiful October day. We chose bold deep berry tones, pops of fuchsia, hints of blush and ivory with garden roses, ranunculus, freesia, and dahlias.”  The flowers were stunning!


Carly’s hair and make-up was expertly completed by Ashley at Glam Bridal Beauty out of Frederick, Maryland.  She is extremely talented, timely and cheerful– I can’t tell you how hard that is to find!  I loved working with her :).

David shared, “Carly is a woman of endless talents. She is startlingly intelligent, doggedly determined, and incredibly kind.”  I think her kindness really comes across in this photograph:


Here I silhouetted Carly as she had her finishing touches added.  I love the lines and contrast– just gorgeous….


This next image feels very natural and intimate to me.  As Carly sat finishing her hair and make-up she held her hands together.  Maybe it’s the delicate positioning, her lovely ring and robe or just the fact that it is the last photo of them without her wedding band on, but I really like the feel of this one…


Here Carly holds her cathedral-length veil before putting on her dress.  I used objects in the foreground to hide the hotel bed and lamps to that all of the emphasis was on Carly.  The blurred glass in the foreground makes it feel more

The dramatic lighting looks amazing on her, but it also gives nod to the dynamic personality she has.  Carly is incredibly passionate, intentional and thoughtful– and for me, those qualities really come across in this next photograph…


The dress!  Wow, such a unique and beautiful dress!  She found it at Carine’s Bridal Atelier in Washington, D.C.


Carly shared, “My mom and I are very, very close, and it was so important to me to have her be very involved in our wedding day… She was so excited to be one of the girls and hang out with us while we got ready. My mom looked absolutely stunning in her dress, and I was so glad to have her with me.”

Her mother was so happy to see Carly as a bride!  She smiled and laughed out loud, pure joy…


They held hands.  It was beautiful!


I noticed this wrought iron detailing on the walk from the Rouge to the Carnegie.  It fit the feel and vibe of her day perfectly.

I used layering and a shallow depth of field in this photograph to draw attention to Carly, but still show her gorgeous florals and the wrought iron…


Here is Carly’s half of the wedding party– all of them were amazing!  Intelligent, thoughtful, attractive– what a group!  Carly’s man-of-honor, Will , is a really special guy– more on him later…


Yes, I realize you are dying to know the florist, so I will tell you– Lauren & Rachel from Sweet Root Village and they are amazing!


This dream-team of DC area wedding vendors was assembled by Christie Yerks of Grit and Grace, a wedding planner who is bride-centered and kind– again a very special and unique wedding vendor!

I love the side entrance of the Carnegie Institution for Science.    While it is often blocked by trucks unloading flowers and decor to prepare for the wedding, it was open and lit and I jumped on this opportunity to capture another quick  image of these beautiful ladies…


It is time to meet David!  Carly started out by explaining a bit about his personality.  “Dave is a pragmatist and one of the most organized people I know, which are skills that he’s used to help both of us accomplish our goals and get settled in our new life together in Wisconsin. He’s so smart and so good at anything he sets his mind to do.”

I like the drama and simplicity of this photo.  It compliments Carly’s images well but is more masculine.  Everything in the photo is very linear and framed in a straightforward, organized manner.  I think it fits Dave well…


Carly went on, “Dave and I work so well together because we have similar, demanding jobs, so we really understand each other’s sources of stress, and can talk through and strategize tough issues. But we also have contrasting and complimentary personalities, which offset each other really well. He is very clear-headed and great at plowing through to-do lists and accomplishing goals.”

He is also very kind and compassionate.  Carly added, “Throughout the wedding planning process, Dave was always involved, and always checking in to make sure I was happy and would be able to enjoy our wedding day.”


Carly shared, “The Carnegie Institution for Science is a very striking space, with grand columns, sweeping staircases, a high domed ceiling, and beautiful details. We loved the elegance of the venue and the classic DC feel.”

Here the men are standing outside of the Carnegie, you can read the engraved lettering and architectural details, David and his groomsmen and also see the vibrant blue sky.  I like the color, contrast and symmetry of this photograph:


David’s groomsmen came from all phases of his life: childhood, high school, college, and law school. Although he met each of his groomsmen at separate times, and in different places, they all shared much in common and instantly befriended one another. And they all made big contributions to making the wedding such a fun experience for Carly and Dave.

