Loft at Sweet Water Country Club Wedding: Allison & Zac

Vibrant colors, creative perspectives and lots of good vibes, especially out on the dance floor– you won’t want to miss this fun, unique wedding at the Loft at Sweet Water Country Club

Allison & Zac reached out to Rhinehart Photography liking our creative, custom-tailored approach and had the mindset that their wedding photography was incredibly important.  Allison said, “At the end of the wedding day, the photos are what will last.”  They wanted their wedding photos to be, “colorful, fun and us with a touch of elegance.”

Allison shared, “Simply calling you a professional photographer is an understatement, your care, hard work, and creativity in every shot truly impressed us. We are hoping to capture the beauty of the day and our emotions and the joy of everyone around us during our special day. We loved all of the different ideas you had!”

Zac continued, “Working with the two of you was easy and natural, you prepared us for what we were to expect and you were adaptable and made everything fun. Your work on our wedding day reminded us that our confidence in you was in-questionable. All of our family members were super impressed with your work and everyone is eager to see your photos!”

The sky on Allison and Zac’s wedding day was nothing short of incredible.  Vibrant blue, light fluffy clouds.  I captured both the sky and the awesome windows at the Sweet Water Country Club as well as Allison and her dress on her “Mrs. Rank” hanger in this photograph…

Alli and Zac initially met in high school (they even went to prom together): following school, they spent several years living across continents with Zac’s family living and working in Ecuador.

Alli would spend time in the summer visiting Zac in Ecuador and they have many great memories there.  I really wanted to bring a little bit of Ecuador into these photographs if I could.

Here I placed their rings on this ‘tropical’ leaf, Kris held it for me as I photographed the shadows of the rings passing through the leaf capturing more of that vibrant blue sky…

There are so many visual elements that interest me, from color and shadow to reflections.  I caught this one from above as the ladies finished their morning preparations:

Make-up artist, Bridget Leese and hair stylist, Nicole and her team at True Beauty Marks did an awesome job giving Alli an elegant, natural look.

Zac shared, “Alli is an amazing person.  She is smart, kind, and thoughtful.  She has this natural beauty and is gorgeous everyday, every morning.”

Wait until he sees her this morning– wow!!!

I think you can really see that timeless elegance that Alli possesses here.

I really like this image and how she nearly cuts the frame in half diagonally…

Allison’s bridesmaids joined her.  I like the natural look of this photo with the girls interacting and the leaves blowing in the breeze softly entering the top of the frame.  Everyone looks beautiful!

They chose an eggplant color for the bridesmaids’ dresses and it really popped against the green backdrop of the Country Club.

Allison shared, “We love color and wanted the flowers to pop so we chose dark purple, fuchsia, and lime green.”

The flower arrangements throughout the wedding were created by Jackie Bodor of Pondelek’s Florist.

Alli & Zac both really liked the editorial-inspired photographs that they saw in my portfolio and on my blog, so we made sure to include those throughout their day.  We have more traditional portraits of the bridesmaids, too, but I really like this one– they have unleashed their inner model, haha:

The flower girl was adorable and preferred to view the “princesses” as she called them, from afar… I have several images of her, too but think this one is so sweet:

Enter the groom and groomsmen…

Alli shared, ” Zac is a very caring person and can light up a room with his fun-loving personality. He is always helpful, supportive and never afraid to learn something new. He rises to any challenge, is very dedicated and takes pride in all he does.”

I think Kris did a great job capturing his focus, dedication and pride well in this photograph.

Cheers, guys!  Zac bought his groomsmen personalized wooden mugs as their gifts…

The ceremony was about to start, there was so much energy and excitement in the room with Alli and her bridesmaids.

As they walked down the aisle Alli had a moment when she was truly alone, waiting for the doors to open…

The doors opened revealing her at the top of the balcony, she stood there for a moment looking down at Zac.

Zac shared, “I was experiencing such an overwhelming amount of emotion– I was truly over joyed!!!”

I like to get a variety of perspectives during the wedding ceremony.  I like this one as you get an idea of the whole scene including that vibrant blue sky!

It is my goal for couples to be able to re-live their day through their wedding photos for years to come.  I want them to be able to show these images to their future family members and give them a real sense of what it was like to be there on that day and all of the people who helped to bring them to that point…

Reverend Paul Costello took a personalized approach to Zac and Alli’s ceremony.  Alli shared, “So many of our guests commented on how they enjoyed it!”

