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    Hello there—I’ve been waiting for you!!! You know who you are and are true to yourself, you are a liver-of-life, a collector of moments, a person who appreciates great photography and its ability to press the pause button on life’s most incredible moments.

    You want a photographer who is able to handle all aspects of wedding photography with ease, capturing: candid, romantic emotion; flattering, beautiful portraits; breathtaking scenery & architecture; the joy and energy out on the dance floor and all those sweet wedding details that you have been working on for months in an artful, creative way.

    I have great news for you—I’ve got you covered!!!

    My work is creative & thoughtful. My goal is to share your unique love story. I get to know your interests & personalities in order to capture them forever in beautiful, personal, artful photographs that tell your story. I invest my time helping you become comfortable in front of my camera & find the most flattering lighting and angles for you and your surroundings.

    If this sounds good to you, and you’d like to reach out to me to find out more, please connect here.

Top 20 Wedding Photographers in the USA for 2019!!! 

When I entered my first international photography contest in 2013, I couldn’t even imagine earning one, let alone 15 Fearless Awards!  The world is a big place, with countless incredibly talented wedding photographers I feel so incredibly fortunate to be ranked as one of the top 20 wedding photographers in the United States by Fearless Photographers in 2019.

Awards are given by a rotating panel of judges from all over the world.  They look for innovative photographs that creatively tell a story.  They want to be stunned, amazed, or feel like your images are redefining wedding photography.  Photographers are grouped regionally, and for 2019 I was ranked in the “Top 20 in the USA” and “#1 in Pennsylvania.”  The competition is intense, but I am extremely humbled to be off to a good start in 2020 by earning an award for the photo below.

This is my *15th* Fearless Award— Thank you to Kyle & Kalyan for being your awesome selves & having a killer wedding party who *brought it*!

Collection 55

Other 2020 award-winning images worldwide:

Here are just a few of the other winners across the globe– with stand out images from Mumbai, Florence, Shanghai, Moscow, Wales, and many other locations all over the globe!  Congratulations to all!  (See my photo in the middle of the top row?)

2020 award winning photographers worldwide

How does the competition work?

Fearless Photographer rankings are based on the number of awards given by several panels of judges across the globe throughout the year.  Winning photographs are chosen for showing creative imagery, bold storytelling, and consistent vision.   Narrowing the top wedding photographers world-wide takes time and there are several steps in the year-long process.

In the interest of keeping the judging as impartial as possible, images are anonymous, the panel of curators changes for each collection, and there are rules/limits (especially on photo-shopping, etc).  With so few awards given worldwide, earning 2 in 2019 ranked me #1 in PA and in the top 20 in the USA!

My secret sauce:

In general, I try to fill the entire frame with a story, capture emotion, have a lot of pop (either vibrant colors, bold contrast, or both), and to capture something a little unexpected.  I also keep in mind general rules of composition like the rule of thirds, leading lines, negative space/pattern, etc.

Of over 10,000 images submitted two of mine were finalists in 2019 but didn’t earn awards.  This is one of them:

Lifetime Achievements:

While current awards put me on “top photographers” lists (as I’ve shared I currently have 2), Fearless Awards are also tracked over a lifetime, and I have 15 of those.  While my current awards have kept me at the top of several lists annual lists, including being one of the “Top 50 Photographers Worldwide in 2013” (with 6 awards) and “Top 50 Photographers Worldwide in 2016” (with 4 awards).

If you look at the list of “Top 100 fearless photographers of all time,” I’m currently on that list, too, at the very bottom, haha.  With Victor Lax of Barcelona at the top with 94-lifetime awards and me at the bottom with 15.   Very humbling indeed :).

Here is another 2019 finalist that didn’t make the final cut…

Want to see my other 14 award-winning photographs?

Before I show them to you, I want to mention that something very important to me is incorporating the uniqueness of individuals & capturing authentic moments in my photography– I’ll capture pretty portraits for sure, but what really makes me come alive is capturing authenticity whether that is a country scene in grandma’s back yard, a champagne toast that literally makes you feel a little tipsy, the serenity of having a private beach all to yourself or the hilarious moment when your flower girl attacks the chocolate fondue table in her white gown!

Here is my first award: 

Country: Back in 2013, I was using sepia toning hehe, and I think it works… this is a dress shot from Kyrie & Andrew’s Stormy Lehigh Valley Wedding.   I like the country scene here– a storm rolling in the bride’s gown and her baby’s romper pinned to the clothesline, the woodpile, windchime, cornfield, and the star of the show, her grandma’s dog who just wanted me to throw him a tennis ball!

Wheelbarrow: This image was from the same wedding and actually taken at just about the same spot in grandma’s back yard, haha!  I wanted to capture the motion and excitement so I used a slow shutter and panned at the same speed as the groom was being pushed by his enthusiastic groomsmen in the wheelbarrow!