A closer view shows more of the exquisite detailing of the Carnegie and gives you a better look at these handsome gentlemen.  Again, I like the feel of this image.


Time for their first look!  Carly shared, “When I first saw him with his back to me, waiting for our first look, it reminded me of the day he surprised me in DC two summers before, sitting on the steps of where I was supposed to have brunch with a friend with his back to me and waiting to surprise me and propose.”


David shared, “Although Carly is effortlessly beautiful, her cleverness and wit are what initially attracted me.  They are also what struck me the most when I saw her for the first time on our wedding day. After years of dating, and in the formal setting of our wedding day, I instantly recognized the same person I fell in love with years earlier.”

I think you can really see those sentiments in this next photograph:


This couple is evenly balanced, both intellectuals that bring their own strengths.  While Dave is single-minded and clear-headed, which keeps them n track with their goals, Carly is able to find silly distractions during stressful situations that keep them moving in a positive direction.

Their love is deep…


While my main objective on a wedding day is to capture candid, natural moments, I make sure to get a few nice, more traditional photos as well.

I thought the illuminated marquee with it’s bronze and gold tones worked well for Carly and David’s portrait.  It complimented their rich autumn color palette which incorporated gold and other metallics.


Wow that veil!  It was twice the size of Carly :).  While it did impact her mobility a bit it was absolutely breathtaking, especially when the wind would carry it!


While they both have serious sides, Carly and David can also be playful and light-hearted.  Carly shared that she appreciates Dave’s sense of humor and his positive outlook on life.

I like how genuine their smiles are here:


Dave shared, “I’m looking forward to sharing our lives together.”

Carly shared, “I’m really looking forward to being a family with Dave.”


Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair– I think I have found your next supermodels ;).

I love creating sophisticated, modern, elegant bridal party portraits like this one…


Time for the wedding ceremony to begin…


Carly was escorted in by both of her parents to meet David who was standing beneath the chuppah.

I like this aerial perspective that Kris captured!


So in love!!!  I like this close perspective that focuses on Carly and David during the wedding ceremony.


Here is a very similar moment, but from farther away.  You can see the full rotunda and even the ornate glass-work of the skylight above the chuppah!


Throughout the entire ceremony Carly was overflowing with joy!  Her smile here reminds me of her mom’s smile earlier!


Carly and David’s ceremony was interfaith and included both Catholic and Jewish wedding traditions.


I have a huge collection of photography gear and lenses.  It is an investment, but makes what I am able to capture on the wedding day nearly limitless.

I wanted to show all of the architectural details in a single frame while also capturing the wedding ceremony and guests.

I used a 14mm L-series lens to capture this unique perspective of the ceremony…


I like to capture different perspectives that allow my couples and their friends and families to re-live the wedding day for years to come.

Sometimes that means getting a super-wide vantage point (as I did in the last shot), other times it means getting close enough to see the goosebumps on a bride’s arm or the way that she and the groom’s fingers are intertwined (as you can see in this next photograph).

This one image says so much!


The kiss…


Husband and wife…


These massive centerpieces created by Sweet Root Village worked perfectly in the ballroom– bold deep berry tones and gold sculpture stands really brought the rich autumn theme to life!


The upholstered escort card display with greenery and blooms was a a sweet touch…


The priest gave the blessing as warm gold tones flowed into the ballroom from the Carnegie rotunda.


No one wants photos of themselves eating, but I thought the dinner, provided by Blythe Swift, looked so beautiful and elegant.  I captured this unique perspective of the wedding feast, as seen through the open front doors…  I was able to get a bit of the illuminated light fixture as well!


I mentioned Will before, and now I will tell you some more about him.  🙂

Carly shared “I met Will, my man-of-honor, during our first semester of college, and he remains one of my closest friends, my travel partner, and my confidant. He was the first person I told about Dave back when I first met Dave in 2011, and the first person I told about our engagement after my parents last summer.”

It is clear that emotions run deep with these two and I caught both of them tearing up a little during his speech…


Dave’s best man was his law school roommate, Colin, who now practices law in Chicago. Dave and Colin lived together for all three years of law school and have stayed in close contact ever since. They have many of the same views and traits, perhaps due to their similar Midwestern, Irish Catholic upbringings. Aside from Carly, Colin is who Dave turns to for advice.