As Zac finished his vows and slide the ring on Allie’s finger he bit his lower lip, I just thought it was a sweet moment…

The sun was so intense that I was able to silhouette the ceremony!

Zac shared, “During the ceremony it was so calming to stand next to each other.”

Alli added, “It was such a surreal moment as we have waited so long for this day and it finally arrived!  I was over joyed!”

Kiss the bride…

Zac’s parents were awesome and so clearly proud of their son.

Zac shared, “I truly value and appreciate my mom and dad’s love.”

Strike a pose…

What a little character!  As I set everyone up for the bridal party portrait, the ring bearer ran up to me to tell me that he was 2, haha!  Adorable :).

I have several traditional portraits but this one make me smile!

I couldn’t really hear what was said here, but I think it was probably something along the lines of, “stay there!’

The little boys’ expressions are priceless– it looks like the ring bearer did a little face-palm, haha!

The Loft at Sweetwater was well prepared and had a golf cart and driver waiting for us ready to explore the Country Club with the couple.

I snapped this in the rear view– I still can’t get over that sky!

Zac shared, “My favorite part of the day was taking in the moments with Allison.  We just loved spending time together!”

While I love creative shots and capturing emotion, I also enjoy more traditional portraits as well.

I used a telephoto lens to compress the background so that you can see the green, pond, woods, etc.

Alli shared, “Zac and I connect so well together. Everyone at the wedding said they could feel the love between us!”

The sun peeked through the trees and added some real warmth to this next image.  It almost looks surreal, as if their love for each other is tangible in the photo.

Allison continued, “Zac makes me feel so loved.  We understand each other and we know how to comfort one another!”

Take a closer look– while I was photographing them holding hands, you can also see their shadows in the background…

The gardens surrounding the Loft at Sweet Water Country Club were beautiful!  Here I focused on the flowers while allowing the couple to blur in the background.  I like how you can see the bumble bee and how Allison and Zac almost look like caricatures of themselves.

The wedding reception was decorated with vibrant blooms as well– fuchsia, eggplant and lime green arrangements adorned the head table.

The cake was also decorated with the same fresh flowers.  I like the texture of the icing!  It was created by Amy’s Creative Cakes.

I have several images of the first dance, but this is my favorite.  I silhouetted them against the large window while capturing the chandelier and their guests in the background.

Zac shared, “My brother’s speech brought me to tears of pride!  He was so nervous to give the speech but he did such an amazing job. Our brotherhood is unwavering.”

Zac, Allison and I met in person prior to the wedding to discuss the details of the wedding and the best timing for the photography.  We knew that we would eat dinner right away, then head out to enjoy sunset while the guests finished eating.

It was a perfect way to be able to savor those moments and capture a few more images without missing the party– win-win :).   They were so relaxed and in their element and the light was gorgeous!

Lol, so them!  Zac dipped her back and then both threw out a leg, I thought it was adorable and so “them”…

They stood in the same place that they exchanged vows a few hours earlier– a sweet moment.

The garter toss was hilarious!  Kris captured it perfectly!  If you look closely you can see the garter flying through the air and all of the guests’ expressions.

Allison shared, “It is hard to pinpoint the best part of our wedding day, but overall we were so glad everyone had a great time and were able to celebrate with us!”

She continued, “We loved that everyone got up and danced! We are a family that loves to have fun and dance.  We really enjoyed everyone’s company and there were people dancing that we never saw dance before and we loved being surrounded by everyone’s joy and energy!”

Adam Moyer of Soundfactor was great to work with!  Zac was an awesome dancer, he really let loose… here are a couple of my favorite photographs from the dance floor:

I love to try unique photography techniques and noticed and interesting window near the dance floor.  When I shot through it, it gave an almost kaleidoscope effect.

I also played with a motion blur technique as well…

Another image that they discussed wanting was a shot of everyone on the dance floor before the night was over…

“We wanted to have an eye catching sendoff where everyone could be involved and we decided to do sparklers.”  I love the excitement in this ring bearer’s face…

Haaa their expressions!

Such a sweet ending…

Allison and Zac, it was such a pleasure to spend the day with the two of you and your friends and family.  Everyone was so positive and so much fun to be around!  I hope that these photos were “colorful, fun and ‘you’ with a touch of elegance,” and I hope that they will enable the two of you and your loved ones to relive your wedding day for many years to come!

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