Window: As the bride’s family members gathered in the sitting room, there was something about the scene through the window that really caught my eye.  Part of it was the original glass pains that gave the photo a painterly quality as well as the way they broke up the scene so perfectly if I stood in just the right spot.   Geri & Nick’s timeless Philadelphia Wedding:

Limo: This one might make you feel a little tipsy, which is exactly my intention.  You might need to take a second look ;).  It is from Lori & Thomas’ fabulous New Jersey wedding:

Tools: So many ring shots are surrounded by pretty objects in photographs, I know I’ve taken many photos like that :).  But for this shot, I noticed light beautifully hitting rusted tools and coins, and I thought there was something fun about having the wrench seem to be tightening the ring.  From Eileen & Kevin’s wedding:

Prayers: When I first met with this couple, they mentioned how important their faith is.  They explained their preparation space to me, they said it’s the room in the church where people have Bible studies.  When I arrived I saw a room with conference tables and fluorescent lighting, when the girls were gathering to pray for Tina, I asked if it was ok if I turned off the lights, they said sure, when I did the conference table disappeared, so did the flicker and squeal of the fluorescents and what was left is the serene scene you see here.   Khoa & Tina’s Harrisburg Wedding:

Glasses: It was about then that I noticed that one of my photography idols, Todd Laffler, was looking to hire his second photographers for the next year, I had one of the dates open, it was even at a venue I had photographed before.  I reached out, showed him some of my work.  He had me photograph the groomsmen getting ready and this is one of the shots I grabbed.

Judges shared, “This show makes you do a little work.  Your gaze enters on the sharp subject in the background, jumps to the out of focus men framing the foreground, and then- finally- circles back to the reflections in the glasses.  This little trick of perspective gives the image a nice sense of depth and narrative, plus a dash of humor.”

You’ll definitely want to take a closer look:

Turkeys: This was actually the first time I met Ashley & Jake, I have since photographed several of their friends and family member’s weddings, the last being Jake’s sister, Joanna, but at this point, I knew that Jake was a turkey farmer… I was like, do you think we could get some with them, too?  (I love to incorporate unique elements that are significant to the couple whenever I can).

Waiting: I still remember the moment I showed Angela this photo, she was like, what??  I don’t even remember you being there!!.  So sometimes I go into ninja mode.  I find a place with an interesting scene with key players and good light and I just camp out quietly.  Here the groom is helping Angela’s brother’s out on finishing touches as his father watches from the back window and Angela watches out the window as the guests arrive on the lawn for the ceremony.

Beach: A private beach all to themselves… I wanted the tranquility of the scene to be palpable with the billowing clouds above waves below and lone sailboat in the distance.  I got sooooo far away from Julia & Max as they just enjoyed the view.  I was shooting with a 200-millimeter lens and was probably 50 yards away because I wanted to get the full compression in the scene.

Jump: When we initially talked about her background Sarah shared that she was a cheerleader and that was something I wanted to bring in to her photos if I could find the right moment.  I liked this space, the light and lines, and kind of camped out there.  Sarah was just about to put on her dress and I could tell she was super excited, a ball of pure energy, she lept down the stairs and we wound up with this…

Judges said, “This scene is absolutely spilling over with lines and frames and gestures,  It took an expert eye to combine them into a composition that works so well.  The two brightest areas of the frame link the main narrative events.  The dress and the excited bride, in a happy tale of the wedding-day preparations.  Everything else either slips away into shadow or guides our gaze back to them.  Tilting the camera to make all the lines diagonal perfectly suited the bride’s unexpected pose.”

Chocolate: Haaaaa, unforgettable– Lauren & Dan’s chocolate-loving flower girl in a white dress and all of the adults are living it up on the dance floor… I used a wide lens here so you could see all the fondue tools to really give a sense of place and filled the frame with elements of the story.

Ladybug: There was luck involved in this image for sure, when Alessia & Tim met me on location for this engagement session, I noticed a bunch of ladybugs hanging out in a very unphotogenic area of the winery, I put on my 100 mm macro lens and headed right for the swarm of them, placing the couple in the best light.

Judges said, “Ladybugs symbolize love, joy, and prosperity– so it’s got to be a pretty good sign to have one land on your engagement ring, right?  The photographer got super close to capturing all of the detail, but didn’t overlook the opportunity to enhance the image with a sweet pose.  Having him hold her hand and lean down to kiss it made the image even more special.”

Anticipation: This was the moment that the limo and Bentley arrived for Nancy & Kevin’s wedding.  Everyone is in the same room viewing the same scene, yet they all seem to be thinking something different.

Nancy’s expression is priceless, such focus and anticipation— she shared that she is thinking about how close she is to finally seeing and marrying Kevin.  Her little nephew is at the window saying “limo” in his cute, tiny voice.  Such a sweet, precious moment.  I shot with a tight aperture so that all fo their expressions were in focus.