I liked this moment during his speech when David and Carly gave each other a “high five.”  I love capturing fleeting moments like this…


The first dance, one of Carly’s favorite parts of the day…


The hora– Carly can barely contain her excitement!!!


I climbed the marble stair to get a bird’s eye view of the Hava Nagila.  It is a Jewish wedding song that is roughly translated, “let us rejoice!”  You can see the circles of wedding guests.


I wanted to capture the movement of the dance– it is lively and fast!  Here a slowed my shutter down a bit to capture that movement!

I was able to keep Carly and her brother in sharp focus and everyone clapped, danced and moved around them!


Carly shared, “The hora was probably the part of the reception that I was most excited about – I couldn’t wait to go up in the chair with all of our friends and family around us! Dave on the other hand does not love heights, and was very reluctant. However, because he’s a good sport and a wonderful husband, he finally agreed. He even loosened his death grip on the chair for a moment to hold my hand up in the air. In a twist of fate, that move tipped me forward, and I almost fell out of the chair (but was saved at the last moment by the quick reflexes of my cousin Jesse).”


Celebrate!  Everyone had a blast out on the dance floor :).


Time for Dave’s favorite moment– it was walking down the front stairs of the Carnegie with Carly, surrounded by friends and family, at the conclusion of the perfect wedding day. 🙂


They lived happily ever after…


Carly and David, thank you for selecting me to be your wedding photographer!  I absolutely loved meeting the two of you and spending the wedding day by your sides.  Your vendors were amazing and such a treat to work with, too!

If you haven’t seen enough of David and Carly, you may want to check out their DC engagement photos here, of if you’d like to see more weddings that I have photographed at The Carnegie Institution for Science click here.

LVC wedding photographers: Brianna & Mike

A colorful, “autumn fairytale” wedding for two incredible Lebanon Valley College grads…


Brianna & Mike reached out to me looking for vibrant, crisp, bright wedding photos.  They wanted a pair of  innovative photographers who would capture a mix of creative and traditional photos while photographing all the details.

We  notice the little things and opened with a photo of their wedding rings.   The background is actually leaves from outside of the Sheraton Harrisburg Hershey.  The leaves bring in the autumn feeling while the sparkling diamond ring says “fairytale.” 😉

I wanted to capture the vibrant yellow leaves of a tree just outside of the hotel.  Here Brianna and her make-up artist are silhouetted at the end of the long hallway.  I like the leading lines and yellow lighting on the wall.  Patricia Solis was fantastic!    She was professional, timely and wait until you see her work, just stunning!


Brianna loves bling, so I went for a very dramatic look in this next photo utilizing light and background to really make her jewelry stand out and sparkle…


With her hair and make-up complete, it was time for her to put on the dress, but her dress had to go over her head, potentially effecting her hair and make-up…

It was a moment of team-work, all of the ladies played their part to make sure Brianna made it though unscathed!

I like this photo as you can see everyone helping her and her look of concentration, haha…


Brianna’s mom was at her side throughout the wedding day, always ready to help.

Brianna shared, “My mom and I are fantastic friends and she and I had so much fun planning the wedding. She worked hours upon hours on the wedding and would stay up until 2 am researching…. She and I shared the exact same vision. I cannot thank her enough for everything she did to give us the wedding of our dreams.”

You can see how happy she is helping Brianna with her earrings…


Brianna had mentioned, “I was looking for a photographers whose photos were so crisp that you could perfectly see every detail.”  I think both of these fit the bill :).

I was overjoyed with the intense sunlight that day.  That combined with the dark walls of the Sheraton really gave me an amazing work-space.


Mike shared, “Brianna is caring and very supportive of me. She is cute, smart and funny.  She is truly my best friend.”

Brianna, you are stunning…


Brianna’s wedding gown was from Exclusively You in Bloomsburg.  She mentioned that the bridal boutique made her feel like a princess each time she visited and created a custom train for her that was over six feet long!


Since Brianna & Mike met on campus at Lebanon Valley College, they knew they wanted their photos and the ceremony to be on campus.  The fall foliage was absolutely amazing and the royal blue dresses really popped against the rainbow of vibrant leaves.


