Codorus Wedding Engagement Photographers York: Kayla & Andy

People say that the best relationships start out as friendship and Kayla and Andy have experienced that first hand!


Kayla & Andy reached out to me looking for creative, unique wedding and engagement photos that capture their relationship and personalities.  They were hoping for photos that really stand out visually and enjoy photography with contrast, color and interesting lighting and composition.

I opened with  a photo that provides a unique vantage point of their engagement location.  The under-stated composition gives it a relaxed feel, while also adding a little dramatic tension, their body language giving a glimpse of Kayla’s strength and Andy’s relaxed nature.  🙂

The next photo shows them in their natural element with their dog, Maddie…


Maddie has been a part of Andy’s life and his relationship with Kayla for a long time!  Kayla and Andy actually met ten years ago as freshmen in Delone Catholic High School.

He was a football player and she was a cheerleader and would even paint #55 (his number) on her cheek on game days.  They were “just friends” for years, but that actually provided a perfect foundation for their relationship.

Kayla shared, “They say friendship is the foundation of any good relationship. I think Andy and I have found this to be true. We are each others best friend and always know how to make each other laugh.”


Kayla really wanted Maddie to be involved in the engagement photography session and shared that she knew it woudl be difficult to get a nice “family picture” where they were all smiling and paying attention, but that she really wanted to try.

She also mentioned that whenever they try to get pictures of Maddie, she usually turns out to be a black ball of fur– you really can’t make out her dark features.  I am happy with the way this photo turned out, you can really see the detail on Maddie and Kayla and Andy look great…


Andy shared, “I loved Kayla since the first day I met her. We became friends almost instantly and she was always someone I could count on. I always knew I wanted more with her but our timing was never right.”

He went on, “After college we both started our careers and began finding our ways in life. Eventually we crossed paths again and I made my move. This time the timing was right… Kayla  helps me to step outside of my comfort zone and pushes me to always do my best.  She is smart, caring and has the biggest heart.”

I think this next image shows Kayla’s caring, nature and a like how Andy is watching her interact with Maddie.  He watched and waited for the right time to start dating and for the proposal, too.


Andy said he shares everything with Kayla, so keeping his proposal idea a secret was no easy task.  Kayla interjected that her highly-organized, opinionated personality didn’t help things at all, haha!

She shared that the things Andy was doing just didn’t add up, from him wanting to drive (when she was eager to do so), to him wanting her to park somewhere weird (not aware of the surprise he had planned), even his mom wanting to take their picture (when Maddie had just gotten Kayla soaking wet)…

Kayla said,  “I looked over at Andy to see him kneeling down on one knee with this beautiful ring in his hand…. In sheer shock, I gasped and eventually said yes to marrying my best friend and love of my life.”


Andy had managed to do a whole lot of work behind the scenes which really impressed Kayla.

He managed to get Kayla’s father alone so that he could ask for her hand in marriage.  He asked his mom and grandmother to go along with him to the jewelry store and pick out the perfect ring and came up with the lakeside proposal idea.

Kayla really loved the unique setting (of Lake Marburg in Codorus Park and the ring, haha)…


When we first met, they mentioned loving crisp, vibrant photos that captured emotion.  I think these really fit the bill…


Kayla shared, “While Andy and I were “just friends”, I learned how wonderful of person he truly is. He loves me for me. I love how kind and caring he is. He is patient and loves me regardless of my faults and stubbornness, haha. He is thoughtful and takes time to understand my wants and needs.”

She went on, “Andy reminds me to not take life so seriously all the time and have fun.  He can always make me laugh – I swear we spend most of our time together cracking up over the littlest things.”


I love using creative composition and photography techniques.  For the last photo, I used the dark shadows to dramatically silhouette Kayla and Andy and in the next one, I allowed the sunlight to illuminate the frame giving it a very different feeling that was light and ethereal.


Another more traditional portrait… I love how natural their smiles are here– you can see how happy they are together:


Kayla mentioned, “We enjoy any activity that involves just spending time together”  Here they are playing around in the leaves, haha.

I like the  vibrant green grass and trees and the way you can see the tiny leaves floating around Kayla.


They have gone through some difficulties and challenges and really came out on top because of each others’ support, love and understanding.

It made them both realize even more that they had found the perfect life-partner.


Andy shared, “Did I mention Kayla’s an amazing cook?  Literally the girl does it all, I am so very blessed to have her and can’t imagine my life without her. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her!”


Kayla and Andy, I loved working with the two of you!  I enjoyed your relaxed personalities and capturing all of the fun you have together.

Thanks for sharing your story with me.  I hope that these photographs provide a visual reminder of all the things you love about each other!  🙂

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