It has been an honor for me to have so many of my images recognized and celebrated in such a global way, and to be able to make a living capturing such incredible and beautiful moments.  I’m so happy to be off to a good start with one award for 2020.    I’m really hoping that things will open up soon and that I will be able to photograph weddings in 2020.

Sedinte Foto CraciunSeptember 3, 2020 - 4:55 am

Really really nice pictures … Incredibly beautiful editing which gives a great feeling!

Gettysburg Engagement Photographers: Sheri & Tom

Scenic sunset views, lots of laughter and a stunning engagement ring, you won’t want to miss this sweet Gettysburg engagement session: 

Artistry, Moments, & Variety

Sheri & Tom shared, “We love the artistic quality of your photos.  You capture the couple “in the moment” and use different angles and get a wide variety of shots.  We knew we didn’t want the typical  ‘”stand here, look at the camera and smile” pictures and are looking forward to seeing us through your eyes.”

Aw thanks so much!  Yes, I love getting artistic shots from interesting angles like the opening shot.  I do get an eclectic variety of photographs throughout all of my sessions.  This one really captures the two of you “in the moment” like you were hoping for 🙂

Their Love Story

Sheri shared, “Tom and I first met at work.  It all began with one text from me, I wrote him,’Hi.'”  After that one text, we spent every day after that getting to know each other.   One day, about six months after we met I knew Tom was the one…”

His Laugh

She continued, “While we met in the most conventional way  at work, we endured many ups and downs outside of our relationship, but stuck together and helped each through the challenges.  We just work well together, it is hard to explain, but you know when you are meant to be with someone.”

She added, “I fell for his laugh first, it is just so contagious!”

I love to capture couples being themselves.  Here they are laughing together as they take in the beautiful scenery together… those mountains though:

She Caught His Eye

Tom explained, “First day I saw Sheri she caught my eye.  Once I  got the  text “Hi”  I had a big smile on my face and our story began.”

Their Pittsburgh Wedding Proposal

Sheri explained, “Our relationship was long-distance initially.  I lived in Pittsburgh, PA and Tom lived in Littlestown, PA, so we were 4 hours apart.  When I decided to move to be closer to Tom, it was a hard decision for me, to move away from my family and friends.  He understood what a big step it was for me, and proposed just at the right time.”

Tom added, “For four months I searched for the perfect ring for Sheri.”

It looks pretty perfect to me, Tom 🙂

Sheri explained, “My parents invited us out to dinner during one of my last weekends in Pittsburgh.   We enjoyed our dinner out together and my dad kept saying he wanted dessert. I didn’t think anything of it. The dessert tray arrived at the table and the server explained the different desserts…”

Sheri laughed, “I was looking for chocolate and didn’t even notice the ring box under a red rose on the dessert tray!   After the server explained all the desserts, she took the rose off the box and said, ‘He will have to explain this one.'”

Tom smiled, “Sheri was so surprised, she had tears in her eyes.”

I love how the sunlight is catching the ring here:

Sheri continued, ” Tom’s proposal felt like such a grand gesture to me, because he proposed during one of the last weekends prior to me moving and my involved my parents in the planning of it, which made it very special.”

Their Gettysburg Engagement Session

Sheri explained, “Oftentimes our unplanned trips are the most romantic and Tom usually tries to surprise me in some way.  One of my favorite surprises is a beautiful view.  Tom and  I spend a lot of time in Gettysburg and love all of the incredible scenes there.”

She added, “Another surprise of Tom’s is picking wildflowers for me.”

He placed it in her hair tucking it behind her ear… so sweet:

An Artistic Perspective

I typically give couples a good mix of photos, everything from more traditional portraits to really artistic ones.

Though obviously nowhere near the caliber of this work of art, the colors and lines in this photo remind me a little of Henri Matisse’s piece, Icarus.  Check out out here.

In the Moment

They agreed, “For our engagement session, we wanted us to be in the moment, enjoying one another.”

Tom added, “I’ve always loved the outdoors and am happy to introduce and experience more of this with Sheri.”

Traditional Portraits in a Non-Traditional Way

Here is a more posed picture of these two.  It started out with me finding great light and a great setting and just having them do their thing.

While it is a more traditional portrait, I love the authenticity of their expressions here:

Black and White Options

A common question I get about black and white photos, is how I choose which ones to convert to black and white and what happens to the color version.

When I make black and white photographs, I capture a color shot first and convert it to black and white, so the color one still exists in your set.  That way, you have two options to pick from.

This really comes in handy when I’m designing albums and the entire spread is black and white.

Sunset at Devil’s Den

Sheri shared, “Devil’s Den in Gettysburg has the most beautiful and romantic sunset views.”

I have to agree.

Thank you so much Sheri and Tom for reaching out to me and trusting me to capture your love story!

I’m so excited for your Country Club of York wedding *this weekend*!  Please feel free to share this with your family and friends and I’ll see you (and some of them) in a few days!