The majority of the bridesmaids met Brianna at LVC, so it was really special to have them all on campus together again!

Brianna’s mom checked the weather the weekend before and realized that the temperature was supposed to drop.  She purchased shawls for all of the women, which they gladly wore :).

Here one of Brianna’s bridesmaids holds her bouquet of ivory and burnt orange roses…


While Brianna had her heart set on a autumn fairy tale wedding from the start, she wanted to incorporate Michael’s interests as well.  He loves boating and spent lots of time at the lake, so the blue color palette was a nod to all things nautical.  You will see more at the reception as well.


Speaking of Michael.  It is worth mentioning that this man is intelligent, kind and has a heart of gold.

He shared, “I loved Brianna’s note… my favorite line was ‘I love you to the lake and back infinity times.’ I also had written ‘I love you to the lake and back’ in my note to her so that was really special.”

Here he reads Brianna’s letter– you can almost feel his emotion…


Michael shares a very close bond with his father.  He coached Mike’s football and baseball teams and has taken him skiing ever since Michael was 18 months old!

I think the look in their eyes says it all…


Family is extremely important to Michael and Brianna.  It is one of the reasons they work so well together as a couple.

Family portraits are generally something that we provide for every couple.  I don’t often post them on my blog, as the blog is more of a “highlight reel” of sorts,  but I thought it would be nice to post this one of Michael’s family…


While Michael was pretty laid-back about the wedding and planning process as a whole, he did mention one thing being very important to him– getting photos with his groomsmen on the LVC field.

Michael played football for LVC and the majority of the bridal party attended Lebanon Valley College as well.  Michael obtained special permission– here they are sitting in the stands…


Lined up on the 50 yard line…


showing off their socks…


In a huddle…


Mike shared that is favorite football memory was winning the game against Albright and participating in “The March to Kreiderheim.”

Haha, a fun reflection in Mike’s glasses…  Kris did a great job on these!!!


The ceremony was held in Miller Chapel on campus at LVC.  Live music really set the stage as guests arrived.


Brianna was escorted down the aisle by her father.

I love candid photos that capture the moment– here you can see guests’ reactions…


Michael shared that he was incredibly happy watching Brianna walk down the aisle towards him.  He said that she was absolutely stunning and just as beautiful as he had imagined…


From a photographic perspective, I really like having a balcony to work with– it is almost like giving me the ability to hover during a wedding ;).

I move a lot during a wedding day, I have been called a ninja haha.   I like to offer different perspectives on the same scene.

For example, I was standing at the front of the church near Michael as Brianna walked towards him, then moved to the balcony for this photograph:


Here I am close to the bride and groom again as they exchange vows.  I know this photo looks like I was standing a foot away from them, but I was actually using a telephoto lens and was standing in the aisle several rows back from the altar…


Michael shared that he is very close with his grandparents and that he and Brianna go to their house weekly.

They typically meet on Thursday for “pasta night” when they all get together and eat pasta with homemade sauce and meatballs.  🙂

All day, I keep an eye out for anything interesting.  Here Michael’s grandmother wipes a tear from her eye during the ceremony.


The candelabras were from Brianna’s Mom and Dad’s wedding.  Brianna’s grandparents restored them so that they could be used for Brianna’s wedding, too!

The kiss…


Brianna shared, “Leaving the church as husband and wife was a long time coming.  I was so excited to call Michael my husband!”

Here is their ribbon send off, I was able to get all of Miller Chapel in the photograph:


It was very windy (25 mph+) but Brianna braved the wind and cold to explore LVC with Michael.  I compensated by shooting more frames than I usually would.  There would be a shot where the veil was in front of her face, straight up in the air and a perfect on like the show below where it is elegantly blowing behind her.

The peace garden was a very sentimental place for Brianna & Michael and the place where they chose to capture the majority of their wedding photos.  It was where they met for Brianna’s Alpha Phi Omega formals and it just seemed fitting to be there on their wedding day.


Brianna shared that she fell for Michael because he is loving, supportive and has a great work ethic.

She explained that they balance each other out and have really grown throughout their relationship together.

I thought about the “fall fairytale” theme throughout the day and did my best to capture that aesthetic.


