Asbury Park Wedding Photographer: Nancy & Kevin’s Engagement

Octopus tentacles, an abandoned turn of the century casino & a high-spirited couple on the beach…

Nancy & Kevin met in highschool, when they first started dating they would walk along the boardwalk at Asbury Park together.  Fast forward over a *decade* later and these two are still just as much in-love, but due to work, living on opposite sides of the country.  Nancy visits the east coast as much as possible and I was fortunate enough to catch them both in the same state  briefly for the Memorial Day holiday.    They like seeing each other, no matter what the location, but they brought me along on an extra special trip to a place that was important to them in the past, Asbury Park.

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Nancy & Kevin are honest & witty (they totally cracked me up) and are highly successful but don’t take themselves too seriously.  They are not afraid to be geeky or goofy and spend a lot of time just enjoying each other’s presence and joking around.  They seem to really make the most out of life.  

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Checking out all the boats staking their claim on a piece of the Atlantic for the upcoming Memorial day festivities…  Nancy loves landscape photography and was so enjoying this view that I thought I’d take a nice shot of it for her, surprise Nancy :)!

Asbury Park Wedding Photographer-106

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Opposites attract :).   Nancy loves travel, adventure and trying new things.  Kevin goes along for the ride and says it’s not that bad ;).  When Nancy is on the beach she wants to dip her feet in the water and feel the sand squish between her toes.  In contrast, Kevin only likes sand one way, completely dry.  Nancy tried her best to coax him down to the water’s edge, but he made sure to keep a safe distance.  I thought his idea of safe was a little extreme until Nancy took things to the next level haha.  In the end, Nancy joined Kevin and they had a pleasant walk in the perfectly dry sand.

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Nancy and Kevin, I enjoyed visiting Asbury Park with you and thanks for being your kind, authentic selves, it was truly a pleasure!  Blog readers, if you enjoyed asbury park, you might want to see the other end of the board walk where I photographed Jacquie & Vince’s engagement two years ago.

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