NYC Intimate Wedding Photographer: Viviana & Kyle

An intimate Catholic wedding ceremony for this sweet couple that met in NYC traffic!

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Viviana explained, “We wanted a wedding photographer whose work was vibrant and full of life.  Someone that could capture natural moments in a colorful way.  We wanted someone we could trust, who is kind and takes pride in their work.”

They added, “Thank you so much for working with us despite the current pandemic situation we are living in. We really are so appreciative of your efforts!   You came highly recommended by our wedding venue, and our interview with you sealed the deal.  We are looking forward to working with you again when we can celebrate with all the wedding guests!”

A Church Wedding…

Viviana shared, “Church and family are so important to us.  Kyle loves history and architecture,  so St. Peter the Apostle, which is incredibly beautiful and historic, was definitely the perfect place for us.”

I arrived early at Saint Peter’s church in New Brunswick, home of Rutgers University, where Viviana is finishing her degree.  The church is stunning.  I got a few different shots of it, but this one is my favorite.  It feels so massive and you can almost feel the texture of the stone, and that sky– wowza!

Team of Teams

Viviana shared, “We enjoy each other’s company so much.  We love enjoying outdoor activities and partying together and really are the team of teams– everything always.  We unquestioningly support each other.”

Awww I love how happy they are here… I focused on them and allowed the trees to fade into the background.  And how sweet is her dress?

Family is Key

Viviana explained, “The people that were present for this ceremony (both in person and in heart) are very important to us. They are our backbone. Thanks to them we are a great and strong team. We were touched by how our family and friends were willing to still join us despite the pandemic.”

She continued, “My mom is very strong and equally loves both Kyle and I.  She is very supportive and loving.”

Moments and Traditional Portraits

While most of the day was spent capturing candid moments as they occurred, I photographed several traditional portraits as well.

Kyle’s brother, and best man…

Time for Mass…

Here Viviana holds her rosary, I love how you can also see so many other subtle details in this frame, too.  It feels very intimate.

Father of the Bride

Viviana’s father was able to attend the wedding via video chat.  It wasn’t what either of them had envisioned, but they were both grateful to have a window to view each other on the wedding day, even if in person wasn’t feasible.

Misty-Eyed Groom

Here Kyle watches as Viviana walks down the aisle towards him.  I of course snapped the traditional shot of the bride walking down the aisle, but this one of his first look really packs a punch.  he looks so proud!

I also made sure to see what Viviana’s father was up to, he took a facetime photo as he watched the wedding procession and seems to be a little misty-eyed, too!

Acknowledging Friends, Family & Loved Ones

They explained, “The most important thing for us was that we had each other and we were able to get married and all the important people in our lives were there either in person or remotely. The party will still happen, together we will enjoy this special festivity in presence of our friends and family.”

Stunning Architecture

I climbed up to the choir loft using my wide lens to capture all of the beautiful architecture of the church.  It was only me at this event, and I was a ninja ;).

Awww dad…

The Wedding Vows

It was important to me to capture many different vantage points for Kyle and Viviana, so that all of the guests who could not be there in person, would still be able to feel like they were there, seeing the emotion, the architecture and all the things that came together to make this event beautiful and unique.

Music and Art

There were several musicians present for the ceremony, it was beautiful and a lovely touch.  here you can see a trumpeter and some of the incredible church frescos, stained glass and columns along with the happy couple in the background.

A Sign of the Times, Literally

Viviana shared, “We have to be patient at this moment and remember that we are celebrating: Love. Appreciation. Life. We know we are lucky to have someone to spend our life journey as best friends, partners, and a team, in the presence of God. All that we needed was Kyle and I to be there to be married, it was a blessing to have a few of our closest friends and family there, too.”

Hand sanitizer, masks & video participation.  The sign is taped on a delicate marble table.  It’s a behind the scenes look at what weddings are like during the pandemic.

Kiss the Bride

I ducked low to catch the sunlight shining through the stained glass window and underexposed the scene to get the most vibrant colors possible– I know Viviana loves color!  So romantic…

Husband and wife!

Kyle shared, “Being married in the church was so important to us.  On top of that, to have Father Jay there, this was simply a gift.  We were blessed even though somewhat restricted, it was still a dream come true for both of us.”

Just married!

I love the tradition of throwing rice!  (or birdseed, or confetti, or anything exciting really)

Supportive Mothers

They shared, “Our mothers have always been there and are also so much fun to be around and so happy for us.”

Awww the way Kyle’s mom is looking at him…

They met in NYC Traffic– what a love story!

Kyle explained, “The day we first met was in November, it was snowing lightly, we were in New York City traffic, on 34th street, about 6pm. Viviana and I were on our way to different destinations, but God must have wanted us to meet…”

Viviana continued the story, “An ambulance was parting the traffic. As cars moved out of the way to let the ambulance through, Kyle’s vehicle was right next to mine.”