Brianna shared, “Lisa really kept our theme in mind– she even climbed a tree to get a birds-eye view of us for our portraits (holding a yoga pose) which absolutely exceeded my expectations!”

It was something that the videographer, Matt Stambaugh and a few of the groomsmen helped me with, haha.   It was fun and I think this shot was totally worth it…


I was able to photograph so many colorful leaves from above and slowed down the shutter of my camera to capture the motion of a few leaves…

I showed Brianna the back of my camera and she was like, “Wow!  Yes!  This!”  haha…


Here is a more traditional photo of the whole bridal party…


And a fun one…


Speaking of fun, it is time for me to introduce all of you to Joey.  He has been Mike’s best friend since kindergarten and is known for his crazy, fun, unpredictable behavior.  He did not disappoint!

I was stilling at the far end of the party bus, as bridesmaids pored champagne and saw Joey leap and captured this photograph a split second later!

It is fun to see everyone’s reactions.  I was using a wide angle lens and the angle really makes it look like he is popping out of the photo.


Brianna & Mike’s cake was beautiful and created by Sweet Confections Cakes of Harrisburg.

If that name sounds familiar to you, it is probably because they were just on Halloween Wars on the Food Network, which aired a couple of weeks prior to Brianna & Mike’s wedding.

While a cake shot is pretty standard, the shadow of this cake caught my eye…


The speeches were amazing and it was really the only time Brianna cried all day.   Brianna mentioned, “My dad’s speech made me cry… it was a perfect mix of funny and sweet/serious.”


Brianna’s sisters were her maids of honor.  They both gave excellent speeches.  One of her sisters created a video that interviewed key people, while the other had written her speech a year in advance and memorized it for the wedding day.  Both were very emotional.


Brianna shared, “Mike’s brothers speech was exactly what he was expecting. It was very funny and one of the greatest, best man speeches we have ever heard!!”

Everyone gave their speeches from the dance floor, which really allowed me to play with light and color and give all of them an interesting “look.”


Brianna wanted a unique surprise for the reception at the Harrisburg Hershey Sheraton.  She had quite a few tricks up her sleeve, but the most visually stunning was probably her bananas foster flambe.

It was created in front of all of the wedding guests as a form of entertainment, something I have seen in New York and New Jersey, but this was a first for me in Pennsylvania… wow!!!


Mike’s love of football was incorporated into his garter toss.  He actually put the garter on a football and threw it into the crowd of eligible bachelors…


Funny, the couple to catch the bouquet and garter were already an item!  I have several (kind of hilarious) photos of the garter going on, but will leave you in suspense and show you a show of them on the dance floor…


I told you Brianna’s mom is her best friend– I think that really comes across here…


The party was high-energy and everyone had a blast.  Brianna shared, “Our favorite part of the wedding day aside from seeing each other at the altar, was dancing with our friends and family at the reception.”


Brianna shared, “At the end of it all, we are looking forward to simple married life– cooking dinners together, setting up our new apartment, taking time to travel & hang out with family and friends, and starting a family.”

You can’t have a fairytale without a happily ever after moment, there were so many throughout the day, but this was probably “the moment” that will be the perfect last page to their wedding album…


Brianna & Michael, thank you for choosing me to photograph your wedding day.  I wish you all the very best and cannot wait to hear your thoughts on these photos!!!

If you haven’t seen enough of this adorable couple, you may want to check out their LVC engagement photography blog here.

Frederick Wedding Photographers: Brittany & Eric at Springfield Manor

Charming, rustic & romantic– this church wedding and barn reception united a family focused couple, ready to revisit their country roots and begin a family of their own…


Brittany has been following my work for years, even before she met Eric.  Her friends teased her that she had her perfect wedding planned, now she just had to meet the guy ;).   I have to say that her contact form was one of the most surprising I have received to date as the referral listed Kiersten, my 6 year old daughter, who was now 10– mind blown!!!

Brittany shared, “Kiersten was one of my first graders during student teaching. It wasn’t until I graduated and became friends with Lisa on Facebook that I realized she was a “real photographer” (not that I doubted Kiersten, haha) as well as an incredible, award-winning photographer with the most original style I’d ever seen. So, I knew long before I met Eric that she would be the one to shoot my wedding one day. I followed her posts for years and eventually, once Eric and I had been together for a good amount of time, I showed her work to him. He was blown away just as I was.”