She laughed, “He witnessed a hot dog cart hitting my car. As a gentleman that he is, he stopped to help and waited for the police to come. He also gave me his card, just in case I needed anything.  We went on our separate ways…”

She smiled, “I decided to call him to say thank you for stopping. Our conversation ended, but he called me back. That’s when our journey started… we both can’t be more grateful for that night. It is a crazy story, but it has always felt like it was meant to happen.”

Kyle and Viviana, thank you so much for trusting me to capture these important memories for you!  It was such a pleasure for me to be there for your church ceremony this year, and I’m so excited to see you and the rest of your friends and family and capture your incredible celebration next year at The Palace at Somerset Park!

Melhorn Manor Wedding Photographers: Michelle & Billy

Classic and elegant, with a rustic vibe, this Melhorn Manor wedding includes a sweet rescue dog, hilarious ceremony and a vintage pick-up truck…

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Billy shared, “We’ve known the Rhineharts for decades.  I remember moving you guys into your new house and during breaks, I was always looking at your albums. I told my dad that day, if I ever got married that I already knew that I wanted you to be my photographer.”

Michelle added, “Yes, you were our first choice for a photographer from day one, so when you were available we were super excited!  I love how you combine traditional photography with your creativity and capture moments. I am excited to re-live our day through your eyes.”

She added, “The planning process was definitely a crazy one with the pandemic,  but being able to work through things together and explore all options that we had was great, especially when I felt like things were changing daily.”

Happy Tears

Michelle’s mother looks at her daughter in her wedding dress, and her eyes fill with tears…

What Billy Loves Most About Michelle…

Billy shared, “Michelle is absolutely the most beautiful soul I have ever met.  She is joyful, strong,  personable, and reliable.  She is always thinking ahead and helps me to stay grounded when I lose focus.  She makes me a better man.”

A Rustic Venue with Central Air 😉

It’s a unique barn venue because not only do you have the old wood ladders etc of a traditional barn but it is fully remodeled and air-conditioned, a real plus in the thick of summer

Here I shot through a rustic barn ladder as Michelle comfortably peeked out the window in the AC, haha– girl, the dress fits you like a glove, just stunning!

First Looks

I set aside time with each couple to plan the timing they’d like for the day.  While Michelle and Billy were certain they didn’t want a first look with each other, they did have a few with others.  Here Michelle’s maid of honor gave her a big hug, it was really sweet.

Her Mom’s wedding dress… take a closer look

Michelle shared, “Being able to have my mom’s wedding dress there was very special.”

I have a few different photos of this moment, but I love that if you look very closely you can see her mom in the reflection in the mirror…

Melhorn Manor: Such a Lovely Venue!

Melhorn Manor is a rustic, romantic venue in Mount Joy, which is located between Lancaster, York, and Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Michelle shared, “I loved that we didn’t have to re-use any spaces on our wedding day. Each part of the day had its own unique location and the fact that the main barn had AC was definitely a plus for our summer wedding…we needed that escape for sure. I also liked that there was space for people to use outdoors like the fire pit and a place for yard games. It really just brought everything that we love doing together into one place.” “Jess and Allory made sure that we had everything and anything that we wanted. I cannot say enough about how great they were and how perfect Melhorn Manor was for us.”

There were so many cool things that I could play with photographically all day long, from several large white barns to gardens and string lights, even a super cool vintage truck…

The Bridal Party

Michelle Shared, “My girls were the absolute best and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.”

Michelle continued, “My bridal party was a mixture of high school and college friends that have stuck with each other through the years, no matter the time or the distance.”

Meet the Groom

Michelle smiled, “Billy is an energetic, charismatic, strong-willed, loving guy. When he commits to something he is all in and will do everything he can to make it happen. He always pushes me to reach for my goals and to be a better person.  I love how much he truly cares for everyone he knows and his passion for life.”

She laughed “I sometimes joke that he talks to his coaching staff/wrestlers more than me, but that is because he truly cares and always wants everyone he is around to succeed. I am so excited to be finally married to this man!”

Man Cave

Billy shared, “I was pumped about the ‘Man Cave’ they had for the guys. Most wedding venues don’t have a special place for the guys but Jess and Allory put a lot of thought into what they created for us to enjoy while we relaxed waiting for the festivities to start. Between the awesome couches and recliners, the big-screen TVs, and the pool table we had plenty to keep us occupied.”

I felt like with everything we (mostly Michelle honestly) went through leading up to the big day, nothing went wrong. A group of us went golfing that morning, and then were able to just come back and relax in this perfect spot.  Oh and the beer tankards we found on Etsy for the groomsmen’s wedding gifts, couldn’t have been more perfect!”

Billy smiled, “All of my groomsmen wrestled with me, (aside from Michelle’s, brother, Levi).  It personified the “boys club” that wrestling creates as an extended family.”

He added, “They are a special group of people and all definitely have their own crazy personalities which is why I love them. Fun and laughter are never lacking when they are around and I couldn’t ask for better people in my life.”

I love Billy’s expression here, so classic!  A fantastic shot, from my second photographer for this wedding, Priscilla.

Pre-Ceremony Prayer

I love documenting moments like this, and this was such an important moment for Billy.  You could literally see the support around him and for him.

Billy’s First Look

Billy shared, “Honestly, I had to pull it together the moment I saw Michelle, or I was going to cry like a baby.  She looked absolutely perfect… I am looking forward to all of the adventures ahead and trying to make the world a better place together.  Watching her walk towards me was definitely my favorite part of the wedding day.”

Michelle added, “I wasn’t sure if Billy would cry or not but seeing him tear up definitely made me fight back some of my own.”

Traditional and Creative, Emotional “Storytelling” Photographs

Billy’s mom wipes away a tear during the processional in the image below.   I did capture several more traditional images of the processional, so those will be in their full set, but I chose to post this one because it really shows the emotion in the room.

Finally 🙂

Michelle smiled, “When I first saw him on our wedding day, I was excited and couldn’t wait to FINALLY be married to him. Everyone always joked that it was never going to happen, but it did! And before the 10-year mark that he always talked about!”

Billy smiled, “I kept thinking, wow, this amazing woman is mine!”  I think this look on his face says that!

A Different Perspective

I usually have a few people comment on how much I move during a wedding day, a guest who says, you better be wearing a fit bit!  Or did I see you climb up all those stairs to the balcony twice during the ceremony?!?  Yes, I move a lot and try to be as subtle as possible, not staying in one place too long.  I”ve had quite a few people call me a ninja, haha!

Here I crouched low at the back of the ceremony space and was getting the golden light reflecting off of the barn floor and the gold light illuminating the stone wall behind them.

Whistles for the Coach

Michelle smiled, ” I loved how Garrett brought humor into his message!  The whistles during the ceremony were a great touch from Garrett and I’m glad he provided me with them…because Billy definitely does talk….a lot!”

A twinkle in Billy’s Dad’s Eye

It was so nice to see Bill smiling throughout the day!  He has worked with my husband for years, and has been a friend of our family for a long time.  Here you can see Michelle and Billy in the foreground as well as Michelle’s bother.  For me, it really gives the feeling of being surrounded by their family members.

Kiss the Bride!

Haaaa, the little girls watching!  Their expressions are priceless!


Michelle shared, “Spencer, our rescue dog, is a huge part of our lives.  We were so glad that he was there on our big day, too.”

The Bridal Party Was Ready to Party

“I’m so glad we decided to get the group picture on the stone wall…even if the girls had to be creative in getting up there. They are troopers. It turned out awesome and again, definitely showed the personalities we had in our group. We have some awesome friends.”

Balancing Each Other Out

Michelle stated, “I really think we balance each other out in the best kind of way. I would say on most things we are opposites but it works for us. Billy is definitely the energetic, talkative, and go-go-go person, whereas I typically just like to sit back and relax. We are both independent and can both be stubborn at times, but we both strive to help the other succeed in whatever they are doing and support each other in all our adventures and endeavors.”

Billy: “I agree, we are both independent but are willing and able to step back and let the other one lead if they are more comfortable in the situation.”

Shiney Ford Pick-up

Michelle shared, “Being able to get some pictures with Allory’s truck was a nice touch and just another reason why Melhorn Manor was top notch. We chose the truck because my grandfather had an old Ford truck and was a collector, so Billy thought it would be nice to incorporate that into our day.”

Billy shared, “I fell for Michelle because of her constant joy for life, strong independent desire to succeed, and because she makes me a better person.”

Michelle added, “While he appreciates me ‘keeping him inline’ when he needs it, I have to say that he encourages me to have fun because I can tend to be serious at times.”

An “Athletic” Entrance

Michelle smiled, “If it wasn’t for athletics, Billy and I would have never met!  We are both very sports-minded with Billy being a coach and me working as an athletic trainer, so it was very fitting. The reception entrance was all Billy when it came to the planning, he literally played the Space Jam theme”

Toasts to the Happy Couple

I love that Lauren ragged on Billy and let out some of my secrets too but she truly was able to encompass what our relationship is and has been. She’s been there from the beginning. To be honest she’s probably one of the first people I told when Billy and I first started “hanging out”

Billy shared, “It meant a lot to me to have Garrett, who is a friend, marry us and instill in us that you need to not only have love in the relationship but also God.”

Billy added, “Also, my best man hates speaking in public, even though he was the Head Wrestling Coach of PSU for 12 years. We kept messing with him in the weeks leading up to it, but he did amazing. I love the idea of filling the Love Bank.  And he made me laugh, hard.”

The First Dance

Michelle smiled, “I think my favorite part of the wedding day was just being surrounded by all our friends and family, especially because leading up to the wedding we didn’t necessarily know if that was going to be able to happen. Being surrounded by all that love and support just made it that much better.”