They wanted photos that were unique and would capture people’s emotion and the beautiful settings and details from the wedding day.   Brittany has a great eye for detail and I loved her decor selections, especially those at the reception and wow, the flowers!

Brittany dressed in the church nursery.  It was filled with baby toys, a diaper changing station etc.  She said that it wasn’t much to work with but I assured her not to worry.  I placed her bouquet on top of a radiator and utilized the natural, window light…


Brittany chose gray and a deep eggplant purple for the color scheme and had the girl’s dressed hemmed to show off their boots…


While you get a feel for the rustic barn reception at Springfield Manor in Thurmont Maryland and the purple color scheme in the image of the ladies, you get a feel for the more traditional church setting and see how nicely the men’s tuxes transition there as well.

The church is stunning– Kris was able to get the entire steeple in this image while still showing the groomsmen.  This shot will look awesome enlarged in your wedding album, guys!


Here is a closer perspective on all of the men on the steps of Zion Lutheran.  Eric shared that it was really only his closest friends and family that were in his bridal party.


These dapper gentlemen are Brittany’s nephews.  Brittany said while she doesn’t remember an exact moment when she knew that she’d marry Eric, seeing him with her nephews really stands out to her as a time when she realized what a great father he’d be.

There wasn’t any light in the back corner of the nursery where there was enough room for her to dress, so I made my own, using radio triggered flashes.

I loved the detail of her dress and really wanted to show off the intricate lace embroidery.  The gown was the second one that she tried on at TLC Bridal Boutique in Frederick, Maryland.


About twenty minutes before the ceremony began, tensions were running high.  Brittany & Eric’s faith seemed to be important to  them and I sensed that it would be a great time for her to pray.  It was technically her bridal portrait time, but I just asked her what she thought of the idea.

Brittany shared, “I can’t express the feeling I got when she asked me this but I gladly walked up the steps and took a seat in front of one of the church’s stained glass windows. I was able to pray for continued comfort and peace for Eric and I throughout our day, that we would be able to savor every moment, and that we would be able to feel God’s presence. It took everything in me to hold back tears, I really felt like the whole thing happened for a reason.”


I gave Brittany some space and actually photographed her from outside of the church for the most part.  The next image shows Brittany through the church window.

All of the other window panes reflect Middletown Maryland, the home of Zion Lutheran Church, but Brittany is visible because she is against the reflection of the sky.


Gift giving is one of Brittany’s favorite things.  Eric’s gift to her was simple and touched her deeply.  Here she wipes a tear from her eye.  The ceremony is just about to start…

Brittany’s father escorted her down the aisle.  The same exact aisle that Brittany’s mother had walked down a little over thirty years before.  It was an emotional moment for everyone involved.

Kris photographed this image from the balcony while I photographed Eric’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time…


Eric shared, “I remember standing by the alter, nervously waiting for her to come through doors. It seemed like forever before she finally did. She was beautiful! I had so many people come up to me at the end of the service and tell me I had a smile on my face from ear to ear.”  If I’m not mistaken, I think you can even see tears glistening in his eyes…


Brittany’s favorite moment of the day was standing with Eric at the altar listening to the pastor’s sermon that he had prepared for them.  She shared, “Everything about that moment was just so powerful.”


I don’t think that it woudl have been possible for the two of them to be more happy, than to be standing there together.

I like the way that you can also see all of the beautiful ruffles of Brittany’s dress here, too!


Brittany explained, “Eric and I both came from religious families and have grown a lot together through our faith. Although it was challenging to work out the logistics of things, we were set on getting married in a church. Our home church is small so we had to find another one for our ceremony. Ironically, we ended up choosing the church that my parents got married at 30+ years ago!”

This is not photo shopped– can you figure out how I captured this?


Just prior to Brittany & Eric’s Frederick Fair engagement photography session, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

She shared, “I don’t talk about it much but the emotion behind my sickness played a huge part in the joy of both of our families on our wedding day.”


Following the ceremony, Brittany asked if I could somehow incorporate one of her parents wedding photos into their own.