A Romantic Getaway at Sunset

Something I highly recommend, especially for couples not having a first look, is a romantic getaway at sunset.  It gives you a moment to escape the craziness of the reception to breathe a bit, enjoy the beautiful scenery and take it all in.”


Michelle shared, “I look forward to our future together and whatever it may bring. All the love and joy we will have as we continue on this journey we have created and to continue to grow our family.”

Billy shared, “I am looking forward to all of the adventures ahead and trying to make the world a better place together.”

Michelle and Billy, thank you so much for choosing to have me by your side during your wedding day!  Who knew that while helping Kris and I move into our dream home, you were secretly checking out our photo albums?  Haaa love that story!  So these are just like 10% of your wedding photos… many more coming soon!

If you want to see more of Michelle & Billy, check out their engagement session with their dog Spencer at Laurel Lake, here!

Wedding Vendors

“We truly can’t say enough about our AMAZING team of vendors. It was the perfect day and better than we could have ever imagined. We are so grateful for everyone for standing by us in this crazy and unprecedented time. WE DID IT….and we are so glad that you all were a part of our special day. We could go on for days about each and every one of you and you all received rave reviews from all of our guests too. We truly cannot thank you all enough <3”

Pennsylvania Senior Portrait Photographers: Field Hockey with Alexa

Varsity field hockey captain, Alexa, is sweet, strong, kind and according to her mama, “The toughest person I know”

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Alexa shared, “I chose you because I have seen so many photos of yours and they are all very unique and show so much personality. It seems like all of the details in the photos are accounted for, from the colors to the lighting, and overall just have a creative quality that is very different from other pictures that I have seen.”

She added, “On top of all of this, I thought that it was super cool that I knew you when I was younger when you used to work at the library. It’s almost like everything came full circle, from you teaching me to love reading as a little kid, to you taking my pictures in the year I will be graduating! It also helped me to feel more comfortable.”

Awww, yes, my old library days! Alexa, you have grown into such an accomplished and beautiful young woman. I’m so glad that I was able to capture not just what you look like, but also who you are– your personality, your interests, your favorite places, and spaces…

Why Field Hockey?

Alexa, “I knew you customize people’s photos, and I knew first and foremost that I wanted to include a field hockey field, and my uniform. Field hockey is my favorite, and I would not have wanted to do senior pictures without including such a big part of me.”

Capturing the Movement

I love to use my camera creatively, and really wanted to capture Alexa zipping across the field as if she was a speeding racecar. I used a slow shutter speed and panned along with her and snapped this shot at just the right second:

Proud of Following in Her Mother’s Footsteps

Alexa shared, “The summer before seventh grade, I decided that I was going to follow in my mom’s footsteps and play field hockey. Knowing that I had never played before, and others had, I began to practice daily to try to have a grasp on basics before my first ever season.”

Alexa continued, “That season, I went in, planning on playing defense, like I had in soccer for my whole life, but they needed me on offense. I started on varsity that first year and, not only that, I fell in love with the sport.”

Shadow Play

I love to get an eclectic mix of shots, from more traditional “smile-and-look-at-the-camera” shots like the one above to more artistic ones like the shot below. We met in the early afternoon and the sun (and heat) was intense. This gave us vibrant colors and also intense shadows. Here as she sits, you can see the pattern of the chain link fence projected on Alexa:

It’s not a Nike ad, but Alexa Running on the Trail 😉

Alexa explained, “I love to run, and run daily, often on the rail trail, to keep my fitness up, and because I enjoy running and the sense of accomplishment it brings. I wore an outfit for the running pictures that I wear nearly every day in the summer, a tank top and shorts.

Team Captain in Eight Grade

Alexa shared, “When I started field hockey I played it at any opportunity. I went to optional practices, joined any clinic or camp available. I also began to work with a family friend who played on the Shippensburg University field hockey team.”

She explained, “I ensured that I played field hockey daily, and continue that to this day. I was able to become a captain in 8th grade. Then I moved on to the next level- high school.”

Balancing High School and Athletics

Nervous but excited, I pushed myself, and was able to start varsity as a freshman. I took classes that gave me a lot of schoolwork, and would often be up very late into the night, sometimes finishing around 2 or 3 am throughout high school. I did not use this as an excuse though. I would do stickwork drills as quietly as possible inside to make sure I got touches on the ball that day.

Alexa continued, “I now play both indoor and outdoor field hockey and am a varsity captain. I am proud of this because I know that behind the title is countless hours with a stick in hand.”

She added, “Every single day I wake up with the determination to improve, to build my endurance, and make myself a better field hockey player. I can recall runs, sprints, and drills that make me feel like I cannot go on any longer.”

Hard Work and Determination Have Paid Off

She concluded, “I have never been someone to give up, though, and I know that these are the times to push harder and go faster. These are the times where I can improve, and the person I am today is the culmination of all of these moments of hard work and determination.”

Alexa’s Parents’ Perspective

Alexa’s parents shared, “Alexa is such an amazing person. Sometimes she may not say a lot, but she lets her actions speak for her. She is kind and caring. I have heard so many people describe her as the nicest person they have ever met. She is easily the hardest working person I know. She strives to do her best at everything she does and she works non-stop.”

They continued, ” She smiles all the time when she is with you and your day is better with her in it. She just makes people happy. But, and this cannot be overlooked, even with all of her amazing qualities, she is also the toughest person I know. I have seen her unfazed at things that have caused others to get carried off of the sports field.”

Playing with Silhouettes

I love getting creative, whether that is shooting through something interesting (like a field hockey goal), or getting at a crazy angle (in this case the lights and the blue sky), or playing with the math to ‘press pause’ during a quickly passing moment (in this case by choosing just the right shutter speed). In this case, I was able to do all three.

Alexa, what a pleasure it was to spend the evening with you. These are just a few highlights from the first half of your senior portrait session. To see the more relaxed side of Alexa, check out Part 2, here.

Shippensburg Senior Portrait Photographer: Alexa at Laurel Lake

I just blogged Alexa’s athletic photos that focus on field hockey, this shows a much softer side of her in the forest at the beach during sunset…

Why Rhinehart photography?

Alexa explained, “I initially chose you because I wanted unique photos that would creatively capture my personality and interests.  But once we worked together I realized what a truly incredible eye you have!  We passed by this area that looked abandoned and overgrown, but you saw it as a field of wildflowers!”

Yes, I have a way of seeing things a little bit differently 😉

You Belong Among the Wildflowers

Yeah Tom Petty!  And Alexa I know you are probably way too young to know that song, but maybe your parents do?  Here she picks a wild daisy…

Her Eyes Though!!!

So from the first moment I met Alexa, (for those of you who didn’t read the first blog post, that was when she was in *preschool* thanks for making me feel old, Alexa, haha) I noticed her eyes.  Her eyes are absolutely stunning.  I knew capturing them in their glory was my main mission (aesthetically) and I think this photo really does that– wowza!

An Outdoorsy Beachy Vibe

Alexa explained, “I knew I wanted to be surrounded by nature, particularly by the water, because I wanted to have an outdoorsy and beachy feel to the second part of the shoot.”

Polka Dot Splashes

Alexa was game for anything I suggested: sitting on a rock, splashing water, stopping at a spot that looked like an overgrown place on the side of the road, and because of this attitude, I think she got some pretty fun photographs, as I could really let my imagination run wild!

Sunset Landscapes are Her Favorite

Alexa shared, “The lake was a great setting for me because pictures of water, especially at sunset, have always been my favorite landscape shots.  Peaceful and stunning, including this just made perfect sense to me!

Things that Make Her Smile

Alexa shared, “I try to be a very positive person, and there are so many things that make me happy. Some of these things are being with my family and friends, playing field hockey, and going on runs. I have been running at rail trail a lot lately because it is so nice to run past all of the beautiful nature. Being outside in God’s creation never fails to make me smile.”

An Eclectic Mix of Photos: Traditional to Creative

I love to give my seniors a good mix of photos, from more traditional shots like the one above to something more unique and creative.  This shot shoes Alexa dipping her toes in the water.  For me, this symbolizes her stepping into adulthood, and the impact (ripples) she will make when she steps out and follows her dreams.

Capturing Her Spiritual Side

Alexa is a pretty deep person, who hasn’t just developed herself athletically and academically, but spiritually, too.  This shot is my attempt of trying to capture that…

Making a Splash

This girl is going places!

Alexa explained, “I think that plants and nature are so pretty, and I always have fun hiking and taking walks through the woods.”

Her dress was so light and airy that it fit the setting perfectly!

Athletic and Soft

We all have so many parts of ourselves.  Who would think that the tough athletic girl from the opening shot of the last post and this girl are the same.  But they are.  Aren’t we all like this?

Again, so soft and natural…

Love her style…

A Few Words From Her Parents

They shared, “Alexa is such an amazing person. She is easily the hardest working person I know. She strives to do her best at everything she does and she works non-stop. She is kind and caring. I have heard so many people describe her as the nicest person they have ever met.”

They continued, “She always wants to help others and tries to make everyone feel good when she’s around. Sometimes she may not say a lot, but she lets her actions speak for her. She smiles all the time and just keeps everyone at ease. She loves being with her friends and her family and when she is with you, your day is better. She just makes people happy.”

And with that the sun went fully down and the sky turned to an indigo blue… lots of love to all y’all 😉

Alexa, It was such a pleasure to work with you!  I’m looking forward to meeting with you soon to select images for your album, announcements, canvases, and more!  If you didn’t check out her field hockey session, you don’t want to miss it, just click here.

F a c e b o o k