She said, “My parents are the best example of a sacrificial, unconditional love and Eric and I often talk about how we hope to emulate their relationship.”

I had them hold the photo and kiss in the background.  It was a sweet moment and notable that the same candelabra and tapestries are in their photos, too!


Eric is polite and humble, a gentleman through and through.  I think this next photo gives you a sense of the gentle way he cares for Brittany.

It also shows her stunning engagement and wedding rings 🙂


I love the architecture of this church and liked this perspective because it really captured the columns and stained glass as well as the happy couple.


Eric shared, “Some of the things that made me fall in love with Britt are her caring ways, her love of family and friends and her beautiful looks :).”

This photo says it all– their love is so tender and pure and a beautiful thing!


He went on, “As soon as we started dating I noticed that she was a loving person who would make a great wife and mother.  I cannot wait for us to start the next chapter in out lives together. Buying a house is important to me, but the thing I am looking forward to the most is starting a family.  Family is what is most important in life.”


As for the venue, they both wanted their wedding to have a rustic, country vibe.  Brittany explained, “We are both from rural areas and intend to get back to those roots to raise our family.”

They were impressed with the Barn at Springfield Manor and the fact that it looked like a barn, but had all the functionality of a ballroom venue (heat, air-conditioning, catering kitchen and sturdy walls and floors etc.)

Here you can see the Springfield Manor Winery, vineyard and Distillery as well as Brittany & Eric– this is another one that will look excellent enlarged for an album or canvas…


Brittany went on, “The barn was incredible and the mountains surrounding it sealed the deal. We knew we wanted a fall wedding and couldn’t wait to see those beautiful, fall colors!!”  Check out this vibrant fall foliage:


While there were parts of the venue that were very well manicured and had more of a country club feel, I chose this rustic, natural country side for the majority of Brittany and Eric wedding portraits.


There is something soft, wild and beautiful about this “stolen moment.”

I shot through the tall grasses framing Brittany and Eric.  It really brings in that rustic, romantic feeling.


Brittany shared that a close second for her was spending quality time with Eric exploring the venue together prior to the reception.  “We were able to take everything in.”

Brittany shared, “Eric is the most genuine, authentic person I’ve ever met…  He is incredibly humble, polite, and just an incredible person.”  She said she feels thankful, honored and grateful to be loved by him.


While I focus on more candid, organic photographs, I also make sure to get traditional portraits as well.  Here Brittany and Eric are smiling for the camera.

I love how genuine their smiles are…


While I have some traditional photos of the bridal party, this one conveys all of their excitement and support for Brittany and Eric and really stands out to me.


I told you that Brittany loves her details, so I went out of my way to capture them in a way that allowed her unique style to show.  I present the rustic boot vase, heehee:


Seriously though, all of her details were spot on and perfectly captured her rustic, romantic aesthetic and purple toned color scheme.

She said, “I have talented friends who helped bring my vision to life.  A close friend of mine created the invitations, programs signs and hand-lettered the purple agate place cards, too.  Another friend made our incredibly delicious cake!”


Here is a closer look at the agate slices– they were so lovely, especially centered on gray linen with the fresh greenery below each.


While leading up to the wedding Brittany and Eric were initially most impressed by the creativity of my work, as the day approached, it was my professionalism that provided them with peace of mind.

Brittany shared, “We felt the utmost sense of comfort that no matter what happened on our big day, she and Kris would make it incredible.”

She went on,  “Up until the day of our wedding, it was calling for rain. Typically, this would set me over the edge in worry, but again, I found reassurance in the fact that they had it under control.”


I like to play with photographic techniques that can capture the feelings of the day.  I used a slow shutter speed to capture these shot on the dance floor…


In this shot I used the opposite technique.  I used a fast shutter to freeze the motion of the brides bouquet in mid-air.


Haahaa her face!!


The garter catcher was a little younger than anticipated…


More dancing and party shenanigans…


A perfect *purple* sunset…


Brittany & Eric. It was an honor and pleasure to photograph your wedding day. I am so gad that Kiersten mentioned me all of those years ago and hope that you love these photos as much as you had hoped all of those years ago when you had started reading my blog!

If you want to see more photos of Brittany and Eric, their engagement blog post which includes their favorite place may interest you.


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